Third-Grader Julia Allison Loves Trick Or Treating And Colors (Brite)!


Donkey went as Rainbow Dim for Halloween a few years back and is over the moon re: her new FB avatar.

This woman is 34 goddamn years old.

Well, ONE of my dreams just came true. wink emoticon

cartoon donkey

And we love you, creepster!



  1. Why is she wearing those leg warmers so high up her thighs? Ohhhh, because it’s sexy rainbow brite! Couldn’t just wear a costume that reflected the actual character, good ole donk has to go for the “slutty” version.

    Please tell me we don’t have a whole month of rehashing slutty costumes from Halloween past?

    • I’m not internalizing the snark. But I’m over 40 and wear a costume. My kids love us all to dress up. No sexy Yandy for me though.

  2. No rainbow nails, wonk eye in full effect and an accurate representation of how 2-dimensional she is. I like it.

  3. That face is stone cold mean and dumb

    Also, quite a thick and dark vertical line outlining the back legs

  4. I wonder how her brother feels that so much of Dad$er’s money goes to *this*. I mean, by all appearances he seems to be a decent, hardworking guy with a beautiful family of his own but even the most saintly person would eventually resent that what is also rightfully his ends wasted in polyester costumes and facilitating “rebound sex” with an aging, piece of shit DJ. Will this year’s holibraying with the family in the assisted living facility be unbearable for a Donkey due to open hostility towards her lifestyle?

    • it’s an interesting question. i am friends with a woman who works hard, as does her husband, and as does her sister. there is a third sister, who has never worked and has several children by different and absent and non contributing fathers. the parents are quite wealthy, and they fully support the non working sister and her brood. my friend is saintly, and says things along the lines of to those with the most needs should get the most

      i would be livid, but it’s not my money nor my family

      that said, my husband has a parasitical non working sister and i do see every dollar from anyone in the family that goes to her as a theft from my child

      • It is not a theft from your child. You had a child. Any money the family has in no way belongs to you or your child. It is their money to do with what they want.

          • With softness, grammarian, your position seems a bit entitled. People have the right to do stupid shit with their own money. Just think that they’d otherwise be donating it to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, if it helps not to feel like your child is being stolen from.

    • He probably just ignores her and doesn’t care because he and his wife are trying to take care of their family.

  5. It’s a slightly altered version of the slutty Santa outfit. She never evolves. Just running on that hamster wheel.

  6. Oh, honey. Your dream of being an awkward, vaguely menacing cartoon came true a long, long time ago.

  7. What dream came true? Someone figured out how to use a new app all by herself without crowdsourcing it?
    Dream Big Rainbow Shite!!!

  8. LOVE that the artist kept the sausage snappers.

    Also: That fabric wouldn’t flatter any body, but the artist didn’t even see fit to reduce the belly protrusion in the drawn version.

    Also her hair has never looked that good IRL.

      • Tots worth it if & when I get up to speed on DA (pretty sure I have a gap of an entire season).

        Started in on YOU, ME & THEM … entertaining so far …

        I’ll take any recs you have.

        • There’s an Acorn BBC release of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy that I adore. As much as I liked the version with Colin First, I went back and watched it after seeing the movie.

        • Catastrophe so far just o e season the second is supposed to start soon

          Increasingly poor decisions of todd Margaret

          Young doctors notebook

    • I was at a gathering this afternoon and a group of people were recommending it highly… Will have to check it out.

  9. Ot but in the spirit of the woo Halloween freak show; Largehead has a new Medium column that dives deep into his “relationship” with Skanks.

      • Skankatron just posted this slop, along with:

        “I love this man. And the freedom that I experience in relationship with him, now that he has found how own freedom. If you are feeling not free, this article could help.”

        Of course she’s pushing his navel-gazing garbage. How could she not when Fozzie takes the blame for any problems in relationship? Fozzie shutting down when Skankatron wanted to fuck everything in pants and a dress is his fault because he’s not evolved enough to accept that he’s fucking a broken-down slut who refuses to use sunscreen.

        • So she’s got him twisted into thinking that he needs to be cool with whatever she does and wants, even if it hurts him. Great. She is so fucking manipulative / he is so fucking stupid. I was hoping time with his family would deprogram him, but it appears that is not the case.

          Didn’t she make him drive her ass to a hook up with another dude while she placed bidness calls the entire ride and then make him wait at her relative’s, whom he had never met, while she fucked the random dude? Isn’t that how they first met?

    • How much can I presence myself in the reflection of this person in front of me?

      What are verbs?

  10. Ali’s latest email to her business network is an atrocious mess. I can’t even figure out what to excerpt. Basically, she admits that she hasn’t known how to run her businesses, can’t delegate them, has failed as a mother, and now is recommitted, but needs a mentor to show her how to be successful.

    Reminder: she wants people to hire her to help them run a business.

    • A goddamn mess! Shanti’s worst “love letter” yet, even worse than Fozzie’s verb-challenged paean to relationship. Ali vs. Alexis? Get a fucking therapist, woman, and not a fellow woo grifter. I’m sure her kid appreciated the POLYAMOROUS MOM OF THE YEAR disclosing how appalled she is to have raised a high-maintenance daughter. Really, Skankatron? On that note, you’re a minority of one.

      • JFAing myself to note that Shanti posted a picture of her daughter along with the headshrinking. Does this hot mess trollop ever stop to consider how her loose lips might hurt or compromise others? Naw, it’s all me, me, ME. “I was born polyamorous and my clit comes first!”


        • That bothered me as well. Daughter looks pretty “sexy” in both photos, too. Gross to publish that to her listserv, which she obviously hasn’t culled in a while / doesn’t regulate. I mean, my throwaway email addy she sends this shit to is lurkerdonk @ whatever. And the name I provided was Ali Shitty. Yet I continue to receive the love letters containing photos of her dildo tables and her tarted-up, underage daughter. Just blech.

          • Hahaha I can’t believe those are your names. I’m sure she sells your emails anyway.

            Jeez poor girl.

          • Shanti’s emails always go to my spam folder – I didn’t plan this – and I first read about them here and then have to go fish them out, which makes me feel dirty.

          • Since when does Ali Shanti make art? Oh wait, didn’t she go on & on about finding her true creative self when she and La Phlegm did the Sapphic dance of the seven veils at Camp Septic?
            That noted, FUCK YOU, SHANTITOWN.

  11. Interesting: Julia Allison posted Smellsberg’s guidelines for folks who can’t write good and then took the post down less than 10 minutes later. Worried about the porn connection? Too many woo pals angry with ol’ Smelly?

    • Because she would have produced a 1497000000000000 word book by now had she met even the most minimal requirements he describes. Instead, she has the three pages of nonsense she’s posted to fb after 2 plus years.

    • I was watching a documentary last night and Ellsberg senior made an appearance in it. I still can’t believe he spawned Little Smellsberg. What a disappointment.

  12. Is she suggesting RAIN is somehow responsible for that image?

  13. Catladies,

    You may recall Donkey asking for doctor recommendations (one of the countless times…) in San Francisco, and someone – maybe Nisha? – chiming in to say that she loves and uses One Medical Group. Recently I was in the presence of a group of successful doctors educated at very prestigious OMGIvy institutions, and one of them dismissed One Medical as “mediocre healthcare for already healthy people.” LOL!

  14. Okay SERIOUSLY, in the last week, Julia has posted 2x about gun control, a video about Bernie Sanders, and a Rolling Stone article decrying the Koch brothers.

    1) Who is this very liberal new mark? Something tells me dRain could give a flying f about politics.


    2) Who is she SWFing now?

    • I noticed that too. Her postings are a cocktail of Mania, SWFing, “DO NOT IGNORE ME” to Rain, with a little splash of “I need to be 5150’d”.

      Tho thelf aware.

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