Grown-Ass Woman Considers Taylor Swift Her Spiritual Guide



You always know things are coming apart at the seams when she resurrects the Taylor Swift obsession. You know what grown men find attractive, Donkey, especially musicians? Women obsessed with the same vapid artists ‘tween girls are obsessed with. And what is so wise about this, anyway? Translation: “I’ve recently been called a drama queen who is too quick to declare my love for the latest dumbass who was actually stupid enough to sleep with me. But I am not!!!! Taylor Swift says I am perfectly normal!!!” Also — she fucking TAGGED Taylor Swift in this post. Oh dear.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Taylor Swift any more, she writes this profound message about love … on a FAN’s Instagram comments section:

“I think we grow up thinking the only love that counts as true love is the kind that lasts forever or is fully realized. When you have a broken heart, the first thing a stranger will ask is ‘how long were you two together?’ As if your pain can be determined by how long you were with someone. Or if you were with them at all. I don’t think that’s how it works. I think unrequited love is just as valid as any other kind. It’s just as crushing and just as thrilling. No matter what happens in this situation, I want you to remember that what you are doing is selfless and beautiful and kind. You are loving someone purely because you love them, not because you think you’ll ever have your affections reciprocated. You are admiring something for its beauty, without needing to own it. Feel good about being the kind of person who loves selflessly. I think someday you’ll find someone who loves you in that exact same way.”



    • That photo makes my thighs hurt. Why would she wear jean shorts that are LITERALLY cutting off circulation. It must be so uncomfortable. She would find some modicum of happiness if she just learned to wear her actual size, and proudly.

  1. Again, that was a week ago, so JAB is once again late to the party. Also, those shorts have to be two sizes to small. Look at the thigh where the shorts meet. It looks like that would hurt.

    • Believe it or not, there‘s fauxtographic evidence from that one time where Mulia Mallison wore shorts that weren’t two-sizes-too-small cootchie-cutters.

      *must have gotten calf implants after Sophomore year at New Trier.

      • Whaaa? Her legs look totally normal there. SHE looks normal. I guess the cray was still forming at that point.

        • Normal?
          Let us be honest here.
          She looks like a teen in that pic.
          Teen thighs are one of those things that happen to women so briefly.
          So fucking briefly
          between the ages of 13 to 17.
          A 25+ yo woman can starve herself to *that* proportion in later life,
          but always at the expense of breast
          and facial tissue.
          So yeah, normal?
          I don’t love the Donkster,
          but her legs are fine.

      • Her legs look normal…I know she’s a teenager in this photo…but seriously, her legs don’t even remotely resemble the bow-legged monstrosities of today…mind-baughling!

      • Countdown til she posts photo of self crammed into that very pair of beige highschool shorts + a Coobie.

  2. Reposting my comment from previous thread. It’s long. Sorry, bunnies!

    In the early stages of romantic love, there is a whole lot of projection mixed up in it. This happens because you don’t really know the other person you’re involved with, and therefore your hopes and dreams and expectations for them are coming from a place within yourself. In Julie’s case, they come from a wackaloon place, a sadly broken place that insists that another person will magically do her own healing (the real work) for her.

    But, in a real relationship, if you peel away those projections, there is either a tremendous amount of relationship built up underneath (this would be the true relationship), or, in Julie and probably T Swift’s case, there is nothing existing between the two of you under the surface. A sane person would then be able to say, I see you represented this in me and that in me, and thank you very much for allowing me to see that, goodbye. An insane 5150 borderline personality clinger (cough, Julie, cough) is still hanging onto that projection for dear life, insisting that it was Real and True and how could you Abandon me, you said you Loved me, how will I go on, etc etc.

    This shitshow is making me very sad. She has maybe caught a glimpse of the fact that she needs to have a relationship with her self, that she is going to have to be the one to heal her own inner wounds, but instead of doing the actual work involved, she’s running straight to the alter (a wedding will cure everything!). A convicted pedophile will perform the service and the woo woo grifters will cheer her on and flick her bean and spout narcissistic psychobabble, making her feel either OK or euphoric for an hour or two or maybe even the whole day, and then she will return to her broken fucked up cyclical reality. Which comes from a place that exists only within her.

    This was fun and hilarious for so long, but now it’s just making me sad. Get some professional help, Julie. You are so lazy about everything you do, but if you want to be okay or even “happy”, you’re going to have to commit to some serious work. Do not confuse that with serious woo.

    • Laziness is truly at the heart of all her problems. Just too lazy to fix herself. Goes for the easy Bandaid “solution” every single time.

      • It’s what happens when you confuse happiness with wish fulfillment.

        Or perhaps it’s when happiness itself becomes any sort of “goal.”

        If psychoanalytic work–the real work–felt like rainbows shooting out of her ass, she would be all over that shit. But instead it’s hard work, it’s lonely work, it takes a long, long time, and it often feels like hell. There are no shortcuts, no costumes, no proxies. She can keep buying into the grifter woo set all she wants, but she’s never going to find herself whole, or conscious, or on the other side–in whatever terms they’re promising.

    • “She has maybe caught a glimpse of the fact that…” some people she knows manage to parlay incessant talk of how group sex and green smoothies healed their wounds and helped them to form relationships with themselves, into lucrative coaching opportunities.

  3. Even more proof that this self-wedding thing is just an attention-getter. This woman is stuck.

    She will not love herself any more after this “wedding.” She will not change at all.

    When you make real changes, it shows in your actions.

    • She’s going to crash and burn with the ending of this book, whether it comes out or if it gets killed. That’s because she’s doubled down on the stunts and grifting using the book as an excuse. Once that is over, she’s not going to be able to get the attention fix she’s so accustomed to or the same amount of $ from her family. Good thing she knows people who run communes, she’s going to need on.

    • What kind of guy is going to want to date anyone who has up and married herself? That kind of thing stinks of “stay away from me, I have issues.” I realize we all know it’s crazy, but seriously, this is going to kill her dating life!

      With all sincerity, I am advising Julia (who doesn’t read here) to reconsider this foolish act and the future repercussions it will certainly have in her life. BAD IDEA!

  4. “You are loving someone purely because you love them, not because you think you’ll ever have your affections reciprocated. You are admiring something for its beauty, without needing to own it. Feel good about being the kind of person who loves selflessly.”

    But… but… she expects her partner to incessantly dote on her and doesn’t dote on them at all, she is possessive and jealous to the point it drives men away, and she’s the poster child for narcissism.

    Donkey: Taylor Swift is so obviously not talking to you or about you here. Secretly you know this. You’re not fooling anyone but yourself. Stop trying to justify and/or make excuses for your shitty behavior. If you truly want to change, grow up and own it.

    • Yes, the “selflessly” part — as stupid as this entire Swifty quote is, the selfless part doesn’t apply to Donkey at all anyway.

      • Also, don’t they both have the definition of unrequited love incorrect? As painful as it is to experience, it is the direct opposite of selfless love.

        Am I right? It’s been a few years since I’ve read Hamlet.

          • Not ashamed to tell you Handbag, I don’t understand the reference. As far as Hamlet goes, didn’t Ophelia kill herself because of her unrequited love for Hamlet.

            Yours in softness,

          • Never mind. Just read Julia’s FB page.

            “She ain’t reading no Aristotle if she is quoting Swift.” — BeepBeep

  5. Is either one of these loons aware that unrequited love is when the other person doesn’t love you back? And that when you persist in your unrequited love it can become stalking?

  6. I really hope Avocado is starting to realize that RBD has been right all along. She fed him some line about how she was changing. I hope he sees that her type of personality disorder is permanent and that pretending to change is part of the con.

  7. I don’t think this was posted on the other threads, but now she’s touting Haley to the fans in the ‘stans:

    20 hours ago near San Francisco, CA
    I absolutely adore this girl. The video is FANTASTIC – I love, love, LOVE the plane graveyard as a set – and the song is ridiculously catchy. Way to go Haley Reinhart!

  8. Guys! I just kant!

    Friday, August 1, 2014

    PopINN BM: There’s a New Movement on the Playa

    Black Rock City, NV – Burners, did you forget to plan ahead for Burning Man? Not part of one of the camps? Then join ours! That’s right, your favorite ramshackled sleep-space is headed to the desert. We cannot bring the pool, but we’re bringing the fun. We’ll have 7 gently used trailers on our lot arranged in a heptagon, channeling the power of Gaia, our blessed mother, deep into the heavens. And, speaking of power, don’t worry about running out! We’ll have over 10 Briggs & Stratton Elite Series 7,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Generators running 24/7. With all that power, we’ll be sure to keep the beats pumping at our sustainable mini-burns, where we plan on burning one or more found objects per night.

    What else are we pushing out into the universe at PopINN BM? I’m glad you asked! Several of our trailers will be specifically set aside so you can co-create with your fellow Burners. Stop by the Bridal Trailer and watch a newly self-married Goddess engage in Orgasmic Meditation. Feel free to join in, but ask permission first. Remember, you have it within you to alchemize that “no” into a “yes.” It’s OneTaste you soon won’t forget! Or, perhaps you’re tired of dragging your preteens all over the hot, dusty playa. We’ve got the perfect solution for you! Drop them off at the Art Trailer. Every afternoon, Rabbi Marc G will be running his “Unlock Your Sexy Princess” workshop featuring lectures, feather placement, rhinestone polishing, body painting, and hands-on mentoring. For the boys, FarmVille is available in the Internet Trailer. There’s also the Sleep Trailer, where you or your little ones can get comfy with Uncle Ram and snooze the day away.

    PopInn BM is taking reservation right now. Don’t miss out on the peak Burning Man experience ! If you have any extra trailers, bedsheets, bedpans, or found objects, please bring them by our lot.

    Love and Light!

    • Oh you are kidding me. Donks is going to get OM’d and the pedo rabbi s going to be in charge of the teen girl sexy princess trailer? That’s disgusting.

    • That self-married goddess is Julia, isn’t it? It is, isn’t it. She’s gonna be orgasmatroning, isn’t she? Oh my fucking god.

        • Do I…. have to…. go watch her OM? Or is that above and beyond the call of donkey?

      • There actually was an installation on the Esplanade called the ‘Orgasmatron’ but I never did it, so I don’t exactly know what it entailed. I think there was spanking involved, and there definitely was a huge window so people could watch. It was my first burn, though, so I felt way too awkward to express that kind of curiosity.

    • I can’t believe this is real. It isn’t, is it? “Hands on mentoring?” Please tell me it’s a joke.

    • People are taking this hot off the press faux press release seriously, things are that fileked up.

      • Yes, I’ve calmed down now. It was only the Uncle Ram line that convinced me it was fake, though. The rest…

          • No need to apologize. Tip of the tutu to you. It was hilarious and on point.

          • BRAVO, AWO.

            What’s scary is that everything you mentioned before the Farmville tip-off seemed absolutely plausible in my mind with these Woo freaks. I mean, I was WAY disgusted, but I thought, yeah, this is totally up their fucked up alleys. Even the sexy princess shit for kids; that’s how disgusting these people are. They’d be totally down for that.

      • So well done that I fear it may manifest! You had me until “pre-teens”.

    • This is insanity. Julia is going to rub one out in front of a crowd, and some randoms might join in?

      And they’re also going to let this Rabbi sex offender watch kids? Is he even allowed to be within a few hundred feet of kids?

      • Oh shit.. Just noticed someone said it’s fake, heh.. Got me , dammit! 😀

    • Don’t give her any ideas! She’s so desperate for attention, she’ll try anything. However, she’s so prudish and behind-the-times, she’ll probably do a repeat of the clunky pink tights “dance,” with flowers from the craft store.

        • Me too. I kept alternating between “this is SOOO fucked up and disgusting” and “this has to be a joke, right? Right?? PLEASE let it be a joke…”.

          Brilliant work, AWO. Now you owe me some mind bleach!

  9. I think this is a satirical piece written by AWO, right? RIGHT? Oh Please . . .. . . . .RIGHT?

  10. Open letter to Wackawoos (Bulletin) : Hey DUMBFUCKS! There’s no water in Toledo and they are testing the water in Chicago. The Ebola virus is now on US soil. OM your way out of impending doom in your Halloween costumes and see how that works for you in the fucking desert . . . . .

  11. All this whining I thought BM was this weekend-we still have three more weeks to wait for the wedding of the decade? Maybe she really could be shamed over the next three weeks (aka publisher threatens to drop her, daddy threatens to cut her off, and all of her ambASSaWhore positions will threaten to give free product to others and force her to pay for her own photo shoots) to drop the wedding and the sociopath who blamed a child for their own sexual assault at his hands. A pedophile can’t be good for any company. (I know this was discussed on the last thread and no one is supposed to poke the donkey) but maybe this one is bigger than the needs of her ego.

  12. From her FB, a mere 8 minutes ago. She’s truly in a manic upswing right now. And honestly, do something for yourself, woman!

    I JUST kant:

    In need of creative inspiration!

    I’m part of a wonderful group of women who are doing an artistic/dance performance at Burning Man whereby each of us is transforming a pejorative female STEREOTYPE into an positive female ARCHETYPE.

    The stereotype I’ll be embodying is DRAMA QUEEN and the archetype I’ll be transforming her into is LIFE OF THE PARTY.

    The question I have for you all is – what songs call to you for each of these? And what costumes would you wear if you were me?

    I’m feeling like I need a bit of creative inspiration up in here … THANK YOU!

    • She doesn’t need inspiration she wants someone to do all the work where she gets to take credit again. Does she not think people are on to her yet? I bet most of the people don’t tell her what they bought so she doesn’t run out and get the same.

    • Life of the Party is an archetype? She doesn’t even know what she is saying.

      And the fact that she has fallen to the point where AWO’s post was remotely believable says something.

    • So much wrong with this. For starters, Drama Queen is kind of the opposite of Life of the Party, isn’t it? DQ = toxic, energy-sucking personality and LotP = fun, engaging personality.

      I don’t see a whole lot of creativity in her circle of friends, just a feedback loop. Maybe Avocado and Bear K are earnestly pursuing their craft without an agenda, but the others are merely engaged in a pseudo-hippie circle jerk.

      Still, it’s got to be obvious that Donkey’s just glomming on to them with her constant “Who will make/loan me costumes? Who will do my leg work for me? Who will give me stuff for free? What do I think about things? If I were creative, what would I do?” She brings nothing to the table.

    • Also, WRITE YOUR BOOK. Or, if this is part of the book, BOOK BE DOOMED. She has been cycling through wannabe intellectual exercises like what is the meaning of life and whatever the fuck this drama queen analysis is and HEY-O, Donks, you aren’t an intellectual and your droppings on these subjects will not sell. No one wants to read anything at all about you having a seizure on stage and calling it a transformation from stereotype to archetype. Except for maybe us.

    • Why the hell is she always expecting other people to do her homework for her?! Isn’t the point of being creative, to CREATE from your own fucking imagination? Doesn’t it defeat the purpose when you ask others to do this woowoo inspirational shit for you? WTF? And isn’t she embarrassed to be posting this for all her fellow grifters to see? If you have to ask everyone what to do, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.

      • She’s not embarrassed, because she’s too stupid to realize just how stupid she sounds / looks / is / yada yada .

    • This is such a blatant ripoff of one of her woowoo friends’ books, the one with all the female archetypes in it that were photographed by sequoia whatsherface. Candace something.

    • This performance is going to be so fucking embarrassing. For the drama queen portion, what will she do, an exaggerated pantomime of gossiping? Jerking from one end of the stage to the other doing stage whispers with her gaping maw agape? In a tutu? Because you know there will be tutus. And then for LotP portion, a bunch of her “fuck yeah!” faces and fist pumping? The witnesses to this performance are going to want to punch her. And Derpin will be all:

  13. So … what is the virtue for “drama queen”? *If drama is an excess and “being boring/comatose/lame” is a deficiency … what is the middle virtue expressed as an archetype?

    The stereotype I’ll be embodying is DRAMA QUEEN and the archetype I’ll be transforming her into is LIFE OF THE PARTY.

    LIFE OF THE PARTY! so OMGarchetype! Deep Donkey thoughts. JULIA IS NOT BORING! SO ENTERTAINING!

  14. Bryan Franklin
    All I can say is that the feeling of the music is 1000x more important than the words for communicating this kind of thing in only a handful of seconds…
    4 minutes ago · Like

    Julia Allison
    Yes, I agree Bryan. That’s why I’m wondering whether I went about this in the wrong way. Maybe I choose music FIRST, then put words to the stereotype/archetype.

    I agree, she did go about this in the wrong way.

        • She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor….
          (Floor oinking ditch pig there’s a call for you at reception)

          And poor Bryan Franklin has it all wrong….Donkey isn’t going to try to miscommunicate this “in only a handful of seconds…”. She’s going to drag this out for hours, milking every inch of drama out of her Drama Queen. And that’s one well that will never run dry.

      • No, there is no right way to do an interpretive archetype dance. I don’t even know what she’s doing on Facebook, trolling for creative blood? Authentic.

      • Could Bryan Franklin be on to a Donks? I feel like some of his commentary is rather cutting.

        • He’s used to working with narcissists and calls them out as part of what he does for a living. I think he’s just reverting to work mode. And he’s running this Mystic burning man camp. He has that nimitae music thing he does, also. So he has some investment in not making his camp a big joke with this shitshow, and I think he’s sensing she is ramping up to attention-whore the whole place from day one. She can’t just relax and enjoy herself and mingle, she has to be the center of attention.

  15. Here’s an archetype: Madsen and the Queen are discussing “angry vaginas” on facebook. (I’m getting visuals of an Angry-Birds like app. for smartphones. Yours for three payments of $999.95).

    • Angry vagina might be a new thing the kids are doing these days. Trim your pubes into some upset eyebrows and scream at men as you smash your vexed wispering eye into their faces. It would look something like so:


  16. One of these looks slightly familiar, but I don’t recall ever seeing the others:

    That increasingly worrisome shoulder & the back legs she wishes she had.

    Just quit! Problem solved.

    All Picasso but no one to co-create with …

    • Heh, I made those. The first was in reponse to Donk’s Braydio Shack blurb about “matchmaking for the right cell phone” (when she didn’t even know the various phones’ features), and the second was after the Florida bachelorette party, I think.

  17. This just shows how stupid she is. Life of the party is the middle ground between withdrawn and drama queen? that makes no sense. Drama queen is someone who is immature, self-centered, and unable to handle their emotions. I would think the opposite of that would be someone who is a stepford wife. The middle ground would just be a good friend, or maybe a wise counsel of some kind? I would never think that someone who is a drama queen is just taking “life of the party” too far. she fail at everything.

    and remember how she was all “so you know how in Aristotle’s…” like she had just been pondering it, because she’s smart like that? Then like a day later she’s all “oh by the way, I actually tricked you into doing the first part of my “ART”. Now give me the next piece. Also, it won’t seem like i basically stole everything if I ask you in small pieces…!!!

    Go what I would do to see this performance. Sadly, I think it will fit right in with all the other crappy BM dance performances.


      • No one has ever called Julia Allison ‘the life of the party’. Not w/ a straight face, anyway. E.V.E.R. Hell, her own mother says that she sucks all the oxygen out of the room.

        Mulia Mallison = death knell of the party. #FTFY

        • “Oh, thank God! Julia is here!” will only be uttered once, in 2021, after her 5150, when an orderly temporarily miscounts the number of patients on the psych ward floor.

      • Right??? and to use her previous example, is Life of the Party a fucking virtue? I mean I know to be the center of attention is HER one goal in life, but that doesn’t mean it’s a virtue. And I love how out of all the stereotypes that affect ALL THE GIRLS, she focuses on the one that people lob against me me me.

        • Life of the party to me generally means the drunk who is making the biggest fool of his/herself.

    • It truly makes no sense. This drama queen –> life of the party thing is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. I mean, am I missing something?! A drama queen is the person people hate at a party; you don’t dial down the drama and become the life of the party that everyone loves. Or did she mean dialing it up to become the life of the party? Going by what she said the other day, either too much or too little of a certain trait is bad, so which direction do you go in to become the life of the party from a drama queen? It makes no fucking sense. And you know they probably told each other, “Think of the most common negative stereotype people have about you” and she came up with “Drama queen”… Hahahah, oh donkey. There are so many other horrible traits about you, don’t be modest now.

      • “It truly makes no sense. This drama queen –> life of the party thing is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. I mean, am I missing something?! ”

        Here’s how I’m seeing it: She is looking at a bunch of negative things (she calls them stereotypes) that people (usually men) call women to denigrate them and in her eyes, to negate their existence and deny their needs. This little exercise she’s doing is a way to justify that behavior and turn it into a positive.

        You can bet one of the other stereotypes expressed by at least one of the other women will be “whore,” which excuses their love of promiscuity and polyamory.

        It’s all twisted to justify being irresponsible and denying that you have serious personality problems that need working on. If you can convince other people that they are just reading you wrong, you can be justified in doing anything. Maybe even in being a sexual predator and serial harasser, like her wedding officiant, whom they all seem to hold in such high esteem.

        And interestingly enough, watch Ali Shanti’s stupid video today where she talks about how it’s so brave when others actually confront and challenge people about their inner deficiencies, and how she only wants to hang with people who work on those things and on themselves. I guess this is true except when it comes to her friends Donkey and Caeli La, who are content to censor and block people who say anything that comes up against their narrative.

    • Yes, her Drama Queen -> LotP makes absolutely no sense, which is worrisome because the Donks is ever so thmart!

      As for how she is going to interpret this in dance, why do I have images of her wearing a tiara (because Drama QUEEN, duh. Literal Donks is literal, or is that literally?) and possibly tearing it in two (because DRAMA, duh²). Could Donk ever bear/bare/BeachHair to destroy one of her priceless $2 shop tiaras? Unless it was Jordan’s …

    • The opposite of “life of the party” is “wallflower.” Both of these terms are from the 1800s. You know, back when the festival was known as Conflagrating Personage, people wore corsets unironically, and Nevada was still a territory. Anyway, “drama queen” is simply a deviation from normality, not a virtue masked by excess.

      • Exactly. It got back to her that someone, probably Avocado, called her a drama queen and now she’s trying to mitigate that by pretending again that she’s changed, or that they’re just reading her wrong.

        Drama queens are melodramatic and exaggerate. How often do we see her use all kinds of hyperbolic words in her posts? Dialing that down doesn’t make her the life of the party.

      • “Conflagrating Personage” I die. They had to stop doing the taffy pull because of the playa dust, but Charades is still going strong. “You’re President Taft! No? Sarah Bernhardt, then!”

    • Hopefully, there will be lots and lots of video.

      Thanking in advance all those who’ll be at BM and sharing the service and these “performances” with the cat ladies.

  18. What happened with Donkey’s relationship with Julia Price? Was there a big time falling out? It’s so weird that she never, ever mentions her or plugs her gigs or songs/videos anymore. I mean, she lived with JP for about a year and shot her “documentary” alongside her, including that awful checklist song.

    Was there a big falling out? Did JP just see too much of the real Julia?

    • Julia Price was milking a strategic frenemyship, no two brays about it … the saggy tit dried up long ago is simply of no use to her anymore.

      • This makes sense but I was just wondering if there was something I was missing or something Jacy/JP might have heard. I know they sometimes hold back info until it’s OK to share with us. It did seem like a convenient frenemyship.

    • Doing a song with JP was also in her book proposal. I don’t think JP is on board with all this woowoo shit and has probably tried to disappear out of Donkey’s sphere of delusion.

        • I had forgotten about the Toilet Julia thing. How did she get that name again?

          Also I hate that we can’t call her TJ because that name belongs to TJ Kelly, the fabbbbulous NS contributor.

          • One of the first photos that came along of tiny n’ cute Julia when the basement first found out the Julias were roomies was of her on a toilet… and the nick name flusher price makes it more comical. I am sure someone can dig up that photo…

          • I did some research on here b/c is am a huge gymnastic fan and know the names of almost anyone who has ever gotten an official international assignment my USAG or made any impact on NCAA and it really pisses me off that she brags about her gymn days, the handstands, etc. I think “Price” is a stage name. And, honey, you are a washed up elite (thousands on your same level across the nation) and were still too broken make any impact at Miami for collegiate-level diving. Maybe you went to one international invitational, but anyone who can buy a plane ticket can do that. PISS ME OFF…\end rant.

          • Price is a stage name. Her birth surname is Ilowiecki. She competed as a diver, not a gymnast, when she attended the University of Miami.

          • Yes, sorry…my rage wasn’t very clear. She says in her bio she was an internationally competitive gymnast. She got injured and transitioned to diving, which is very common. But, according to her bio, the same injury that sidelined her gymnastics career also ended her diving career. Btw, only a handful of universities even have gymnastics programs b/c of insurance requirements… Diving programs are much more popular b/c the points contribute to the swim team total score. A good dive team can make or break a meet.

    • Oh poor Summer. I doubt she has any idea what a steaming shit sandwich she’s about to bite into.

    • Seriously you all have nothing on the nsa. Summer will be posting here by fall.

    • Does this poor girl realize her boss is going to pay her in used, dusty and sweaty plastic costumes?

  19. Methinks LaDonk doesn’t know the definition of an archetype, for starters, or of any of the other words she’s using. I wish she would stop being so stupid all the time.

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