Mary & Meghan: Sisters Forevah!

Meanwhile, Julia Allison is downing aya, banging avocados, and shaking her lard ass at trustafarian druggie fests – all to the sound of one hand clapping.

They only ever had eyes for each other, Donkey!


  1. And donkey only ever had eyes for the camera.

    • Tho thmug in that fauxto and now even a kewpie doll DJ doesn’t want to ball her.

    • Jowlia was too busy cultivating melty face to see
      what was happening right under her third nose.

  2. Hey, Julia also got married…okay, to herself…but it’s not like those two slouches did it or anything. Gahhhhhhhhh!

  3. -“You are my FAVORITE worthless attention whore!”

    -“No! YOU are!!!”

    -“Oh, Stop it. HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

  4. Good ol’ Pointy and Mare Mare Beach Hair. With bonus OMGBears action in the comments.

    Has it really been ten years? I’m so old.

  5. I almost kind of want to do a “where are they now?” for all those useless lumps of shit Gawker either hired or flung into the public eye. John Fitzgerald Page…Jules Kirby…Rachel Sklar…Devorah Rose…that guy who dated Emily Gould until she dumped him no wait he dumped her you shoved me he started it. Fat guy who got thin and then fat again. Melissa Berkelhammer (giggle). Emma Snowden-Jones (GAG).

    But that would take work and then, also, I’d know where they are. Which, if one of them is BEHIND ME RIGHT NOW would be unnerving.

  6. We should revisit that time D0nkey insinuated herself into Michael Arrington’s personal business (public spat w/ cray cray ex Jenn Allen) by telling Gawker that Arrington had abused Meghannaise Asha & that she, Mulia Mallison, knew it for a fact because she was there. And then she denied everything, & when Gawker published screengrabs, D0nkey doubled down by wading into Gawker comments & lying harder

    Because that’s when / where D0nk said, in April of 2013, that she was writing a book. Wasn’t it in the fall of 2013 before she ever got a book deal?

        • I do wonder if the dad’s sphincter was clenched extra tight during all this back and forth. I suspect there was some truth to the MA story but her lies and lack of accountability made that situation a wash for both. Each idiot damaged their own image.

        • I wonder if J. Mattias Bennett can make the Nugroho sauce like ol’ Devin could…

    • Awww, I had forgotten about:

      The screen grab of those texts is one of the most entertaining things. It just flames with white-hot self absorption and feeble spin. No response. No response ever again.

      • I loved that she didn’t think they’d do it.

  7. Rachel Sklar named her baby Ruby Max and promptly started dragging her onto red carpets when she was only weeks old. I can’t with that attention whore.

    • I loved her original essay about choosing to have the baby on her own, but she is now (as, I believe, some catladeez predicted) using that kid for self-branding like it’s part of her job. Poor Ruby.

    • Great job playing into the stereotype that single expired women have babies because they are super lonely and no one else can stand to be around them anymore.

    • Ruby Wax being the well known comedian, of course.

      “I almost named you after someone famous!”

      • Which makes sense, given Sklarge’s dream of being a comedic star. I remember her taking improv classes in NYC years ago and begging everyone and their grandma to attend their occasional performances. Not surprised to hear she’s dragging the baby all over the place for attention.

        That said, I’ve been super busy running desk errands so it’s nice to finally check in after a few weeks and come home to an old school post like this one. Might even get a bit verklempt, but then one look at MMBH’s monster fake boobs on a bleached stick and I just kant.

  8. I like that OMGBears reads and comments here sometimes. And Mary’s boobs look pretty good still.
    It seems like NonSociety really worked out for everyone except Jules, especially for Fatty Kate, hooking up with old Twitter Jack Dorsey.

      • Asked and answered your own question.

        I think in general, the world smells the B.S. emanating from loudmouths and poseurs; those who feel life is summed up in yet *another* selfie. The inception of the internet has made it easy to spot them.

  9. Julia Allison
    14 mins · San Francisco, CA ·
    Does anyone know of a natural vet in the Bay area? Lillydog has something going on with her eyes and her skin and I haven’t loved the way the traditional vet has handled it.
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    • omg, can’t be serious, basement cats talked about glaucoma for months! So sad….

    • A natural vet. Jesus Christ. I don’t have a massive problem with people forsaking scientifically proven modern medicine in favor of having themselves treated with woo bullshit, but I have a HUGE problem with people getting their sweet, innocent pets who can’t make their own medical decisions involved in that kind of quackery.

      If she doesn’t like the vet, then FIND A NEW VET. But a real one. Not one who’s going to try to shove herbs down the poor dog’s throat or read her psychic vibrations.

      • No real vet will accept a Jankles shill as payment. A sham holistic crystal vet *might.*

    • Yep placing blame without taking accountability (it’s the traditional vets problem not her inability to take care of anything). I’m sure she’ll bill whoever was stuck watching her dog over the holiday for breaking her dog.

      • I wonder if whoever watched the dog gave JA a healthy dose of guilt for her poor condition. Or maybe it was the vet’s office that boarded her, who knows.

        • I bet you’re right it must have been a vet who mentioned neglect. The dog was treated fine, her ego however.

    • Bullfucking shit, Julia LyingFuckFace Allison. IF @Lillydog had been seen by a traditional vet, the “something” going on w/ her skin & eyes (that would actually be two separate “somethings”) would have a formal name (names).

      Depriving your aged dog of regular veterinary care & grooming? You suck.

    • skin — the breed is very prone to allergies, and chronic dermatitis; also, fleas can cause allergic reactions, and a weak dog that hasn’t been routinely cared for and given frontline and let the fleas take over can develop mange

      eyes — old dogs of that breed have many eye infections, cataracts, glaucoma.

      $800, frontline, flea bath, clip the matted fur to the skin, single dose flea pill; eyedrops, antibiotics

      rough guess

    • A natural vet, as opposed to an artificial vet? She is such an unmitigated dumb fuck. I think the word you’re looking for is naturopath. If you’re going to pretend to be a woo, at least learn the lingo.

      So what was the diagnosis? What was the treatment? What was it about the imaginary veterinarian didn’t work? Oh, right, lying liar lies all the time.

    • A few weeks ago, one office dog bit the face off an other office dog. I’m sure the latter dog’s owner didn’t love that the vet had to remove the dog’s eye and give him over 100 stitches, but the dog will be ok.

      What does she want the vet to do? Give the dog pot doggie treats?

    • I think she means holistic vet, they usually work hand-in-hand with a primary care vet. They help with changing up the diet, add supplements, sometimes heal with acupuncture, etc. I spend a lot on my dog and she has lots of health problems. For example, when she gets a case of the runs, I get a sample in to the regular vet to check for worms, etc. but I also start this holistic treatment to get her more comfortable.

      I am sure any vet (holistic or not) would recommend adding fish oil supplements to a high quality food and a blood work, usually called a senior panel. B/c that is what you do for senior pets. Skin problems could point to a thyroid problem or numerous other things.

      • Just as an FYI re: a dog w/ the runs:

        Canned pumpkin is a good reset for both the runs & constipation in dogs (much like chickpeas are a good reset for the same said in people).

          • Yes…but what I like about slippery elm bark is that it treats the pain and inflammation…pumpkin just backs up your dog so it is more convenient for you not to have to clean up softey serve poohs. Doesn’t necessarily make your dog feel any better. I am an expert at chicken and rice bland meals. If I am running to the vet in the middle of the work day, I do grab a can of bland food from the vet so I don’t have to run home and cook. Another tip is boil the rice a little longer than you would for yourself. This breaks down the proteins more and makes the rice even easier for the puppers to digest.

          • yes. when i had an old sick dog and i lived across the street from a great chinese takeout place i would order three containers of white rice along with food for me; i often wondered what the people there working long days for so little money would think if they knew they were cooking for my dog

          • Pumpkin doesn’t back up the dog, it’s too high in water content to accomplish that. Pumpkin will soften hard stools, but it will also add solidity to watery stools too, because it’s middle of the road consistency, hence a “reset” of sorts.

            Cats & dogs commonly have allergy to rice & corn, btw. If yours doesn’t, great (since so much commercial food is chock full of both.) I found this out the hard way w/ one of my cats when I tried out a litter made of corn — one went overboard w/ malicious grooming because the corn made her so itchy — switching to grain-free food has made a big difference for the one (used to be, you could see her dander from across the room) & also a difference in their yakking (if I can keep ’em out of the plants, they’re basically yak-free these days.)

            If you have to overcook rice so they can digest it, it may not be so good for ’em after all.

          • My previous dog got cancer and at the end he would only eat chicken. We cooked it for him every week.

  10. This,picture is significant considering how Meghan and Mary used to fight during the NonSociety days. They weren’t always on speaking terms. Surviving Donk had to bind them in a major way.

    • I have a theory that Julia set the two of them against one another for her own gain and that’s why they seemed to be constantly arguing.

      I believe they had been friends beforehand from living in LA, and reconnected/bonded once it was clear that Julia had fucked them both over.

      • Agreed.

        I am sad that after a couple of years of looking ok, MMBH is back to the hay hair.

        • Each one’s hair looks like hell … is it that they’re both dripping wet w/ sweat? Meghannaise looks sweaty.

          No hay head snark from me if they’re working that hard …

      • I have no sympathy for any of them.

        They were all a bunch of talentless attention whores desperately trying to be famous.

        They all wanted to sell out, but nobody bought them.

  11. They can’t completely shake Donkey. They’re both sporting the push that ass out, twist the waist and viola I’m skinny pose.

    • Once a gawker fameball, always a gawker fameball.

      They are one of a kind, those three.

  12. You know what’s odd? (To me), MR looks kind of older… is it the hair? She fake boobs and botox? Something about her energy — maybe hanging on too hard? Odd.

    • I don’t love the combo of big fake boobs plus muscled-up arms. I don’t usually body snark but feel it is ok to comment on choices, rather than natural attributes.

      That said, I respect that Mary is running a legit service-based business. She is the only NonSociety girl I had in-person contact with and she came off like a vapid media-ghost nightmare paper doll. I feel oddly proud of her for working.

    • She looks better in that photo than other recent photos (to me). I think if she gained 5 or 10 pounds her face would look less drawn, but I can imagine it’s not easy to gain weight when you’re teaching exercise classes every day.

      Agree with Dusty Documentary that I am proud of our MMBH for actually working.

      • i like mary even with the fake boobs and shitty spelling and the zero body fat. she stuck to what she’s good at– fitness and turned it into a business to supplement her oil $$$$. good for her. julia should have hitched the crafting bandwagon with britt morin repurposing yoga mats and whatnot. hm then again is julia even good at crafting? remember those wish boxes?! greg i die. okay now that i think of it i am not really sure what kind of occupation julia would be good at. maybe playing a disney princess at disney world?

        • She’s way too old and bitchy for to play a Disney theme park princess—those girls are usually 18-23. And tony and cute. Maybe she’d be a better fit as a Disney villain; Ursula the Seawitch, perhaps?

      • I’m more proud of MMBH’s father for not 100% subsidizing her life. I think that would take some restraint.

        Not proud of Mary for working. It’s what adults do.

      • Courtney Cox made an interesting observation that after 40 you have to choose if your face looks good or your body-I find that I tend to agree with her at 43.

    • I think it’s the leopard print, traditional print wear of Cougars (ha! dueling cats), bleached hair and rock hard tits. 40-something Peg Bundy in the making.

      • Shout out for the Peg Bundy ref! Didn’t know there were other olds on here. I was just thinking of a classic line from Al Bundy earlier today: “That’s what being a man is all about – making mistakes and not caring.”

        Come to think of it, that’s also what being JA is all about.

        • My family still loves what Al said to Marcy when Peggy forced him to say something nice: “My, you’re looking less ugly today.”

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