Julia Allison Is a Writerly Writer Who Writes Award-Winning Memoir


What’s your 6 word memoir?

Here’s mine smile emoticon


  1. What’s with the whole ‘smile emoticon’ thing that I’ve noticed in a number of woo vom facebook posts? Isn’t it quicker and less pretentious to simply type ‘:-)’? Or is there some other cultural movement behind typing out emoticons in long-form?

    • The emoticon is there in the original; however,Wordpress translates it as prose. I think it’s funny so I leave it up.

      • I love it for some reason. I guess seeing it spelled out makes it looks all the more deranged.

        Funny Julia should post that, a couple threads back, I was just mocking an old draft of her six-word memoir, I think from back in Nonsociety days: “Carrie Bradshaw buys laptop, starts blog.”

        Pro tip Donk: if you’re trying to write economically, packing as much as possible into a few words, drop the adjectives. Especially that one.

      • Guys, I dropped my dog off with some friends who are going to look after him while I’m out of town. Before heading over there I took him to another friend’s house to run around in the backyard with her dog while we had a glass of red wine. The dogs knocked my glass out of my hand in the carpeted living room. In the rush to sop the wine out of the carpet, I didn’t even notice that my tiny and cute white dog had gotten in the line of fire. When I dropped him off at my dog sitting friend’s house I actually had to say the sentence “Oh, that’s just some wine that I spilled on him earlier.”
        Good thing they are cool and found it amusing. PS, anybody have tips for removing red wine stains from small dogs?

  2. Yeah, most of us call this “waking up to go to work” you insufferable cuntwitch.

  3. hey, random servicey post–i have two codes for a 1 free subscription box of hello fresh– it’s like blue apron. 3 meals for two. gimme your email address and ill send you an invite. i am going to cancel it bc shit is expensive. convenient and tasty but too pricey. anyway.

    • That’s so nice of you! I’d be super interested. Trying to make myself learn to cook and stick to eating healthy foods. lizrod99 at icloud.com

      • sent! 🙂 enjoy. and cancel the wednesday before the next delivery if youre not into it. its like $69 a box. i was like fuck this im just gonna steal your recipes and peace out.

        • You are awesome, thanks! Yeah, I’ve tried a different service, Green Chef, and really liked it, but it was pricey and you can’t customize it very much.

    • Ive been wanting to try one of those services but just haven’t been able to get past the prices. So with the exception of the cost, how did you like having everything delivered and ready to go for you? I was looking at Blue Apron but I know these companies are popping up left and right.

      • super convenient. portions were big. meal planning and shopping is a pain so it was nice to have everything packaged and ready to go. the two meals per recipe fed me, the husband, and a ravenous toddler. i thought the meals were delicious and were generally pretty healthy. ill probably reactivate my subscription when i get burnt out from menu planning again.

      • I tried a similar service. My life is pretty stressful (job, kids, dog), but I love to cook so you’d think I would be their ideal customer.

        I ended up hating it. The food sat there in my fridge and pantry, just waiting for me to get round to cooking it. I felt the veggies were all accusing me of being a bad mother, as they got limper and – eventually – went mouldy. I couldn’t stand the inherent pressure.

        • I wrote an article like a year ago about these meal delivery thinga. They even have them for kids, and baby food! The adult ones are all quite expensive. Gwyneth (vom) does Sakura Life, I think, but wildly pricey.

          • Of course the one Goop does is more expensive than any other one ever.

            If you live in the Fresh Direct delivery area, you can use Pop Cart to automatically download recipes to your cart. They download the main ingredients and have a list of ingredients that say “You probably already have this” so you don’t end up with six boxes of salt every week. You do have to prep your own veggies, but Fresh Direct has really high quality produce and meat. I am super picky about my food, will only shop at one local grocery store, but I use Fresh Direct for all of my shopping during the school year.

  4. Grown woman lives off her family.

    Delusional narcissist misunderstands the word “consciousness.”

    Basic bitch thinks blandness is “epic.”

    Chronologic adult still obsessed with college.

    • i read it all. i commented last post about it. basically it’s a bunch of people complaining that alice acts the way alice has acted for a decade now. like they are so shocked she isn’t some shining beacon of moral cleanliness and sincerity. that she can be a ZOMG HYPOCRITE based on their scooby doo internet sleuthing which consists of a) reading her instagram posts and b) listening to alice talk about herself.


      • It’s gobsmacking. People are shocked to learn shit that was never a secret. Made me realize how much I didn’t pay attention to GOMI.

        • The only recent thing I’ve paid attn to on GOMI is Neely Moldovan’s saga, & even that is more or less on hold ’til the court date in January, so I was clueless to all of this.

          Reading that Reddit post, I feel really bad for PP — I hope she has some honest-to-goodness friend(s) who’ll stick by her & help her get beyond the drinking problem(s).

      • To be fair to the posters, I was also shocked when I saw what PP was really like (a long time ago).

          • I hang out with her sometimes. She’s smart, funny, and a good time to chill with. We had a few really good nights out together! Most ppl wouldn’t be haters if they knew her personally.

          • Srsly. I still have one of her Hoodies bc she didn’t want me to be cold while waiting for the bus home.

          • That’s because you’re one of her “cool famous-y” friends, Anna Pelt.

            She’s a damn wreck, lies about everything, uses you then calls you shitty names for asking her to act like an actual human being.

            Would not “friend” again.

          • I am not a mother so I really have no horse in this race but I could never read her stuff because the way she writes about mothers is gross and comes across as resentful. It is ok not to like children (I am not overly fond of being around them myself) but calling other women’s children “crotchfruit” or using expressions like “shitting a baby” to refer to someone who gave birth is misogynistic and worse than the shit she claims to “critique” in other bloggers. Also, she is particularly vicious against women who have a following, referring to them as “fans with panty pudding” and other gross and anti woman expressions. Also2, veiled racism every time she comments on the work of women of color bloggers. It is perfectly understandable to critizice a bloggers politics, religious ideas, dubious product claims or other disengenious content. If you need to degrade them for being women, your critique is no better than what you claim to criticize. It’s not so different than Burra’s idea of feminism.

          • i have a kitten, and i love her, but i am not a fan of children; that said, “shitting out” another baby; gross

            mock the paid dressup games with the kids for the prosti-tot-sion that it is but no need to grossly disprespect all children and parents

          • Do you guys ever listen to Duncan Trussel? He uses the phrase “shot out of a vagina” frequently. But I get the sense that it’s not misogynistic, just a funny way of pointing out the absurdity of human existence.

          • Very Serious, I don’t know Duncan Trussell (but will def. check him out) but I think there is a difference between “shitting out a baby” (associated with waste, dirt and basically the foul discharges of our humanity) and jokingly talking about “shooting out of a vagina”.

        • Seriously. If I was the sole owner of a moderately reasonably successful website I’d be nicer on the phone. (But I give good phone. Grrr!)

          PP call me for advice!

        • I used to comment over on GOMI as much as here, it was a fun place to be even after the jp/pp split. I was one of her first regular commenters because I wanted to see the site succeed. I bounced forever after she gave front page airtime to a pedophile in the interest of “fairness” or some bullshit like that.

          • Same here (GOMI supporter from Day One; I even pay-pal’d PP $upport a handful of times).

            The change in GOMI tone was almost palpable — suddenly, an influx of outright vicious posters who came from dog-knows-where — seeing new posters disembowel each other over differences of opinion re: fashion bloggers just didn’t cut it for me, WRT “entertainment”.

          • People call us a hate site but we only hate on one empirically hateable person. We’re not assholes to EACH OTHER for the most part and certainly Jacy et alia are not assholes to us. GOMI was more like the Westboro Baptist Church of hate sites.

          • Brayella, I blame Miss Noir for the change in tone (and partypants for allowing it). She was a Grade-A asshole. It all kind of went south after she became…whatever she was, moderator/front page writer/whatever.

          • Remind me of Miss Noir’s antics …?

            I remember jumping over to GOMI one day out of sheer boredom & clicking a ‘recent comment’ as a starting point — it was some vile cuntwich reaming out one of the absolute nicest RBD regular’s ever, over an innocuous-as-all-getout comment too (a very mild observation, to be precise) — the venom floored me, so much so that I did a site search to see WTF this RBD poster had previously said to merit such wrath — zip, zilch, nada — completely undeserved hatred spewed on a newcomer for no apparent reason.

            I stayed away so long after that, can’t remember who the cuntwich nor the innocent RBD’r was.

        • I don’t have much of an opinion one way or the other (shockingly) but she did block my IP after I linked back to her site as a source which I thought was odd. And when I thanked whoever linked my site back to GOMI she was sure to tell me it wasn’t her. We only had cross-over once.

      • Wow, a talented comic writer with a penchant for sharp satire who has been open about her issues with alcohol and depression is a difficult person to deal with in real life.

        I’m fucking floored.

        Next you’ll be telling me Frosty the Snowman is one cold motherfucker.

        • I don’t see what your endgame here is, RRR. There were a lot of people on GOMI who didn’t know exactly how difficult she is, then they figured it out. No one is trying to change her.

          • No endgame – was agreeing with KS that the levels of pearl-clutching on that discussion board seem ludicrously at odds with aspects of her personality that always seemed rather frankly expressed (at least to me).

            I mean, if anybody here ever meets me in real life, I hope the fact that I’m an unpleasant, judgmental, bad-tempered bitch doesn’t come as too huge a surprise.

          • I actually have to give PartyPants props for making this huge huge thing. Like there are hundreds of GOMI refugees on Reddit now. I left soon after the forums started but now there’s VIP rooms and all kinds of crazy stuff. I think it’s pretty cool that she took a little wordpress blog and made something out of it.

            I still think she’s nutsola of course but I’ll be damned if she didn’t do a thing that a lot of people really really loved.

      • This. It’s page after page after page of Alice being Alice. (shrug) A lot of those people on the reddit page appear to be sort of newish. Not all, but a lot. She is who she’s always been.

    • Alot of PP’s behavior that people complain about is textbook alcoholic behavior. I remember she had a short period of sobriety for a while about a year and a half ago. She talked about it openly, so, she knows she has a problem. I hope she gets the help she needs, if not AA, then from other sobriety program. There are many out there.

      • also narcissist. can’t bear even the slightest tiniest bit of correction or criticism. thinner skinned than a membrane

        • My PhD is in drunkenness, not psychology, so I don’t know if she is actually a narcissist, or not. Maybe she is. I do know that when I was was drunk, I frequently misunderstood what people said, and picked alot of fights. I lost some friends and the respect of many.

      • @ Friend of Bill – this is what I’m thinking too. IDK, it seems obvious to me that a lot of this is some big-time drinking actions/reactions. Alice isn’t stupid so I do hope she gets a handle on it. I’ve been there since the great schism and Alice has always been who she is.

        • I’ve been reading GOMI since Fall of 2011, drunk off my ass most of the time. PP is smart and talented. I realize that a lot of creative types use alcohol to grease the wheels of their imagination, but in the end, it is a destroyer. I don’t think I noticed anything off about her postings until I started following her private twitter, back when it was unprotected. Manic, late night postings, deleted the next day. I had a similar online behavior pattern. As they say,”it takes one to know one”. I’ve never extensively interacted with her. I’m not a friend, but as an alcoholic who is suspicious about someone who might have a problem, I am interested.

          Well, that’s enough concern trolling for one day. Keep up the good work on the six word memoirs, catladies. Good stuff.

    • I’ve been daily reading here for a few years. You all are super duper discreet about PP. I know that there was a break with her, but this is the first time that I’ve seen it discussed on RBD in the several years I’ve been reading. That’s cool, although it’s fun to learn some of the gossip now!

      • It does seem to be the case that we all really like each other, and don’t rat even on defectors.

      • UghSoDisgusted , it’s not that we’re discreet…it’s that we don’t care much. Some people from here still go on GOMI but for the most part GOMI has changed from being kind of a little sister site to something totally totally different.

        I know Partypants is a crazy drunk but I don’t bring it up or talk about it because there are approximately 4.5 billion other crazy drunks in the world and they are also irrelevant to me.

    • I only started checking out the site a year ago or so but I could not get into it. The tone felt less like satire and more like anger and disgust. Maybe this site sounds like that too… When I started reading here some of the anger was tbh off putting but now I hate these people and they need to be shredded

      • I read there a lot, and post occasionally. Sometimes I am surprised by how angry PP can get about strangers’ Internet antics. Other times I am surprised by how angry the forum posters can get at each other.

        It is certainly more entertaining than reading the actual blogs, and kudos to PP for keeping it running while doing other gigs as well. Also, her dog and kitties are really cute.

        • I’m mostly only in the forums now and not even the blogger snark part. I’m in a few threads in the ‘members only’ section and they’re relatively distant from the blogger-stuff. Like conspiracies, ask a hamcat, etc. All this stuff going on was weird and I had no idea until the people who left started spamming the forums either linking to, or talking about reddit.

      • I fundamentally agree with who she exposes but they just never interested me. I found the comments better than the GOMI posts.

  5. The older she gets, the more disturbing it is when she refers to herself as a girl. In your 30s Julia? Jesus Christ, by that age most women are extremely proud to refer to themselves as “woman”, not girl, chick, girlfrand, sweetie, etc.

    Maybe she needs a bot mitzfa?

  6. Not even worth the hate site.

    “Hit bottom”? Press “Keep Going” button!

    At least I’m not Jules Kirby

    Even Ali Shanti somehow feels superior

    Where’s Lily and what’s that smell?

    Cupcake the bike – my only friend

    I’m not actually a hooker, Dad

  7. I’m burning the midnight oil but just wanted to check in & note only two girls have taken Donkey up on the six-word memoir challenge. Two girls in a curious world. That’s it. Even Ali hasn’t responded – probably too busy making more iphone videos comparing polyamory to being gay and exerting her divine right to attend orgies. Meanwhile, you bright peeps have knocked yourselves out and given me some good laughs.

    social media expert fails social media

  8. Jesus. Her overuse of the word epic is…epic.
    She and a lot of woos keep talking about this epic trip they take but they all miss the place called Self Awareness.

  9. “They call me Donkey – Hee HAW!”

    OT: I’m sitting in the lobby Dunkin’ Donuts here at the hospital while my wife gets her epidural, rubbing (a lack of) sleep out of my eyes and waiting on pins and needles to welcome my son into the world – and I think it’s telling that THIS was the first site I checked on my phone. I love you crazy cat ladies!

  10. So I was on the train and catching up on the GOMI / Reddit drama. Not sure I’m quite certain I know what happened this weekend but I do know that in my downtime I’ll get some popcorn and continue my quest to find out

    • The biggest shocker was that she was reading PMs and blocking IP addresses according to what people were saying privately to each other.

      • Yeah. That is so completely out of line…I wonder if she set up a code to alert her when certain words were used in PMs or if she really read through all the emails

      • The only reason I ever block IPs (outside of crazy ex) is when someone is on the site for four+ hours. I wouldn’t read my own stuff for four hours so it’s usually a sign of a potential hack/virus.
        My favorite “burn” came from a person who commented on the site & had it saved under “weirdos” on their feedly account. I sprained a kidney laughing & didn’t block.

      • Everyone knows Alice is batshit insane and that poorly designed website traffics in real nastiness. I am baffled by the threads here.

    • It’s coming full circle, isn’t it?
      The alleged reading (and sometimes sharing in Chat?!) of PMs and the subsequent banning of users really is something else. It took remarkably long for things to blow up over there, though (I’m saying this from a place of never having felt quite comfortable with the sense of bitterness I got from her snark or the general volatility we already had the privilege of witnessing here, but that may have been just me).

  11. Shameless famewhore expired two noses ago.

    Walking yeast infection seeks large wallet.

    Daddy’s money lets me buy organic.

    Rain, we are never breaking up.

    • “Daddy’s money lets me buy organic.”

      I don’t know why I care, but I am insanely curious to know just how much her lifestyle costs vs. what her parents shell out.
      Math (all educated guesses/speculation):
      Her portion of rent in Marina: $2500 (most nice 2 bedroom places in the Marina go for approx $5000/month. Bargain!!)
      Utilities, groceries: $700 (organic gluten free and vegan ain’t cheap).
      Nails, hair, yoga, clothes: $1500 (assuming she gets one blow out a week $50×4 = $200, gel mani/pedi once every other week, 2x$60 = $120, $200/month yoga studio, the rest for rainbow heart nipple pasties, tutus, fur covered boots, bootie shorts, maybe a dress or a pair of pants when she has to interact with productive members of society)
      Air travel/incidentals: $1000 (beezy is always flying somewhere, buying tickets to a rich hippie festival, Ubering all over the place)
      I’m assuming she has no debt because mom and dad paid her tuition and and/or credit card if she has one. No mortgage or car payment.
      That puts the grand total at $5700 per month. If she had an actual job, that would be her take home pay from an approx $85,000/year salary, and spending every penny of the net income on herself and rent would mean she would be living paycheck to paycheck, like many a basic bitch in the Marina.

      Are you all telling me that Ma and Pa Baugher spend almost $70k/year to keep Julia happy and carefree in San Francisco?

      This might be old news to everyone else down here in the basement, but something about her money situation just isn’t making sense to me, unless I really am THAT naive. Is it possible she’s on the payroll at daddy’s law firm so that she is, in fact drawing a salary, and it doesn’t come out of his paycheck? Maybe she set up the law firm’s twitter account and tweets once a year. Is it possible she has a kick ass stock broker and accountant who made some good investments for her and she’s living on kushy dividends? Last I checked she didn’t sell Non Society for millions and millions of dollars, so she can’t be living on that money. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???

      • Yes, it seems pretty clear that Pettifogger spends at least $50k annually on Julie’s sad expired lifestyle. Sometimes she earns a little money or gets stuff comped, but the bulk of the money comes from Bank of Daddy.

        She was certainly not on the Schopf and Weiss payroll (Petey didn’t have enough juice there to make that happen, in addition to no law firm being crazy enough to hire a loon like Julie for their social media). None of her first cousins on either side live like trust fund babies, or even like they got any sizeable inheritance from the grandparents. She is too stupid to have made good investments the last time she had a good salary (Star magazine). She wasted the $25,000 she got for Mess Advised pretty quickly, just as she squandered her $10,000-$15,000 book advance.

        I don’t know why Petey thinks it’s worth it to shell out what is probably around 10% or more of his pretax income to help his insane daughter maintain the illusion of being a madcap heiress, but somehow he does. My guess is that Mama Bird is less enthusiastic, if we can judge by her “What’s the plan now, Julia?” lament in the dusty documentary series.

        • A quick google search set me straight. Partners at law firms with more than a decade of experience on average make $790,000. Assuming Peter is an above average attorney, wins cases and makes more than that, he’s probably looking at bringing home close to $1mil/year. Not counting whatever killing he makes on investments, which, he’s a WASP so you know that shit is in the bag. So I guess it’s makes sense that nearly $6000/month is chump change.

          Julia must think she was a saint in a past life to land that kind of deal.

          • Afghani and I figured out a ballpark Pettifogger take-home once, based on Schopf and Weiss’s revenue estimates in Martindale. It was interesting how many partners were senior to Our Petey, even though some of them were younger than he, but the impression I get is that he has certain areas of expertise and sticks to them and doesn’t get too much into the firm politics.

            I wonder how he will fare now the firm’s been acquired by a larger firm. Probably fine; he seems like the kind of born-on-third-base dude who always comes out okay, and a hard worker as well.

    • Think she’s figured out Grandma only love pretended her to get back at her mom? Enter the parade of losers.
      Burned from beyond the Grave!

    • BUT she’s entitled to an extra word. These two with their passive aggressive one-upping. Think Donkey is beginning to suspect someone in her inner sweat orgy circle posted that on Urban Baby?

      • I would believe that it was true before I’d believe that. The post did not reference to her chakras becoming unbalanced by proximity to Taurus descending into shamanistic confluence of projecting the sexual other.

    • Of course Shanti posted. She’d scrub Julia’s toilet bowl if Donkey asked.

      Max Marmer, Julie’s date for motherboy, just posted what an “awesome thread” Julie has created. Sixteen responses and it doesn’t get any more clever than this: “woman: guided by the oracle inside” You want awesome, Wittle Max? Check out the RBD six-word memoirs. Motherfucking brills & hilarious.

      • It chafes me to say it, but it seems like she is getting more love from her “tribe” now that she’s with Rain.

        Or it could have been the bjs at the Septic orgy.

        • As CL said, there are quite a few people in that tribe who see right through her and never liked her from the start, and some others who are impressed by superficial things like the Wired cover and whom Donkey knows, and probably because they think she has money.

          • I’m going more with the perception of money, especially when folks as desperate as Ali Shanti are involved.

          • If Julia ever takes Shanti home to Chicago Pete & Robin would be wise to hired armed security, or at least give the producers at Dateline a headsup

      • Can we all agree that Max Marmer is kind of the fucking worst? There is something weird about the way he posts, woo language aside. He seems to interject advice and information where none was solicited in the first place, like some kind of woo Yoda except his advice is not all that. I for real wonder if he is on the spectrum somewhere because his interaction style is so bizarre, even for a woo. And the way the other woos indulge him reminds me of the way people praise the heck out of a disabled child for successfully executing a basic life skill. It’s either that or he has major guap and they all want at it.

        • I loathe the Yoda attitude in both Marmer and Fozzie. They’re kids and kids aren’t sages. Also, Marmer’s smug attitude about dropping out of Stanford as if he’s so much better than all that.

    • Dear friends, please understand why I keep posting weeks after my aforepromised Facebook silence. I find it can be energetically helpful to announce a big future step-back from the Internet and then not live up to it. Xo

  12. Is she doing this because TinyNCute actually fucking writes and perhaps Rain is exhibiting wistfulness for his ex-partner?

    • I love your amended handle, but it reminds me: did you not discuss with Gilly that the ass hanging out of her underpants photo would accompany each and every post going forward, as it should? So . . . ?

      • I was originally all for that as well, but I have since reconsidered. I think overexposing (ha!) it could lessen its impact over time, and if it is judiciously (or even randomly) appended to the occasional post it will retain its shock (and awe) value for the denizens of the cat basement. That said, I don’t think once a week is too frequent (I rang?)

      • Gilly? Are you listening, girl?

        The photo brings to mind what my grandma’s ass (RIP grandma’s ass) would look like with gigantic grannie panties wedged up it.

  13. Girl takes ethical journey to conscience.
    Well, THAT doesn’t work.
    Girl takes expensive journey to conspicuousness.
    Girl takes.
    Perfect. Are 2-word memoirs allowed?

  14. slightly OT but last night I watched Sex and the City for the first time while staying at a hotel. Was blown away by how awful all the characters were, especially Carrie, but it was also interesting for me to see where Julia got her NYC gal about town schtick, since I never saw it before. Thinking helplessness/ineptitude is cute (was utterly horrified that the show played off Carrie not understanding investing/the stock market as “teehee she’d rather have pricey shoes than financial security”), calling herself a “girl” well past the age of actually being a girl, having an affair with married men, cheating on the men she’s dating, being late for professional engagements…it was amazing to see the original JA playbook!

    At least Carrie actually works on her column regularly (I think?). And she found a wallet in the end.

    • Carrie was the most annoying of them. She was talented and hard-working: at least her book was published and reviewed by Michiko Kakutani.

      Also, beware of the E! Channel version of SATC: they removed all the nudity (Hello! It’s called *sex* and the city) and the swearing. Sometimes it’s hard to even tell what the episode was about.

    • I’ve seen most episodes, and I don’t think there was a single one where most or all the four characters did not highly annoy me. Carrie was the worst. I am always amazed when I hear that anyone consistenly watched the show for any reason other than the clothes (I liked lots of them, except Carrie always looked crazy and / or annoying) and an occasional funny joke (I liked quite a few). Why can’t more people be like me?

      Also, is it just me and the fact that I only spent about ten minutes skimming through the book in a bookstore, or is the book far, far worse than the not-that-great show? I did not expect the book to show me interesting clothes, but I did expect it to contain some humor, and I saw NONE. Those ten minutes I spent with it were nearly as unfunny as Donk’s attempts at comedy, except I don’t think the author was even TRYING to be funny. I got the impression that the book was meant to be serious. Which, WTF?

      Also also, I’ve read one or two other books by Candace Bushnell and they made me believe that she does not like men very much and really hates young women. I could be wrong, of course, but, would probably not read again.

      • I think that’s a pretty accurate assessment. The show was clever about some aspects of living in New York as a writer whose desires for pretty things far exceed her bank account, though. Not that I would know anything about that!

    • That series was a piece of shit that told an entire generation it’s best to be a selfish asshole. No wonder Mulia Mallison watched each episode 50 times. Roger Ebert began his hilarious review of Sex and the City 2 with “These people make my skin crawl.”

    • The most unrealistic aspect of that show was the premise that someone as self centered as Carrie Bradshaw could actually have such loyal and close friends.

  15. To think I attended “yacht” parties

    Ever feel not so freshwater pearls?

    “Republican” “housewife” “transforms” into “Goddess” “archetype”

    • never stop, rrr.

      I like this one especially because you can pretty much put any of those poor bastards’ names in there.

  16. OT, @Dorian Bray, I think you were going to Milan and asked about Expo recs? Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, my September has been CRAZYY. Let me know if that trip is still ahead of you!

    Another OT, very Donkeyesque both in its aw-me quality AND in the subject matter: today I bought a pair of shoes, they are black with 4 inch heels, and they are SPARKLY. No regrets.

    • Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, it’s me, Dorian. My trip starts later this week, would love some expo recs. Congrats on your sparkly heels- I bet you were able to buy them with money from your job, rather than mouth sexing random boys.

      Another 6 word memoir:
      I will still blow for shoes.

    • I would love that.

      I mean, my heart would go out to Jennifer (too lazy to look up her last name), much as it did to TinyNCute, but that would be delicious.

      • fully blown conspiracy theory

        1. baby’s dad is secret

        2. shifting narratives from his / girlfriend’s sources: he didn’t want children, he did; she didn’t want children, she did

        3. photos from emmy party of “don and betty” looking as happy and relaxed as any two humans could look

        4. “betty” often brought the baby to the set

        5. “betty” posted, “finally” with a photo from emmy nite; that could mean so many things …

        6. the long, slow breakup

        7. “betty” 5 minutes ago breaking up with current boyfriend, who is not the baby daddy

        8. the ultimate mad men twist

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