Whatever Happened to Marie Antoinette? (Insert Punchline Here)

halloween lone

It’s Rainbow Lite! My learning disabled neighbor who dresses up for Halloween every year.

halloween three

Look out! The residents of the group home next door are drinking Sprite and staying up late.

halloween avo

Rainbow snagged a super fella. Be sure they keep their costumes on and the utility room door stays locked!


  1. Why is Avocado always wearing some kind of onesie? Is he an infant? I sense Oedipal issues.

    • He took that one line from Maclemore’s “Thrift Shop” and turned it into a lifestyle.

    • I came to ask this exact same question. Also, I am convinced that Avocado onesies smell. I don’t know if it’s his greasy visage or the Donk proximity but I sense musty, old smell in those onesies.

      • He is completely appalling.

        Last spring when we were first introduced to Avocado I sent something about him to a young man I know who is a full time college student and gainfully employed but also a talented working musician. His music is nothing like Avocado’s but I thought since they were in the same general part of the country he might have come across him somewhere and provide us with an amusing anecdote or two. His response was basically, “Jesus. Who is this no talent hack and why do you think I would ever meet him?” So no.

      • Also, if he wasn’t just generally unappealing enough, the super skinny calves in the socks just puts the icing on the cake.

        • I don’t have the same contempt for Avocado that I have for others in the woo crowd (Donkey, Shanti Town et al) mostly because he strikes me as harmless compared to the rest. But now that I see him still allowing the Donk to cling to him like a back of the closet dust bunny, I am having a lot less sympathy. I mean, dude is obviously not interested (and for very, very good reasons) but still indulges Mulia in fauxto opportunities? I am starting to get the feeling that, like the rest of the woo crowd, he won’t distance himself in case Mulia grifts something that can be of use to him (an op-ed in The Tijuana Times or some other high level investigative journalism outlet). That’s the kind of woo people I have the least respect for.

  2. What am I seeing in the last picture? Her left hoof is suspiciously extra rainbow-y. And it is not leg-shaped. Did she chop these?


  3. Do you remember when you went trick-or-treating and old people who hated children would give you little rolls of Life Savers? And you were all like “ew” and “these suck” and then you stashed them in your underwear drawer with the rest of your loot? And then you ate the peanut butter cups and Snickers bars and blow-pops and Twizzlers untilt here was nothign left but thos e Life Savers and some horrid hard candies that were the troglodyte version of Life Savers and maybe a Mary Jane or Tottsie Roll? And you finally decided “fuck it, candy is candy,” and unwrapped the Life Savers and they had turned into a sticky multi-ringed tube of gunk with a little bit of underwear lint on one side that had seeped through the package because by now it was JULY?


    For some reason I’m thinking of that.

  4. She took the Photoshop to these pictures like a hot knife to butter. What is going on with her thighs. The dance floor shot looks like someone took two blurry bites out of the top of her left thigh. We recently had our wedding photo taken & beforehand the photographer said we needed a short class in how to pose. Most of it was aimed at me & how women should pose to look smaller, always turned to the side, quarter turn & look over your shoulder, one leg in front of the other, stand with your feet as far apart as possible, put your hand on your hip that is facing the camera so your arm looks smaller, flirt with your shoulder foreward so your collarbone protrudes, twist your upper body & lean into your husband so you look longer, you have a good side & a bad, always turn with your good side toward the camera, don’t smile, it looks forced, open your mouth & breathe out, tilt your head back, laugh, pick her up, hold her there, never look at the camera directly, look over there, imagine x is happening, talk to each other while I’m shooting, do this, pretend that, say the other… It was exhausting. I needed food & a drink to recover. It felt like I was paying to pretend to be Julia Allison.

    • the last picture with her thigh is pretty bad. you can tell she desperately tried to slim it down and it doesnt match the rest of her leg.

  5. She’s just so sad. Dumped, single and miserable donkey is the saddest donkey. These photos are so depressing.

    • Of course she’s sad. Donkey believes that a marriage ceremony is the be-all-and-end-all of a woman’s existence, yet she can’t even get a burner loser like the unappealing Avocado to stick it out with her, much less put a ring on it. For all of Rainbow’s thuper enlightenment, the boys still run away.

      • I’m kind of sad for her. 🙁 It used to be fun to hate-watch her, but now it’s just so pathetic. I feel bad for her…. then I remember how that fucktard treats her poor dog. And go back to hating.

  6. Do any of these woo chicks dress up for fun or does everything have to be based in “sexy” first (granted Julia has learning disabled but the skirt is super short.)

    I mean, do they ever dress up for Halloween as an astronaut or Michael Jackson? It would have to be “sexy astronaut” or “sexy Michael Jackson.” Somehow a belly, cleavage or ass cheeks need to be exposed in order to be a costume in their cult. I don’t think I’m a prude, but sometimes you don’t want someone’s mon vernis near the punch. (I never mix my food and sex because I take both VERY seriously.)

    • I went to ghost ship asylum on friday, this super massive halloween burner edm party in sf. Felt like an old skool rave. Too bad my two rolls didnt work. Still had fun. Was worried I’d run into donks. Apparently the best sf has to offer for a halloween burner party wasnt enough to interest her. Anyone else go? I was dressed as steve jobs.

      Anyway I was struck by the number of original costumes. That is to say, sexy-* stuff. Sure there were a lot of typical raver gear, but no sexy nurses, unless you count men.

  7. There is a comic style thought bubble right above her head in the second fauxto. I thought my eyes were playing me tricks so I embiggened the image. It says “God is having a YOU experience”. WTF?! Also, THIS is a cosmic coincidence.

  8. Ali has a new crush with a penis (sorry Julia) David Hassell of 15Five-stating his program in the hands of an average manager will make them an above average manager (yawn). That philosphy didn’t work in medical device with surgeons and it doesn’t work for management. Hire the right people from the beginning (which takes time and money) and then less middle managers are needed. He just got $2.2 million in funding (UGH) which will get Ali’s come hither hips gyrating in her seat.

    • She might have a crush on him, but I don’t think he’s available. Isn’t he the one who was supposed to marry that other one during a fire? The video/women’s voices goddess grifter?

      • He is married to K.C. Baker, the one whose friends shamed her for having so many pictures of herself in her room at home.

        • So Donkey’s hero? And somehow I don’t think any of these women would let a little thing like a relationship with another person stand in their way. This whole thing is giving me the ragies. Something hinky is going on with all the money shuffling too.

        • ” the one whose friends shamed her for having so many pictures of herself in her room at home.”

          Something in common with a donkey!

          • As someone who has had a stroke, I do find references to stroke face both informative and amusing. I don’t speak for everyone who has had a stroke however.

          • I think he has too. I was in no way mocking him for his disability, just thought it might remind people which particular guy this is.

          • I know this is a dead thread but I will reply anyway. I had a stroke last March. It was so scary and awful but it really made me rethink a lot of parts of my life. I had a job I “couldn’t” quit because everyone else there was incompetent and when I left the whole place would fall apart. It was so stressful but I quit it and it is falling apart but that is not my fault or problem. I took time to find a new position which is intellectually and emotionally fulfilling. The commute is terrible, but I love working there. In order to alleviate the commute my husband and I are working towards a move into the city where we won’t be stuck n the car all the time, will have a smaller home and no yard work. I let go of a lot and started writing again, for no purpose other than to amuse myself. So the stroke was terrible but it kind of rebooted my life.

          • Wow. I’m going through a lot of insane health stuff now. Every time someone shares something about their own health trials, I am grateful. Thank you. I’m also glad you’re okay.

          • I’m glad you are OK too. And sometimes we really don’t know what is going to catapult us into something different or more interesting. I hope this change works for you and that it brings you new happiness.

            I think that sometimes when we get older it’s hard to just pick up and change, when maybe that change is the best thing we could do for ourselves. I wish you the best and I hope you’ll let us know how you are doing here.

          • Thank you so much everyone. As I said, I have been able to make significant positive changes in my life and spend a lot of time just feeling grateful to be alive. I am so sorry for your health issues JB. I hope they resolve quickly and happily.

          • Wow MWA glad you made changes to better your life and cannot imagine how difficult it was to come back from a stroke (it sounds as though you have age and strong family around you) on your side.
            JB I’m sorry for what you’re going through and I don’t know if it helps or not but my life, not unlike MWA’s, changed very drastically for the better after a major health event. So many very strong on this page.

          • MwA, you continue to awe me. Recovery from serious health event, new job with long commute, AND you start a completely hilarious parody blog?!? Superstar!

  9. I think she’s an asshole but I also don’t think she looks awful in that outfit. Please forgive me.

    • every day is fucking halloween for this loon so i dont even know what she looks like in regular clothing. but yeah, i can’t even snark too much on her anymore because at this point it’s just all so sad. i was watching constantine (tv show. huscat and i are undecided if we like it yet) and the dude in it said something along the lines of ‘people who can’t stay put in one place are either on the circus or are on the run’ and i thought, BAM, that’s our jules. in the fucking woo circus, on the run from real adult life.

      • Even circuses have winter quarters, where they settle down at the end of the season and fix up what needs fixin & make the costumes for the next season.

  10. Why is she into this bald loser who looks like he smells like cum?

    Seriously, he’s a step down from DEVIN, and DEVIN was a LOSER.

      • What makes you think she hasn’t? She’s generally banging seven or eight stinky homeless dudes at a time. Along with a chick or two.

  11. Ali just bought herself an “engagement ring” which she posted on facebook so she is apparently the next to self-wed. It looks like a two-ton cried-off rhinestone.

      • I misread your comment as “a chunk of ice that flies off when you’re defending an old school freezer,” and thought, “Man, Bunny has had an interesting life.”

  12. (Does craiggers get invited to the grift-o-ramas anymore or is he on the shunned list with smellsberg? Because, you know, them two might insult gaffni’s high moral standards or something).

    • He’s probably too busy hugging himself having been triggered but that’s all right, you all just go on with your lives, sniff.

      • It is “like any other serious illness.”

        I suspect he can’t afford the plane fare to all these paradigm-shifting events. Doubt he “works” with Ali anymore.

        • He is no longer able to open and unpack the container that is Craigers.

          I miss reading his misogynistic bullshit. Too bad he stopped blogging. It would be interesting to see what gullible sad person he found to control and manipulate in Rochester.

  13. She looks really cute for a 19 year old college sophomore at her sorority’s Halloween pledge gathering.

    For a middle-aged woman she looks pitiful, sad, desperate, and 100% Julia Allison.

    I am seriously losing my will to parse these days, she is just so immensely pathetic. I hope she at least keeps this shit up until she’s no longer fertile so there’s no possibility she’ll drag an innocent kid into this flabbergasting shitshow she insists on calling a life.

    • And then there’s the ‘Oh, I’m so exhausted from the holidays, I have to take a two month post-holiday vacation in a warm place,’ followed by Valentines cray, birthcray and then preparation for Burning Man and the woo festival circuit starts in March.

      Since I have been observing the Donkey, this is the longest she’s gone without an OMGboyfriend. I wonder how long that will last?

      • And in the middle we’ll see a few “I am so happy to return to MY HOME in San Francisco (where I have never spent more than 3 consecutive days in my entire life)”.

        She is soooooooooooo predictable.


    Rainbow Brite’s star is on her other cheek, however, that’s not Donkey’s good side. Her Halloween costume is a photo opp. Poseur!

    • Julia Allison doesn’t even have a “good side” anymore, not really.

      Hey,look at that 3rd fauxto, the one w/ Peg Legs … notice how red her jowl is? Ima hoping the future Mrs Bear Kittay bitch-slapped her a time or three.

      • Which baffles me as to why anyone (male or female) would find her hot and want to have sex with her. She has no feelings down there.

  15. You guys! I’m leaving the basement and going to NYC for a few days – mainly interested in good food and cocktails when not running desk errands. What are your recommendations these days? We’ll be in Manhattan. Thanks!

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