It Takes A Really Evolved Feminist To Dress Up In Flammable Slutwear Again This Year

She has changed so much. Also, she has sent out more bat signals to her best friends (“at the time”) and former sisters, Meghannaise and Rambo. Very interesting. Maybe the woo crowd is tiring of her, or she wants more couches to crash on next time she’s in NYC or L.A. 2014-10-24 14-54-50 2014-10-24 14-59-14


  1. That bat signal will go nowhere…Meaghan refuses to speak to Julia and I’m pretty sure Mary has no fucks to give.

    • That “(at the time)” speaks volumes! Also, Julia, if you want to write about something write about how you blew up those friendships. A Couple-Hundred Dollar Seller!

      Book Packaging Idea for Julia:

      1. When I Was A Little Shit ( Julia: Age 0 to 10)
      2. When I Was A Pre-Teen Princess (Julia: Age 11 – 12)
      3. When I Was A Hormonal Nightmare (Julia: Age 13 – 17)
      4. When I Was An Insufferable Asshole (Julia: Age 17-22)
      5. When I Was An Intolerable Tool (Julia: Age 23-28)
      6. When I Was An Unbearable Hump (Julia: Age 29 – 30)
      7. When I Was A Detestable Sack of Flesh (Julia: 31-present)

  2. Gluing candy bar wrappers to a cheap polyester dress is not an “epic DIY project.” Brewing your own beer, building a backyard shed, sewing an authentic Renaissance Faire dress, refinishing an antique desk, rebuilding a car’s engine… that’s what DIYers do.

    To the Ontraport guy who called Julia Allison an “entrepreneur” with a “multimillion dollar brand”: THIS is what she was doing. Her “journalism” consisted of talking about gluing stuff together for Halloween. Her “start-up” was actually a vlog with friends, about gluing stuff together for Halloween. She fooled you. You didn’t do your research.

    • Apparently, Chris Tarello is a hack who writes puff pieces for scammer conferences. Way to embarrass yourself, dude.

      • Mr. Tarello is INDEED, LITERALLY a hack, but Katlyn Gangi, who was on the gymnastics team at Michigan State – that’s crucial profile info for a writer! – wrote the earlier shill referring to Donkey’s “multimillion dollar brand.”

    • She really has no one single skill set and loves to brag about it. There was nothing clever about that outfit. I went through the “sexy” phase (not my proudest moments) and was cotton candy one year and Eve the next and made both outfits-handed apples to find the Adam (it was a joke) both years went home alone by choice. She cannot be alone or do anything alone and is so unfunny, unclever, and unoriginal it’s actually painful.

      • I really missed the sexy costume boat. The one time in my twenties that I really did it up, hitting the NYC parade and several entrepreneur cocktail parties, I went as Minnie Pearl.

        Of course, maybe that was slutty enough; no one had any idea who she was and thought the price tag on my hat meant I was a low-priced whore. Howdeeeee!

        • I have to wear a Halloween costume for work every year, so a few years ago I bought one that is cute and comfortable and represents something that is important to me. I don’t hate wearing it (did I mention cute and comfy?) but if I didn’t have to wear it I would so not be fretting about what sexy costume or costumes I should buy, because I am a grownup. I hand out candy with a smile (because they are so cute, even the rotten ones) but I wear my grown up clothes.

          Also, when I bought the costume I ordered it a few months in advance and was not still crowd sourcing (or, in my case, omg husband sourcing) a week before I needed it.

          I lived in Boulder for several years and they have a kind of amazing Halloween parade on their downtown pedestrian mall. Not quite a Greenwich Village Halloween parade, but in that spirit, and definitely a showcase for amazing crafty costumes. I am praying that she wears that ridiculous transparent shiny white polyester dress unicorn costume, because there is nowhere in the world where it would look more ridiculous. Even Julia might feel a little uncomfortable dressed like sexy something at that event.

          I need to add, with a bit of guilt, that when other Cheetoh eaters have expressed unhappiness about a donkey grazing in their neighborhood, I have not been sympathetic. But now it is me who has to picture her in my perfect place. Boulder was the first place I chose to live (and study) as an almost adult, and it is always the place I love most in the world. It galls me to think of Julia boy chasing and hee hawing there.

  3. Sweet mother of fuck, those are all hideous. (The unicorn costumes.) And I like glitter, and rainbows, and embarrassing crap like that. But that is the grossest collection of costumes I’ve ever seen NOT TO MENTION what adult person needs multiple “Slutty Unicorn” costumes.

    THIS BITCH. I can’t.

        • Huh, to hide Donkey’s worst flaw, those Clydesdale gaiters would have to extend all the way up, beyond the raft ass, contorted torso, clavicles of rebar, and asymmetrical nozzles to ultimately wrap around her insane brain.

  4. Lala asks if she ever goes dark.

    Answer is NO. Donkey’s dark side–the analytical term is Shadow, which the woo crowd has abused and appropriated it (along with a multitude of Jungian concepts and it makes me want to bash my head against the wall so hard bc these people are the antithesis of analytical psychology and why isn’t this a national conversation, they should be outlawed) but I digress–Donkey’s shadow is constantly in charge.

    According to Jung’s theory, the Shadow is in control when a person attempts to consciously deny or reject its existence. This blog exists to document one constant fact: that Miss Rainbow Brite / Normal Heathy Julia I Am Today / Sparkle Princess / Tutu Queen / Happiness Project is in fact a seething, scheming, manipulative, selfish, narcissistic, abusive, psychotic hose beast. She is, in many ways, evil incarnate. And the more she insists that she is all things Happy and Healthy, the more we know that the Opposite is driving the donkey car.

    So Lala, that’s why she doesn’t “go dark.” Because she IS dark and she can’t own it. She lives a life of outward and inward denial. The rainbow is a sad, desperate attempt at a mask.

    I’m not saying anything new here, but I snorted when I saw Lala’s post and I just can’t. It might as well be a rhetorical question.

    • JFAing myself to say:

      “Unfortunately there can be no doubt that man is, on the whole, less good than he imagines himself or wants to be. Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. If an inferiority is conscious, one always has a chance to correct it. Furthermore, it is constantly in contact with other interests, so that it is continually subjected to modifications. But if it is repressed and isolated from consciousness, it never gets corrected.”

      – Jung

      • I think so too-she rode the donkey tail to get her shill on Miss Advised but as others have pointed out she’s a PAID friend. She has to know that gentle nudges don’t work on the lacking of self-awareness donkey.

        • I think she’s not pleased that donkey has blown off all the things she vowed to do at her self-absorbed “wedding” where Lalla officiated, and she knows now it was just yet another Donkey bid to be the center of attention.

          • How could anyone, even dim Annie Lalla, have thought that the wedding on the playa was anything except a chance for Julia to put herself front and center once again. Even if her behavior didn’t clue everyone in, her actions since the super serious wedding to herself make it clear that she has no respect for marriage or the people she dragged into the event. Find her a husband, now!

    • I initially read “don’t you ever go dark?” as “don’t you ever get the fuck off the internet?”

    • Along the same lines, 11th Wang, it was interesting to read this post from Ellsberg’s FB page today that references a similar concept. Lately a few of his posts seem to call out Donkey behavior. I wonder if it is just coincidence.

      “I was talking with my mentor Bryan Franklin, and I said, “I believe that, after basic sustenance is assured, most external achievements people put their effort into gaining, in the realms of money, career, art, relationships, and even spirituality, are pursued with the subconscious intention of gathering evidence to disprove your worst suspicions about yourself- ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘I’m fundamentally flawed,’ ‘I’m not attractive,’ ‘I’m not worthy of love,’ etc.”
      Bryan replied, “Either that, or it is coming from a pure offering of love. So, if what you’re pursuing is not coming from a pure offering of love, then, yes, it is being pursued just to disprove beliefs about yourself that are already false anyway.”
      He continued, “The reason it’s such a trap to try to prove that you’re *not* ‘not enough,’ is the same reason that a lawyer can’t prove, ‘Those two people never had a conversation.’ To attempt to ‘prove’ a negative, you have to come up with a million data points, and it’s still not enough. So you keep just trying to accumulate positives (‘I’m rich, I’m successful, I’m attractive, I’m powerful, I’m more rich, I’m more successful, I’m more attractive, I’m more powerful,’) to disprove your negative suspicions about the deepest ‘truth’ about your self. Many people, including quite wealthy people, spend their entire lives trying to do this, and never realize the hamster wheel they’re on.””

  5. I didn’t know Million-Dollar Brand Creators needed their father to pay their rent and bills 5 years running. Or charge trips to Europe on their parents’ credit card.

    It’s good to know Petey Bugger sold that lakefront land for a mil. It will take Julia around 15 years to burn through it. Not sure what happens after she turns 48…

    • They know deep down if they ever cut her off they’ll be a Dateline Special-they gotta keep feeding the beast. The only one I feel badly for is the brother.

  6. Clearly contorting herself to look thinner next to Meghan and Mary.

    Does she even have a real friend left?

      • I don’t think any of the woos are her real friends… and I give them another 6 months, tops. Unless Donks pulls something off before then that even they are too embarrassed to deal with.

  7. I notice she didn’t tag Rambo and Asha there.. are they not on her FB friends anymore?

      • After this incident where Julia stated that Mike Arrington assaulted Asha and Asha denied it I would guess:
        “Despite Asha’s statement, Allison insists in private that the incident did happen, according to a text message conversation we’ve obtained.
        “I don’t know why Meghan said it wasn’t true because it WAS,” Allison wrote in a text on April 9, three days after Asha released her statement. “I know because I was there. But I bet [Arrington’s] threatening her.”
        She continued: “He abused her and many others. That isn’t in question.”

        • This may not be a popular opinion, but I’m on JA’s side on this one. I think it’s true about Arrington, and Asha has many good reasons for denying it.

          • Word. Another classic case of a female friendship going up in flames because of a douche not worth defending, or in Asha’s case, staying silent about.

            It’s not like she continued in the tech field after her NonSociety days, so why worry about burning any Arrington-related bridges? I know these situations aren’t cut and dry, but to me, Asha’s an idiot.

          • Right, but wasn’t the issue was that she went onto gawker saying the exact opposite / defending him so that’s why the writer outed JA?

  8. “Multiple Halloween events” she says, as if she was a true star saying “multiple red carpet events”. Only instead of wearing clothes real stars wear, she plays pretend with cheap polyester slutty suits. How success!

    • Obligatory JAF.

      HA! I called it! I said a few days ago that Yandy probably pays her “endorsements” in polyester:

      “I just got a huge shipment of AWESOME Halloween costumes from, and all I have to say is this: life is better when you have Badass Costumes. I love you, Yandy!!!!!”

        • Nah, I’m no expert. It’s just that she is so fucking predictable. She’s like the Occam Razor of unimaginative bitches. If there are multiple possible reasons for something to happen, just pick the least imaginative or creative one of the lot and you too will be able to predict Donkey behavior with 100% accuracy.

      • When I was a little kid, we wore basic costumes– black cat, fairy, witch, whatever. But when we got a little older, we pitied the kids whose parents bought those cheap, off-the-rack at the Sprouse Reitz costumes, like a Batman costume that was just a polyester tunic that said BATMAN on it. Your parents didn’t have to make elaborate, hand-stitched costumes, but there had to be some element of creativity.

        Donkey’s dumb Yandy costumes are unoriginal and cheap and gross and require zero effort. Heidi Klum is the costume queen, or even Roseanne in the old Halloween episodes. Donk fails.

        • She had a period when she swore she never, ever did store bought costumes. She wanted someone to make her a Carebear costume in like three days for promotion and/or cupcakes.

          That was before Yandy began paying her in sad, cheap polyester.

      • She’ll never be transparent about the endorsements or provide a disclaimer along with the post. She’s made her dishonest living and will continue to do so until the deals dry up.

  9. Oh, good, she’s going to Boulder to stalk Avocado.

    Julia Allison

    17 mins · San Francisco, CA · .

    Boulder Halloween deliciousness (on Saturday, Nov 1) …

    The Human Experience – David Block will be playing, which means you *are guaranteed* it will be epic I might even be dancing! Now I just need to get a Fairy Costume …

    Will I see you there?

    Amber Rae, Farhad Attaie, Ali Shanti, Andy Drish, Libby Payne, Max Marmer, Bear Kittay, Katiyana Williams, Riley Jones … xoxo

    • No she’s not! She’s going to Boulder to attend an important conference on thuckthess because she is an important bidness ladee! Avocado just HAPPENS to be playing there. She’s not attending the conference as an excuse to stalk him on a day she plans to dress like a slut. Geez!

      • Happiness is stalking in a slutty costume. Yep we’ll all run right out and buy that book. I hope there’s a chapter on how to get around restraining orders.

    • Dear David Block:

      Julia Allison is not a dancer. Sure, anyone can just get up and dance, even if they’re not professionally trained. Let the amateurs dance around in the audience. Julia’s dancing looks really stupid on stage with you. I say this not as a “hater” of The Donkey, but as someone who respects your artistic drive and your professionalism. You’re not a bad person and you don’t deserve to look foolish with the narcissistic, vain, untalented Julia Allison on your stage, just because you dated for a bit. Let her find her own venue for her “dancing” instead of using yours.

  10. Wow, she’s really bringing that self-sufficient Burner ethos into her everyday real life by co-creating a costume with Yandy. The Playa crowd must really respect that shit.

  11. If Julia does something, it must be spiritual, because Julia is spiritual. Therefore obsessing at age 33 about what Halloween costume will get her the most attention is spiritual. Peoples, she’s on a mission from god!!!

  12. Help me choose my sexy costume, Bunnies!

    Sexy fire hydrant
    Sexy onion ring
    Sexy herpes
    Sexy lunch lady
    Sexy Motor Vehicle Bureau line
    Sexy Coke machine
    Sexy used Band-Aid with a little bit of arm hair stuck to it
    Sexy bitch with buck teeth and no tits
    Sexy third rail
    Sexy movie theater floor
    Sexy The Blob
    Sexy fortune cookie
    Sexy Pac Man Ghost
    Sexy Rush Limbaugh show phone caller
    Sexy Below the Decks Kate Spits into Tim Sykes’ Food
    Sexy cried-off rhinestone
    Sexy Rolls Royce
    Sexy Pinto
    Sexy reasonably priced family sedan
    Sexy pogo stick
    Sexy fart

  13. I have been pre-rung in her next post-awww does she have a crush?

    “Books & Ballgowns” (2008) New York Public Library.

    I envisioned and art directed this shoot because I have had a passionate lifelong love affair with libraries and books – and because the NYPL represented the epitome of that for me. I was also midway through my 14 season career as a reporter at New York Fashion Week, and I wanted to merge my two Manhattan passions – books and ballgowns – into one portrait.
    Every time I look at this series of photographs, shot by my friend Joseph S Pickett III, I’m filled with gratitude that I was able to convince the library to let me shoot there – for free – to witness my creative vision fulfilled. To this day I can’t quite figure out why they said yes, except that I was as determined as I’ve ever been about anything, and truly, when I have a vision, I rarely take no for an answer.
    I’m proud of my art. And I hope to spend the rest of my life encouraging the same eccentric and vibrant self-expression in others.
    (Wardrobe: hunter green gown by Gus Cadile; orange floral gown by Oscar de la Renta.)

    Bitch please I know Oscar’s muse (he hand made her wedding gown) and you are no muse.

    • “To this day I can’t quite figure out why they said yes, except that I was as determined as I’ve ever been about anything, and truly, when I have a vision, I rarely take no for an answer.”

      Transbraytion: I was a fucking hosebeast and threw a Veruca Salt tantrum until they gave in.

  14. How is she not embarrassed having to say “best friends (at the time)”? Doe she not realize that most adults maintain friendships for years and don’t continually have falling outs until they have to change cities? Genuinely curious. I really don’t think she knows this.

    Also if I recall they got in a fight while making those costumes because she was a fucking nightmare about them.

    • One video is all about her waiting until the 11th hour / Halloween night to do her part (get swords or wands or some such) — what does that say about a lazy d0nkey who drags her hooves to wipe her own raft ass?

      She’s a complete incompetent when it comes to doing what’s expected of her, & there’s no kind of relationship that will ever sustain under those conditions.

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