Thuch a Tease: DJ Fozzie Creates a Mixtape!

dj fozzie

I don’t even have the energy to post or parse Skankatron 3000B’s latest foamings at the mouth. She’s once again facing challenges that she’s never faced before and looking for the strength to survive. Maybe she’s pregnant, maybe some people don’t like Fozzie, maybe a glass jug breaking is a metaphor for her existence? My Wooglish is limited, as is my patience.

As for Michael Austin Jacobs, the celebrated musician is in deep (Deep!) creativity mode, creating his magnum opus on his laptop while sitting on the bathroom floor or at a Boulder picnic table.  Tomorrow DJ Fozzie will wake up and decide he’s a chemist, maybe a heart surgeon, perhaps a prima ballerina. Ah, life on Planet Xenon!

Over the past month or so, I have been deep in the creative process.

Last night, I shared one of the songs off my mixtape with Colby Collins. The experienced he described having was a direct reflection of the intention I have set for this creation. I felt so good hearing that.

I’ve been in a really unique spot in my creative process. In the past, I have shared a lot of my creation as I go through the process of creating it.

I’ve seen in the past that this has actually diminished my creative energy when I go to share the project at a later date.

This time, I am trying something new. Although I desire to share some of what I have been creating, I have decided to hold off on sharing any music publicly until the mixtape is complete.

Thank you everyone who has been asking to hear my music.

dj fozzie 2

To KS: Did you make it to the 3 a.m. eternal with Avo spinning & Donkey dancing? If you’ve got fauxtos or footage, please e-mail!


        • The NYT style section pieces are the goddamn worst, so of course Flusher Price would show up in there.

          “New York feels like it’s all about ‘making it,’ ” said Julia Price, a musician and former Manhattanite who is in her 20s. “L.A. feels like it’s all about making things.”

          Tho creative! L.A. can be just as vicious as New York. Take your head out of your ass, Flusher.

          “In her 20s”? Just barely, if that.

        • Ugh. I couldn’t get through the first paragraph of that article bc it features the woman who stalked me.

          “Well, the truth is, I started visiting LA because I was stalking this woman who lived there. And then I fell in love.”


          • It’s such a long, windy, and unbelievably weird story. Sometimes I still can’t believe it happened, even though I had to be medicated for PTSD.

            I am a writer and have been trying to figure out how to tell it for years (this happened in 2010-2011). Can’t find the right form. Thought it might be a good fit for This American Life, pitched it to them and never heard back.

            But: if y’all are interested, I’ll can try to send something to Jacy in the coming weeks?

          • Wow-almost wang-no-more or detachable wang it’s good to mix up the crazy and julia will be ready with her sausage fingers and glitter pen to take notes.

    • Oh, this makes me so sad! No idea if SS is in for the same nightmare we had (my mom died while on vacation in another country), but an international death is a whole other animal to deal w/ on top of everything else — I hope somebody goes to be w/ her & accompany her back, especially if the kids are w/ her. My nephew-by-marriage died yesterday, also leaving behind two kids (itty bitty kids) & my heart just breaks for any child losing a parent so sudden & unexpectedly. 🙁

  1. While awaiting the ks report, there’s this woo convo happening on Donkey’s facebook page:

    Julia Allison
    April 30 at 10:01pm · San Francisco, CA ·
    Who amongst you has done a Life Mission / Purpose / Core Values excavation exercise?
    I did one at Tony Robbin’s DWD that changed my life, but I can’t really model his technique (it’s pretty complicated, and I’m not trained it in). So I’m looking for various methods to facilitate such exploration … anyone have best practices on this?
    Thank you!!
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    24 people like this.

    Ali Shanti Eleanor Tara has a beautiful and quite simple (thought not necessarily easy by any means) process that she shared as part of my Money Map training and it’s far different than most Purpose exercises are. On the other end of the spectrum, Craig Allan Filek has a phenomenal process that triangulates your ennegram, astrology and myers-briggs to dig the gold out of your shadow and hone in on your life purpose in a process he calls Purpose Mapping. You may also want to check in with Reuben Allan Lewis who has been developing some quite complex processes around purpose with NLP systems baked in. Between these three, you’ve got a full spectrum.
    Yesterday at 1:14am · Like · 4

    Ali Shanti Oh, one more option: Tim Kelley has a super deep process for identifying your purpose via connection to Trusted Source.
    Yesterday at 1:17am · Like · 3

    Reuben Allan Lewis Thanks Ali. Julia, you can use this exercise to hone in on what kind of exercise you really want and how you’ll know you’ve found it.
    Yesterday at 8:54am · Like

    Reuben Allan Lewis You can use it to define the method you’re looking for.
    Yesterday at 8:56am · Like

    Craig Allan Filek How did it change your life, Julia?

  2. PS – what happened to Fozzie’s book? Wasn’t he writing a book before becoming a musician? I’m so confused. Now I don’t have a book from Julie OR Fozzie to read. . . . .

  3. I just emailed the report to Gilly and with attachments. Now the pressure is on HER! I’ve been typing nonstop for hours! This kind of last minute creativity forced out by deadlines is quite new to me. It’s almost orgasmic when you click “send” and push your chair back. You journalists and writers must live in a bipolar state of anxiety and elation. I have a new found appreciation for that field.

    • Love and light to you! And yes, nailed it with the anxiety/elation observation.

    • To think it will only be 7 months of edits and rewrites before we get to read it! That is how writing works, right?

      • Exactly! If we’re lucky, we’ll get a screenshot of scribbled bulletin notes by KS’ Editor [Gilly] in the highly anticipated second season premiere of “MissAssvice: They Call Me Donkey.”

  4. O/T but I just read about this Mad Max-style apocalyptic “Wasteland Weekend” in California:

    I wonder if any of the Woo folk will be attending, or if they’d be too scared shitless to try and fit in with their glitter shorts and rooster feathers.

  5. “Last night, I shared one of the songs off my mixtape with Colby Collins. The experienced he described having was a direct reflection of the intention I have set for this creation. I felt so good hearing that.”

    Lol! Whut?

    Does he not know what a mixtape is, or does he think we don’t know what a mixtape is?

    • Why is he calling it a mixtape in the first place? Does this kid even remember what tapes are, much less have any? And how is grouping a bunch of other people’s songs together creating music of his own? By that logic, I suppose I am a musician with multiple hit albums in the form of iPod playlists. These woos, gah.

  6. Thank you everyone who has been asking to hear my music.

    I’ve been needing a good laugh … done & dusted.

  7. He’s back! Swain is back on FB. For those of you (and me) who can’t turn away from that Swainwreck.

    • He’s been on twitter more. This gem gave me a good chuckle:

      Ryan Swain ‏@RyanSwainDMD 8h8 hours ago
      @mattebent “Learning to Love Yourself, that is the greatest Love of all.” -Whitney Houston

      Matthew Ebent ‏@mattebent 7h7 hours ago
      @RyanSwainDMD Whitney Houston. Died alone, at 48 from drowning a tub while tripping on cocaine. I don’t think I’d use her as my life model

  8. If Donkey couldn’t bow to demands that she star in a second season of Miss Advised because she was co-creating The Greatest Love Ever Engineered by a Dead Meemaw and Bach, she must be totes legit free to do it now. That’s probably what she’s doing whenever she disappears. Starring. In a “documentary series.” Again.


  9. Hey I thought Michael The Magical Musician was changing his name to “Maji?!” It’s not changed on Facebook, so it can’t be too official. And whatever happened to Ali Chanté’s new name? She promised to let us know the latest, and I’ve been holding my breath so long, I need someone dressed in white Lycra or (or faux deerskin from the local craft store) to revive me with a double dose of Colorado frog medicine, served in a plastic coconut shell stolen from a bar in Costa Rica, while whacking my crown chakra 18 times and playing “Kumbaya” on a ukulele. All filmed to be posted on FB, of course. (Unless I look fat.)

  10. Lurkin, Fozzie DID officialize his new-and-improved mantra name. It’s added to his old paradigm label (Michael Austin) rather than replaced it. Maybe you’re already drinking too much frog medicine and missed it?

  11. I feel like such a fool. I’m going to go order one of Maji’s handmade rattles and hit MYSELF over the head. Maybe that’ll knock some turkey feathers outta my head!!!

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