Well, Now We Know Who The “Betraying” Friend Is


So I did something I shouldn’t have done. I put my truth out into the univserse, a/k/a Ali Shitty’s Facebook page. I’m sorry. Her bullshit rant just set me off. I just kant, and I had to live my dharma.

Screen shot 2015-01-15 at 10.05.57 PM

Well, look who liked my comment so much that they reached out to me?

Screen shot 2015-01-15 at 10.15.13 PM

I kindly let her know that I am not actually Julia and that Julia sucks. Um…err…oops?!

Updated: I deactivated, because I got bored. But here is my convo with Nisha Moodly. I’ll admit it, I was immature, but, my god, I am so over these people’s bullshit.

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Screen shot 2015-01-16 at 12.33.47 AM

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    • I originally had her name and picture in, but I thought better of it. It’s an ex-business partner. I don’t know who she is.

      • One of her ex biz partners reached out to me several months ago, but I don’t think it can be the same person given the timing. Her last name began with an R.

        Anyway, popping popcorn:

        Julia Allison Sorry, I was just reaching inside myself to find and free my authenticity. Namaste.
        19 mins · Like · 1

        Kelly Marceau If it’s true, Julia. It’s true. She did sorta ask for the truth.
        16 mins · Like

        Robert Michael Davis Wow comments feeds are a trip…….carry on.
        3 mins · Edited · Like

        Julia Allison Also why must others accept her authenticity, but she refuses to accept another’s authenticity when it doesn’t align with her own? Like, the fact that Michael Jacobs is uncomfortable with her fucking other dudes? So he just has to evolve and accept that Ali wants lots of dick, even though Ali was uncomfortable with Craig dipping his dick in other honey pots just last year? My, god, the hypocrisy.
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        • Julia Allison Any why are all these hippie woo woo’s fawning over this shit? Because it justifies their own terrible, selfish behavior? Do you all have a bullshit dictionary, because the words you use to express your feelings are so empty and meaningless.

          RBD is more fun than any reality TV show! But how would I know? I’m so evolved that I don’t even own a TV!

          • “I may have finally snapped”

            It’s been like 8 years of total bullshit and no one saw the woo coming so you have several “I snapped” get out of jail free cards in my book.

          • But do you at least have towel curtains and coat ghouls? Time to uplevel your shit, Gilly.

            With softness.

          • J P Sears (the dude from the competitive spirituality videos) said it very clearly: in the woo world, any abhorrent behavior (from bad manners to adultery, from grifting to poor hygiene) can be justified under the “self expression” label.

          • @Wolf:

            Probably why it attracts so many narcissists and other disordered personalities. Anti-social behavior becomes “Just lettin’ my freak flag fly!”

  1. You remember that period of time when Julia was being bunny-nose cute for the senatorial crotch-fruit, and she kept making jokes about how she would ‘Care Bear Stare’ down her haters?

    It’s like she found an entire cult of equally retarded arrested developees who were just kooky enough to try it.

  2. Wait – i’m so late to the game. Is that actually Julia posting this stuff or someone in an account with her name?

    Either way: yes, get the popcorn.


    • Christ “do you know how many lives ( and future lives she (ali) will change) and has changed with her work? ” No but do you know how many live JP has changed with this post?

    • It’s OK, JP. Tali is “not discounting your anger or need to heal.” You can sleep soundly tonight. In fact, we shall ALL sleep like enlightened grifter Jedi babies tonight because of Tali’s wisdom and kindness.


        • Oh my, I seem to have missed the origins of “Source” but I will take your ever so enlightened word for it. Also, it sounds like perfect woo-speak to me, so…


          • A few months ago, some of us commented that Donkey is tho enlightened and yet, she’s always thanking god in the most white, Christian version of it. She, who never reads here, shortly after wrote about how it’s OK to replace “god” with “source” (typical woo speak) by those who are “triggered” (!!!) by the word god.

        • Ha! It does have thpecial ring to it, no? Though something tells me that Jedi Baby’s gonna be chewed up, spit out and gone from our cat lady lives like an extinguished lightsaber in 3… 2…

        • For God’s sake, screengrab this Alexis Neely thread before it comes down. IT’S FUCKING HILARIOUS. Nisha Moodley has reported you!!

          • Nisha Moodley
            10 mins ·
            Just spent 30 minutes defending my friend against an attacker online, who had created a fake profile, pretending to be another friend of mine.
            Can you imagine what it would be like if someone took photos of you *and your family* and created a fake profile to harass your friends with? Can you imagine how that would feel for both yourself and your friends – the hurt and confusion?
            I know you’re not “supposed to” engage in that crap, but man, I get pissed when I experience blatant unkindness and injustice.
            Cyber bullying is not okay.

          • You cyberbullied Nisha Moodley.

            Nisha Moodley needs to fuck off. Really, I thought she was a couple notches about Ali Shanti, grifter, elder abuser, scam artist but she’s not. Nisha Moodley obviously endorses Ali Shanti and her money map plans of having people go into huge amounts of credit card debt so America can pay it off so they can be freeeeeee! Christ on a cracker, I thought Nisha Moodley was one of the cool ones.

          • Lawl. Can I imagine? I can imagine a lot of things, Nisha. Somebody sent me a dead animal once because they didn’t like something I’d written. Unclutch your pearls, honey.

          • Yeah, I get actual, honest-to-god death threats over the stupidest shit at work. Like seriously, I got a death threat over pecan pie. So, suck it, Noodles.

          • Do you work for the department of homeland pies? It sounds both dangerous and delicious. Seriously what is wrong with people?

      • I feel a great disturbance in The Force. Seriously, JP, do you know how disorienting it is to arise from bed and — without sufficient caffeine in my system yet — come upon your dialogue with Nisha Noodly? I’m not even sure who I am anymore.

  3. I love the comment from the real person who met her IRL and felt like Ali expected to be worshiped. That kind of sums her up. Turns out I have a bunch of friends in common with her.

  4. They close ranks quickly to make sure no outsiders burst their gargantuan delusional bubble, but it seems there is some dissention and that is worth bringing out into the light so they all may live their truths more authentically. Or cull the nonbelievers from the herd. Either way. Namaste.

    • PS– It’s all gone now. Screen grabs, please.

      JP, I salute you, sir. In my opinion, anybody over the age of 25 who thinks to wield the word ‘bully’ as an excuse for not being able to defend their own shitty behavior when called out on it deserves to have their buttons pushed (the proper name for what you’re doing) as much as possible.

    • Dr Gary, I’m going to go ahead and make some peanut butter and Percocet sandwiches. Maybe you can pop in Empire Strikes Back and pass the Cheetos. A banner evening in the basement.

  5. OMG. I am no elle macpherson, but I just looked at the photo accompanying ms. shanti’s “we are so openminded, especially me!” post on facebook, and…jesus. tapdancing. christ. I would rather be a fat heifer with a pretty face than look like the fucking leatherfaced joker.

    and this just shows you how fucking vain these ‘enlightened’ woos are…her body looks good (because she’s sucking in her fucking stomach HARD; LOOK AT THOSE RIBS, Y’ALL), so, yay, photo worth posting…but her face looks every bit the baseball mitt it is. and she’s so…I don’t know, high? that she doesn’t realize that her face looks fucking pinchy and OLD and wrinkly and AWFUL.


    ali, please stop toking. apparently your brain has leaked out of your ears, leaving you with no critical thinking skills. sad.

  6. Seriously? You volunteer with teens spending your time doing somethng that actually has an impact on people without charging them money for it or receiving anything in return. I, and all of my ilk, cannot be bothered with any of that, but, um, go do it more, okay? We are busy with fauxto shoots and posting fabricated versions of our whole lives online for seal claps and no criticism. What an asshole.

    You know what? This is basic and I know the site has been over it a million times, but if you want to open yourself up to public attention, you don’t get to dictate the response. This whole bullshit thing where you can’t ‘judge someone you don’t even know’, yet any adoring comments from people who don’t know anymore about Ali than we do are totally valid drives me bonkers from a critical thinking perspective. The praise from outsiders looking in is reposted, highlighted, fawned over. Yet the criticism is invalidated because… well, because we are outsiders looking in. Okay.

  7. Am I the only one who’s gonna point out how creepy it is that you chose to make a fake JA profile with pictures of her? I just don’ think this makes us look good. It makes RBD look batshit crazy. It’s also just one more thing that JA can use to fuel her cyber bullying story. “They harass my friends and pose as me on the internet!”

    Look, I love the snark and have been here in the basement for YEARS. I’ve crossed paths with JA and agree that her and this grifting crew are awful, but this was a bad move. And I’m surprised people are cheering this on instead of acknowledging how fucked up and petty it is. I wouldn’t call it bullying, but I will call it stupid. Clearly we’re hurting for content here since JA’s gone dark, but let’s not invent drama for no damn reason.

    • What is this ‘photos of her family’ thing though? It’s a photo of her family she plastered on a wide open Facebook profile. Photos of her family are also all over her twitter where she allegedly has eleventy million followers.

      He openly admitted he wasn’t Julia where everyone could see.

      Was it childish? Maybe. But I don’t think it was a horrific act of bullying. And Julia and her woo crew already make this place out to be the worst of the worst anyway. I don’t think we were in danger of winning them over or making them see the light anytime soon.

      I dunno. I personally find it odd that grown adults can’t laugh this stuff off. I was a blogger with a reasonably large following for many years. A feminist one, at that. I’ve had much, much worse said and done to me. I’ve always kept more personal things like my Facebook locked down tight, because that’s what you do when you don’t want strangers popping up and saying whatever they want or perusing your personal life. As long as it doesn’t cross over into the offline world, you delete it, block and move on. It’s part of choosing to be public on the internet.

      • Using someone else’s personal photos to impersonate them on Facebook is fucked up, no matter who it is. You can’t grasp that?

        • I think it would have been way less fucked up if JP had used the name “Mulia Mallison” and used an obviously unflattering picture from a decade ago.

          These people are scam artists, grifters, and fakes who have made threats to various RBDers over the years. We shouldn’t be stooping anywhere close to their level.

        • Thanks for the condescending tone, but if you’ll read my comment again, I think you’ll see that I made my opinion clear. It is different from yours. Is that okay?

        • It’s not like we broke into her home and went through her stash of family pictures hidden in a box under her bed.

          Those pictures were PUBLISHED on facebook for the whole world to see.

          Things that have been made public can never become private again.

          Can’t you grasp that?

          • I can. I just can’t see hijacking them and using them as an element of an impersonation tool. That’s my issue. Posting them here? Fair game.

      • All of this. I laughed; I had no problem with it. At first, I did think that it was Julia who snapped and got some sense, but anyone who’s read *anything* she’s written should be able to tell it’s not her easily.

        Childish, yes, but Julia et al. put themselves out there not just for public consumption, but as public figures (limited purpose or wannabe in some cases, but still).

        As someone who’s been a public figure, the advice to delete it and laugh it off should be the first instinct. I’ve also been the target of much, much worse–as in real threats to my safety and my family’s safety as well as the reputation of my (legit, non-grifty) livelihood. THAT shit will make you cry off your rhinestones.

        But this? Not so much. Julia posts 987 billion pictures for public consumption. She actively pays for Greg knows who to follow her on social media. I don’t think one silly act of impersonation should even trigger her radar since it pales in comparison to some of the shit she’s pulled. No, two wrongs don’t make a right, but it’s nothing huge or life-destroying… unlike Shanti’s scams.

    • I can get behind calling out the grifters on their scams and exposing their hypocrisy and sociopathic schemes. I just can’t get behind doing it by impersonating Julia, or any of their friends for that matter. Sorry, but I feel like RBD jumped the shark last night. This was not just poking the donkey, this was fucking her with a telephone pole. I am seriously disappointed this happened.

      • In fairness (with softness!) I also feel pretty much the same way about making fun of the dumb Jedi kid. I am probably in the minority about this, which is OK, but as someone a bit older than Shantitown, I believe the kid still has hope. Good greg, the terribly embarrassing shit I did in my early youth. Luckily there was no internet to shame me and keep it for posterity. Also, and again, I am probably in the minority here, I understand the appeal of woo for young impressionable people. Mostly because I remember being his age and trying to find stuff that somehow explained the world or made sense of it (20+ years later, I know such a thing does not exist but 20 year old me would have been all over that shit).

        ss;sf: I don’t put a young, impressionable kid who obviously has emotions that are abused by the awful con artist that is Alishitty on the same level as the donk or the careening into middle age woo crowd. The kid still has the excuse of inexperience; the grifter crowd do not, they are just petty criminal types.

        • Making fun of Internet oversharing on a privately run blog isn’t the same as impersonating someone on Facebook in order to call out their friends. That’s false equivalency. It may bother you but it is nowhere the same thing.

          • Yeah, you know this really didn’t strike me as true impersonation. It was more like satire; playing two self-professed public figures off one another. Both Julia and Ali are all about faking identities, so I say tit for tat and all that.

      • I love JP, but he done gone fucked the Prime Directive y’all. It’s like waking in on Patrick Stewart diddling yo mama.

    • I tend to agree – I think there’s a difference between commenting on her droppings (like our heroes Anna Pelt and saint J’Lien) and this sort of thing, which lends support to her claims of being unfairly targeted.

      I don’t think it’s bullying or whatever, but it crosses a line I’m not comfortable with. Donk does enough damage on her own.

      • It’s not my style, personally– I tend to give myself a lot more grief than is necessary by saying my opinions outright under my own name. But I’ve been impersonated on the internet before. It was really not that big of a deal. I didn’t even respond to it. A few other people said it was stupid and the shit was shut down less than 24 hours later whenever it didn’t get the response whoever did it was going for. It was not even a blip on the screen, amongst all the rape and death threats and the one lunatic who claimed to have hired a spy to infiltrate my workspace (who also sent a letter to a local newspaper claiming a fellow blogger of mine, who was an elementary teacher at the time, was a child molester).

        Julia will be okay. If anything, I’m inclined agree that the best reason not to have done this is because I think she will be overjoyed to have it to wave around.

        • Yes, agreed. It’s not that I think this will do any lasting damage to our stunted little burro, it’s that it gives her a sliver of genuine ammunition when she goes into bloaty cryface mode about her haters interfering with her life.

          • And fodder for her book chapter on how she was “bullied” here which will lend a hint of credibility to her argument.

      • I agree about making fun of the kid and I guees I also felt that way about JA’s lovers. They didn’t seem to show any griftery cause at least at first

        But the impersonation wasn’t that deep and Ali can delete comments

    • Cosign. This crossed the line IMHO.

      I don’t understand the big deal about the pictures, though. Once you make an image freely available on the Internet you’ve got to assume people are going to use it however they want, not however you want. That’s just common sense.

    • Valid but there is the exception he admitted it wasn’t on the real Julia and links it back here taking accountability on a page he and another(s) own. We’re guests and don’t control the content.

      • No, but it makes all of us look complicit by association. And some people are speaking out here saying they had no problem with it and were relishing the drama. Can’t see how that is a positive, even with an apology, which they are sure to ignore.

        I’ve said enough already, and have clearly pissed some people off who I had come to see as friends here by stating my strong opinions. That makes me sad as well. I don’t run this joint, I just hang out here.

        • I don’t want to assume you’re talking about me, but in the off chance you are, to be clear… I’m really just busting your balls. I think maybe somehow you read my comment up there as a full condemnation of anyone who might object to this whole thing, when it wasn’t. All I was saying was that although it may not be what many people here may have chosen to do for a whole host of reasons, I don’t think it was something that should be that big of a deal if a person isn’t already looking for it to be a big deal. And I should know because I’ve been through it.

          JP said he fucked up. He knows he broke a rule and crossed a line. I just empathize with him, because something about Ali’s last few rants have really driven me over the edge as well. For me, I think it was her smug shit about the poor commoners all still toiling away at their pathetic jobs and jealous of her high life. Not so much on my own account, but on account of my working class family who no, do not travel and yes, bust their asses day in and day out at jobs they sometimes hate, but by Greg above, they are honest and kind and they don’t take anything off of anyone else. So who is she exactly to be such a condescending cunt about it?

          I get why JP snapped is what I’m saying, and I don’t think he did anything that will damage anyone in any real way. That’s just my opinion. But I’m not mad at anyone. Just for the record.

          • Thanks Dean. I wasn’t specifically talking about you, but you and others here I have come to like very much. I feel bad this is making us snipe at each other.

          • I apologize for being snappy. It’s 4:30 am here and I’m still up because I’m on call for a best friend who just had her heart smashed by someone who seemed like the perfect guy. A little mad at the world in general, but not at you.

        • Would I use someone else’s “known” name and post-no but do we all use fake names every day on here? Yes. I see the distinction just as much as I see the hypocrisy. For the record I’m not arguing with anyone or trying to sway anyone’s opinion. Agree with what JP did or don’t but the fact remains what’s done is done. Which of us hasn’t fucked up at some point?

  8. Going and writing comments on Ali’s page, rather than here where she can choose not to see it, is one thing. Doing it under a fake name, another. But Julia’s name? There are lots of little lines to be crossed, but for me, that was the big one. I’m sorry JP, I get that you snapped, but we can’t all do whatever we want whenever we snap.

    I have to say that I also respect Nisha Moodley. For me, she’s like the OMG!Bears of this woo crowd. I have always seen her act with integrity (even here – she stood up for herself, a friend, etc – unlike the literally hundreds of people over the years who have pretended to be Julia’s friend to her face only to snicker at her and throw shade and tip off this website behind her back).

    • I put 2 and 2 together recently and realized I met Nisha once through some mutual friends. She was very sweet. And what I’ve seen her post online makes her seem like she is very well-intentioned and truly thinks her life-coaching business is going to help people, rather than have making money the central focus.

      But at the same time I don’t think she has quite clued into how horrible some of the people in her circles are*. Which, yes, is sort of similar to how people like OMGBears and Brit Morin seemed to be naive as to just how awful Julia was back in her founder hounder days. Sociopaths and scammers often have a lot of charisma and their tactics are very calculated. I’ve noted here before that a handful of them have infiltrated circles of founders and VCs I’ve known and that in some cases it took people years to get the picture.

      *It also occurs to me that Nisha might be skeptical of Ali etc. but willfully ignorant because she gets business through connections that stem from them and is concerned she will go broke if she distances herself. IDK. She really seems like she means well.

      • Not that I know her, but since that’s what we do here, my personal take on it is that she has a thing for narcissists. Getting sucked in, attracted by their light, and enjoying it reflected back. Explains the boyfriend, explains her “bestie” in SF (another totally outsize-personality narcissist), and the attraction to some of the people in this circle. That whole “serving” thing – she seems to do best when she’s in a position where she can leverage that to be close to an ambitious person, who takes her a little higher too. And at least I credit the fact that if she’s going to call them her friends, she’s going to defend them. That’s more than I can say for a lot of people.

        Also, I think no matter what business you’re in, if you want to be near the top of it (and/or if you get near the top of it) you have to rub shoulders with the rest of the people there – some of whom, by Darwinian law, are going to be a little sociopathic and/or crazy (sociopathy is actually kind of an adaptive trait if you want to rise to the top of a corporation, just like narcissism is adaptive if you want to run for office ;-). And to play ball, you end up having to pretend to be friends with them if you want to succeed. Again, I give Nisha credit for standing up for her friend, unlike, let’s say, Jenna La Flamme, who seems content to hang out with Julia, use her “Elle” pull quotes etc., yet can never embrace her more in public than a “hi love” every now and then. Particularly considering the vitriol with which the collective hivemind here tends to attack anyone who is even tangentially associated with Julia, I think Nisha’s standing up for her friends takes some courage.

        Yes, Ali has done and to my mind is doing quite a few shady things. However, I would argue that those aren’t the sum total of her person.

        Since she is public, and posts a lot in public, I support anyone who wants to go on Ali’s page and post a critique, a rant, whatever. It’s definitely more courageous than doing it here. For me personally though, impersonating someone else to do it is just that one step over.

        • “I think no matter what business you’re in, if you want to be near the top of it (and/or if you get near the top of it) you have to rub shoulders with the rest of the people there – some of whom, by Darwinian law, are going to be a little sociopathic and/or crazy…And to play ball, you end up having to pretend to be friends with them if you want to succeed.”

          YES. People have wondered why Julia was able to get as far in NY media as she did, and why so many people tolerated her for so long. There is a fuckton of crazy in that industry. She wasn’t obviously unhinged at all to people who were insiders even though in retrospect it seems like all the warning signs were there.

          • This. Also, I’ve been uncomfortable in the past when people were ripped to shreds simply for being in the same photograph or at the same event with Donk. I have no time for the likes of Aubrey Sabala, who know what Donk is about and continues to count her as a friend. But others sometimes get a lot of vicious treatment just for, essentially, existing at the same venue as Donk. That’s all a bit out of line, to me. But YMMV.

    • Agreed that it’s nice that Nisha stands up for her friends, but seriously, she has AWFUL taste in friends, so I feel that “respect” is going a bit too far? (I mean this with the most softness.) There’s really no question that Ali Shitty is a godawful human being, and a truly good person (worthy of respect) would take a look at the fraud/abuse/child neglect/generally shittiness, and either try to help her change her behavior, or find new friends. If I behaved the way that Shitty does, I’m pretty sure my friends would be horrified and call me out, not wait for some random snark site to do it.

  9. I sort of agree. It’s one thing for us to sit in the basement and laugh and comment about her idiocy, as many people have said its our little corner of the web. But it’s quite another to impersonate her on someone else’s page. It just feels like it crosses a line. I’m all about telling off Ali, even under another name but not Julia’s. I don’t care so much about the baby Jedi though, he’s making his brand about expertise in living thigh life’s challenges and yet cries at the first sign of dissent?

    • Yeah. I don’t think it’s too mean to mock the Ewok. He’s actively trying to make himself a public figure and he’s doing a terrible job of it. I feel bad for him and think he means well, but I think the only way for him to realize what an ass he’s making of himself is to have people point out that he’s making an ass of himself.

    • This. JP admitted it was childish. I’ll take one act of self-aware childishness over 20 million acts of clueless narcisissm any day. I simply can’t get worked up over this.

      • Seriously. When compared to JABA’s letter to the fiance, Shamti’s ripping off her mom’s retirement funds . . . and these are just a couple that spring to mind. This doesn’t even rate the slightest bit of outrage from me.

    • I feel the same way. I really feel like he’s being ganged up on. So is everyone just so “stunned silence drops phone” that they’re going to leave? Am I wrong or did he not admit he snapped and then deactivate so all the comments by him would be taken down? That sort of expressed some regret.

      I honestly wonder sometimes why the mods keep doing this.

      • Yeah, he said “sorry” and “I shouldn’t have.” I mean, only human and all. It’s not like this whole enterprise isn’t borderline crazy and we aren’t all a little sicko stalkerish.

        • The interesting thing to me is that Julia and her crowd seem incapable of admitting to even the tiniest little iota of screwing up or giving in to one of their baser urges, no matter how appalling their behavior. Seriously, can anyone recall Juliar EVER saying she messed up by doing something? Other than driving off the Giver of Five Frocks?

      • Not speaking for anyone else who also thought it crossed the line, but I’m not going to leave and I’m not even clutching my pearls – I totally understand the impulse. I still love Daddy.

        I just thought it gave dimwit Donk ammo in her never-ending quest to claim we fuck with her life, when she is perfectly 100% capable of fucking it up all by her lone hoofsome. Zat’s all.

    • Replace JC with “Ali.” If we don’t acknowledge this was wrong to ourselves, we’re no better than they are, IMO.

  10. So.. do you (admins) at least have a current database dump backup of the posts and images just in case?

    • Just in case of what? The web host isn’t going to say, “Oh, you made a fake FB account so you are reported, fuck you.”

      • The fake-Julia comments have been deleted.

        I am not sure if la Shanti did that or it just happened when the (fake) profile was deactivated.

        In any case, the screencaps are here for posterity.

      • I could see Petey sending a new cease & decist.. and who knows if impersonating his daughter would give him some kind of grounds now to have the site pulled down.

  11. Who will impersonate the impersonators? Just for those who have forgotten “Flapjacks’s attorney,” Derpwood pretending to be an attorney, and of course the great Old Stock Photo Guy, Esq.

    I can understand the temptation to give JA and AS a double-headed taste of their own medicine. And I also understand deleting the fake JA account.

    • And let’s not forget of Gross Fillet, CEO of bloggingdonk.com.

      Holy crap! The (fake) website is still there.

      • Omg. Notwithstanding everything I said above (after all, however much we might want to use it to justify our schadenfreude and the existence of this website in general, two wrongs don’t quite make a right) I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT A SIGHT CALLED BLOGGINGDONK.COM exists and was created in response to this one.

        I mean, I can believe it because I was here when it happened, but that was one CRAZY round of absurdity. I just clicked on it and literally almost schnarfed at my desk. I hope there are screenshots preserved for an archive somewhere.

        And yes. There was that time someone, possibly not Julia or a friend of hers but there are very few other logical conclusions, stalked people she believed to be part of this web site claiming to be “Jack McCain’s lawyer”. And all the other shit that went along with that – people’s workplaces being faxed, yada yada.

        My hands are of your color, but I shame to wear a heart so white.

    • They didn’t impersonate one of us, though, stealing our pictures, and then use this fake ID as a tool against other posters here. I feel it’s different. Clearly not everyone agrees with me here, but that’s for me to deal with.

      • I see your point, don’t get me wrong, but given that both Julie and Ali have used impersonation to fuck with JP, the lure of doing a twofer that burns them both must have been strong.

        But I am with you in the conviction that using your real name is the best way, even though we all weep when our favorites are banned 😉

  12. I think it was kind of a dumb thing to do, but who am I to cast that particular stone? I had a fucking catfight with my organization’s DoD here for Christ’s sake.

    • JFA’ing myself to say that it would never occur to me to pretend to be Julia when Julia is already pretending to be Julia so very, very hard.

    • I had a bipolar nazi moderator kick me out of a community facebook forum last night for making a funny snarky remark about a local restaurant, because everyone is only supposed to say nice things and nothing negative about any local businesses.

    • I’m so sorry that caused you personal pain but I have to say it was the stuff they write into sitcoms. Only it was better than any sitcom. You handled it with grace and humor. And I still think of department of defense and laugh even harder.

  13. Anyone ever go into the K-Hole of the Woo’s on FB. Completely batshit crazy woo to be read about in there….I have no idea what the hell some of these Sweaty Betty’s are even talking about it! There is a picture of Michael Jacobs ‘raising his vibration’ in what looks to be a greenhouse. One of his Sweaty friends comments with this – “Wonderful Michael! I made love in that crystal merkaba spaceship(the greenhouse thing)once…powerful activator 🙂

    • It means his dirty sexy times in the shed activated both an old STD flare up and a mental crisis. He is now in a crystal spaceship, hovering over everyone on FaceFucksBook. Last train to trance-mental.


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