Meet Wali, Julia Allison’s One Genuine Fan


Wali Rahman, an intern at Agrani Bank Limited in Khulna, Bangladesh, has a massive hardon for a donkey:

When I woke up todays morning at 8:30 I was sure that I am going to see something really special waiting for me somewhere in this beautiful earth ….And yup it was right there which caught my eyes staring on the cellphone screen for an hour may be two or more…That was pure so magnimitic,so charming,ful of faith,holy ness ecstaticity…and no sign of sin at all …. It is so unfair that you are going love me that much through silence being by my side and I am never going to pay anything in return……God bestowed me with such gift of affection,care and versetility how am I going to thank him….. Jullia Allison Bouger … I love u ….I need you …. like the birds chirp in the nest ….. Like the southern monsoon air …..Or the rain that sizes like whole grain of Basmati …..Will you be soul for the body that was empty for a long period …. To build an authentic future …. ‪#‎HELLYES‬ What say you….????

wali julie

You know what I dreamt over my entire life and tried to give them wings…. That was just in need of a bigger support …. And the person who was been there to inspire this cause …. Was her …. the lady in pink ….. smile emoticon …. SO MY HEARTIEST RESPECT AND GREAFULNESS .., THANKS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED SOMEONE MOST … PINK IS ALL YOURS …. THE REVOLUTION IS ONLINE smile emoticon #thankfulness #greatfulness #loves…. Wali Rahman

pink ass

Wali has been commenting on Michael Ellsberg and Ali Shanti’s FB posts.  Skankatron 3000 has even inspired Wali to expose himself to Julia!


wali 2

But wait! Wali seems to have caused problems in Wooville, no doubt in his pursuit of the ineffable Julie, even asking for a free Money Map from Skankatron – the audacity! – and calling her a “know it all” when he didn’t get one. The old raunch has written a novel about this horrific ordeal and will soon be doing a podcast. No, I’m not making this shit up:


I posted what I considered to be a helpful comment on a “friend’s” post about taxes last night.

And then instead of saying anything to me about it, he deleted the comment and posted a follow up post on his wall that said “no one likes a know it all.”

I’ve contacted him directly to clarify and confirm that this was, in fact, directed to or about me. But I would say it’s pretty clear.

And maybe he won’t respond. And maybe I shouldn’t even care.

But he’s part of my extended community – which is why I even see his FB posts – and I do care.

Maybe I should just unfriend him and move on, but I feel there is a learning opportunity here for me. And maybe for him. And maybe for someone else reading this now.

I posted my comment to be helpful with no agenda or ulterior motive.

I’m a giver. I open my heart and give every chance I get.

My wish for our world is that more people would.

And I can see why they don’t when this is the result.

I can hear this voice in the back of my head saying “Ali, stop offering to help anyone who doesn’t ask for the help first.”

Put the energy into creating for a broad audience instead so those who want it can have it and those who don’t can ignore it.

That seems right.

And I can also hear the voice that says “post a comment back on his post that no one likes a know it all” and say “no one likes an asshole either.”

And while that makes my mind laugh a little, it’s not what I want more of in the world.
It hurts my heart to say it.

So I’m sharing it here w you instead so I can get it out, move it through and get on with my day.

I’m creating a podcast and one of my segments will be called “Do the Right Thing” and when I do I can talk about this kind of thing there instead of here.

Because I would really like it if we all had a better sense of what it really means to do the right thing in a world that desperately needs a shift around right and wrong altogether.



    • Decoder rings are necessary (or better comprehension on my part).

  1. Donk doesn’t have many suitors lining up to put a ring on it these days.. Maybe she should take Wali up on his offer?

  2. Ooooooh, he’s the same guy who left comments on another Shantitown post about how he’d taken her advice and shown his heart to his twue wuv!

  3. This is getting complicated. Too complicated for my benighted little catladee brain to comprehend.

  4. I do think Wali looks better in pink than Julia does. THAT much I get.

  5. Did Ali Shanti give birth to her new name, alias, d.b.a, bankruptcy skirter, new scam name? Forgot which of the many business accounts/websites she was announcing the impending arrival or I’d check myself.

    • it looks like she already gave up on the “whole truth show”. With 77 likes I am not surprised.

  6. I don’t even understand this post but I don’t have to-to know that true to form Alexis Neely (Ali Shanti) is playing victim who pathologically responds inconsistent & contradictory to her earlier statements to not over-share via a huge post followed by a podcast (bitch please). Seriously she’d have to learn something before she could teach something (sidenote: not taking accountability and shifting blame is not learning)-why would anyone give this washed up, talentless grifter a dime?

  7. MY TAKE ON IT ALL: Julia Allison (née Bouger) & Alexis Martin Neely, AKA Ali Shanti, are sourcing fans in the ‘stans from the same banglameshirt pool & ol’ rahman noodle up there is taking his job way too seriously.

    P.S. TO THE OLD RAUNCH: Unsolicited advice goes over like a lead balloon. Shuddup.

    • I think you’re on to something here. I smell scheme juices brewing.

  8. Wali & Donka are a match made in Heaven: they both love pink and their English is at the same level (Wali’s spelling may be a little better, but the grammar & syntax are definitely at Donka’s level).

    #HELLYES #greencard

    • I think I might have to make this my new email sig:

      “the rain that sizes like whole grain of Basmati”

  9. Anytime I hear someone say, “I’m a giver,” I know to run for my life.

      • Ditto “I’m very attractive.” (Yes, this includes made up stories about frat boys admiring your hot body, Donk.)

        Also: “I read many books.”

    • I thought the exact same thing. The one person I know who says this repeatedly (if sarcastically, attempting to be “funny”) is one of the most selfish, narcissistic, ADHD off the wall, people I know…

    • Oh, yes.. the woos LOVE to use the words “gift” and “grateful”.

      Of course, the gift is yours for the very reasonable price of $997 (cash only) and you can keep the gratitude thankyouverymuch.

  10. First of all, dead of laughter on this post.

    But also, aw meeeeee! OT question for freelance writers,

    Any grammar program you can recommend? Grammerly? Others? I just got a new desk errand freelance gig and want to be on point. Thanks!

    • Enjoy your new writing gig! I’m very old, but for what it’s worth, the Gregg Reference Manual has always been my standby.

  11. Hoo. Granted, I am way, way confused here, but…why is Ali posting “helpful comments” (I can only imagine the content) on a post about taxes made by someone in Bangladesh? Is she so far up her own ass that she thinks she’s a pro at defrauding governments in all the countries now?

    • She’s in debt, Discount. Some 65K in the Money Map hole. Only the long con can bail her out at this point. Volia! The international grift!


      • i am still not convinced this is the same person.

        yes I realize he responded to the comment as if he was, but does he really seem like the type who would reply to ali “nobody likes a know-it-all”. he seems like he would love the fact she posted on his page at all.

        I get the vibe that it was somebody else, but for some reason this dude from bangladesh jumped all over it. Plus I didn’t see any posts on his page about taxes.

        • The know it all remark was what made me think it might be Swain. I was only halfway joking.

        • ..and what the hell could Ali possibly help with if the guy is doing his taxes in Bangladesh? WTF does she know about their tax system?

        • I don’t know what’s going on here. Wali’s account looks legit, but that’s not to say Swainy Todd or a fun loving catlady didn’t hijack it.

          • Now that you say that, how fun would it be if a FB employee who hates D0nk is also a cat lady & has hijacked a fan in the ‘stan bot acct, breathed life into it, & is trolling the woos?

            Zuck, is that you?

  12. YOO HOO ANDY COHEN!!! Julia is scheming up a new pilot for you!! Wooville by Bravo!!

    Julia Allison
    57 mins · San Francisco, CA ·
    If you were to watch a docu-series on transformational festival culture – like Burning Man (but not limited to Burning Man) – what would you want to see? Mini profiles of healers, artists, musicians? A follow along of a camp as they create art and beauty together? Overarching conceptual deep dives into the culture like TheBloomSeries ( – if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend)? Other (tell me!)
    I want it to speak to both the mainstream – to open their minds and hearts into fuller self-expression, even if they never end up at a festival … AND interest those of us who go to them regularly and are already sold on the concept.
    Any and all ideas welcome.

    • “If you were to watch a docu-series on transformational festival culture” = stop right there, please. Would that you could.

      OT, but maybe not, because speaking of movies: I saw “Mr Turner” the other day and loved it so much. It’s 150 minutes long but not too long at all, very brutally funny now and then, beautiful images (of course), and Timothy Spall is KILLING IT. He communicates through growling like a lion most of the time, so awesome. Highly recommended!

      • Just looked on Netflix streaming (not available) & saw a series called: “George Gently” that sounds intriguing (good reviews as well) — anyone here seen it? If it’s good in the way that “Happy Valley” was a good crime show, please let me know. TIA.

    • The only reason to watch such a show would be to mock the participants. But Julia never gets this concept.

    • I would want to see one of the participants run I circles in the desert and throw a gollum into the Burning Man. Also, jumping on carnies and trying to force them to kiss her.

      Other than that, just the usual; women of a certain age fighting, throwing drinks at each other, bringing up decades old petty grievances and then traveling together and fighting some more.

      • Just imagine, Morrocanwear: Woo women fighting over scuz buckets like Avocado and dousing one another with ayahuasca. Jess Johnson screaming at Ali Shanti for wearing sunscreen and Ali furiously rubbing it off to reveal the weathered face of a 95 year old. Julia higher than a kite and shoving her way into the dj booth, “I must dance for you!”

        Yeah, I’d pay to watch this train wreck. Hell, I’d even let Julie borrow my Amex for the day if she managed to get Robin & Petey to Burning Man. “Try this tea, Dadser!”

    • “docu-series on transformational festival culture” also known as “A Gathering of the Unemployed NPD Population.”

      Can you imagine the Reunion!?

    • Oh, Julia. Julia, Julia, Julia. Do you know that heartless basic cable channels judge success by how many people actually watch a show? Unfair, I know. It should be illegal, just like sugar. But this is the non-transformed world we live in.

      I guess what I’m saying is, “Please, G*d, let her father (or Ali’s mom) finance a self-produced pilot for this clown and her toadshow (typo and it stays) of Epic Fail. The catladies DESERVE it.”

      • I think we should all create numerous fake Facebook accounts and feverishly encourage this “docu-series”.

      * Braying Man(hunt)
      * D0nkey Does DJ Booths
      * Festival Queans
      * Townpump Jules
      * The Shill World
      * Donk Whisperer
      * Stranded with No Cash, Peter
      * Here Comes Donkey Poo Poo
      * Exes Over the Rainbow
      * Average Ho
      * For the Love of Bray J
      * Donk the Wallet Hunter
      * Real Stories of the High Bray Patrol
      * Whoreders
      * The Simple Life: Charlatans
      * Fear Factor: The Clam Dungeon
      * Who Wants to be a Filthy Burner?
      * My Big Fat Obnoxious Ego

    • I have to wonder if she is throwing shade on the fact that this project by Bryan Franklin has not been and won’t be funded, and that maybe she thinks she can do it better and score points with her woo tribe.

      These are the core people within her camp, and if people with solid filmmaking experience can’t drum up enthusiasm enough to raise 50k, then how is she going to prove there is a market for a “documentary series” about the woos? I don’t think anybody really cares.

      That said, what narcissitic drivel is in this proposed film. You really have to be inhaling your own farts to believe you represent some pinnacle of enlightened coupledom such as the world has never seen before.

    • I see she’s still sticking with the “docu-series” as opposed to “reality show” language. I dunno, though – I might watch “The Real Sisterwives of Black Rock City,” if only to mock Donks. Hell, if I watched “Miss Advised,” I can sit through anything.

    • Of course, the donkumentary is going to be about the most interesting person in the world (not just on the transformative festival scene): Julia Allison Bouger.

      She is so delusional that she thinks someone is going to give her a boatload of cash to hire a camera crew to follow her around while she takes drugs and does the ecstatic dance and “co-creates” art with Avocado, Skankatron 3000 etc.

      What. A. Stupid. Donkey.

  13. And Julie’s post about a burner layabout documentary series has mysteriously disappeared. It’s been a strange day in the basement.

    • Julie knows she does not posses the skills or wherewithal to follow through with a full documentary of the woos. Bitch is lazy, and she knows it.

      • She’s just in manic flailing mode because Momsers is going to ask her the “What’s the plan now, JULIA?” question.

        As with anything else she dreams up, she has no intention on following through. Remember how she was going to transform NYFW using festival wear and music?

        • Wow, had totally forgotten that paradigm-busting idea. As has Julia herself, apparently.

          • Those were the early Avocado days when I think she was trying to impress him with her connections and “Stick with me, I’m gonna make you a star!” promises.

        • I feel like she’ll pitch Dancing with the Stars & try and sell it to the woo as bringing BM mainstream. It’s always lost on her that not everyone wants everything to be mainstream (so foreign to her) and by the time a trend is mainstream it’s usally already jumped the shark and speaking of that show is scraping the bottom of the z-list-so she’d have a shot.

    • I wonder if Bryan or Ellsberg or Lalla told her to back off since they are trying to get their own self-serving documentary made.

      • It is weird that it vanished. Must be some reason.

        And yet all those insane videos remain proudly online.

      • Could well be totally off base, here, but I speculated before that she’s got an NDA. Maybe she just couldn’t help herself and got told to pull it.

  14. I thought my following-along skills were current, but I am so confused right now that I can’t even. Is the rain/basmati rice metaphor about an engorged Bangladeshi peen? WHAT is going on?

  15. Is DJS Dragonfly a catlady?

    Martin Dragon Fly It was tremendously fun to have had your vortex of verve elevate the music for the masses!!!
    Yesterday at 8:43am · Like · 2

    • I think Dragonfly wants to pork the Donkey.

      We have to accept that in the drug-fried mind of a 60-something homeless carnie, she could eventually look desirable.

      Vortex of Verve? I am all for avoiding alliteration. Always.

      • Laughing so hard at “60something homeless carnie.” This is who she’s attracting now. Wow.

        I am an Old and I got hit on last night by a totally cute 24-year-old hipster who kept telling me I looked like Naomi Watts, so I am feeling pretty good/smug/superior to a donkey at the moment.

        • Oh, yes, it has been a prolonged fall from the days they shared that home in Coronado, dear heart.

          After a certain age (ahem, I am also Old), being hit on by someone younger is always reassuring, even if they are the completely wrong demographics (as in wrong gender) and you have no plans to pursue the offer.

      • I think this too (nothing those two ever did together resembled anything honest). Or JA will white knight for Ali to stir up scheme juices via that account-Ali’s tied to that account somehow.

    • It has to be an RBD person, right? I think the “bouger” is the giveaway. Who else would even know to go there?

    • I seem to recall that when you came on the scene as Afghani Facebook Friend, you sure had the vernacular down … anything you wanna tell us, AFF? 😉

    • I doubt it, unless that person knows how to speak Urdu or whatever language he speaks. Way too many topics and posts that someone not familiar with the language wouldn’t know.

      Maybe it’s a friend of Donkey’s ex (?) roommate…

      • I’m not a very sophisticated reader and probably not her target audience-but clearly she’s got an audience.

      • I looooooved her first novel. I really liked her second one too. She’s a terrific and intelligent writer.

  16. This is a Bollywood movie plot! Come on Julia get with the program! Stop pretending you don’t know you were MEANT TO BE with this guy! Nutty Granny Moneybags, may the old buzzard rest in peace, is SENDING THIS SIGN TO YOU!

    I don’t get it, he’s literally prince charming and she’s just ignoring him?

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