Donks Realizes Sea World Is Horrible A Year After Everyone Else Did


Lest we forget that this blog is actually about a certain Donkey, Julia decided to throw another IZEA client under the bus by distancing herself from a past paid endorsement. This time it’s Sea World, because Donks is ever so on top of things and just now realized that they are cruel to their sea pandas, you know, almost a full year after everyone else watched Blackfish and had sad feelings.

Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 6.53.57 PMWell, she wasn’t really a “brand ambassador,” she just went on an all expenses paid blogger junket. Those who have wasted their lives following this beast might remember that it was like pulling teeth to get her to admit that she was being paid for her (lazy and uninformative) blog posts about her trip.

Ah, the NonSociety heyday, fun times. It makes me sad that we lost all our photos in the great blog shutdown of 2010, because I photoshopped an open-mawed Julia inside Shamu’s mouth, a true work of brilliance if I say so myself, and it is relevant now more than ever.

Also, if you are indeed an animal lover, give your damn dog some stability.


    • My favorite part of that clustershag was when she tried to invoke Hunter S. Thompson’s memory in connection with some hideous yellow nail polish.

      I’m inclined to think the wrong person got shot out of a cannon.

  1. Anyone else think Billow looks more like Robin Baugher than does Julia Allison Baugher? The miracle of bad cosmetique procedures, I suppose …

    • Robin Baugher probably wishes someone like Billow was her daughter instead if Donkey.

    • I have nothing to add except that I hate her face in this photo. She looks like she’s wearing a smiley clown mask.

  2. Ah, back when companies actually thought Julia Allison held some weight online.
    So when is it her turn to hand fast Avocado while whacked out of her gourd?

  3. “as an animal lover, i was disturbed by what i saw there” YOU NEVER

    • Right? So much back-peddling. And she wonders why we hate her.

      BTW, I can’t watch that movie. I get anxiety just thinking about it.

      • i was afraid to watch it too, but it actually was well done, worth seeing and not at all UGH WHAT IS THE WORD I AM OLD gratuitous? something like that.

        • Yeah, it gives you the sad, but it’s not animal torture porn or anything. The saddest part was when the baby whale was crying for his mommy.

          • Did you see the elephant they thought accidently stepped on her baby? Baby was crying they thought because it was hurt, healed baby and mom stepped on again, I cry even when I think about it watching that baby elephant rejected by his mom.

          • Oh god oh god. You can’t tell me these things!

            Like, if I may be completely candid because my HMO makes it basically impossible to get a real, regular therapist; pretty much the number one source of my anxiety and depression is feeling acutely aware that there are people and animals suffering every moment of every day. It’s like empathy overload. I think about all the horrible things I know are going on and I can’t help and it just makes me weak with pain. I’m full on crying right now. Hah.

            I know it isn’t healthy, but I don’t know how to stop because I know that ignorance or pretending doesn’t stop it for them. I just don’t want anything to suffer and I can’t stop it, and I can’t stop thinking about it!

            I need to go calm down because I’m moments from hyperventilating over here.

          • Cakez, I go through periods of that myself, mostly about dogs. Those are the times I have to stay away from certain posts on Facebook because I will donate money that I don’t have. Only my living arrangements save me from having 30 dogs and cats. It can be absolutely overwhelming. I’m pretty sure it’s related to my anxiety disorder so I just have to treat those times like I treat my panic attacks–breathe and try to remain rational.

            You cannot save them all. It’s impossible. It may make you feel slightly better if you find one or two very reputable charities to donate money to that help the causes you’re most acutely empathetic to, but please be careful, because if you’re anything like me you will donate everything down to your lunch money if you’re in the wrong mindset.

            Just take a step back from all that and try to live the best, most compassionate, most un-Donkey life that you can, and try to make the world a better place for the people and things you love. Do what you can, and let the rest of everything handle itself. There are others like you that also care and are trying to do their part. You don’t have to save the world alone. It is wonderful that you care, but it can be damaging if it gets out of hand.

          • cakez: you should start a group therapy with my gf. she suffers from the same thing. empathy overload. it’s like the opposite of sociopathology. i think it helps to have someone caring, yet grounded there to drop reality on you, even if it only mildly helps.

        • I was motivated to buy a “Seaworld Sucks” t-shirt from PETA (who I kind of hate but that’s another story). I get so many compliments on the street lol.

          Shut up Beachamp. I like t-shirts. I also have a PUssy Riot t-shirt with the fist thing/girl power or whatever. And I started buying band t-shirts from bands I liked as a teen, because I am going through a midlife crisis.

      • It’s really good you should watch. But one thing i KNOW i can’t watch is “The Cove.” I’ve heard things about it. No.

        • i can’t watch holocaust movies; i am glad they are made so other people can learn but i already know

          • I urge you to watch it. Really. There are facts you would not know unless you watch and it’s not very gory or anything. Yes, it’s disturbing but. It’s a good documentary.

    • Right, she looks so disturbed there in that picture with her yellow top and matching manicure. (Well, she does look “disturbed,” but not the way she means in her claim … uh, lie.)

  4. says it’s launching in 0 hours. did it happen?

  5. always make sure you’re looking directly into a camera when a whale is forced to kiss you

    always take care of your dog when it’s convenient for you

    ducks don’t mate.. they make sweet, sweet love

    horse and carriage rides are excellent photo ops

  6. Yeah I’m still in the time machine and I am saddened by the lack of pictures. Thankfully, the writing and comments are phenomenal. The ‘image courtesy of’ tags were especially fantastic. So far on page 278 of the chronicles of Donkula and continuing the free fall down the rabbit hole. Hats off to you all!

  7. Shamster 386 | D0nkey 18

    (comment tally of last two posts … D.O.N.K. will shit an avocado)

      • Avocado is probably busy doing his DJ thing. Which, good for him. I give props to both Derpin and Avocado for backing away quietly from the Donks. At least as far as can be evidenced on the webz. I mean Derpin shut his shit down and with the exception of that hilarious pic of himself at a casino hasn’t made any public movements on social media. Good for them?

  8. What’s funny about this is she longs for the days where anyone, even a company as stupid as IZEA, paid her for anything at all.

    She would JUMP at the chance to get paid for…well…pretending to be somebody again.

  9. O/T I watched a Van Halen concert from 1982 today (shut up). DLR’s turn out is 1,000x better than Donk’s and she covets his flexibility.

    • JFAing to say, as a “social media expert” and “journalist,” Julia sure does keep up with current news. Right on the cutting edge.

      • Seriously? I’m literally TERRIBLE at the internet, and even I knew about 40DoD as it was happening.

        Branding/Tech/Journalism Ethpert My Ass

        Good thing she wasn’t trying to get those 2 on the cover of a magazine!

    • Hahaha! She just can’t help herself, can’t she?
      Also, way to accidentally belittle the end of a long-termrelationship by directly linking it to the “40 days(!!!) of a dating (!!!) experiment“!!!
      Toxic, abusive, yes, but something completely different.
      She should just give up on trying to make “grasps things other than herself” happen.

    • Oops, I didn’t see the link and jumped to conclusions. So sorry, so fat. So let me rephrase. Indeed, way to be in touch what’s going on in your sisters’ lives.

      • Plus, I’m on my phone and didn’t see which thread this was and made the link to the bu-coastal uncoupling below. I’ll shut up now.

      • I’m not entirely convinced that this post by Donkey was unrelated to the Shantitown meltdown. Donkey needed to remind everyone that she was in a big, internet break up, too! Even if she had to dig up a relationship blog from a year ago to make the point.

    • In other words, SHE THOUGHT OF IT FIRST!! (But she sprinkles in some fake-praise to cover her ass.)

        • Ugh. Stfu. You are not an internet pioneer in any way. She really thinks she is. Also god, how embarrassing. I would never mention an ex publicly by name who I know hates me.

  10. I’m sure she donated whatever funds she made from that deal with Sea World to a charity. Or bought shoes. She can’t recall. It’s been so long! Why do you care? I’m changed person now! I may still not have a job, husband, residence that isn’t full of AirBnB’ers more than I am, friends for more than a year or two, my own bank account, credits cards, but I am SO DIFFERENT. I have to go to a photoshoot for my facebook page, bye bunnies!

    • yeah, what a super great “mea culpa.” writing one sentence “5-6” years later. After the glory she reaped and money(?) she made is long gone. How about actually doing something to benefit the whales and sea creatures there??

      • It was a few days short of exactly 5 years ago. Not 6. Nice attempt to make it seem longer, Donk.


        • Sorry, I RUN a farm in Texas. LOL I don’t have enough money to OWN ONE clearly. Taxes! Fuck them.

        • Meant to post this here:

          I think Matt’s day goes something like this:

          Wake up, hungover
          Begin drinking
          Stare blearily out window at shithole “farm”
          Curse God
          Curse ex-wife
          Curse ex-wife’s lawyers
          Begin to tremble with rage
          Log on to rotating platform of 1,000 random websites
          Leave drive-by nasty comments about liberal idiots
          Consider feeding turkeys
          Realize turkeys have fed themselves on vegetable crops
          Curse God
          Drink more
          More nasty comments on websites
          Scour news sites for tragedies to mock, horrible deaths to cheer and random disasters upon which to pour scorn
          Remember that mommy never loved him
          Drink more
          Throw up
          Shit self
          Pass out

          • i love you I was waiting for you to show up since the last posting where he went nuts on me for daring to mention I don’t eat meat. He has a clear anger problem and I’m convinced he got dumped by a lefty activist type and he’s clearly not over it. Sorry she didn’t wanna fuck you, sweetie! Move on. Shocked she didn’t love your sweet calm demeanor and farming technique. Slaughtering pigs is so hot!

          • Which btw, since I know you’re reading this…the most condescending people besides vegetarians are the assholes who just CANNOT FATHOM NOT EATING MEAT (yourself included) and say shit like, “Don’t you crave a juicy steak or handburger? GAWD I could NEVER live without bacon!”

            And meat eaters are more healthy LOL! Not sure if you heard but there is an obesity epidemic in this country and I’m pretty sure it’s not because people eat too many applies and lentils.

            Also, methane from cow farts is a huge contributor to global warming. But I’m sure you are a global warming denier and what do you care? As long as you get to eat your juicy hamburger, you fucking caveman freak.


            Eat all the meat you want. The idea of you sucking down a chicken wing is revolting.

          • They cull the males from the hatchlings first.

            Which means Beauchamp gobbles cock.

    • JFA maybe you two could do a little Carville/Matalin action via JA/redacted and let it unfold. (I’m only half kidding)

      • Hahaha. He’ll be too busy calling me a “retarded faggety asshole” and then we will have a fist fight. ANd I will win.

  11. “… give your dog some stability.”

    If you’ll recall, she had one of the Megan’s looking after Lily while she was at SeaWorld, then she returned to NY only to turn around and leave again, this time for a “vacation”. Again leaving Lily behind.

    Also: Note to CF => This isn’t “a hater blog … dragging a mutual friend of [yours] through the mud”, this is a witness blog, paying solicited attention to the online presence of someone who dedicates herself specifically to getting noticed online and elsewhere and, based on her supposed success at that endeavor, markets herself as a “brand expert”.

    The commenters here aren’t dragging anyone through the mud, we are simply choosing not to be silent witnesses or complicit enablers for the published pantheon of lies, misrepresentations, manipulations, and gratuitous, self-serving (often passive aggressive revenge) ego posts generated by this creature. She can fool some of the people some of the time … but we’re way past that point with this one.

    So how exactly does it make us “haters” because we see through the blatant b.s. and untangle this one web of deceit?

    Seems to me more like you and your woowoo crowd are the real haters. You hate transparency, you hate fact-based decision making, you appear to hate the simple truth and tend to get awfully aggressive when someone non-affiliated appears to lift the curtain of lies.

    Cooked dinner for a few people and no one died? Congratulations, you are now a healing chef!
    Have you ever dated? Had sex? Mazel tov! You can now claim to be a dating/relationship expert and sex therapist! If anyone questions your credentials, attack them! They’re just jealous haters!!
    Ever been invited to share an informal lunch with a computer club at a university? Well now, get your picture taken in an empty room standing at a podium and you, my friend, are now a lecturer at MIT! Yes, it’s just that easy!!
    Has anyone ever talked on their phone on a bus and annoyed you?! Hmmm. Let’s follow the example of our branding expert, shall we? Take a picture of that yappy bitch, no permission necessary, and post that shit online with a comment about how you’d like to punch her in the face! You win the internet!
    Ever lost five pounds, taken a yoga class, or worn a dress? You have?!! Omg, you are not only a fashionista, but a health, fitness, and nutrition expert as well! So accomplished! And not to mention, that’s four more blogs right there you could be the “founder” of, you crazy leading edge disruptive tech entrepreneur!

    And how the list goes on …

    tl/dr: Lying liars who lie are the real haters, not the people who expose/challenge those lies.

      • Aw, always dissing the brother because his mere existence intimidates her. Little B. does look nothing like “borderline retarded [sic]”, you hose beast, he’s frickin’ adorable and I want that bunny! And of course she “liked him better” that way. Hose. Beast.

      • Christ, that outfit. And that entire pose in front of an empty room, as though it was filled with brilliant youngsters hanging on her every word. Has a bigger tool ever existed?

      • Sociopath. Oh god her old blog is such a one person circle jerk of braggery and megalomania. NO ONE THINKS YOU ARE CUTE, NO ONE. “I love pink! I am 6!” Yes that is to brag. Christ.

        Also, you were an ugly child. Deal with it. Almost every child I”ve ever seen was cuter than you. Simple fact.

    • Well said. IMHO there’s a genderizing element here, because we’re catladies.

      If it were all men, we’d be characterized as “opinionated” and “outspoken” and “direct.”

    • I think of this as an anti-fan blog. Just like fan blogs are “Oh, look what this public figure did in public, what a great thing!” this blog is mostly “Oh, look what this public figure did in public, that was a truly appalling thing, the horror, the horror!”

    • The people we write about here are terrible. Some of us have been burned directly, others are merely amused, fascinated, or studying personality disorders. And I do believe we provide a public service for those considering hiring or otherwise getting involved with Julia, etc.

      However, I have to say… yes, this is a hater blog. And yes, we are dragging people through their very own mud.

      I heart podium pose. Friends of mine once posed at the presidential podium during a visit to the White House. They don’t claim to have been POTUS.

      • To be fair, they were already wallerin’ in the mud when we found ’em — we’re just holdin’ ’em up to show their muddy asses to the world at large.

        How ’bout we say it’s a “bête noire” blog? However strongly or not anyone feels re: Julia Allison & her ilk, ‘disliked person(s)’ universally covers it.

        A friend & his kid posed at Joe Biden’s desk, but neither of them ever claimed to be VP to the POTUS.

  12. Hey guys! I am a vegetarian! Anyone else a vegetarian? I LOVE TALKING ABOUT IT. We are all retarded fags! Hi Beauchamp!

    • Hi right back! I’m not a vegetarian but I should probably be nominated for the Nobel Science prize because I once figured out how to make hummus without using a recipe! Will you write in and nominate me so I can put on my c.v. that I was at least under consideration?! Thank you!! (No worries if you don’t have time, I can do it myself!)

      And while I’m at it, I should probably mention that I’m a national celebrity in my country of birth as I have been interviewed on both tv and radio! I’ve also had op ed pieces published in every major newspaper in my country as well as a column (once) so, not bragging, but I am a nationally known journalist!

      I have money in the bank and someone from Norway bought one of my patterns on Ravelry, which means — in case you missed it — I am a qualified financial advisor and international entrepreneur!

      I have a husband, children, and a home I’ve lived in for more than 10 years, so I know you’ll recognize that this qualifies me as a leading-edge lifestyle, home repair, and real estate expert and — if I may say so — a legitimate candidate for the Nobel Peace prize as well. (Note to self, send in TWO nomination letters.)

      I’m a published author; duh, I’ve written about 100 posts on this website alone!

      And an internationally recognized artist! [May I refer you to photoshop masterpieces on this same blog].

      I have a smart phone, a computer, and a tablet. But no land line, because that’s not how I roll. And you guessed it, I’m pretty much the tech start-up wunderkind of the world all rolled into one because I actually use at least two of these three devices Omg, don’t be jelly but I even have my own blog, google+ account, and youtube channel!

      I am amazing!!!

      I don’t post a gazillion pictures of myself on my FB wall or buy followers for my Twitter account, and that’s why, I guess, it’s easy to think I’m just another jealous loser/hater. People only friend/follow me because they actually know me personally or have heard about me through media or referrals, based on who I actually am and the work I’ve actually done.

      So I should be ashamed! Why am I not livestreaming this shit!? I’m so very unique and talented. [See above.] And so are you, JFA!! You’re a vegetarian?! That’s incredible! Do you know how many people would come to one of your Annex extended learning classes just to hear about you and what you eat every day?! Wanna share an agent? We could build our personal brand together! You know some big words that can be used out of context and rendered meaningless and so do I! We could each do a 45 minute class based on that alone!!! OMG. Let’s start a new movement!

      Smoldering Woman?! Females Aflame?!


      • I’m a lawyer! I worked at one of the top AmLaw firms in the nation! I am an expert on animal rights, food, women’s rights, Ipad minis, marketing, eyeliner application, and clients! In addition I am ivy educated which makes me the perfect person to ask about any of these things. I’d love to partner with you, we should do a seminar on marketing to attorney journalists and the digital stratosphere inherent in online community developments on multiple platforms! I also do yoga.

        • Sheeee-iiite! I almost forgot, I signed a purchase agreement when I bought my house and I also have a holographic will so that practically makes me a lawyer too! Well, a “legal expert” I guess. OMG, are we twins?!

          If we combine your advanced eyeliner application skills with my in-depth medical knowledge (Hello? My children survived the chicken pox!), we could pretty much corner the bio-pharm industry as well.

          Is $350 a year for a monthly newsletter about us and our amazing and unique skillz too low? If we split 50/50 and stiff the agent (shhhh) we could easily earn $35,000 per month pre tax (lol!) with only 2,400 subscribers! Maybe we should charge more?

          PS: I luv LUV your seminar idea! Do you mind if I quote you word-for-word on my resume as if it’s already happened. Because it “could” happen so that’s about the same thing, right?

          • OH please feel free to quote me as long as I can borrow a few of your credentials. I have no kids but, can I pretend one of yours is mine for photo ops? I have an 11 year old brother, wait I’ll use him. That makes me a child-rearing expert. I was married once too! To an immigrant and I filled out all his Visa papers so I am an immigration attorney. I also graduated college cum laude which obviously matter 12 years later. I did contract document review after I got laid off from biglaw (aka “left voluntarily”) but I’ll just call it “freelance securities litigation.” I did white collar defense too, in Biglaw so I’m sure we can represent people like ourselves. And I am up to my eyeballs in student loans, fuck I can’t free myself from them. I’m going to Nordstrom now, do they have Loubutins?

            But I think you should up the price of our newsletter service by at least 3 times. We are experts. we live to serve. Bye! going on my third vacation of the year, somehow. I’ll just charge it..

          • I also work on Wall Street so I am a finance expert (even though I don’t work in finance at all LOL!).

          • Uplevel yourselves. Offer an exclusive, limited-time membership offer at $5,000/mo.

            Or, offer to coach people for $100,000, like the coach Craig told Ali agrees with his take on their relationship.

    • I know you just changed your tag, but “JFA – We are all retarded fags!” has a nice ring to it.

    • Hi JFA! I’m vegan! Having some nice tofu curry right now in fact! It’s delicious!

        • I was channeling Beauchamp sorry if that was rude. still, you are clearly faggety. We are both such fags.

        • I found this part of his argument particularly convincing: “Listen, dipshit: animals have been eating other animals on this planet for about 3 billion years. Who cares? It’s all random and it’s meaningless. “

      • Curry? That’s from Indian isn’t it? Or an aisle in Whole Foods?
        No matter.
        Are you not exhausted from all the important travelling you’ve done lately? So impressive! We know without you having to tell us just how crucial it is for you to attend conferences and other events that have no relevance whatsoever to your life, and then fly off for a well-deserved vacation in between. Is that when you bought the curry? Carry on, restless spirit!
        Remember to post your itinerary of all the places you’ve been forced to fly to and don’t forget to include pics of the departure board for all of us who have never been in an airport! Write “Sigh” and a smiley face so we can simultaneously be impressed (and omg so jealous!) by your amazing jet-set life and send you sympathy internet hugs, too, poor baby. Then do maybe 1/3 of those very important things or do none of them and remove the original post! No one will notice! Namaste.

  13. Donkey is being Donkey again. Watch:

    • She posts a pic from Burning Man, and this woman named Li’el positively responds to it, she seems like another from the woowoo crowd. Apparently a newish friend of Donkey’s. She lives in San Francisco, too.
    • So last week, we all saw the pictures from the past of Donkey horseback riding, and Donkey saying “Oh, does anyone know of any places near San Francisco to go riding?”
    • This is from Li’el’s Facebook, dated February.

    Scheme juices. Just dropping unsubtle hints for someone to say “Oh, yes, come riding with me out at my place with my horses!”

    • Ooh, interesting.
      Then again, Li’el’s not quite the right mark because she doesn’t actually own a horse or horses. So while she kindly says Donkey is welcome to join her, that implies that Donkey’s still going to pay her own way and we all know that’s never going to happen…

      • No she doesn’t. She can just promise the stables to tweetblog about how phenomenally juicy they are. (Then turn around a few year later and claim the horse she rode was turned into Elmer’s later that afternoon.)

    • ‘This reminds me (sort of) of what Jakob Lodwick and I did back in 2008. Except they did it much more consciously and with more structure and much better design. Impressive!’ (followed by link)

      Guess what couple she’s most decidedly *not* complimenting, nor linking to? Yep, D.O.N.K is having D.T.’s from the shift of attn onto the other navel-grazing grifters — if we’re so damn determined to talk about a couple living their (failed) relationship online, let’s not forget that Julia Allison, early adopter, already did that. For ALL THE GIRLS. The Closing Ceremony was hours ago! Why are we even talking about it? No one cares anymore! Did you know that Julia Allison was on the cover of Wired?

      • Julia must be livid that Ali and Craig hijacked her haters attention for a couple of days. The nerve of some people.

        • Exactly. Any day now Julia Allison, desperate to reclaim the attn, is going to take to Twitter & pick an outrageous fight w/ someone. It’s the only trick I can think of that she might still have up the two-sizes-too-small capped sleeve of her cotton-candy-pink taffeta frock.

        • My guess actually is that she’ll be up in here, sending anonymous tips about them and how fake they are, hoping it will all blow up at once and we can go back to focusing on MEEEE MEEEEE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • Or could this guy on the left be her mark? Seems like her type, though lately, her “type” has been all over the place.

      He’s in one of the few photos that Li’el has made public, so I noticed it right away. He’s single and lives in SF and I wouldn’t be surprised if Donks is narrowing in on this chick for him… Scheming Donks is always scheming, after all.

      • Who knows these days? It’s not like Donkey has been at all discriminating the past three years. She is just flailing about for man parts at this point.

  14. I’m currently in relationship with the closing of the handfast ceremony. Does the Ali person get her eyelashes at Wig Hair and Family Beauty?

    • When I first saw the link to that woo-woo whah-whah I read it as “handfist” and that caused all kinds of nightmarish visualizations. And then I went out and bought futures in organic vegan cruelty-free lube.
      But then, oh, not handfist, handfast! WTF? I thought it meant they had agreed not to physically touch each other until they co-healed their harmonic reacquaintance goddess energy in the softness of the nano-present or some shite. Again, nightmares. And then I went out and bought more futures in Burner Jelly.
      Wrong again! Godspeed, HSWS, I couldn’t make it past 1 actualized minute.

      • I didn’t understand anything that was happening anyway. There is a LOT of talking in Woo WooVille. I didn’t hear anything remotely normal, like, “We had a few good innings but we’re done here. I wish you the best, but I’m keeping the dog.” How they knew they’re broken up is beyond me.

        • Careful! You’re close to divulging the Golden Secret of Woo! Clarity is the enemy. It’s the long and winding road of obfuscation, double-speak, and flat-out fakery that keeps this crew in business.

          • My favorite part of following the Craig-and-Ali rabbit trail has been learning their language. It’s really fascinating to me. I guess it will wear off, but right now I can’t get enough.

  15. I had a dream last night that I went into a bookstore and there was a book that was paper dolls of Donkey with different dress-up outfits (like this).

    Then I woke up and realized that she would have a better chance of finishing that book than any other.

  16. An excerpt from my kids’ book, How To Flinch at Griftmas!

    Every Woo down in WooVille loved Griftmas a lot
    But the catladies, who lived just north of Wooville, did not
    Catladies hated Griftmas and begging for money
    Please don’t ask why! Love and legalize, bunnies!
    It could be perhaps, that their brains were too big
    Or for patchouli essence they cared not a fig
    But I think the most likely reason for this
    Was if Fishstick caught fire, on him they’d not piss

  17. ¿Quién es Beauchamp and why is he saying those terrible things about us?

    • He’s an old timer here.. He loves us all, he just has a funny way of showing it.

          • Beuchamp, chupame la polla y que te jodas. And yes, I speak Spain spanish. Gillipolla.

        • My family had a crazy uncle, and one year at Christmas my dad lifted him up by his shirt front, pinned him to the living room wall, and said (in front of my entire extended family) that if he ever showed his dick to another child, my dad would rip it off his body and shove it down his throat until he choked to death on it. The best thing about that threat was that Dad was wearing a pistol in a shoulder holster and could have just gone there, but noooo. Men know how to talk about meat.

  18. Wait i’m confused, did she totally dump him because of us? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what happened, right? LOL. Her love runs deep.

    • God, have you listened to that handfast or whatever the fuck it’s called and WHY IS IT CALLED THAT JESUS? You broke up, fuck.

      Even his voice is reedy and awful. I hate him. And she needs to just walk away from this complete douche.

      • Also: She is a beautiful woman, regardless of her other liabilities, and he is seriously hideous. Honey, don’t look back.

        • yeah, she really is beautiful, and I’m continually surprised when commenters here suggest she is beat up and unlovely. She’s going to look great in 10 or 20 years, too. It’s interesting how inner and outer beauty issues get tangled when the internet allows us to know too much about a person.

          • I think she’s very pretty, but I do think she looks haggard. She definitely looks older than her age.

          • I don’t know about looking “great” in 20 years … drugs take a def toll on looks, & if her decision-making over the last few years is indicative of copious amts of drugs (I’d bet on it), then she’s likely well on her way to looking pretty damn rough pretty damn soon.

          • She has lovely features and hair, for sure, kind of a Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts appeal. Her skin looks terribly abused, though.

          • Albie: Perhaps that’s because sunscreen is for chumps in the minds of these idiots.

      • Handfasting used to be a thing, in the middle ages. It doesn’t mean exactly what they think it means, though. They’re doing it in the way that the Neopagans have reinvented it, not in the way it was originally meant. The root word is Norse. I am a nerd.

    • Not to give either of them too much credit, but it does seem like we caused some slight eye-opening (on both ends) in re: Failek’s manipulative ways. And that was after only a few days! Imagine if the Donkey once, just ONCE, took some of our advice.

      • We shifted their paradigms. And we should start charging for our services, too. We’re doing Greg’s work here.

    • I really think it was the week away right after they did all the TMI stuff. All her friends where like…whoa girl kick him to the crub. And then with him gone for the week, I have a feeling life was much more pleasant for her…and the kids. Still love how at the end of the last relationship TMI audio, someone inside the house starts playing sublime’s (lovin is) What I got while Criag bitchs and pouts like a (inner) baby.

  19. I feel like real entrepreneurs don’t use the word “entrepreneur.” My dad was one, but he was too busy working his ass off for his business to talk about himself that way.

    When you have really built something, it’s easy for people to see. There is no buzzword-laden language needed.

    • “Entrepreneur” used to stand for someone who’d succeeded at being in biz for themselves, but it’s been bastardized by lazy poseurs fluffing up résumés &/or their sense of accomplishment — end result of seal-clapping & giving trophies to every kid who merely showed up for any & everything? I kind of think so …

      Show me a P&L statement to back up your claims, or STFO, I say.

    • Exactly. My father built a successful small business from him and his brother doing it by themselves just the two of them in the early years (involving manual labor) to probably having at least 25 employees now, coming from a working class background etc. Raised two kids in a beautiful home, we had stability etc., went on vacations (mostly shitty ones but yeah, working class non-intellectuals they were).

      You are correct, most ppl building business are not talking about building business because they actually ARE building businesses and don’t have to fucking prove themselves. My boss doesn’t even have to market for most of our clients…they are referrals, because he worked hard and hung a shingle at 35 and practices good law and works his ass off. And he is VERy working class originally.

      Anway, i’m delirious sorry. Methinks the lady doth protest too much, with her 7000 websites and constant lying.

      Don’t know why people are sympathetic. And I’ve been in an abusive relationship. I 100% don’t feel sorry for her. She’s not as awful as he is, but she is awful still.

    • Same here, real entrepreneurs say what they actually do.

  20. I’m glad Ali and Craig decided against the hand fast. Consuming only hands has to be a miserable diet.

  21. Just realized, the contents of this website may actually make up the bulk of the book.

  22. Apropos of nothing and totally because I’ve been ragging on Beauchamp…one of the most unintentionally hilarious things I’ve ever heard was during that interview with Sterling when AC was like, “So you don’t think he’s done enough for the black community” re: Magic Johnson. Response: “He has AIDS.”

    Dying. #hehasaids become a hashtag on twitter and I want that on a t-shirt so badly. Sterling: “He has AIDS.” Wow. He has no idea that is no longer an insult nor acceptable to say in public nor at all considered a bad thing/sign of bad moral character.

    Go live under a rock you cretin. “He has AIDS.” And how he kept saying “I’m a Jew” to excuse himself for being a racist. “We are oppressed too you don’t hear me complaining about it!” Ugh.

    • Kinda like was it Axl Rose? in the early 90s I think. “AIDS kills fags dead.” Ugh I hate that fucking asshole.

      It’s just funny because people like this still exist. Like, it’s so absurd it’s fucking hilarious. And Magic was so fucking cool in his interview afterwards. He just had no fucks to give. Pure class.

      • Sorry Axl. You’re still an asshole but, it was Sebastian Bach who had that t-shirt. Different asshole.

        Epic JFA thread. Thank you.

      • Sure was! Pretty much the only good thing I have to say about BigPharma is that AIDS is no longer the death sentence. that it once was, praise The Greg.

        • Dude, the NY Times yesterday…that story about providing a preventative medicine to high risk groups (one pill in the typical HIV cocktail has been shown to significantly decrease the chances of contracting HIV in UNINFECTED people). It’s huge. Truveda I think it is. Amazing.

          BTW, he has AIDS.

        • silence = death

          i remember the days in nyc when it the infection path for hiv/aids was unclear; homeless people walking around breathing tuberculosis meant that if you sat on a subway you had been exposed; if you were healthy you wouldn’t get tb, but if you were sick/old/young/weak, you could be infected; for a long while there it was not apparent that hiv didn’t work the same way — if it did, the casualties would have two or three more decimal places. when it became known that infection is not so easy, that was a worldwide sigh of relief

    • This is exactly why unethical and illegal behavior needs to be exposed sooner. This man (Sterling) has been a racist his entire life but people kept covering it up and to them it encourages more illegal and unethical behavior. I love that the NBA banned him for life but they were complict with his activites for years, only when the NBA’s image was publically threatened did they act swiftly.
      Per the hippie lawyer I think it’s best to expose the illegal and unethical behavior in succinct document (liked to sites) that allows people to make the best decisions for themselves. A document she could not control or bury.

  23. I lost where I meant to put this reply, but I just want to say I think Ali is a gorgeous woman, my comment about her eyepelts notwithstanding.

    • I agree. She is lovely, and any haggardliness is A. just what happens when you get into your 40s, bitches and B. likely attributable to that fucking douche she just unloaded.

          • looks like someone is getting creative with their websites and back-dating to check people out on LI now.
            www dot galleryjulia dot com
            and one of her fans in the stands created the site
            Karim Essmat

          • Her hippie hair looks like a birds nest. I half expect a demon bird to come squawking out of her head.

          • It means they’ve created a new thuper thneaky page to try and get IP address. She hit my link page today.

      • I am going to be 50 in September, and I still think that she needs to be way, way kinder to her skin.

        • The before and after pix of herself at the top of her site are mind-baughling. They don’t even look like the same person. This is what drugs and stupidly not believing in sunblock does to you. It’s a shame that she did this to herself, really.

        • Hit that mark last August.
          Enough sleep and lots of water helps too. Also, retin A and lots of veggies. Maybe it’s because I have young-ish kids but (thankfully!) I get mistaken for being a decade younger. Hmmm… I guess having the sense of humor of a 12 yr old helps too.

        • Aw, I thought I was the oldest one here. ‘cept for Grampa Scrapbooks. 😉

  24. I was shocked and confused by Alexis’ public insistence that her years of unlicensed activities somehow did not violate the law. So I did some add’l research on CA rules and laws and poked around on her dizzying array of websites and interviews and videos. I found just so. Many. [Apparent.] Violations. I found her [apparently] doling out actual legal advice while unlicensed over and over and over. I found posts we’ve never discussed here that are just [apparently] damning. I found [apparent] violations of the CA rules on advertising. I found [apparent] violations of the CA rule on “Inactive Status.” I used that wayback machine thing to pull dozens of examples of all of these [apparent] violations while on inactive status. I found posts that would be [apparent] violations even if she wasn’t on inactive status.

    I organized all of this into a draft letter to the bar. I did not include any inflammatory language or anything, just very matter-of-fact here is an example of X as of Y date. This appears to be a violation of Z because blah.

    I am going to sleep on whether to do one more review and then send. I am perhaps a little conflicted. On the one hand, this is an attorney who clearly either doesn’t understand the rules and laws that apply to her practice, isn’t aware of them or just doesn’t give a shit. No matter which is true, that person should not be continuing to advise sad lawyers or anyone else for that matter in her capacity as a newly legit LOLyer.

    On the other hand, she’s got kids to worry about, and her life seems like kindof a mess . . . I don’t know. JFA etc — thoughts?

    • I would not do this. If someone suffered as a result of [apparent, alleged] misrepresentations, let them bring an action. She and her savage boyfriend disgust me because there are children involved, and going after her in this way, no matter how merited, won’t help those kids.

    • I think you should send it to her wirh a “we are watching you, govern yourself accordingly” warning. Maybe that will slow or stop the grifting. And besides turn about is fair play.

      • No. Either send it or don’t. But don’t warn her about it. I’m inclined to say send it, because kids or no, she has been engaging in fraudulent and illegal behavior for years, and these grifters just keep on getting away with it.

        • I second Julias Publicist. And her kids should have nothing to do with your decision. Bringing up kids to believe that lying and manipulating are okay is not good parenting. If some slight financial hardship occurs because of your report, so be it. She needs to be held accountable for her actions. That is much more important, in my eyes.

      • I agree with Juliaspublicist. I think a warning comes across as threatening and creepy in much the same way that the “prepare to be fucked with” email from Marshall Gravelle is.

    • It’s unfortunate that she does not make good decisions for her children. Not reporting her when you have the information to do so gives her the opportunity to defraud more people and potentially damage their children’s lives as well. This is not Donkey poking.

    • I say send it. Ethical rules exist for a reason, and I trust you that if you suspect she’s broken many of them, then she most likely has.

      And if CA is like NY, it’s not easy to be disbarred. She will most likely be investigated and maybe sanctioned. Fuck her, she doesn’t practice law anyway and you follow the fucking rules and the law if you DO. She’s a snake oil salesman. Maybe she will learn from it.

      • Since she has no clients, it’s not like anyone is going to google her bar history anyway, and LOL does anyone actually think she’s going to get an actual job anyway any time soon? She fled the law then tried to use her credentials to rip people off because she’s a lazy fuck. But at least she’ll get a slap on the ass so to speak to stop being a goddamn shyster.

      • Based on what I have read, I think it would be extremely unlikely / not gonna happen that she would get disbarred. I think it is likely that there would be an investigation and maybe sanctions as you said. Or even a letter or something saying stop doing XYZ because it is against the rules. She seriously seems to think what she is doing is ok and it is not.

        I also think that if she keeps doing what she’s doing and winds up really getting sued by someone with a legit case, that would almost certainly fuck up her family’s life more than and investigation and the possibility of sanctions. Getting investigated and bringing her shit right frankly might do her the favor of avoiding the consequences of the shitstorm of liability she has opened herself up to.

        Incidentally, that malpractice case she settled 2 months before filing BK contained some really damning allegations. Really bad stuff if any of it is true. Going to a hospital to urge an elderly woman literally on her death bed and hooked up to a ventilator to sign an engagement letter or else avoid “losing everything” when according to the lawsuit, the result is that the dying lady handed over power (and 2% of everything) to Alexis who then allegedly did none of what the old lady had said she wanted done with the estate which resulted in her disabled son not getting his social security checks for some period of time, among many other really terrible things, until 2 years later when the family hired alternate counsel and sued her.

        • meant to write sign an engagement letter or else risk “losing everything.” Allegedly the elderly lady’s daughter was there at the time; she is the one who filed the lawsuit and she alleges that it traumatized her to all hell when Alexis barged into the room with documents for her dying mom to sign. She alleges that they were in shock over the whole dying deathbed thing and as a result didn’t read the fine print, which sounds pretty understandable to me if true. Rising to the level of “unconscionable” is pretty hard to do, but . . .

          • Send it. Scamming the system, hiding her assets in trusts while racking up loans and maxing out credit cards right before declaring BK is one thing, but ripping off an elderly, dying woman and her disabled son? FUCK this sketchy bitch. Seriously. I have no doubt she settled out of court with these people all the while planning to file for BK to avoid payment. She probably insisted on NDA’s as a condition of settlement too, just to keep them from filing a complaint with the bar later on. I say send it.

          • Was she licensed at that point?
            What she did was disgusting so sending this isn’t going to be the first time she’s being exposed.

          • Dirty Lake MI: she was licensed when she barged into the room and got the lady to sign the engagement letter. That was during the time she had hung her shingle as Martin Neely & Associates. (From what I can tell, there were never any “associates.”) By the time the suit was settled, she was not licensed. She settled 2 months before filing BK in 2012. Litigation takes years, folks.

          • Skillets: I’ve never seen a settlement agreement that didn’t contain an NDA (non disclosure agreement) so yeah, I am sure that family signed an NDA. And I agree that the timing of the settlement and the BK is interesting.

          • @Psycho-delic: I don’t recall if you said … are all of the conditions of the settlement available to you? I’m curious re: the part where her license was not in effect at the time of … could it have been a condition of the settlement that she willingly forfeit it?

          • (weird that I was asking while you were more or less answering the question as I was typing it; we crossed) (& btw, thx for all the insight you have shed, it’s been an interesting learning experience)

          • Brayella: what is available to me is what is available to the public. I just might know better how to find it as a LOLyer. The publicly available info is the entire docket of the Reinhardt family’s lawsuit vs. Alexis. That includes the suit and the allegations therein. It includes filings stating that the parties ended up settling the suit, but the details of the settlement are not public and not otherwise available to me or anyone else. That is the nature of settlements in general: the parties agree to settle for some sum which is not disclosed and typically also agree to not disclose the details of the settlement.

            I am nearly certain that the settlement did not have much to do with Alexis going on inactive status with the bar. By her own admission, she just stopped paying dues and submitting her CLE, which resulted per CA bar rules in automatic involuntary deactivation. From what I can tell, she ran into significant financial issues leading up to her 2012 BK and cut back on costs like bar dues (but not Nordstrom’s!!)

        • You know what? Disregard me having said to ‘sit on it’ cuz now I feel really strongly that you should send it in — bitch is all over estate planning, probably waiting for another chance like that vulnerable elderly woman.

          I also officially hate her now.

        • What state was this, CA? I…don’t know if I know how to look CA dockets? It was state court obviously right? Totally wanna read this.

    • Sit on it. You can do that, right? No deadline to turn it over? I say give it awhile, ’til you feel more strongly about it, one way or another, then you’ll know what to do.

      (maybe it’s just me that doesn’t feel strongly whichever way)

    • I think frauds and scam artists should be called to account. Just make sure it doesn’t blow back on you.

    • Put your write-up into a pastebin and provide the link to enough people on this site to ensure that it will be sent to the proper authorities if she continues to violate bar rules. Then make sure that she knows about it, so it has the proper deterrent effect.

    • Just send it. I know why you are sending it. Are there any lawyers here who would be against sending this?

      We aren’t trying to ruin this woman’s career. We are trying to bring her to task for unethical shit she has done in the name of the legal profession. And that is 100% fair and if she doesn’t like it she can stop behaving like a snake oil salesman. Its just a complaint, the Bar will decide what to do next. It could be something as small as a letter in her permanent attorney file, enough of a scare that she will wise the hell up and stop being a scam artist. Sorry, potential/alleged scam artist.

      There is no looking the other way with this stuff if you believe in the oath you take when you become an attorney. It’s not changing the date on a document or something to make sure it was filed correctly or whatever. Something that would not hurt anyone. It is legit being a shady ass lawyer and holding herself out as an attorney when she as not admitted to practice. Etc.

      She put it all out there. She’s not a moron. She should have known better. Maybe now, she will. IMO she needs to get off her lazy ass and get a real job. The law was too hard for you? Do something else. But enough with this shady-ass 17 different websites puffing up your credentials promising things to attorneys that are not possible. NO, you cannot work 2 days a week and make $1 million a year, stop telling people that. Maybe if you are like, fucking David Boies and your billing rate is $1100 and hour. Ugh I can’t stand her.

      • I agree. As a lawyer, I think you should send it. People like her are part of the reason our profession is so maligned. She deserves to be held accountable for her behavior.

    • I like to live by the NYC Transit Authority motto: If you see something. Say something.
      After you submit your complaint to the bar, Shantitown will have a chance to respond to the claims. If the Bar believes her, she can go on her grifter-y way. If not, she’ll have to face the music.
      I highly doubt she’ll be disbarred. I once saw a record of a lawyer who LOST EVIDENCE IN A MURDER TRIAL! He was censured and his license was put on probation for a year.
      To get disbarred you generally have to do something like steal client money or committee perjury.
      It’s more likely that she will get a reprimanded, maybe have her license placed on probation and be required to complete Ethics training.

  25. Okay which one of you left a comment for Craiger? (You don’t have to answer.) He and his friends are going on about it on FB. Supposedly whoever it was, they closed it “with softness” … ooooooh….

    • If you are talking about the one posted on Relationship TMI, it looks like someone copied and pasted my comment on the previous post. So, even though I was its author I did not post it on his site/cite/sight.

      I have to say, I wasn’t entirely sure if I should have posted the comment here in the first place, because as I mentioned in my JFA reply, it was a bit vitriolic (if, in my opinion, true). I’m not part of the love and light grifter crowd, but I do try and remain more on the positive side of things. I always feel guilty for saying something mean, even if it is somewhat deserved. And as much as this is supposed to be a “hate” site, I’ve found that the catladies here are kind and supportive people.

      That being said, what pushed me over the edge was/is his treatment of Ali’s son (I’m almost equally disgusted by her for not standing up for her kid). For someone who is so hung up on his own childhood he has no qualms about crushing a little boy…and then he somehow managed to spin it like they were interacting on an adult level and really the kid’s actions brought him back to his own “painful” childhood. Just gross and narcissistic.

      So now I see the blow up that you mentioned, and in addition to not wanting to engage (or have my brain addled by the word salad) I feel like I said my piece and got it off my chest. I completely considered the possibility that Craiger would read the comment here but would not have gone the additional step of posting it on any of his sites, although I’m not particularly upset that someone else did. As we all know, the internet never forgets.

      • I was actually just going to JFA myself and say nevermind, I figured it out. I hadn’t even seen what comment he was referring to when I posted this, but was curious and then when I saw that it looked familiar I didn’t want to draw attention.. Then the thought crossed my mind that it may have been someone else copying and pasting anyway. Argh.

        And honestly I found these two entertaining and really fucking infuriating at the same time, and the spambot/fake lawyer shit was complete assholery. But the kid stuff makes me sad and I need to stop the rabbit holing. I found myself reading some note she wrote on FB last year about how she homeschools her son and she admitted that he can’t really read or write. I don’t know how old he is but I don’t think he is a kindergartner or anything (unless I am mistaken and she has another son..) So anyway, add that piece into the picture about him being proud of himself during their recording. I just can’t. I know they would say live and let live but if you’re going to homeschool, at least know what the fuck you’re doing, but she made it sound like it was so difficult to HS and the easy thing would be to send him to school, so obviously she’s making some great magical sacrifice. I keep thinking, enough of these people but then I read something else that ticks me off.

        • “I found myself reading some note she wrote on FB last year about how she homeschools her son and she admitted that he can’t really read or write.”


          Her son is old enough to be reading AND writing WHAT? So she is raising a kid who plays baseball with and ultimately decapitates and undresses a girl doll but cannot read or write??


        • So it was your comment but you didn’t post it there, right? When I saw it, I knew I had read it here first and I immediately had the thought that Craig is not getting the response and back up he wants in regard to this site, so he’s now stirring his own pot by making it look like someone from here is now posting on his website, thereby making it okay to pretend to be alchemizing something, but in actuality drawing all his little grifter idiot friends into the situation.

          Just saying. This absolutely stinks of Craig’s weasley behavior.

          • Plus it’s a way to get soothing woo woo for his injured ego in regards to the commentary here while cherry picking what his pals get to see (if he links them or names the site, they will be able to see everything and I’m sure he doesn’t want that).

            I was just a casual donkey observer before all of this Craig shit. JA irritates the shit out of me, but I mostly just find her entertaining. Craig, on the other hand, makes me furious.

          • If he copied and pasted it into his own comments for attention, he is truly a piece of shit.

        • I wouldn’t necessarily put it past one of them to do the cutting/pasting themselves in a bid for attention/sympathy.

          And yeah, the kid stuff makes me really sad on so many levels.

          • Oh, totally. It wasn’t one of us. We raised you better than that.

            Like I said, he is manipulative.

          • Notice that the Disqus comment is set up to link to a profile, just like Craigs. And it has one comment.

          • This is 100% what happened. To gin up conversation on various woo woo sites. I am seriously tired of the woo.

          • It’s really pathetic. I hope Ali is reading this so she can see the full depths of what a sad little manipulative troll this man is, although if that granny deathbed story is anything to go by, she’s just as bad.

            Any doubt I had that he was the one behind the domain buying scheme is now gone. And all the while putting on a big show all over the internet about how he’s alchemizing and people have valid points and he’s taking it all on board and returning to grounding practices and working on his shadow. Reading books, meditating, growing as a person.

            Authenticity. Showing everyone the real vulnerable truth. Doing the hard work of being exposed. It is to laugh.

          • That very much sounds like something that guy would do. Also, now that he seems to have been dispatched, can we go back to not feeding his ego by discussing him here? Both of them seem to be revelling in the attention and I personally am ready to cut them loose for now.

          • I’m reading the fb comments now, & have to say: that Craig Filek is majorly filek’d-up in the head — seems to me that this particular development deserves its own post, on the off-chance that if any wooties find their way here, they will see the truth & know how fabricated Craig Filek’s victim status is, in actuality.

          • Hope he doesn’t go after the spirit animal. Just saying. She has nothing to do with this but I don’t put it past his paranoid ass to make some twisted connection. I think we need to be careful about inadvertently involving innocent people.

      • well, if Craig posted your comment himself by cutting and pasting from here, it would dovetail nicely with his victim schtick. (What that has to do with his Enlightened Warrior schtick I cannot begin to comprehend, but I suppose it is one of those Paradoxes the Woosters love to yammer on about.)

        I mean, who knows how it got over there, but him doing it himself is a likely explanation given events in recent days.

    • I am curious to know what the peeps here think about the fact that by her own admission, we know Ali reads here, and despite all the discussions about her questionable actions and ethics, it seems like absolutely no one, including herself, has shown up to try to defend her. It’s been crickets on that front. What’s that about?

      Also, Ali mentioned in one of the podcasts that I listened to that she was (paraphrasing) “worried that other lawyers might be reading” what was being discussed here. That strongly implies to me that she DOES understand the implications of her actions and activities.

      • I thought the meant that she was concerned about lawyers who subscribe to her lawyer training service reading this not lawyer who might sue her.

  26. My two cents regarding tattling on Ali Shanti to the bar: Don’t do it!

    Look, she’s going to trip herself up and if people have used her services without even googling her, they get what they deserve. Her activities, legal or otherwise, are forever documented on the internet. Good lawyers know better than to draw attention to themselves.

    “Give ’em enough rope to hang themselves” as the saying goes. Rainbows and drum circles won’t prevent her from the Bar Association when they catch up with her.

    Besides, do you really want to be THAT person who gets her disbarred? I don’t think you do.

    • I hear you and a lot of what you said is why I am at least sleeping on it. I do want to clarify that googling Alexis Neely results in post after post after post about what fabulous fucking lawyer she is, old interviews, some new agey shit but nothing that doesn’t look legit, etc. You have to dig to figure out it is all bullshit. There are interviews she gave with people who seem relatively legit in which she is billed as an awesome lawyer — and she wasn’t even licensed at the time and the interviewers apparently didn’t bother to look her up on the CA bar site to fact check that. Even the negative articles mentioning that she is full of shit don’t mention that she isn’t licensed because apparently the authors of those articles didn’t look her up either. But generally good points that I agree with.

      • Illegal and unethical activity is what I expose via case study let me know if you want help. I do not know all or many of the facts around this whole shanti group but we see it over and over again. If illegal or unethical behavior goes unchallenged these type of people take that as encourgement, replicate the behavior and take their reward from their vicitms. Not getting involved is the easy thing to do; and, trying to expose the truth isn’t popular by certain groups and there’s a name for peope like that: criminals.

      • One of the things that pissed me off the most in looking into Alexis’ web presence is that it is very difficult to figure out the truth about her post-BigLaw background, finances, credentials, etc. Her advertisements and businesses are numerous and any criticism is buried deep into her Google results. What is readily available on the internet is that she made millions! and so you should trust her to guide you to do the same. I feel that most folks considering whether to plop down $678-$2000 to attend an event where she will speak while unlicensed or $999 / MONTH! to subscribe to her services while unlicensed would be unlikely to discover that her narrative appears to be bullshit. Nevermind the $880K BK on the heels of a malpractice suit.

        It really takes a “deep dive” ha to get to the facts. If it were true that simply googling her would reveal information that should deter a sane person from hiring her, I wouldn’t even be considering reporting her.

        • That’s by design on the part of the person who does not want the truth exposed (name change (not related to marriage) is also a really big tip off) that there’s more to this story. I need to go back through and read all of your threads and can try and create a case study. If you have a dummy account you can email at bjxbravo (at) gmail (dot) com

          • I do indeed have a dummy account and I will email you now.

          • perfect whatever links you (or anyone have) will at least get me a starting point to pull it all together-time line it and put it through the case study model. I seriously had no idea who this chick was and at one point thought she was the bling ring chick (ha) I get now she’s not but that’s how far off my radar she was.
            Doesn’t make her any less dangerous. One thing I have been doing (that’s not making quite a few CEOs very happy) is making sure I tie every crime to their title and company. Huge corporations are trying to re-writing history to distance themselves from the corporate crimes. They’re trying to make the internet forget and as those on here say the internet never forgets (we just have to help it remember and not let it forget). It’s called forced accountability.

    • Shaming people into not being THAT person? You mean THE person who is seeking the truth and wants to make sure others possibly don’t get hurt by illegal or unethical activity, THAT person?

      • I just think Ali Shanti’s reputation speaks for herself and she is leaving her legal/illegal droppings all over the internet. She is going to get her own self in trouble. Believe it or not, I think RBD site is perused far and wide. It’s only a matter of time before she screws herself up. It will happen.

        I also think anyone who has hired her without due diligence is a sucker. So, yeah, people who hire her get exactly what they deserve. They’re no better off than hiring the lawyer who has an office in the back of a shoe repair store and can get them an uncontested divorce for $100.

        • You may reconsider your rationale that people who don’t google her get what they deserve, after reading THIS:

          POINT BEING: Frail, elderly folk might very well be the demographic least likely to utilize google, while at the same time being the demographic most vulnerable to shady shanti shenanigans (shantianigans?), & pls keep in mind the other point made about how buried in search results the truth about her is …

          • To underscore that she’s targeting people for estate planning, there’s THIS:

            IRONIC EXCERPT:
            As soon as you left your lawyer’s office and your life changed, or your assets changed or the law changed, your expensive estate plan became a very expensive pile of paper. And, if your lawyer didn’t ensure your assets were titled properly, your family is at risk of having to deal with an expensive and long court process, which is just what you paid your lawyer to avoid. When this exact scenario happened to Alexis’ own family when she was in law school, she thought the lawyer had committed malpractice. After becoming a lawyer herself, Alexis discovered this was common practice!

            Also, how the hell many trademarks does one need when marketing to marks? Oy.

            Personal Family Lawyer™

          • Do as you must! I won’t stop you. I just think she has left a sloppy trail that the Powers That Be will pick up on very soon…I mean, we found it.

            Godspeed, my friend!

        • I honestly cannot believe anyone who is a commenter here would say something like that. Again, you do realize some people don’t have or use the internet right? And some people don’t know ANY lawyers, or friends of lawyers, and sometimes end up with a bad lawyer through no fault of their own?

          Yeah screw those non english speaking immigrants! Screw the elderly guy who can’t read! Are you out of your mind???

          Should this apply to financial advisors as well? “Oh well they didn’t look up his U-5 form before they gave over their money to his investment form, they are suckers LOL! Who cares about their million dollars!” And on down the line.

          Great worldview. Really sympathetic and realistic.

    • I would say that you wouldn’t be the person who gets her disbarred or even in trouble. That decision is up to someone at the Bar association. I mean, fuck, you do a bunch of shady, unethical shit, you should be held to account for your actions. You don’t want to create a hardship for your kids? Don’t do dumb shit.

      • FWIW, I say go with your gut. Send it. I have a HUGE issue with unethical behavior and that’s what is going on here. My parents instilled that shit in me. I am sorry about her kids but maybe this would make her be more careful with them.

        Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, I basically fucking shat my pants taking the LSAT and I am normally a good standardized test-taker. That was 1994 and I am over it.

        I went to a very fancy (but not-OMG! not-Ivy school) and I was a French major, wtf was I thinking, ever in my life, but I would have thought that ethics and morals still stand for something, but yeah no with this one.

        • so sorry, so not good grammar/usage, but the point was meant to be: obviously this bothers you enough to draft something to send off, and she is misrepresenting herself in a horrible way. Just do it.

          • Ok, first of all, for anyone who’s saying ‘don’t be that person, can we please remember that these are the same people who TRIED A CATFISHING SCAM EARLIER THIS WEEK, complete with fake ‘old guy’ lawyer? And while it’s not proven, yada yada, we’re supposed to still give them enough rope? I don’t know, psycho-delic, if you have had the time to put it together, I don’t think there’s anything to feel guilty about in reporting it.

            Also, this is just my $ .02, but if you are going to do it, I’d report it yourself – Thexy Thilver, you are probably totally legit, but after this week, I’m jumpy enough to be paranoid… if I were a certain filet o’ fish, I think offering to do all the submitting of Psycho-Delic’s work would probably be on my list of “ways to outsmart the oft-smart ‘haters’ who show me my shadow side”.

          • 8 dollar grapefuit, I really think that the internet never forgets and this site — RBD — will have some influence in outing her illegal practices without anyone specific coming forward. I don’t totally know how the internet works, but I’m sure if you google Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely, RBD threads come up. Reading them would make anyone with a brain pause and reconsider.

          • BeepBeep: I am in relationship with your juicy comments, and I want to acknowledge and appreciate their softness. That said, your comments trigger me because I don’t think most people will read 400-comment-deep threads on a gossip blog and so far the actual posts haven’t featured the true extent of Alexis’ bullshit. Please consider being in relationship with googling “Alexis Neely.” Currently, the original “Here is an Alexis Neely / Ali Shanti post” entry shows up 8 pages deep into a search, and the previous 7 pages are full of content largely generated by Neely herself on her many sites. That, and legit sounding interviews that mention none of the reality of her shit and posts about panels featuring her.

            (Woo speak attempt was not a jab at you at all, just trying to speak woo for fun. I found it to be not fun and much more difficult than the English language.)

          • Psycho-delic Ballerina’s Dirty Tights fka Lurker, I appreciate the warm hug of your response and respond in kind with the tenderness of a thousand rejuvenated unicorn mistresses. My only concern was for you (even though I don’t know you) sticking your neck out ala Norma Rae, Karen Silkwood, or that Julia Roberts character. Just wanted to remind you that this is a hate blog and used really for the amusement of scores of basement dwelling fat cat ladies, myself being one. I am old enough to have witnessed people who have screwed up, get their just rewards. Namaste.

    • Before finishing the thread, if she got disbarred because she violated ethical rules, I would lose exactly zero amount of sleep over it.

      “Look, she’s going to trip herself up and if people have used her services without even googling her, they get what they deserve. ”

      Um, no. Actually, what she is doing is not just unethical, it could be illegal. So, yeah um, no. Would you say the same thing about someone going to a doctor who wasn’t authorized to practice medicine? Why is this different? Newsflash, there are actually poor people out there who either have no internet or don’t think to do such due diligence. What if she fleeced a poor person or immigrant. Guess they get what they deserve LOL!

      Lawyers follow rules. If they don’t they pay the consequences. THe end.

      • Also, she’s not going to get disbarred. And if she does, yay. But she won’t.

        • Well, yeah, um… I feel strongly another way and I am NOT lol-ing about her behavior or any of her illegal activities. I don’t think she is that clever a person to escape any “authorities” notice (I don’t know, the CA Bar, police) at this point. She has made a messy trail and just by continuing this thread, RBD is doing good, good, masterful work in making her life possibly even messier. So I thank you for keeping the thread going! Bring it on!

  27. I’ve never poked the donkey; however, I did alert a government agency to some possibly illegal stuff being done by one of her old associates. If you think something is wrong, report it. Don’t tell everyone after you do it or ask for advice here. Just follow your own convictions.

  28. Do it – without whistle blowers the government systems don’t work

    Also – I really want to read the Reinhardt Family Trust v. alexis Neely lawsuit but it’s perhaps sealed? Can’t find it anywhere….

    • I want to know if it’s the same (Texas) Reinhardt Family Trust that I’m oddly familiar w/ …

    • It is not sealed. I have a copy of it. You can pull it off of the LA county website (costs a few bucks if you’re not affiliated with a firm that already has a subscription). The whole docket sheet and links to all 40 or so documents are online.

  29. After a week of dealing with my own grifter problem (an individual that coincidentally does not believe in sunscreen and is taking the bar exam next month), I beg you to send it.

    After I exposed her own shady work ethic to my employer, my grifter threatened to tell my boss and my colleagues that I was a victim of sexual assault. The sexual assault happened 11 years ago and has nothing to do with my job or my ability to do said job. She just wanted to get revenge for getting her in trouble so she grasped at straws. I didn’t even know that being maliciously outed as a victim of sexual assault could happen, nevertheless I have the fucked up text messages to back it up. I have to hand it to her because I ended up having to out myself in order to let my employer know about the threats. So she triggered me all to shit and fucked up my week entirely. Good for her.

    The grifter in question also has numerous children, including daughters. Up until she threatened me, I held back on letting my employer know the extent of her activities. After her stunt I dropped my reserve and told all. Ironically it was not her prior bad acts that got her fired but her threatening to out me.

    Sorry for turning this into the SparkleWolf show but I am just fried after this week and after my experience I cannot advocate enough for sending the Shantitown letter to the bar. The thing about grifters is that they will always grift. Shantitown just won’t be able to do it under the guise of being a lawyer. My grifter won’t be able to do it using my employer’s name anymore. Reporting them just forces them to move on to a different racket. Hence why you shouldn’t worry about the kids. I’m sure she has some Nigerian prince scam cooking that will put them all through Georgetown.

      • Yeah it’s been super fun. The fact I’ve remained sober through it all is the most surprising.

        I just put it in context with what JFA was saying about Donald Sterling attempting to shame Magic Johnson over his HIV status. It’s like these people are stuck in a time warp. It’s not the 1950s. Being raped isn’t my ‘secret shame’, I would just rather not talk about it. Especially not to my employer.

        • I’m so sorry. If there’s any good to come out of it all (the being triggered re: your trauma part of it), I hope that it & peace soon find you. Many hugs to you.

        • What a scumbag. I’m sorry you had to go through it once and then relive it again. Good on you for staying sober.

        • I’m genuinely touched catladies <3 I know I am mainly a lurker but I do love you all.

          This is really the only place I can talk about it (outside of with my partner) because my contract contains a blanket. NDA.

          I realize that I kept calling her a grifter without explaining why. She basically used my employer as a piggy bank and her position as a way to get shit for free in the wider community. She would harass co-workers for loans or to outright give her things, using her children as a tactic of guilting (ie. my daughter wants to be cool and you have a pair brand name shoes that kids think are cool. give them to me or else my daughter will be a loser). Just jaw dropping outright batshit grift.

          • Fucking sucks that sometimes doing the right thing can be so hard or come at such a high emotional cost. But, on the plus side: fuck them and go you!

          • I will give you this user name (not have my lolyer sue you), if you use it with softness

          • Stay strong. You standing up to her is amazing and you are more of a hero to her daughters than she could ever hope to be.

        • The fact that it was another woman who did this to you is infuriating. I’m so sorry — sorry for the sexual assault and sorry you had to relive it in a public way thanks to a completely soulless douchenozzle. You’re amazing for staying so strong and for standing up for yourself. It’s a fucking shame and a serious problem with our society that something like that could even be leveled as a threat in the first place. Stay strong and keep fighting.

    • This is fucking horrible and I am so sorry. God I don’t know what else to say, this is just gross. Threatening to “out” you as a fucking rape victim?? You say your contract contains an NDA — what contract (I am abbreviating from here out contract as “K”) is this? Do you mean you settled with the grifter and the settlement contains an NDA or do you mean your work K contains a blanket NDA? Because if the latter, how can that possibly extend to texts sent by an employee threatening to “out” you as a victim? I would happily look into doing something about what happened to you because we are the goddamned Illuminati. Please expand on the nature of the NDA if you are interested. And you can email me at lurker donk dot gmail dot com.

  30. So Ali (while calling it mistressminding or whatever woowoo term she’s come up with) basically has a girl’s night with all the chicks Donkey’s been single white female-ing, and my first thought was “how pissed must the burro be that she isn’t invited?”

    Then -boom- pics show up on fbook, and the Donk’s all over it, commenting about how much she loves all these women. Ali replies back that “she’s been thinking about Julia all night”. HA.

    • I can think of a couple reasons Donkey wasn’t invited. The first being, without Donkey there would have been. No RBD. Without RBD there would have been no expose of Shantitown. The second reason is that there needed to be only be one famewhoring center of attention at that meeting.

      • Nah, I think those chicks have been in a ‘mistressmind’ for a while, and Julia is new to the woo. I’m sure she’ll be ensconced eventually — there’s nothing a life coach likes more than a pet project. 🙂

        • Is mistressminding total lesbian sex? Interesting chapter for Julia’s book.

        • She is not new to horseteeth Moodley or LaPhlegm or Wendy Yalom or Ali Shanti. All of whom were there.

      • she wasn’t invited because they are tired of paying her tab

    • Watching RBD going ham on Shantitown, exposing her grifty ways, and sending Craig Failek scurrying like a roach back to Rochester was immensely satisfying.

      Alexis Neely is going to be up thinking about Julia for a while…wishing she had never met her.

  31. Totally OT, but you cats know how to get shit done.

    There is a scandal brewing quietly in my school district w/r/t the district office. Local news doesn’t seem compelled to cover it, even though it was an article by them that sent people frothing at the mouth and their comment section is more active than I’ve ever seen it. I’m pretty sure that someone with decent investigative skills could rip this whole thing wide open, but it isn’t really that kind of newspaper. Like, for example, they don’t even publish the salaries of the DO personnel, and the paper is probably as corrupt as the district dickheads. Or, more likely, in bed with them.

    I tried contacting other news orgs in neighboring towns, but no one has bitten. What do I do to get it going?

    I wish I could tell you all where it is, because I know the Cat Lady Illuminati Investigative Agency would be able to dig up so much shit. The corruption is off the charts, and a lot of it is out there just waiting to be compiled into a massive exposé. If anyone gave a fuck about a crappy little district in an increasingly depressed area.

    • How anonymous do you choose to be on the topic? Would you want to start a Facebook page “Justice for….”? Do you think you’d have followers? And would they slowly gather up and make some noise that way?

      • I want to stay anon for now, but I have a colleague who is willing to speak up. She will talk to the media if we can get any to pay attention. The thing is getting someone to dig past the surface scandal and into the root of the problem: district corruption. The first scandal has nothing to do with our site, other than being a result of the same mismanagement and bullshitery common to the DO.

        I think a lot of people would be afraid to join a fbook page, though, because one of the current accusations in the scandal is that the DO rules with threats and intimidation.

    • Do you have a Patch or any type of independent website for local news? Usually their reporters are looking for things to cover, and the public can comment.

    • Déjà vu! The mother of a BFF, an investigative journalist for a local weekly, uncovered & delved into scandal at the city’s ISD … turned into one of her many bailiwicks for many years, for which she won writing awards & became a household name to many. Worrisome Pelts (where? the hell has she been, anyway?) may know of whom I speak.

      That said, what comes to my mind is that you need to find an investigative journalist hungry for action, & one not tied to the local daily would be better anyway. Not knowing if your area has that kind of edgy weekly that doesn’t kowtow to buyers of ads, office politics, etc., another thought is to search out online writers, like maybe there’s a contributor to Slate or LA Weekly who’s somewhat local to you, something like that?

      • No alt weekly for my district, unfortunately. I already thought about how I wish that intrepid boy reporter JP would make a marvelous story out of it, if only he were from that town. *sadcheeks*

    • In order for the local media to take interest you have to have a ‘victim’ or person who they can shadow through the entire process. So if someone is willing to come forward from the group that’s been harmed that ‘s your starting point. Or anyone that has hard evidence of corruption and willing to come forward and discuss. I know this sounds harsh but it’s true the media is lazy and needs the story handed to them in about 99% of the stories. The formula (victim/patient/person first hand harmed) person being followed during horrible event then there for outcome comes to me from years of dealing with the media and having 3 very good friends at anchor level in the top markets who helped me get stories to finally break on the national level.

      • There IS a victim here (well-liked principal who was doing a great job turning around a troubled school, forced to resign through bullying and intimidation) but historically speaking that has never been enough to make something stick on them. Sadly, the neighboring town does better coverage of the crap than the town’s own paper does. Hence why I think there is some kind of handshaking shit going on between the district and the paper. Or maybe it really is just sheer laziness. Part of it is that it’s just kind of a rinkydink town.

        I just can’t believe with all these people calling for blood that no newspaper wants to touch this! The principal thing is just the tip of the iceberg.

        • Sorry I didn’t check back sooner. Then you need to do a press release around that person and put in bold at the bottom s/he’s available for LOCAL LIVE interviews. I know it’s very frustrating that media latches on to the dumbest stories while important ones never get the attention they deserve. It is what the corrupt count on sadly and the media often delivers. Keep flooding the stations with releases (or if you have a local media contact reach out to them).

  32. RBD is wicked good these days. Big thanks to our benevolent overlords.

  33. CORRECTION: I said something that was wrong and want to correct it. Regarding the malpractice suit vs. Alexis: Alexis allegedly went to the hospital where the elderly lady was “in critical condition in the intensive care unit and on a ventilator. Notwithstanding the emotional circumstances of the situation, Neely insisted it was critical that [the daughter who was there to be with her dying mother] execute an engagement agreement on the spot to engage defendants before her mother died or [daughter and developmentally disabled son] could risk losing everything. . . . Based on Neely’s representations about her expertise and under duress, [daughter] signed the engagement agreement.”

    So she brought the paperwork for the daughter to sign, not the dying mother as I initially reported. Not that that makes what she did any better.

    Just want to maintain credibility here, folks!

    • More allegations: “intentionally and with conscious disregard of [daughter’s] emotional well being, wrongfully insisting that [daughter] must leave the bedside of her dying mother to move funds from individual and joint accounts to trust accounts at Defendant’s Bank or [daughter] would “lose everything.” This was in fact false and Plaintiffs are informed and believe that this instruction was given in order to assure that every possible dollar be moved into trust, which would be subject to defendant’s 2% flat fee.”

      “willfully lying about [her] experience with special needs trusts”

      • Now I am thinking Cracken is here to filek her up too, omy what a web we weave when me manifest destiny of soft hugs and nourishing minds

        • No this is just me, Lurker, who realized that I made a factual error last night after skimming a really fucking long lawsuit and want to make up for having done so by providing some more actual facts.

    • Oh man, if this is true, what a rookie mistake for a person who did estate planning for Warren Buffet!

      “undertaking to jointly represent [daughter] individually and [daughter] as successor trustee of the Reinhardt Family Trust without disclosing any potential or actual conflicts of interest arising from such joint representation, adn failing to advise [daughter] to seek indipendent counsel on either her own behalf or on behalf of the Trust” . . .

      “failing to obtain a written conflicts of interest waiver pursuant to CA Rule 3-310”

      Numerous allegations re the conflicts aspect boil down to Alexis allegedly had multiple conversations with the daughter re the son’s special needs issues and “repeatedly assured” the daughter that she would represent her personally and otherwise generally led the daughter to believe that she would somehow represent the interests of the family trust, the disabled son and the daughter, but of course YOU CAN’T DO THAT MORON. Allegedly Alexis instructed the daughter to liquidate bonds jointly held by now-deceased mom and daughter, and pour all of that cash into the trust, and then move all of deceased mom’s and daughters’ accounts into the trust, which Alexis of course Alexis gets a cut of.

      The daughter appears to allege that the 2% Alexis basically stole by moving everything into trust accounts amounts to $800K, so unless I fail at math she allegedly moved $40 million out of accounts / bonds in the daughter’s name and into the name of the trust. Is this how you made millz!, Alexis?

      • Bingo. 800 thou is close enough to a million that she must have figured she could claim that for bragging rights purposes.

        these people. It’s like a worse version of Julia Allison’s wildly inflated numbers of FB and Twitter followers, most bought and paid for.

        • That $800K is separate and apart from Alexis’ alleged legal fees, which the lawsuit claims were over $160 or so (not looking back to get exact #). So she indeed could have made a cool mill off of this one family. I mean, they later sued her for malpractice, but that doesn’t fit with the narrative!! She’s a millionaire!

      • So help me out a little, is what she doing illegal or unethical? What I’m trying to ascertain (and forgive that I’m putting in terms I understand to make a parallel to gain understanding). Is what she doing similar to surgeons who were not board certified in plastics doing breast augs and not really disclosing they weren’t part of the board. Like when dentists were doing augmentations? So they were really doctors but not board certified and should not have be doing those procedures and many were fraudulently putting the ‘seal’ from the board on their websites to confuse potential patients?

        • This lawsuit contains allegations of wrongdoing. There was never a decision, it settled, so who knows whether any of this actually happened.

          The activity that is illegal and unethical in my opinion is doling out legal advice and otherwise advertising herself as a lawyer between July 2011 and last week, when she was not eligible to practice. Google “unauthorized practice of law California” it is a crime.

          And take a look at this:

          Key section: “No member practicing law, or occupying a position in the employ of or rendering
          any legal service for an active member, or occupying a position wherein he or
          she is called upon in any capacity to give legal advice or counsel or examine the
          law or pass upon the legal effect of any act, document or law, shall be enrolled
          as an inactive member.”

          Then hunt around on her sites and video sites to find her yammering legal advice all over the goddamn place. Use the wayback machine to fact check the dates upon which said advice was doled. Hint: the dates were July 2011 through last week.

          Nevermind lesser violations of CA advertising rules which are here:

          And nevermind that she didn’t actually TM the shit she has TM on like “The Lawyer You Love” as I recently discovered downthread.

          The lying is astounding.

        • that reminds me of the time I took my dying dog to a big vet hospital- they rushed him back, but refused to do anything until I paid the initial exam fee, then came at me with a $12K surgery estimate without which my “dog will most certainly die”

  34. So help me get on top of this. What companies does Shantitown currently operate?

      • Alexis Martin Neely
        Ali Shanti
        Martin Neely & Associates

        as far as I know. The fact she claims she trademarked shit that she didn’t trademark all over the place is killing me. See my links posted down below re this.

        WHY HASN’T ANYONE LOOKED THIS SHIT UP BEFORE? It took me all of 3 minutes to pull her and Craig’s BK filings, 2 minutes to pull the malpractice suit and one minute to go to the US Patent and TM site.

      • Yes, I had forgotten that one but came across it at some point because I remember looking at the “5 things to do before hiring a lawyer” post on the front page and thinking, STEP ONE: DETERMINE WHETHER THE PERSON IS LICENSED TO PRACTICE.

        Also, semantics, but she was admitted to the CA bar, she was just ineligible to practice or HOLD HERSELF OUT AS, I don’t know, a “Personal Family Lawyer.”

  35. Donks is headed to another woo fest soon where Avacado is playing. Something called Lightening in the Bottle.

    • Sounds like how they’d refer to Popcorn Sutton’s moonshine..

    • I love you San Francisco!!! So blessed to be home with my sweet dog who loves me unconditionally!! So happy to spend a few nights a month in a friend-of-a-friend’s sub-let in San Francisco!!!

  36. Y’know, with a few outlying exceptions (cough, Techcrunch alleged molester-marshmallow man, cough, tuna-fish sandwich munching bald basement guy, cough, Little Timmy the Testiest Turkey Farmer), this may be the first time this blog has actually explicitly covered the doings of people whom I would consider evil.

    Julia is a self-destructive nimrod who has mistaken the appearance of happiness for happiness but I see her at worst as an annoyance chiefly to the equally narcissistic brats she dates. She makes herself miserable but is burden to no one but her parents and a increasingly smaller number of sofas. The rest of the fools she associates/associated with are basically rodeo clowns with social climbing tendencies, shitty taste and too much Ayn Rand on the brain. But evil? Nah, just superficial, flaky, talentless and pathetic.

    Ali and Craig seriously creep me out. They exude malice and a need to damage, hurt and belittle other people and do so under a blanket of baroque misdirection and berserk woo-woo that makes ol’ Meshshirt Gargoyle look like Mr. Museum Board about to take tea with Muffy Potter Aston. Even without knowing the corruption implicit in Ali’s schemes, there is a true sense of something dark and hateful in everything she and her scuttling cockroach maybe-ex do and say that no amount of colors (bright) and rainbows can mask.

    I say this knowing that I myself enjoy lighting into these losers and that perhaps my participation here doesn’t say much about my character – but then I feel I don’t insert myself into people’s lives or misrepresent myself willingly to feed on the chaos and bad will my actions create.

    Julia, in complete seriousness, were I you, I would hitch my wagon to a different nag. Ali Shanti ain’t the unicorn she pretends to be, although hoofprints are something I would associate with her…

    • Also, I think Ali needs to be the Alpha unicorn. Julia will get her head handed to her.

    • Also a bit surprised Annie Tralalalalalalala hangs out with this horrid bitch. I don’t have Annie figured as the criminal type.

        • He is cut from the same cloth. It’s a cloth he masterminded himself, woven by indentured silkworms fed only on squeeze pages and Black Rock City dust.

      • I believe that no one interacting with this woman — interviewing her, putting her on panels, paying to attend her grifterfests, paying for her services, apologizing for failing to include a bullshit and fake TMs — (1) pulled her BK filings, (2) pulled her CA bar status or (3) looked up her fake TMs on the US PTO site before just eating up all of her bullshit. Which is unbelievable to me. And also tells me that, as JFA has been saying, she has no lawyer clients because these are like the very first things a lawyer would do upon coming across her crazed internet antics.

        • Perhaps this will come as a little wake-up call to Julie, Annie and the rest of these deranged twits.

          More likely Ali will whine and cajole and bullshit her way past any second thoughts they may be currently having.

          • I can’t wait for the (inevitable, methinks) turning on each other that’s bound to happen if / when Alexis Martin Neely, AKA Ali Shanti, has her dusty feet held to the fire of the CA Bar review … she’s bound to blame Filek o’ Crackers for the fluffing up of her eleventy-seven websites w/ the bogus ™ claims & all the other bullshit claims … & he’s already set himself up to take that fall by coming to RBD & launching his bot trolls DOS attacks, etc. …

          • Blow ups with women aren’t really Julie’s style. She only has huge public break ups with men. With her “sisters” she just moves on pretending like they never existed.

      • Annie Lala may be obnoxious and griftery (or at least married to one), but I truly don’t believe she’s malevolent at all. I get the feeling she believes in the love she’s selling, like a tent revival preacher who loves the Lord and loves the money.

        • I think she is as big of a shyster as any of them, and that she has more control over Eban than they let on. Birds of a feather fascinator.

  37. Funniest line ever:”They exude malice and a need to damage, hurt and belittle other people and do so under a blanket of baroque misdirection and berserk woo-woo that makes ol’ Meshshirt Gargoyle look like Mr. Museum Board about to take tea with Muffy Potter Aston.”

    so I had to look up muff:

    An East Coast bred and schooled girl, Muffie is one of those “doers” whom everyone wants to have on their committee because she can bring in the ticket buyers, raise the millions, organize the party from hiring the hall down to the putting the place cards on the table (and anything in between), and then show up looking like she’s done nothing but spend the day getting ready to look glamorous.

    She’s a whirlwind and sometimes that is evident just in her conversation which covers a vast amount of territory – from culture, books, to fashion and downright eyebrow raising dish. Intense, curious, easy to laugh, she’s chaired most of the major gala committees here in New York over the past few years. Everybody wants her because she’s famous for getting it done and getting it done right.

    On weekends, she and her husband escape (and with her energy, that is the applicable word) to their place in Locust Valley where daytimes are spent in the garden and nighttimes are spent, phone off-the-hook, invites regretted, putting their feet up, diving into a bowl of popcorn, absorbing to a couple of good flicks and catching a few well-deserved Zzzzz’s. For there’s always a very busy week ahead

    • I wouldn’t say Muffie’s the Numero Uno Bitch up here west of the floral divider along Park. She’s up there, though.

      • I’m not arguing a case for Muffy, just that she’s about as far away from woo-woo hippie mind-games as you can get.

        • I didn’t filek it, I understand

          funny line about alibaba and thegang of thieves!

          They exude malice and a need to damage, hurt and belittle other people and do so under a blanket of baroque misdirection and berserk woo-woo that makes ol’ Meshshirt Gargoyle look like Mr. Museum Board about to take tea with Muffy Potter Aston.”

          didnt mean to distract!

          • It occurs to me Muffy’s Google alert may have gone off.

            I may have to leave town in a major way.


  38. OT, but Sparkle Wolf mentioned how it was becoming something of a challenge to remain sober during a recent time of complete fuck, and I’ve been feeling that way a lot lately. I stopped drinking last Sept because I got in a fight with this guy at a party and then on the drive home, when I was covered in his blood and all drunk and hyped on adrenalin, my stupid ass thought it would be a good idea to argue back at my wife and it got pretty heated and it was just bad. I was so out of my shit that I shook her, and that’s something I swore I would never do. I hate to even admit that I did, because guys who lay hands on women are shit and I thought I was better than that. I didn’t violently shake her or anything, but it was enough to scare her and the next day she gave me the ultimatum: either it was booze or her. My dad’s an alcoholic, and I remember one time, when I was younger, asking him to stop and I was thinking “if you loved us, you would stop drinking” and how much it hurt that he continued to drink. So I chose my wife and I haven’t had anything since Sept.
    But the thing is that I grew up in a culture of heavy drinking and drinking is a big part of the sector of tech that I work in. Most of my good friends and contacts I only know because of happy hours and I am still coming to terms with who I am now that I’m sober.
    I don’t think my wife really understands how deeply engrained drinking was to my sense of self. Every social thing I would do involved drinking and getting drunk. Now I’m worried about my ability to network and make friends as a sober person. I guess I’m still uncomfortable in my own sober skin.
    On top of that, I hate my current job, am trying to find a new one, and I recently found out the guy sitting next to me is on the sex offender registry. I went to HR and they can’t do anything about it, because they don’t do BG checks and it was over 10 years ago. I want so very much to tell my female coworkers and those who have children about this, but HR basically said it was a private matter that I should not discuss with anyone.
    So, I feel you, Sparkle. I know my shit’s not even in the same ballpark as your shit, but it was good to read about someone else struggling and succeeding at staying sober when the shit really hits. So, thanks. Also, sorry about the wall of ‘mememe’ text I just put here.

    • I have found that being sober is the hardest thing ever. There are so many days where I wish I was still pilled out that way everything could just be dulled, but then I would be dulling both the good and the bad which would just be stupid.

      I’m so sorry that you are dealing with so much right now. Just remember (not to sound all full of woo) that you are stronger then you think you are. You will get through this because you have the awareness and the drive to.

    • I admire your candor, that can’t be easy. I hope you have a strong support sys to lean on when times get tough & urges get strong. Many hugs to you also.

      • Yeah typing that up reminded me of how much of an absolute piece of shit I was that night and that it’s always possible to become that person again. My wife sure as hell does not deserve that. So, that was a good motivator to stop feeling sorry for myself and being resentful about being asked to stop drinking.
        Much softness to all. At least when things become completely shitty, and life is not going as planned, we can all take a moment and realize that at least we are not this gagglefuck of failure and scheme juices.

        • Best to you. I think having the willingness to scrutinize your actions and take responsibility is a crucial step. I wish you well for the rest of the journey.

    • 1. tell this stuff to your wife; she can help, and it will help her to hear it
      2. find new things to fill your life – you need some new hobbies and you need to meet new people <– this is critical
      And don't just substitute one thing for the other – ie eating too much or getting too religious, which I've seen a lot of sober people do, subbing an albeit better "god" for the other but still not addressing the roots
      3. watch reruns of Rescue Me (the tv show w/ Denis Leary, not the animal outreach series)

    • I have often wondered what would happen if I decided to become completely sober, and for all these very reasons. I’m surrounded by writers and craftspeople, and there is a lot a lot of intoxication, and I’m as guilty of it as anyone. I think what I would tell myself–on a minute-to-minute basis–is that I brought these consequences on myself. I bought something that I now have to pay for the rest of my life. It’s a debt, and it’s paid for by denying one of life’s major desires.

  39. I hadn’t even thought to look up all of the trademarks . . . anyone want to take a stab at where I may be going with this?

    Hi Alexis. You did not trademark “America’s Favorite Lawyer” as represented here and here (“Correction: I have been informed that I have incorrectly used the phrase “America’s Favorite Lawyer” with regard to Alexis Neely. In fact, it is “America’s Favorite Lawyer™, ” as she has registered the trademark. My bad.”)

    You are a LIAR:

    Her “America’s Favorite Lawyer” TM application was abandoned in 2000. Yet Alexis apparently contacted the simplejustice blog guy to get him to post the TM correction in 2008 or 2009. WHAT A LIAR!

    Also, there is no record I can find of any TM application, much less an actual TM, for “The Lawyer You Love,” which is sitting on the front goddamn page of her personal site as well as all over the place elsewhere. See eg .


    • What about the most ironical one yet: “Truth-telling Lawyer™” ?

      • Nope, I cannot find a TM for “Truth-Telling Lawyer” or “Truth Telling Liar” either. Disclaimer: I am not a Patent or TM attorney, so maybe there is some resource I am unaware of (other than the fucking US PTO office which come ON).

        • I swear I intended to type “or ‘Truth Telling Lawyer'” but what came out was “or ‘Truth Telling Liar'” which shows you where my head is at with this bitch.

          • Alexis Martin Neely, AKA Ali Shanti, the “Truth-Telling Liar™” is a thing of subliminal beauty.

    • Yeah I did and those videos are Exhibits A through double Z to “Doling Out Legal Advice and Holding Oneself Out to be a LOLyer While Ineligible to Practice Law: the Alexis Neely Real Crime Tale.”

      For example, someone please come and try to convince me that this is not legal advice: . “You don’t want to incorporate in Delaware.” “The have securities laws that don’t apply to you.” “You’re gonna be exempt from all of that.” I will give you millions of dollars — millz! if you can convince me that is not legal advice. Published in October 2012 when, all together now, Alexis was INELIGIBLE TO PRACTICE LAW.

      And yes, I have sent this and other videos to myself already so go ahead and take it down. I don’t care.

    • EXAMPLE: Introduced as a lawyer, she does *not* correct the emcee guy; goes on to say something like “as lawyers, we …” (about the :48 mark) new way to resolve conflict
      uploaded 22 mo’s ago, while license to practice was inactive

      • Ugh I hadn’t seen that one “Alexis Neely who is such an amazing lawyer . . . ” what an un-funny joke.

      • This all makes me dizzy …

        I wonder if anyone in her inner circle is starting to slowly back out of the room, while trying to figure out how to diplomatically distance themself from the crazy …

        • I seriously doubt it. There is no judgment in Black Rock City, remember. And that seems to extend to criminals.

        • In her current inner circle? No. I doubt they even get why any of this would be a problem.

          • THIS is what I think is going on. They think we are being meanies shut up you guys our dear Ali is the LOLOLOLOLyerest person we know, literally, in our lives!

            What is likely going on is similar to Filek’s baby mama’s point made to Ali about understanding that Ali had to buy into Craig’s bullshit because otherwise she’d be forced to look directly at Craig Filek and see him for the asshole he is and then bye bye TMI relationshit. Which is more or less what ultimately happened.

            The grifter set has to buy into Ali’s bullshit because otherwise they’d be forced to look directly at the publicly available facts about Ali and see her for the liar that she is and then bye bye the most “transparent” and “honest” member of the entire fleet. And they would all look stupid for not running a few internet searches before putting her up on a grifter pedestal.

    • The comments are the best. I must be doing something wrong, I have not cheated people through BK, and saved the world world by doing it. I’ll have a deep conversation with myself tonight about that!

      • The comments from Shantitown’s fellow grifters are indeed priceless!

        “With each wondrous and searing post, dear Ali, you reveal more of why I’m so with you. Polarizing I’ve been, but now I’m on the verge of “they ain’t seen nothin yet!” SO glad to have you leading and musing me along. Love beyond measure.”

        • All of the praise for being “honest” hurts my skull.

          • Grifterese? That mumbo jumbo came courtesy of the Originator at Energy’s Way, who’s pushing Shantitown all over his FB page amid red pulsating energy swirls–one must understand that divine feminine energy is the way to oneness! I just kant.

          • Lurker: More like what the fuck is going on in the world? Ali Shanti and her grifter contingent don’t even seem to be speaking coherent English. I feel like Robert Klein in this 1980s Twilight Zone episode during which he increasingly encounters friends & family who no longer use words with their conventional definitions. Rather, “hug” might mean “toaster,” or “happy” could indicate “tree.” I wonder what now constitutes “Liar.”

  40. O/T but I’m actually at the ballet right now (intermission) and immediately had the thought: “Donks really thinks she can do THAT!?” And then I snorted and got a weird look from my date because I was supposed to be focusing on the evil stepmother’s hobag-ness

  41. When did maids of honor start giving wedding speeches? I know, it’s the thing now, but I am fucking terrified of public speaking. I realize this sounds like a stupid thing to worry about and it’s an honor but we all have our fears and this is mine. I keep putting off writing it. But I know if I just fucking do it and have it memorized it will be better than reading from a shaky piece of paper. Does anyone really like hearing these things or will everyone be thinking “sit down, bitch.” (I know for a fact a few people in attendance will be thinking that, which doesn’t help.) I love my friend. Just staring into space feeling uninspired and anxious, always a great combo. I know, it’s not about me and its a couple minutes of my life but fuck. If you hate snakes and you know in a month you will jumping into a pool full of snakes, you get where I am coming from.

    • Here’s an idea — just make it short and sweet — no big deal. Seriously, think: four sentences. Think about it. Write it out. Practice. And end it. The thing to remember is — the audience is ALREADY ON YOUR SIDE.

      Maybe open something like: “I would just like you all to know, that although I love ________ very much, and am so happy that she met __________, I am very very nervous. So this is going to be brief.” (Then the crowd will think: Aw, she’s trying…)

      Whatever you do, don’t go up there and “wing it.” Have a beginning, middle and end. Prepare, practice, make so you could give the speech in your sleep. It will be great. If you need help, contact me (somehow via site?) and I will help write. I often have to talk to large groups of people for a living, and it helps to know your stuff cold, so they can’t throw you with questions. I am also of Irish descent, so I could talk to the wall. About anything. At our family, we joke that we need a 6 month engagement period, so everyone can work on on their toasts.

      Seriously, I would be happy to help. JFK, Churchill, David Frost (etc) ALL practiced their bon mots.

      • ps — If there are any Brits in the wedding party — THOSE GUYS can give a speech. Usually rhymed couplets, witty, charming — don’t compete with them!!!

      • well I want to give you my email but I am a little paranoid posting it here given the latest developments with certain people. do you have a generic one?

        how brief is brief? I feel like I have to give some background and the bride thinks I’m going to give some hilarious speech which just adds on the pressure.. it’s a long story but I don’t want to let either of them down.. I like the idea of saying right off the bat that I’m nervous.

        • Well, let’s put it this way, when he won the Oscar, William Holden said: “Thank you. Thank you.” and got off the stage. You don’t owe the bride — or anyone — anything. There will be LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE giving speeches — the Best Man, the Father of the Bride, there may be other friends of the couple who want to get up and talk.

          Again — keep it short. I would — seriously stick to one paragraph. Esp since this is (already) causing you such anxiety.

    • Jumping into this conversation because I was *just* at a wedding at which lots of guests (friends of the bride, friends of the groom) gave speeches. And a lot of them were really long, rambling accounts of that particular friendship (“I first met X at college, when we were both ourselves in the same class…later we went on an awesome holiday together…I will never forget that fantastic night in Spain…”) – and it was SO boring! One person after another documenting in excruciating detail the relationship to the groom / bride and then listing ALL the qualities about the groom / bride that they like. It went on forever.

      So – I’m just seconding Bunsy’ advice to go SHORT. One lovely, moving paragraph that says – I love the bride and I think the groom is great and it’s wonderful to share this special day with them.

      Good luck!!!!

      • Could we possibly have been at the same wedding? I went to one not that long ago and the rehearsal dinner had more than 20 speeches (!) and the wedding night probably had another 10-15. There was no time for large amounts of drinking or dancing. It sucked.

        Keep it short. For better or worse, women aren’t expected to give funny toasts – funny is just a bonus – I think people are generally just happy with a short, kind, sweet, supportive toast.

    • My 2c:

      I wanted a simple wedding. I actually wanted to elope, but it wasn’t possible. And then the simple wedding devolved in a more elaborate affair, mostly because my husband’s family (and his very JIML sister) had to be contained.

      We didn’t plan for best man and maid of honor, but in the end we did ask our best friends to give a toast, mostly to avoid anyone else to say anything awkward of assholy out loud. And it worked. I think that’s why so much planning goes into weddings, mostly, to contain all the JIOL and do damage control.

      I think your friend mostly wants someone safe and on her side to rely on, not the best most witty speech in the world. Be sweet, simple and short and you will be perfect.

    • He knows now he’d never get away with it, and all because of us meddling kids.

    • These navel-gazing whack-jobs are sooooo tedious! Here’s a gem:

      ” Like any serious medical condition, it’s wise to let
      people around me know that I may get triggered”

      In other words: step lightly, & step high — in place of where the coping skills of a grown-ass man should be is a huge load of festering shit, & the onus is on you to avoid getting buried alive in it.

        • I just … geez! I am seriously just gobsmacked re: his “serious medical condition” analogy …

          Three summers ago, I was having fainting spells (scary fringe benefit of an actual medical condition) — after determining potential “triggers” I had to (only on a couple of occasions tho’), tell people I was w/ that ‘If ABC happens, don’t freak out, just do XYZ.’

          For me, it was uncomfortable to put a spotlight on a situation beyond my control that I strive not to let define me, & so, for the life of me, I can’t even begin to fathom his insistence that everyone else be vigilant to his asshat juvenile tendencies that *are* w/in his control, would it be that he just sack up & grow a pair.

      • These are the most self-involved assholes I’ve ever witnessed. They make JABA look somewhat charitable because at one point she was willing to give her used magazines to the battered women.

        • I was trying to explain the domain scam to a friend this morning and I had no idea where to start to explain these assholes.

        • Just enter Jayson Gaddis into the name fields and hit search. My search results apparently didn’t transfer. God these morons.

          • No he is licensed. I looked it up at the same website.

            I also listened to most of it.

            Oh Craig! What a loon!! She dumped you. You’re a controlling patronizing jerk! You want to be mothered and have girlfriends on the side! Good luck with that! It’s possible if you’re clear about your intentions.

          • No, he is not. Look at “license status”: Expired and Cancelled.

          • No surprise this clown isn’t licensed. What reputable therapist would allow his 50-minute sessions to be broadcast over the internets?

            I could stomach about 90 seconds of this drivel before shutting it off. Does Filet of Fish really believe anyone wants to spend an hour listening to his little girl whining?

          • Would a licensed therapist have a gregdamn “DONATE” button on his cite / site / sight?

          • Also Founder, BoyStrong. Is that grifterese for NAMBLA? These folks make my skin crawl.

      • Also, how many times can he repeat that Ali is almost *forty* and a *woman* and *starting menopause*. So of course she doesn’t want to sleep with only one man. She’s nearly expired. If he were a woman and nearly expired, he’d want to fuck as much as possible before it’s curtains too. He gets it. He really feels where her dried up, expired female concerns are coming from.

        Can’t even keep his vicious misogynistic manipulating comments under wraps when talking to a “therapist”… in public on the internet.

        On the other hand, Ali is still tagging him in basically every single thing she puts on Facebook for no apparent reason which is “triggering” his inner infant.

        Don’t do drugs, kids. Really. Don’t.

          • oh sorry. reading comprehension fail. *shame spiral*

          • If more than one person is misreading it, then it’s probably more of a conveying sarcasm via text fail than a reading comprehension fail.

            If you didn’t watch the video, it comes out of nowhere. But if you do watch the video, you’ll see that poor abandoned adopted Craigers justs wants to be loved and cared for (and the right to fuck other women) while sluttly rebellious teenager/nearly forty menopausal woman Ali wants to fuck around instead of tending to his wounds.

          • Dean, you started your comment very clearly with, “…how many times can he repeat…” Craig is the only faildebeest here.

            Love and light and lemon squares, bunnies!

        • I stopped listening short of the three minute mark … now I’m intrigued! Dang, I wish it were transcribed, then later when friends are over, we could do dramatic readings. 😉

          • He’s repulsive on the inside and the outside. What I wonder is how these assholes both have teams of enabling faux shrinks and “life coaches” and they’re both completely bonkers. I’m betting there’s bartering instead of cash trading hands—like some parasitic circle of life. Who has the time or energy to devote to crawling around inside their own asshole 24/7? They’re exhausting.

        • he probably has enormous man boobs due to low testosterone along with the micro dick

        • My mother had her period until her mid 50s. My best friend is 55 and she is still perioding. WTF is he talking about? Lots of women I know and have heard about have gotten pregnant easily in their early 40s.

          Just STFU.

          • in each of the past three generations of my family, women have had children well into their 40s and are bleeding huge period blood chunks into their 50s


          • One of the most awkward conversations I had with my mother was during a lunch we had when I was in town visiting while I was in college. She was in her early fifties and going through a sort of existential crisis because all her children left home, plus she was having heart problems. In the middle of going on about how she has lost her identity, she mentions that she got her period, which apparently hadn’t happened in a while and she said she was scared for a bit that she could’ve gotten pregnant because her and my dad were going to pound town quite frequently without any luggage. I didn’t finish my salad.

  42. Regarding our friend the “formerly” licensed counselor, good for him that he at least put “formerly” on his website. Now he just needs to change his twitter handle to remove that credential and he’ll be clear of violating CO law each and every time he fucking farts a tweet.

    I hate to be all “but lawz!” on this rules schmules parade of reckless clowns, but Christ if they aren’t like the new asbestos litigation. I bet I could gather a class of people these grifters have defrauded in like one day if I focused on it, but of course I would not not even attempt to do that because they are all brokes mcgee bankrupt assholes from whom no one could collect a dime. Or they’d just go on shopping sprees at Nordstrom’s and in Vegas casinos to max out all of their credit and then whoops ain’t got no money to pay your damages because BK bitches!

    • Wait – did the guy actually change his site/cite/sight today?!?

      Good Lord – you seriously are doing Greg’s work with all of this.

  43. Unreal. Euan Rellie is still flirting with Donks on FB after all these years. It is to barf.

    To wit: (perhaps a bad choice of noun there)

    Julia Allison
    Yesterday near San Francisco, CA
    “Don’t choose the better man … choose the man who makes you a better woman.” – quote passed along by my friend, the inimitable JP Black
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    Annie Lalla bouya!
    Yesterday at 1:24pm · Like · 2

    Brett Bullington Nice
    Yesterday at 1:42pm · Like

    Klaus Moeller That would be the better man : )
    Yesterday at 4:08pm · Like · 2

    Euan Rellie I’m still fishing around
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