Julia Allison Joins The Ranks Of Mindy Kaling & Shonda Rhimes, Becomes “Woman Television Writer”

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Our own dear Brayella was startled to discover Julia Allison’s Wikipedia page being oddly editorialized throughout the month of December by one RainyDayBooklover, who may or may not occasionally reside in a stall in San Francisco.

Hello, RainyDayBooklover, and welcome to Wikipedia! Thank you for your contributions.

I noticed that one of the first articles you edited was Julia Allison, which appears to be dealing with a topic with which you may have a conflict of interest. In other words, you may find it difficult to write about that topic in a neutral and objective way, because you are, work for, or represent, the subject of that article. Your recent contributions may have already been undone for this very reason.

I was particularly startled to discover Julia is now a writer for television.  Integrity, thy name is Jimmy Wales!  He’ll let a brunette with a nice rack claim to be just about anything. And how strange, no mention of Reblogging Donk on this media superstar’s page.  Even stranger, did beefcake attorney Peter Baugher once have a Wikipedia entry?

Julia Allison Dad 1979


  1. It is FREAKY how much Peter looks like [Redacted]. That could be a photo of [Redacted] with an instagram filter for all I know! Ahhh!

    • He is like an attractive version of [REDACTED].

      He has big hands, and you know what they say: big hands…. big gloves.

      • I spy with my little eye the very reason she left NYC (yet it mysteriously followed her to her California love nest): “Ugh! Parquet floors!”

        • A couple of weeks ago I fell down the Harvard Harley rabbit hole. It’s easy to do if you just Google the Donkey and Harvard Harley — at one point she Tweets out to his sister-in-law long after he has fled screaming into the night. In any event, if I have the right brother, it appears he moved to L.A. right before she first started braying about moving to L.A. with great fanfare (remember how she then, months later, after she was ordered to the OMG downtown Chicago condo OMG, she then quietly edited out the L.A. from that post?) In any event, my spidey sense tingled. Months later, was she still obsessing over that dude to the extent that she started proclaiming she was going to move where he had just moved?

          • She is that psycho. See also, stalking Redacted to the Burning Man event, grabbing him by the arm and saying, “DON’T YOU THINK THERE’S A REASON FOR US TO HAVE RUN INTO EACH OTHER???” even tho he was omgEngaged.

      • “Happiness is my grandmother’s writing desk.”

        Which she’s clearly using to text bullshit on her iPad. Such a writer! I guess she wants to steal the (really ordinary-looking 1960s Ethan Allen imitation of 18th c. style, not some Antiques Roadshow treasure) desk. To “curate” endless photos of herself.
        I think to myself, “what sort of person sets up this sad pathetic photo, snaps it and posts it to Instagram as if it means anything to anyone ever, but she mentions Her Grandmother, so it is supposed to have Meaning?”. But I already know the answer.

  2. She is wearing the red stripper shoes in that picture too!! (what year was that?)

    So changed, so evolved, so thpiritual…..

      • Swear to Greg, the red hooker-hooves, the red belt, the red red gaping lips- she’s like a baboon in heat “presenting”. “Yoo-Hoo, DTF here! Anyone?”.

  3. Great job Brayella! Can someone explain how Wikipedia is supposed to work? Anyone can write or edit-is it done on the honor system? Clearly I get why that wouldn’t work-especially in cases of pathological liars or those looking to re-write their negative history omitting facts.
    In this case I’m shocked she’s billed as “co-star” before it wasn’t it “star of in Bravo’s” biggest folly ever?
    I have self-reported for being both fat and stupid.

    • The idea behind Wikipedia is that, in principle, anybody can edit anything.

      So if I write something that it’s not true, in theory, someone else will read it and edit it out.

      It’s not a perfect system: PR companies are always editing entries on behalf of their clients, politicians have staff that does the same, teenagers write juveniles jokes (at one time the entry on Barbra Streisand said she was “married to James Brolin, with whom she has vigorous anal sex”) but, in general, it works.

      • I came across a summary of ‘Drag Me to Hell’ in which every verb had been changed to ‘rape’ or some other equally ‘DIRTY WORD!!!’ (Caps and exclamation points because we all remember, I’m sure, how delicious those forbidden words tasted in our mouths for the first time.)

        By the the time I took a screencap and refreshed, it had already been undone. I feel like I shared something magical with that ten year old, though. Only we know how COOL and FUNNY and NOTTY he is. Gypsy ‘butt rape.’ Never forget.

      • In addition to her two-year employment (2007–2009) as a Time Out New York columnist, she had a monthly column in COED magazine and has written for a variety of publications, including Cosmopolitan, Maxim, New York, Teen Vogue, Men’s Health, Seventeen, and Capitol File. She also did party coverage for the Huffington Post.[13][14][15]

        Thank you- and shouldn’t the link take to you the ACTUAL story she wrote in the magazine and not the wiki page of say Cosmo?

        • No, it’s customary when you mention a thing on Wikipedia to link to its Wiki page. So, [[Thomas Jefferson]] was the [[President of the United States of America]] and so on.

          • Thank you! Too hopeful for transparency, honesty and accountability-that site is a fibbers dream.

      • Can we give a shout-out as to how great Wikipedia really is? A self-correcting encyclopedia of Everything, it was doubted and mocked for inaccuracies early on (notably The Onion) but you don’t hear that so much anymore. And scholarly experts have found that Wiki is basically 98% true and accurate (by whatever metric they used). The crowdsourced corrections of inaccuracies has actually worked really really well. It was a brilliant idea.

        And I can’t help but think of my old Dad, who marvelled at it. He knew how to Google, and when he couldn’t sleep he’d be up with questions from his reading, mostly from history and literature. He was an Encyclopedia Britannica sort of guy, interested in things like Chaucer’s birthdate or some obscure French duke who aided Irish independence, or whatever literally in the world. He loved Wikipedia so so much for the fascinating answers it gave him, and it sparked a lot of discussions between me and him, usually while I was drinking beer and watching tv at 3am. I really treasure those times, late at night, talking to my dad about history and literature and whatever he was looking up on Wiki, he thought it was the best thing ever. I really must make a donation, shouldn’t take Wikipedia for granted. It gave my dad so much joy in his last years, and given us all so much great info. Mostly true!

        “Julia Allison is a garbage-eating hosebeast” is what her Wiki page should say. But it doesn’t because that’s not literally, provably true, even though we know it is. See, Wikipedia has integrity that way. God. I’m drunk.

        • My dad bought me a little pocket encyclopedia when I went to university. In a few years, the googs and the Wikipedia made it obsolete. But I still have it. Your story about your dad reminded me of my dad!

        • As far as it not being provably true, I wonder what kinds of sources are necessary for proof. For example, if you google julia allison most hated person on the internet, you will end up finding the article that featured her as number 3.

          I am surprised that she has no “Controversy” section that includes, among other things, allegations of plagiarism at the Hoya, the Great Grapefruit incident, the most hated person on the Internet thing, and most recently the Uber and Arrington connections. Not to mention, the existence of RBD and Donkey’s accusation of being bullied, and the subsequent shutdown of the Tumblr blog. All of those things are verifiable, as I’m sure other things are. So who would or could post these things in her bio? Would they “stick”?

          Also, the note about taking her father’s page out, that was a couple of years ago, yes? Is it still up (too lazy to look) and if not, why would they keep it up there?

    • I am also unclear about how you found this stuff Brayella but it is just a New Year’s gift!

      • I occasionally look at D0nk’s W pg Hx to see if recent chgs have been made, & it so happened there’s been a recent flurry of crap, which sent me down the rabbit hole.

    • Anyone can edit, but that doesn’t mean it will stick. There are probably levels of editors who are alerted when articles are updated. Also admins at a certain level can see the IP addresses of editors.

      The article was unprotected on November 25th, at the request of LittleProfessor. Here’s Alison’s Talk page:


      I looked at the edit history and a few people have been busy little bees, cleaning up orphaned references (select an edit and click on “Compare.”), etc. I’m confused. Is Caroline Gibson user CrazyAces489?


  4. Sorry, Donkey, more expiry than you is the female tv writer. One simply does not become a TV writer in their 35th year. HYSTERICAL! Hope that helps!

    • I’m sure this is too obvious and I already know the answer but why wouldn’t she just correct the page under her own name? It’d be tougher to dispute (unless of course when there’s fact based evidence that is inconsistent & contradictory)-oh wait there I go answering my own question.

  5. Let’s not forget this doozy:

    Why is an Employee of Virginia’s Attorney General Editing Donkey’s Wikipedia Page?
    (EXCERPT — original article contains clickable links)
    ‘It’s not news that Julie Albertson’s Wikipedia page has undergone some shady editing in the past. A few days ago something interesting popped up in the “Talk” page of the wiki article: instructions from a PR flak to correct the article. Julia is an “internationally syndicated tech and social media columnist” in over 100+ newspapers, right?! This oversight must be corrected immediately!

    So who is this person who apparently doesn’t know how to use Wikipedia? Looks like she’s former dating columnist and former self-employed PR person Caroline Gibson, now the deputy director of communications for the VA AG. Looks like she even lists “Social Media Intern at Julia Allison” on her LinkedIn.’

    • (Ms. Caroline Gibson was editing Julia Allison’s Wikipedia page at 10;00 a.m. on the Virginia taxpayers dime, as is also pointed out in that older post.)

      The erroneous placement of Julia Allison in the WOMENS TELEVISION WRITERS category is old, old news, but I have yet to find where i’d mentioned it eons ago. Then again, D0nk’s lies *do* date back to the dawn of time, so …

      • I seem to remember the “women television writers” category too, but her ludicrous inclusion still pissed me off enough to make it the header.

        Ms. Gibson has apparently upgraded(?) to Director of Corporate Communications at Virginia Tourism Corporation. No word as to whether or not she’s still editing Wikipedia pages while on the clock.

        • Director of Corporate Communications at Virginia Tourism Corporation- “Virginia Is For Lovers”? Yeah, let’s just stick with that and grab lunch.

      • Let’s note what Ms. Caroline Gibson has time to say about Peter Baugher as well:

        ‘This page is information about an attorney to provide further information for people that might be seeking more information about him. He teaches many seminars and has written articles for Huffington Post, so he is a public figure and I do not think it should be deleted.’


        • Also, ‘information’ X three in ONE sentence?
          That’s some great material right there, press lady!

  6. “A Wikipedia contributor, JuliaAllison (talk · contribs) / Lillster (talk · contribs), may be personally or professionally connected to the subject of this article.”

    Yes, she created an account named after her dog to edit her own Wikipedia entry.

  7. RIDDLE: What’s the Julia Allison (Baugher) ~ Peter V. Baugher ~ Jason Saul connection (if any)? All that Cprgibson62384 has done on Wikipedia (on the VA taxpayer’s dime at the same time she was lanching / running her PR business) is amend ~ defend ~ create Wikipedia pages on these three Chicago-area Illinois natives.

    15:17, 20 February 2013‎ Cprgibson62384 (talk | contribs)‎ . . (3,454 bytes) (+3,454)‎ . . (Created page, linked to reference websites)

    • I am glad we are having this conversation, Ashton.


    • If I were to meet Goop I am reasonably sure that I would feel compelled to be mean to her. She elicits abusive thoughts from me with only her smug face.

      • goop’s idiocy generally didn’t bother me, because I figured she was just raised with a silver spoon in her mouth and she’s never been able to see see past that, and that’s true for a lot of people…but then there was this post on dlisted the other day, and that finally pushed me over the edge.

        • Me too. I’ve always got that she was annoying, but never participated in the hate because I have enjoyed her in movies. (I think it’s more a Blythe Danner love.) And I still should. She’s being honest, in how her life has worked, it’s just so so so out of tune with the rest of the world. Of course, most wealthy people, who either inherited their wealth, or their familial connections and genetics are similar. She’s just so out of touch. It’s no wonder she hasn’t gotten a real acting job in eons.

    • The most misused word of 2014 “Haters” I prefer to call it Paltrowing.

  8. Can someone please post the photo from her Wikipedia entry that made her so angry? The one that prompted her to go on the warpath on Christmas Day, I believe. Some kind of horrible jumper with huge buttons.

    My theory: She was molested at a young age and so is stuck in arrested development at that age. This is also why her parents indulge her to an insane degree: big-time guilt about the molestation, possibly from someone they knew/allowed to be around their kids.

    • no, she’s just a rotten person seeking the easiest/grifteriest path.

      This is Success! cheat-until-you-make-it!

      But, she hasn’t made it, yet.

      Maybe with the new New Year’s PILOT! 2015 is going to be amazballz!

    • I kind of agree with this theory but I think it’s more about her mom’s assault than her own. Either way, stuck at age 10.

  9. I have wondering, too, what is it exactly that led to this point/lifestyle for Julia. Playing armchair psych evaluator. I initially felt that there was alcoholism in the immediate family. She has the most exaggerated qualities of someone who might have grown up in an alcoholic home.

    • Nah, she was born with a rotten core and then her family enabled it, as far back as covering her little raft ass when she stole the other kid’s christmas gift for herself, or biking her little cuntface to the country club to throw her own birthday party. Her parents were derelict in not challenging that behavior, but mainly for not stepping in over the last 10 years. However growing up I think her parents seem normal, she got every privilege opportunity…the only potential stress point could have been Peter clearly wanting an intellectual for a child, and Julia having to constantly fake it because she’s dumb as a shoe. Her brother turned out fine. Actually, he turned out better.

      • Two kids can grow up in the same family and have totally different experiences of that family. Or they can have the same experiences and respond differently. My parents are alcoholics and so are their three kids, but I’m the only one whose ambition kept pace with my alcoholism and who managed to get and stay (so far) sober — not because I’m a better person, but just because I made different choices as a result of being different from them.

        Julia’s sip-counting is the kind of thing I’ve only ever seen alcoholics do. Or perhaps she was so afraid of becoming one that she resorted to such extreme behavior. Either way, I think there’s something to the theory that alcoholism played a part in her upbringing.

        • She mentioned at some point that she drank heavily in college, and I think some have speculated that alcohol facilitated her bulimia. But who knows?

          • Hmm, I missed those revelations about college. Not sure I buy her bulimia claims any more than I do her multiple claims of being raped.

          • Julia is a lot of mess, but I’ve never thought her to a drinker. I’ve also never head her professed “drinking problem in college” but if she said so she is just lying and latching onto clichees unimaginative as usual.

          • Jordache, I don’t think Julia was ever really a drinker either. She mentioned at some point that she drank excessively at parties in college to get attention, which sounds like relatively normal college behavior, not really a drinking problem. Keeping track of every sip of alcohol in an Excel spreadsheet is so strange though. Maybe it’s related to her ED psychology?

    • Trying to justify her unethical behavior by attributing it to “something” is only to make us feel better and allows her to continue without accountability.

  10. horrid behavior, the rotten girl on last year’s project runway who cannot make peace with char, who she lost to; me me me me me, don’t attack me, this is not about you shut up


    • I don’t understand anything about what you’ve written here, but I’m sure I agree with you.

      • oh sorry

        more details

        corinna, horrible basic/white woman, on project runway, lost the challenge when it was down to two people, to charquita, a black/detroit woman, in gross fashion; SHE SHOULDN’T BE HERE, I SHOULD, and it was undeniably racist and classist

        then backstage, corinna exploded at char, you should’t be here, i should, you shouldn’t be here i should, and char, who appeared in every way to be a good soul who overcame much, gently suggested that, hey, whoa, why attack me when there were six other people who also beat you, and corinna, horrible person, launched into, shut up shut up it’s not about you

        then, the defeated contestants came back as helpers for the next round and yes horrible person was paired with good soul, AND FLOUNCED

  11. What happened on NYE in SF?
    Did Sadsack grift onto roomie’s party plans? Was there a burnt yam dinner party with a nursing bra and clomper heals?
    so success!

  12. Can’t believe I lost the bet! Donk couldn’t even stay dark for a day and a half!

    PS, this is the worst I’ve seen her look.

  13. Chiming in late… I’ve never seen this photo before! When / where was it taken? Who’s the dry-humper?

    sssf if this question has been answered in this thread or previous, I couldn’t find.

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