Rumi Fangirl & Former Nixon Speechwriter Swoons Over Beloved, Courageous Daughter’s Latest Media Stunt … Or Does She?

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Robin Booger would prefer that her certifiably insane daughter wed herself rather than a fantastic son of Wilmette’s most powerful moms? That seems odd, as does the relatively level-headed ghost writer’s sudden love of Rumi.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Mom
Date: Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 8:28 PM
Subject: Re: Julia’s Wedding to Herself!!
To: Julia Allison
From my favorite poet on love, Rumi:
“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
― Rumi
and from an unknown author:
“Peace…it does not mean to to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”
These are two signposts on the journey to self-love it may be well to take with you.
Julia, you are my beloved daughter, and I am so proud of your courage, independence and creativity! You are truly an artist.
Have the most beautiful, exuberant and wonderfully fun wedding ever in the desert at Burning Man.

Per Sacred Scrapbooks:

Her mother must have a special edition of her “favorite poet on love” Rumi, since that quote is a fake that circulates in self-help books and woo sites. It originated in a book by a nutcase who thought that Jesus spoke through her.

Julia seems to own the same special edition of Rumi:

Is Julia trying to convince the potential show-runner that her parents support this stunt and will sign releases? And then in the event a show happens, she thinks she’ll have plenty of time to browbeat them into appearing?


  1. Hate to sound like a YouTube commenter.. But, FAAAAAKE!

    Julie wrote that herself I think..

    • Momser’s love letter does have that punched-in-the-face-by-a-homeless-man, fratboy-across-the-courtyard-is-flirting-with-me, I’m-the-new-Coobie-spokesmodel ring to it.

      • Plus Dadser’s awkward but loving self-wedding approving text message capture. Fakery, I say!

        • Thank you, Kittens! How could I miss the BM extravaganza? I haven’t been this excited about a wedding since Tiny Tim married Miss Vicki on live TV.

          • I watched that in my flannel pajamas printed with duck hunters, sitting on a pile of dog fur in front of the television. It was sublime (the wedding, not the floor).

          • OT, but Tiny Tim had a thing for wearing adult diapers, not for incontinence necessarily, but because they made him feel “clean.”

            You possibly/probably knew this already.

          • Because the bride/groom and the wedding party have the emotional maturity of infants, I could easily envision them all wearing diapers to this fiasco.

  2. Was my first thought too. I am trying to figure out why it is so important for her to posture that she has her parents’ blessings about this publicity stunt?

    • I think it’s not posturing. The donk is just trying to show momsers how she should have responded to the Wedding of the Century. The olds need a little push in the right direction, doncha know.

    • Everytime she does pulls a stunt like this is highlights that the opposite reality is true. I wonder how much “Sobbing” she’s doing behind the scenes to rationalize this expensive cluster of cray.

  3. What the fuck kind of parents would endorse/cheerlead this? I can cut the Baughers some slack- adult children with mental illness are hard- but their emails and “love” quotes are as loony as she is. You get the monster you make.

    • hard work

      “What are words that no one would dream of associating with A Donkey?”

  4. Courage? Independence? Creativity? Artist?

    How could anyone think these things about Julia Allison? She really thinks that this silly “self wedding” stunt is something other than a silly publicity stunt and pathetic cry for attention? Try living in the real world as a single woman, supporting yourself, paying your own way, working and contributing, WITHOUT the constant braying about “boys.”

    The problem isn’t that this raging narcissistic asshole doesn’t love herself; it’s that she has absolutely no identity outside of obsession with dating and being part of a couple. That’s what makes this whole “self wedding” such a joke.

    • The stench is overwhelming. And you know what? IF it were real and my mom sent such an embarrassing gushy love letter to my 33 year old ass, I’d be mortified. (And for the lunacy of a self-wedding no less). I’d be alarmed and ask people to check on her.

      And I love my mom. Just.. it’s so funnysad that Julia thinks this is how parents should talk to their grown-ass thirtysomething layabout wastrel offspring. It’s some simulation of how she thinks parents ought to be. Not how adults relate to their parents IRL.

      • This! Especially the wastrel reference. An especially after Julia insulted her mother for not loving her as a child. My think is that Julia knows her parents aren’t online and don’t see her various lies and innuendos.

        • I think Julia’s parents don’t see much of the drivel she posts online, nor does Baby Brother, who’s busy with career, spouse, and child. Friends, associates, and relatives of the Boogers probably do get a laugh out of Julia’s antics but don’t dare utter a word to Peter & Robin. Why twist the knife?

  5. It feels good that she is so grasping and clingy to traditions and family approvals all while doing something so insane and having become such a useless wannabe hippie – it makes it easier for the inevitable fail that is coming from the book – and then what? After book there will be an empty desert – it will be burning man’s desert the other 51 weeks only the rest of her life.

  6. This is probably some woo BS that you re-parent yourself by writing yourself the letters your parents SHOULD be writing you bc you’re so special.

  7. I thinks she’s using the quotes as part of her wedding, as someone said earlier. Gag. Also, I went to see a Fringe Festival play called “Absolutely Filthy” last night and the writer came up with the idea–Peanuts characters as dysfunctional adults with Pig Pen as the lead–while at Burning Man. There was also a scene referencing it when Pig Pen says it’s the only place he ever felt at home because everyone else was dusty too. Good play, so I guess BM isn’t all bad…

      • It was a cool concept. Lucy was a corporate bitch, Linus got comfort from a pocket square, Schroeder was an aclaimed classical musician who sold out to become a pop star, etc. The character of Pig Pen kept a hula hoop representing the dust cloud going around his waist almost the whole play.

          • Charlie Brown had become a child psychologist. In the play he’s dead and they’re gathering for his funeral. He died of late onset encephalitis from falling on his head so many times when
            Lucy took the football away before he kicked it. Snoopy was represented in flashback (since he was dead) by a female aviator who only spoke German.

      • Hate to say it.. SNL’s “TV Funhouse” did an animated version of that idea over ten years ago.


      • Yes but as adults the peanuts characters would be relegated to “wha wha whawhawha” for dialogue.

    • SJS – After reading your description this morning, I decided to go see it this afternoon (the final performance). I really liked it. RBD – so servicey!

    • I am standing by for a flowery quote from granny moneybags, which will arrive via Ouija board.

      • I’m sure she’ll suddenly find an old greeting card from her 14th birthday that reads:

        Dear Julia Allison Baugher:

        You are the most amazing person who has ever walked the earth. You will make an ineffable wife and mother. Any man would be lucky to have you even glance his way. Nobody has ever been, or will ever be, as adorable as you are, and I predict that you will be a groundbreaking feminist and a best-selling author and an inspirational artist one day. I would say this even if I weren’t your Beloved Grandmother.

        Let it unfold!

        — Your Beloved Grandmother

        P.S. If, by some strange fluke in the universe, you never find a husband, it will be because all men everywhere are intimidated by your sassy midwestern verve. In summary: if you get a husband, you win; if you don’t get a husband, you win. Win win win. That’s what you’ll do.

        • Dear Julia:

          [REDACTED] here. I am just writing to apologize. You were right to attempt to break up my engagement. While I am still very happily married, I would have been super-duper-duper-super-duper happily married to you. Why, you may ask? Because any woman who loves herself, and has the courage, strength and wisdom to celebrate that self-love at Burning Man in front of a crowd of hippies not nearly as hot as she is, is truly ready to provide the greatest love ever known to a wealthy Ivy grad. Plus, you are so beautiful, sexy, witty, intelligent, wise, well-read, enlightened, giving, well-manicured, non-donkey-like and excellent in every way.

          My regret is deeply ineffable. I will love you always because you are the best woman in the world, as everyone obviously already knows by now because you also had the indescribable smarts to MARRY the best woman in the world too! Double the awesomeness!

          Sincerely, [REDACTED]

    • Didn’t she use the word “beloved” in some other post…like a beloved frock…and we all mocked her for the use of the word.

      What a tool.

      • I think it was the beloved bear coat that was stolen at a festival, and/or ran away on it’s own when it had the chance.

        • GUILTY! Along with the oxford comma incident, it is evident to this court of cats that Donkey wrote this letter to herself and tried to pass it off as a letter from her mother.

    • No way in Hell her Mother sent this, or indeed even refers to herself as ‘Momsers.’ So many tells, but the excellent Rumi catch by Sacred Scrapbooks sealed the deal for me.


  8. Until the Christmas Barbie story of about 2 yrs ago, I never would’ve believed this loon had her parents’ support. Nowadays, I am not so sure.

    If her parents would actually attend the wedding on the playa, now that would be awesome.

        • JFA’ing myself to add this for those who might be reading on the phone or be unable to open new windows while at work…

          One Christmas, family friends with their own children visited Wilmette. One of the children of the group had asked for a special Barbie doll. The child’s parents had dutifully bought the gift and brought it to Wilmette. The child, delighted beyond delight, made the mistake of sharing with the other children what she had asked for and what she was certain she was going to receive for Christmas.

          When the presents were doled out, however, the gift was given to Wilmette’s own Veruca Salt while the other child received an ornament meant for Veruca. Wilmette’s own Veruca Salt had cleverly switched the name cards on the gifts to ensure she got the Barbie meant for the family friend. Veruca’s parents were informed; they responded that poor Veruca had been heartbroken that she didn’t get the special Barbie, so her father offered to compensate the other parents with money while asking them not to mention Veruca’s nastiness to anyone. The story, however, became the stuff of folklore among the circle of people who learned about it.

          • That’s a nasty, spoiled little girl, and Peter Baugher has been enabling this sociopath every step of the way.

          • JFAing myself to say: The Boogers, that’s who. Momser & Dadser once gifted their only daughter with a Dentist appointment for Christmas. I know this because she harped on it every year for all of the three years that I read her blerg regularly.
            Not that this excuses A Donkey’s horrid behavoir, but the Boogers are a couple of odd ducks.

          • @Aggressively Stupid: I assumed the visiting family brought the Barbie as a gift for their daughter and the ornament as a token gift for demon child Julia.

          • I actually thought the ornament was Robin & Peter’s gift for Julia?

            The Baughers apparently give really cheap gifts. And they give each other Frango Mints every year in addition to the normal cheap or weird gifts (like ornaments or dentist appointments).

          • I don’t think an ornament would be a bad gift for a child if that child collects certain themed ornaments.

          • It is unclear who the ornament was meant for, just that Donk knew which box contained the Barbie and made sure her name was on the card when it came time to open the gifts.

  9. The real letters should have indicated being cut off by the parents if she goes through with this stunt, including a 5150 and strait jacket waiting for her at the way out of the event.

  10. Revisionist history ala Julia Donkey:

    “Awww. I wish my parents were coming to Burning Man with me … I’ve been trying to convince them to go for YEARS!”

    Isn’t this Julia’s 3rd year? How can she act all old-timey, original, before-it-was-popular? Oh, right…Donkey.

    Year 1 highlight: Stalked Redacted.
    Year 2 highlight: Brought Debbie and his short shorts
    Year 3 highlight: Getting married.

    • Yeah, either she tried to get her parents to come with her the very first year she went (which would be beyond crazy to invite your parents to some massive campout you’ve never attended) or it’s more like “I tried to get them to come last year.”

      Or actually its more like lies.

    • Yeah, right.

      Like she INVENTED Burning Man.

      The last time I went to BM was 2003 and by then it was already becoming a weeklong costume party for spoiled kids.

    • So in the moment and enlightened! She’s already talking about/planning for next year. This is like her Christmas (with no work in between).

  11. Just noticed something. No Oxford comma in this “Momsers” email.

    Back when Momsers used to edit Julia’s stuff, I know the Oxford comma appeared in the published versions. Of course, that could’ve been her editors at GU/TONY/AMNY. So does this tell us anything? Or should I just stfu as usual?

  12. I have two theories about this:

    Theory #1: Fake, fake, fake, fakety, fake.

    Theory #2: Momsers is trying hard to speak the language of the woo, in a desperate attempt to get her woo-ful / woeful / awful daughter to listen. She hastily googled some nonsense about love and copied it verbatim to get her attention, but if you read carefully, the second quote means “Life is not a walk in the park, grow up and GET A JOB ALREADY, YOU STUPID DONKEY!!!”.

  13. Isn’t she marrying herself to relieve herself of trying to get other people’s acceptance – specifically her parents? She can’t even get fake married correctly.

    • It really seems to be that – try as hard as she VERY LITERALLY might – she cannot EVER, EVER, hashtagEVER, get it right. Always off, always backwards, always the antithesis of the prethentathun and perthepthon she TRULY, LITERALLY, believes she’s fooling people with. Lesser intellects and less discerning and due diligence on the end of companies permits this for a minute, but it gets harder for her (largely due to her diminishing sense of reality and counteractive growing delusion as reality continues to smack her in the face) every single day. What a sad existence.

  14. I am trying to watch “Spark”, the Burning Man documentary on Netflix but it is making me showervom. So much fucking smug.

    • I half watched it last week while catching up here. That original founder reverence bullshit was so annoying, like they are fucking royalty. And the precious “we don’t want this to sink to the level of a festival with curated acts & art cuz we are so pure,” except “it’s gotten too big so we have to curate and grandfather our favorites in.” It seemed like a big cool kids club.

      I was glad I half watched it though – I had no real concept of how large it actually is. I also didn’t really understand the lengths that this idiots go to to decorate and costumize. It literally made no fucking sense to me. Why in the world would you spend time & money building some fire breathing art car so you can drive around in your slutty hippie clothes for a week? I mean if you want to take drugs and fuck random people (NOT Julie, I know she is not random.) have at it but what is with all the over the top bullshit? I don’t get it.

    • Please know that all burners aren’t like that. The more genuine and humble of us tend to avoid all cameras at the event. Instead, we focus on the immediate experience of each other and the art. There are a lot of d-bags out there and each year it gets worse.

      • For me, I love experiencing life with the absence of capitalism. I love having an excuse to talk to new people. This doesn’t mean class isn’t present, it is, but no one is trying to buy and sell anything. This is what originally drew me to it. For me, it’s definitely not about sexy sex and costumes. Even though I’m a young woman these things have zero appeal to me out there. It’s too dirty to even think about! Eww!

        • “I love experiencing life with the absence of capitalism.”

          This statement is absurd. Please re-read what you wrote, look up the definition of capitalism, and meditate on your own lack of insight.

          • I love experiencing life with the absence of capitalism too. I call it: “drinking my parents’ booze in their back yard.”

          • I’m not a scientist, but it kind of seems like Burning Boy is pretty much a rave in the desert that, somehow, costs money?


          • There was a comment on the nyt article about how we’re fighting a drug war in Mexico and thousands of black men are locked up for drug offenses but, hey, turn a blind eye to 70,000 white hippies openly getting fucked up on Schedule 1 drugs in a huge desert party.

          • I enjoy stopping at the Reno Walmart to drop a couple hundred on Chinese made camping crap, plastic tubs and desert survival gear and load up my overpriced rented RV so I can celebrate my freedom from capitalism.

  15. I thought momsers didn’t love her from that FB comment she posted. Why would mom be all woo woo with her? I think she wrote it herself. If I were her mother I certainly wouldn’t write this to her after seeing how she feels that I never had an inherent love for her.

  16. I’m still trying to parse that “no matter what happens” comment of Ali Shanti’s. What do you want to bet that Donkey tries to take over this whole camp for the week with dress rehearsals? That stage at Mystic is going to be busy with all kinds of activities so I doubt she’ll be able to test much of anything prior to the event.

    I read yesterday that each of these camps have fees associated with them, starting at about $300 and with some as high as 25K per head. So in addition to the exorbitant ticket prices, there are camp fees on top of that. I’d bet Mystic’s fees aren’t all that

    • Add cost of food (some camps include group meals in their fees, some do not), camp supplies (and/or an RV rented for the week), costumes and travel cost and it’s costing a pretty penny to head out into the desert for the week.

      • Ali is clearly trying to talk J off of an hysterical ledge. She really thinks people care about this so much. I can’t stand BM BS but she really misunderstands it to a huge degree. Last year, she shilled costumes. This year, she’s doing PR. Like, I would be royally pissed off if I waited all year to hang out and commune and get high with my Camp Mystic buddies and half the night was coopted by a drama queen

  17. wut? this is about another reality TV pilot?
    how is that even possible? a one-time wedding?
    never going to happen.

    • I love all the new “dusty” screen names on here.

      And particularly love the reference embedded in this one. Kansas = an underrated band, IMO.

  18. So last week: Mommy is terrible because she didn’t love me unbearably enough.
    This week: Mommy is awesome because she just validated my utter insanity.

    • Yup more inconsistent and contradictory language to action from the four footed one. I guess she also doesn’t realize that reality shows were on the decline when she did MA-she just looks more desperate than usual and unemployable. How sad that her only skill is unemployable.

    • It’s like how some bosses judge their employees: you’re only as good or bad as the last thing you did.
      Or it’s like how a fish sees the world and then forgets it all because they have no short term memory. But at least a fish’s life must be exciting and constantly full of the wonder of discovery.

  19. I can’t figure out Julia’s parents, but there is literally no way they are okay with this wedding. Not even if Robin doubled down on the Xanax.

    • Particularly since a few months ago; Donkey posted a status in which Momsers was questioning the entire “festival culture” scene and wondering how real people with real jobs and responsibilities, etc. could possibly find anything meaningful about this lifestyle (I am paraphrasing but that was the gist). So now she is quoting FakeRumi platitudes for public consumption and use at Burning Man?

      • . . . . .also I can’t believe her parents don’t know what she posts on facebook. There are people who tell them; There have to be. Craiggers had in his blog at one point that his parents’ friends were asking his parents why he was posting about his sex life all over the internetz during the short-live Relationship TMI flustercluck. As Donkey is way more of a household name than Craiggers (not saying much) I would think her parents hear about her behavior from multiple sources. . . . . OT but related; I don’t know if the tattling had anything to do with Craigger’s sudden and complete online disappearance — is he showing up at Camp Mysfyre or not? Must. have. inside. info.

        • It would take a lot of tech brain power for our fave Social Media Exthpert, but Julia can actually hide her posts from her entire family and any friends of the family, or even anyone remotely associated with them.

          You just need to put all of those people on a list once. Then with one click, you can hide future posts from all of those people. It’s quite easy.

          And if she didn’t know that already, then you’re welcome Donkey.

          • This is good to know. I have a few annoying people I don’t want to defriend/block for political reasons, but I’d love it if they would stop liking and putting lame comments on all my posts. I’ll have to look into this.

          • @Grifty Shades of Bray

            I deleted my FB account a while ago, but I do remember this option being available and I used it when I didn’t want work associates to see particularly snarky posts of mine.

            If I was still on there, I’d look up how to do it and give you the details, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out. Cat Ladies are the real Social Media Exthperts around here!

          • She probably could, but I noticed that a guy who was in her brother’s wedding commented on one of her self marrying posts (one word: “Wow.”). So, she’s not hiding her posts from ALL of her family and family friends.
            Honestly, I don’t think she wants to hide anything she’s doing from her family. Her whole life is one big “Mom and Dad, look what I can do!” If they didn’t know she was doing it, what would be the point.

          • @Aggressively Stupid

            After the Jezebel article, I believe her family does know about the self-wedding.

            It’s the fake emails from Momsers and Dadsers that I don’t believe she’s sharing with her family and family’s friends on Facebook.

  20. Does Mom$er really sign off as “Momser”?

    D0nk’s inclusion of Mom$er’s supposed collusion strikes me as a reason for Mom$er to get pissed enough to go w/out talking to D0nk for weeks at a time, then again, that requires believing D0nk’s claim that said shun really happened, so who knows.

    I’m convinced that Mom$er & Dad$er have closed their ears & eyes to it all.

    • THIS! I made this comment upthread. I seriously doubt that Robin signs off as Momsers. This whole thing is FAKE FAKE FAKE.

  21. A week or two ago she asked everyone for their favorite quotes on love, so I’m gonna guess her mom ‘mailed it in’ by doing a quick google search for quotes. Even though the first one is wrongly attributed, both quotes have a bit of a zing to them.. one about barriers she made herself, and the other mentions not being afraid of “hard work” (errr…) Also, if this is real, who knows how much she erased before sharing it with the world. Also, also, who shares personal emails with the world? Oh yeah.

    • Good point. I noticed that her email from her dad had the subject line “Quick question – time sensitive!” and assumed she was trying to grift some money or airline miles. I wouldn’t be surprised if she badgered these quotes from both of them (and both have a bit of a zing)…although it’s also not improbably that she would author at least Momser’s.

  22. Will she wear a ring? will she have to divorce herself if she ever finds a full-time wallet?

  23. Donk is going into Gmail, getting a message from someone, hitting Forward, editing the sender address (and probably more) and copying and pasting into Facebook.

    Just because she wants to feel validated.

    I have never wanted a dust storm hit the playa as much as I do right now.

  24. Momser does not talk like that.

    The minute she used “exuberant” and called Julia an “artist” it was obvious that Julia wrote this herself.

    So sad.

  25. Devil’s advocate:

    Sometimes when mothers REALLY HATE their daughters, they might pat them on the head to make them go away. They might hear a lot of shit all of the time from their bratty kids about how they aren’t supportive of their insane endeavors. They might be tired of hearing their kids whine about how their diarrhea is important. To make it stop, they might say what ther daughter needs to hear… Take some pills… And pray for a good episode of the Bachelor in Paradise to get through the night.

    • That’s a cubic dickload of head patting up in that message. That’s more ‘special snowflake’ ‘give trophies to everyone’ ‘my kid is a terrific kid!’ bullshit than a goddamn rich honkey-ass-honkey private preschool parent / teacher conference.

      • I only say this bc I know people like this and their mothers/husbands/etc will say ANYTHING they need to hear

      • I was rung I think.. but also loved the “cubic” measurement in this comment. I may even plagiarize the term in future comments.

        But I think I would use it to describe a shitload (“dickload isn’t my bag, man).

        Anyway, pass the Franzia and fuck off, the weekend has begun crazy h8full bitches 😀

      • Well, the second quote in the message is about how life is not a walk in the park and how you should get a frigging job and learn to live with the stress and disappointments all adults go through.

  26. I tell you what…the ONLY way you could get me to go to Burning Man would be as the guest of one of those rich posers who have air conditioned luxury RVs and private toilets. I agree with the Donkey of yore who said FUCK CAMPING. I take an annual trip with 5 of my friends every year that is basically a sharing economy in a nice lakeside house. Granted there’s no great art, but there is a bonfire. Why the need to make such a big deal about how special you are for paying big bucks to get to a desert and take drugs with a bunch of strangers? The images of people wandering around with headlamps in the dark gives me anxiety shakes. So does the thought of never being able to sleep properly.

    • “Vintage restored Airstream” and Town & Country reporter sans his skivvies for the win!

      But shit, that’s been pretty much every polo tailgate this year.


    • I would only fly in with Bob Pittman on the Gulfstream, stay in his highly curated campsite w private chef, etc.

      (I know, I know, BM is SO not my scene…) Drugs, endless sand and lack of running water + no way out! scare me.

  27. Money on her getting kicked out of camp before it ends? We know she won’t be there when they do the tear down and clean up at the very least.

  28. speaking of birthdays, i just turned 30, you guys! i shared cake with my toddler, rejoiced in my expiration and such.

    • Oh snap, friend! I turned 30 this year and came to the conclusion that I am now old. Welcome to the fold.

      • My half-centennial is in two weeks, and I don’t feel old! Thirty is a little transplant shock, but thirty-one is golden.

      • I turned Expired + 10 this year. I am now going to fully embrace crazy cat-ladydom! I will be buying or building my first house later this year and am designing it half for me and half for my cat. Yup, definitely cray cray catlady.

    • Happy Birthday! Did you tinily ride your bike in the rain with a cake as the neighbors stared in awe and wonder? 🙂

  29. How fuck? No way in hell that is real. I bet her parents are mortified. Especially when this train wreck made the media rounds. I am betting they can’t step foot in the club and their “friends” are gossiping about them behind their backs. If they are a typical wasp family in Wilmette then they show off her brother and never mention the problem child. I have given up on them ever fixing Donkey. Dadser will just throw money at her until he dies.

    • I think it’s either fake or that Momser knew Donk would publicize it and therefore her waspy-ness dictated that she pretend everything was fine and publicly supports it…with subtle digs about “hard work”. In private though, I bet it was just more eye rolling and “what’s the plan THIS time, Julia”.

  30. at the airport and the dude next to me is dictating texts to everyone he’s ever met – one at a time – that go “yeah, hey chief, so, heading out to burning man ‘smiley face’ ‘comma’ you know you’re missing it all right ‘question mark’ ok later dude I’m burning out ‘exclamation point’ “

  31. Her latest post is hilarious if only for the reference to “my friend, Nick Bilton.” Donkey can’t help it.

    • Yoo hoo, Nick! You’ll be at my wedding, right? And it will find its way into the New York Times as a tipping point, right? Yoo too!

      • well, yoo too, but you too kind of works in the way that typos sometimes do. Either way. They’re all on the same Artcar of Fools, plying the playa in search of alchemization and upleveling. Tip those points, kids.

    • Reading her writing makes me want to punch myself in the eye. What a patronizing asshole.

      Julia Allison shared a link.
      8 hours ago near Penryn, CA
      A Must Read. One of the most thoughtful, beautifully explained – and most importantly – ACCURATE articles I have ever read about Burning Man. I’m weary of the old trope, espoused most recently by my friend Nick Bilton in the NYT, about wealthy people “ruining” the event; it’s far from the reality I’ve experienced there. I’m so grateful Dustin shared his unique perspective.

      • The reality she’s had there is of the ruined experience. She has no point of reference.

        • Plus she is the embodiment of the shallow privileged socialite assholes who have ruined it. She is the least self-aware person in the world if she doesn’t see that people like her have turned it into a world’s fair for famewhore narcissists.

          • After reading the article she posted, for me it confirmed what a try hard, one upping, famewhoring, extra mess Burning Man has been for the last 5 years.

        • What irritates me the most is the ACCURATE in bold look at me caps. It’s a think piece on one person’s experience. Accurate me doesn’t mean what she thinks it means in that context. Why has this pissed me off so much?

  32. Was this picture of Robin ever discussed in these parts?

    I know it looks like Julia circa 2008 run through a Hipstamatic filter, but it’s Momsers before she was a Mom who serred. The sausage curls, the high-waisted pleated miniskirt, the hair bow… is it any wonder they SOUND alike? This is some Dolly the Sheep shit here!

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