“Writing Is Fun!” A Documentary Series With Mulia Mallison


Joan Didion expressed similar sentiments to me just this morning:

You know things are going well with your writing when you’ve used Time Machine’s backup FIVE TIMES in the span of one day.

Thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” (and a lot of therapy) … I’m over the idea that artists or creators should be tortured.

“I believe that enjoying your work with all your heart is the only truly subversive position left to take as a creative person these days,” Gilbert writes. “It’s such a gangster move, because hardly anybody ever dares to speak of creative enjoyment aloud, for fear of not being taken seriously as an artist.”

Conveniently enough (LOL), I’m already not taken seriously as an artist, and I love any white girl who tells me how to be gangster, so I don’t mind saying this: I had a LOT of FUN writing today.

Yes … FUN!


The word “fun” used to trigger me like you wouldn’t believe. I refused to admit I had fun. Ever. I didn’t want anyone – least of all me – to think I was enjoying something as crazy as … work. Or life, for that matter. I always had this strange sense like if I succumbed to fun, I’d get “in trouble.”

(Replaced that pattern. Thank you NLP!)

And hell yes, I’m at home on a Saturday night, chilling in my bathrobe with my word art and my pink hula hoop and my kombucha and one pretty badass 12-year-old white shih-tzu.

And you know what? I’m … happy.

No red carpet ever made me feel this good.

Tho productive … and hula happy! Especially if Petey keeps sending the checks.

Since Juliar also just posted that she’s going to Miami, the Caribbean, and BVI over the next three months – resort wear suggestions, please! – I’m sure we’ll be seeing Experiments in Crappiness sometime next year.

Bon voyage, Donkey, and fuck your word art!


  1. ‘The word “fun” used to trigger me like you wouldn’t believe. I refused to admit I had fun. Ever.’
    First of all, lies. Second of all, dRain must be getting bored with her and this is her hoof-stomping response. I’m fun now, Rain!

    ‘And hell yes, I’m at home on a Saturday night, chilling in my bathrobe with my word art and my pink hula hoop and my kombucha and one pretty badass 12-year-old white shih-tzu.’
    Oh, this again. Defending her boring-ass self. How many times has she pretended bliss, when behind the scenes she’s completely miserable and the scheme juices are bubbling away? In 3 months she’ll post how the October was really sad, challenging month for her but now (January 2016) she’s found true happiness.

    PS. I never noticed this cover line before: “Why do so many people hate this woman? (Find out on page 20)” Such success Julie.

    • Oh when I arrived at a friend’s place in midtown and saw that Time Out sitting on her coffee table and that tarted-up jackass grinning up at me. So this is what happened to Julia Baugher!

    • Donkey went through a manic phase with Avocado trying to prove to him she was creative and working on projects. Ha! We all know how that turned out. It is pretty clear she is trying desperately to prove to Choad that she is not just a layabout Donkey supported by her parents who has no direction or purpose in life.

      • This sounds about right. She hasn’t changed her MO at all. Because her MO always works out so well for her.

    • I’d never noticed that cover line before either, about people hating her. (Obvs I know they hate her,just had never seen that line on this cover before).

      Were previous photos we had of this cover from a donkey herself? via her old blogs? If so, I bet she photo-chopped it out! Am i over the top with this theory, or just non-perceptive in never noticing before?

      It’s so pathetic that she’s tho proudth of her ‘covers’ when this one is about her being single, desperate, dateless and hated and her infamous Wired cover about her being a nothing nobody who was only micro-famous because of shameless self promotion. I would be mortified if those were about me and would buy all the copies and burn them,then get some intensive therapy for obvious psychological and personality issues.

    • Wow, she looks exactly like Brit Morin in this picture. I never saw the resemblance until now. Of course, she was about 20 pounds lighter during this period.

  2. Julia is so goddamned precious. She used to hate crowds! She is such a perfectionist! She takes work too seriously! Is she watching Gilmore Girl reruns? Is she trying to SWF Rory Gilmore now?

    Also nice job visiting the Carribbean in the height of hurricane season, dummy.

  3. “kombucha”

    The basic bitch that thinks drinking this is worth mentioning as if it was a sign of moral superiority or something. Funny also in the context of her anti alcohol PSAs. We get it, Ms. Nancy Reagan, you are righteous and *healthy* unlike the Franzia sipping masses.

    • Kombucha is disgusting.

      Stupid hippies drink it for the health benefits but, of course, they are completely bogus (both the hippies and the health benefits).

      • I tried making it once. I thought it had to be better than store bought (which I found gross) because I would control the flavoring. I had no trouble creating the starter culture and the subsequent drink. It was beyond gross. She mentions that she drinks it because it makes her feel righteous and better than the rest of us.

        • After making the kombucha, I gave some to my masculine who tried a sip, looked at me horrified and said “we don’t live in the 19th century under the belief that drinking vinegar carries benefits”. I threw away the whole thing.

        • Is it even remotely like kefir? Has anyone here ever made kefir? I seriously considered buying probiotic cultures to make homemade kefir but then learned that there’s a good chance of getting a non-beneficial culture, so I bailed. And I was scairt it’d take on a life of its own, like a reproducing bread dough that someone foisted off on me that one time.

          • I never made kefir so I don’t know if they are the same. I’ll be honest, I wanted to try making kombucha because I love fizzy drinks. I thought I’d try making something better (as in, less sugar) than commercially available stuff. I was never in for the health benefits (though of course, I wouldn’t mind those if they were true). I considered buying a sodastream but I didn’t want to be trapped by the constant re-supplying of non generic carbonating tubes. The kombucha experiment was a failure because I found the flavor gross. Of course that is purely subjective and someone else might love it. btw, I solved my issue with the fizzy drinks by buying a cream whipper which also works with CO2 cartridges (generic, cost a few cents a piece). Never again shall I try to ferment slimy shit.

          • Dust, I love fizzy drinks, too, so I started making infused sparkling water. And by “making,” I mean throwing into the bottle a few cucumber slices, lemon, ginger, and mint, and/or whatever else is lying around that I might want to experiment with. Keeps in the fridge for days and you can keep refilling with no dilution of flavor. No probiotics, but a delicious and cheap.

          • [Redacted]’s Mom, this is more or less what I do as well. Only I sometimes also make low sugar ginger (or other favors) syrup that then I mix with water and carbonate in the cream whipper. Kombucha was a very misguided effort heh.

          • Kefir, which I like, is like a light yoghurt. I have never made it, but I sometimes buy it.

            There is no milk involved in Kombucha, it tastes like vinegar mixed with yeast and looks like a cloudy tea: thoroughly disgusting in taste and appearance.

          • I make my own yogurt (4 cups milk, 1 cup half and half), but I buy kefir from the health food store.

            I like to put fermented substances on my face (i.e. SK II, Missha FTE), not drink them.

            For fizzy drinks I love my Sodastream.

  4. Julia just referred to someone as a “white girl” and then went on to say that she herself was spending her Saturday evening drinking kombucha and hula-hooping.

    • PS, she is doing neither of these things. She’s facebook stalking, plotting and scheming. She is about to go full meltdown. Her “I’m do happy” posts are the tell that serious shit is, or is about to, go down.

  5. I think she has finally outdone herself in the realm of obliviousness. Did she really write this? I never knew she was so gangster…

  6. “and I love any white girl who tells me how to be gangster, so I don’t mind saying this: I had a LOT of FUN writing today.”

    what does this even mean?

    • I read that three times and still couldn’t figure it out. Only white women write? Only white women write & have fun simultaneously? Black women writers strike gangsta poses via prose?

      Should we consult Toni Morrison, someone who can actually, you know, write? Donkey read her in high school, I believe, when she “read all the important books.” Now she reads whatever manure falls from Michael Ellsberg and Elizabeth Gilbert.

      • Like, is she making fun of white girls acting gangster? Making fun of herself for not being gangster? Is it a humblebrag by calling herself “gangster” for working on her “book” instead of what she normally does on Saturday nights, which I assume involves some kind of weird dancing, mushrooms and weirdo looking guys?

        I has confused.

        • i loathe the appropriation of gangster equally to how much i loathe dumb suburban millennials using badass to describe how wasted they got

      • Julia’s interactions with anyone non white is seriously rationed. They do her nails, ring her up at the grocery store, and are given pitying looks from afar when she’s in an uber on her way to an ecstatic dance. I seem to remember her lamenting the growing homelessness and income inequality problem in SF with something like:

        “isn’t there a place south of the city where we can just move all these poors and homeless people so I don’t have to see them on my morning jog to the bay to dance with my heart open for all to see????”

    • “and I love any white girl who tells me how (the way I act could be considered) to be gangster, because I am super white-bread, so it’s ironic.” “On a totally unrelated note, I don’t mind saying this, because as I established earlier, saying you enjoy your art is the new edgy: I had a LOT of FUN writing today.”

      Yes, writing can be fun, if you are clever and a master of nuance, metaphor, and humor. I’ve never seen any of those used by donks, so I assume “fun” means she started inserting emojis into her manuscript.

  7. Pretty clear there’s a lot of repressed childhood she’s catching up. Lots of resentment because the rents wouldn’t just let her have fun or enjoy television.

    In all it’s very stereotypical of the two classes living in San Francisco these days: the accomplished that sets the curve she so desperately aspires to and the arrested development types that seek out hedonism to make up for all missed opportunities.

    Sometimes they’re both one and the same. And sometimes when you can’t make the cut, nor put in the dedication to work, you end up just optimizing for as much hedonism as you can, purposefully ignorant of their class privilege to drop everything to rave in the middle of a desert at 35.

    Counseling would really help, having a professional genuinely listen and bounce back will be a start to help her.

    More than any bong or pill would.

    • I’ve often thought that. It would also make a bit of sense if she really did spend her 20s working her ass off in some high profile, high pressure gig (actual journalism or tech industry comes to mind). But she spent her 20s dicking around too, playing dress up, obsessing over her looks and boys and being on a perpetual vacation. I think even those with the most repressive of parents in high school grow out of the rebellious party phase by 25/27. But we’re not dealing with someone with normal issues either.


  8. Also, kombucha tastes like sour raccoon piss rung through 24 hour fitness gym towels, no amount of sugary additive can mainstream that shit nor entice to pay $5 a bottle for other than for status marking since those types have jumped ship to swill cold brew coffee.

    Besides if you’re real you would buy the mother and make it yourself.

  9. What is ‘word art’? Is that what she’s calling her book? Is she an author at word art now?

  10. And why does she have to use Time Machine? Why can’t she just save her document?

    Oh that’s right. She’s lying.

  11. I’ve never seen anyone so petrified of work. Remember Mess Despised? She literally had a breakdown over writing a proposal for Elle. I guess she must still have some sort of deadline, because she spent the day convincing herself that work is fun. If it’s not fun, she won’t be able to do it.

    Same thing is going on with the “perfection” post. She’s feeling resentful that she has to produce something, be accountable in some way, so she rails against society asking too much of women. She somehow didn’t notice that the article was really about working mothers. You know, ladies who work for someone all day, then come home exhausted only to start the second shift of raising children. Ha, it’s hilarious to try to imagine JA trying to juggle a quarter of that responsibility.

    • See also last year’s NYT lifestyle fluff piece she did on transformational festivals that took something like six months and seven rounds of editing. (Anyone recall her actual quote on that? I can never remember the exact numbers.)

      • I can’t be arsed to run it down, not before my java kicks in anyway, but it seems like it was seven re-writes over a span of four months.

        Here’s what I think happened: D0nk was obligated to write but of course put it off until her bloaty hooves were held to the fire — the write & re-writes probably didn’t even begin until week 14, then Mom$er eventually saved D0nk’s substantial ass by doing it for her.

        • Nobody writing professionally for a newspaper or magazine goes through seven rewrites. If she hadn’t had insider connections, the editor would have had the piece killed at submission or after one round. Shit, if she hadn’t had connections there, she never would have been accepted to write for them in the first place.

          • Exactly. No professional would ever admit to that number of rewrites. Not least because no one would employ a writer who needs so much assistance to do their job.

          • HERE WE GO:

            “As simple as the piece may look on first glance, I conducted approximinately [sic] 30 interviews, went through literally 7 drafts with my editor over the course of four months, and many, many, many hours of musing over transformational festival culture and how it is dramatically impacting our world.”

            Such. A. Liar.

            That bullshit above was for someone’s benefit (Davidiot?) to whom she’d promised fame & fortune when she name-dropped ’em — she had to explain away why it took so long to never happen.


          • Thanks so much for the find, Brayella. I figured that the piece started out as a total shill for her friends and for avocado, and the editor wasn’t having that.

          • actual newspaper reporters turn out crap out like that in half a day on deadline, dictating to rewrite from the dirt pit on a payphone in olden days, or filing live/mobile now


          • ” … and many, many, many hours of musing over transformational festival culture and how it is dramatically impacting our world.”

            Oh, Donkey! Delusion is thy name!

    • Something like this probably happened: As usual, when recent deadline loomed, D0nk had a major meltdown. Said meltdown, hopefully witnessed by upChoad, was blamed on being a perfectionist but minimized by D0nk because hey, other women under stress resort to drink! Now that she’s got Time Machine backing up her perfect writing ::wink wink:: she’ll be turning in that assignment any week now, Mr Editor! TRANSBRAYTION: Mom$er is on it now so Donk heaved sighs of relief & went back to the fun job of googling herself.

        • Yeah, having a deadline is a sticking point — who the fuck in their right / rite / write mind gives Julia Allison writing assignments these days? Maybe it’s Mom$er & Dad$er for whom all this posing has been fabricated, but why? Is she supposed to have the SF stall packed up by now so this is a ruse to justify Dad$er paying another mo’s rent, because Donk has been soooooo busy crafting her word art? Meh.

      • regarding the perfection thing, we may be over-analyzing. eliz gilbert put up a facebook post earlier in the week about perfection and how it was the murderer of all good things. donks is just being donks – scrolling endlessly through her fb page and quoting eye-catching ‘squirrel’ moments to make herself appear intelligent.

        sometimes i think we give her more credit for thought processes that she doesn’t possess.

        • Or Donkey is just trying to get Gilbert’s attention, especially after the oldest raunch commented on one of Julia’s FB suck ups. Remember, Donkey will suck up to anyone with money and/or mainstream success in the most shameless ways possible. Petey taught & encouraged this character defect.

          • This. She is actively seeking out EG and seems to have made contact given that EG responded to one of Donkey’s suck-up posts. I think we are about to see the next case of Donkey SWFing, and probably the most high profile yet.

            This is exactly what she is attempting. Watch. I can’t stand EG but I hope she is able to outsmart the Donkey and put her in her place.

      • Book got shelved, she’s now caught in a lie and doubles-down on the lies (with way too much detail). Book still not coming out. Using EG because she does not think enough of her own opinion and thinks this gives her credibility.

        • I’m seriously thinking she could teach a master class in how to be a sociopathic manipulator and make far more money than she ever could writing a book on ‘happiness.’

      • What deadline? She doesn’t have a deadline. A Fall 2016 book isn’t due until February or March. That’s if it’s still even happening.

    • my kitten is old enough now to walk home from school, so the days of screeching into after-care at school on two wheels one minute before the clock strikes “late,” straight from work, with nothing but redlights on the way, are over, but, still. and yes. also. especially.

  12. This holibray season is gonna be so good, folks. Early October and we’re already lurching into manic-ville.

    • lolol she was SO PROUD that it took her 7 drafts and 4 months to write a puff piece for a newspaper, which has a 1 day lifespan and then is used to line bird cages.

  13. If she’s conceded she’s not a:

    1. Dance artist.
    2. Singing artist.
    3. Guitar or ukele artist
    4. Promotional artist for others.

    Then Rain definitely dumped her and she’s back to rebuilding bridges she burned when she left NYC.

    There’s no book promised in 2016 from St. Martin’s press according to their site. 2017 from St. Martin’s? But why would they want a book they’ve been waiting 4 years for?

  14. Hey can we talk about ME for a minute?
    I just want to say thanks to rbd and the awesome people who post here! A few years ago I was in a bad place and bored with life and partying way too much. Then my mom had me watch an episode of the docu-series featuring a donkey and mentioned how much that girl reminded her of… Me. She had a few valid points and then stumbling on this blog and a few very hard choices I flipped my life upside down and started over. It was the wake up call I needed to get my act together and go back to school. So yesterday final grades were posted and I did it, I will be graduating with straight motherfucking As from grad school and my internship is going awesome and I still enjoy my boxed wine and Cheetos after a long day at work. I’d also like to add whenever I got tired of writing papers about autism (my concentration was in applied behavior analysis/autism) I wrote behavior plans for internet fame whores and would use this site to help reference the crappy behaviors observed and possible antecedents or consequences.
    Again thanks for everything you awesome cat ladies and gents! I’m graduating with honors and a 4.0 after seeing the awful path I could have gone down.

    • Holy shit, congratulations for a job well done and for the awesome stuff you did with your life! Donkey can now add “cautionary tale” to her list of achievements. I shall toast with my plastic cup full of franzia in your honor tonight.

    • Amazeballs, bunny!

      Theriosly though, that is awesome. You have a great mom and she raised a great kid. Kudos!

    • congrats; awesome

      old old episode of “i love lucy”

      lucy: i’m in a book! it has a chapter! about me!
      sad trombone
      … as an example of what not to do


      She’s comically bad in ballet class and a failure as a sculptor, and when she writes a novel, a publisher buys it only to include portions in another book as an example of bad writing. And her career in television commercials? One word: Vitameatavegamin.

    • Congratulations for so many achievements rolled into one! Good for you for doing what you knew you needed to do. The difference between you and Donkey is that you were self-aware enough to recognize what was happening, and had the work ethic to get done what you needed to.

      I am so proud of you, and not in that fake Donkey way.

    • RBD has helped a lot of us, even if we weren’t exactly like Donkey and even if we didn’t deserve the help. The play-by-play and commentary force us to consider how we might be coming up short in life, where our own views are limited, and whether we’re being authentic. It helps to be able to look at someone so ridiculous, rather than looking directly at one’s self.

      I have some vices I refuse to give up, but at least I can acknowledge them instead of make excuses for them.

    • Thanks everyone! You have been so amazing and everyone is full of the best advice! Funny how a braying self centered mess of life brought us all together

  15. So badass, Julie! What a gangster move!

    Living off your dad’s monthly checks and sucking off a succession of balding craptrance DJs.

    Who quickly tire of you and then ignore you while you blubber more lies about your cancelled book on ‘Happiness’

    This is SUCCESS!

  16. Note that she doesn’t actually say her “writing” is for her “book.” She’s just doodling.

    Re: the upcoming tropical travel, I hope it’s more friends getting married.

  17. Come chick just commented on Chad’s page that she had to change her panties after listening to his new album. LOL. No like from Donks.

    • There have to be massive downsides to dating a DJ who travels and parties a lot. You either give up your identity and follow him around (scaring him off in the process?!) or make peace with the fact that he’ll have plentiful opportunities to get younger/”hotter” women every so often just by the nature of festivals/concerts/parties. Even if he’s mediocre, he’ll be over-rated by women who are unaware he barely scrapes by financially, that he’s a shitty long term partner, etc.

      Recipe for disaster for A Donkey.

      • Donkey’s Disaster Recipe

        You’ll need:

        1 avocado
        1 pancake
        12 brussels sprouts
        1 jelly donut
        1 box of Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies (put in freezer)

        First, take the cookies out of the freezer. Eat the entire box while crying about the huge McCain millionaire wallet you chased away…

        • Next, throw brussels sprouts on floor. Take the donut and put it on the threshold of the nearest doorway. Collapse on floor while oinking loudly

        • I think you forgot the corn-on-the-cob-on-the-hoof-flee-flee special condiment, but these ingrediments otherwise promise EPIC SUCCESS, culinarily speaking. With kombucha for dessert!

    • She hasn’t walked a red carpet in years. But when she was gawker’s (sh)it girl for a New York minute, Donkey clomped across a few.


      Who cares? Julia is happy and having fun! While writing! I LOVE YOU, PAIN! (Please don’t sniff Stacey Morgenstern’s soiled panties as that might upset the sisterhood.)

      • Now, did Mulia get on actual red carpets as an invitee to actual
        events, or just barge onto step-n-repeats at events she supposedly was covering as part of that job she had for a hot minute nearly a decade ago? I only remember s-n-r’s …

        • ‘k, you answered while I was asking. I have a different impression of red carpet events is all.

          • I think she did manage to wrangle a few invites. The above snap is for the premiere of Lipstick Jungle. Remember that network series? Me neither.

            Most red carpet snaps are crashes a la FW or from when she interviewing celebrities during that brief Star gig. Still laughing over the eds forcing her into on camera reporting because she couldn’t write and then she was horrible on camera, too.

      • I’ll bet to this day she thinks those goofy pelts were [a] attractive & [b] fooled anyone. What a nasty mess, donkumented in no fewer than the 45,000+ fauxtos she saturated the internet w/. Yeesh.

  18. Lilly Grace‎Rain Phutureprimitive
    17 hrs ·
    I definitely had to change my panties after listening to your new album….. damn!!
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  19. OT: Ali Shanti sent out her weekly ME ME ME email, in which she claimed Fozzie moved out because he had to work on his inner child issues. And I thought it was because he was looking for full-time work and couldn’t deal with his needy, horny adopted mother.

    She also claimed the money map costs anywhere between $2000 – $4000, but Queen Scammer is considering offering a mini version for $97. Bwa ha ha!

    And there’s this:

    And, there is something very, very, very exciting coming this June that is going to heal the inter-generational divide that has been created as a result of our financial services industry/media/culture around money and parenting and inheritance. Yep, you know that way that you and your parents just don’t connect around money, well it’s time to do something about it. You can read more about it and indicate your interest in participating here. I am both terrified and beyond excited.

    Time to get your hands on the rents’ life savings and Ali will help you steal every red cent … for a 25% commission, of course.

    You are a bad, bad, bad person, SKANKATRON.

    • I noticed earlier that Vajiii had posted a Part II of the same shit he’s posted six times or so, w/ promise of Part III coming veddy, veddy soon. I wouldn’t go to the trouble of seeing it, it’s all rehash, far as I could tell. Wish someone would knock his stuck needle off.

      • He also posted pictures of himself with Mom and Dad Vajiii. Le Burger du Roi is smiling in both, so I guess they shelled out more $$$ and his inner child is having a good day.

        • Stalker stage mom Ali couldn’t pass up the opportunity to toss into a passive-aggressive dig about the horse on his polo shirt. Love how she’s trying to shame him about upbringing-so very selectively tolerant of her. She would have killed for a normal upbringing.

          • Crying through her rhinestones: “My father was a con artist who never paid attention to me and that’s why I act out sexually on a daily basis. Um, scratch that! I just remembered I’m polyamorous, a clinical term, and I was BORN THIS WAY, just like the geighs.”

        • Majiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii has posted a picture of himself golfing with his dad. He is wearing a plaid polo shirt with the gigantic Ralph Lauren logo, khaki shorts and golf gloves.

          I hope he has returned to his white middle-class preppy existence and that the Skankatron months are behind him and it is a chapter of his life that, with time, will become a story he tells others to warn them about the dangers of young love and excessive drug use.

          Or he could totally be trying to have his parents sign away their retirement savings.

          • Also the dangers of STDs, mail fraud, and sticking your penis into old leathery saddlebags

    • JFAing myself to note only one person has commented on Juliar’s “writing is fun!” slop: Ali Shanti, who referred to Donkey’s dilettantism as ADULT FUN. Why does everything the old raunch writes or whines contain a sexual undercurrent?

    • This email was so badly written and wordy. Ali, you need an editor.

      The weirdest part was when she celebrated not working to hang out around Portland with her friend as if that’s some new paradigm of working. I bet the cheap money map teaches that.

    • Speaking of Brit Moron, is anyone else besides me eye-rolling at Donkey’s choice to co-opt Brit’s Brit & Co. company event banner by posing with it for her cover photo as if she is somehow involved with the company?

      • Brit gives me even more canklehausen than the Donkey because at least the Donkey is the living embodiment of the failure she so richly deserved, while Britt has $6m (or $20m or whatever) in the bank and a 50-people company.

        • Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

          Brit is the Martha Stewart of shitty crapfts.

      • Doesn’t she claim she was an angel investor in Brit & Co?

        If true, that could be why the Morins continue to tolerate her.

    • A reminder that she was objectively good looking for a time… but then decided that a *2nd round* of procedures was necessary to reveal her inner beauty.

  20. Can some talented photoshop artist/cat lady alter the message on that napkin? Let your imagination run wild.

  21. Does A Donkey really think that anyone except her daddy really buys her “I’m such a hard worker who works hard” nonsense? She’s been peddling it for years yet has nothing to show for all her “hard work.” How does she still think she’s fooling anyone?

  22. I rarely visit Julie’s FB page, but if you look a ONE FB page today! Look at Julie’s 6,700 photos… Of herself mostly. 6700

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