Ali Shanti Thinks She’s The Rosa Parks of Polyamory

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You guys, I literally can’t even with this shit.

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 1.20.26 AMScreen shot 2014-05-29 at 1.22.26 AMWhat’s true for Shanti is not necessarily the truth. And her need to suck the life out of multiple partners in order to feel wanted and love has nothing in common with the gay or racial struggle. No one is lynching or bashing needy, egotistical hippies because they want to be passed around like the offering basket. Jesus fucking christ. You’re not some civil rights pioneer just because you want to open your garden to the public. My god, how are you not completely mortified with yourself?



  1. Dear Julia,

    I suddenly think you are a wonderful person. No idea why. Love and light!


    Dear Pointy,

    Remember when you used to point at everything? Those were good times. How innocent we all were. Except Arrington, but still.


    Dear Mary Rambin,

    You look good in orange.



    Dear Messica Quack,

    You are a poster child for normality. Alas. But still. Credit where it’s due and shit.


    Dear [Redacted]

    Remember when we hated each other? Yeah! Fun times! Ha ha!


    Dear Emily Gould,

    Hamhock campstove dipthong werewolf whatever. You’re the ghost of Anias Nin compared to Ali Shanti.


    Dear Poundcake

    You are AWESOME!


    Dera Loren Feldman,

    Nope, wait, you’re still a cunt. Die in a fucking fire.

    Well, that took a while.



    • Ferreals! Julia is a breath of fresh air compared to these fucking loons. Like, I literally cannot believe she made that comparison and then got all defensive when called out on it. The entire comment thread on Facebook is a must read. She whines that her mother gave her shit when Ali came out to her as a lesbian when she was 17. Her mother said it was a phase, and Ali is still all wounded about it. But guess what? IT WAS JUST A PHASE. Even Craig called her out by saying, “No, honey, you’re bi.” I just think she’s a fucking dipshit.

      • I just can’t deal with this bitch. She is fascinating as a case study in sociopatholgy, but egad, if there were ever an example of actual corruption overwhelming a general narrative of solopsism, self-regard and unreflecting and comparatively innocent stupidity, she is it.

        With the exception of Feldman, Beauchamp, Arrington (for specific but thus far only alleged reasons) and possibly Tucker Max (who is a closet-case fraud in any case), these two toolboxes are the absolute bottom of the moral, ethical and cultural barrel.

        • Wow, I made your list. No idea who those other people are but you remain as clueless as ever – even while piling on your usual $10 words. Never have I seen anyone try as hard as you to be clever/funny and fail. I’m guessing you have at least one “advanced” degree in something spectacularly useless like English Lit, psychology or social work – thus explaining the high opinion of yourself. Probably keep it hanging on your dingy wall where you gaze at it every morning, wondering why everyone you meet thinks you’re a pedantic cuntwhistle.

          “an example of actual corruption overwhelming a general narrative of solopsism, self-regard”

          Bahahahaha. Get over yourself.

          As for me being unethical, you don’t know the first thing about it. I have an ethos of “everyone has the right to swing their fist as much as they want, as long as they aren’t hitting someone else’s nose” and I have never broken that. Never stolen, never assaulted anyone physically, never reneged on a bet, never fucked anyone over, and have certainly never mooched off any welfare system or the public tit.

          I doubt you can say the same. I’m guessing you are a still a huge Obama supporter, even after the drone strikes and NSA revelations – not to mention the IRS gestapo tactics being revealed and the continued war on drugs. Who is the immoral, unethical asshole now? I wonder how people like you sleep at night. It disgusts me. Rabid anti-war when that asshole Bush was in charge (and rightly so) but nary a fucking peep now that your Messiah is in charge. Absolutely nauseating to me. The height of immoral and unethical.

          Moreover, when I see people doing these things or being douchebags in other ways, I call them out as douchebags, scumbags and criminals. I don’t feel encumbered by social niceties.

          If that’s unethical, then you need to get a dictionary, cunt bag. I may be a giant asshole for not sugar-coating all the PC bullshit like the rest of society, but don’t you ever question my ethics, you twat.

          • You really go out of youor way to be a dick but then are offended when someone calls you a dick. I.don’

          • Well, you certainly proved RRR’s point, you foul mouthed seventh grader. She’s also one of the sharpest, funniest folks on here, with or without an Eng Lit degree.

          • Ethics?

            You mocked a woman who lost both her children in a drowning incident.

            You’re evil, plain and simple.

          • It’s amazing. It’s like any person on this site = Obama lover, pro-drone apologist, lover of welfare systems etc?

            Seriously WTF is wrong with you? Besides everything? God go crawl under a rock on your stinky farm already. Again, just because that hot lefty girl wouldn’t fuck you, doesn’t mean every woman on earth has to be on the receiving end of your batshit insane hatred of liberals.

            Seriously you are insane. Just shut up. Fuck.

          • “I don’t feel encumbered by social niceties.”


            I bet you have tons of friends in between lots of hot dates. lol

          • I personally love Matty’s claim that he can always “sniff out a Jew.” I’m guessing his wife’s divorce lawyer was Jewish and fucked him so hard he’s technically kosher.

          • Yeah, it’s pretty easy to be unencumbered by social niceties when the only living things you see any given day are barnyard animals.

            And even they find you an uncouth shit, I dare say.

          • Sniff out a jew! Nice! Do we know for sure he is divorced?

            SHOCKER!!!! I’m sure it was his decision. Pretty certain. Who would give up such a catch! Love you so much Beauchamp. Keep on keepin on, you.

          • I remember reading something about a divorce and an angry little Beauchamp, but where is this Beauchamp located? There are several Matt B.’s on FB, and the primary info on goggle references a Libertarian MB running for office.

          • The Libertarian running for office is/was Matt. I don’t think he’ll try that again.

          • I can’t find a pic! Goddamnit. His blogger profile pic is a tiny pic of him in a canoe. If I looked like him I’d prob keep it small and hard to see as well. 🙁 Poor divorced Matt Bouchamp. 🙁

          • Wow, for someone who is clearly fat and very average looking, you’d think he would STFU about anonymous women on this site. Sorry to fat people for lumping him in with you, but he needs to sit down.

            Yeah, he’s not getting laid a lot. Rub one out Matty. You might feel better.

        • “I’m guessing his wife’s divorce lawyer was Jewish and fucked him so hard he’s technically kosher.”

          I almost choked on my licorice reading this. Please, never leave us.

  2. How do these people even have time to write and post all this prolific bullshit on facebook and their blogs? I mean, I get that they are grifters so they don’t have 9 to 5s, but don’t they need time to work on their grift? When do they take care of their pets, hang out with their loved ones, do their laundry, get their groceries? I’m impressed all parties have the time & energy to devote such pointless epics into endless facebook comment threads.

    I seriously don’t even have time to read or keep up with it all. Good thing you catladies are here to do the lords work and keep me in the loop of crazy.

    • When do they have time to TAKE CARE OF THEIR CHILDREN?!?!?!

    • Pets? I think you mean “non-traditional but ancient heartsharing foods”.

      Hang out with their loved ones? She is filming herself crying. That is “hanging out with her loved one.”

      Laundry? VAST IST DOS…LAUNDRY?

      Groceries? See “pets”, above.

  3. Look, I’m all for multiple sex partners. Fuck as many guys (or girls) (or both) as you like. I am fine with the fuck-and-chuck routine. I will never, ever, ever have a “relationship” past sexual needs being fulfilled. This does not make me a special snowflake or some oppressed minority. I practice safe sex, inform partners of my expectations (and listen to hear theirs), make sure our kink (as applicable) is mutual and consenting and respect privacy and emotional boundries. This is called “being an adult and taking responsibility for one’s actions”.

  4. Alexis Neely looks so happy in her open relationship!!!! LOL!!!!! How’s that working for you!

    • More radiant than a rhinestone! The poster child for polyamory! When will we stop persecuting them? When will men stop raping women?

  5. Reading a book in order to find a quote (sic) that suits your viewpoint = DOING IT WRONG.

    • It’s just a phase that you’re going through … you’ll outgrow it!


        The story of a pair of narcissists who attend a bizarre and sinister orgy – and then live behind the couch there for the rest of their lives.

    • He wrote somewhere – maybe his blog – a lengthy entry of how he was NOT attracted to Ali the first dozen times he met her. Went on and on how he felt she was not boner-worthy and a bitch. He wrote this only days before she booted him out of her life.

      For all their Love, Light, and Happiness, that was so written as a retribution post. Way to mingle with us unenlightened folks!

      • He bloviates a little more on how Ali wants to be a slut and refuses to take care of him..

        “And that feels like the hardest thing to do with Ali right now, knowing that she wants to go be with a LOT of other men, and wondering where I fit in that picture other than (as my story goes) to continue providing her with a stable, secure base from which to explore… which she has never seen clear to provide for me. Sees it as my responsibility, even though that’s not what the brain science tells us about attachment.”

        • Wow, he is a super creep and a world-class manipulator.

          He has successfully shifted the narrative of their breakup from the original very clear “Craig is an asshole a lot of the time, especially with Noah, so Ali doesn’t want him around anymore” to “Ali is a horny bitch and she was never nice enough to Craig”.

          I confused about how Ali much has collapsed. In the initial phone conversations after the Handfast debacle, Ali came across as very calm, clear about the problems and fed up with Craig’s shittiness. She really sounded like she could barely be arsed to talk things through, but was doing it to be nice.

          Suddenly she’s weeping like a lunatic and telling the world what a great guy Craig is, and how much she misses him.

          Meanwhile, he is making sure to continue saying the shittiest things on facebook about her, but always wrapped in some bullshit “I’m telling you this because I love you” language.

          I’ve also noticed that he disarms criticism by just agreeing with it. He gets called out for being nasty, and has a strategy of replying: “You’re right. I am nasty and I’m working on it.” Then goes right back to nasty.

          Anyway, they’re both creepy as hell – but he is worse.

          • That sounds like someone who’s been seriously brainwashed/mentally abused by their partner. WTF.

        • What a load of bullshit! He has said that he wants to have sex with other women and acted like she was selfish for being upset about that and it seemed like the main reason they broke up was that he couldn’t be assed to take care of Ali or her kids in any way, but he has the nerve to throw that shit on her? HE IS SUCH AN ASS!

          • He’s a hypocrite. He wanted to bang other women but would get jealous if Ali ever even thought about it. Ali would also get jealous when he was fucking around.

            Neither one of these idiots is “polyamorous.” They both come unhinged when the other one wants to bang someone else.

          • They are addicted to the drama and secretly think they deserve this kind of relationship. They’ve also admitted to beating each other up. She’s a borderline personality mess. As well as sociopathic, mood disordered, christ. this is like legit insane territory. She should prob be hospitalized and I’m not even kidding.

            And he’s just a disgusting evil piece of shit.

  6. Craig on homosexuality, from the linked thread:

    “For instance, learning that the better portion of gay men are actually just desperate for attention, affection & love… Not actually genetically predisposed to homosexuality.”

    These are the worst people, the worst. WAAAAHHHH some nice moderately wealthy white people adopted me and provided me with all I needed including a college education WAAAAHHH so I created a baby I abandoned WAAAAHHH. I can’t.

    • Fuck him. But one is predisposed to polyamory? I hate these people.

    • “For instance, learning that the better portion of gay men dogs are actually just desperate for attention, affection & love… Not actually genetically predisposed to homosexuality.”

      #FTFY #nowSTFU

        • I’m pasting in the relevant comment:

          Craig Filek: “I’m not taking away your sexuality Ali. I think it’s great. I’m more aligned with you than not. And I’m also expanding and deepening my understanding of my wiring, as are you.

          For instance, learning that the better portion of gay men are actually just desperate for attention, affection & love… Not actually genetically predisposed to homosexuality.

          That eroticizing a need doesn’t actually meet the need.

          That being an adult doesn’t mean regressing to the level of our pathology and living from there, but hearing it’s voice in a council with the other important voices and ensuring none are exiled in how we live.

          I wish I could be closer with you thru this. And I’m finding my own power – less because of you, but because it’s in me to find and I rise to the occasions life serves me.

          All I’m saying is, you’re not 17 any more. There’s more here than the defensiveness you feel. It’s in the defensiveness I feel cut off from you. And that’s ultimately not what you stand for. You want to love all equally.

          Your truth can’t be threatened. So why defend it?

          Not that stifling your defensiveness will remedy things… But what’s under there?

          I’m sure you’ll find out one way or another. No doubt about it.

          But what do you not want to admit right now?”

          • [Craig is allegedly “learning”] ‘That being an adult doesn’t mean regressing to the level of our pathology and living from there …’

            Says a grown-ass man who trots out his inner infant as if he’s auditioning to be a permanent fixture on SL? Says a grown-ass, whining man who snivels about Ali not nurturing his inner infant well enough? Says a grown-ass man who, as a brilliant cat lady pointed out, couldn’t rationalize his infantile behavior if he had not been adopted?

            Filek’d in the head, our widdle Craigey is.

          • In the phrase “grown-ass man,” the only word that accurately describes Fishsticks is “ass”. Dude is a whimpering blob of smegma.

        • I have no fucking idea what this pile of shit is even trying to say other than I’M RIGHT YOU’RE WRONG STUPID CHICKEN FEATHER HEAD NEENER NEENER NEENER.

          Where did he “learn” that the majority of gay men just fuck other dudes because, hey, attention?

    • There he goes conflating orientation with preference. What is he, the representative cis heterosexual? Fuck him!

    • So funny that a chronic oversharer like this douche thinks gays are “desperate for attention”.

      How about you, Craig? Are you genetically predisposed to making an ass of yourself on the Internet?

      Jesusfreakingchrist, shut up already, you are giving the straight community a bad name.

    • God, I didn’t even catch that. (That thread is LOOOOOOOOONG.) Fuck off and rejoin your not-gay circle jerk.

  7. Ali Shanti is an ignorant, overly privileged, spoiled brat. What a fucking idiot. Ali Shanti is no Maya Angelou. This is NOTHING like being subject to racism. I have zero pity for the woman who is an obvious con artist. Ali Shanti is a fraud, a terrible parent, a selfish partner, and unemployed. Fuck her.

  8. I’m all for living whatever life you want, so long as it’s not hurting anybody. I could not care less how many people somebody is with, meaningfully or otherwise. None of my business, no1curr. But do NOT get on the internet and whinge that you’re some kind of oppressed minority because people don’t shower you with glitter every time you go outside. She’s manufacturing her own outrage by picking the sources she knows will make her feel “marginalized” so she can set up her own argument. If you’re secure in who you are and what you’re doing, you don’t have to go find straw men to do your fighting for you, kid.

    Oh, but what am I saying? She’s more insecure than I ever was, even as a teenager. If she wasn’t a soulless grifter, I would feel bad for her because she obviously cannot be at peace with who she is.

  9. The funniest thing to me is that she was obviously nosing around in his Facebook account and then posted this shit under his name, possibly too high to remember she was logged onto his Facebook.

    “I have no idea how that happened!” Hmmmm, wonder how that could have happened.

    So healthy. So free. So evolved. So above the rest of us.

    • I took a screenshot of that the other day and almost posted here, then became sickened by their whole existence and wandered off. But I keep peeking at the mess again. Not even exaggerating; I feel vaguely nauseous every time I read what they have written, but I can’t turn away. They have redefined Worst in so many ways.

      I loathe Craig jussst a bit more than Ali. Because of his “negging,” because this whole conversation about his NeedsNeedsNeeds and how she is not up to the challenge etc. was all preceded by HIM screwing other women while she cried.
      And also because at least some of her charms that hold others in sway are visible to me at times (pretty, bubbly, etc.) but I cannot at all understand how Craig has so many people congratulating him for existing. He must have some sort of charisma that comes across in person but is not recordable on video or audio. One of my (NOT) favorite snippets was right after he arrived in Rochester and posted a photo of himself with his daughter. Some dippy female friends commented, “I love how you father.”

      What the ever-living fuck is with these people and their overwrought effort to slightly adjust all language? Father as a verb, while not incorrect, reminds me of “in relationship.” rather than “in a relationship.” Why do they think they invented fathering and relation-shipping by tinkering with usage? “How he fathers,” is that he moved states away from his daughter so as to focus of “nursing” his own “inner infants” in his imagination, while bullying his girlfriend’s son. Then, when he landed back in Rochester, he posted a photos. Wow, shift of fathering paradigm.

      And yes Craig, I know, you made the amazing effort of spending one week most months with your daughter. Phenomenal considering you have a “job” that you could “work” from anywhere.

      All that said, Ali is a con-woman, a scam-artist, a narcissist, yes, all of that.

      • They are both terrible people, and I get sick peeking at their shit, too. Craig has a cult leader / serial killer personality that appears to charm people who are stupid and/or stoned. All of those followers of his are stupid and/or stoned soon-to-be victims of something bad.

        I HATE that he is so obviously re-writing history with his narrative of well, I gave Ali everything, but she just wants to run out and fuck everyone, so what can I do but cry home to Rochester? I’ve been abandoned — AGAIN! When, no, fuckwad, actually the opposite of that is true! Any smart, sober person who reads your prolific internet droppings can see this!

        Burning Man is going to be awkward this year.

      • This comment is so on point. I hate their psycho-lingo! The up-leveling and “showing up” and being “in relationship” and their PACT (publicly acknowledged commitment together – or some shit) and attachment wounds and men’s groups and pod couples! I mean what the fuck? Are these people living on a different planet?

        • Also will someone please read this Craig Filek nonsense? WTF???

          “On the last men’s leadership training, I stepped out on the carpet because a man asked for challenge.

          It was late, the room was charged, and the man was workin the edge of his shadow. We danced. I felt fear.

          He started talking shit to me. I leaned in. He said he wanted to feel my power. He just wanted to push on me and feel my strength.

          He was asking for permission. I wanted to give it. I wanted him to feel it. I wanted him to feel supported by me.

          And I knew he would topple me. So I asked for support from the men standing around us in circle. Holding space.

          Instantly, there were 10 hands on my back. I saw these men had hands on their back. I was invincible. He knew it.

          He put his hands on my shoulders. He stepped back in a loose runnners lunge. He looked me in the eye. He pushed.

          As I stood there, effortlessly supporting this man in his desire to feel my strength, I knew it was not my strength at all.

          It was the strength of the men who supported me he was feeling. I was merely holding space for his work.”

          I mean, why not just say, “I went to a conference and got in a fight and some guys had my back.”?

    • I was just coming here to post this! You are SO totally busted, Shantitown. As busted as your eyelash pelts and dirty feathers.

      • yeah, what’s with those eyelash pelts? Shades of Julia Allison. Nothing says authenticity like sobbing one’s fake eyelashes (and rhinestones) off for the world at large.

  10. Woman graduates first in her class from Georgetown Law without the slightest shred of understanding about racism.

    Fuck this bitch.

    • “Know idea how it was posted from him”

      And doesn’t know the difference in using “no” and “know”

      Yes, probably stoned off her gourd. I hafta say, reading the social media of others who’re under the influence is highly entertaining.

  11. Has it not occurred to either of these people, who both get jealous and throw bitchfits when their partner tries to sleep with anyone else, that maybe if they don’t like their partner sleeping with other people, they are in fact monogamous? Polyamory is not, “I want my partner to promise to sleep with only me, but I want to sleep with other people whenever I want, even if it makes my partner upset.” That’s called cheating. I’m pretty sure if most people were given the free pass to sleep with whomever they want while their partner remained faithful, they would be onboard. Wanting to occasionally fuck someone else is not difficult or special. It’s the being open minded about your partner doing it that makes it polyamory.

    • This….and everyone saying haveing the urges is normal, but acting on them is not (or is hurtful to your partner), they are attacking her. What ever!

    • To be poly is to have an intimate, loving relationship w/ more than one partner (“relationship” being the operative word here) — what they’re doing (screwing other partners while in supposed non-monogamous agreement) is akin to “swinging”. No more, no less.

      But … the real kicker is that they really aren’t even in agreement. Poseurs.

      • Exactly! I can’t STAND when people miss use the word “polyamory.” Bish you in an open relationship. And a dysfunctional one at that.

        You just trying to make it seem like it’s about love and not sex because somehow that’s more woo woo free love? Shut your FACE.

  12. Another Alexis Neely post? Why are you people trying so hard to make fig run outside and kick a puppy?

  13. Aaand I’ve lost what little interest I had left for Neely and her misogynist boy toy. Misappropriation of the struggles of others has that effect on me. May they rot in their own filth and make the acquaintance of some grumpy law enforcement officers sooner rather than later. I’m no longer watching.

  14. Fuck her. I don’t have the words to tell her what an asshole she is for invoking racism and homophobia. JFA, rant for me, I’m too… fuck, I’m too incoherent with anger.

    I feel most comfortable with monogamy in a love relationship. Poly wouldn’t work for me. That said, I don’t necessarily think that monogamy is our “natural state.” It’s largely a social construct. But “society” isn’t pressuring Ali Sham-ti to be monogamous. Her livelihood (whatever current scam that is) doesn’t depend on her passing for a monogamist. Nobody would even know, if she didn’t FILM HERSELF braying the most intimate details of her home life.

    Fuck right off, privileged white person who’s addicted to victimhoof (typo but it stays). And I say that as a privileged white person.

  15. The telling thing is that she cares more about her stupid polyamory than coming clean and legitimizing her financial misadventures and grifter businesses. She is such a sick sociopath.

    • Name upgrade, hi y’all.

      This is what I don’t get. She is so far up her own ass that she doesn’t see how detrimental all of this public imploding is to her business efforts, legitimate or not. There is *literally* a post for a job offering at her new lawless fisting model business smack underneath a post linking to the videos of her meltdowns. Um, no, no one wants to work with you, you crazy person.

      And meanwhile on her alter-ego’s fb page, “Alexis Neely” is re-posting surely false claims of folks who had a “40K month” using her fisting model while working only 25-30 hours per week. Nope, liar, lying, no you didn’t. I will never believe you.

      PLUS her alter-ego is also braying about being a featured member of the “Inspiring Women Summit,” which, no, you are not inspiring. Well, you inspired me to floss this morning and to double-check the thoroughness of my leg-shaving in the shower, but that’s about it. And the “Inspiring Women Summit” is a complete load of griftery horseshit bullshit stupid late-night cable ad BUT WAIT — ORDER NOW AND YOU’LL RECEIVE THIS PAIR OF WORN SOCKS ABSOLUTELY FREE! shit. It costs $279, no wait $99, but UPGRADE NOW! and pay $979 to listen to inspiring Alexis Neely discuss life and shit while she is simultaneously melting down into a puddle of goo elsewhere on the public internets. No, thank you. No.

      • She is such a fucking bald-faced liar. Any and all lawyers here and everywhere know this is such a fucking load of horseshit. Jesus H Christ don’t even get me fucking started.

        I can’t even deal. I just wrote a screed but, it’s not even worth it. Suffice it to say, fuck her, practicing lawyers know from experience that she is such a legitimately insane lying asshole when she makes claims like this.

        Please tell me you submitted that report to the Cali bar association. I want her ass to go down so hard.

        • It soothes me a little to stop and realize that these “$40K,” “$35K” figures she throws out are just random words — figments, imaginary things — that do not mean what she thinks they mean. She’s like a child who has no idea what anything actually costs and believes that people with $100 are fucking RICH, BITCH! Or that $100 means nothing at all. It’s like the non-word “eleventy.” Nevermind taxes on $35K/month, which, forgettaboutit. Fuck, every two weeks I stare at a pay stub explaining that I’ve once again paid literal thousands of dollars to the government. Great. And she’s talking about being in some kind of half-a-million-bucks-per-year tax bracket? HA. If I knew anything about searching for tax records or the IRS I would report her to the IRS as well. Except I would actually not do that because who is she KIDDING! she is not making anything close to half a mill. She is a poor person who fucked away all of the benefits of her many privileges and now uses towels as drapes.

          • Yeah but the sad thing is she DOES know. She has practiced law.

            And if she were good at it and could work a few hours a day making that much a month, she would not have quit, and filed bankruptcy. Seriously just go fuck yourself, counselor. You could not hack the law and you should not be advising people on how to fail like you did.

          • That’s what’s so frustrating about her. She claims that she doesn’t know that she’s done anything wrong in the system when her history shows that she’s worked within the system for far longer than she’s been this hippy dippy, rules shmooles type. Just because you quit showering doesn’t mean you forgot all your knowledge of the law.

          • I actually like good, smart lawyers a hell of a lot. And the fact that she shills to lawyers who are clearly in trouble/having problems getting clients places her in a special circle of hell. She can fucking rot there.

  16. She said somewhere on her Facebook page that everything she’s learned in business is parallel with what she has learned in being polyamorous.

    “Fucking,” “Fucking Others Over”, and “Getting Fucked”.

    • Tying it all together! How to succeed in business without even trying, by being a miserable sociopathic promiscuous lying ho! Now for only $299 a month! Sign up here! We never share your information except when we do!

    • In other words, Alexis Neely, AKA Ali Shanti, can’t hack it at being honest in business dealings any more than she can hack being honest in relationship?

      I’m down w/ that, inadvertent as her own admission at failures may be.

  17. I respect people’s right to be poly, or not. It seems to me that she’s equating poly with being more “evolved.” It parallels the divide between people who are kinky who think they’re “better than” vanilla people. It’s bullshit.

    I listened partly to both her and Craig’s call with Pamela Madsen. I know and like Pamela, although I haven’t taken her classes. Lots of ambient noise, but the thing I took away from it was that she was kind of railroaded into being recorded and what she really does is couples therapy. They hadn’t really laid out the agenda before the call.

    In the call with Craig, the question she had, which he couldn’t answer is, “what’s the agreement you two have?”

    In the call with Ali it was more about how Pamela’s workshops are set up.

    I know nothing about sexological body work (and it’s very different from OM) and wouldn’t like a 3 sentence explanation of what it is, and how it works. Looks like Ali is going to be working with a bodyworker who just finished her training. I only listened because I know Pamela but I’m not going to listen any more. I’m not that big a masochist. And listening to this, I was thinking no way would I pay her to consult on ANYTHING.

    • I might ask her to demonstrate crying off a rhinestone. But only if she followed it by walking off a pier.

  18. Alexis Martin Neely, Alexis Martin, Ali Shanti trying to justify her lack of self-worth with incorrectly shaming a comparison to racism or homophobia so far off the mark is not only insulting it further illustrates the point that while she mentions concern for her children is “hate” the concerns are now confirmed valid.

  19. I love that Craiger’s FB profile pic features him and a kid now. His kid? Ali’s kid? Run, kid!

  20. I just can’t get over it.

    “I cried my rhinestone off.”

    If this phrase ever comes out of your mouth it should be a signal that you are failing at life.

    “Let me see. I stuck a fucking rhinestone on my face. Then I cried so hard that it came off. Then I admitted to both things on camera. In front of my towel drapes and floating demon bathrobes and fucking poster of Les Miz. Yes. I fail at life.”


      • During the Rhinstone Destroying Avalanche of Tears of video, she very briefly mentions her kids… like they are some kind of fucking novelty. “I’ve actually been spending time with my kids… and it’s been good… it feels really good to be with them.”

        That’s nice and all, but your relationship with your kids is not fully about YOU, you hosebeast. It’s about them and their well-being.

        One of her main photos on FB is of her embracing her son in this very Faux Mother Earth kind of way. Like the whole “being a mother” thing is totally about her and her own image of herself. FUCK HER.

        • She is doing a great job of raising children who undress, decapitate and play baseball with a doll, so.

          • That doesn’t seem as off to me as it does to you. It’s pretty common in my experience of tweens that they like to sabotage toys that might have been beloved playthings a few years earlier, just as a goof.

    • “floating demon bathrobes” makes me howl. Reminds me of when the cat ladies first noticed them in the background a few days ago. I died on that thread.

  21. Based on her prolonged crying jag, I’d venture a guess that Alexis Martin-Neely, America’s sometimes-licensed Truth-Telling Lawyer, is on a heavy dose of Mescaline.

    • CORRECTION: Alexis “I Cried My Rhinestone Off” Martin-Neely, America’s sometimes-licensed Truth-Telling Lawyer

  22. Wait, did I miss something? Because last I checked, she was monogamous with Craig (I mean, until the whole handfasting debacle or whatever), but Craig was fucking around with others.

    Tell me again about how you’re built for polyamory, Alexis, because it seems like you just have self-esteem problems.

    • No, they had agreed they could both see others, but Fishsticks threw a tantrum whenever she did.

  23. I can’t with those ridiculous eyelashes. They must be implants, because they seem unable to run away like the rhinestone.

  24. via my Facebook feed:

    “Have you ever met someone who constantly tells you how “sensitive” and “introverted” they are, but all you actually see is selfishness and egocentricity? I’m sure you have, because these people exist in spades.”

    23 Signs You’re Secretly a Narcissist Masquerading as a Sensitive Introvert (Scientific American)

  25. Just STOP FUCKING TALKING AND MOVE ON. Fucking morons. You decided you’re done, just be done. It’s like, I took off the band-aid so my wound could heal, but just for curiousity purposes, and to do the world a selfless favor, I’m gonna keep poking at it with a fork to see what happens… puss and infection happens, just leave it alone you stupid idiots.

  26. “I feel unheard and misunderstood.”

    Or…..maybe people hear and understand AND JUST DISAGREE?

    This attitude pisses me off to no end – people are not always going to agree with you. Just because you dug deep into your effervescent soul-well and exposed your heart truth to the world doesn’t mean the world is going to embrace and applaud whatever fucked up shit your soul well shits up.

    “I feel unheard and misunderstood” is just code for ‘How DARE you make me feel sad by not agreeing with me all the time!’

  27. How being asked to read a book about monogamy by an asshat who she’s been broken up with several time is the same as being shunned by society, refused employment or housing, threatened with violence? Did I miss the part where someone burned a cross on her lawn?

  28. FWIW, this David guy is Craig’s men’s group mentor:

    I noted a post about what to do if your dick is too small and some talk of the power of the ballsack and the word “abuse” a LOT.

  29. And it’s back to grifting…(from Ali’s facebook):

    “On a lighter note (and because the world doesn’t stop for hard relationship stuff) … we are about to release our Ebook: Discover Your Path to Financial Liberation: Sovereignty in the New Economy.”

    • Sovereignty = Bankruptcy

      Both Ali and Craig are down with BK..

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