Thuper Thucthethful Julia Allison Is In Love With Flesh & Blood Humans


Our donkey has been posting fauxtos from her latest grifter confab. She truly adores these courageous con artists who are changing the world!

I love love love love love love these human beings.

Deeply grateful for their presence in my life.

At the Success 3.0 conference in Boulder.

julia smug

A so smug Julia has bonded with the enlightened woo women!

I would get on my knees for these women.

From the looks of this fauxto, Pamela Madsen sexual goddess graduate Ali Shanti would love love love to see our donkey on her knees.  Tho adventurous & delicious, this tribe!


    • That’s the rub, isn’t it? The woos think they’re so special, so courageous, and yet they’re just a pack of cut-rate hippies without any political convictions who can’t stop gazing in the mirror.

      • Exactly. I can’t get my head around what it’s like to live like this. Constant navel gazing. Constant need for validation.

    • A line I just read about narcissism re: the Jian Ghomeshi story:

      “Narcissists can’t bring themselves to believe that anyone else is quite as real as they are. They don’t care about other people’s feelings. They can’t sustain relationships. They brag incessantly about their achievements. They use shameless flattery to win esteem. They think that everyone should admire them, and are hurt and angered if they don’t. When things go wrong, they see themselves as the victim. Guilt is not their thing. They have bad boundaries.”

      Sound familiar?

    • Such a weird pose.. It looks like Julia would fall over backward were it not for that kind lady wearing the pink scarf holding her up like that.

      • He doesn’t look too pleased to be there, does he?

        He somehow always looks as if he smells a little bit like cum.

        • It’s like he thinks, oh god, Julia’s gonna be there. OK, so I have to act a certain way and give her a modicum of attention or she’ll go all bunny-boiler on me.

  1. La Lalla and Eben “Reminds Me of Some Trees” Pagan are featured speakers at this wootenanny, yet not hanging with Julie and pals?

    DJ Spooky is also a featured speaker, which makes me sad for him. I hope he’s just doing a Michael Caine and grabbing a paycheck.

  2. In the first photo Ali looks as if she’s just survived a messy pillow fight and Bear’s new hair appears to be attempting to leave the room but otherwise as a group they look normal and borderline attractive (except for Avacado).

    In the second picture the sleaze/freak/self-deluded factor is upped by 100.

    No idea who the brunette is whom Ali is surrepticiously fondling but she is indeed quite lovely.

    • The brunette is Adelle Juliet (not her real name), who’s lovely but sports Shantitown turkey feathers in the fauxtos found on her FB page. The blonde is Jess Johnson, Avocado’s new flatmate. Hmmmm …

      • I think “Juliet” is very pretty. I do notice she is up on tip-toe in the second photo. Jess looks nice in the first photo – actually kind of wholesome and friendly – and straight-on Fatal Attraction/The Trash Heap Has Spoken in the second.

        It’s like a horror film poster.

        “They seemed like the girls next door…and they were. TO THE GATEWAY OF HELL.”



        • It looks like she’s trying to avoid being raped by a lusty dusty shanti who looks like she’s lifting her and preforming a mammogram simultaneously.

          Julia who loves to be lifted doesn’t get that short/small people hate being lifted it makes us feel like children.

    • In the second photo, it’s like someone got hungry and took a huge bite out of Donkey’s dress.

      She’s really all about frying her skin lately. At this rate, she’ll reach Shantitown levels of wrinkly leather by next summer.

  3. This is all A+ content, Julia, but your public demands the inevitable terrible candids of yourself stuffed into this year’s flammable Yandy outfit

      • Guessing she stood too close to a joint and it went up in flames=not fauxtos.

        • I once lit a cigarette in a crowded college bar after using the same lighter to fire up a bowl in the parking lot. The flame was high and scorched a skunk streak up this girl’s pink angora sweater. She must have used a ton of hairspray earlier. She didn’t notice right away, but the smell was awful. I busted a move out of there pronto before the two dudes who noticed got their breath back from laughing.

  4. Is she not the slightest bit embarrassed to be calling yet another group of women “sisters” ?!?

    It’s as though she just blurts out whatever she thinks people want to hear from her, or what she thinks she’s supposed to feel. Or what she thinks she’s deserving of (having sisters?)

    I’m an only child and I’ve always had very close female friends. I’m past my expiry date at the ripe old age of 46, and these women have been my friends for 15, 20, even 30 years. My most recent close friendship is 7 years and counting (you know who you are, Coveted Vag Space.) My point being that I stopped flitting around from friend to friend or groups of friends back in middle school. It’s sad that she doesn’t have that stability in her life. And I’m not saying that the key to happiness is long-term friends. I know I’m lucky. But for someone who so desperately wants to fit in with a group, I just find it very sad to watch her move through people the way she has over the years. For someone who spends all her time pouring over her photos and posts, she has zero self-awareness to not see the patterns.

    • That and the knees thing-she’s trolling us. But like everything else she’s just too obvious. She wants to show the book people she can manipulate the page. Yawn donkey (who never reads here) the page knows you better than you know yourself.

      • Yep. Now that she’s named them, they’re due to be dusty memories by this time next year. Bad move Donks.

  5. OT, but Dios Mío!

    I was just changing channels and stumbled upon Donkey’s friend Rachel and her Venezuelan hubby on The Food Network, doing a full segment on their New Orleans food truck La Cocinita. They looked totally smitten with each other. When he wasn’t cooking a bunch of recipes on the truck, he had his arm around her waist and was kissing her cheek. They were seriously beaming. They also talked about how they met while working at a restaurant together. The segment ended with Rachel saying “I get to make people happy with food everyday.”

      • They came off as sweet and genuine and very passionate about what they do. It was on some show called “Eat St.”

        Of course, it was no “Miss Assvice” …

        • Yes, but is she an Exuberant Force of Good? All she does is work hard and feed people; Donk is making the world a better place by doing yoga, spending her family’s money, and wearing tutus, selflessly!

        • Was that the fantastic documentary about the lovely young redhead who worked so hard as a journalist for Elle Magazine? I’d love to see more of her on my television. She was so charming and relatable.

  6. On the plus side, it’s reassuring to see that she is not wearing a pound or two of spackle makeup but…. that hair… that hair…. I can’t even begin to describe that monstrosity.

    • In the first photo she and her hair look normal.

      In the second one – it’s as if the taint fairies have come out to play.

      I don’t understand how someone can have such wildly divergent “looks” on camera…and always wind up favoring the bad one.

  7. That second picture–is she wearing a BUSTLE? Also it’s interesting to me that throughout dozens of Donkey permutations (SAT word!), the frosty white eyeshadow endures, in perpetuity.

  8. Ok, so I saw this yesterday and should have commented then…

    Ali Shanti posted a comment on the photo that said (I shit you not) …

    “I’d get on my knees anytime for you, girl. ;)”

    Should have taken a screenshot then, but assumed some me else would see it. When I went back she had already deleted it.


    • It’s still up under one of the photos…

      Ali Shanti Dayummmmm. That’s all I can say when I look at this picture. Apparently, Jess Johnson’s Free Your Voice class creates super hot women.

      And yes Julia Allison I would get down on my knees for you any day. Maybe we can practice that later.

        • She’s the nastiest supporting character to ever set foot on the donkey stage. I always envision flies buzzing near Shantitown à la Charlie Brown’s Pig Pen.

      • Can Julia Allison being any good at sex? Hetero or Homo? I’ve never gotten that vibe from her. She’s a poser not a do-er…in everything!

    • I am guessing pansexual open relationship Donk is where this is headed. Living in a state of polyamory would probably be a good way to get Daddy’s attention.

    • Ali posted a video of herself deliciously kissing a guy on stage then ass out dancing for the woo audience below. Next photo, her son is there. I’m not judging or shaming here I think she’s a shameless, selfish slut.

      • Shantitown, Amber Bray, Jess Johnson, and Flock of Seagulls participated in the sort of “transformational” exercise that I was forced to partake in during 5th grade Sunday school class in my church basement. THEY ARE CHANGING THE WORLD!

        • Okay, go ahead and judge me, but has anyone else seen the television atrocity called”Utopia?” It is completely appalling. There are these stupid, stupid (STUPID) people who obviously all think they are going to be famous living on a dinky farm in California and creating a new society. Did I mention stupid, because each slack jawed loser has a completely one note idea of what will make the perfect society…like “I like polyamory so in my Utopia we will all be polyamorous. “. I can not believe it hasn’t been cancelled yet. That is what this stupid dream board reminds me of. Just a bunch of stupid shitheads spewing something they have no investment in. Ugh.

          • To create this world, I will:

            LAND A WALLET



        • i find it incredibly amusing that when anyone of these people have a crash and burn project, they just act like it never happened and roll out some other pointless venture (I’m looking at you amberrae).

        • Just when I think the woos can’t get any stupider. The answer to everything is “Be present and love.” Ebola? Love and healing energy. Racism? Love all beings. Economic inequality? Starvation? Corrupted judicial systems? Well, fuck that. That sounds hard and unlikely to respond to the unique loving energy I’m releasing into the world. As my g(r)ift. Save me from this idiocy. I’ll take OWS true believers over this shit any day.

  9. Omg u guise, “quirky” and “enlightened” Whitepoplepalooza Boulder Edition!

  10. That carpet, in what I’m assuming is an airport hotel ballroom, is hideous. And Jesus Christ monkeyballs, all these women need sunblock.

  11. I think I would have the backs of most people here. I mean I would get on my knees for most of you assholes. It would depend on what I would have to do though. If you were missing a contact or earring, or someone was being mean to you close to the ground, I would be right down there with most if not all of you.

    • I agree. Even if one of you said, “Let’s sit on the floor for a bit, shall we?” I might start out on my knees. Then I’d go ahead and sit on the floor with you because you asked.

    • someone was being mean to you close to the ground

      Dying. On my knees. For you.

  12. HOW many of these Woo Grifter Conferences per year are there, anyway? It’s getting to be something like one per month; with all the same speakers, organizers, etc. Who attends besides this same little clique? Is it just them? Are there other people there?

    • It just seems it’s like one circle jerk after another. Are there really that many gullible people out there?

      • JFAing myself to say…wow, if you go down the rabbit hole of this “Success Summit” You will find it is by invitation only, which is very weird. Under featured attendees (pull down the speaker tab), it seems you will find the list of these invited guests. The conference schedule is completely generic. The list of sponsors, though, is huge. And then under “contact” you will see who is behind this: Eben Pagan (the PUA grifter), Mark Gafni (the pedophile).

        So what is it? A small cadre of grifters attempting to sell high level services to this “select, invited” audience of marks? Julia ans the other “featured attendees” seem to be people who these grifters can tap for expensive products and programs like Shanti’s Money Map. Many of them are Burners Is this their model? Is this basically Grifter University?

        • I’m disgusted that WholeFoods would support Rabbi Rapist Marc Gafni at the Summit 3.0 he’s also one of the “leaders” of this event not just a speaker. How could anyone stand to be in the same room with that guy?

          • The head of Whole Foods is a right-wing libertarian, which also seems at odds with the woo. Big flap with him a few years ago about not supporting healthcare reform.

          • And this: here’s the group behind this conference and what it is about. They plan to limit attendance to 350 people who need to apply to attend. That’s a lot of speakers, sponsors, and time for just 350 attendees. It just seems so slippery. This tactic of exclusivity seems to be used more and more by the woos. I wonder if it is to evade press scrutiny? Check it out:


          • I assume by “not supporting healthcare reform”, you mean John Mackey wasn’t on board with a new massive, inept government bureaucracy fucking everything up further (a la post office, public education, etc).

            Guess he was quite prescient, since the fucking morons pissed away a billion dollars just setting up a website that doesn’t work. Great work!

            But Grift Shades of Bray wants some free shit paid for by others, so she’ll stamp her feet and call him unenlightened. I find it hilarious you all hold such (rightful) disdain for JA sponging off her Dad and doing nothing…but you’re just fine with millions of bums sponging off the taxpayer. Personally, I’d rather have a million JAs sponging off their Dads. No skin off my teeth – whereas the current setup soaks the productive and rewards sloth.

          • Remind me, other than track turkey shit all over your filthy house, it is you do with your time.

            You are one of the least productive people I have ever encountered.

            Even Loren Feldman actually made puppets.

          • Beauchamp, how did you extrapolate all of that nonsense from Grifty’s two-sentence post in which she states two facts? There INDEED (see what I did there) was a big media flap a few years back when Mackey didn’t support health care reform. As for your assumption that every kit kat supports such reform, that’s poppycock! One of my favorite cat peeps is a hardcore Libertarian with a vicious wit and she certainly didn’t vote Obama into office.

        • I’m not so sure sponsors haven’t been rooked as well — someone (Pagan & Gafni?) w/ hella good sales pitch got heavy hitters to line a select few woo pockets & finance the Halloween bash too.

          I’m pretty skeptical of Shanti Town’s claim of getting $10k for her spkg engagements, since she lies as much as D0nk (& I seem to recall that she was trying to sell a discounted ticket fairly recently) — D0nk’s a bit player who neither makes nor spends much on theses events, she’s just dependable cuz she’s as stupid as she is lonely & seemingly has unlimited airfare — Ali at least has something to market to suckers, & the payoff for each is an audience.

          • They sell the sponsors on this whole integrated success bullshit philosophy, which, I discovered this morning after diving down the Gafni and Wilber rathole, is just the same egocentric scam they keep repackaging every couple of years under a slightly new name and re-pitching to naive new marks. It is not surprising to see people like Hseih jumping on the bandwagon after reading about his Las Vegas utopia debacle.

        • That list of featured attendees and their bullshit titles and biographies is insane. I tried to fact check like 2 bios and now my head hurts.

          Take that Amythest Wyldfire chick, for example. First of all, her title is “Empress of Empowerment.” mkay. She’s an “internationally known spiritual leader.” I guess so, if fb fans in the stans count. She’s also an internationally bestselling author, which boils down to self-publishing a few books nobody read and contributing a chapter to books like this one: . That whole link is full of questionable claims (she worked as a consultant to the World Bank and HUD? Really?). Finally, she’s the “Chief Excitement Officer” of a million dollar (unnamed) business she built in her pajamas. Sure. All I found hunting around for that were links to more and more woo types claiming to be NYT best selling authors with customer reviews like “I had a strong intention to create $50K before an important business meeting . . . took a Magnetizing course . . . made $25K!” Not making that up: .

          Maybe I’m missing something and these featured attendee woo claims are legit . . . but I don’t think so. We know Julia’s bio is a load of garbage, and it looks like several others likewise boldly lied about / exaggerated their accomplishments and no one bothered to fact check.

          • Chasing carny cock through a grifter group grope while daddy cuts another $5000 check IS SUCCESS!

    • It’s the woo version of a traveling carny. P. T. Barnum would be proud! Their business model is to go from location to location “recruiting” new marks.

  13. Sorry to keep posting so much about this, but this woo grifter network really needs exposing at some point for their sleazy snake oil tactics. I wish I had the capability to attend some of these things from an investigative journalistic standpoint.

    • Ken Wilber is one of the guys behind this thing too, and the second half of this excellent blog post exposes the nave-gazing, self-aggrandizing aspect of this foundation, along with the association with Gafni and others who were known a users. Doing a search for Ken Wilber scam also turns up interesting results.

      • We’re talking Grade A Sociopath here. Why would anyone associate their brand with Gafni? Among those comments:

        “Gafni is now 51 years old. He has been having problems of this sort since he was a college student, when he had inappropriate contact with a 13 year old. There has been an unremitting pattern of at the very least betrayal of professional positions for sexual dominance, even when pretending to be an Orthodox Rabbi. Three marriages and one “relationship”, with four children from different mothers, all abandoned, multiple firings from jobs for both sexual and monetary “indiscretions”, in each case there’s always some excuse in which the women are to blame, but doesn’t a 30 year pattern of abuse mean something? Aside from the fact that most of his “brilliant teachings” have been lifted from others, and whatever is of value can be found, without risk of sexual indiscretion, elsewhere… “

        • I’ve found (it’s a working theory (not always popular-but from personal experience)) and the very simple version- but men who have children with two women* (70-80% are sociopaths) three women (90% are sociopaths) four women (100%)
          *first wife dies or previous relationship with mother of children ended 3 years before having additional kids with second woman.

        • Ugh. This is like a third grade hallway display come to life. Reminds me of those interminable chirpy consultant-led offsites we’d have to endure at [redacted company] where they’d be taking us through fucking flip charts of “what ideal,workplace do you envision!?” When all we could think about was how much work was piling up on our desks back home.

          • Yes! As I noted above, I was forced to participate in such “World We Want Now” exercises in my fifth grade Sunday school class, which the idiot “teacher” trotted out once per month.

    • On my knees…anticipating when she will give another stupid sap a case of the good ole “Burning Man”

  14. I can’t wait for the Marie Antoinette pictures. How blind and stupid can Donkey be not to see how freaking ironic that costume choice was for a summit supposedly on integrated wisdom and sustainable living? This is like dressing up as bacon at a vegan Halloween party.

    • Marie Antoinette totally fits Donkey’s new rainbow persona. Marie Antoinette spread love and positivity to every person. Plus she liked (gluten free) cake!

      • Marie Antoinette, spreading magic from Versailles to Le Petit Trianon to L’Hameau de la Reine!

    • Maybe they had a donkey clause not allowing costume pictures online. Sure she called daddy and asked for her/his money back.

  15. A couple of questions/comments.

    So Donkey is now publicly acknowledging a taste for the, well, you know? I’ve tried to read it, and grifter queen shanty’s response any other way and it seems this is the obvious implication (obviously from shanti).

    Advocado is as big a tool as Greasy. So many people here like to defend him, he’s a real artist, he’s probably disturbed by Donkey, he’s just about his music, blah blah blah. He bought into her, he continues to show up at things and take pictures with her, he goes to these grifter events. He’s as big a phony and grifter and tool as the rest of them.

    Enjoy your sunday everyone!

    • I loved this:
      Saying “no” to many reasonable suggestions, like how she might receive a job offer if she stopped wearing thrift-store T-shirts and noodling around on the computer and instead put on a nice blouse and looked through the classifieds.

      Pivoting from wanting to sell her eggs to suddenly getting scared by those articles about freezing them.

      Uncontrollable urges to write personal essays opening with Joan Didion epigraphs.

      OkCupid suitors include a 24-year-old who declares his preference for “older women,” triggering a memory of her friend in college boasting of making out with a “cool 32-year-old lady” at a Phish show.

      Crying tantrums, often while drunkenly trawling through her ex-boyfriend Tom’s Instagram feed.

      Complicated feelings about Lena Dunham, generally resolving in envy.”

      • When I got to the Didion reference I decided the writers probably had Donks at least in the back of their minds.

  16. It’s Shanti’s daughter’s birthday and she put a long post up about how hard her birth was and how “heroic” she was for picking her daughter up when she cried in the hospital despite being zonked out on morphine. Apparently other heroic acts followed. It’s all about her. She’s really awful.

    • She is and her hangers on posting how brave her heroic motherhood is and wishing her a happy Birth Day is both frightening and hilariously deluded.

  17. Ali Shanti makes me feel like I need multiple showers and colonics for my body and soul.

    Her Money Map and other programs are the biggest grubbiest pile of bullshit I’ve ever seen sold in my life.

  18. They’ve been upgraded to sisters which means they will soon enter the Sisterhood Graveyard. RIP Megan/Meghan/Meghann/Megyn/Megaman. Never Forget.

    • Also Megwyn! Julie’s playing a constant game of Pokēmeg. Gotta catch them all! Gotta ditch them all!

  19. Prepare for a barrage of costume contortion pics. The first four are up. Rainbow lite, I think? (My ipad won’t let me copy a link – is there a way to do it?)

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