So Donk seems to be warming up to A. deliver another second-date blow job, if she hasn’t already and then B. ruin the relationship by blasting it all over social media. Oh please let it be so. It’s always so entertaining when she has a mark and she sends him screaming for the hills.




      • I’m sorry.. that was probably too much. I wouldn’t beat anyone up.. It’s just, Julia fucking Allison announcing that she’ll be stalking a new target just sets me off.. ugh.

        You can eat the peanuts/corn outta my shit Julia Allison. 😀

  1. If by “swept off your feet” you mean two orderlies in white uniforms locking elbows with me and dragging my limp, babbling carcass out to a waiting paddy wagon… zero times.

    • If she meants “swept off her feet” by “accidentally falling in love with a married man who never told her he was married,” well, then sure, Julie.

  2. For her, it’s the same number of times she couldn’t chill the fuck out after a first date.

    • Right? She gets swept off her feet every time some guy tolerates her. Isn’t she tired of her own hyperbole yet?

      • One of my favorites: “The man I met the night of my Grandmother’s death is now the love of my life. We’ve been together 9 months.”

        Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! “Love of my life.” “Been together nine months.” Hahahahaha! It never gets old.

        • It’s funny, she had a little bit of insight there that she didn’t even realize: “The man…is now the love of my life,” not “The man is the love of my life” which would have given the statement more gravitas. By qualifying it with the “now,” it makes it sound like his status as “love of her life” could change in the future, which of course it did.

      • I just heard from Julia and she wanted me to tell you, yes, she is more tired of her own hyperbole than anyone has ever been tired of anything in the entire history of the universe. Ineffably.

  3. Guaranteed this is the real reason she’s missing LiB. She needs to reserve her time to go stalking.

    • I hope it is some non-woo guy with completely conventional interests and tastes so we can laugh as second date blow job afterglow turns to curiosity, then discomfort and horror watching the behooved one teach him the ways ofBurning Man. Okay, call me Rainbow. Now we are going to a clit flicking party with run by a humanoid with some kind of bangs.

        • And then does a sour grapes post about how it was all so superficial and left her unfulfilled.

        • I vote for her discovering that accountants or insurance brokers are totally the “true saviours of the world”.

          • And then she will post a picture of her glittered hooves holding a 1040-DIV form.

        • If it’s really over a dude it’s this because she needs to molt like the snake she is; however, I read that post as anger, like she’s mad she’s not falling in love ever other minute. She’s owed the great love of her life and I’d suspect she’d even gently help a family member on to the next dimension to make it happen.

  4. I like how the responses are like, “errr, how many people or how many times?”

    No one knows how to respond to her stupid ass meaningless questions. And who keeps track of that shit anyway? Um, 37.5 times. No, 2 times. Who the fuck cares?

    • Yes, it’s a typical question of someone who is very “curious” and undeniably deeply interested in other people.

  5. Wali even dedicates a Pitbull song to her… Julie, does that count?!!?

      • At this point, I think she knows he might be the only man who’d have her. She can’t burn that bridge.

        • Is she ready to become a Bangladeshi mail-order bride?

          She does not have a lot of other realistic options right now.

          That’s would be SO MUCH FUN (for us, of course).

          • Just seeing this thread about Wali made taking a break from my interminably and ineffably exhausting desk errands totally worth it.

            Thank you, delicious cat ladies.

  6. Oh, that delicous crackle in the air when a new pretend relationship is in the offing! I wonder what we’ll nickname him. Will he have a job, other than the sloppy one she gives him? How long will it take Afghani to calculate his parents’ net worth? WILL JACY GET HER POOFY PINK DONKEY WEDDING?

    So many questions and not a one worth answering.

    • I think the pink puffy wedding is off the table forever.

      Her only options are:
      a) Drunken wedding in Vegas, in the unlikely event she finds a terminally stupid mark with a penchant for binge drinking
      b) Green-card wedding with Wali

      • You’re absolutely right, as far as the current personality goes, but who knows where the Wheel of Dysfunction will have stopped by the time Granny Bach send her another soulmark.

    • You nailed the observation about parental net worth.

      Just LOL @ Julia being able to entice any man who has made his own money. Her GULC fiance, Chuck Forman, and the two [redacted(s)] made their own way in life, but those types of guys will not fall for Julia in her current sorry state.

      It’s going to be another Debbie/Avocado. The only alternative is a deranged middle aged divorcee with heavy child support payments that will not appreciate at first, but come to appreciate in due time.

  7. Completely utterly undeniably swept off your feet.
    You know, as opposed to kinda, sorta, maybe wept off your feet. (Typo and it stays)

    Always with the hyperbole.

      • I say this with all sincerity: if I ever make it to some hippy dippy drugged out festival, my alter ego will be “Past Participle.”

    • My lovership and I often have this type of conversation:

      HisLovershipness: “I am sweeping you off your feet!”

      Myself: “I DENY YOU!” *grows heavier, as heavy as a brown dwarf star, remains firmly on own feet*

      And that’s what marriage is like, Joolia.

  8. Meh. What else is new?

    Using the infamous floor-oinking incident as a measure for how much “OMG male attention!!11!” makes her lose all composure, I suppose someone vaguely attractive smiled at her in a lift.

    • Heh, if anyone remembers the guy with 290 Yelp reviews written in two months, who I think would in many ways be a great match for Donkula (except we all agreed that she’d have to “work” for about 4 years on 290 Yelp reviews, with lots of “back and forth” with her “team,” not to mention that she sure as hell doesn’t know 290 places to review, even though she, unlike her little brother, has lived in 57 cities): I remember once he made a big deal out of how I accidentally touched his hand, or perhaps it wasn’t accidental, or was it, and did I have any idea about what kind of “torture,” however “sweet,” it was for him? Meanwhile I just frigidly stared at him as I had no idea WTF he was talking about.

      Yeah. It’s like that.

      • Dude sure sounds like a real prize. If he ever met the One who Brays, they’d probably be either one of those insufferable “Look at us! Soooo epic!!!” couples our loathe each other right away.

  9. Someone should respond to her post with links to all the other exact same posts she’s made over the years.

    Most of what she’s up to these days is boring.

    This. This is why we watch. This is just completely and utterly batshit insane.

  10. They all sound like 14 year olds. Sorry 14 year olds, didn’t mean to insult.

    And what’s up with the “(Rainbow)” next to her name? Did she nickname herself or something?

      • Remember when she went to Burning Man with Debbie and they had the stupidest costume idea in the history of mankind?

        Basically, they were supposed to dress up as the rainbow, but they just wore a different color each day instead.

        The only way the costume made sense was if you saw them 7 days in a row and remembered. Otherwise, they were just two a-holes wearing orange (or green, or whatever color they were wearing that day).

        Oh, the memories!

        • Oh, but it gets even less creative than that! Her costumes were the same every day but just changed color: sparkly red bra with red tutu, sparkly green bra with green tutu, etc.

          Just another example of the Donkey Paradox: she claims to be an artist but is the least creative person imaginable.

        • That’s when her camp dubbed her Sparkle Wolf, which is an insult, a variant of Sparkle Pony.

  11. I’m way late to the party but I just want to give a shout-out to the original woo who really did drive a caravan around the country, giving out free hugs: Halcyon Pink (now John Halcyon Styn) and his Hug Nation. His is a level of commitment to a persona JABA and her tribe can only dream of, bless.

  12. I can’t wait for the passive-aggressive crowdsourcing that will inevitably follow:

    -When a man sends you flowers, how do you thank him?
    -Have you ever had sex 5 times on the same day? How do you cope with it? Please share your experiences
    -Would you say a 10-inch cock is gigantic or just very big? I am interested in your opinions
    -Where do you buy your diamonds? Do you know a supplier of organic gluten-free diamonds? A friend in the Bay Area is looking
    -What is the most ROMANTIC restaurant in San Francisco? Do you have a lead in to get an instant reservation?
    -How do you crack the iPhone’s password? A friend forgot hers! (girls are like that)

    • Or does anyone know a doctor who doesn’t want to be paid, after hours who will look at debbie’s penis?

      • OMG that was brilliant! She also said she had to specify a doctor for menz was needed otherwise everyone would assume she was pregnant. It was very stuff.

        • As though anyone wanted to visualize Sr. Micro Peen throwing bowling balls down her hallway unprotected. Even he knew better than to breed with a Donk.

          I’m usually sad for people who want kids but don’t find a partner in time and don’t want to go another route; in her case it will be hilarious if her clock ticks down before she can trap a wallet.

  13. Here’s what she Tweeted in Oct. 2010 when she’d just met Pancakes (but was publicly braying over soon-to-be OBO’ed Greasy.)

    “Just when you think you’ve seen everything, you meet someone who blows you away. Wow.”

    • She may change her name and take ayahuasca in Peru, she may do yoga in the Palace of Fine Arts and go clit-flicking with SK-3000 but, deep down, once a Donkey, always a Donkey.

      She. Never. F-ing. Changes.

      Lather, rinse, repeat or, in her case, apply TreSemme, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.

        • I pretty much lose my will to live when I read it and see a picture of Cousin It.

        • Pretty close to how I felt the first time I heard “Hiney Hygiene Station” — and then imagined a clit-flicking om-session taking place nearby.


  14. This is the most amazing man ever, until he dumps me and I find a new sucker that will drop me as soon as he gets to know me.

    • Yep. This is what I love most about this cycle. I really mean that. I LOVE this cycle the most. It never fails to crack me up.

  15. Swept off your feet at 34?

    Yes, it could happen, but gurl’s not getting any younger…and she
    makes herself sound like a high schooler rather than a strategic dater
    of Rich & Fantastic Sons of Power Moms.

    • Seriously… I teach high schoolers and they aren’t this nauseating about their relationships… and they have the excuse of being naive and hormonal.

  16. But what does this mean for wallet-hunting at Camp Grounded and the P’ton Reunion with Dadsers? Does a Donkey still need to go if she has a new mark already?

    • I must say I was very excited when I heard about the Princeton Reunion the other week. I think the last one was before my time, or at a time when I still wasn’t able to appreciate the gloriousness of Donk on the prowl like I could now. So I’ll be very disappointed if she doesn’t go.

      • Me too. The photos alone–humping the tiger, for example–are ineffably delicious.

    • Camp Grounded sounds like a fucking nightmare. All these forced group activities. It’s an introvert’s horror show.

  17. OT, kind of: Last night I got an email from a former JIML (kind of) and now I have conflicted feels about it. Would anyone care if I wrote a rambling comment on the subject here? (VALIDATE ME.) I could use the Grampa Simpson method of narration…. “I have a funny story about this. Well, it’s actually not as funny as it is long.” Seriously, I could use some insights, but at the same time it’s no big deal in any way, so, uh, I don’t even know what I’m trying to say here because my brain is all wrong.

      • Please write it! And even if it’s not relevant, please work a dish towel into the story because I haven’t been able to look at my kitchen dish towel without thinking of you since that decent story. ☺️

        • I second this! Also, I feel a sense of disappointment in myself and my upbringing that I do not now nor have I ever owned a dish towel with a hanging loop attached. You Europeans are fancy!

          • my oven mitts have hanging loops; certain persons in my household ignore the loops and leave them on the counter.

        • Oh, please don’t remind me. I just avoid the kitchenette these days. It’s more than I can take.

    • does the preface make the burden of making the story interesting more or less heavy

      — boring story; meh

      — uncertain introduction, unreliable narrator, boring story ….

      — awesome story

      do it!

    • Tl; dr the likes of which have never been seen here before, I am sure; to all who DGAF, please don’t hate me for forcing you to scroll down this monster wall o’text.

      To all kind souls who responded encouragingly, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the validation. 🙂 You’re very sweet. I’m afraid the “story” is not even terribly interesting, though. I’ve known this girl since elementary school where we were friends, then we lost touch for a while, then when we were about 19, we reunited and became very close. I considered her my very best friend for most of my early 20s. She was a JIML of sorts and it was getting worse over time, as in, no matter the amount of attention I gave her, it was never enough. She did NOT have other Donkey traits such as mind-baughling laziness, lack of humor or taste or zero interest in the outside world, I have to say. She was great fun at times, could be very kind at times, and was seriously adventurous and genuinely quirky, not in a “hula hooping, of course” disphit way. Still, somehow our conversations always focused on her and her insane “problems with men,” more and more so. It devolved into a pattern when she more or less formally asked about me and my life in the first minutes, obviously to get it out of the way, and then when I gave her a (increasingly short, because I didn’t really want to discuss my shit with someone who 1) obviously didn’t care that much, and 2) was, IMO, totally insane as far as “problems with men” went) answer and she offered some vague response, I could see the spark in her eyes as we could finally get to HER! and her horrible PROBLEMS.

      Then we spent, I’m not exaggerating, four, five or more hours talking about her shit, which I’m sorry to say (I really am, it was increasingly embarrassing to me even at that time when I did lots of crazy things myself), involved raving mad stuff such as outright stalking men whom she constantly had to mock and degrade, yet could not give up for some fucked up reason. It was seriously maddening. She could not stop talking about how much of an idiot, asshole and lousy sex-haver the guy in question was, yet we had to talk over and over and OVER again about what she could do to make / keep him interested and how much of an idiot he was not to recognize her awesomeness. And when I say “talk,” I really mean that she kept talking about it for hours, repeating the same thing a million times over and only making brief pauses for me to express approval and reassurance. Then the whole thing started again. She was the neediest person I knew.

      Honestly I didn’t get it at that time and I still don’t get it, because she behaved like a textbook no-self-esteem-having doormat, travelled to other countries to spend a night with the poor sap in question who did not even bother to respond to more than maybe 1 of her 5 emails, and yet she had PLENTY of self-esteem, as in, she talked in complete seriousness about how beautiful and smart and cool she was. So, it doesn’t make sense IMO, but whatever.

      Because I am an idiot, this took several years and kept getting worse. It was very exhausting and frankly, increasingly boring. Then it culminated when I did not respond to a text message soon enough, or refused to go somewhere she wanted to go or something, I honestly don’t remember, and she then sent me one or two text messages saying something to the effect of “I have always been on your side no matter what, and now I’m not even worth this /response, going out, I don’t know/ to you, SO UNFAIR, HOW DARE YOU.” I don’t get offended easily, but this was one of the most offensive things anyone has ever said to me. She was the very last person in the world who could complain about not getting enough attention from me, as I had spent YEARS listening to her talking about how awesome she was and how much some asshole owed her. So I think I did not respond to that, and she apologized in no time, maybe on the next day. I said OK and we met shortly afterward, but I could not help being quite cold toward her. She sensed that and apologized again, and I thought that RATIONALLY speaking, I really should forgive her and move on, because what more can you do in such a situation than apologize, twice? Yet I could not forgive, or forget. It really felt like I physically could not. I guess that was the point of no return.

      So we started to drift apart since then, and then she moved out of the city, so that made things easier. She got knocked up and married the baby’s father later, but I never met him. For at least a year or two, we had no contact at all. Then about two years ago she started trying to get in touch again, sent a brief message now and then, checking if I still had the same phone number and email address, asking how I was etc. I seriously contemplated ignoring it altogether and pretending NOT to have the same number and address anymore, but then (after days or maybe weeks) I surrendered and briefly responded. I never said anything more than “Yeah, I still have the same addy, doing well, glad to hear you are too.” Then I did not reply to her following message, and she went silent again, and then three months later she emailed me some bullshit link or something, and I ignored it, etc.

      Then last night I got a “longish” email from her, very nice in tone and all, plus five or six pics. She has two daughters now, 4 and 1.5 years old, and is still married to the guy, and has relocated to some other village in the mountains or whatever, and she “would be happy to know” what’s new with me and how I’m doing.

      I may be naïve, but I think she must have “matured” somewhat, because the emotional vampire I used to know would simply NOT have been able to maintain a relationship for several years or care for two children. So in principle, I may not be opposed to the idea that she’s a decent person now. Still, am I really interested and do I want her back in my life? I don’t think so. I have matured too, and now I would NEVER waste the amount of time and energy on someone who behaved the way she behaved back then. And I have other people in my life (including two friends I have known for as long as I’ve known her; neither of them ever cared for her though) and, oddly enough, am also quite busy most of the time.

      I am not SURE I want to actively avoid seeing her ever again though, because what the hell, maybe she is as fun as she used to be, but less crazy and needy? Plus I may feel like a bit of an asshole if I don’t respond at all. I mean, the email in itself is nice and completely unobjectionable.

      I’m not really looking for advice as I understand it’s for me to solve, but I would greatly appreciate hearing about some similar experience, if anyone has had it, or any insights anyone may have. And a huge THANK YOU to all who have actually read this far. I apologize for all the blabbing and would completely understand it if mods want to delete it.

      • omg Helena, this is the freakiest thing I have ever read on RBD, because this could be written by me. (Only it wouldn’t have been as well written because you have ALL the talents.) Really. In almost every detail, this is from my life. The lively, clever, attractive friend who was only interested in her own stories, which always involved men, the cursory “So, how are you?” in order to spend hours (yes, I believe you that it was hours, because it was hours in my life, too) analysing her problems, etc etc etc etc etc…

        And with me, too, there was one moment that broke the relationship and that I couldn’t come back from. In my case, it was a “big” birthday – mine – and I invited six of my best friends (including the JIML) to omg Paris for a weekend of wild dancing, and a cooking course, and the opera. It was really cool. Except this JIML could not put her shit away, even for this one weekend. She went on and on about herself and her issues, even while we were all trying to just chill and enjoy ourselves. And at the end of the weekend, I had had enough. Just like you, it was more than an intellectual decision; it felt physical, like, I just cannot communicate with this person anymore, because I see now that there is ZERO room in her heart for me.

        So – I cut off contact. I just stopped answering her calls, and her emails. That was nine years ago.

        In a similar way to your friend, mine has on occassion reached out to me since then. But I have adamantly refused to have any contact. I gave this woman so much of my time and energy and attention and actually love, really, because I did love her as a friend for a long time. But it all fell into the hole of her neediness and I never, ever got anything back, even though during some of the years of our friendship I was pretty unhappy myself. I see her as being a bad thing in my life. And I am much happier without that friendship sucking me dry.

        • Thank you, FS, I really appreciate this. It feels good to know that this story is not really yoonique, and it sounds like you’ve definitely made the right decision.

          • I recently cut out a lifelong friend after decades of this shit. She would like back in but I see no evidence at all in any way that she has changed or is capable of changing. So I will not allow her back in. I put up with a lot of shit for years, but when I was done, I was really done.

        • i had that friend for a while, until listening to her wasn’t interesting any more and she kind of sensed it before i did and she withdrew

      • SIMILAR: (of the needy persuasion) (& a wall of text)

        Through a relative, I met a girl I’ll call “J” — 1st thing I said to J caused her to bust out sobbing — she was from a podunk town that I’d coincidentally met someone else from there just days prior, else I wouldn’t have even remembered the name — I said: “Hey! Do you know ?”

        Yeah, that went well — right off the bat, she’s a charity case whom I feel guilty about because one, I made her cry & two, because my relative (who was moving away) asked me to take her under my wing & let her go out w/ me & my friends, since she was starting over in the big city, newly single, & hadn’t yet made her own new friends. Okay, okay, I’ll do it!

        There was another side to the cheating husband story though (as there always is) — the evil homewrecker just happened to be a bff’s cousin, so I got a perfectly plausible version of J being the evil doer. Meh, leave me out of it, I had no dog in that fight, eh?

        So anyway, on to going out tomcatting w/ my friends — J took a very focused interest in one of my friends who is just a freakin’ knockout — always asking about her: “Will so-&-so be there?” “What is so-&-so wearing tonnight?” & weird wants-to-wear-her-skin swf stuff like that.

        Turns out J was so insecure, she was emulating (trying, anyway) my knockout friend cuz she didn’t know what to do w/ herself. Then it went too far. We were all out on the lake in knockout friend’s bf’s boat when it came time to go to the marina & p/u my bf (who had a race that morn, why he was late) & drop off knockout friend who had to go meet her ex to p/u her kids.

        Soon as knockout friend was out of the picture, the entire dynamic changed — J made a move on knockout friend’s man & a it would turn out, he was a scumbag & all over that shit. We (bf & I) noped the fuck right out of that awkward sitch. J later called me at bf’s house (that right there infuriated me to no end) & asked me if I thought she should meet up w/ scumbag later. I told her to go for it, that she deserved a guy like him (which flew right over her head, as she just wanted so bad to be on par w/ knockout friend). Then I called knockout friend to break it to her — she took it hard for the kids sake, cuz hers & his had all gotten very attached, but she she did cut him loose then & there.

        Fast forward couple a years — mine & J’s paths cross at a bday party (what I knew of her in the interim is that she’d gotten a boob job, cuz she called me all teary while supposedly under the anesthesia still) — her biggo boobs landed her a cute cowboy, & she actually seemed to have chilled the fuck down considerably. I was willing to let bygones be bygones (knockout friend forgave her because she considered it a favor done, exposing a scumbag) & we resumed being in touch on a semi basis. Until J got pregnant & then named her kid EXACTLY what my relative had named her own kid first. It was too creepy that she one, had no boundaries & two, would mirror others to such extremes.

        • End of 2nd paragraph should read: “Hey! Do you know [insert name of girl who ran off w/ her husband]?” but I used the less than / greater than brackets that make enclosed contents vanish. Uhm, er oops?

        • Oh wow, that sounds like a different but entirely horrible thing to have to deal with. As they say, thanks for sharing.

          You know, I really felt sort of itchy reading this. I think what this may boil down to is that I actually can’t stand people who expect me to give a shit about their problems, or something. 🙂 I crack myself up. But seriously, this is a powerful story and it seems to me that you did all the good things you could under the circumstances.

          • I dunno ’bout having done ‘good things’ — that slimy ordeal left me feeling as bad as if I’d done it to my friend myself.

          • I understand that, but none of it was your fault. You had no control over what a crazy person and a scumbag decided to do, and you supported your knockout friend.

      • be polite and minimalistic and she will sense that she no longer has your unlimited attention and she will back away, OR that will make her more insane than she is and she will stalk you until the end of time or until something else happens

      • I think you might be overoptimistic about how much she might have changed since having children. The shitty parents one hears so much about have to come from somewhere, after all.

        • Must agree with you, Albie. The JIML who I describe above was a mother of two when I first met her (in fact, we met through Mom stuff).

      • Many thanks to all who bothered to read my nonsense and responded. I’m very grateful for all your replies and will def take them into account when / if I decide whether or not to communicate with the former best friend at all. It seems that most of you are inclined toward “not worth a try,” so that helps.

        • I read it. Friendships should make you feel good, not stressed & anxious so I agree with all that this is not much of a “friendship”.

  18. Any other academic cat peeps still around? Anyone else consumed with the story about the retraction of the Science article on brief contact and support for same sex marriage because the grad student co-author, who had a job lined up at Princeton, faked data? I mean, with the amount of time he must have spent to fake the data – and emailing his Columbia prof co-author tables and figures etc – he could have actually, you know, collected real data .

    • I’m not an academic but I work in data analysis and yeah, faking data would be so much trouble. I am guessing they slippery-sloped themselves straight out of a career.

    • This story is quite telling regarding the current state of academia. Look at the Columbia professor, probably thinking he could get an easy publication out of it while grad student does most of the heavy lifting. And, while I understand that Institutional Research Boards can serve to keep academics focused and aware of how they budget their time, I find his argument for washing his hands of doing at least some primary data analysis quite weak.

      I’m not defending the grad student, not at all, but he either did not listen to concerns voiced by more experienced academics, including Mr. Columbia Prof., regarding the feasibility of the project or, also a distinct possibility, was left to his own devices. Or he was an artful dodger all along, who knows, but my money’s on him wanting to do too much and no one reining him in. Canvassing is hard work and rarely yields the response one hoped for, online surveys are equally tricky – I’ve witness this with some of my Ph.D. colleagues and always been thankful that my “respondents” were all long dead and prolific writers, so I didn’t need to chase after material to analyse. 🙂

      Also, I really want to know more about the funding situation because it seems he could have accessed funds but never did? Or had funds but used them for different purposes? But I agree, Snow, it’s intriguing.

    • I haven’t read the article (but will now-thanks for posting). In general though it amazes me that people justify this type of fraud as a means to an end. And with little regard for the damage they’ve caused the subjects and the industry. Image vs. substance.
      It’s likely in part how donkey got a book deal but the publishing industy does the same thing with falsely obtaining #1 NYTimes best sellers for authors. The bottom will fall out on a lot of industries as false data is exposed and consumers start to reward the ethical and leave the unethical to die on the vine.
      It’ll be interesting to see where the co-author of the study will land now that the Princeton job is as about as realistic as getting a job as the Wizard in Oz.

      • Yeah. I just do not understand how people have the audacity to do these sorts of things, not only fake data but then go around on national circuits to promote it. I guess that’s part of why I’m here, Donks does it but in a way that’s laughable because she’s utterly ridiculous. This stuff re: academic fraud infuriates the hell out of me.

        • Academic fraud sucks and the only silver lining (and that’s a stretch) is that this research wasn’t a matter of life and death. Some phamra companies pre- farm out their research via third party services in third world countries before doing clinical trials in the U.S.

          • And then they cherry pick what suits their agenda (as told to me by a Dana Farber researcher who has patents pending on some medical findings).

          • Yes, for this, but his research had already gotten attention from a lot of LGBTQ non-profits that are spending a lot of money to implement his findings. And of course there’s the infamous Regnerus debacle where awful data and awful coding (in addition to his funding source being an ultra conservative think tank that helped with questions, and the links he had with people there just happened to be the reviewers for his article, which was published in Social Science Research) has been used to promote the anti-gay marriage people and he’s IIRC has written briefs to the Supreme Court and goes on talks to promote this to ultra conservative groups.

    • I’m not familiar with this story, but an OMGCOLLEGE friend of mine is an org psych professor now and I answer every single inane survey his students send out because I know they have to get their data somewhere.

  19. Oh, puke!

    On FB, I have a ‘Foodies’ list of all things food (durrr), including “Food Babe”. Today, I no sooner click over there & then I see this nonsense up top:

    Food Babe 15 mins ·
    I had so much hanging out with my friend Lewis Howes from The School of Greatness! Hear all about why I started this blog, what motivates me to do this work and hear my answer to a tricky situation (organic junk food vs. conventional fruit – which one would I choose?!) Catch the video here:

    I might have to cut that skan from my list …

    • Please do! This Food Babe really irks me. So frivolous. How is fruit “conventional”? It’s fruit plain and simple. Fruit is fruit is fruit is fruit. And it’s a “tricky situation” to choose between two snacks? How pretentious! Meanwhile, everyday in downtown Los Angeles, I see homeless and often mentally ill people foraging through trash cans to find something edible that someone else has thrown out. This person needs to spend less time contemplating the merits of snack options and more time reflecting on how lucky she is that she doesn’t have an empty belly and no options other than to pick food from the someone else’s garbage. Ridiculous.

  20. As long as boring D0nkey is being boring, can I go way the eff off-topic & ask what others think of the Waco biker shootout? Me personally, I am leaning towards major fuckup of epic proportions on the part of Waco LEO’s. Just wondering what others not so close to it think, particularly those well-versed in the law … ?

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