Ali Shanti, Original Thinker & Paradigm-Shifting Mistress of Financial Creativity, Is Marrying Herself


There’s got to be more to life than banging your umpteenth fellow conference attendee and scamming the American public out of their hard earned dollars. So, Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely, the Rosa Parks/Harvey Milk of polyamory, has decided to follow in the footsteps of Julia Allison, Scary Sadshaw, and other courageous girls. Yes, Ali has proposed and Alexis has accepted!

Engagement ring.

I got myself this ring made by Debbie Lichter as a commitment to myself.

Noah noticed the ring and said Mom, what’s that ring?

Me: It’s my engagement ring.

Noah: Who are you engaged to?

Me: Myself.

Noah: I know you were going to say that. Because you’re a hippie.

shanti ring

Why, that ring is lovelier than a lost rhinestone and that exchange is funnier, cuter, than one of Julia’s old Family Circus cartoons. Of course, we should have expected this proposal was coming when Ali made her daughter’s recent birthday all about Ali.

After fellow woo Debbie Lichter received the above shoutout – do these people just constantly shill one another? – the divine designer responded:

Ali Shanti you came up in my meditation yesterday and I had a vision of you wearing an “empoweRING!!”So honored to see that vision became a reality with this raw rose quartz gemstone ring. I can’t think of a better woman to represent raw LOVE and raw beauty exactly as Mother Nature intended. Congratulations on your marriage. I have a good feeling about this one.

Me too. No one can flick Ali’s clit quite like Ali.


      • Pretty sure any random 6 year old could make a better ring out of dumpster parts. Speaking of kids, I feel sorry for hers. What’s it like to watch your mom lose her goddam mind?

        • Or what’s it like for your friends to discover your mother’s wide open Facebook page and learn she attends Pamela Madsen’s erotic goddess awakenings?

          • pretty sure that kind of thing leads directly to Homecoming King/Football Captain levels of popularity.

            Or swirlies. Lots of swirlies…

  1. Holy crap that looks like doodoo.

    The ring as well.

    It looks like someone threaded copper wire around hippie crystal “deodorant” and called it a day….erm, I mean sold it to some idiot that married herself because shes so fucking insufferable.

  2. I kind of feel bad for DJ Blockhead, in the end they’re just using each other for gigs and networking but he seems like the kind to “love” everyone and Donkey took that for omgromance. She really doesn’t get the hippie lifestyle AT ALL.

    So stalkery with him as usual, David Block and mama Block, if you know what’s good for you, you’d keep your son moving faster than she can burn through Dadsers cash to stalk him. Or get him married to that model chick. Lord knows she still pursues married men but wives are far more terrifying to mess with.

    • I’d still love to know when it clicked in his mind that we were right about her. Was it when he was with Haley at the Dating seminar, the stalker weekend in New Orleans, the drop in on the ‘rents weekend in Chicago, or the week he spent in SF having to listen to her go on and on about Taylor Swift?

  3. O/T, but the Family Circus reference reminded me of the old, old school internet meme (predating the word “meme”, even) Dysfunctional Family Circus. You could waste an entire day looking at this stuff back in 1994.

  4. I mean, come *on*. The kid was on the right track if he’d just used the word “psychotic” instead of “hippie.” Bitch is giving the word “hippie” a bad rap.

    • That’s what so funny about these grifters, Donkey included. They think that wearing feathers in your hair and eating kale makes you a “hippie.” The original hippies– despite all the wannabes they attracted– were political activists, not money map makers. The woos are apathetic about politics and social issues.

      • I don’t know, I seem to see a lot of them focus on environmental issues, vegetarianism, legalizing drugs and same sex marriage. They tend to be capitalists, though, and a number of the biggest names and influencers driving this awareness festival shit seem to have libertarian leanings.

  5. And with this announcement, Shantytown has rammed her head the final few inches up her own ass.

    She’s now become a living ouroboros of fail.

    • Ouroboros of Fail is so poetic! Someone needs to take that as a Username.

    • Even worse than all those kids deliberately lighting themselves on fire on World Star Hip Hop? Probably almost that dumb, though.. 😀

      She’s a sad loser who should be on another re-blogging/re-discovering site/cite/sight.

      Gawd, I feel so sorry for her kid.

      • The catlady who writes “My Three Angles” (which I have just been rabidly catching up on while I have paid! client work I’m supposed to be doing) should do a woo blog — with the same style illustrations. The crying off of rhinestones; the tutus; the Burning Man Camps; the Rose Quartz asteroid jewels; Madsen’s boudoir shots; Papa Chevalier; Smellsberg BDSM scenes — OMG how fabulous would those illustrations be in My Three Angles style?

        • I think I would have to start receiving different catalogues to do the illustrations. Currently Pottery Barn does not feature scary tapestries and coat ghosts and LlBean has no Morrocanwear.

      • I find they’ll eventually end up in jail for fraud-just letting it unfold.

    • Ali Shanti is the best supporting character in The Julia Allison Shitshow ever. No one could make up this pathetic, raving lunatic.

      • I used to think that but then then along came Madsen + entourage; and Smellsberg; and . . . . . . . . . . . .by the way, y’all ought to take a look at Sera Beak (the reincarnation of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s miscarried daughter); the Grifter Schizophrenic. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . she gives “Soul Readings” — however in her favor her prices are very low — she is an ascetic grifter so it almost makes me overlook the psycho part.

  6. i guess the ring is good for smashing into a potential mugger’s face?

    god. i just can’t believe these people are real.

    • The longtime New Yorker in me had the same response when I saw that fugly piece of jewelry.

  7. I wish she’d had dozens of rings made so she could hang them from her eyepelts.

  8. Mom: I noticed that ring.

    Me: It’s an engagement ring.

    Mom: Are you finally engaged to your boyfriend?

    Me: No, myself.

    Mom: AnnaPelt? You know that place your sister went for a month when she was super, super stressed? Wandering Breeze? Do you want to go, just for a little break? I think your insurance will cover it.

    • His bedside reading must be Mackay’s “Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”, which mentions this ferret-worthy scheme:

      “But the most absurd and preposterous of all, and which shewed, more completely than any other, the utter madness of the people, was one started by an unknown adventurer, entitled “A company for carrying on an undertaking of great advantage, but nobody to know what it is.” Were not the fact stated by scores of credible witnesses, it would be impossible to believe that any person could have been duped by such a project. The man of genius who essayed this bold and successful inroad upon public credulity, merely stated in his prospectus that the required capital was half a million, in five thousand shares of 100l. each, deposit 2l. per share. Each subscriber, paying his deposit, would be entitled to 100l. per annum per share. How this immense profit was to be obtained, he did not condescend to inform them at that time, but promised that in a month full particulars should be duly announced, and a call made for the remaining 98l. of the subscription. Next morning, at nine o’clock, this great man opened an office in Cornhill. Crowds of people beset his door, and when he shut up at three o’clock, he found that no less than one thousand shares had been subscribed for, and the deposits paid. He was thus, in five hours, the winner of 2,000l. He was philosopher enough to be contented with his venture, and set off the same evening for the Continent. He was never heard of again.”

    • I guess that’s better than taking $5,000 and putting in through a paper shredder and then down the toilet. Maybe.

  9. This self-marrying thing – it seems pretty clear to me that the men of the Woo would not even consider something like this.

    It seems exclusively for the women, as some sort of defensive move against the specter of singlehood. Oh so empowered.

    • I totally agree. Good point.
      With another crowd, i would think the female only thing was a comment against, you know, the Patriarchy. But with these huys? Doesnt feel thought through.

    • Yep, so desperate, spinstery and pathetisad.

      I just bought myself a beautiful white gold ring. Was originally going to buy diamond but changed it to a colored stone. It looks like an engagement ring but, even though I am expired and single, this is NOT a f’ing self-engagement ring! I don’t need to make this some stupid statement. If they were really making this a statement about the Patriarchy, or actual self empowerment and independence, then I wouldn’t call it stupid. But they’re not and this ISNT succseth.

      For me, my ring is a statement about oooh, shiny, pretty! And vanity, because after a decade of stress and tearing my nails to pieces, I have managed to grow them out and have lovely natural nails. I know, most people do that in high school, but I’ve been through some tough shit. So, yeah, just buy jewellery if you want it. Apologies for all the me me me! 😉

      tl;dr why can’t they just do normal things, and shut their mouths about it? Blech, the woo’s are so pitiful. I love me some rose quartz, but that ring is just fug.

      • Everyone, men and women, should wear whatever jewelry they please. But why it’s so necessary to call a random ring a wedding ring strikes me as sexist and self-defeating, just as PW said.

      • Several years ago I bought a lovely cocktail ring (sold recently in my soul saving yard sale) in pave diamonds and the lady selling it to me kept calling it a “right hand ring” and enouraged me to tell people that’s what it was. I informed her that if I guy couldn’t tell the difference between what hand the ring was on-he was out of the running for mate material. Point is, as you said, you’re doing it for you and didn’t need to sky write about it.

        • the Right Hand Ring was part of a DeBeers Diamond Monopoly advertising strategy in the 90s or was it the 80s to get women to buy diamonds for themselves while still requiring men to buy diamonds for them

          Zales still advertises them

          Treat yourself to a bold and fashionable right hand ring. Our collection of diamond and gemstone styles in modern and traditional designs are the perfect way to celebrate ‘you.’

          • It is a very old-school old-lady WASP thing to do to wear your late mother’s (or grandmother’s, or aunt’s) wedding and engagement rings on your right ring finger. It was such a standard thing to see in my childhood that whenever I saw an old lady with a different kind of ring on her right ring finger, I was a bit surprised.

            I have a lot of rings that I wear on my right hand (turquoise! peridot! amethyst!) but I have to admit that I default to a stack of family wedding rings now that I am 50. I guess I am claiming my cronehood?

          • I did not know it was started at Zales-interesting. A few years back it was a Charriol campaign too. Almost as bad as How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days-Frost Yourself. I never needed a a reason to buy anything-ha!

          • not started at zales; promo was financed heavily by the diamond cartel; currently it is being pushed by zales

          • I remember those ads. “Your left hand says ‘we’, your right hand says ‘me’. Women of the world, raise your right hand.”

          • Sorry read wrong DeBeers (not Zales on the campaign), Graff & the diamond industry in general a level of corruption that shames almost any other industry.

      • I know someone who married themselves (some years ago), and that person’s stated intent was to remind themselves that they owed themselves respect, love, and attention, just as they did to their spouse. Though it is certainly not a thing I would have done, I could see the rationale for this person, who tends to do too much for others and neglect their own needs.

        Everybody in this gaggle of grifters is the exact opposite. They’re all on constant highs of self-love and self-indulgence; they hardly need any reminders to pay attention to their own desires!

        • I guess I mean “themself” above. I am 100% on board with singular “they” (which is what the person I refer to prefers) but I am not always the best at using it correctly. Only one person was self-marrying in my first example, just to be clear (though this person does have two spouses in addition to themself).

  10. “Iceberg head ahead, sir!”
    Ladies who never read here: jobs and helping others (and not out of their hard-earned money) will fill the emptiness in your hearts-and here’s the kicker, doing it without a parade in your honor or posting every single thing you do online.

  11. Was the revelation in the designer’s meditation before or after the designer sold LOL Hippie the (ugh) “empoweRING.” And what does that ugly ball of stone supposed to empower, anyway.

  12. Donks has posted about how glad she is to be going back to SF and grounding herself and getting copious amounts of sleep. She’s worn out!

  13. I love how grifters are all about “me time” and cherishing themselves. Yeah, some people give too much to others at a detriment to themselves, but Ali Shanti and Juliar are not them. It’s always “me time” in Grifterville. I don’t know why this annoys me so much but it does – everything they do is just so boring and selfish. All this healing thyself so you can give back to the world, but all their giving back seems to consist of dumb attention activities that are all about themselves all over again. It’s just so tired and sickening and gross.

  14. Her hand is basically a close up of what her face really looks like. Stupid hippies and their anti-sunscreen bullshit.

    Also co-signing many of the above; that ring is HIDEOUS.

  15. Guys, off topic, but I’m making it about me for a second (if I may).

    I recently decided to end an eight year friendship with someone who turned out to be just like JA. He never took ownership of anything he did wrong, was always pointing the finger at someone else. I was recently hospitalised for over a month after suffering a massive range of symptoms including kidney and liver failure so I was not able to be there for him emotionally the way he wanted me to. I wouldn’t put up with his bitching about how hard his life is (read: his life is not hard he creates his own problems to give himself something to complain about) because I was literally worried about whether or not I would live. When I told him this he accused me of guilt tripping him and I cut off contact.

    I resumed contact with him a month or two later after he apologised, but now he’s made
    my illness his own and uses it to garner second-hand sympathy with people I don’t know. e.g. ‘Oh, my friend she went through this horrible time and I was sooo worried and was totes there for her’ so people will applaud him for being such a good friend.

    I’m usually a pretty understanding/forgiving person, but that was the last straw for me.

    I know you’re all thinking, ‘Good for you. He was toxic’, but I feel horrible and guilty that I don’t feel guilty about ending it and am not sure if that’s a normal reaction.

    • Kidney and liver failure? Holy cow. And he guilt tripped you because you couldn’t be there for him in the way you usually are? Seriously, fuck that noise.

      How did you friend help you through your health crisis? You don’t say if this friend came to see you while you were in the hospital for over a month. There’s a handful of friends, who if they were in the hospital, I’d make damn sure I came to see them or checked in by phone every day. I had a JA who I unfortunately got when I got divorced. I cut it off with her when I went into the hospital and she did call, but begged off coming to see me because hospital squicked her. It’s not like she went out of her way to be supportive in other areas of our friendship. It was always, always about her. I didn’t feel at all guilty about ending it.

      Nor should you. It sounds to me like you stood up for your emotional well being.

      • I’m from the Caribbean, but was in the UK at the time of illness so he couldn’t come see me, but people that I’ve known for a much shorter period of time sent cards or flowers or called.

        This ex-friend only called to apologise when another friend explained to him how serious the illness was. Before that he assumed I was just ‘faking it to get attention.’

        I think you’re right Pass the Popcorn, the fact that I don’t feel guilty is probably a sign that I made the right decision. Thank you. I feel a lot more sure of my decision now.

        • I don’t understand how someone who’s supposed to be your close friend can even suspect that you’re faking a serious illness for attention, and TELL you that’s what they thought? I kant even.

          The guy sounds horrible and your decision to cut him off was definitely well justified.

          I’m sorry to hear about your illness (and a liver / kidney failure as the result of a bad flare up of Crohn’s that you have to deal with IN ADDITION to broken knee / aftermath is really terrible), and I’m happy that you’re doing much better now. Sending creepy hugs your way.

          • I had a friend-echtomy from one of my “sisters” after I was her MOH (her other MOH dropped out, as did the original best man – so that should tell you the quality of person we were dealing with). In my youth, I did something that she claimed hurt her greatly (still dont get HOW it hurt her but I apologized profusely, wanting to simply patch up the relationship) and she continued to use it as something to hold over my head several years later. I eventually had enough, drank too many cocktails one night and released the kraken on her. Not my finest moment but we haven’t spoken since and I completely understand what you mean by feeling guilty about not feeling guilty but I feel like this is the normal progression of life – paring down on people and activities that don’t suit us.

            I’d ask yourself this: if roles were reversed, would this friend even hesitate to cut you out? I don’t know your friend but if what you say is correct, I’d guess probably not.

    • omg dwr, i love you and although it kills me to hear you torn about this, i understand why– because you are a good person with feelings and compassion.

      BUT, fuuuuuuuuuuuck that guy. You won’t realize how good your decision was until much time has passed. Nobody can say something to make this passage easier, just have faith that you will look back and rejoice that something so horrible made you realize something so important, namely, who is important and there for you in your life and who is not.

      Fuck everyone, yr cool, yr getting better and you are going to meet better people to replace those that sucked.

      Also, come to SF and I’ll buy you all the drinks.

        • You’re too funny & I’m sad that your rolls didn’t work this Halloween weekend I’m sure some of my friends could have helped you out;)

          • i humbly accept your offer.

            seriously though, i am starting to get lonely out here. if anyone from SF wants to hang out sometime, email me. i’ve never met an rbd’ear i didn’t like. gardenofevil666 -> gmail

          • I live in AZ but used to work out of Menlo (and Menlo-ish) areas. I will def let you know if I make it to those parts again soon. Love to meet a real life rbd’ear in the wild.

        • Awww thanks KS. I can’t drink at the moment, but I’ll take you up on the other thing ;).

          Let me know if you;re ever in the UK. Would love to do a cat lady meetup!

          Missed the last one when Mcakez was around.

    • The gift of the sociopath is being able to make the victim feel sorry (guilt) for them (the abuser) when they in fact manipulated facts and did not recognize the rights of others. You were well within your rights (I’m very sorry to hear of your health problems) to be concerned over your own health and within your rights to expect someone you’re in a relationship with to be there for you and not make you feel guilty for being sick.

      His actions towards you were abusive and when you know (and it sounds like you do) know you deserve better-send him packing for good and never look back. I realized several years ago (almost yikes! ten now) that I’d rather spend every day for the rest of my life alone than one day with a person like that. Stay strong on focus on your health!

      • Sorry I’m really having comprehension issues this evening (or all the time). Same still applies for any type of relationship/friendship.

    • I’m sorry to hear you were so sick. Is everything ok now?
      I also had to cut some people out of my life a few years ago for similar, but not life-threatening, reasons. I can’t imagine how difficult a situation it must have been for you.
      As for ending the friendships, I also didn’t feel any guilt and wondered what this said about me. I realised it meant I had known for a long time that it was the right decision. I actually felt relief and a lot of additional stress they were adding to my already stressful situation went away.

      Unfortunately, illness can make you realise who is really a friend or not.
      Don’t worry about not worrying and trust that it means you made the right decision for you. The relationship no longer worked for you and it seems you were the only one working at it, not him, Your “friend” doesn’t sound like a good one and I hope you feel emotionally lighter without having to deal with his baggage, and can instead focus on yourself and your own health. All the best.

      • Thank you for your kind words.

        All of you catladies and men (ahem KS) are awesome!

        It’s good to know I’m not a heartless bitch because I was totally feeling like one.

        I’m doing a lot better now…it turned out it was a really bad flare up of Crohn’s disease brought on by taking NSAID’s for pain after undergoing knee surgery a few months earlier to fix a torn ACL and a broken knee. It just took them FOREVER to diagnose it and I kept getting worse and worse until they did.

        Luckily, I’m getting it under control now.

    • I think that the fact that you don’t feel “guilty” is a sign that you’re taking good care of your own self instead of taking responsibility for the feelings of a questionable friend. We make fun of Donk and the Woos for all the “I need to love myself more!” stuff, but in all seriousness, to take good care of yourself you need to cut out toxic people and let them deal with their own feelings.

      I ended a friendship with a couple because it was drama-laden (and there was also poly-weirdness going on) and I felt relieved and not guilty. I missed the good times for a bit, but they weren’t worth the associated drama. I also went “no contact” with a JIML, but that almost doesn’t count bc she was a neighbor, not a friend, and also very unstable and mentally ill and narcissistic. It felt GREAT.

      If he tries to guilt-trip you, just ignore him or say something boundary-setting, such as, “I’m doing well, thanks, and I’m focusing on healing. Bye.”

    • Yikes! I am so sorry that you have been dealing with a jerk on top of health issues.

      I had to cut my long time best friend out of my life about 12 years ago. It took me so long to feel okay about it. You are doing the right thing.

      • That reminds me of when I finally cut ties with my best friend from my teenage years. I’m moderately successful, he’s a sociopathic user who afaik never had a job listed on his facebook, let alone a linkedin. After college we parted ways because I moved away. When I friended him on facebook a year ago he proceeded to leave comments insinuating I’m gay, calling me a faggot, etc, but in the way guys talk to each other, not seriously. This, on the page my parents and adult friends read. When I unfriended him, he noticed and asked did you unfriend me? I didn’t bother trying to explain why. I’m sure he went and told everyone I’m a faggot who fags because if you don’t like him, faggot.

        Sometimes I regret not just blocking him because he was the sole “friend of a friend” link I had to about 50 high school people I’d like to keep tabs on but oh well. It wouldn’t have worked because of his incessant weekly need to call me a fag and get a response.

  16. Has the Lena Dunham (O/T) been discussed yet? I’ve read each post but lately haven’t been able to go back and catch up. She is sick and vile, a clear narcissist. I feel so bad for her sister in so many ways. I know some don’t think Lena as a 7 year old spreading open her 1 year old sister’s vulva, is not molestation. To me, it’s clear abuse, coupled with everything else – the 17 yo Lena masturbating in the same bed as her 10 yo sister slept etc Even Lena compares her behavior to a sexual predator. Plus the seeing her sister as an extension of her, and therefore she co-ops her stories (despite her sister asking her to stop), outs her to their parents. Sorry for the wall o text. I’m late to the game and just heard and read about this and it fills me with the rages. And Lena is calling it a right wing attack and thinks everyone does what she did?! I’m stabby.

    • we haven’t talked about it yet and FUCK LENA DUNHAM. She’s nasty. It looks like sexual abuse to me and her whining about it just means she’s mad that she’s not getting the right kind of attention.

        • agree. Also, the pebble story sounds implausible. I think the truth is much darker.

          • not possible not likely

            i know someone whose older sister swallowed a penny, got scared, told parents younger sister swallowed it (too young to talk), they took her for x-rays and etc., and when the older sister asked A LOT of questions about what happened at the hospital, they figured out she did it and sent the sister to the doctor as a guinea pig because she was scared of the doctor


            child rape is not okay

          • i think the young patholigical child rapist was possibly emulating the father’s art with the child and the parents unconventional but aware that they were at a place where if they were poor and brown and the police were involved child famly services would be involved slowly escorted the young rapist out of the room and kept her away from her sister and under supervision

          • Grammarian, in the NYT feature (I think it was that one, but it might have been the NYMag) on Dunham her mother is described as ‘defiantly’ hanging nude photos of herself on the wall. Not artistic nudes, but spread eagle shots…I think that it’s safe to say some of their parenting choices were questionable.

          • Just from a logistical standpoint, the pebble aspect of the story seems so implausible to me. I don’t think 1 year olds have the coordination or the awareness to do something like that to themselves. I haven’t been around young kids in a while, but I feel like at that age they’re constantly trying to put things in their mouth. Why would a baby have had access to pebbles in the first place? It is so convenient that the only person, besides Lena, who would know the truth was too little to understand or recall accurately. Either Lena has no boundaries or she’s making the whole thing up, but either way it is gross to co-opt your little sister’s vagina for a poorly constructed anecdote for a book that no one will read.

          • My horrified thought is that she put the pebbles into her sister. I thought about this last night as I was falling asleep and had to do some ~OMMM~ing in order to stop the nightmares.

            I’ve never seen Girls and don’t plan to seek it out. My only Lena Dunham experience is reading her so-so New Yorker articles and seeing her appalling turns on the red carpet. She strikes me as someone who knows we’ll yawn if she does something normally gross like eating boogers so trots out the most fucked up thing she can, so that she can react to our reactions and be all “WHAT? You stupid Puritans, how can you not find that funny?”

            I think Lena can put all the sand up her own bum that she wants but she should leave her sister out of it.

            The instagram pictures of Lena and her sister seem to show her sister kind of painfully tolerating her.

          • Stalker: that was my thought too, that she put them there. And I hugged my four month old a little closer bc I would choke a bitch (RIP Chappelle’s show) if anyone did anything to hurt her. And I get so mad that people are continuing to defend her

        • i have a one year old and there is no fucking way that she would randomly stuff pebbles in her vagina. and? the fuck did the pebbles come from? now, i like lena and i like the show, but this bit in the book? tasteless. even for her.

    • Inadvertently bringing it back on-topic in a come full circle sort of way, guess who’s threatening to sue TRUTH REVOLT over use of her own actions:

      ‘Bullies like Ms. Dunham may believe that firing off legal threats against those who exercise First Amendment rights is perfectly legitimate. But for a woman who proclaims to be an advocate for freedom of speech to attempt to shut down such speech based on her own apparent embarrassment at her own disclosures …’

      How fuck, & how very, very D0nkey.

    • All the coverage I’ve read has politicised this issue, but it’s not political, it’s about boundaries.

      She compared herself to a child abuser! She did things to her sister that would have raised MANY eyebrows if she were male. She has no boundaries. I can’t believe people are just shrugging it off and chalking it up to ‘youthful exploration’.

      I find it very hard to believe that she didn’t ‘know’ that adding those anecdotes to her book would cause controversy.

      Ugh, I wasn’t a fan before, but now I really loathe her.

      • it’s child rape and her privileged status includes defending it

        if someone did that to my child they would be dead

      • Yeah, I never had much of an opinion on Lena Dunham (shockingly, HBO addict that I am I’ve never watched Girls) but Pebblegate is really disturbing to me. I have a 10 month old baby girl, and of course there are big leaps in motor skills between 10 and 12 months, but I also have a toddler boy so I have a decent grasp on what’s possible and what’s not. Assuming that Dunham didn’t just make up the whole thing for attention, the following stinks:

        * Baby left unattended with no apparent diaper for long enough to shove pebbles anywhere
        * Baby left unattended in area of massive choking hazard (pebbles) when pretty much guaranteed that baby will try to ingest anything chokeable
        * Baby somehow having the dexterity to place multiple pebbles in vagina. Small children of course become interested in their own (and others) genitalia, and apparently at some point some toddler girls will attempt to use their vagina as a purse (something to look forward to!). But the ability to do so at one years old is extremely dubious, especially since it was the day that Dunham happened to look at her sister’s vagina. It is a classic older sibling move to blame your wrongdoing on a younger sibling who can’t talk – but normally the wrongdoing is much more innocent.

        I agree that 7 is an age when you become more curious about private parts but what is inconceivable to me is forcibly looking at another kid’s private parts, especially when they are unable to give any sort of consent. As others pointed out, if Dunham were male there wouldn’t even be a discussion of if it were appropriate or not.

        • Yeah, you’re right, it’s especially “strange” I guess that the one day she happens to do that, pebbles happen to be inside her sister. All of this makes me want to vomit and I can’t stop thinking about it and wanting to scream at everyone that THIS IS NOT OK! Seriously, HBO needs to pull Girls or do something – have a statement at least. I mean, come on, 7th Heaven was pulled from reruns, why can’t something similar happen to Girls? I’m going to write an email to them right now.

        • There’s no way a 1 year old girl could do that. Maybe possibly once, and that’s pushing plausibility. Several times? There’s just no way. How could a 1 year old balance that long?

          UGH. FUCK LENA DUNHAM again. For making me think about her stupid attention whore self. I would love to see her show cancelled and any sponsors she has drop her ass.

      • THANK YOU! Egh. I hate the politicization of it all. Can’t we all be against sexual (well, any type of) abuse? How is there a partisan divide on this? And you’re exactly right that if it was a male child doing that to a female child, it’d go the way of the dad from Seventh Heaven when his molestation of children came out (even if it’s not going to court, I am glad that shows dropped him immediately and people spoke out against him).

        • The partisan divide comes from partisan whack jobs who desperately need to expand their vocabularies & mindsets — it’s just bs fodder found in any forum on any subject — if you read only the comments, you’d never glean a clue as to what the eff they’re going on about.

          Sorry — political labeling is a pet peeve & my ears shut down if / when I hear a whiff of it, because it’s so very indicative of someone yapping just to hear their own voice (or see words after their name, as the case may be).

          • Polarizing political terms are a pet peeve of mine as well and just another form of manipulation. The idea that Lena pulled that card shows she’s a master manipulator indicative of her lack of character, shame, remorse or guilt around the topic. This is not a political issue it’s an abuse issue. Her failure to recognize the difference puts her in my “favorite” sociopathic.

      • Good analysis. It seems like Lena wanted the attention and counted on it being politicized in a way favorable to her. If this was a regular, non-famous person she’d be toast for putting these things into writing. If she was a male, she’d be toast even if she was famous. It should not matter who she is or what status she has. It also shouldn’t matter that the victim was her sister. The real problem is the balance of power — predators have power for many reasons, i.e. age, family status, fame, gender, etc.

        Even if Lena thought this was innocent, she should know better than to write that material in a way that makes those behaviors seem normal. There are people out there who latch onto things like that. There are people who refrain from acting on certain compulsions because they know they are unequivocally wrong and condemned by society. When someone jokes about them or downplays them, it blurs the line. TLDR — Lena is a sick fuck, not necessarily for doing what she did as a kid, but for parading it around in 2014.

    • Something was obviously very wrong in Lena Dunham’s life at seven, because a healthy child would not do that to their sister. And then the ongoing stuff like bribing the sister for kisses and masturbating in her bed—this is a red flag as big as the Empire State Building.

      The place for her to have talked about this was with a therapist. And with her sister, to apologize and offer amends. The idea that this was a fun, quirky story to tell shows that she is still fucked up about it. And that she still has no concern for her sister’s boundaries.

      • I agree, though I am doubtful that Lena would be a) truthful in theorapy or b) take anything from it because she seems to be a true narcissist if what I’ve read about her is true – her sister hadand others in her life task her to stop using their lives as fodder for her tv show or books and she refuses. Plus she makes everything about her (e.g. she outted her sister to her parents) and has said that she sees her sister as an extension of her. Plus, she has no sense of awareness when she herself compares her behavior to a sexual predator and her defense to this criticism is that it’s a “right wing attack” and everyone has done what she has to her sister. For therapy to work, IMO, there needs to be self-awareness, humility, and truthfulness

        • Agree that it would be hard for a therapist to help her change, since she doesn’t seem to want to change. And why should she? The world has rewarded her for her dysfunction. Now she is Queen Narcissist.

          My heart goes out to her sister.

          • I imagine her sister Grace has developed coping techniques when it comes to being waylaid by Lena’s outrageous attn-whoring claims, & now that some of that bs is back-firing on Lena, she’s probably enjoying the karmic retribution.

            ‘”Usually this is stuff I can ignore but don’t demean sufferers, don’t twist my words, back the f*** up bros,” she added. “I told a story about being a weird 7 year old. I bet you have some too, old men, that I’d rather not hear. And yes, this is a rage spiral. … Sometimes I get so mad I burn right up. Also I wish my sister wasn’t laughing so hard.

      • So much of this. She lacks any shame, remorse or guilt over the situation and did she discuss this with her sister before putting it in a book?

      • I agree that a healthy child would not have done this to a sister. I have a painful story about my sister and me that isn’t quite as bad, but it affected me pretty deeply. She was 8.5 years old when I was born and had been given lots of attention up until then. She had a different father who abandoned her and my mom when she was just two. But my dad then treated her as his own, so much in fact I wasn’t even aware that she had a different dad until I was 15. Anyway, I think she resented me because I was the “real” child. She would torture me every time she babysat me by sitting on me and tickling me and wouldn’t stop until I peed myself. I would scream for her to stop. It was horrible and I knew she was always going to do it. It wasn’t playful at all, it was mean. Afterward she would make me popcorn (my favorite treat) only if I would swear not to tell my parents about the tickling. She continued having a chip on her shoulder her whole life, always saying that our parents favored me over her, which was bullshit. She became a fine artist, married a man prominent in his field and started associating with a lot of wealthy people and it went to her head. We had a blue collar upbringing she started calling us white trash which we were not. They never had children. She became an alcoholic and I believe she was bipolar, she would call me up, drunk, and rage at me for nothing. She died at age 58 from cancer and never reconciled with the family, which hurt my mother deeply. She and I never talked about the abuse, but I never forgot it. I told my mother about it a few years after my sister died, and she was horrified. I really still don’t know why she did it and to this day I can’t stand to be tickled.

          • Thank you. I think the main reason for bringing it up is that the age difference was similar and I wonder if that is a key age for sibling rivalry with a new baby…just a thought.

          • I’m sorry you had to go through that, Grifty. Thank you for feeling safe to share with us. It has a long lasting impact when a sibling does something. I am expired + 10 and it’s taken me most of my life to deal with the impact on my life, especially relationships, due to treatment by my brother and denials by my family. He and our sister (his twin) were adopted and had issues dealing with it, but that wasn’t the only reason he was so awful. Ugh, families can really mess us up.

        • I was the youngest by a lot of years and I too have been tickled unpleasantly. Not AS unpleasantly, that sounds really awful. But I also hate to be tickled because it’s more dominance of an older to a younger helpless child than “fun”. I agree the things that people do when we are little stay with us forever.

    • I just don’t think using the term “sexual predator” lightly is a funny or smart thing to do. And the thing is, many sex offenders feel like it is somehow “okay” to do what they do, if their victims are family members. They are their property, or otherwise justify it in some sick way. This is just teetering too close to that line to be like, “So, kids do weird things, case closed.” It’s more than that, it’s more her response to all of it, completely defensive and not seeing anything slightly wrong with any of it and of course, playing the politics card because surely, all liberals must love reading about this kind of thing.

      • I want to say something about this and now I can because this is a safe place among smart folks….

        I haven’t been here in awhile btw because my life is cray tough and Jules and Ali, et. al. are in an uninteresting, creepy place to me that makes me feel like I need a lot of showers.

        What I want to say is that this happened to me, and I remember it. I never talked about it before.

        I was two, and my brother, who was only 2.5 years older than me, played sexual games with me. I remember them.

        It didn’t last long at all. We stopped very soon after we stopped sharing rooms. So I

        He was a toddler, see, not 7. As we got older, I forgave him for it, and didn’t see myself as “molested,” because we were both basically babies…

        HOWEVER… he never forgave himself and continued to physically abuse me my entire life and emotionally. He just hated me. I could tell he carried a lot of shame about what happened when we were tiny. I don’t know if he knows that I remember.

        The thing is also that our parents beat us up. Both of us. And had no boundaries.

        And in a way, when I was a pre-teen, he and his friends would kind of sexually harass me, and once his friend dry humped me against my will… so I think there was kinds of sexual abuse later.

        But this story really really resonates for me, because you can’t dismiss this stuff as happening that easily. You see, I don’t hang my brother with a “molestation” tag, although the harassment was rough.

        But now I think, okay I was 2ish, he was 4 or 5. It affected our relationship for ever. We played together then, and afterwards, it was always a bit sexual, in a way. It’s affected both of us so much. We’re both fucked up by it.

        Lena was 7!! 7 year olds know a LOT.

        I can’t believe how cavalier she is about this, when she spoke so strongly about Woody Allen. This is not nothing.

        I’m not saying she should say, “I deserve jail,” but at least, “I feel bad.”

        • I am so sorry, PB. Much, much catlady love for you. I’m glad you felt safe sharing your story with us. I hope it was cathartic, even in the smallest of ways.

        • I am so sorry this all happened to you. :(((( Got a little teary eyed reading this. Thanks for sharing.

        • Thank you for sharing your story, I’m glad this is a safe space for that. I’m so sorry for what you went through. Sexual abuse influences relationships and families for long after it has stopped.

          • Thanks! See? I didn’t think about it as “sexual abuse” because we were toddlers/babies, but after reading this I realized it affected me a lot and if my brother wrote about it in such a thoughtless way I would be FURIOUS.

            He was physically abusive after that – like beating me up – but didn’t molest me. Just harassment. To be clear. There was just always that weirdness.

            I don’t know if he knows I remember.

            I don’t talk to him now. I gave it a shot for years but he’s an addict, now sober, but still a Julia in Real Life narcissist.

            Thank you all!

          • Me, too. I hope you are coming out the other side strong. Catpeep love.

        • I am also very sorry you experienced what you did and thank you for speaking up. And that was exactly my point: Nothing about feeling bad. Justifying. Thinking it was okay because they were kids and siblings. I shudder to think of how many people tell excuses to themselves while justifying what they do. I’m not comparing hers to some scenarios which are monstrous, but it seems well beyond the “kids are weird and curious” or whatever she is brushing it off as, and it definitely seems to be on the spectrum. Also, if she’s as brilliant as she thinks she is, did she really think this was a wise thing to share in her book?

          • It’s akin to being a child bully and saying, “Oh I was just a kid!”

            Yes. You were a kid. You were a bully for reasons beyond your control. Still, it hurt people and really fucked them up. Apologize at least!

          • YES YES YES JB’s camp & Dances! They should apologize. The person who should decide it’s “not that bad” is the person it happened to, not the one who did it. It was wrong of them to do it and it’s another violation to be in charge of telling about it and dismissing critics.

    • I’m not surprised that no one on the publishing end tried to censor Lena for her own good, but Lena’s public downfall here is her own for not having (or, for not allowing) a PR handler advise her against her own devices.

      That said, despicable as she is, I’m glad she has over-shared w/ the world at large (excepting the impact of invasion of her sister’s privacy, that is) — it serves as a good reminder for parents that there’s a teaching moment here.

      I can’t help but wonder a couple of things: [1] how any parent whose little kid was around Lena back then might be reeling now, as this comes to light, & [2]
      is this re-telling actually transference of memories of a thing or things that happened to Lena? She does talk about her parents putting her in therapy at a young age …

    • I don’t have anything (nice or otherwise) to say about Lena Dunham, but I personally can’t wait until they make an SVU episode calling her out on her sick shit. It’ll be as classic as the Chris Brown one.

      • Ha do you think your avatar will back away from the dunham? I can see child rapist defending Donkey coming out in defense of dunham.

        • Who can say what a Swift will do? However, Julie Albertson, defender of girls and righteous crusader against injustice and bullshit, she is much more predictable to me.

    • I’ve read all of your replies to this post and at the risk of being unpopular, I have to say something.

      Are you all really suggesting that a seven year old child could be “guilty” of sexual abuse? Seriously? Like put-in-juvie guilty? Even if the sexualized behavior was illegally taught to them by an adult, are they seriously guilty? I wouldn’t even consider the idea that a seven year old was capable of murder, let alone sexually abusing someone.

      I ran this comment by my gf first, to make sure I wasn’t off my nut since it all seemed so wackadoodle. She said I wasn’t crazy. Kids just do that kind of shit. Annnnnnnnd.. yeah. they do. They don’t all go telling the fucking world about it to make a buck, but yeah, kids do that stuff when they are kids.

      • I think there are different issues. A seven-year-old who’s spreading her one-year-old sister’s labia out of curiosity or whatever needs help and education in why that’s not okay. I’d also want to know what else was going on in that kid’s life to inspire that kind of behavior.

        An eight, twelve, fourteen-year-old who’s bribing their much younger sister for kisses or snuggles would make me a lot more concerned, and in addition to getting that kid help I would probably enforce some consequences to underscore the importance of not treating her sister as a prop.

        A seventeen-year-old who insists on sleeping naked in her eleven-year-old sister’s bed? And masturbating? That’s fucked up and abusive in my book, and though I wouldn’t call the cops, I would lay down the law pretty damn hard with the older child.

        To me, though, the biggest betrayal was Dunham making money and getting attention by telling the story. She was in the wrong, and to me that makes it not her story to tell, and certainly not her story to profit from.

        • I thought it was the other way around, that the younger sister insisted on sleeping w/ her? Doesn’t really make a hell of a lot of difference, either way is creepy, but it does seem creepier to me if Lena crawled into bed w/ Grace …

          I want to believe that it’s all lies.

          • I actually read the book. Her little sister insisted on sleeping in her bed, not the other way around, for years. Nothing in the books about no nightdress. I am with KS. Everyone seems wacky about this to me.

      • I don’t think she sexually abused her sister. I just think the anecdotes I’ve seen showed serious boundary issues. Particularly the part where she describes bribing her sister for kisses and masturbating in the bed next to her. She was 17 when she did these things btw.

        Also she compared herself to a sexual predator. Those are her words not mine. If you’re going to do that, then why get mad when people use those words to describe you.

      • Yes, a 7 year old can be manipulative & hurt others on purpose! Is that really hard to understand? 7 year olds are NO ANGELS. They’re not as widely destructive of lives as adults are but they can have intent to harm. This is not just failure to protect. Placing objects inside a place on another person & then deflecting blame is malicious. And the incident when she was 7 was only one incident. The masturbating in bed next to her sister continued as Dunham went to college.

      • Yeah. She’s guilty of hurting, abusing, and manipulating someone, as she admits. She’s not accountable for it, although 7 year olds actually should know better, so um…. But she doesn’t have to brag about it and act like it’s cool and harmless, “just kids” without considering that it has an impact.

        • I want to add that I thought that her apology wasn’t terrible. She acknowledges that her words might have triggered victims so that was at least a good point.

          • the part about her apology that I hated was her “Oh my sister is totally fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine with all this.”

            Lena, honey, you’re in this mess because you clearly have no idea what the concept of consent is and you’ve been trampling your sister’s boundaries since the day she was born. I don’t believe her sister was totally fine with it, and if she is ok with it, that’s probably because the alternative (WHYYYYYYY won’t you let me use this material, you’re so selfish) is so much worse.

  17. OT: Why does the ballot breakdown for Prop 2 list supporters, and the ONLY person listed under ‘Individuals’ (as opposed to officials, organizations, etc.) is Sean Parker?

    Why does anyone care what Sean Parker thinks? That’s like saying “Endorsed by Perez Hilton.”

    • He’s desperate to break into politics- been gearing up for it for awhile now. It goes startup founder, fraud, create a “summit” and get into politics.
      Sean Parker according to Politico wants to “Conquer Poltics.”

      The two authors of the Politico article Alexander Burns and Alex Byers feed Parker’s already inflated ego even further by referring to him as “a bad-boy file-sharing guru” and manage to curb their school kid founder-crush long enough to report that Parker has already retained advisers to bring new focus and sophistication to his political enterprises and preparing to make a significant investment in the 2014 election cycle. Those political advisers are gurus if they plan on making anything associated with Parker “sophisticated.”

      So far Parker’s political enterprises have involved illegal activity. California Coastal Commission’s report on Parker wedding’s destruction regarding the unpermitted buildout in a redwood grove in Big Sur which resulted in his paying $2.5 million in penalties for ignoring regulations. (Move fast. Break things.)

      Ben Horowitz, the prominent Silicon Valley investor says (as Parker’s PR mouthpiece): “He’s all in at a very, very intense level, at more hours of the day than most people are awake. He’s got political views on various topics but his main agenda is sort of making democracy more modern, less corrupt.” Phew! Yay! Sean Parker Saves Politics!

      He also funded Jose Antonio Vargas’ filmed Documented for a future political platform. We have enough criminals in politics we don’t need more.

    • Because we’re a willfully stupid society w/ a “Here’s my brain — I’m not using it, so you take it.” mentality? #RhetoricalQuestion

    • Saw a blurb earlier that sounded like Mulia & Davidiot: ‘… public restroom … a man dressed as Tigger having sex with a naked woman …’ (but it was in England)

  18. From the annals of Ali:
    I have $1000 for someone who wants to go through all my old FB posts and gather those that would be most fit for a book and get them compiled and posted on my blog. Private message me if you would love to do that work over the next month. In the message, LMK why you are the right person for this job. Thanks.
    Dear heart-do your really think your FB posts are that prolific? Seek help.

    • So, public Facebook posts recycled into public blog posts, & then she’ll recycle same said into a book that people are expected to pay actual money for?

      In a tots completely uninspiring & non-creative move, Alexis Martin Neely, aka Ali Shanti, just ripped a page from the self-plagiarism playbook of Julia Allison, née Baugher — only difference being that she’s not soliciting unpaid interns.

      Who wipes these people’s asses? They’re obviously incapable of doing it themselves.

      • she is right now looking for interns, marketers, co-grifters, to work with the drum roll__________Fileker and her. Christmas come early!

        • Christ. The team is described as “no drama.” Yup, no drama on that team with Shanti and Craigers, none at all.

          • no not with Craigger threatening to hyperventilate and faint every time nobody is paying attention to him and Ali crying off all the rhinestones.

      • Right. And who looks at JA and thinks she’s a model of success? Damn, drugs really did burn through all of her potential bc Georgetown law isn’t a joke (I think? My image if it is a really tough law school)

          • cool, gotcha, just being pedantic 🙂

            HOWEVER let’s not forget Julia Allison’s EPIC and AMAZING time on the Georgetown DANCE TEAM (or, something?) … I mean she practically reinvented the art form and of course everyone remembers her fondly…

      • The worst people in the world and Ali Shanti is a greg damn loon. Post after post about reaching new levels of … what? What the fuck is she talking about? She should have reached Jack’s beanstalk by now. And how I wish she’d stop talking about “coming out” – it’s genuinely offensive.

        Her latest post. You’re so amazing, Ali! Half the time I have NO IDEA what the fuck you’re talking about but you just keep on transforming.

        “Read if you feel frustrated about your progress.

        These are big and exciting times. Seeds that were planted years ago are sprouting, blooming and growing in big ways. I hope this post inspires those of you who are just in the planting and/or weeding phase.

        Last week, I spoke at Success 3.0 Summit and “came out” to the community I’ve been cultivating and learning from since my first awakening in 2005. Bottom line: 9 years of my history came together in one epic experience. I will write an entire post about this specifically shortly.

        Then, after the longest launch in history (due to the last minute decision to give away a 2-week accelerated version instead of opening up enrollment in the course when planned a month ago), yesterday, I delivered the first module of the completely revamped, upgraded and all new Money Map course. 5 years in the making. Hundreds having their relationship to time and money and getting paid to serve radically revamped.

        Finally, today, our New Law Business Model team took the first steps in releasing a program for lawyers serving businesses and business owners in partnership with Denise Ward Gosnell. Denise and I had one conversation in 2010 that radically transformed her life and business and that of her clients and now, 4 years later, we are going to transform the lives of loads of lawyers and business owners everywhere.

        It’s all happening. There were a million places along the way that I wanted to give up, throw in the towel, say fuck it and go back to bed. But I didn’t. I kept moving forward and now it’s all paying off.

        Keep on keepin’ on. Hold the vision of what’s possible while staying present to your very next step. And celebrate often. The Universe is conspiring for you to have everything you desire.”

        • What’s all happening Ali? Running for idea to idea without ever achieving success? Lemme help with the real reviews for Money Map-how about Money Zap or Money Crap? Better go buy some more domains, change your name again and move. I’m amazed at the number of real (and impressive law firms that visit the story written about her- over 10,000 hits since May ). She has to be a joke among her peers.

        • I will write an entire post about this specifically shortly.

          Oh please do! I can’t wait to read an entire post! About this specifically!

          Please let me know how an uppermiddle class white woman keeps failing upward. I am certain there are lessons there I can apply to my own failure journey. The scam and grift circle jerk is working for you? You, Precious Ali Shanti who will fuck her way to the top? How can I apply your life lessons to my own career path, where I have to use reason and logic & meet deadlines? I’m sure there’s something in there for me somewhere.

          Waiting. For the entire post.

    • the evil behind the lunacy: it will sell for MILLIONS of dollars, but will pay an intern a pittance

      • To be fair, a legit professional ghostwriter would only charge $3,000 to $5,000 for that kind of project (assuming that by “book” she means the 80ish page ebooks that are the norm for business grifters). So she’s underpaying less grossly than most of her sisters (Julie, frex).

  19. I’m sure that this has been mentioned, but especially in the picture up top, it’s striking how Shanty resembles a version of Donks. They really do look somewhat alike, it’s no wonder these two narcissists (seem to) adore each other.

    • Shanty looks wayyyyyyy better than Donkey, and Shanty looks like a 50 year old leatherfaced old hippie burnout.

  20. Julia Allison

    3 hrs · San Francisco, CA · Edited ·

    So, it turns out that the classic color-positive feel-good cartoon “Rainbow Brite” has been re-imagined (with the voices of Emily Osment and Molly Ringwald) … and re-launches on November 6th. This dovetails nicely with my re-obsession with her (about twenty-five years after my original obsession).

  21. Julia Allison · 3 hrs · San Francisco, CA · Edited ·
    So, it turns out that the classic color-positive feel-good cartoon “Rainbow Brite” has been re-imagined (with the voices of Emily Osment and Molly Ringwald) … and re-launches on November 6th. This dovetails nicely with my re-obsession with her (about twenty-five years after my original obsession). 😉

    This dovetails nicely w/ Julia “NEVER READS HERE” Allison’s obsession w/ RBD (about seven-teen days after my original comment of Oct’ 19th): ‘Yo, Lurky donkey who never reads here either … in 19 days (that’s LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! in D0nkinese), your developmentally-stunted juvenile raft ass will be able to stream this kids show online’.

    Whichever it is, reading here or just coincidentally googling Rainbow Brite at 3:00 a.m., she’s so painfully juvenile & pathetic.

    • I’m confused about the Yandy shills — presumably the company stupidly “outfits” her for Halloween so that she will take and post photos of herself in their gear. So they provided her with a Marie Antoinette costume this year and . . . Rainbow Brite!!!? What happened to the multiple costumes and multiple parties?

      Whatever, Halloween was nearly a week ago, why am I still talking about this. I’ve got bills to pay.

    • Also what is “color-positive”? Are there color-negative forces of evil out there? The rainbow / gay pride tone deafness is such fail.

      • A few mean, sad adults set up a web site (WHO DOES THIS) to bully Julia Allison because she wears so much color and spoke openly about her bulimia.

      • A few mean, sad adults set up a web site (WHO DOES THIS) to bully Julia Allison because she wears so much color and spoke openly about her

      • Don’t you understand that Rainbow Brite is a fun, feminine philosopher? It’s a very deep, ineffable, inexorable, exponential, epic cartoon that connects you to Source and to spirit. You need to feel into it and ground yourself. Rainbow Brite’s majestic message is that colors are good! All colors, even orange and blue– which should make Michael Kors and the Smurfs feel loved and accepted.

  22. I was scrolling through all my friends posts about having voted yesterday, and wondered, did these privileged white woos woos bother to vote? Because they sure would have been posting selfies with their “I voted” stickers.

    Let me guess, to busy changing the paradigm to do their civic duty.

    • Well, about six million Americans (current & previously-convicted felons) are barred fro voting, so there’s that. Just saying … 😉

  23. Things I would wear on my hand before I would wear that.

    Live worms
    A decomposing maggoty eel
    A six-ton block of granite
    Human shit
    A centipede
    The ring in that Black Sabbath movie where the witch kills the nurse
    Whatever Laura Palmer stuck on her finger right before she got the chop
    Pipe cleaners
    Pipe cutters
    A knuckleduster that spells out MOTHERFUCKER in rhinestones
    A pentagram tattoo
    Michael Arrington’s blood-spurting broken nose

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