Polyamorous Mother of the Year Ali Shanti Attends 10,000th Hippie Drugfest, Sets New World Record!

Skankatron, writing as both “Ali” and “Alexis,” sent an appalling email to her listserv and took off with her adopted son, DJ Fozzie Commode, to a smelly burner fest in Loveland. Wonder if the old raunch was able to talk any of her fellow gods & goddesses into hawking DoTerra Oils, her latest scam.


Robert William Love, Jr., AKA The Jazzerciser, showed up. Does he ever bathe? Did Ronnie Martin really give him her retirement savings so that The Jazzerciser could film her 41-year-old daughter stumbling around burner campgrounds?


The Jazzerciser holds court, presumably in front of that notorious four-on-the-floor-futon van:


I have no words, other than grrrrrr:


Ali found herself happily sandwiched between a 1980s low-budget action film star and the ineffable Fozzie:


She’s got that post-threeway glow!



“I think you need a dab of DoTerra behind the ears, Rainbow.”



    “I think you need a dab of DoTerra behind the ears, Rainbow.”

    Please tell me she did not.

    • Bwa ha ha! Sorry, couldn’t resist. Actually, Skankatron’s comment consisted of one word, “meow.”

      Julia cropped that cat tiara fauxto even further, made it her FB profile picture and got 17 likes, half of which came from fans in the ‘stans. THIS IS SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS!

        • This. I snapped some neighbor kids heading off to a One Direction concert and got 30 likes. From actual friends. Donkey can’t even crack 20 likes for a new profile fauxto, and she’s paid 140,000 folks to be her fans.

  2. Ali is looking distinctly “fuller” around her tummy (imo), making me think that the pregnancy guesses might be right.

    I’ve thought for some time that she is hitting rock bottom financially. She seems super desperate, with her supermarket shilling, and now the MLM essential oils scam. My theory remains that she is preggers in order to get money from Fozzie’s folks (and maybe Ronnie). Yes – that’s idiotic and the very epitome of short-term thinking. But that rather makes the theory more plausible.

    • She’s always been thick around the middle though, see past burning man pics and the infamous nude mud family photo.

      I’m going to keep wishful thinking that these two don’t reproduce. She has to be scarred up with STDs by this point.

      • I’ve seen more abdominoplasties than I care to remember, that said she could benefit from one for sure. They could start her purse-string at the neck. No body snark if at the beach but totally body snark if wearing a two-sizes too small Pocahontas costume from her daughter’s closet. She and Julia really need to learn upsize to look smaller not cram into smaller sizes just for the sake of a number.

    • It could be a pregnancy, it could be the cut-price pasta she is eating.

      I mean, she may be CEO of Lolyers Inc, but it’s pretty clear she is dead broke (Hola Costa Rican dentist!) and probably surviving on really cheap carbs.

      • At one time poor girl might have been able to work out a “trade” with the crazy dentist right down the street from her..

        • Pure meanness pours out of all of you on this site. I stumbled on this by accident and I’m just sickened by the lowest level of judgmental commentary I’ve ever heard.

          • all? some have wry cynical observations. Some have trite slapstick comedic comments. Some have, um, er oops, deep thoughts to share. Some haters, contrary to popular belief, are gonna hate .

    • When your skirt is slung so low it’s barely covering your pubic bone, you’re gonna have a bit of a belly.

  3. The Jazzerciser is giving me Doug Henning vibes. “It’s all an Illuuuuuuusion.” (For those who remember Martin Short’s take on Henning)

  4. “Ali Shanti is the only person who commented on Julia Allison’s status”

    “SK-3000-B is desperately posting plugs to her latest scam in the feeds of ALL her facebook friends hoping to make some cents here and there (she gave up on making dollars long ago)”.

  5. Phleegm has that bump too, maybe from nuts and avocados (no pun intended) and coconut oil and late night haagen daz.

    Red alert. Hope she is trolling catpeeps.

    She is officially planning for March 2016… almost 9 months away…:-000

    The horror…. the horror….

    • Yeah, I saw Fozzie had asked the big tease what was up and she replied “Book, show, businesses” but no baby. Then some woo chimed in “Oh yeah March will be an awesome month! Envision at end of Feb. then Roots Gathering at Punta Mona and Medicines From The Edge the weekend after.” Jesus, who has the time and/or the cash to attend all of these druggie fests?

      • Please for the child’s sake no.

        & this LOL:
        Judy Shannon LOL.. Michael, might be good to know, yah?

        Michael Jacobs ^ I’d think so smile emoticon

        Judy Shannon I have st arted embracing longer term planning as well, even a trust for the kids!!

        Judy Shannon Whew… we can deal with a book and a show. Sigh

        Ali Shanti Judy Shannon we should DEFINITITELY talk about your estate planning and trusts for the kids. A Wealth Creation Trust would be a big gift for them.

        • She’s like the cartoon villain with dollar signs in her eyes only less subtle.

          • JFAing to say THIS BITCH KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT CREATING WEALTH!!! She’s a broke-ass scammer whose latest (skid)mark is a kid out of college. Golddigging, Ali: you’re doing it wrong! Go back to fucking the dentist already!

  6. Excuse my ignorance, but I’ve never understood how bankruptcy works. Would she be able to just charge up a storm once again, on festival-ware for example, and just go for another bankruptcy?

    • I believe one must wait something like 8 years from their discharge date before they can do it again.

      • Unless they have opened multiple credit cards in their
        children’s names, which I’m willing to bet that she has.

  7. SS;SF, but who is the “1980s low-budget action film star” and is he the same traumatizing dude in the pink kilt [minus the facial hair]? Keeping up with all of these dirty woo folks is HARD.

    Also, Skankatron’s face is a hundred shades darker than the rest of her body, and we know she doesn’t believe in sunscreen, so DAMN, I am afraid for this woman’s [near] future face.

    • The low-budget action film star is actually Bertram Meyer, a German web CEO who isn’t hurting for cash. I’m guessing Ali invited him back to Chez Futon, and she and Fozzie rolled around with Bertram before rolling him. “He’s out. Seven cups of Aya. Check his pockets, Michael!”


      The 50something buffoon in the pink plaid porno skirt is Kevin Flynn, a search consultant at Global Recruiters of the Rockies and a personal trainer. Like The Jazzerciser, Kevin seems to show up at these burner blowouts wearing the same getup.

      • I love all this intel on people I would otherwise never know. Also her “it’s puts the lotion on its skin” get-up is such a visual assault and an excellent example of not knowing how to dress right for her body type. This isn’t mom body snark it’s just a pathological history of poor life choices.

      • “Chez Futon” is perfect — and so gross! I need a shower at the thought of those 3 rolling around on a mound of dirty scarves but I bet it happened exactly as you say it did, Gilly.

        Thanks so much for clarifying. THO SERVITHY! I don’t know how you can keep track of all of the new characters that keep popping into the dirty orgy mix and Skankatron’s clam dungeon.

  8. “I think you need a dab of DoTerra behind the ears, Rainbow.” = “You smell, Rainbow.”

    • The days when Julia shilled for dry shampoo must seem so long ago to Julia, now that she’s somehow find a way to scrape an even lower part of the barrel.

  9. Julia Allison
    2 hrs · San Francisco, CA · Edited ·
    Oh, Burning Man. Oh Burning Man. Oh, Burning Man. (sigh)
    You are SO MUCH WORK. Geez.

    BUT NOT when you don’t have a job. Faux busy is just so exhausting…to everyone else.

  10. PS loving Fozzie’s face in that third pic. He’s so wishing he was wearing a pink leotard.

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