1. I feel so sorry for the lady she had to create that — just imagine the bs Julia Allison fed her, & how much do you wanna bet that that lady won’t receive a dime.

    • The designer is a guy.

      And look at the copyright. Not only does it list Donkey but her former editor and also her agent.

      • I should have looked closer at the thumbnail image. The other, I don’t see that anywhere. Or else I misunderstand entirely.

        She knew more than four+ mo’s ago that this book wasn’t being published this summer, but she took advantage of someone’s valuable time anyway. So cunty, & it makes me wonder if the deal is dead, but she’s milking it for more fauxto-shoots, etc.

        • The book was never supposed to come out this summer. The original deal announcement had a pub date of Spring 2015. The designer just brainfroze.

          It’s not coming out in Spring or Summer of 2015, either, is my bet. Anyway, I bet this is what Julie showed her editor at the famous meeting (“Look, my PR person has a designer on this already! Pages? You want to see pages?”)

          • Technically speaking, most publishers only have two seasons these days, Spring and Fall. Spring encompasses Summer months and Fall encompasses Winter months. So calendar-wise, she’s (perhaps) not wrong.

          • Yes, publishers’ Spring goes through August now, right? But she’s not going to make it even by that definition of Spring. I would bet anything.

        • Bray, just check out the Julia Allison page, with the tho thmart picture of her in the circle. Look down to the white type reversed out of red, it’s a copyright line. It includes not only Donkey but her editor (now departed) and her agent. I just thought it was unusual to see all those people listed in a copyright on an author’s website. And his description made it sound like Donkey hired him.

          • Are ya’ll signing in or what, cuz I’m not seeing options to see more info close up …

          • I don’t know WHAT she is doing, but they don’t own copyright. The only person who owns copyright is the author… your agent gets 15%, and the editor gets a regular salary from the pub house.

            Other than that, I have NO IDEA what donk is doing.

  2. “About Project
    Design for aesthetic direction submitted to Julia Allison for launch of her book Experiments In Happiness expected Summer 2014.
    Published: March 17, 2014”

    Hmm. So Donkey commissioned this. And as of March, the book was due out this summer? Something is very hinky.

    • Oh, that’s weird. As thmart people with publishing experience here have said, authors -especially first-time ones- get very little input as to cover design. That said, I don’t think this one is especially bad, honestly- it would catch my eye at least. But if she actually paid someone (lol) to do this, it’s kind of a waste of money.

      And I love (by which I mean deeply hate) the author’s pic with her wearing glasses. She’s trying to be Tina Fey, and she will never in a million years be Tina Fey.

  3. I predict that A Donkey will pay this Andre person exactly zero dollars for his efforts.

    Why is his name familiar? Has she grifted from him before?

  4. I think that’s just the designer’s typo; the date was announced for Spring 2015 when the deal was covered in Publisher’s Weekly. Designers are often sloppy with stuff like that when doing concepts for clients.

    • Would it still be Spring 2015 if she changed editors, though? I know my book was postponed more than a year when my editor changed.

      • Since publishers are only on a two-season schedule these days, Spring books can come out as late as Sept. Fall books can come out as late as May. (Depending on the publisher.)

        Not that I want to give Julia any more benefit of the doubt than she deserves (=zero), but it’s not lying to say something is released on a publisher’s Spring 2015 list but have a publication date in late summer.

  5. Super find! And there’s no way she’d ever approve a book where the title blocked her faced. Never.

    • JFA’ing to say this and the idea that Airbnb activists are putting stickers on illegally leased places is gonna send donkey over the edge.

      • http://www.socketsite.com/archives/2014/04/san_franciscos_city_attorney_files_suit_against_shortte.html

        one would think that thomeone whose daddy is a lawyer would be aware of this

        If successful, the litigation could result in permanent court-ordered injunctions; civil penalties of up to $200 per day for Planning Code violations; up to $2,500 for each unlawful business act (i.e., rental); disgorgement of illegally obtained profits; and attorneys’ fees.


        • SILVER LAKE — Political movements have been spawned to champion civil rights, overturn governments and fight injustice. But in Silver Lake, the right to rent out your place on Airbnb has become a political cause of sorts, reports the Los Feliz Ledger. Two of the candidates in next month’s neighborhood council election, tech firm owner Matthew Desario and actress/bar owner Hope-Taylor Arnold, were “moved to engage local politics” after the current neighborhood council considered a motion last year that would have banned short-term rentals, according to the Ledger story. Desario and Arnold, who have used Airbnb to rent out their homes, are running as part of the “Yours, Not Ours” slate of candidates, whose platform includes support for the “Sharing Economy,” which in this case includes “responsible short-term rentals” as well as sharing tools and parenting cooperatives (there’s also a competing Empower Silver Lake slate).
          Desario “brought with him a petition in favor of short-term rentals signed by more than 3,000 Los Angeles residents, including over 600 from the Silver Lake area” to one meeting, said the story. Desario and Taylor-Arnold were also the subject of complaints filed with the department of Building and Safety by an attorney who claimed their homes had been illegally converted into hotels. The complaint against Taylor-Arnold was dismissed but, according to the Ledger, Desario has had to spend $15,000 to remove all the utilities and amenities in his garage to make unusable as living space.


  6. “…gonzo journalism that explores different ways that people around the world seek happiness…”

    So crowdsourcing on facebook is now “gonzo journalism”??? OK. This is such a joke. Also I wonder what “the 12” are — is she now doing only 12 of the jillion experiments outlined in her proposal?

    This book is never going to happen.

    • More gonzo journalism?

      Julia Allison
      50 minutes ago
      Does anyone know an editor at Oprah magazine?
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      Adryenn Ashley Know WHO or know personally? I know WHO. Just haven’t made physical contact yet.
      45 minutes ago · Like

      Julia Allison like, someone you could intro me to
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      • This from the woman who could have been on that stupid Oprah show but wouldn’t sign the “draconian” contract because there was no guarantee she wouldn’t look like the hosebeast she was/is.

        • Shut up! Spill more please. And that’s why she was kissing Oprah’s ass on a post earlier this week.

        • Thso thpsychic, JP!
          “We here know the pristine “Aw, shucks! I’m so adorable, and I’m learning from my mistakes” persona will immediately be revealed to be James Freyed around the edges, and her revolting lack of appeal would have been exposed to a much wider audience.”

      • DOES THIS BITCH/”SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT” KNOW HOW TO USE LINKEDIN. Because these are the types of requests that she could answer on her own via LinkedIn.

        Or is it because she has not accrued enough meaningful professional experience to cobble together a profile that wouldn’t be a complete joke?

        Or is it because she’s burned so many bridges that no one would respond to her invites to connect?

        Or is it because she is really, really dumb?

        • As to all of your questions: yes. Also, can’t buy fake fans in the Linkedin stans, as far as I know. Her profile would be a joke, she’d have no connections and zero people would endorse her.

    • At the very least wouldn’t her website be up with a landing page? Shouldn’t see be posting something daily? You think her editor would insist on, you know, something to actually edit other than a book cover. How many days has it been since she mentioned book deal? We know she’s never mentioned actual writing.

  7. OT….a few months ago, there was a big discussion about awesome facial peels and such. I wrote them down, moved and lost them. Can someone direct me to that discussion or can anyone weigh in with suggestions?


      • Thanks, I found it. I’m terrible at searching for stuff on this site so I appreciate the help.

    • Me either. At first glance I thought she got a new lip implant.

    • shockingly bad layout—kind of revolting. I guess
      this is Julie being a Disruptor again… yet another #fail.

    • Stuck-out tongue = Midwestern sass and verve. Also: brat who staged her own bd party at the country club after mom and dad cancelled it.

    • I can’t believe no one mentioned this further up thread. It’s the FIRST THING I noticed and it scared the SHIT out of me. I thought she had busted her lip and it was all swollen. Hideous and terrifying.

      What the ever living fuck is the point of the clam tongue?!

      • I interpreted this entire cover idea as an attempt at casting the book as a humorous project. Experiments in happiness that mostly fail, hence the sticky out tongue. I was all for it, because I thought maybe somebody at the publishing house or somewhere had cottoned on to the idea that Julia’s experiments usually end in shame and horror for all concerned, except of course for her, and they certainly would if she possessed any kind of insight. Face is blocked out like one of those Fashion Victim photos? I thought it was perfect.

        Granted, I had no clue why she’d sign off on an idea that so obviously makes fun of her unless she was just desperate to make deadline and someone told her that self-deprecation a la Mindy Kaling and Tina Fey sells big right now and she went for it. Is mystery. But that was what I thought and what I would think looking at this cover.

        • Good analysis. If that’s what the publishers were going for, then they’ve indeed succeeded. There is nothing attractive about that depiction of her, in the least.

  8. That is the face I always pictured her making when she would do her, “urr, um ooops?” Shtick. She is such a tool.

  9. She’s sticking out her tongue just like that horrid picture of her as a little fat legged toddler. She’s still the same rotten brat.

    • I don’t know if you are the one who always calls her rotten, but it always delights me to read it.

  10. It’s hilarious that she had a fauxto shoot for this cover only to have most of her face covered up. Also, her tongue looks like one of those sex toys that’s supposed to be a tongue.

    • What with the tongue morfing into god knows what, I thought I was looking at the ad campaign for David Cronenberg’s new movie. And fuck this cunt if she thinks the gruel she’s attempting to churn out is in any way related to Hunter Thompson.

    • I don’t think that’s her. I think it’s some random stock art, no?

      Also, take it from me. Authors at Book Deal very rarely get to approve/deny cover art.

      • I thought I remembered seeing her with some dumbass lana del rey flower crown for her red nips fauxto shoot. can a memory custodian confirm this?

      • Look closer at those 5/8th” thick curb stop nostrils …
        You don’t think she plied PR dude w/ fauxtos of herself?

        Of course you did, love

        P.S. D0nkey!

      • They don’t approve or rarely have ANY SAY in cover art. Someone like Jackie Collins or Mary Higgins Clark gets to approve their cover art. Also, if they did, it would be in the author’s contract. I wonder if this is just an ego filled “make work” project for donk.

  11. I don’t get all the outrage over “Summer 2014”; are none of you catladies the familiar with the concept of the Flaccid Launch?

  12. the fact that “By” is in the same font as her name and the B is the biggest letter is legit reason for Donk to get POed

  13. I am laughing my ass off at the new Coobie bra photoshoot pictures. Her fucking raft ass and carnival mirror legs are SO going to be cropped out. How’s that book coming along Donks? Is photoshoot #459632 going to be more filler material for Exthperiments in Herpderpness?

  14. RE: clarification that “Summer 2014” can mean as late as August or September, if this in any way applied to Julia Allison, wouldn’t Macmillian Publishers / St Martin’s Press have D0nkey listed in the “COMING SOON” lineup?

    Remember when D0nkey put out her own press release / magazine shoot for a piddly gig Dad$er got her at TMS? That was nothing compared to all the stops she’s pulling out now for this bigger writing gig (PAID!) that she’ll also fail to come through on.

  15. This cover looks like she was “paper bagged” by the art director. Just couldn’t handle looking at her.

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