Cheesecake Donkey – Peter Baugher Is So Proud!



A rainbow explosion: 12 days in the desert wink emoticon


  1. i just posted this in the last thread, but looking at that mirror behind her, i’d say she re-touched that wasitline a bit.

    • Holy shit, you’re absolutely right. That’s hilarious. That left side in particular is nipped in like she’s wearing an invisible corset. Obligatory: CWAA

      Reminds me of the “bae caught me slippin” girl. If you’re gonna fake your ugly fauxtos, donkeyhamhock, pay attention to your surroundings.

      also FREE LILY

      • If you open the photo in Photoshop, you can see where she did it (on her left side, the right side of the picture).

        The boy undies are super embarrassing. That was a trend for like ten minutes in 2008 or something, but she can’t let it go (wore a red pair in the Harlem Shake video!) even though they look horrible on her.

        • astute observation. i just can’t bring myself to care that much at this point. even though she continues to hurt people, i am numb to it these days :-/

          • She has flooded your horribleness buffer? You have bigger things on your plate atm, anyway. The basement will always be here for you.

      • Oopsie, she has cloned tabletop clutter smeared into her flesh on the left side of her “waist.” Well done, Julsie.

    • I’m not convinced that it isn’t just a different angle reflected where waistline does not show in the mirror, BUT … check out the thigh gap she fauxto-chopped — if you enlarge the fauxto, it’s pretty apparent that she added a wedge. Looks like he also outlined a good portion of her right thigh (where there is dark background behind, so that it’s less obvious. Weird how her ass wrap around innertube-like.

    • Don’t the dudes banging her know what she really looks like? I dunno, I am approaching being an old, but I can’t imagine posting dramatically retouched fauxtos of myself on fb where my hubs could see them.

    • Her contortions are certifiably insane. Think of the thought process behind the pose; “Must hide hamhock arms by lifting them, arch back and tilt pelvis backwards for tiny n’ cute waist, cross legs to minimize bow legs and donut calves, turn head to good side!” If she wasn’t wearing those horrible shoes she would also be on her tiptoes. Such natural beauty.

      I feel bad for the poor schmuck taking the billion fauxtos before the Braying One got one that she’s happy with, but after all the metaphorical manure Donks has thrown at others over the years it’s of some consolation to see her professional and personal life circling the drain.

      Ffs, she’s phucking a bottom-tire DJ on a rebound and contorting herself in a filthy RV amongst piles of dusty polyester with no real friends and no job to return to. SUCCESS.

  2. Her whole life is like a kindergarten pageant, except with 250% more sociopathy. Also, nice cryface and tree trunk legs, Stumpy McGee. So much cringe.


  3. Following the Donkey antics all these years has made me completely intolerant of exhibitionists. Look at her: those second grade “decorations,” hideous plastic crap everywhere, including the clothes. There is nothing that ISN’T stupid about where she’s standing, and any normal person would be aware she appears to be standing in a child’s dirty bedroom, but all this moron cares about is posting a photo of herself in her underwear. And THOSE SOUL-DESTROYING GODDAMN SHOES. I really loathe her.

    • I like the two food bowls hanging precariously over the edge of the table, ready to contribute more filth to that already hazmat-grade carpet.

    • What bugs me is that she is she thinks it is just adorable that she appears to be standing in a dirty child’s bedroom.

      Also, this sentence is like a review of her character, her life, her very art:
      “There is nothing that ISN’T stupid about where she’s standing”

    • the shoes, which have been clomping all over the playa with all those gross bugs, are now placed on the couch seat and back, where people will sit and their heads will be. I’m no clean freak, but all I can think when I see this picture is “omg, it must be cleansed with fire, nothing else will do.”

  4. New for Fall the Wide-Load Coobie Panty Collection starring Julia Allison Baugher.

  5. Is she supposed to be imitating that shrugging emoticon there? (Which would be ironic, since it seems to have its origins as a response by commenters on the internets perplexed by Donkey-like CWAA phenomena.) And is that (exquisitely rendered [not]) RAINBOW sign gracing her idea of a BM version of a starlet’s on-set (or ON PLAYA, hah, see what I did there there) trailer?

  6. O/T KS if possible could you answer a website analytics question? Can Google be paid to reroute traffic? Ex. Site had 2,100 visitors, only 14 to the top story, all from foreign countries. Seems beyond bot.

    • need more info to go on.. sounds like click fraud to me. Seems highly unlikely google would do anything remotely shady in the ad space. Could be competition probing for vulns? they could make each hit be from unique ip. id check http logs. email me if you want. kraken at

  7. When camping in the desert, always be sure to bring two large plastic stand-up mirrors with you, one pink and one heart-shaped.

  8. there is absolutely 0 in that synthetic unicorn vomit explosion romper room that evokes anything even remotely “Burning Man”

    Not that I peeked in thinking she’d changed, but wow.

    Also, fat.

  9. I’ve been doing a lot of catching up this week! She still manages to surprise me after all these years. Seriously, swf tiny and cute? Cwaa, cwaa.

  10. I presume this is the ugly RV They Shared. Wonder if she bought DS out, or if she just bullied him into letting her take it?

    • She is not known for *paying* for things.

      In any case, wasn’t the rainbow theme like 3 Burning Man’s ago?

      She is so lazy that she hasn’t cleaned up the RV.

      And where is phuturefuckface anyway?

  11. nice fucking “e” in Patience Rainbow. that looks like utter shit. also? you aren’t fooling anybody with that upside down “M”.

  12. On a related note, skanks has a fauxto and recap of the Camp Cystic sisters dance on her Facebook page. Donkeys archetype this year was “insanity”; which she re-creates in the photo, complete w gaping maw. Skanks was “death”. Must be seen to be believed.

    • Oh, holy shit. Julie and CTG’s lady were paired as Insanity (Julie) and Wisdom (CTG’s lady). Those rehearsals must have been awkward!

      LaPhlegm looks good lately. I mean, wooish and griftery and not very bright, sure, but she looks pretty and healthy.

        • JFAing Ali must really want the widdlest Jedi to intern with InsaneRain
          Ali Shanti Julia Allison I love you too! You continuously surprise me with your abilities. This dance was amazing. Someone told me they realized how smart you are after seeing the dance and understanding that only someone with significant neurological abilities could embody the energy you did in your dance. Phenomenal, you.

  13. And not a natural fibre to be seen. Such an environmentally aware, earth mother she is.
    See also, food garden.

  14. A 21-year-old would sooner die than to be photographed in their ‘bedroom’ with their clothes and shit thrown all over the place. Fuck, any self-respecting 16-year-old would have enough self-awareness to be MORTIFIED to take such a picture, let alone post it for public consumption. Such a fucking trash heap pig, this chick. JULIA! CLEAN YOUR GODDAMN ROOM!!! THIS IS NOT CUTE!!!

    • It just highlights her laziness that the carpets have never been vacuumed or cleaned since she’s owned it..

      • For the love of Greg! That would literally take five minutes to clean up. It’s not like she’s actually doing anything “on playa” other than faff about!

        So lazy. CWAA…

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