Michael Austin Jacobs IS The Wittlest Majiii, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

In the studio (aka the River House) all day working on some magic. — at River House / Mystere School.

DJ commode

This is the magic I view as some of the most impactful art for modern society.

It’s something I’ve been passionate for a while now.

It’s one of my favorite things when a hip-hop artist can combine sounds that attract the average hip-hop fan with inspirational and awakening lyrics.

Think rap is all about “drugs, money, and bitches”? I used to. And I extremely disliked listening to it because I judged that there was no intelligence in the music.

Wow. I was mistaken. Take a listen. Hear what Hopsin says.

Yup. Well said.

Two thoughts to keep things in perspective–especially, if you’re struggling with something:

1) You are immortal; and,

2) You will die.

(I.e. there’s nothing to worry about smile emoticon )

Fozzie notes these two givens before asking for his umpteenth handout from Mom, Dad, and Grandma – all trying to overcome their deep programming: shouldn’t Michael be supporting himself?

Goodness, who has time to even think about gainful employment when raunch goddess Ali Shanti is thanking the universe that you’re sticking your peen in her rancid stinkhole?

Thank you for continuing to choose me everyday Michael Jacobs. I love you.





  1. That mangled robot he’s wearing around his vagina is distracting

  2. Every day, not everyday. Every day they are so dumb. And theirs is no everyday dumbness.

  3. Think rap is all about “drugs, money, and bitches”? I used to. And I extremely disliked listening to it because I judged that there was no intelligence in the music.

    Fuck you, jerkweed.

    • If you’re 22 and think that there’s no intelligence in rap, there’s no hope for you. And I don’t mean dumb white kid shaman rap, either. Who is this moron, Ronald Reagan?

    • Informing people in 2015 that rap is not all about “drugs, money, and bitches” makes one sound an awful lot like the donkey who wrote in 2012 (or so) that even though the rules have yet to be codified, there is this hip new concept of “netiquette.” And the Internationally Syndicated Lord of Calcutta did grin; and the people did feast.

  4. Haven’t checked in here for a very long time.

    I’m tempted to ask who this bizarre elf is, and how he’s connected to JA.

    Instead I think I’m going to silently back out of the room and close my browser.

    • He’s a recent college grad who’s a shaman and a warrior and a wise man and a maji and a wizard and a healer and an entrepreneur. In other words, unemployed. He is changing the world by playing notes on his laptop in his 41-year-old girlfriend’s toilet. The end.

      • And his 41-year-old girlfriend is friends with JA, even attending her wedding to herself and performing with Donkey in a titty show at Camp Septic Tank. Now The End.

  5. In the last thread, I was mentioned how there are tricks so people can claim ‘Best Seller’ crap. One is obvious: “Best Seller!” at the bake sale he held outside grandma’s house during her last garage sale.

    The other is creating a new category then buying reviews. Ever noticed the categories on Amazon are MANY, often quite specific, and aren’t always very clear? They cross-categorize things, ostensibly to help people find what they are looking for, but it leads to some weird results.

    For example, I was buying some new coloring books (shut up) the other day, and noticed they were popping up in the most bizarre categories. “#1 seller in Cat Enthusiast Literature!”

    MAJina probably listed his under “#1 seller in Jedi Hobbit Pamphleture!”

  6. That painting looks like it belongs on the side of a van.

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