Goin’ Noble! Donkey Is No Longer Lightly Consuming Animal Parts


Yoo hoo, Cory Tanner Glazier & One Fat Melman, thank you for shaking up Julia’s old, er, new paradigm and god knows what else:

I stopped eating meat when I was 19. After a particularly gruesome day of watching videos of what REALLY happens to your “meat” during a course in college on animal ethics (or more generally, the ethics of sentient beings), I went cold turkey, literally in a 24 hour period. Then, oddly, two years ago, I started very light consumption of animal flesh again (maybe once every few weeks). Why? I had shaken up all of my old paradigms, and “no eating meat” went with them. I chose to ignore the realities involved in animal torture and slaughter.

In one dinner conversation with Cory Tanner Glazier and Jerrod Melman last June, those realities were brought up again, and I could no longer stomach participating in the insane cruelties toward living beings that we allow to continue on a daily basis.

If you were forced to watch how the food that you put into your body was “made” – I can almost guarantee you wouldn’t be eating meat either.

Sit with that. Be with that. Environmental degradation ALONE should get you to question your meat consumption – but SUPPORTING the torture of living beings by purchasing the end product isn’t something I want on my conscience now – or ever again.

Interesting, but not for the self-serving reason Donkey intended. The ineffable Cory was in Chicago with Noble Julie & the childhood friend she refused to attend prom with?  Dinner at Chez Baugher and a tete-a-tete with Momser?

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  1. Interesting that she never said anything about eating meat again two years ago when she was embarking on a relationship with Derpin. Now that Cory has sad “NONONONO” to meat-eating, it seems she now is ready to abandon it again. Could it be…?

    Sad Julie, her entire life depends on what her current love (or stalker) interest wants or doesn’t want her to do. Now we also might know why Momsers friended Cory if he was just at the Assisted Living Center in June.

    • Gawd, I hope Robin didn’t attempt to serve a pork roast. Can’t you just imagine Donkey braying & stomping her hooves! “But, Julia, I had no idea you didn’t eat meat. You’ve never mentioned it until this evening, not until you and Cory graced Chez Booger.”

          • True Story: My library is split up in 3 sections –
            Art, Fiction, and People Who Have Left Their Religions and/or Cults (Gawd, I can’t get enough of those books.)

            On another note, the story of the 30-year old former Hasidic woman who jumped to her death in NYC just sent me down a rabbit hole at Amazon on books about…well…former Hasidic women or the “Un Frum.”

          • Yes, I did see that. So sad. I did see she was on a Nat Geo documentary series about leaving Hasidic communities. I too have been on a fundie streak. Got lost down a couple rabbit holes online especially Faith Pennington and Cynthia Jeub. These poor girls!

          • Thanks for the recommendations, Prom and Robot. I am totally into weird religious/cult stories as well. Just finished Under the Banner of Heaven and Going Clear. Although, after years of reading ex-scientologist message boards, none of that was shocking to me.

    • It’s always been strange how her interests/values/causes have always changed based on the wealthy target she is currently interested in..

      Why can’t she become interested in a man who is nice to everyone (even the unimportant people), doesn’t lie, values work and earning one’s keep, etc.. and imitate that?

      • Where would she meet someone like this? Certainly not among her current group of aquaintances (she has no discernable friends).

      • It wouldn’t matter if she did, since such a man would never be interested in A Donkey.

        • Cory isn’t your garden variety woo. Sure, he’s got the polyamory cake-and-eat-it-too paradigm down, but the guy is no idiot and seems generally interested & involved in promoting a vegan lifestyle and working to alleviate poverty. Why in the world would he stick his peen in a phony baloney piece of entitlement like Julia Baugher?

          • He is also decidedly not a wallet. But then again, neither was Derwood.

            Is there a third party involved in this yoo-hooing? Like, a wealthy investor in CTG’s vegan food project that Julie is trying to get close to?

          • I think “alpha woo” is the new wallet. Can he get her into a VIP (snort) camp at Burning Man?

    • Didn’t she write something like a week ago where she admitted to being 75% vegetarian even though she tells everyone she is 100% vegetarian and asked for leniency for those who strive to be more conscious about what they eat but who fall short of their goals? Essentially, big hugs to those who try.

      And now 180 degrees. She’s after a Vegan, for sure.

  2. I’d be amazed if this guy was really boinking Mulia Mallison … I just can’t see it; he does not look or seem desperate …

    • I think that’s why she parades them around the homefront so they think SHE has money. As my father very correctly pointed out during a childhood entitlement jag HE had money I didn’t (it was in relations to something small). A very clear and necessary distinction early in life would have served Julia well.

      • Agreed. She seems to trot them all home within six months. I doubt she’d be doing this if she lived in a tract home in the suburbs.

        • But, Grifty, as I asked above, what in god’s name would Cory Tanner Glazier be doing hanging with Julia Baugher in the first place? He seems to have a real job, serious interest & involvement in various social issues, and is devoted to his son. Sure, the guy’s a little woo-ey, but he’s light years away from the likes of Ali Shanti. Any hookup makes even less sense to me than Donkey hunting down Avocado.

      • “As my father very correctly pointed out during a childhood entitlement jag HE had money I didn’t”

        This so much. I can’t *this* this enough.
        I don’t know how my parents did it but never for a nano-second was I made to feel their money was my money. Ever.

        If only my in-laws had done this for my 54 yr old, batshit-crazy SIL. She lives home with her 80+ year old parents secretly selling her parents belongings on ebay while her mother falls deeper and deeper into dementia. It’s disgusting.

        • HEY GURL HEY missed you around here!!

          Your SIL sounds like a horrorshow.

          • Hey yourself Stalker. I’m still here. Mostly lurking as all you cats are witty and smart beyond my capacity so I just watch-n-learn.
            The woos have given me so much entertainment and I love how Julia just keeps circling the drain all these years later.

  3. Such an incredible bullshit artist this one is. That aspect of her never gets old, no matter which persona is happening at the moment. She has not been a strict vegetarian all these years. Also: birthday chicken, bitch.

    She’s the fucking Picasso of bullshit.

    • Aren’t various shout outs the way she usually introduces her marks to the world? I seem to remember the same striptease with Derpin and Avocado, even Greasy. Countdown to a fauxto of Donkey & Cory eating gluten-free pancakes with a side of pancakes at the OMG! pancake house in Wilmette?

      • I can’t even remember how I came to be looking at Davidiot’s FB page, but I came across the fauxto of D0nk posing on a sign (at Ojai?) where his caption alluded to her being his new love interest, & was that not the first we knew of him?

        Seems like D0nk was very reluctant to acknowledge him in the beginning, but maybe that’s cuz it wasn’t jiving w/ her ‘boo hoo whoa (Hi, MMBH!) is me’ narrative of the breakup of the greatest love that never was.

        Overlap much, D0nk?

      • So she went to San Diego for a few days in June and took off from there to Wilmette. And now we learn Cory was in Chicago in June, and momsers has friended him on Facebook. I think Donkey’s scheme juices are about convincing Cory that Momser had connections in the Chicago hospice community that could benefit his new food business, and that she could also introduce him to restaurateur friends of hers there. Scheme juices indeed.

          • I think so too. She gets the attention of her marks by promising them assistance, promotion. Wasn’t she hoping to turn dorky Derpin into a male model before she turned him into the healing chef? Remember his embarrassing Fashion Week coverage? I think Greasy only banged her because he thought he’d get a little publicity, and he did end up on Mess Despised for a couple of seconds. How sad that the only way she can snag a beau is by luring him in through promises that she can’t deliver.

          • Don’t get me started on fake chefs tonight. ha.
            Agree she over-sells and under-delivers- that could be her slogan if she had a business.

  4. Also, way to assume that none of us grew up on farms, or in farming communities, Julie! Some of us have been part of the process all along, and we know how it works.

    She thinks the whole world is like Wilmette.

  5. Very suspicious she keeps on bringing up this Cory guy, she has been to San Diego a couple of time where he lives, and her mother has friended this dude. Also she seems overly concerned about presenting herself as a model mother figure, as he has a young son.

    Maybe he’s tired of his babymama and his girlfriend. and Donkey thinks that she can change him from his wandering ways. Heh.

  6. Ah. The return of sanctimonious Donkey. Demanding that everyone behaves and lives as she does. Perfectly reasonable.

  7. My grandparents had two turkeys one year: one named Christmas and one named Thanksgiving. I witnessed my first head chopping at age 5. Not all meat production is factory farming. She is such a piece of shit human being.

    • Also? Meat is fucking delicious. We can’t have the amount of people we have on this earth without sad, disgusting animal production. Get over it and eat a god damn steak already.

      • Not to mention, there are numerous parts of the world that people have no other options for protein other than meats. You won’t be catching any heartwarming stories about villages in West Africa hugging and saving their bats and bush meat they have no choice but to eat.

    • Actually Julia? Most Americans believe animals raised for food should be treated humanely and not suffer. I know this idea doesn’t fit with your current crash diet, I mean veganism. But please tell us more. Also if you would also let us know how much it costs to be a vegan in the first world, and compare that to the spending power of a single mom on food stamps, we’d appreciate it. Since you’re so informed on the topic and know it’s the only way to live. Thanks.

      • also please explain how you will offset the carbon footprint of all the pleather, vinyl, and polyester you wear. For example the multiple polyester leggings and your butt enhancer and your calf implants.

        • She wouldn’t be our Donk if she didn’t assume that the entire world is comfortably middle-class and able to hit Whole Foods twice a week. Also, do your part in ending animal cruelty by caring for your aging dog, fuckstick.

      • Can we talk about the environmental and social impacts (on human animals) of imported year-round buffets of out-of-season produce and vegan mainstays like quinoa? Since she started the conversation and all.

        Can we also talk about how cows would be extinct if we didn’t eat them?

  8. How does one go cold turkey in a 24 hour period? Besides “literally”, I mean. The instant you quit is just that, an instant, not a window of time.

    Also, re: the fish D0nk eats, are they not farmed? Do they feel no pain?

    • that is the inadvertently mostest funny line in the whole fluff

      “…I went cold turkey, literally…”

      I know her misuse of “literally” has been scoffed at already here, but in connection to pretending to not eat meat this line?

      Or did she mean she ate a cold turkey sandwich? Literally.

      • I think she did. She started with a warm turkey sandwich gently reheated in the microwave and then BAM…straight to cold turkey.

      • HAHAHAHA yes!!!!! THIS is the best best worst use of literally in history!!! Not just donkey history.

        I “literally” went “cold turkey” as a vegan. YEP She’s the dumbest.

    • I went cold turkey on eating vegetables yesterday. Just cheese and bread products. I felt a true sense of peace and calm.

    • for some reason “turkey fart” just got me this morning – literally (like, for serious – literally, not Julia style literally) woke mr. roll up I was laughing so hard

  9. Isn’t this turkey-carving picture taken when she thought she was going to be a McCain?


        that’s when i seriously began to loathe her

      • The catfish looks like it was broiled to a fine crisp with a side of loathing. And Julia, who mentioned in every single photo that she ate catfish (good thing too, because that looked like a Cornish game turkey) slopped what appears to be most of the stuffing, which was stuffed up into the body cavity of the meat, which she doesn’t eat, soaking up the meaty goodness of the meat, which she doesn’t eat, on her plate. I would be so annoyed if I made a speshul meal for a vegetarian on thanksgiving and they then ate it with stuffing and gravy.

        • “My dad carving the turkey. I ate a different dead animal instead, because vegetarian animal rights!”

          #catfish is not a vegetable #blistered sea bass is fish meat #salmon is fish meat

          • Exactly, Tingo! Fish are animals, and Thanksgiving is kind of a cooking marathon, usually for one person, so to phone in with special requests seems really rude. I know, from experience, that people do it, but it would be so annoying to go out of ones way to serve up some fish without spraining your eye from not rolling it, and then have someone help themselves to stuffing and gravy. One of my kids has one of those life threatening sort of food allergies, so I would cook and package up large servings of all the dishes which needed to be prepared differently for him (enough to share if anyone wanted to) as well as making several pies for Thanksgiving at my parents’ house. I didn’t call in with our special needs and expect to be catered to.

      • Nice GladWare holding the cranberry gelatin and disposable salt shaker on the Thanksgiving table. You came from such class Julia.

        • I know. I am so judgy about that kind of thing, but they went to the trouble to take out the wedding china, and they plopped the disposable containers on saucers to doll them up, how much harder would it be to wash a nice bowl than a saucer?

          • Exactly. I’m surprised they don’t have a big vat of Parkay spread on the table.

            And paper napkins? On Thanksgiving? I think I’m beginning to understand why GrannyMoneybags didn’t get along with Robyn.

      • This is the one where we surmised that Dadsers, at Donkey’s insistence, had to get the shot from OUTSIDE the kitchen window (since no evidence suggests the existence of an Assisted Living Facility freestanding kitchen island with sink.) How’d that reality-manipulation work out for you in the long run (or even in the short run), Donkey?

        • OMG that is insane! Even if someone stretched realllly far , climbed on a counter etc and held the camera out to get that shot, it would still be insane.

          #RepublicanHousewifeWashingUpGloves nevar forget

        • There’s a sink on the island. You can see the lip of it in one of the pictures of Dadser’s carving the Organic, Free-Range Whole Foods Turkey she doesn’t eat. But I would not have put it passed her, or him, of going to extraordinary lengths to make her look more McCain worthy. (That break up must still chap Dadser’s ass.)

          • Came here to say this. Check out dadser’s picture, that’s where he was standing for the come-hither-Jack shot.

  10. OT: I picked up an Edward St. Aubyn novel for a trip last week, and it turned out to be about woos! I had no idea. I chose it because I lurve him so. It’s called ON THE EDGE, and I highly recommend it. It’s very St. Aubyn (for those of you who read the Patrick Melrose novels) but without the child abuse.

    • I’ll be traveling for three weeks in August. Maybe I should bring along a woo trilogy: ON THE EDGE, Cyra McFadden’s THE SERIAL, and Aldous Huxley’s AFTER MANY A SUMMER DIES THE SWAN.

      • Oooo, I’d never heard of THE SERIAL but it’s now in my wish list! And you could also add Francine Prose’s HUNTERS AND GATHERERS.

        • It’s subtitle is A Year in the Life of Marin County and the novel was turned into a movie with Tuesday Weld, Pamela Bellwood, Martin Mull, Sally Kellerman, Tom Smothers, and Christopher Lee. I’ve posted Kellerman’s pair bonding ceremony on RBD before.

      • Omg this:

        “The Serial began to take shape in my mind when I was puzzling over what to cook for dinner, at the end of a long day, and my butcher, a plain-spoken man until that moment, asked, ‘Could you relate to a pork roast?’
        Well, no.”

        -Cyra McFadden, from the preface of the new edition.

      • I have The Serial! Read it years ago. It’s all about the woos of Marin County in the ’60s.

        • Make that the 1970s. My memory is shot. I do remember my copy is oversized and spiral-bound.

      • Thank you for all the suggestions. They’re stashed away in a “someday read” file.

        Amazon has a preview of The Serial and it includes the forward and the first 3-4 pages. Sounds great.

      • OMG I WAS THERE. My college boyfriend’s parents had a groovy all-white Mill Valley condo, and we (and they; it was actually their demographic being skewered) were mesmerized by every installment (serialized in the local paper, like Vanity Fair –Thackeray’s not the magazine) because the descriptions of hot tub parties, hors d’oeuvres (cream cheese and jalapeno jam on Wheat Thins — brilliant!), fashion (platforms!), and other ridiculous 70’s cultural touchstones were so right on and funny. I must seek out the book again (I think I reread it in the 90’s) to see how it’s weathered. And to relive my youth.

        • I didn’t know that cream cheese and jalapeno jam on Wheat Thins was a 70s California thing, but I sure did eat a lot of it in my childhood.

          OB Donk: when she posted that she’d visited OMG Brit at home, Brit corrected her and said “It’s Mill Valley!” Of course Donk deleted her original comment, so who knows what she’d said– Marin Valley? San Francisco’s Mill Valley? The Valley? The bay Area valley? The Bay area’s Valley of Marin? Mills Valley? Oakland?

          Such a native San Franciscan!

  11. That photo is such bullshit. I’ve been vegetarian for years, and during that time I have never once posed happily with a roast turkey or a piece of bacon, or grilled a steak for someone (Mess Assvice.) Why is it cute to pretend to take a knife to a turkey, if you’re against taking knives to turkeys?

    I’ve also been active in outreach, and one thing I’ve never done is preach to or scold my Facebook friends. It’s obnoxious and it doesn’t work. Also, dumbass, it’s about a lot more than eating meat. Unless you’re vegan (and I no longer am), you ARE benefitting from the “end product” (milk, eggs, feathers, leather, gelatin, etc.)

    I’m all for anyone cutting back on animal products, but “light consumption of animal of animal flesh” means you’re an omnivore, not a vegetarian. Donk seems confused about this. She recently shared a FB post about “Why are we so hard on vegetarians who eat meat and vegans who wear leather?” and added the usual Donkey “YES! THIS!” It’s because real veganism isn’t a trend, it’s a committed way of life. As usual, Donk wants to look good without doing any of the work.

    TL;DR: as usual, Donk is preachy and smug, but doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

    • Why are we STILL so hard on Liberal bohemians who attend Republican rallies and elbow their way to the front row? We are we so hard on Democrats who vote Republican because the politician is someone they personally like? When will society stop bullying all the deadbeat daughters who make fun of their parents for paying taxes? Why do we STILL say that unemployed, goldigging, failed F-list reality stars that slut-shamed Obama Girl before going on to brag about giving blowjobs on Bravo TV, are more than one Sliding-Doors moment away from being an Obama speechwriter?

      • To paraphrase Jim Cutler to Michael Ginsberg on Mad Men, “I’m against hippies who take paychecks from Dow Chemical.”

    • This, plus I eat meat, and yet I have never thought of posing with a roast turkey or making a sexy bacon face either. I also don’t think I know anyone else, meat-eater or not, who has. Then again….

    • For real! I am now a pescetarian after years as a vegetarian. The reason people give people a hard time when they use the labels without actually being vegan/veggie is because they’re obviously doing so to be part of a culture that they’re not actually a part of.
      I don’t try to pass off being pescetarian as being vegetarian because I’m not trying to be cool, I’m trying to explain what I eat to someone who is directly involved in preparing food for me. There’s no other reason to be defining your diet to others. No one else cares.

      PS- sweet sweet depressing gelatin. Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to fully live (make homemade marshmallows) without you.

  12. I wonder if her college course in animal ethics was at Georgetown or during The Lost Year at Indiana…

    • Probably neither. Elsewhere, D0nkey mentions more than once that she was president of that one-man club in highschool, some animals rights group, & so now that in turn gets embellished into a supposed college thing, natch.

    • Whichever university, I’m sure she was cutting out fauxtos of celebrities and gluing them into her scrapbooks while the professor was lecturing on factory farming. What’s the glamour in that?!

    • Yes, JABA the Nut—friend to the animals. Just look how kind and caring she is with that little dog of hers. . . .

  13. Oh, shut up, you idiot. I raise my own chickens. And not just so that I can get into some dude’s pants.

    I was interviewing a highschool student for a scholarship. Her “platform” was helping veterans, was really giving us a scolding on how nobody helps the veterans enough. So I asked her what experience she had with veterans. And she told me she’d read several articles by people who had dealt with veterans. She was young and will get the big picture one day, but it seems like something Jules would say even today.

    • Julia’s thing is empowering girls. Didn’t you know that? All the work she does to help… to raise awareness… never mind.

  14. I forgot she existed for the past week and have obviously missed things. Please, someone give me the Hoof Notes on this Cory dude?

    From the comments above, I take it he lives in San Diego and is a vegan poly Chicago-traveling mom-friending dude. I see he’s gone to burning man (and apparently has a large scrotum) and that he has a little kid.
    – Someone mentioned a baby mama & girlfriend. Does he have both? Are they one and the same? What’s his status?
    – There seems to be conflicting info on whether he’s a wallet or not. Does he have money? If so, from what?
    – Any evidence she is actually part of his poly tribe?

    That’s it. Thanks!

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