Disrupt Happiness: The Return of Loren Feldman


Back in the day, he ripped Julia Allison a new one when she claimed Tom Wolfe achieved renown simply because of his white suit. And before going off the rails and apologizing to Donkey, mad media maven Loren Feldman created a series of puppet videos featuring a flouncing Julia, complete with tutu:


He’s back, and though Feldman has had a thorny relationship with ReBlogging Donk over the years, we seem to have inspired his new website, or rather some of our targets seem to have inspired Disrupt Happiness, where the loose cannon plays a wannabe internet guru. Guest videos include appearances by Ali Shanti, Michael Ellsberg, Ryan Swain, and Michael “Fozzie” Austin Jacobs, who are also on the “Disruptors” page. Feldman’s clearly been spending a lot of time in the basement.

I occasionally laughed (ducks): http://disrupthappiness.com/


“Tell the general public, by any means possible, all about your life, right down to the smallest minutiae.”


“Focus your energy on the things that matter. Criticism from your friends, co-workers, parents, children, or lovers in real life – they don’t matter. What does matter is how you’re looked at online. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In – these are the people who really matter. Obsess over these relationships, obsess over these criticisms.”


  1. Ali “Super Anonymous-Haters” Shanti is going to shit the eco-wrapped RV. Fozzie will cry and breast feed from Ali’s rhinestone encrusted teet and it’ll take a while for it to hit Ellsberg and Swain as they’re currently living in an alternate universe. I pray there’s a
    S&M Ellsberg puppet in the works, just me?

    • I love the puppets. Was just two days ago thinking about that video set to Funky Town making fun of Shel, I think — it has to do w/ the song is why it tickles me so much, but anyway, I do wish he’d link it somewhere.

  2. He’s just like us, only, you know, a parasitic misogynistic man-child with anger management issues and no hair.

    Or talent.

    And what I cannot help but imagine must be the worst breath this side of a trapdoor spider with a thing for Cuban cigars.

    Did he just equate being molested with being a molester? I’m not sitting through that shit a second time to see.

    I suppose the satirical points he is attempting to score are solid. Most of the people here make them in 5 seconds.

    That said, the link to Smellsberg’s video on social climbi–I mean, networking, was eye-opening.

    Also gorge-rising.

    • No, no. Feldman’s in New York; Matt Beauchamp is in Texas or Florida or some such state. However, they’re equally matched in terms of aggressiveness and hostility. Now I sound like Ian Holm describing the creature in Alien.

        • He certainly didn’t start out there. Not with that accent and wasn’t he in Brooklyn or Jersey when doing 1938 Media?

          • Yeah, he lived in NY during the time he was making the original Shel puppet videos. Then I think he moved to the country upstate or something when his woman kicked him out..

      • he might be nuts, but that “I’m Sorry Julia!” video where he pretended to be Redacted II made me laugh for hours several years ago.

    • Beauchamp hates Jews.

      Feldman hates Arabs.

      Both of them hate black people, so there’s that.

      • jews and arabs are cousins. i say that as a jew unfriended more than once on facebook for calling the current situation in israel apartheid. see also irish catholics / protestants


        Intrigued by the genetic similarities between the two populations, geneticist Ariella Oppenheim of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, who collaborated on the earlier study, focused on Arab and Jewish men. Her team examined the Y chromosomes of 119 Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews and 143 Israeli and Palestinian Arabs. Many of the Jewish subjects were descended from ancestors who presumably originated in the Levant but dispersed throughout the world before returning to Israel in the past few generations; most of the Arab subjects could trace their ancestry to men who had lived in the region for centuries or longer. The Y chromosomes of many of the men had key segments of DNA that were so similar that they clustered into just three of many groups known as haplogroups. Other short segments of DNA called microsatellites were similar enough to reveal that the men must have had common ancestors within the past several thousand years. The study, reported here at a Human Origins and Disease conference, will appear in an upcoming issue of Human Genetics.

  3. Hey catladies. I thought up a little art project you could all try. It would be funny and easy! Fire up Microsoft Paint and draw a Money Map as you imagine it to be!

    • I think he is trying to be like that JP Sears guy who is mocking the woos and whose videos have gone viral. Except he is actually funny and likable.

      • He in the second sentence, meaning JP Sears. I hate that we have no edit function sometimes.

  4. It would be kinda funny if someone anonymously posted the link to swainwrecks, skankatrons, and smells burgs Facebook page. Or tipped wali off so he could start talking about it. (And I agree with the cat lady who said, we are wittier and more concise –although, since woospeak requires that you hold forth endlessly, he’s got that part down.)

  5. Lampooning charlatan Internet life coaches is not a bad idea for a site concept. Except when you are as unlikeable as the people you are mocking.

    Wonder when he plans to bring Donkey into the mix?

    • Twelve minutes of this “masculine bonding energy” nonsense “but there will be no physical touching”? And Fozzie even brought the crystals. Of course the stationary camera is focused primarily on Swainy: “Do you trust me that I will not touch you no matter how big I get?” This exercise in sexual restraint has been brought to you by Pamela Madsen.

      • I tried to watch a minute of it with the sound off, but Swain’s gigantic tooth pickets are so alarming I’m afraid they’ll sneak into my bedroom in the night and steal my soul.

    • Ali put Vagiii up to this. Why else would it happen? What’s their end game?

      Desperate Much, Ali?

      • I figured out the endgame. Skankatron has started blogging regularly again on the eyes wide open website. She is encouraging stealing money from your parents again in order to find her latest project, some kind of permaculture commune based on the naked mud one from Costa Rica. (I think the cat ladies have changed her shilling tactics though. This grift is far more subtle because it’s a grift in the name of social change rather than how to make Ali rich). It’s obvi. To me that the reconciliation with swain is so she can get funding from him. Why else would anyone hang out with the guy except for his money????? I hate him as much as anyone here but he’s crazier than a loon and to take advantage of untreated mental illness is low.

        • So much of this. And she changed the name to Money Map to Freedom™ just another form of a name change as she tries to distance from her previous actions. What these idiots forget is that since they do everything single thing online (almost pathologically) it helps show how inconsistent & contradictory they really are and if RS should ever need to show he was taken advantage of there’s a nice documented history online for his attorneys to go after any money taken from him when he wasn’t of sound mind.

          • I wish Alexis Martin Neely AKA Ali Shanti would stop slapping a trademark symbol on every one of her get-rich-quick schemes — she’s lying before she even gets the latest crock of bullshit launched on her unsuspecting marks.

          • I’m guessing the owners of the real Money Map prob reached out to her and kindly suggested she find a new name. Not sure anyone would want to be associated with Alexis Neely or Ali Shanti & her raping of parents money scam.

    • Watched the whole thing. It is both disturbing and laughable at the same time. Two total idiots growling at each other.

      I think Swainy designed this in order to get off on being violent and threatening without going to jail.

      I noticed that even though it’s ostensibly two equal partners, Swain makes sure at all times that he is somehow “alpha” – he sets the pace, he starts the “roar” and he is the most agressive and loudest.

      But the really worrying thing are the many, many positive and encouraging comments he gets on this, and every other shitty, rambling video he makes. That makes me so angry. People are morons and they suck.

      • It’s frightening that he’s somebody’s father. Imagine having this dolt who plays on the internet all day, with his silly one-person “revolution,” as one of the guiding adults in your life.

        • He’s such an egotistical bore. I was fascinated by his crap early on but now that he’s lost his crew, he’s become completely pathetic.

      • Yup! I noticed this, too. Maji was giving off an “okay, great, I am fine with stopping this ordeal now” and, then, Swain would posture and ROAR again. Btw, Swain was led through this exercise by some “facilitator” of woo woo long ago. He has the video on his youtube. Seems like he’s trying to front like he invited this bullshit in the comments.

        I went to yoga this morning and did a few heart openers and no roaring was necessary.

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCOGCwbLylI

          Just in case you wanted to see the original. I recommend putting on silent or turning way down. If you live in an apartment building, your neighbors will assume a torture session or murder is in process.

          This practice is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what one should do to “get in their bodies” to experience, process, and express emotion. I want to share this with my trauma researching friends who are working on somatic experiencing techniques—-What Swain’s actually doing it keying up his body for a flight/fight reaction.

        • I knew I’d seen it before w/ some hairy leg woo, but I was thinking it was the Filek’d up one, not the batshit inswain one.

  6. OMFG.. If you haven’t yet you need to check out the “Disruptors” page, http://disrupthappiness.com/disruptors/. There are some real gems there. 🙂

    Tim Ferriss – The most famous “little person” in the United States. Suicide prevention advocate.
    Ryan Swain – A Dentist turned Love Revolution leader. He’ll never see his kids again.
    Gurbaksh Chahal – Internet entrepreneur, Oprah most eligible bachelor, currently on probation.
    Ali Shanti aka Alexis Neely – Financial Priestess and formerly bankrupt lawyer. Founder of the Money Map.

  7. Hey all,

    I posted a few months ago about finding summer housing in NY. I got an internship and am now DESPERATELY trying to find housing in about two weeks. If anyone knows anyone looking to sublet for the summer, please let me know or if anyone has any advice that’d be great. The college dorms are all filled already. Currently focusing mostly on Columbia sublets from grad students.

    • Craigslist is your best bet. Can you move to NYC and crash with a friend for a couple days while you go look at places and meet potential roommates?

    • How much can you afford to pay? Might be good idea to look into commuting. What part of town is your internship?

    • Have you tried crowd sourcing a crash pad from your follower bots? Or asking your lawyer daddy to pay your rent? #digitalnomad

      In all seriousness, I wonder if there aren’t any Columbia grad student groups who have FB pages you could post on.

    • Just popping out from lurking to say that you should join the Gypsy Housing Facebook group–lots and lots of housing posts in NYC. Also, Craigslist is definitely not a bad thing–though obviously some bullshit / sketchy stuff on there. AirBnB is good if you need somewhere for a week or so while you find something else, but usually very expensive longterm.

    • Also, you may want to check out vrbo. It’s similar to airbnb, and I’ve had good experiences on it before.

      • VRBO.com and HomeAway.com and cyberrentals.com…all owned by the same company but sometimes different listings on each due to tiered pricing for owners.

  8. Gosh Feldman has gone a bit weird hasn’t he. His ex-wife must be counting her lucky stars.

  9. His psychopathic smile at the end of his rant stating that “nothing matters” says it all. Sorry, but what you do to people does matter. It is the ONLY thing that matters. What a fucking creep.

  10. i don’t know much about Camp Groundup, but Julia has nothing to disconnect from.
    Has anyone been? Or knows more?

    I’m in Havana right now, and it’s weird and awesome.

    • I’ve always wanted to visit Havana. Must be like a living time capsule with all the cars from the 50’s. It’s so weird that the U.S. is still punishing them for misdeeds committed before most of the current population was even born.

    • I just got back from Havana. Loved it.

      I’d definitely encourage anyone who’s interested to go ASAP, because not only will US diplomacy change things hardcore, I also think it will get significantly more expensive soon. Some British people I met there who spend significant amounts of time in Cuba for business said that since Obama’s big announcement, their airfare prices have doubled. There’s so much interest in Cuba now, but the infrastructure for tourists won’t be able to meet demand.

      Oh, and the old cars are AWESOME! They only make up maybe a sixth of cars on the road, but many of them are beautifully maintained (hard to imagine they are 60 years old) and painted in amazing crazy bright colors.

      • I’ve spent a lot of time in Cuba. I think the mid 2000’s. Whatever you’re thinking, it won’t change so fast. The nation is run by gangsters and no one wants to giddy up to do business there. In pain terms, it will go from being “Cuba” to “Venezuela”…. Not much of a change. If it does liberate, there will be a lot of revenge killings, and a true counter revolution.

        Also, without the U.S. Receiving the wanted terrorists who are being harbored there, we are not opening trade. Cuba is a loser country because it chooses to keep its people poor. Not because of the embargo. They can trade with almost every other nation out there and they are still poor and backward. It’s not the fault of the usa.

        • You’re right — I met a bunch of people who were there for vague and rather hush-hush business purposes, but I don’t think they’ll be able to get much done quickly.

          It’s tourism, particularly from the U.S., where I could see things getting much more expensive very soon.

        • Puh-leeze!

          American legislators of both parties have been devising methods of screwing Cuba up for 50+ years, to score political points with the worst of the Cuban community in Florida, who are nostalgic for the right-wing US-backed monster-dictator that Fidel kicked out. Why? Florida is a swing state.

          For years you couldn’t even make a phone call to Cuba without going through Canada first. The sanctions affect everything, from not letting ships that have been in Cuba moor in the US for months to not recognizing trademarks of Cuban products and let’s not even .

          But Cuba *still* gives the middle finger to the US and is beloved in the rest of Latin America and Europe for that (WARNING: if you step outside of the US media bubble, Fidel is seen less as a dictator than a freedom fighter who stood up for his country).

          • I am outside the US media bubble and half of my family is Cuban. Newsflash Castro may have started off as ‘freedom fighter’, but ended up being a dictator who fucked over a lot of his people. He’s definitely not beloved to me or to many of my family who are still in Cuba.

          • If you are in the Cuban exile bubble, it’s even worse.

            Every little thing that Fidel or Che may or may not have done gets blown out of proportion and you all have the keys to the family mansion in Havana and the bottle of champagne in the fridge, waiting for Fidel to die.

            Considering that CIA tried to kill him a few hundred times over the course of several decades, don’t you think they would also make some stuff up to make him look bad?

        • One person’s “wanted terrorist” is another’s freedom fighter.


          • She killed a cop during a routine traffic stop. This conversation is over.

            FYI – ever heard of Daniel Faulkner? That’s the guy Mumia killed.

          • The conversation will be over when I say it’s over!

            I don’t actually give a shit about talking to you though so it’s cool, we can be done.

        • Yeah. FYM is correct in that the government will not just suddenly let a Starbucks open downtown. It’s incompetent in a lot of ways, but has managed to make doing just about anything logistically difficult with regard to international business (and a lot more).

          But Wolf is correct in that the U.S. has been royally messing with the situation in Cuba for years and that Florida’s status as a swing state does have a lot to do with it. And it is worth remembering that had Fidel not kicked him out, Batista probably would have handed the keys over to the mafia even more.

          • The revolution was not a bad thing – but Fidel wasn’t alone. Out of the five major figures of the revolution, guess who lasted?

            Fidel and Raul. These people are scumbags, sociopaths hiding behind Karl Marx to defend their twisted fascism. Go to Cuba and look around a everyone you see is a prisoner on an island they can never leave.

            Fuck Assata. Che once executed a 14 year old boy. Fidel handed Che to the CIA. Those people make the mafia look like school kids.

    • I AM JEALOUS of you Havana-going people. Cuba is one place I really really really want to visit.

    • I went to Havana last summer! It was such a thought-provoking, beautiful trip. My travel companion and I walked the length of the Malecon all the way back to our hotel. The black waves crashing against the sea wall in the night, with nary a light on the horizon, was both gorgeous and eerie.

      I was most struck by how *busy* it all was. No one is sitting around inside staring at a TV or a laptop all day long. No one is sitting around in public staring at their phone. So many people actually engaged in face-to-face conversations. And so many entrepreneurial folks. I felt like such a schlump after visiting! (A Donkey should visit.)

      I tried to learn a little Spanish beforehand – it wasn’t very helpful, as Cubans speak very quickly and have a very particular accent. I found that many of them spoke English anyway, and quite well.

        • You know what, forget it. I will be whatever you want me to be. It will make it easier for you to understand. But maybe you’d admit to yourself that a “neocon” wouldn’t go to Cuba on his own. It’s called “trading with the enemy”.

      • Uh – no. Havana smells like a truck stop, has nightmare street grifters and Cuba has amazing natural habitats. Try Trinidad de Cuba.

        It’s unbelievable the leap you made – I know the Cuban Revolution, I know Cuba, and I’m a moderate liberal.

  11. I love how these people in the video are openly mocking JA. Cwaa

    • Needs to happen more often, with public shaming. Unfortunately she now has found the woowoo echo chamber where nothing is ever negative, so it will never happen.

    • I wonder if she has developed enough maturity and self awareness to realize what an asshole idiot she sounded like during this “personal branding” phase she went through.

      I know, I know…the answer is “Hahaha, are you fucking kidding me?”

      • It’s shocking just how idiotic she is. It’s funny for someone like me, who discovered The Donk through Mess Despised, to hear that she was once a “personal branding expert,” and then to see clips like this, that show she never was an actual branding expert/relationship expert/social media expert/whatever she claimed she was. She was always a phony, a delusional idiot who somehow weaseled her way in front of a microphone and then babbled cluelessly about “brands” and “start-ups” and “entrepreneurs.”

        She’s never been in business; she’s never had a real job; she’s never been an expert in anything. Are people STILL getting fooled by her lies?

  12. OK, this says that her “book” will be published next summer:


    (scroll down to page 38)

    How can they just lie and say that Donk is a journalist and entrepreneur and columnist for Elle.com and has “spoken at Wharton”? She didn’t speak at Wharton; she was on a panel about trying to start a blog or something like that, in a conference room at a hotel, for some event sponsored by club that some Wharton students were in.

    • Oh, lawl forever. Apparently the manuscript’s available now? Ha ha ha ha.

      I think Elizabeth Beier is her third editor; the acquiring editor was Katherine Huck, but I feel like there was another editor in between.

      • Does this mean the manuscript is in the editing process? Does this mean it could still be rejected if they decide to can it?

          • Compared to all the other listings, this one says almost nothing about the content of the book. Half the quotes are from her friends, and the bio is totally exaggerated and all over the (money) map.

            I really don’t know how they can go forward with something this lame.

          • They’ve already laid out some $$ and it costs them hardly anything to do stuff like this. Getting the book ready for print is where the real money expenditures come in, so that’s when the plug-pulling hands get twitchy. At least in my experience of having a plug pulled. (sadface emoticon!)

        • Oh, I have met her! I went to school with her husband. She struck me as a very no-nonsense type of person; can’t imagine what she makes of A Donkey.

          • Sadly, I cannot presume on the “having met you once at a college reunion” to get the inside scoop, though.

      • I had no idea Elizabeth was her editor now. She’s the real deal.

        • professionals are smart enough to avoid the sunk costs fallacy and not throw good money after bad

          kill kill kill

        • EB is clearly a far better editor than Julie’s sad brainfarts deserve.

          This Tweet of hers from 2009 made me laugh:

          wondering why so many people–celebs, especially–come in to pitch a “memwah”

      • Tango may I have your permission to link the link you posted? Also Albie to link to the tweet mentioned below. I’ll give credit to RBD it that’s ok?

        • Sorry Tingo if I may call you Tingo unless that’s too familiar then Tingolayo.

          • I just like to give credit where it’s due (within the context of not outing anyone). I wouldn’t have known any of that information if it wasn’t for the wonderful people on this site.

    • Also, “relationship expert”??? Donkey is dysfunctional and emotionally immature as a basic human being, even without being in a relationship. Tweeting “Ooooh, I have a date with A Boy!” doesn’t make one a “relationship expert.” She has no training, no experience, no education, in interpersonal skills or in any aspect of psychology whatsoever.

      Also, she has no job and lives off other people’s money.

      • I remember she changed her title from dating expert to relationship expert when someone on her blog? or twitter? called her out saying she gets heaps of first dates but never gets beyond that. At her age shouldn’t she be about relationships and not dates? Two seconds later, BAM! relationship expert.

        • I don’t remember that but it definitely makes sense in the Donkey way that doesn’t make sense at all. You mean I don’t make it beyond first dates and therefore don’t even enter relationships? Then I’ll change my bullshit title of “dating expert,” relating to dates, to an extremely obviously even more bullshit title, “relationship expert,” relating to relationships, which I don’t even start after the first dates.

          It’s the same kind of logic that made Donk think it was a great idea to include “Seňor Yack is not even sure he wants to stay in the military” in her fiction piece about how much Seňor Yack loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her but couldn’t because of the military.

          Your brain, Donkey. It just don’t work good.

    • omg. She is in the same section as Jenny Lawson, the great and awesome Bloggess. That is just wrong.

  13. Since there’s a little lull in JA coverage here, I just want to thank everyone here for being motivational to me over the last two years. Seriously, two years ago, I had a book proposal “in progress” (aka “sitting as a partially written word doc”). When Julia’s proposal came out and then resulted in a deal, that kicked me into gear. Got the contract, wrote the MS, finished revisions and now pub date is almost here. I’m not a writer by trade and this book will be nowhere close to the work of the esteemed author cat ladies that frequent this site, but seriously, had it not been for this site, I might never have actually stepped on the gas. So, thanks guys.

  14. Are any of you sort of sad haters watching the trainwreck that is the Bachelorette? There is a “healer” from Missouri on this season who speaks entirely in woo.

    • I know that “money can’t buy taste” is a horrible cliché, but Jesus Haploid Christ does that house illustrate it. Why do so many youngish rich people want their houses to look like an expensive resort hotel?

      • I once had a builder tell me that tubs were “out” and that people wanted the “boutique” look which meant a shower over a tub in the master. I informed him that as long as I was paying for the house and built-out I’d be willing to risk the fall-out during resale. I was willing for forgo the kitchen for additonal shoe space (at the time)-win some lose some. Tub & kitchen prevailed (not to be confused with the new fusion design of tub *in* kitchen). I swear if the woo or Zuckerberg’s of the world, with taste only in their mouths, really thought that was popular you’d see it sweeping the Bay Area.

    • Good Greg, that’s hideous. The bones of the house seem nice, but the interior design is so bad.

      • Maybe she can at least salvage the bedroom with a nice brown comforter, and a pillow with her name on it?

        • Or an adorable throw pillow begging people to cuddle now, in a totally not overbearing way of course.

      • I can’t figure it out — it’s like it changed hands half a dozen times during construction, & everyone came in w/ a different theme in mind. Or is this the result of some reality show I never heard of?

        What? is up w/ the bedroom that has a sink in it? Undo the bdrm aspect of it, make it an artist’s studio (quick, AFF, are the windows north-facing?!), then it makes sense.

        That light fixture over a dining table would ruin anyone’s appetite, if the chairs & wallpaper don’t make ya puke first.

    • are those Julia’s lips on the wallpaper?

      I like the purple bookcases and the rain wallpaper. But the rest just makes me sad.

      • The paintings, in particular, are so, so bad.

        BLESS YOUR HEARTS, New Rich people! Y’all are trying! I know it’s hard to know what looks nice when you don’t have moldering piles of antiques to pick through but that shit ain’t it.

        I’m kind of laughing at the painting in the workout room, it’s kind of a “Tribute to the Rowing Machine”

    • I’d say it seems Randi went to the Julia Allison school of interior decorating, but that would imply JA ever came up with anything on her own. Since we know she copies everything she sees, I suppose JA’s interior decorating is her variation of dressing for the job you want.

      Personally, I didn’t like the house itself – the luxury version of philistine is still philistine.

    • My god, the accompanying blurb is vicious — “(shall we say) taste-specific designs…” Come on over to RBD, Emily Landes; you’ll fit right in.

  15. I am so looking forward to whenever a new post comes up. Every time I see Loren Feldman’s face when I visit here, my stomach churns. He grosses me out in the way that the woo grifters gross out others here.

    • The only thing that soothes my soul is realizing how he must be holding onto some sort of enchanted iron bar to keep from commenting here.

      Piece of shit.

      • Seriously. She doesn’t think people of color ever get treated differently in her bubble because she hasn’t seen any.

        • She writes that she said nothing about racism before BECAUSE it is a big deal.

    • The comments are great–how soon til she deletes them all? Next post will be about how to get over the buttsore of meanies with some delicious (barf) Ecco Domani wine.

      • She’s posting right now and defending herself and her choice of hotel (she’s apparently too good to stay at a chain hotel… so she picks a hole in the wall and cries about it).. Wow. Now I know why I never let myself read her blog.. I can feel my blood pressure rising after two minutes reading this crap.

    • Eeeeww, poor people. They were so yucky, I almost didn’t want to give them any money to help them be less poor. I prefer to spend time where there is no racial tension; for example, someplace where everyone is white.

      There was even somebody smoking, if you can believe it, but she was wearing a Confederate t-shirt so obviously she is a total loser. Plus, she was using a wheelchair, so clearly she doesn’t even care about her own health.

      Two words: chipped paint. I don’t even let my manicure get that chipped. These people are beyond help.

      • Did [Jordacted] & Kendick quit smoking? Is she saying *they* never smoked outside a public establishment that doesn’t allow smoking inside? Cuz I’d wager real money on that bullshit.

        Furthermore, I’m not even convinced [Jordacted] knows the difference between a Confederate flag & a British flag, & she sure as hell doesn’t know that lady’s story — the woman could be a DV victim wearing donated clothes & recovering from a severe beating after finally leaving / escaping an abuser.

        • It’s okay to smoke outside a public establishment, but only if you’re cute, young, and can stand on two legs.

    • “This trip isn’t about going to all the places in the country we think we’ll like best – I mean that’s part of it, but it’s also about just seeing our country. Showing it to our children, and showing it to you.”

      She truly is an ambassador for all the privileged, wealthy white people. Thanks for taking one for the team, Muffy. I mean, I heard poor people existed in this country but I never knew how truly icky they were until now.

      P.S. Don’t travel outside the resort walls in a third world country like Jamaica… you might have a fucking heart attack and die.

      • she couldn’t get free room and board all across the country by offering to post a few selfies of herself and her children?

    • Ouch, the comments are painful.

      My favorite: “It’s bad enough that you’re a grown woman with two children who doesn’t know how to find a decent, safe place for your family to stay, but it’s even worse to then arbitrarily decree that you stayed in the “second best place in town” and therefore, the town is horrible.”

      So true… this tool picked the wrong hotel (no excuse for that in the age of TripAdvisor, hotels.com, yelp etc) and then concluded that Hot Springs, and the whole of Arkansas, even anything outside the coastal states suck.

      What. A. Tool.

      • Sounds like she’s not used to budget travel, made reservation at last minute and thought she’d blogbitch shame the hotel into a refund. That’s not gonna happen. Love that someone served her up about it being the 26th best hotel not the 2nd best.

        • JFA’ing does she always dress like a hooker on family vacations?

          • YES she always dresses like a hooker. It’s her sexiness, don’t judge, she likes dancing on her roof in booty shorts and stripper shoes whilst pregnant. SHE DO WHAT SHE WANT.

    • I can’t be bothered to look it up, but this bobble gourd has more than once dressed in coochie cutters and a crop top whilst decreeing that her love of fucking PBR means that she secretly yearns to be “Southern white trash.” Go fuck yourself, Jordan.

    • Could it be that she simply googled “best motel” and “Hot Springs” and went with the first hit? After all, we’re talking about a woman who was caught by surprise by a hot metal fork burning her tongue.

      I never shared the love for Jordan, but have to admit that I miss the days when hapless hipster Jordan joined the revolving cast of “sisters”.

      • twee ooops look at my children look at me i am wearing short shorts and pointing my toe look at my children look at me

        there is desolate poverty in new york city blocks away from million dollar apartments

        she is deaf and blind and stupid.

    • I do believe [JORDACTED] thinks peel-&-eat
      shrimp are indigenous to Hot Springs, Ark …

    • BTW, was she just there, over Memorial Day weekend? Because HS,A was preparing for flooding at that time — that’s going to make any & every place suck, pretty much.

  16. OT but the Shantress is getting ready for some big reveal. She’s been blogging about it for two days without saying anything but it’s somehow connected to stealing your parents’ money so you (she?) can continue to live the lifestyle of the woo and famous. Alo, Ali and Alexis are no longer dying but they are being “integrated” into her next iteration of herself. Because a coach said that’s what should happen. Also, she has announced she is an alien. This is not a parody.

    • She literally posted that the most important job of all is to be as sensitive as possible. LOL. I can’t wait to tell my boss that.

      • To clarify, I assume that does not include being sensitive to anyone else’s feelings.

    • So many words that mean nothing, half complete grocery-like lists, something about clarity and a whole fucking lot of “really”, no really, REALLY-all circling back to to absolutely nothing. She can’t fall of the face of the internet fast enough. That’s what’s coming for Ali-the end. Can’t she feel it? So intuitive but she can’t “really” feel what’s coming for her.

    • Don’t hold your breath, she does this like every two weeks.

      Things were dark, and she was worried and sad and scared, then she saw the light within herself and conquered her fears and was free and happy like never before.

      You can do it too, by buying a bottle of her latest scheme juice.

      For a steep discount. Today only.

      Lather, rinse, attach feathers, repeat.

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