Some Enlightened Individual At A Conscious Transformational Festival Stole Donkey’s Teddy Bear Pimp Coat

10336763_10100705921858745_2215889337449041275_nShe described it as “beloved” which must mean that it is as important to her as her dead grandma:

Screen shot 2014-05-28 at 11.19.41 AM


  1. I don’t believe it was stolen. Trashed beyond repair, maybe. Too dirty or expensive to clean, probably. Lost, misplaced; possibly. Stolen? Nope.

    I also don’t believe tiara gate happened — I think it was a psych move by Jordache and the likely suspect was accused of something that never occurred, not that I’m defending the suspect, just that I think shillshacklesham is her own special kind of crazy

    • I don’t find it at all hard to believe that some strung out hippie started petting her stink storage device and ended up wandering off with it, but maybe that’s because I love the idea of her “peace, love, drugs” being popped by the reality of people who are too high to have any boundaries or respect for other people.

    • I don’t believe the dumb tiara story if the Donk supposedly took it. I just don’t. They are idiots and left their door open. Welcome to NYC.

      Anyway who cares. It’s a goddamn tiara. Another white bitch with too much time on her hands to worry about stupid shit. Let it go, ladies. And don’t leave your door open/shit lying around. How dumb are these chicks?

  2. A fake white fur coat with pink buttons. Honey. Three times you use the word beloved? It is a coat. I might use that adjective for the stuffed bear I’ve had since I was 7, but I don’t take him to festivals where he might get borrowed. I would definitely use that adjective for my dog, but I know where she is all the time too.

    My brain hurts again.

    • Give her some credit. Desperately clinging to ugly shit (Beloved Grandma’s nightie FTW) is all she has in life. Literally.

      No1curr about your shitty belongings. Move on.

  3. Julia Allison
    15 minutes ago near San Francisco, CA
    Who here uses foam rollers? If so, what kind? At the suggestion of my chiropractor, I’m going to start incorporating them into my daily routine …

    I do. It is a roller. Made of foam. That I roll on.

    Also, Juliar did not see a chiropractor. I know this because she did not ask fb who the best chiro in SF is.


      I knew how to use foam rollers when I was 8 years old and preparing for my twirling recital. God I hate you.

      • LOL. I first thought hair rollers too. Surely not.
        Surely she is meant to roll on those long floaty puff tubes?
        “My Beloved Chiropractor” = some festival dude.

        Why does she expect anyone to believe that a professional gave her a recommendation w/out an explanation of ‘why’, & that’s she’s just going to blindly follow it?

        D0nkey’s getting Fauxga on, is all. #SoBlissed

        • (*her* Fauxgo, & other typos)

          Now I AM starting to think that she has her sight / site / cites on Bear Kittay.

        • Yeah, Jules wants us to believe that she went to a chiro (as JFA points out with no insurance, so paid out of pocket or stilted), who said, “incorporate a foam roller into your daily routine” to her, with no further detail. Jules, uncertain about what kind of foam roller she should incorporate into her daily routine, did NOT ask said chiro for deets but instead went home and took to fb for responses from fans in the stans who do not exist.


        • Oh there are fancy types now? What’s wrong with the $3 Goody brand kind?

          If you have any additional info kindly let me know. I am totes gonna give up my “rolled out of bed” look tomorrow and take extra time between working and cooking and taking care of my dogs and paying my own rent to use foam rollers daily (part of my daily routine!). Thanks so much!!!!!!

          • I’m pretty sure she’s talking about the large foam cylinders that one can roll on on the floor to work out their back. My husband has one as he was hit by a car while jogging years ago and has back issues. It is sitting in our living room. It is simply a cylinder of foam; there are no brands, no types, it’s just a piece of foam on the floor that you roll on and Jules is still dumb.

          • There are, actually, brands and types. Folks who strength train often swear by the Rumble Roller, which is nubby and hurts like a bitch until it suddenly starts hurting like the best thing that ever happened.

            Foam rolling is kind of a learned skill, but certainly if she had gone to a reputable practitioner, that person would have told her where to start with one.

    • It’s called they sell them at Duane Reade and 99 cent stores. They are like, probably $4 a pack. I’m sure they are pretty universal. They are foam and rollers.

      Also, use google for the love of fuck!!!!!!!

      • As fucking hilarious as this rant is, the foam roller she’s referring to is a physical therapy tool a person can lay down on to roll over and loosen his/her muscles. If she were really a dance-AH, this concept would not be a revelation.

        • OMG SO IGNORANT. Alas, I do not go to chiropractors, esp for no reason. Also, I have health insurance.

          • I don’t go to chiropractors, but my OMGAdultBallet instructor suggested I try one. It works, but you have to use it properly and consistently to get long-term benefits. Clearly, it will be wasted on her.

    • “incorporating into my daily routine because i have absolutely no life and unlimited time to do shit like this.”

      I’m legitimately sad for her that this is her life and she has absolutely no self awareness to know she is a laughing stock.

      JA please. You are reading this. Get a fucking job. This is not cute anymore. You are 33 years old. time for a job. You are not rich enough to live like this, nor is any man going to support you. That ship has sailed. Get a job.

      WHO DOESN’T WORK?? I just…can’t. Okay i’m done.

      • At this point what job could she really get. Seriously. She’s delusional, but she must understand this too, hence trying the grifter angle. It would suck to be her.

        • As you well know, the job available to her at this point is blowing for shoes.

  4. You’re chronologically an adult, dipshit. Some filthy hippie did you a favor by removing that thing from your life. Hopefully a bandit will make off with all of your tiaras and tutus too. They should swipe those flesh-colored platform faux YSLs while they’re at it.

    • I’m crying. This thread is too hilarious. I swear sometimes she writes just for us.

  5. Julia Allison can’t be bothered to care for her furry white aged dog,
    but she’ll pay reward if need be to recover a furry white bath robe.

    • Haha, read her words. that reward is never coming to anyone, or she would have offered a specific reward to begin with. It’s called “how life and things work” and she missed that class in nursery school.

      Reward offered/reward given upon receipt of goods. God she is a cheap piece of trash.

      • No doubt in my mind she would not even offer a reward for her lost dog. You all know this though, I’m Captain Obvious.

  6. You see Julia Allison being all “Julia Allison-y” in the middle of an…let’s go with “event” that you were looking forward to. By 4am, when at least 12 hours of your high have been ruined by her braying (Greg, the nonstop braying), you see her use her ridiculous coat – with Julia Allison embroidered on it, no less – to lay claim to the only comfortable looking piece of furniture in the entire… let’s go with “parking lot”.

    You’re going to tell me you don’t take the coat off the couch, stuff it in the closest dumpster (forgive me, closest “dreams receptacle”), and never look back?

    • I was curious about the time-frame. You’re probably so dead-on right.

      • Ha ha Jelly Roll! Here is my fan fiction version:
        You are a dirty, smelly, freegan-y hippie named “Kasha”. You are 17 years old from a small city in Oregon. Some of your friends are on meth, but your older ‘friends’ take LSD. You panhandled for weeks to raise money to get to the festival. You grew your own Kale to make your LSD Kale smoothies for the event but your trip was marred by this loud asshole chattering loudly about herself -forever. After what seems like eternity and reups on the drugs, you decide to liberate the coat from its owner. You bring it back home to the squat, where you conceive, give birth to and raise a baby girl on JA’s coat. You name the baby Karma.

  7. I love “even a reward if need be.”

    Um, you offer the reward BEFORE you post this, you fucking dipshit. Transbraytion – you are not getting shit because I”m cheap.

    Yes, because someone has ANY incentive to return your shitty coat which they obviously took (why? Don’t know) unless you at least pay them. My god she is so cheap and has no shame.

    “A reward if needed!” Like what are they going ot do, demand it upon return? Because I’m SURE you wouldn’t turn psycho bitch and grab it and run.

    You’re a goddamn moron, seriously. Learn how the world works. Also, kiss the coat goodbye, idiot.

    Get a job. You have way, way too much time on your hand. Excuse me while I do desk errands after my first day back at work after my first vacation in three years. Bitch. And it was fun as hell, because I earned it and I stayed with real friends, the kind who aren’t assholes. Try that sometime!


    • “custom made.” I’ve lost beloved cardigans in cabs…once I lost a coat at a Strokes concert. It’s called “acceptance.” Surely your new age hippie bullshit taught you that.

      I love how she throws in references to how possession are not important etc. Right. That’s why you took the time to post this. Ugh I’m done. Shithead.



  8. If someone stole it they don’t need your photos. Unless you think someone is going to “go rogue” and tell you who took it.

    Like literally everything out of her mouth is either dumb or insane.

  9. God for fucking bid she ever have a real problem. Count your fucking blessings the only tragedy you have to worry about is an ugly stupid bear coat that probably ran away on its own to get away from you.

    • I know. She’s an insufferable trashy spoiled brat. I really can’t today. I’m tired and cranky. She’s just so lame. I seriously almost feel like poking a donkey and saying oh honey, no. You are embarrassing yourself. Please, step away from FB for a while. God the vapid, I can’t.

      • I can’t today either. I find that my indignation with morons is always compounded when I have real shit going on in my life that I am struggling with. But fuck her. The coat is gone. Good. Find a new stupid beloved thing to wear and shut the hell up. You decided to take it off and leave it on a stupid purple couch and assumed the world is full of rainbows and fat happy unicorns and nice wonderful hippies and your coat would be safe, but it wasn’t and now you’re crushed. Life sucks sometimes, don’t it?

  10. I came across this on my FB feed:

    26 signs you’ve outgrown music festivals

    Scroll down to the comments for “26 Signs You are Truly at a Transformational Festival”

    This might be my favorite:
    “12. You understand the medicine of feathers. You decorate your third eye space. And your vest was hand made by an incredibly talented artisan using Earth conscious materials.”

    Wooo wooooooo!

    • oh god, look at the rebuttal posted about transformational festivals in the comments:

      26 Signs You are Truly at a Transformational Festival

      1. You actually eat something for breakfast, usually with superfoods.

      2. Your keep seeing the vesicle pisces in your minds eye only to open them and see sacred geometry all over and how it interacts with all of life.

      3. You wonder why the music your listening to at the festivals is 100x better than anything you hear on the radio yet the artists don’t nearly have the same blind following as major label artists.

      4. You’re baffled at how the cute chick with the tattoos and dreads along with her partner are making such delicious raw superfood chocolates. You can’t tell if your really tasting it or if its a dream that it tastes that good. Yes you want and will buy their chocolates. That they made in their tented kitchen. With LOVE.

      5. You start heartstorming ways to collaborate with others. I wonder if I can trade some crystals for those chocolates?

      6. You seem to be surrounded by a variety of people who also bank at local credit unions.

      7. You have an epiphany that everything on the radio and main stream media sounds the same.

      8. You sit and meditate or get a massage during down time.

      9. The experience was so transformative that you have plans to volunteer and support the festival during the build and the strike and be on the land for as long as possible.

      10. You enjoy late night bands from the comfort of a cuddle puddle.

      11. You meet more people who are awake and aware that they actually exist and have purpose on Mother Earth.

      12. You understand the medicine of feathers. You decorate your third eye space. And your vest was hand made by an incredibly talented artisan using Earth conscious materials.

      13. You, and everyone else, add ornate and beautiful decorations to their campsite just to make the surroundings more beautiful and in line with the festival. You sit around the fires with elders, wisdom keepers, and friends at night sharing song and conversing about shifting consciousness.

      14. You’re wondering how you ended up in one of the largest art exhibits you’ve ever seen. And then you step away from all the amazing art to go into the art tent and can’t believe what you are experiencing and wonder why isn’t this art in all the museums in the world?

      15. You’re perfectly content making paper-mache masks in the family zone all day, because the kids at the festival are awesome!

      16. You’re staring at mermaids swimming in the water.

      17. You realize glowsticks are horrible for the environment so you use incredible LED alternatives that are safer and better for the Earth.

      18. People start rolling around and pushing against each other on the dance floor. Your curious. And you are introduced to Contact Improv.

      19. You learn about sun gazing.

      20. You came to see some musicians you like, for the workshops, and for the people, and are still blown away by the transformational aspects you didn’t even know existed at such a gathering.

      21. There are water filters on the water spickets, organic food, and healing environments to support nourishing yourself in all ways.

      22. You see people bringing their own plates and cups, composting and recycling, and notice that the left over plastic had been made into a beautiful art installation.

      23. You talk with the merchant about their trip to Bali where they sourced all their fabrics and work with the families that help make their clothes so everyone is being taken cared of properly.

      24. You actually see your Nana in the crowd and she’s enjoying watching the girl spinning the fire hula hoop.

      25. The Live Art was cool the first few times you went, and keeps getting better as you go.

      26. Festival is over and now you are committed to integrating this transformational work back into your everyday life.

      • I feel a lot better about having gone to an event last night that featured a line of silk sheets inspired by Le Corbusier.

        • I was going to come up with something mocking this absolute shower of shit and had my own transformative epiphany: it’s a waste of my fucking time and I’d be better off doing something I enjoy, like making a fortress out of sofa cushions and my new Le Corbusier-inspired silk sheets or maybe hiding under the bed licking Cheetos dust off the cat.

          Seriously, the person who wrote this list is either 19 years old and has never been anywhere outside of a shopping mall in their life – in which case, good for you, kid, enjoy your first spliff – or is pushing 45 and entering the mid-life crisis (a.) sideways and (b.) chock full ‘o Xanax.

        • What does “inspired by Le Corbusier” mean here? I’m intrigued, RRR. I’ll give you a gold star if they have an outline of the giant hand of Chandigarh on them. Anything else and I spit in your general direction (OK I don’t but still).

          • I have no idea. It was all dainty little squares and triangles and strong horizontal lines. Evidently Corb did textiles back in the day and these continued the “tradition” such as it was. I love his architecture but don’t know enough about the design element to know how full of shit the designer was/was not

            Was hoping for raked corduroys, two-story high headboards and throw pillows filled with cement. Instead I got a tank full of bisexual assholes in watermelon-colored high waders and the cast of “Gossip Girl” laughing cava out their nose.


      • Okay, number 15? is bullshit. I am the person who always ends up making crafts with the kids (and baking with the kids, and applying sunscreen, and finding their shoes and little beanie animals), always. This has been so since I was 11 years old. Being with kids all day is awesome if it’s a novelty, but if I go to a festival where, presumably, I will be ingesting drugs all day in order to survive the horror, you damn well better have hired a professional for the kids. And also your kids shouldn’t be there, you reckless, selfish morons.

    • Greg, I want that to be true. Unfortunately I can’t look to confirm because my job blocks tacky lingerie sites on the work computers.

    • Also worth noting: Dave Morin seems to “like” posts by some of Julia’s former “sisters” quite frequently.

    • Oh god, fuck Asha for besmirching my alma mater. Isn’t that some reduced time fluff program for rich assholes? God she’s irritating. I do’t believe for a second she’s smart enough to graduate from an actually rigorous B-school program.

      Besides when I was at Columbia (ZOMG!), I heard/noticed all the B-school students did was have lame parties at the B-school. they were complete douches, and set off spots in “their” cafeteria because it had really good sandwiches and the plebian undergrads etc dared enter. Seriously, they had roped off cafeteria tables.

      I hate B school students so hard. Sorry B-school cat ladies. But the majority of B school students were dumb frat assholes. I do know smart peopel who went to good B-schools but, the ones at Columbia were awful people.

      • Again, I’m sure there are lovely business school students and grads who are uber smart etc. But they shenanigans of Columbia business students left the worst taste in my mouth. “dont site at our special tables! Don’t you dare enter our outdoor patio area when we have our weekly networking douche parties!” meh.

    • Also you are assuming she gives a shit/keeps up with former friends. She does not. She goes on FB to ramble and humblebrag and all her google searches and picture lurking are only shots of herself.

      • I wasn’t assuming that she stays in touch with any of these people. In fact, I think the opposite is probably true–I’d bet that they avoid her.

        It’s pretty likely that she does see what’s generally going on in these people’s lives. Julia has admitted to stalking ex boyfriends before. Seems likely she’d take a peak at Fatty Kate’s or Meg-o-Lantern’s insta/twitters. My only point was — imagine the anger that she feels when she does this.

    • Caro looks great. When was D0nk in NYC last?
      I bet she cries herself to sleep over this shit.

    • I’ve always had a fondness for Mega. You go with your (probably fake) MBA, girl! Also, Fatty Kate looks great. Not fatty at all.

      Yeah, if Donkey could get in on any of this, she would drop her dusty hippie persona in a heartbeat and be on the next plane.

      • Yeah well, I’m assuming she will use this degree to GET A JOB. So major props for that.

        Jobs LOL! – Donkey

        • Eh, Donks is almost like Mega. She’s taken photos at fancy schools, too.

        • Eh, maybe, maybe not. I remember Mega once saying that she loved taking tests and had recently taken the real estate license test just for fun. That was years ago and she has not, to my knowledge, ever sold real estate so this might have been a level up on a “test for fun”.
          Whatever, at least she doing something besides rolling around in the dirt like an animal.

          • I was trying to make a joke about Donks :(. Will try again.

            Mega: work, study, degree, picture!
            Donks: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . picture!

  11. Check out Donkey’s latest posts to Pinterest, including this Vision Board (which you know is her very own creation, because who in the hell else’s Vision Board would include yoga poses, a bucket of cash, multiple diamond rings, inspirational yogini quotes, wedding dresses and “power couples?”)

    • I’m a little surprised that she’s THAT obvious with the multiple diamond engagement rings. Wow.

      • She will never change in this respect. She wants the full on engagement/wedding deal, hippie or no hippie. Those pins are so telling. Where are the pins of laid back weddings in the forest or whatever? Nope. Big dresses, diamond rings.

        • Goddesses wear diamonds to festivals?
          Sunscreen bad; diamonds good?

          And to think that Davidiot was on here,
          telling us ho brave D0nk is for changing …

          She isn’t really into him, & she ain’t changing.

      • I wonder if she even attempts to reconcile her current facade with her desire for all the MUH-neez and a big, fat [likely] conflict diamond. Dadsers told her she had “aged out” of having a parentally-comped wedding and goodness knows no one she could snag could buy her the Broadway production she imagines.

        If it ever happens, her wedding will be so sad for her and sososo hilarious for us.

        • Maybe this will end in an Ali Shanti / Alexis Neely split personality situation. Donks will just own the burro in her that likes dropping molly and rolling around in the dust, and she will name it Jiant Dewsh or something.

      • crying over “jiant dewsh” … there’s the power couple, folks. la burra and jiant dewsh, TOGETHER FOREVER

  12. That’s it??? I thought she was talking about the shorter white jacket that’s appeared at BM, with the green tutu or something.

    I mean, the shorter coat was ridiculous, too, but this thing is just a glorified bathrobe.

  13. Donkey’s marketing “client” is crowdsourcing a new “logo.” Oh, great. Business is booming so much that I can’t keep up!! Also, is he too young to remember the Dave Matthews Band? Avocado: do not market yourself as the musician “DMB”. That would be DUMB.

    David Block
    about an hour ago
    Hello all you visual artists/graphic designers/visual creators!!! I am looking for a new logo. I figured this could be a cool thing to crowd source and wanted to put the call out to the universe (via Facebook) of what I’m envisioning. If I use the logo I will be most happy to pay you with love, and money hehe

    Im envisioning something that uses a lowercase “d” “m” “b”. OR just “db”

    That’s about it. It would be awesome if the person who was designing this happened to be listening to my music for some inspiration

    If you know anyone who you think would enjoy this opportunity, please share this post with them.

    • “Im envisioning something that uses a lowercase “d” “m” “b”.”

      So am I.

    • “If I use the logo I will be most happy to pay you with love, and money hehe”

      Stand back, people. I am about drop some feelings, JFA-stylee.

      What the fucking fuck is wrong with these fucking tools? Hey, Blockhead! Yeah, you! I can smell you from here.

      What the fuck do you think you’re doing trying to get other artists to work on spec?! What?! Are you doing?! Do you realize that asinine behavior like yours reinforces the belief that creative careers are “just for fun” and not something a person could possibly expect to be paid for? Do you understand that by asking people to give you something for nothing on the off chance that you might feel like sending them love and gently used STD education pamphlets, you are showing profound disrespect for the time, talent and dedication that go into professional-quality, usable work?!

      Working for your patchouli-stinking love means NOT doing work for a living wage. It means swallowing one’s self-respect for the faint hope “promotion” or visibility.” We’ve seen how that works out for people who help your Donk-friend. It isn’t pretty. And neither is she.

      You know what happens when an artist works for “exposure” on a project like this? They get exposed to a bunch of other grifting assholes who want something for nothing.

      Keep your love and pay creative professionals a living wave.

      Tl; dr: Fuck you and the Donkey you rode in on. Try bartering for a soul.

      • Thank you. I’VE BEEN RUNG.

        I was going to say the same thing. Probably less eloquently. Whenever someone hedges with the whole “I will pay you thing” just assume you are never getting paid.

        These losers are such losers. No one wants to listen to your shitty music asshole. And don’t make requests if you are looking for free work.

        My god. Trust fund baby, don’t you know a single graphic designer? Go buy a pair of pants that don’t show your nuts. Also fuck you.

      • Also good thing he has no fucking taste as his music/tattoos attest to, because the absolute piece of crap he will receive will reflect that.

        Maybe you can ask your gf? She has such a keen eye for design and I’m sure she’d love to help you.

      • This reminds me of David Thorne, who once told a colleague attempting to grift him for free design work that designing a logotype would take him “a few hours and 15 years experience.” That’s the deal. You have to pay for the experience of the artist involved if you want something professional. Otherwise just have your donkey draw you something.

        “If you know anyone who you think would enjoy this opportunity”…vom.

      • Thank you. He and donks are perfect for each other. Both are such special snowflakes that people will line up to do things for free for them. BRAYGE.

      • This reminds me of a woman who sits on the county board of supervisors where I live. She’s crazy and is contently objecting to proposals by the other county supervisors for the most asinine reasons. Recently, she objected to the budget for a new animal control building because it included $20,000 for a structural engineer. she believed that the county could get an engineer to donate their work, Jigga wha? The only professional who would donate $20,000 worth of services is one who’s work is so piss poor you wouldn’t want it.

      • Must come from one of Alexis Neely’s alternate personae, is my guess, if we are meant to treat the trademark symbol as a clue.

      • My father-in-law’s business logo totally looks like a dick and balls.

        Fortunately, he is a stamp dealer, and that is the most innocent of crowds.

        • You just told a better story in under 30 words than Donkey has told in zillions of words over the better part of a decade. Well done.

        • My editor and dear friend is a stamp collector, and he wrote a book about it! A resource guide or something. And yes, he is a very innocent person.

    • I think D0nkey wrote this! Matter of fact, I’d bet $$ on it …
      My rhinestones are lol’g at how fast she penetrated this one’s FB.
      Maybe not literally, yet, but it’s Healing Cook all over again, just wait.

      • Oh she totally wrote that for him. She’s working on rebranding her hot young n edgy CLIENT who she occasionally fucks in the dirt. He’s going to become the Healing Experience zero minutes ago and might even score an all-expenses-paid vacation to St. Louis where he and Donks can beg strangers to photograph them kissing under the Arch!

        • She’s got Davidiot doing the work, grifting for shit he can’t pay for, while she claims that “business” is rapidly growing & she can’t keep up … he can’t pay her either, so is he her intern while she re-brands him? What? Scavengers.

        • Misread this as “Donks can bed strangers.” It did nothing to change the meaning.

    • Hey all you songwriters/musicians/creative types out there! I’m looking for someone to write a song for me. Something that I can perform on my MacBook. If you would enjoy this incredible, amazing opportunity, I will pay you in good vibes and my ex-girlfriend’s sweaty tutus hehe

  14. You know that thing that attacks Luke on Hoth in Empire Strikes Back? And it’s white and furry and has fangs and you only see a glimpse of it?


  15. Vecchia Zimarra


    Faithful old garment, listen,
    I’ll rest down here,
    you however, must climb
    the sacred mount of piety.

    My thanks you must receive.
    Never has your poor worn back
    bowed before the rich and powerful.
    Deep in your calm cavernous pockets,
    you have protected
    philosophers and poets.

    Now that our happy days
    have fled, I must bid you farewell,
    faithful friend of mine.
    Farewell, farewell.

    P.S. Donkey
    P.P.S. What? The fach?

  16. What the fuck does she expect? This is a gathering of anarchists and counter cultural youth. Possessions are laughable to the hard core “evolved” set and even her “how dare you steal at a festival dedicated to evolving” crap blows back on her as being UNEVOLVED and UNDEVELOPED – donkey you are a retard. Always were – alway will be.

  17. Jesus Christ woman! You’re an adult. It’s. A. Coat. You took it to a dusty hippie festival, didn’t take care of it and lost it. Get over it.

    • Yeah, you lost your goat; it’s tragic, but man up. Or goddess up. Or cry off your rhinestone, or whatever it is you dusty people do in the face of great loss.

      (Oops, my bad, thought you said goat.)

      P.S.: Brayella, wasn’t it you who recently linked the pic of that scion of the Easter Island Stetlers in a bondage to harness? Pls re-link, as it deserves more commentary.

    • Another 45 minutes on that same crying jag? Greg o’mighty …
      I feel so sorry for her kids, she must embarrass the hell out of ’em.

      • No one has ever felt the pain of a breakup more than 15-year-old Alexis Neely! Stay tuned for parts 4-97.

        I watched the first 90 seconds of part deux (so embarrassed), in which this jackass wonders if we’ve heard of Elliot Rodger, compares her pain to his but wants us to know she’s not going to kill people. Please, you penny-ante grifter, make this tragedy all about you. Un fucking believable.

        • Don’t ask me how or why, but I got to 9:45 … too tedious, even for the part of me that’s morbidly fascinated — I’ll wait for the 48 HOURS edited recap.

          She’s batshit insane. I really feel for her kids — imagine that crap going on all day, every day. Lay off the drugs.

          • She’s completely bonkers. Those kids have been raising themselves for several years.

      • And at the same time she is uploading her meltdown, she wonders:

        Ali Shanti shared a link.
        5 hours ago near Boulder, CO
        Would you or someone you know love to work with one of our online companies? We are hiring a Creative Services Coordinator to handle coordination of all the amazing content we create for our lawyers to use in their local practices and communities as they make the world a better place. This is a bit higher than entry-level, but with plenty of room to grow (even all the way up to Director level — replacing me — eventually). This is an all virtual role and requires a huge amount of self-management and personal responsibility taking. If you would love this job, here’s the posting where you can apply:

        Um, no. No one wants to work with you. B/c you are insane.

    • Did she really just compare what she is doing to Elliot Rodgers. Honey. Just turn off the camera and think about what you just said.

  18. She posted a pic of her bro and baby and wife at the Red Sox game. I can tell from where they are sitting, they are probably within a stone’s throw of a friend of mine. Really weird. Anyway, I noticed her brother’s FB page is, like, empty. As in, he probably doesn’t like sharing shit with the public. This is a fucking pet peeve of mine. I am the same way.. I can’t stand it when someone posts a pic of me or a family member, and/or shares it with the world on their page using the fucking “Public” setting. I know, get over it or don’t use FB, and I know, she does this all the time but this makes me so pissed. Such a clueless bitch.

  19. Guys I’ve been listening to the Beach Boys pandora station lately and EVERY TIME “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” comes on all I can think of is “Sitting on the Donk of the Bray.”

    Ring ring!

  20. Psycho-delic Ballerina, I may have missed this, but did you ever end up writing anything in about Ali/Alexis? You don’t actually have to answer me if you don’t feel comfortable, but I just have to say that the fact that she is starting ANOTHER business makes me just nuts. A friend of mine posted a link to the call from the class that KC Baker is doing (more woowoo shit) and she STARTS out by PRAISING ALI FOR THESE MOTHERFUCKING CRAZY VIDEOS. And talking about how she’s been ‘amazingly successful at online marketing’ and is ‘starting a new business’, etc.

    Ali can post all the motherfucking crazy videos she likes if that’s how she gets over a breakup, but I seriously hope that the next time this woman tries to have a business in the world, people are aware of what goes on. I don’t think it’s calling karma out of turn to have some consequences out in the world. And I think it’s crazy that for everyone else on the call, not knowing anything, they were introduced to her as a “dear friend, and incredibly successful online entrepreneur…” ENOUGH. I seriously just came out of the woodwork because I have about had it with this grifter b.s.

    • I was not the one to file the complaint. I felt it would be better for the complaint to come from a CA lawyer. I am not barred in CA, so I explained the situati0n to my friend, who is barred in CA, and she filed the complaint. The CA bar took up the investigation, and that is what is going on now.

      • Cried-Off Rhinestone Recovery Inc.

        “For all your cried-off rhinestone needs!’

  21. well I never thought I’d see a teal camel and polar donkey together until the rapture. what a bunch of wackaloons. CMFRO.

  22. Two thoughts:

    It sucks to lose something personal, like an item of clothing or jewelry, that was a gift from someone. I did this recently and feel like a schmuck. But I have no one to blame but myself and hope someone found it and enjoys it as much as I did.

    I actually think the woman in blue looks rather sweet.

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