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From Monday, blowing the rocks:

CL, maybe you’ll get a kick out of this story. Or maybe not, it’s pretty dumb.

I worked for the company that produced her TMI show. One day I had to stay late, maybe 8pm, to observe production. Julia was late, of course, and totally unprepared. She was frantic, like a chicken with her head cut off. She said she needed a bottle of wine for the segment (just a prop, no sips!). I offered to pick one up, since I was just observing. Plus, it was obvious she didn’t want me there (she told me I could leave, as if she was my boss) so I was grateful to be away from her for a minute.

When I got back, I tried to go in the studio but the door was locked! We never locked that door because it was a fire hazard. There was even a sign on the wall to remind people. The place was soundproof so knocking was pointless. I waited outside for like 15 minutes until my coworker saw my texts and let me in. He was furious about the door being locked. Julia was like, “HahaHAHA I’m so sorry, oops, that was me!! You poor thing! Aww how long have you been waiting out here?”

I figured, these things happen, and gave her the wine. Then she goes, “Oh, we don’t need that anymore. We were waiting so long for you to come back that we had to change the whole segment. We’re going to talk about exercise now, so we can’t show alcohol. It wouldn’t make sense, you know?” She was so smug and saccharine that it took me a minute to realize what happened – that she effectively kicked me out of the shoot and blamed me for holding people up.

obviously this story is nothing in comparison to your horrible experience, but maybe it’ll make you smile. She’s always been such a conniving little bitch for no reason.

And from Dave’s Syndrome:

I used to work for a cable network that did stories about edgy hip young techie types. One day a producer asked if anyone knew anything about Julia Allison, because he’d seen some story about her and thought she might be a good addition to the lineup. I was more than happy to point him to the wealth of “Julia is the Antichrist” literature. So, Julia, in case you’re wondering why you were never on Current TV, wonder no more. Happy to help!



  1. I like this story.

    Was the segment a talking head/interview? Or were other things filmed in the studio (like were bars, art-studio dates, etc actually studio, not location?

      • Wow. The body negativity is so sad. And Julia is so unlikeable and uncomfortable in front of the camera. This kind of shit is bad for women. Ugh.

        • Seriously. And Mary, you might want to SIZE UP or find pants that size that fit better. Everyone has muffin top if they squeeze into a size too small.

          And WTF is going on with the back of Donkey’s hair?

      • Oh sorry I skimmed over the TMI reference and thought you were talking about Miss Advised. Good god, I feel terrible for your colleagues having to sit through and edit that garbage.

        • Sometimes I do miss the old TMI days when Mary almost sprained her extraocular muscles giving Julie the side-eye so frequently..

          MMBH does seem to be doing well these days since she’s escaped that lunatic’s grasp.

          • Isn’t it funny how everyone who escaped Julia’s gravitational pull seems to wind up much, MUCH better off? It’s like she scares them all straight and corrects their life course.

            She’s a walking, talking near death experience, that one.

          • I’ve always liked Mary and she was the only one of the stooges who could behave professionally in front of the camera.

          • @Gilly
            I always thought M. came off best on camera and seemed to have a sweet vulnerability… in there somewhere.

            However, through media/fashion work, during the NonSociety days, I met her at an event. She has moved on with her life and I should give her benefit of the doubt; she was under a very, very bad influence back then.

            That said, the encounter was chilling. Her vapid, contemptuous, self-serving presence changed the tone of the room. She was like a cliched LA character from a very bad TV show. The event benefited a worthy cause. She shamelessly interrupted a planned presentation to monopolize the designer. Sweet as pie while promising amazing TMI exposure for free clothes. Cold and nasty to some women there who put heart into organizing and contributing, but did not look like fashion plates.

          • @Dusty, your encounter is worrisome, but, like you, I want to chalk it up to a woman under the influence … of an arrogant, vapid, entitled Donkey. That sisterhood certainly backfired on Mary: she was left homeless when Julia promised her that their Bravo pilot, (sh)It Girls, was a go. In reality, test audiences hated the show, especially Julia, and that pilot became RBD’s holy grail.

        • Remember when Julia Allison actually* had sisters? I think those days are over.

          *at least for internet purposes

  2. Speaking of Annie Lalla, I do believe Jules stole the idea of celebrating the women in DJ’s past from Eben’s epic proposal to Annie. His ex girlfriend was present, if I recall. I would have to hunt down the story. We knew there was no way even this shitty idea was original… (E.g marrying herself a year after Nisha did).

    • And how would one choreograph a dance that *celebrates* past girlfriends? What bonk! Bob Fosse pisses on the donkey from the dance hall in the sky.

      • I hope it involved each woman of the woo set doing interpretive dance as a different feminine archetype

    • If I had a husband that wanted to have a dance to honor the past women in his life, I would punch him in the face.

  3. Wow, her head is like twice the size of Mare-mare’s and Pointy’s. No wonder an “emergency C-section” was necessary to launch A Donkey into the world.

  4. CL – You had a so much better idea swimming in the sweet Malta Mediterranean Sea
    than drowning in dust on a dead desert lake. Trust. You are going to be Brilliant.

    But what has Donk been doing ? Ali and Le Roi du Burger became International BM SuperStars on the 31st. Jean Brodie sent out her primer on the 2nd. Has anyone else been to Camp Septic’s sight/site/cite ?

    Cause there is enough there just in Event Titles to keep all the basement Catladies busy till Donkey slithers out of her hole again. Smellsberg’s even got a photo! Join Me!

    • We’ve posted the link to the septic events page, which indeed opens on Smellsberg’s lovely mug:

      The only peep coming out of Camp Septic is from Shantitown, of course. She reached yet another level and posted a link to some burner DJ’s page in which he provides reasons why BM is so, so amazing. “Reason 3: No cell phones. No computers. No internet.” The rules apparently don’t apply to periscoper & relationship mediator SK3B:

      “On my way back from the playa now. Excited to share my reflections on the journey in a bigger piece. For now, the words of The Polish Ambassador from last year … they seem to fit.

      “My biggest takeaway right now is we are moving toward a more permanent version of this reality. Gratefully. It’s all happening.”

      When is it not, Ali?

  5. If Rain Phutureprimitive and Donkey are SO IN LOVE and NEVER BREAKING UP, why isn’t he claiming her as his girlfriend? He had no problem doing this with CL. Seems a lot of of the men Donkey has been in love with have been completely ashamed to acknowledge her.


    • Those pictures remind me of an anaconda trying to swallow a goat (or some equally large prey).

  6. Remember when Julie Single White Female’d Jordan? She started wearing blazers with the sleeves pushed up, t-shirts, short shorts and heels. Then she fucked Jordan over on that ski trip and stole her tiara. The end.

  7. Fellow catladies. I’ve been seriously busy with work and other stuff, but have been dropping in every now and then to see what’s going on. It’s taken me a few days to catch up on it all, but I can honestly say this is the highest level of cuntitiude I’ve witnessed in my short time since taking up Donkology. The coobie kerfuffle was impressive but mostly a victimless crime.

    I think part of the reason catladies are drawn to this site (those of us who haven’t been hit by an F5 Donk storm directly) is because we’ve all encountered a JIML at some point, and to a decent person, it can be a seriously disturbing experience, even when you have the full understanding that people who act like this do it because they are miserable. And the fact that there are always those who may get the full level of asshole behavior going on but who don’t speak up can male it even worse when you’re the target of it.

    CL, we may not have all been direct donkey victims, but everybody encounters a member of her species at some point in their life. The catladies have given a lot of good advice about how to take it as an opportunity to clean house. I don’t think I’m much older than you, but in the relatively short five years since I was 25, I’ve become much less tolerant of people in my life who cause drama or even those who won’t take a stand against it. I know it may seem antithetical to the ‘love and accept everyone’ mindset, but I’ve come to realize that ‘everyone’ includes myself and part of loving is protecting from harm.

    I’m glad you found the basement, because the catladies are hands down the most supportive and kind community of internet strangers I’ve ever encountered, and the basement counts a bizarrely large group of smart, successful and wise women among its membership. The anti-Julias, if you will. I hope it helps in a time when your real-life community may be letting you down a bit.

    And Julia, your moments of ‘triumph’ over people who did absolutely nothing wrong, other than make you face how inconsequential and miserable you are by contrast, are so small and fleeting and it will never be enough. It may take the group as a whole some time, but you can be sure any person worth knowing clocks you for what you are straight out of the gate. Your punishment is having to be you. CL’s reward is getting to be her. Enough said.

      • Thank you, Brayella! I’ve missed everyone here. I’m actually dealing with the most severe JIML I’ve encountered since high school at my new job and have been trying to keep busy and happy on weekends and what little time I have in the evenings to try to counterbalance the effects. Also, although it really is a dream job in some ways, I don’t actually want to spend more of my life ‘coping’ with someone like this woman (who, for reasons of seniority and age, especially in this culture, I can’t deal with directly), so I’m trying to get established enough in other senses so I can quit in February and go freelance (there are other reasons besides the JIML workmate — watching my friends post articles and petitions against the large corporation I’m technically employed by and having to actively work against those motions, which I actually strongly agree with, is emotionally taxing as well).

        So I get why CL might want to say goodbye to the Bay Area. Sometimes it’s just not worth it to ‘take a stand’. Life is short and sometimes you just want to be happy.

        • Oh no Dean, is this the job with the 100 interviews? This is a very unfortunate development. You were looking forward to it so much, and we were all pulling for you to get it!

          At least it’s a nice prestige item for your resume (silver lining?) but it sucks that it turned out to be not-so-great after all they put you through. You must be a champion interviewee at this point, so you shouldn’t have a problem lining up some new gigs. 🙂

          • It is, and I’m still extremely grateful to have it. Words can’t explain how much I’ve learned and am learning, the credentials and contacts I’ve gained, and the confidence and ability to take myself seriously I’ve developed. I’ve also realized I am much happier writing than editing/translating (although I enjoy those things too) and that I don’t need to compromise to be able to survive financially. Which is another reason why I plan to let the job go.

            It’s been a crucial stepping stone and I don’t regret a second of it.

            Sometimes the JIMLs can be the important final push you need to move on when it’s time. Eh, CL? 😉

          • It’s amazing the energy some people will put into making other people miserable when leaving others alone is actually easier. I’m glad your situation is resolved. There’s nothing worse than the death-by-a-thousand-papercuts that is having a shitty coworker.

          • Grammarian, I have a similar situation at work. The JAYJ was as horrible as they come. But she was my direct supervisor so there was no escaping her. She was forced to retire recently… The trauma she inflicted on us was so deep that we often can’t believe she’s not coming back.

        • I have moved into a new house. My next-door-neighbor is a JIML who is trying very very hard to lure me into her NPD web. I am totally shutting that shit down even though she poached my contractor after he finished with my reno job. The poor dude. I get texts from him every day asking “what have I done?” and wanting to give her back the downpayment and tell her to hire someone else to finish the job because she is terrorizing him 24/7.

          And holy shit, she is a blond donkey with fake tits, self-obsessed, braying, always creating drama and completely in love with herself and so therefore permanently partner-less. She too has a miserable, yappy little dog, she doesn’t work and she has parents who enable and support her. She is fucking 40 years old.

          • At least my donkey has a job, but only barely. She doesn’t show up to the office for a week at a time because she’s ‘interviewing’, and then somehow when she does come in (at 11:30am, because she was out late interviewing), she needs to leave early for an interview. She writes one story a month and does one interview to write it.

            I do wonder what the donkeys of the world do with their free time. Nothing productive. You’d think boredom would win out at some point.

          • It’s hilarious to think of an NPD JIML-ing at Jacy.

            God knows “everybody has their shizz,” but it is very funny to try to pull your shizz on someone whose hobby is running a website about exactly what is wrong with people like you.

  8. Somewhat of a detour; but the whole Baugher clan is somewhat socially inappropriate. As one who was raised A traditional Catholic I shudder every time I see the annual family Xmas photo on the ALTAR of the CHURCH, in matching Elven outfits and numerous poses, like it’s just another cheesy backdrop at Olan Mills. Plus, NGMB. It’s not that much of a leap from all that to interpretive ritual dance honoring your bf’s exes.

  9. Also, the programme of ritualistic interpretive dance numbers as performed by the CatLady Cheetos n Franzia dance troupe: (if you don’t dance in any other ritualistic interpretive dance production this year you MUST dance in THIS. YES! YES! YES!)

    Prologue: NACHOS
    Act One: I have reported you (fuck you)
    Act Two: CWAA
    Act Three: Ineffably Worrisome
    Epilogue: Experiments in Imaginary Books

  10. In an earlier thread, one of the catladies noted that the SWF-ing has happened to her and other women she knows and it’s so textbook that it has to be written down somewhere. In fact, this is a whole area of study in evolutionary psych. The funny part of it is that Donk seems to only be good at “short term” mate stealing tactics meaning she can only steal guys away from their girlfriends (or exes) for the short term. Lots of people steal other people’s mates, or make it known that they are available to be wooed away, but if her goal is to get a long term boyfriend or husband or someone to care for her/love her then she is going to keep failing as long as she keeps doing what she’s doing (invade the social circle, try to make herself look prettier, make passive aggressive comments about the current gf or recent ex, suggest she’s available sexually, make comments that suggest she’d like to find a guy like him, make herself available sexually). Also her general personality traits are those known to be successful with short-term stealing but are also known to be generally perceived as negative and linked to being “left”. In other words: she may occasionally be successful at stealing but rarely ever at keeping.

    tl; dr.
    CL: you will be fine. You seem like a lovely person inside and out. You stood up for yourself and for integrity by sharing your truth here. You have nothing to be ashamed of. The fact that your ex has hooked up with JA will hopefully make it easier to leave him behind and move on. You have long term skills for both friendships and romantic relationships. And the black feather costume is to die for! Go out and live a great life – not only is it fun, but it’s the best revenge.

    While I agree there’s no need to leave SF unless you truly want to, I do agree that it’s best to leave a situation where you’re living that close to your ex. Perhaps you can sublet and find a new neighborhood. The catladies who suggest zero contact with JA (and your ex) are also wise. You’ve said your peace, you asked for no contact, time to move on and focus on you and your life of integrity.

    • tl/dr version: The way you get them is the way they’ll leave you. I can’t believe she is almost 35 and still hasn’t figured this out.

      • She’s offering a guy who just got out of a long-term relationship an open, polyamorous partnership. Yeah. He’s in “love.”

  11. In other woo news, Shanti is on her way back from BM and Noodley finally posted a photo with Tim Ferris. Someone even commented that it’s the first on they’ve seen.

    • Isn’t it a bit early to leave? But I guess when you’ve been there for 1&1/2 weeks, hanging around for them to light the Burning Man is not that great a desire. Also, I think it’s her 10th year or something like that. Plus she wants to pollute the next available plane with stink bugs. Bets as to who will be stinkier. Ali or zee bugs.

      • Didn’t they burn the man last night? Maybe she has to get back to take care of her kids or something crazy like that….

        • I imagine she’s been worried sick about her son who just transitioned from home schooling to a traditional school. She probably couldn’t focus much on BM while being so sick with worry about how his first week went. She probably threw in the towel and went home early to see how it went and give him the support children need when they enter into a major transition like that.

          Said with a huge eye roll and extreme sarcasm.

        • I wonder if Michael is staying until tomorrow. Ali played up how she went there solely because it was the Baby Jedi’s “virgin” year. I thought she wanted to record his every coo at this event.

    • Noodley is high on fumes because she is on Necker Island hobnobbing with Richard Branson, and that her despicable boyfriend finally threw her a bone by taking her out in public.

      • Yes! I am so glad you wrote this. My spidey sense has been going on orange-red about this.

        I had a charismatic, mildly famous ex – textbook, life-destroying NPD – who controlled my public presence in his life, while insisting that of course that wasn’t true. Those of you who have NPD parents, exes, etc., will understand the gaslighting that made this possible.

        When I see attention-obsessed Tim never appear in photos with Nisha, while Nisha drops constant social-media hints (candlelit photos of table set for two, etc), with no mention of Tim, despite blogging often about other relationships and how they work, I can’t help but assume he is the driving force of the secrecy.

        Incidentally, same spidey sense about Chris Martin. In interviews, Gwyneth said he was against them appearing in public as a couple because fans of his band wouldn’t think he was cool. Don’t get my wrong, I am pretty sure Gwyneth is no picnic, as a partner. But, that is fucked up.

        • Gwyneth is a donkey who manipulates just like she does. Not to say CM was a great guy-I’m shocked they lasted as long as they did.

        • I listened to Howard Stern’s interview with Chris Martin, and have been turned off CM ever since. He came across as a humorless, egotistical douchebag.

      • It’s so creepy that he does this. It’s not like his career depends on an illusion of his being romantically available, so there’s absolutely no pragmatic rationale for it. In fact, having a lovely and poised partner like Moodles would probably give his career a boost!

        • I’m certain it is so he can fuck around on Noodley without consequences. Didn’t Loren Feldman say Ferriss was something like five feet tall? Insecure short man syndrome.

          • Loren Feldman critiquing people’s looks/height/feelings of self-worth/whatever is a bit like a cesspool criticizing a toilet seat.

            The points may be valid, but the source is decidedly low.

        • I thought she was really cute (and graceful) in her flower crown-kimono-mukluk combo in the stereotype archetype revue last year. Of course, anyone would be cute and graceful compared with a ridiculous bagel-butted donkey resurrecting her Georgetown cheer-dance routine.

          • She is definitely cute. But that is all, for me. A cute girl wearing a turban, spouting nonsense and dating a weird little man.

      • He must have an angle for permitting her to publically post a picture because it does seem he is in control. Just a few months ago he said he did not have a girlfriend on one of his Q & As and in a more recent he acknowledged he had a girlfriend. I think she will wise up one day, I watched one of her videos from Necker and I found her really likable, but she probably is just another shyster considering she is with someone so disingenuous.

        • She seems like a total flake/borderline loon to me, although not a mean lunatic like Donkey. And isn’t she totally fucked up about food and eating? I cannot handle being around chicks who obsess about what to eat/what not to eat.

    • Haha, a bone indeed. Notice that he hasn’t allowed the photo to be posted on his FB page. When will Noodles get a spine and find a guy who is (a) actually attractive and (b) into her enough to want to claim her publicly?

      • Makes me sad, because she seems to be an actual catch – smart, pretty, ambitious, generous, and down-to-earth. She seems to have a lot of friends who genuinely care about her. She probably COULD find an equally successful dude who would be proud to call her his girlfriend.

      • He also said on a recent video post on Facebook (within the last week) he does not want to get married… which maybe she’s fine with… but she really wants a bay-bay.

        • Yes, I noticed that that photo doesn’t show up n his page and he is anti-marriage. I suspect also anti- any true intimacy.

          She’s putting up with crap she tells other women not to put up with because he’s rich and successful. She’s a hypocrite.

          • Mixed messages for sure.

            But anyone who knows anything about social media understands that all the Instagrams from first class flights and ocean view suites are nothing more than a smokescreen for how downright miserable and unfulfilled she is in her personal life.

    • Fuckin’ Noodley is soooooo in love with her own face and name, she’s gross.

  12. Totally OT, but for some reason this story reminded me of something a future donkey is capable of – or some weird variation of it. For her I think it would be more like an AirBnB guest meets “Misery” story line…

    OR she’s going to do this to Chad when he tries to break up with her.

  13. Ali “liked” Caelis post on Facebook that she (Caeli) is back in the states. No doubt this is a (belated) attempt to do damage control. (Ali not on Caelis friend list). Too late skanks– we were fiddling while the man burned.

  14. Who are Julia’s other SWF victims? I only know her from Miss Advised on and knowing some of her LA “friends.” I didn’t see it exactly in LA, except sort of with JP and Taryn. She awkwardly tried to be an LA girl, I guess. But nothing on this level. I guess Jordan? Anyone else? Can anyone summarize the stories? Or provide links? Thanks.

    • Julia also used to SWF fictional characters. In college, it was Elle Woods, thus all the pink and pretending to be an overachieving political wonk. Then she was Carrie Bradshaw, gal about town and sex column and fashun. Then she was Blair Waldorf, with old money pretensions and Ivy League aspirations.

      I think the SWFing was probably less targeted and strategic when she was younger, because a smaller percentage of her social set was in a serious relationship or partnership and social capital was likely found in other areas: access to exclusive events, a designer wardrobe, connections, making fuck-you money, attracting media attention, etc. So I think she likely would identify the KIND of man she wanted to attract, and craft a persona based on that. She probably didn’t need to pull this SWF nonsense as much previously, because those guys used to be less attached. Now they have pesky girlfriends and wives in the way.

      • I remember commentators here calling her out for SWFing Caeli like over a year ago. I also never saw it this strategic but she obviously does copy everyone.

        • I remember some Facebook shoutout from Donkey to Caeli when Donkey was still with Avocado (and she was thinking he might move in with her), that the four of them should get together because they were all in San Francisco one particular weekend. This must have been one of the yoohoos that Caeli says she blew off. I remember thinking that Donkey wished she could be Avocado’s dancer and the scheme juices were flowing to plant that seed by befriending CL and RP.

          • I think, at first, she wanted to mold herself and Avocado into Primaphuturive. When the Guac dumped her she decided to go for the real thing.

        • Also Miss J. Price, but this sociopathic behavior goes way back. She’s always been an empty-eyed chameleon when it comes to wearing the skins of the tiny-and-cutes she so transparently envies.

          It seems to me that it’s less often a strictly targeted behavior (unless she is gunning for someone’s partner, of course) and more that she attempts to adopt the lifestyle of whichever poor guy is currently in her crosshairs. When she started all this with that tacky-ass Condom Fairy costume and shudder-inducing photoshoot with the cigar and disgusting old dude, I think she was going for Uptown Slutty, maybe fishing for a Trump-like situation.

          But she quickly morphed into Serious Journalitht mode; then into Hipster Blogger Girl; then moved on to Tech Goddess; then Rethuglican Horsewife; then the fleeting (but OMG Almost FAMOUS!) Mess Despised era happened – and all of these eras were underpinned by OMG PROM and OMG GIRLY and OMG FUTURE HUSBAND and EVERYTHING PINK AND TUTUS Juila, because the truth is that the only thing “authentic” about her is the fact that she is emotionally arrested at around eleven years old.

          But then the Girl Who Loved Disney Musicals suddenly decided she was a hybrid Yoga Nutcase/EDM Fethtival-Going DJ Groupie/Ayahuasca Swilling Polyamourous Slutbag. And so it is.

          I’m sure I forgot a few personalities and obsessions, but I think that about covers the basics. Anyone else remember some specifics?

          Oh, remember all the insane lip dubs? CWAA.

          • She was SWF-ing Redacted with those lip dubs. Straight up copied the thing he was into doing at that time. She has none of her own passions nor ideas. She has to steal them from others.

      • Perfectly said, re: fictional characters.

        Britt Morin: Julia used to post about how they looked so much alike, omg headbands. Too lazy to look up but it’s like oh look at us, we are both adorable “girls” with “tech” startups and Davoe Morin easily could have gone for me, I’ll snag another him any minute now.

        Randi Zuckerburg: No she did not try to look like Randi. But the way she wrangled Randi’s friendship was blatant, tacky and creepy. See Randi in the infamous Dancing in the Streets video. Just weird. Julia CRASHED Randi’s bridal shower in Vegas. For real. Randi was there with actual friends. Julia showed up, with Meghan in tow and presented Randi with a gift: a vintage-style one-piece swimsuit in bridal white. Guess what! 😉 Julia wore the same one! In bridal white! And posed for photos with Randi by the pool (while Randi’s real friends looked on, stunned.)

        The twinsing didn’t stop there. Julia and Randi have omg birthdays that fall close together, so Julia insisted on having an annual omg “Bi-Coastal Birthday” with Randi. Around here we call it BiPolar Birthcray. Julia glommed on to Randi so she could parade her at her own party, then forced JOrdan, etc to fly out to CA to attaned Randi’s party.

        Infamous moment: Julia posts photos of herself smiling over a big cake, cropped so that viewers don’t see it only has Randi’s name. Infamously also, she posts photos of herself LICKING said cake. The cake that Randi’s friends bought for her. Julia licked it. With her tongue.

        She might as well have lifted the skirt of her ugly dress and peed on it. Oh, I forgot to mention, Julia and Randi wore matching, ugly dresses to the parties.

        • Omg. Thanks I never understood the birthday story. It didn’t make sense that Randi would want to host that party. What is wrong with J? Why does she have to make everything so huge and epically embarrassing?

          Caeli’s been working at festivals for like 8 years or so, dancing and writing about music, and Julia just decided she was going to be that girl, dancing and writing. It’s next level. Is this how she’s going to for the next ten years? Is it going to keep ramping up?

          I watched some of Ali’s periscopes from Burning Man and some other BM videos. It’s not for me but I do get the sense that at least Ali actually composts and forages and attempts to live some kind of hippie life with value. For JA it’s all costume. I couldn’t imagine she composts.

          I wanted to add that I’m really proud of this site. We are sitting on a very juicy story and we are protecting the source. It makes me feel good about us. We won’t sink to JA’s level.

        • This is a good example of Donkey latching on to coattails and then basking in reflected glory. She tried to do this with Julia Price, remember how her book proposal included writing a song with her and recording it? She’s all about finding more talented people than herself and then trying to talk them into some sort of collaboration that would then elevate her perceived value. I also recall how she declared herself the muse of some fashion designer way back when as well.

          • Right, knew about that one, but it seemed from the book proposal that she was going to do another.

          • Absolutely Julia Price is on the list.

            One thing I’ve always found weird about How Julia Friends (TM), is her habit of fixating on someone, trying to broadcast similarities, and just kind of… standing near them, apparently thinking that she gets to absorb their beauty and talent, by osmosis.

            It’s weird because, as others here have said, when Julia poses next to less pretty marks, her joy at being the more attractive one, is starkly visible. But when she poses with sisters who are are younger and prettier, she seems to think viewers will be confused, average out the ages, perceive them as twins. I know this is a vague and un-provable observation.

            But it was strange to me that she chose Julia Price as roommate during the documentary series. She was all, “look, twinsies!” on social media with her (My dad calls us “The Julias tee hee!”), and there was clothes-borrowing, and something about hair (can’t remember – just a look at us with same hair- type comment).

            It surprises me that someone as focused on her own image as Julia Allison is, would CHOOSE to stand next to a prettier, thinner, younger * version of herself, on TV.

            *Please read the above, subjective rankings of women only in the context of Julia, and opinions she has expressed, such as tiny+cute=awesome, expiration dates, etc. I would never, ever apply the above to people in general, only sociopathic, NPD, backstabbing media gluttons.

          • This is a great observation. Julia represented someone who fit in in Los Angeles. She also notably picks girls who are younger than herself. I think it’s a subconscious inability to see herself as she really is. These are who she wants to be.

            As much as she talks about SF as being this great inward journey, I really think that what she really keeps broadcasting is, “I finally have a great body!”

      • One more thing we can’t forget is her SWFing Elizabeth Gilbert and one other woman whose name escapes me who wrote a very similar book on happiness.

        Her book proposal was a pretty blatant lazy-ass ripoff of the concepts and ideas presented by these authors. We’ve long said she never had an original idea in her life. I’ve compared Donkey a few times to Woody Allen’s Zelig and I still stand by that thought.

        • Oh god, Gretchen Rubin!

          I have interacted with Gretchen by email a bunch of times and she us unfailingly professional, meticulous and gracious. When I first encountered her, she was working on the first Happiness book and I remember thinking the trend of happiness books had been done to death. Then I watched as Gretchen climbed the NYT bestsellers list, supporting book sales with high-level web content, interviews and side projects. So I was very wrong about the timing of the happiness trend.

          • And boy, did she corner the market on that trend. Plus, isn’t she married to Jamie Rubin (or something)? Donk must be SEETHING!!!!

            I’ve seen her interviewed, and she seems very professonal, intelligent, etc.

        • The happiness book and all of her “sisterhood” talk is also her SWF of Nisha. I think she’s a bit Nisha-obsessed or has been. With Caeli, she found a mark she could literally take over.

          • I think with Noodley she was dropping hints about wanting to work with her so she could get free trips to exotic places. She never would just pay Nisha and attend one of her sisterhood retreats on her own dime, she’s clearly too special and evolved for that :::eyeroll:::

          • Julia Allison boned Tim Ferriss first & made damn sure Noodles knew it too; Julia Allison boned Lewis Howe first, & made damn sure whatsherface also on Mass Despised knew it too. (& then, Greg knows why, Julia Price went there anyway ::shudder::) — Julia Allison always marks her territory.

      • I think she tried to SWF that doctor chick around the holidays/great Julia healthcare expert debate but was shut down quickly.

        • You mean Molly Maloof, and she absolutely did. Except Molly is extremely ambitious and accomplished and actually has a real job as a private health practitioner.

  15. Countdown to the return from Burning Man. Guesses as to 1) how many hours after Burning Man ends before she posts? 2) how many pictures of the playa- correction, herself (taken by…?) she posts?

    • Now that the cat is out of the bag, I wonder if she’ll be posting a pic of her with her latest greatest love the world has ever known.

    • I have no guesses on the timing but I have on on topic/tone.

      I believe Julia will soon post something about how she puts her full heart into experiences, is more sensitive than other people, and is thus blindsided when her sisterhood is betrayed. She will have cried so many tears as she danced/had sex on a hippie bus on the playa, and have given so much – perhaps too much- of her gentle, beautiful spirit to her community with her art/her dance. How does one heal?

      Maybe it will be a riveting, lyrical “chapter,” from her “upcoming” “book,” or video of an interpretive dance, or even an crying-off-the-rhinestones real-talk, about being misunderstood.

      • Yes, probably given all of this attention here, she will play it more coy. “Things happened this year at Burning Man that were truly transformative.”

      • There will be something, for sure. Cannot wait to see what hamfisted attempt at cunty subtlety she comes up with.

        • My prediction is she raves about her BM transformative experience and then peaces out while she goes on the road with Rainy.

      • Chad McNally? THE Chad McNally? The Chad McNally who now performs mediocre EDM twaddle under the ridonkulous stage name of Rain Phutureprimitive?

        well heavens to betsy

    • I thought Julia Allison is a Psycopath was the established main topic of this website.

      CL, that link really does break it down in nice, clear points.

      • I always thought sociopath but maybe I’m so sorry, so fat and didn’t understand. It’s worrisome why you care!

        • Everything I’ve read says they’re interchangable. But I think of psycho as violent and socio less prone to violence but all other characteristics the same.

  16. Having been on tv a few times (well, okay, a lot) you TOTALLY want to be nice (like — super nice) to the crew! They can make you look fantastic, or super super bad.

    Why do you think Greta Garbo insisted on her own “light guy” (as does Barbara Walters and Streisand, for that matter). Both Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were lifelong friends with their hair and makeup guys.

    Even trying to be a superstar —

    Donk: Doin’ It Wrong…

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