Craig, Ali, Donkey and/or Other Donkey Agent Admits to Being Stupid Tool, Issues Threat




Love and light, bunnies! This group is so evolved, so peace-loving, so serene, so filled with love and understanding and goodness and kindness, and so much BETTER than the rest of us.

From “Marshall Gravelle” today in our inbox:

Respect. You clearly have more time on your hands than I gave you credit for. Don’t worry we already know who you are, just wanted you to sign some documents to prove it. Prepare to be fucked with. For the rest of your life.

Email Address Terminated.


    • Also, I thought those enlightened masks wouldn’t fall that easily. And I still fail to understand the rationale behind their anger. They do shit and get called out for it and then get all up in arms about it, thereby drawing even more attention to the shit they have done, which started all of this. Smart move, genius and geniettes.

      • Also, the “Respect.” is kind of hilarious, if patronizing (no one wants your respect, hun).
        As if this was some kind of duel of worthy opponents and not a completely insane attempt at damage control that only makes matters progressively worse.

  1. I have commented on and off over the years but try to limit my acitivy for the most part, as all you catladies take the words out of my mouth, but wtf? She is a LOLyer, this is completely unethical and shady behavior. I find him to be a deviant so I am not surprised by anything he might do, but she willfully engages in this type of thing i.e. creating fake Linkedin accounts, email addresses and companies so she can trick someone into signing documents to prove who they are? GET A JOB AND WATCH YOUR KIDS. In my opinion, she should be disbarred. Jesus christ.

  2. Huh. Now I doubt Ali is directly involved because she knows how much damage a threat like this would do to any case the sender might believe s/he had.

    Related: Has anyone seen my popcorn?

    • No one said she was a good lawyer. I think this is more Craig than Ali, though.

      • This message doesn’t want to worry you that some legal trouble may be coming your way. This message wants to put the fear of God and for your life, livelihood and all that’s dear to you into you. Looks like a typical Craig to me (pure conjecture).

        • Exactly. I obviously don’t know who sent this, but it doesn’t sound like a legal threat. It *does* sound like something that could get at least a temporary restraining order slapped on someone, but that would serve the sender’s purposes because they’d have to be told whom they were obligated not to contact.

        • Exactly. I’d expand the message header, and get screen captures. You never know.

      • yeah, Craig Filek seems like a fundamentally angry dude. After perusing his Facebook bloviations extensively yesterday (sick day, Craig Filek! and a fascinating sick day, at that!), I feel comfortable concluding that this campaign has his not-so-enlightened fingerprints all over it.

        Where’s that NVC when you need it, Craig Filek?

    • I’m not convinced she’s involved … remember in the audio when she hesitates about telling him & says something about not wanting him to get involved? I have a feeling that there’s quite a lot she doesn’t know about him & what all he gets up to …

      • I’m leaning this way too. According to his Facebook page, he’s in New York. Wasn’t their hand fast supposed to be happening a few hours ago?

    • I am not convinced it’s not Donkey herself. She has no job and lots of time on her hands. And the threat is something we’ve heard from her before.

      • If this is the work of a Donkey we just may have angered her enough now that she’ll do something rash like follow through with her threats to have a boudoir fauxto shoot 🙁

  3. Any fandhasting live updates? my computer broke in a disaster and craigfliked up

    • Well, that’s CraigFileking annoying as hell!

      The barb about “you have too much time on your hands” is Fileking amazing. Because it takes less than a minute to run a Radaris search or TinEye an image, whereas these super busy thought leaders had the time to make up an embarrassingly transparent catfish attempt.

      Shouldn’t they have been picking patchouli for the hand fasting or something?

      • tried but I failed to sign up, alas, I fliked up.

        here is an image you get after you sign up

        link to conversation about how Fraig should get paid for his work with Ali Babba

        and a “Legal Information” section that links to nothing

  4. And isn’t “We know who you are”, like, the oldest trick in the Book of Intimidation? And can’t a lawyer, who is licensed for a change, actually get into ethics related trouble for engaging in blatant harassment, issuing threats and intimidation? I don’t know how these things work, but I would think that there is some kind of code of conduct or something that this clearly violates?

    • The person who wrote this is not an attorney. However, it will be hilarious when any attorney to whom the writer may or may not be handfasted finds out this was sent. Healing may be required.

      • Oh, I’m sure that this has Craig Filek written all over it, however, I am not entirely sure that the lawyer really did not know about this. Maybe not about the exact wording, but she knows Craig Filek is a man with anger issues and little to no impulse control, so she could have expected this to happen.

        • I don’t doubt an attorney may have known he was doing this, but there is no way that one read the above email and said, “Looks juicy and delicious. Time to congruently and lovingly become one with the ‘send’ button. Namaste.”

        • My heart breaks for those kids, seriously. It’s like Night of the Hunter only with woo instead of angry Yahweh.

          • Aand the subject of my nightmares for days to come has been determined.

            But I agree, that message is a further clue to just how unhinged the man is – it does have a male tone, doesn’t it? Donkey’s crass threats have a different ring to them and are usually longer.

          • He’s unhinged, alright … & Craig Filek strikes me as exactly the type to twist a little kid’s arm behind their back in an epic power play when no one else is looking, then deny it if said kid isn’t too scared to let someone know. How scary is it that he was in a position of authority at a Montessori school? I can only imagine how intimidated he is around bright children …

          • Love the “Night of the Hunter” reference, though I had more sympathy for Shelley Winters’ naive widow than I could ever have for scammy Shanti, who’d be off navel gazing and sticking quail feathers in her unruly mane with or without Craig Filek.

            Looks like TMI Relationship ISN’T up and running, and I’d so been following the countdown to Jakob & Julia: The Child Rearing Years.

          • Hing hang hung
            Look what the grifter’s done

            Seriously, you have children, stop posting about your unstable home life for the world to see. Don’t have fights about co-parenting on Facebook. FACEBOOK. You are 40 years old. Your children don’t want to read about your vaginal juices in some scam artist’s beard.

  5. Love how they flat out admitted to fraud and still think that they can issue a threat.

  6. They don’t know who you are.
    They would have addressed you by name, thinking it would put a scare into you.
    Anyway, all they can really do is blog about you, or whatever. And that will be like shouting into the wind.
    Actual harassment, like calling up people’ employers or financially fucking with them – is definitely illegal. And even these clowns aren’t that stupid.

      • It’s not legal. But if it happens, it should be easy enough to pull an IP address out of the logs and forward it to the appropriate authorities and the server host (who’d probably suspend the account owner).

        IDK if any of the children have the potential to be script kiddies, but shit, if you’re interested in getting them interested in tech, take them to a hackerspace or Maker Faire.

  7. They dun got our IP’s! We’s gonna get backtraced. Consequences will never be the same.

    • It’s cool. I’ve activated the healing essence of my womanly center. And my tinfoil hat has just come back from the dry cleaner.

      • Shit, I’m not in touch with my womanly center. Is there an expensive retreat I can attend to do that?

        • I’m developing one now. Would you like to be the first to pay $4997 to sleep in my dog’s travel crate and eat lentils with tofurkey while learning about how you can develop a spiritual auger to unblock your shame spigot?

          • Hmmm. I have to be honest, my aura-cleanser told me to avoid the number 7 as it is incongruent with the vibratory energy of my inner light-being. I do like lentils, though.

            Are there any crafting opportunities?

          • I was scrolling down& doing a drive-by read, hence seeing that as unlock your shame pig

            & now I’m harboring an earworm of Who let the pigs out (hey hippie high ho oink oink)

          • It’s funny you should mention crafts. One of my spirit sisters suggested “stick gluing” paper hearts on something she calls a “wish box.” It sounds like a shitty, narcissistic way to get out of putting actual thought into a gift for a friend, so I think our participants will LOVE it.

          • Used yoga mats and thrifted tights or it didn’t happen.

          • Spiritual auger? Shame spigot? I almost choked to death alone at my desk erranding.

          • ANd btw speaking of brit moron, her BritBox link on her website wasn’t working yesterday. I was gonna put it in a FB comment to make fun of it, and lo and behold! It wasn’t there.

            So proffeshionul!

    • You dun goofed up. They called the cyber po-lease.

  8. Oh, come on! It took me all of ten minutes of Googling to figure out this was a scam. Also WHO WOULDN’T do their due diligence when they’re offered this kind of money out of nowhere?

      • Exactly!

        I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they came up with the scheme (“… I know! We’ll say we want to buy their domain name! We’ll offer them $10 grand! Who could resist?! And we’ll set it up to make it look real! With a website! They want to play internet, we;ll show them! We’ve been doing the internet for years! We ARE the internet!”).

        And then, boom.
        It happens so very rarely that dumb people, who think they’re smart, ever actually have it dawn on them that they’re dumb.

        This is one of those times.

        I think this is one pair of dumb people who, for one fleeting moment yesterday or today, got that sinking feeling. Shivered just a little as if from a sudden chill. Blinked furiously for a few moments, as if some strange dust had just got caught in their eye. And then heard a whisper. Telling them something about themselves. A whisper a little too low to really be heard, but audible enough that some deep, reptile part of their minds absorbed it: “You’re a total idiot”.

        Mommy, Daddy.
        I salute you.

    • People who think bankruptcy is a competitive sport?

  9. Also, there are 44 comments in our spam from them since I left for the grocery store two hours ago. Now who’s the one with all the time on their hands?

      • I know, none of them are getting past the spam filters now.

    • I wonder how long it’s been since either one of those fools — by which I mean Ali Shanti and Craig Filek — actually went to the grocery store. They’ve got minions for that, so that they have….more time on their hands to muck about on the Internet.

      Irony of ironies.

    • Let me start by saying I know I ask a lot of dumb computer questions, so it is possible to flood a site/ or particular post with spam? I had thought so but wasn’t 100% sure; but, as usual they don’t think things through and all it does direct more attention to exactly what they didn’t want people to see in the first place. Recently dealt with something similar and it just helped bring the topic to #1 organically on Google. They really are brilliant, aren’t they?

      • In the UK we’ve just had a case of a right-wing, Eurosceptic party involving the police to get a twitter post they didn’t like taken down. As a result, the blog entry about this received at least 120 000 views world wide and, of course, the matter received intense media attention. So now, basically everyone knows what they did not want people to know – similar to our Craig Filek / Ali Shanti problem (assumingly), the tweet was based on facts. Actually, the guy had fact checked the claims on a critical poster made by someone else. So that worked well. Isn’t that what we call the Streisand effect?

  10. Email Address Terminated.

    Heh. Tough talk, coming from the FILEKing whack job that you are …
    Methinks your woman is about to terminate your current home address.

    • And where the hell is Mr Shanti, the ex-husband? Surely he can’t be okay with this parasitic freak-filek parenting his kids.

    • He will! Along with Any Bu Tt, كريغ Filek الأحمق, and I. Much like Enterprise, we’ll pick your ass up.

  11. For those wondering why I’m convinced this is Craig and Ali, it’s just a best guess. Y’all have been digging up dirt on them at a breathless place and talking about them more than Donkey herself, as of late. Plus, I’ve poked the Shanti on the Twitters a few times in the past couple of months.

    • The timing strongly suggests that they are at least involved. And there’s no way Donkey would make even half the effort required to come up with the harebrained scheme and see it through. Also, she seems to be busy deciding who she wants to be next.

      • Yeah, these people are professional scam artists. Frankly, Donkey is just too stupid. This was totally next level scamming, and Donkey is just too lazy.

        • I also doubt she has a long enough attention spam to think further than either whine to Daddy or write threatening message. And since she’s fresh out of prestigious boyfriends, she can’t exactly sick “Avocado’s Lawyer” onto people, if that guy’s still in the picture at all.

        • What on earth are the conversations like today between donk and her sister ali? Do you think she knew they were going to pull this it is to laugh attempt to out mommy & daddy?

          I want to be listening to those conversations.

        • I know this scam wasn’t Julia. These people, or Craig Filek, paid money for webhosting, paid money for a domain name, took the time to create the LinkedIn profile, paid money for the stock photo (or it would have had a watermark like above), and took the time to copy/paste all that bogus content into that pathetic fake website.

          There is no way on Greg’s green Earth that Julie would spend actual money, and also no way in hell she would have done all this work. Craig did more work on this scam than Julia has done in the preceding 2 full years.

        • Right, also: who do we know that is somewhat skilled in spamming the internet with tens of websites containing double speak about various bidnesses? Alexis claims that she has a “social media team.” In my opinion, this has Alexis’ “social media team” written all over it.

      • She would’ve outsourced it on FB, so we would’ve known it was coming.

        “Is there anyone who can help me take down a site? Launch a LOIC? I kid, I kid!”

    • So literally, the second the spambot arrived and started posting the other night, Craig had just posted some gibberish woo word like # impermanence on his FB, and right after that a friend posted “happy early bday craigger let them try to grab the bull by the horns”… Does any of that mean anything? Who the fuck knows.

      But lets say for one second, it ISN’T them. We know they know about this place, right? Didn’t they have a friend who supposedly told them we think she’s being abused because this friend obviously reads here? This is something they tee-hee’d about on a FB post… (unless there is a different story of him abusing her that didn’t come from here.).. Didn’t Craig say something about how Ali reads here? So, what we know is they know about this place. So if it isn’t them doing this, wouldn’t one of them, or one of their friends have seen by now what was happening here, and I don’t know, maybe come here and post something in a rational fucking manner defending themselves, or email you guys saying something along the lines of “You have the wrong people, assholes!” or whatever term enlightened people use.

      But they haven’t done that, have they?

      • Yes, Craig said “but you LOVE to read there” or something on their taken-down audio recording with respect to this site. Yes, we know that she reads here. Correct, no one has come in to dispute one single thing that has been said. Which speaks volumes.

        • Exactly. Not hearing from them just proves its them. I wonder if she is pissed that he engaged and started this whole “I’m gonna get you sucka” bullshit.. then again maybe it’s her doing.. or a stupid friend. Who the hell knows, but they’re obviously connected or someone would have said something.. The guy has obvious mental issues, is it really a stretch that he’d take this route? And gee, how convenient that the recording was taken down. Hey enlightened one: Don’t talk to people on the internet if you don’t want the internet people to have an opinion. You want real names and faces, stick to your retreats and stay offline. It’s not that difficult of a concept. Especially when you are being so blatant about pushing barriers and also being assholes to your kids.

  12. Why don’t they just ignore us? With all their blathering about enlightenment, growth, evolving, etc., it seems they still haven’t learned to ignore the haterz. By “fucking with someone for the rest of their life,” they’re staying in a relationship with their haterz and expending a lot of negative energy on them.

    Emotional Maturity 101: Holding a grudge is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die. Craig, Ali: get off the computer and go dance under a rainbow or something. Put something good out into the world, and maybe people will see that instead of what the haterz re-blog about you.

    • SRSLY. This. What you pay attention to grows. They just made this little mushroom farm flourish… when if they’d just ignored us we probably would have gotten bored after a while and moved onto the next thing.

      Btw, while “mandy” is right that there’s no proof that it’s them, the dead giveaway for me is that “Marshall Grevelle” has the same idiotic faux-gravitas name as all those trolls who were ranting about penises at whatnot, and … he went to GEORGETOWN LAW. oh my holy fuck. How much of a narcissist do you have to be to leave such a trail of ego-feeding droppings?

      Proof? Perhaps not. But the circumstantial evidence is kind of awesome.

      • I’ve yet to be wrong when it comes to these sorts of things.

      • Are you mocking Tomas Jefferson? He’s totes going to tell everyone in gym class about your tiny troll penis.

      • Exactly. If you’re going to make a fake lol-yer, send them to Santa Clara University or San Francisco State. The hyped-up prestigious education is a straight tell it’s a fake profile.

    • Oh, Tingolayo, have you not learned anything from your time in grifterwooville? It’s not IN A relationship with the haters; its IN RELATIONSHIP with the haters. Cosmic effing difference.

      • Oh, you mean like “in flow”? Back to the $3000 workshop on Actualizing Your Congruent Self-Goddess to Amazingly Lead an Epic Life (2-day online summit) for me.

  13. Oh man, this is all so poorly thought out. More unauthorized practice of law with whoever is behind Marshall Gravelle. Attempting to perpetrate a fraud and then confirming via email that you were attempting to perpetrate a fraud. Threats, harassment.

    Alexis Neely: you somehow managed to skate by for years as an unlicensed attorney who prolifically posts advice from a “truth telling lawyer.” You also managed to dope people into thinking you filed BK for the greater good despite publicly available information revealing that you were actually on a shopping spree at Nordstrom’s and in Vegas. You did all of this without so much as a ding on your bar record! GOOD JOB, seriously, that is quite something.

    People are on to you now, though. You are for the first time in years actually close to getting into some real trouble. This is not the time to double down on illegal activity. This is the time to take a bow, flip creditors everywhere one last bird, and step away from Craig Filek and whoever else is involved in this nonsense. Because if you do get reported to the bar, there is already a mountain of evidence you yourself have provided on the internet supporting your disbarment. It is not in your best interest to add to that mountain of evidence.

    To poorly quote JFA: as a lawyer, I don’t even fucking understand this. If Alexis Neely had any brain cells left after all of the “medicine” she’s ingested, she would currently be in the process of removing her internet presence. But that is not happening so, happy hunting, bar examiners!

    • I can’t wait for JFA to finish her desk erranding and weigh in on this.

      • I’ve been rung!

        I can’t…I just cannot. Lurker is more eloquent than I. Totes agree with your rant Lurker. how fuck this betch has not been sanctioned, seriously beats the shit out of me. But I feel it, it’s gotta be oh so close.

        Also I have no doubt she is involved in all of this. methinks Craig Filek o Fish is not smart enough even to pull this off.

        Hey, Rage-aholic. Go shit out some rainbows, maybe take some peyote, get in touch with your inner child. What was his name? Oh right, Babyji. Didn’t that child have a child? Babyjiji??

        Clearly you have enough on your plate, what with all your real life child you neglect, your inner child Babyji, HIS child Babyjiji, and your mental problems.

        Meditate. Trim your goatee. Clean your Birkenstocks. Go on a nature walk. This isn’t worth your time. You’re in over your head, Babyji.

        • Yeah, I really believe as far as they go, he’s the “muscle” while she’s the (fried) brain of the operation. The message says it all. He’s surprised that he couldn’t spam us into submission and when he says that “they” already knew who Mommy and Daddy are (as if) and that they only wanted signed documents as proof, that’s clearly her thought at work. Would this, apart from the scam part, count as entrapment? Anyway, some dream team you two are.

  14. I love how sooo many people have known who Jacy and JP are. And they are going to RUIN THEIR LIVES. Very Alexis Carrington.

    • Forever Krystle was my favorite perfume as a little girl. Oh noes! Now Marshall Gravelle will use that information to find meeeeeeee!

      • I was more of a Dallas fan but Dynasty was saucy and our mom let us stay up to watch.

        • Every Friday night, my mom and I would make popcorn and watch Dallas and Dynasty. I’d always have to get up at the commercial break to refill her wine glass.

    • I don’t know, but he has an ADORABLE bull dog in his profile pic.

    • After a short stint as a prosecutor, he fulfilled his destiny and joined the asbestos/mesothelioma practice at daddy’s law juggernaut. One imagines he’s developed a killer go-to-Wilmette look for those infrequent occasions when his buddies ask him whatever happened to that shrill hosebeast he used to boink. He still can’t stand the sight of small dogs, bodega tulips or “Have a nice day” signs.

      • Oh, those were fun days hosting the entire bogger clan and taking her sisterfrands on vacations. I hold those memories, all of our memories of her unbelievably ridiculous life, softy. In a safe space.

    • Funny, I was wondering the same thing the other day. Funny how she “settled” for him yet he’s still probably dodging her calls.

      Also, whatever happened to CDB?

      • Just a friendly reminder because these people are CUHRAYZEE and capable of murder by patchouli, can we refrain from using real people’s names in our screennames?

        • So sorry – it was an homage but I certainly don’t want to dip my Facebook idol in the crazy. I’ll abbreviate until I can think of something better.

  15. So they are not going to be handfasting, but they’re still holding some kind of ceremony?

    Relationship TMI
    15 hours ago
    Are you joining us for the Google Hangout Handfast Ceremony tomorrow?

    1.) We moved it to 4-4:30pm pst 7-7:30pm est
    (because Craig’s daughter has a school recital at 7:30)

    2.) We aren’t planning to handfast!

    You can see why tomorrow on – sign up for notice when we officially launch the site.

    3.) Here’s the Hangout Event:

    4.) But you might do better going directly to the Hangout page when the time comes…

  16. Also, let’s say they even DID find out who Jacy and JP were… and let’s for a second pretend all their dreams came true and they got Jacy and JP shut down/sent to jail.

    So what? We’d still blog! The catladies are a community and other people would step to the helm. They can’t stop a movement, even if our figureheads were silenced, the rest of us would not be.

    • I’d like to continue this.

      So you’ve found them out. Next? Harass them? Good luck, there are eleventy lawyers who read this site who would step in in a heartbeat. So would the police if needed.

      Try to get the blog shuttered? LOL! You’ve both worked SO HARD, to be public figures, what with your multiple businesses, Ali’s television appearances, your blogs, your new TMI venture. So, just wondering if you’d try to plead, I dno’t know, maybe defamation? Quite a high bar there, since your all public and stuff. Plus, wow, litigation can take years.

      So what, exactly, are you planning on doing with that information, the information you don’t have? A threat over the internet is one thing. What possible recourse do you have?


      • I noted the other day that Alexis Neely’s fb profile explicitly states that she is a “public figure” and LOLOLed. Good job, lawyer, and good luck claiming that we defamed you.

        And anyway, what with her blawg post about how we prodded her to bring her license current so as to avoid committing a crime, what would her angle even be? What’s the plan NOW, Alexis?

      • They would jizz into their into their yoga pants if they could out Jacy and JP. That’s all they want. It’s the petty satisfaction of trying to publicly humiliate someone and get the “last laugh.”

        • Totally. Because Filet of Fish especially, is a sociopathic rage beast and sociopaths are hella immature by nature.

          Neener neener! The problem is, we are innocent of all wrongdoing, and they are fucking freaks who post all sorts of freak-shit on the internet then whine when they aren’t seal clapped.

          Hey assholes, you do realize you are fucking insane right? When people don’t post all this shit online it’s because they are “normal.” You aren’t luminaries or visionaries of relationships or blogging. You are both scary and foolish hot messes.

          Excuse me while I get back to my business of not blogging my love life and sex life. TTYL!


    but honestly these grifters creep me out. mommy and daddy handled it so well. I was ready to get my spirit candles and beg CRAIG FILEK to tell me what to do, oh wait, I mean, allow me to use my feminine power.

  18. Holy SHIT, the bogus lawyer guy claims to have worked at Wilson Sonsini for 10 years? They didn’t even make up a bogus firm? Well I just so happen to have a few friends at Wilson Sonsini who may be able to assist with getting this shitbrain’s profile removed.

      • If Mom or dad wants to send me the email address purporting to be this guy, I could provide that to WSGR as well. Right now they’re just dealing with LinkdIn to remove the page.

          • I sent this email address and additional information re the fake business site to my contact and the HR and tech people at Wilson Sonsini. WSGR asked that their tech guy be involved as he is interfacing with LinkedIn and is also looking into whether they can obtain any more info regarding who is behind the fake profile.

            They said they aren’t going to spend too much time on this because, duh, but they asked me to let them know if the person sends any additional emails. They said they may ask for all emails sent if he sends more. Please let me know if you receive any further emails from this dude. lurker donk at gmail dot com.

          • I just received a follow-up email from a different person at WSGR stating that they are “bringing this up to [their] superiors.” The stupidity / ignorance / gall involved with setting up a fake LinkedIn account purporting to have been a lawyer at a legit, huge, white shoe law firm astounds me. So fucking stupid.

          • LOL I love you. Fuck with lawyers and smart people, you stupid assholes. This is what happens.

            You’re in over your heads. Go smoke a peace pipe full of weed and do a few hours of orgasmic meditation or whatever. You do that everyday you say Ali Shanti? Clearly it’s not fucking working.

    • Seriously. Way to pick a renowned firm that takes five seconds of googling to realize you are lying.

      • Yeah, the WS jumped out at me too. I dealt with them back in the day. If they had pretended they were a sole practitioner, that wouldn’t have jolted the catladies into action. I am just gobsmacked.

        • Entitlement, they prob know someone who takes the trash out there and felt entitled to use their image now in a negative way people don’t like that, just ask CSCrowley and her former employer that didn’t work out so well for her

    • The only way to shut these fuckers down is to take a page from their playbook and use it agaisnt them. I love that you know someone at the source and it will take them all of 5 minutes and LinkedIn will cooperate with law firms.

    • Wow this site is actually helping her, it may be the prod for her to snap out of it and stop fliking around and look after her kids and ditch the griftr, if she has physical friends in actual reality space to help her, this alone shows the value of this site!

    • From that post: “Here’s what my experience is of when I’ve “hated” in my own life (and it’s certainly never been to the extent these folks hate, so maybe it doesn’t apply), but when I’ve hated anything in the past, I was actually attracted and energized to what I thought I hated and secretly (it turned out) I really wanted what I thought I hated. I’m sure the haters won’t like reading that one bit.”

      Uh, what does she think we are attracted to, energized to [what?], and what is that we really want? I’m confused.

        • Ali has made me understand that I want:

          To become more racist.
          To kidnap Nigerian girls.
          To spend time with my sister’s ex, who physically abused her.
          To drink tapioca bubble tea.

          No, Ali. Sometimes people just dislike/hate/are repulsed by stuff.

      • We are attracted to them, but not in the way she thinks.

        They are the polar opposite of all that we value in this world.

      • Yes, the Allies were seriously turned on by Herrman Göring (and who wouldn’t be?).

        If you think you hate rapists, you’re actually attracted and energized by them.

        Nice intellecting, Ali. 🙂

        • On what I wish wasn’t a related note:

          Shillspacklespam recently recommended some tiny lightning bolt earrings. She thinks you should wear two in each ear – in which case they would strongly resemble SS insignia. Has she mentioned her OMGHarvard degree lately?


          • Oh, bless.
            I sometimes wonder how she’s still alive. Remember the tongue-burning by hot fork incident several years back?

          • Lightening bolt earrings! Awesome! I had a pair in like the early 90s, when I was an adolescent.

            Soon to be mother of two, ladies and gents.

          • Excuse you grammarian do not forget she was an original on “It’s always sunny…” until she was fired for having a vagina and replaced with someone with actual talent.

            Also, she dated one of those douche twins i’m too lazy to look up, and was on an episode of law and order. So close to fame! And yet so far.

      • Oooh, burn, she got me. I secretly long to be Eva Braun, eating egg salad in a muggy, mosquito-filled climate while Adolf plays glitch hop with the Westboro Baptist choir.

    • It’s official. She is enjoying this.

      Also WUT? Here’s what my experience is of when I’ve “hated” in my own life (and it’s certainly never been to the extent these folks hate, so maybe it doesn’t apply), but when I’ve hated anything in the past, I was actually attracted and energized to what I thought I hated and secretly (it turned out) I really wanted what I thought I hated. I’m sure the haters won’t like reading that one bit.

      Alexis Neely, let me be clear that I do not want (1) a BK filing that fucked my credit (2) a Craig Filek in my life (3) zero credibility among my peers or (4) DRUGS. Also, you are drawing even more attention to your issues with your license, which is a bad idea for the 10000000zillionth time SHUT UP ABOUT THAT AND MAYBE NO ONE AT THE CA BAR WILL EXAMINE YOU.

      The only reason I looked her up and pulled her BK filings was because she was making claims about earning 35K per month and behaving all over the internet like a not-lawyer. Why do these people fail to understand that the common denominator among them all is that they are full of shit, which pisses people off that are not full of shit and compels them to call them out.

      • She totally is. Which is sad. Don’t transfer your codependency issues over to strangers on the internet. We’re not your friends and probably never will be.

    • haha. Hahahaha. Oh, that’s pure gold. She’s going to pay back her debt when she has $500K, IF she thinks that’s the right thing to do for the universe. I won’t be holding my breath.

      But she can PRACTICE LAW AGAIN Y’ALL! She might even DO SO! Because clearly when a potential client googles her and sees her boyfriends video of her in bed with her tetas hanging out, they are gonna be like, “YES! THAT is who I want protecting my legal interests! She seems healthy and normal!”

      So glad our hate has inspired you, Counselor. Look forward to your contributions to the legal profession. xo

        • Narcissists can’t handle the thought of being scorned (or ignored). If they can’t get compliments from you, they’ll take the next best thing, fantasies of being important enough for you to hate them; there is NO other option. In a narcissist’s mind, you either adore them or hate them. Hence the ultimate insult “too much time on your hands / don’t you have some old bills to pay?” Because if you’re saying mean things about them instead of fawning over them, then at least you must be completely and genuinely obsessed with them, and when in reality you spend five minutes writing snarky comments, in a narcissist’s mind it congruently tranforms into you thinking about THEM THEM THEM 24/7 forever and ever.

          “I’m sure the haters won’t like reading that one bit.”

          Bwahahaha! You’re so right, Ali. I know I won’t sleep tonight. After all, your opinions are so immensely important to my hater self-esteem.

          • “They don’t like me ’cause they’re JEALOUS”

            –Every Asinine, Obnoxious, Despised Reality Show Star Ever

          • What fascinates me about this particular slice of stupidity is that I have heard it on reality shows and I have read it many many times on the internet, but I honestly never heard it IRL. And I have met some assholes and imbeciles and all; but never have I heard anyone seriously suggest that the only reason someone criticizes them must be hate stemming from jealousy. Real people I have met, including imbeciles, either realize that it’s really really possible that someone quite simply JUST DOESN’T LIKE THEM, and that it can have various reasons (whether or not they recognize those reasons as valid). Or if they secretly believe it’s just jealousy because there’s no other reason someone as delicious as them could be hated, then at least they have to good sense to keep that opinion to themselves. And let me repeat, this includes imbeciles.

            I just don’t know.

          • Oh, I have heard it. First, in high school, in particular during fights between girls of different degrees of popularity. Not great, but, hey, teenagers and all. More recently, I overheard it during a heated exchange between two senior academics and then, again, different situation, when some other academics were discussing the feud one of them had with a rival from another university. It didn’t shock me, though, as there are a lot of narcissists in my current line of work, in particular, many of the men are terrible divas. There have also been a few instances when I was still working as a journalist, but again, radio broadcasting tends to attract some very, very vain people, most of whom can’t wait to graduate to television. Long story short, sadly, it does indeed occur in real life.

          • I definitely hear it offered up by one person trying to soothe another’s hurt feelings, but in those instances, we’re talking mamas or teachers saying it to grade-school kids.

          • This, Bray. I know someone who says this to her demon spawn. I can assure you, the kids who refuse to deal with him are not jealous.

          • This.

            Plus they get it wrong anyway. They say “jealousy” – they mean envy. Different thing altogether. And while I think that there are people – particularly adolescents – who do “hate” peers out of envy (and a fear of being rejected) this is basically a dish of sour grapes one outgrows.

            And no, I do not personally envy anyone their cuddle-puddle. I am too busy stirring bathtub gin with my leg.

    • ohhhhhhhh my lord. why didn’t she just title the post, “nanny-nanny boo-boo”?

      I think these idiots thrive on the attention. And I’m inclined to stop spilling fertilizer all over their flytraps.

    • Here’s the other thing about that post. Presumably, the people who may actually read it (aside from us) are clients* / potential clients. Safe to say those clients / potential clients do not read here. So, they probably had no idea that the “truth telling lawyer” they hired didn’t have an active law license, but now they do! They also probably had no idea that she was “so publicly hated,” but now they do!

      Also, she remarks in this recent blawg post, “now that I’m back into the world of business” she went ahead and came current on her license. But hasn’t she been raking in 35K+ per month in connection with her businesses for a while now?

      Alexis Neely: navel gazing and TMIing are bad for bidniss. Especially the LOLyer bidniss. Why you are responding to haterz on your bidniss blog and simultaneously co-creating a TMI Relationshit fb page with a loon is BEYOND ME. You are literally getting in your own way.

    • here’s the thing… in general, I agree about the ‘hating’ thing. But I don’t ‘hate’ Alexis Neely and Craig Filek. I come read here because it entertains me, and their story is entertaining and pathetically sad at the same time. There’s a schadenfreude in seeing someone who so aggressively markets themselves with lies and half-truths be shown up for who they really are… and so I stay and read some more. Craig Filek does remind me of someone I know, and I guess I feel angry because the woman in my life who is married to someone like him is so, so miserable, and stuck… but other than that, I don’t ‘hate’ either of them. And I don’t think this is about attraction, or something I want to be…

    • So weird. I don’t hate any of these people. I just find abnormal psychology fascinating.

      • I don’t hate them either. I DO strongly dislike scams, fraud and criminal activity. I also strongly dislike domestic abuse.

      • And I just want one of them to understand that demanding someone take accountability cannot in any circumstance be considered hate.

  19. that “roommate”/servant is leaving the country in early June too, she likely could not by craigen fileking take it

  20. So predictable. When Ali cried to Craig about the haters he was all, oh embrace it, tell everyone it is your favorite website, and (in patronizing voice), well have you done wrong? Let it inspire you to examine yourself.

    And we all knew that when he got around to looking at it himself he would fly into a black rage. Ali, take note. If people write hateful things about you, stop your whining and take a chance to grow. BUT if people write hateful things about Craig, they must be stopped!!

  21. I’m really disappointed. These folks having been running grifter scams and making up websites to back them up for years and this was the best they could come up with? A blatantly fake lawyer (tip: next time use a name that that’s common enough to not be disproved by one 30 sec google search) and a couple of emails that make the Nigerian Prince scam look believable? I thought you guys were professionals!

    I guess they were in a hurry to dispatch this site before their handfasting. Because I’m sure they thought they could scam Mommy and Daddy, shutter this site and silence their critics in time for their morning asanas.

  22. Every time I read “email address terminated” I imagine them just hammering down on one of those Staples “THAT WAS EASY” buttons and it makes me cry laugh

    • My law school/Biglaw friend and I shared an office for two years and he had that button and every time he figured out some stupid legally thing he would hit it. It never ceased to make me LOL. “I cracked the case wide open!” THAT WAS EASY. Yes.

  23. I love when the truth exposes the truth. And the sender of that email is a sociopath. Truth.

  24. OT, but a Donkey feels bad for the whales. No comment on her returning her fee.

    Julia Allison shared a link.
    49 minutes ago
    I made the mistake of being involved with SeaWorld about five or six years ago – they hired me as a brand ambassador, and without thinking through what that meant I was advocating, I agreed. As an animal lover, I was disturbed by what I saw there, and I am equally disturbed by this article. This is my mea culpa.

    If you want to see nature, go out into nature. Don’t trap nature for commercial gain.

    • As an “animal lover” you may want to apologise to your ageing, depressed dog. Hypocrite!

    • Transbraytion:

      I wuz brand ambassador for Sea World! I iz thuper important. Also I iz mother earth goddeth now.

    • “they hired me as a brand ambassador” ???
      Hired, as on the payroll, or appointed, as in ‘one-time’ free trip?

      Yeah right, just like when D0nkey says she was a Radio Shack spokesperson, when actually, she just made & sent in her own video to that test market station.

      • The funny thing is that her lie makes her sound worse than the truth. Saying she was “hired as brand ambassador” makes it sound like she worked for them for an extended period of time and never said anything about having a problem with how they treat their animals as opposed to being offered one free trip.
        I also recall her saying at the time that she asked their animal trainers “tough questions” and was pleased with their answers.

    • I made the mistake of being involved with Julia Allison Baugher about five or six years ago – I hired her as a brand ambassador without thinking through what that meant. I was disturbed by what I saw, and I am equally disturbed by this web site. This is my Latin from high school: mea culpa.

    • Was she disturbed when she was swimming with the dolphins and posting kissy-face photos with them? Didn’t seem like it.

      • Exactly.

        Remember how forcefully she would defend being a paid shill by saying that she never, ever promised positive coverage even if she was being compensated?

        It’s so strange that she did not feel compelled to share her concerns about SeaWorld at the time.

        You know what’s far more likely? She didn’t give a sh*t then about the treatment of the animals but now that’s en vogue to be anti-SeaWorld, she needs to backpedal on being a paid shill in front of the woo-woo crowd.

    • As if she was thinking things through now. Nice try, Donkey!
      So who’s the latest mark? Any animal rights lovers among the potential trustafarian marks? That Bear Something guy, perhaps?

    • BWAHAHAHA! Yeah I”m sure she was “disturbed by what she saw there.”

      By the way, asshole. I pointed this out to you months ago. How, I will not say, but I’m sure you saw it. Nice to wait months to come out and say this.

      Blackfish premiered a while back. Just shut up. You don’t give a shit about anyone/anything but yourself.

      • She goofed on the punctuation is all. She meant to write: “I was disturbed. Bye!”

    • As I remember, correct me if I am wrong, but they hired her to visit, once. STFU.

    • No you know what? This really done fucking pisses me off. I was a vegetarian for all my adolescence, lapsed for a few years with chicken/fish, then went back two years ago. I’m becoming more and more impassioned about animal rights. One reason is seeing “Blackfish.” Another is, I actually give a shit about animals esp my dogs, who are like my children. I totally think great apes should get personhood rights under the law (fascinating article in the Times about this a few weeks ago I’m too lazy to look up).

      Basically, I consider myself a real up and coming animal activist. I’d like to do legal advocacy work in this field, etc. And even before I was this committed, I knew better than to fucking be associated in any way with “sea world.”

      This is old news already, and you are still an asshole. And if you were that committed to ALL THE ANIMALS, you would be an actual vegetarian instead of bragging about being a pescetarian because guess what? Fish is meat. Not that everyone has to go veggie, but don’t brag about not eating meat. Because you do eat meat. And you didn’t give a shit then and don’t now about captive whales. Wherever the money comes from, right?

      Late to the fucking party as always. Did it really take her this long to realize there was a Seaworld problem happening? Does she read the fucking paper? Does she read twitter besides going on there to post her own inane bullshit and leave?

      no she doesn’t. Your use of social media (what a maven!) is appalling. Social media is to interact. Not to post about yourself and then peace out. God I hate her ass.


      • Oh, you are so awesome!!! You are an up-and-coming activist??? Oh, thank you! You must be 20 years old and a complete retard. What’s next? Maybe you can pass a law forbidding lions from eating antelopes! Or maybe stop seagulls from eating fish! You will be SUCH a force to be reckoned with, no doubt!

        Listen, dipshit: animals have been eating other animals on this planet for about 3 billion years. Who cares? It’s all random and it’s meaningless. If you think there is some kind of afterlife where some bearded faggot is going to count your sins and give you points for not eating bacon, you are sadly mistaken while simultaneously missing out on bacon, the greatest meatcandy on earth.

        I run a farm in Texas. I raise chickens, rabbits, ducks, turkeys and pigs. I eat them all. I give them a great life, lots of room to run, feed them well and then butcher them in a humane manner. Fuck you for being so condescending. You haven’t the first clue, you seed-eating “I lapsed for a few years” twat.

        How do you know someone is a vegetarian? Because they never shut the fuck up about it.

        Also, vegetarians are less healthy than us carnivores. It’s science:

          • this comment just made me laugh so hard i’m shaking so as not to wake my sleeping boyfriend. you win my internets today, aka jane 🙂

        • This is awesome.. Two Beauchamp posts within a couple of days. And yeah, we’re all a part of the food chain, heh.. 🙂

        • JFA is ragging on D.O.N.K.’s faux-vegetarianism, not on carnivores.

          Sit down, Matt.

        • Ugh and I actually called one of your posts funny today. Wow, thanks for showing me the light. Like i’m gonna click on your links LOL.

          Why are libertarians always so angry? How the fuck does me being a vegetarian annoy you so much? Why am I even talking to you? Why are you even here?

          It’s like you troll the comments just WAITING for some lefty to say something that you can pounce on.

          I bet you have a very small penis. Just a wild guess.

          • Also, new user name.

            Crazy farmer from Texas LOL! Jesus, I just got turned on. That is so my type. Love the smell of cow shit and a good whiff of insanity.

            I gotta go eat some tofu BRB!!!!!! Meat is murder xoxoxoxo!!!!!!!!

          • I think Matt’s day goes something like this:

            Wake up, hungover
            Begin drinking
            Stare blearily out window at shithole “farm”
            Curse God
            Curse ex-wife
            Curse ex-wife’s lawyers
            Begin to tremble with rage
            Log on to rotating platform of 1,000 random websites
            Leave drive-by nasty comments about liberal idiots
            Consider feeding turkeys
            Realize turkeys have fed themselves on vegetable crops
            Curse God
            Drink more
            More nasty comments on websites
            Scour news sites for tragedies to mock, horrible deaths to cheer and random disasters upon which to pour scorn
            Remember that mommy never loved him
            Drink more
            Throw up
            Shit self
            Pass out

    • Fuck me. The next thing we’ll hear her confess is that she never liked cheesy skillets. What is this world coming to?

      • Oh this made me laugh out loud. I may have peed my pants a little, too. I must appropriate this for need a new name now that the Homeless Avocado the premises

        • Derp, derp. Typing fail. Loling too much. Either that or it’s the booze. Anyway, what I meant to say was I need a new name now that Homeless Avocado has apparently vacated the premises. And I’d like to appropriate cheesy skillets.

    • I think I have LOL’ed at comments today, more than any other day.

    • Shilling the same Alexis Martin Neely Lolyer Business Model that sent her spiraling into bankruptcy indeed does sound like she & Craig want everyone else to be well-Filek’d.

  25. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty sure I first coined Shantitown. I have to claim it, because it’s the best writing I’ve done this week.

    • Shantitown was brilliant. Everybody here has been so brilliant throughout the Great Spam Siege.

      • I personally lost it when RRR made some comment about the bot named James Brown.

      • Albie, you just made me literally shake with laughter again. And oh, so true, everybody here has been so brilliant! you included 🙂

  26. Since I learned from the grifter woo woo crowd that one should walk one’s talk, I had a very productive conversation with my friend at Wilson Sonsini this afternoon, as well as a follow up chat with someone on the complaint line at the CA bar. Wilson Sonsini’s HR department does not find Marshall Gravelle’s LinkdIn profile to be amusing at all and no, no one with that name ever worked there (duh).

    I had previously been hesitant to file a complaint with the CA bar because I would have to state my name as a complaining witness. HOWEVER, HOWEVER!! As I learned from my friend and confirmed with the State bar of CA, in cases where no complaining witness is needed to establish the activities complained of, such as where the person is a big enough buffoon to post evidence of their unethical, illegal activity on the InterWebz, the bar will investigate an anonymous complaint! The only requirement is that the complaint is in writing (you can’t email it to the state bar).

    So, if you would like to write up an anonymous complaint with links to unethical behavior, like for instance holding yourself out as a “truth telling lawyer” and providing advice in that context while ineligible to practice, go right ahead! The bar may also be interested in posts about drugs and other shady behavior. Mail your anonymous complaint to:

    State Bar of California
    Attn: Intake Department
    845 S. Figueroa St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90017-2515



    • Does anyone have screencaps of the things that would qualify as being part of an ethics complaint?

      • I’m grabbing now but please share here as well as I am preparing a missive.

        • I’m grabbing shots that include some indication of the date, even if evidenced by the dates of the comments.

          • HAHAHA BANKRUPTCY oh here we go again back to pulling bankruptcy filings.

          • Yuppers, good ol Craig Filek filed for bankruptcy (“BK”) in April 2009. Oh, great.

          • Wow, okay. I wan’t sure if “BK” is a universal / formal abbreviation / acronym or merely RBD’s, so I had to ask rather than assume … but I would have laid $$ on it, & now wonder how influential he was in encouraging Alexis Neely AKA Ali Shanti to release her debts too.

          • Lawyers refer to bankruptcy as BK. I can’t believe these two. They are so full of shit. So according to this mess: , Alexis ran into Craig at a Dan Kennedy event they were both attending in 2007. In 2007, Alexis had hung her shingle and walked away from BigLaw. Also in 2007, Alexis and Craig first went into business together. That worked out well: Per Craig’s BK, Craig made $2600 in gross wages in the entire year of 2007. Craig and Alexis still did business together throughout 2008-2009. In 2008, Craig made $34K. In 2009, he made $12K. This is the same time period that Alexis claims she was building “million dollar businesses.”

            Per that same blog post, Alexis started doing hard drugs and invented Ali in 2009. Craig filed BK in April of that year. At the time of filing, Craig had basically no assets and no money. 5K all in with retirement, car, etc included. He had balances on eight credit cards — 8! And one business line of credit on which he owed $2K. No lawsuits. All told the cc balances and other debts totaled $87K. No interesting cards like Nordstrom’s, just B of A and Chase etc.

            Alexis’ trajectory from smart BigLaw Gtown grad to hippie grifter is beginning to make sense. She got in business with Craig Filek from 2007-2009, those businesses failed (even though she was making millz! during this time!), she started doing drugs with Craig, he released all of his credit card debt, they got together romantically a while later, her businesses began failing, she accumulated $880K of debt and just a year or so into her relationship with Craig she, too, released all of her debt.

          • Would Craig Filek’s bankruptcy filing account for why 38-year-old Craig Filek has been telling the internet that Craig Filek is only 35?

          • I re-posted the Craig BK post at the end so it’s not stuck so deep in the replies. I don’t know about his age, but I love that this troubled, bankrupt pair decided to team up and start teaching other people how to do bidness and relationships. Well qualified indeed.

          • Does she talk about doing drugs? That should go into any complaint.

            Also as I say below, def include specific rules from the CA ethical code for lawyers that she has possibly violated.

          • JFA — she did indeed post about doing drugs, which I have captured in my draft.

            The hardest thing about drafting this letter is trying to explain a sufficient amount of the nonsense without coming off as insane myself. I mean I have to address multiple identities (Alexis Neely and Ali Shanti) and so on . . . I’m actually leaving out a shitload of detail because in the context of speaking to the bar the whole truth is just too out there.

          • The bar should watch the closing Ceremony tomorrow … your work would be done.

    • That is a wonderous thing, but does it qualify as poking the Donkey? Does that rule extend to her affiliates?

      • I have to respectfully disagree. She is a licensed attorney, or was holding herself out as one. Anyone who suspects or knows of her either breaking the law or the ethical rules governing attorneys has every right to report it. Indeed, even a duty. You can’t practice medicine without a license and you shouldn’t be able to do it with the law either. There is a reason certain professions are regulated.

        • Makes sense. Just wanted to be sure we were all systems go on the rules/ethics front.

      • As JFA said, as lawyers we actually have a DUTY to report unethical / illegal activity. Donkey can go about spouting whatever nonsense she wants — I have never poked the Donkey. Reporting a fellow member of the bar who is making a joke of our practice on the other hand, that is not poking a donkey. That is adhering to the vows I took when I became licensed years ago.

    • THANK YOU. I’m not doing this out of hate, if I do it. I’m doing it because I genuinely take my admission to the bar seriously, and actually I believe if you KNOW a lawyer is breaking a law or rule of the bar, you have a duty to disclose. I believe that is the case anyway.

      I’m gonna take a look at the CA equivalent to the Code of professional responsibility and see which rules she has broken.

        • I have no idea. I have to read the rules to see if I think she for sure violated them. I’m not gonna run and rat out an attorney unless i”m for shit sure there is a reason to. And if it’s borderline I probably would not.

          But I have no qualms about doing so if I think there is a clear violation of any ethical rules. That’s completely fair game. Ethical rules exist for a reason. I have a billion and one things to do and this is like number eleventy on my list. But we will see.

          • Besides the fact that this is not like, a lawyer mistake. We’ve all made them. I’m not into ratting out lawyers unless they deserve it. And I’m getting pretty sick and damn tired of seeing her 75 websites marketing to lawyers that are shady at best.

            IN any case, you have to do something VERY egregious to get disbarred. But if she’s sanctioned in some way, I won’t lose sleep over it. I’m seriously surprised it hasn’t happened already. She’s already been sued by clients at least once per her bankruptcy filings. And she clearly lost because she owed money in a judgment.

        • I am. Here is the rule I believe Alexis violated:

          6126. (a) Any person advertising or holding himself or herself out
          as practicing or entitled to practice law or otherwise practicing law
          who is not an active member of the State Bar, or otherwise
          authorized pursuant to statute or court rule to practice law in this
          state at the time of doing so, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable
          by up to one year in a county jail or by a fine of up to one thousand
          dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment. Upon a
          second or subsequent conviction, the person shall be confined in a
          county jail for not less than 90 days, except in an unusual case
          where the interests of justice would be served by imposition of a
          lesser sentence or a fine. If the court imposes only a fine or a
          sentence of less than 90 days for a second or subsequent conviction
          under this subdivision, the court shall state the reasons for its
          sentencing choice on the record.

      • I agree. My father is a lawyer, my sister in law, several of my cousins… so I think you SHOULD take it seriously. You shouldn’t be allowed to make stuff up — it’s like saying you are an MD. It’s serious stuff.

  27. Also, no handfast. Just got this in my mailz.

    Hey Ali –

    Are you joining us for the Google Hangout Handfast Ceremony today?

    1.) We moved it to 4-4:15pm pst / 7-7:15pm est

    (because Craig’s daughter has a school recital at 7:30)

    2.) We aren’t planning to handfast!

    This will be a simple, 15 minute closure ceremony.

    You can catch up on the conversations that lead to this decision on after the call when we officially launch the site.

    3.) Here’s the Hangout Event:

    4.) But you might do better going directly to the Hangout page when the time comes…

    If you can’t make it live, we’ll post the replay on in a day or so.

    Hope your day is going better than ours… but remember:

    “In every adversity lies the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”
    ~Napoleon Hill

    • Does anyone else feel like this is another blatant attempt to grab people’s identities? I for one and NOT CLICKING IF I’M LOGGED INTO TO GMAIL OR GOOGLE ANYTHING. (unless it’s under my burner username 😉

      • They’ve been planning to host their handfast over google hangout for weeks now, so I don’t think it was originally intended to be an ID tactic. That said, I’m with you. I’m too dumb with tech to be clicking anything without logging out of everything.

        What they were not planning was the negative feedback re their relationship on their TMI page and this place generally blowing up their scene.

        OH well, I’m glad Ali is not going to be handfasted to nasty Craig Filek for the next year. Not that I know what that would even mean.

    • Wow, I am almost beginning to feel just a little bit for those “hippies” – you can’t simply break up and go your individual ways, but have to suffer through a “closure ceremony”? And then what? Weekly meetings/phone calls to discuss how each of you is alchemising the transition? It’s ok to simply break up, no pomp and circumstance needed, trust.

      • Is anyone going to be present for this closure thing (on google?). I can’t, and I can’t listen to the video, either. I’m supposed to be working.

        • I think you mean you are “meant to be working.”

          Wonder how Donkey’s inspiring LA speech was received…

          • You are so correct, and in honour I shall now don my most expensive frock.

      • oh, don’t feel too bad for them. It’s all part of the plan for the reality show, I’m sure.

        • I suppose so. But I’m emotionally and otherwise exhausted just imagining I would have to live like that. And horrified.

          • they’ll figure out a way to monetize the “closure,” whatever that entails, and polish into mythic status. It is sort of depressing that the kids have to watch.

          • Yeah, I really hope the Angry Ex of the East at least decides to say screw this and takes her daughter for ice cream or something nice before her recital. Because what’s the point in making her watch this? Had they renewed their woo woo vows, that would have been different, although not necessarily much better, but this??? Don’t make her watch this and ideally let the other two also have spend some quality time elsewhere why you celebrate your failure of a relationship. I bet Julie’s green with envy that all she got was a melodramatic facebook breakup.

    • As Annie Lalalalalala is quoted on JAB’s FB today: Love is pain. Especially when a couple’s symmetrical wounding impedes co-empathy.

      Not even makin’ that up. Would also make a good user name.

      • Perfectly symmetrical wounding, no doubt.

        Annie – shut your organic vegan cakehole.

        • WTF is co-empathy? It’s just EMPATHY you stupid bitch. God she is the worst.

          • I think it’s her convoluted way of saying two people are hurting equally bad / so bad that they can’t see the others pain? Whatever … weirdo.

      • Is this — English as a Second Language? I can’t even understand these people… they mangle everything so!

    • What the fuck is a “closure ceremony?” Why can’t they just throw the other’s clothes on the lawn like normal people?

  28. Also, what the fucking shit? Young Ms. F. is supposed to watch her dad break up with his girlfriend on the Internets and then go off to her recital?


    My dad was a narcissist and super needy, but he never descended to the level of sheer selfishness and petulance I’m seeing here.

    • Same thought occurred to me, but I was hung up on what was the plan re: her recital before the change in time? Were they going to make her miss her recital, or have a hired-hand take her while they did their own thing?

      Honestly, each of these asshats has been too busy ignoring their own kid(s) to notice that their partner doesn’t give a shit about each other’s kid(s) either.

      • The daughter is at her mother’s home, I presume (since she goes to school in that state) and was probably meant to watch on the Internet.

        • ‘k, I’m getting up to speed — for some reason, I thought she was in CO — YAY if she’s not.

          • Hence Ali Shanti’s really classy mum-shaming of the lady who happened to get pregnant when with Craig in Rochester and how she should have known that it would not ever have been Craig’s desire to be tied to Rochester (paraphrasing).

    • The daughter is with her mother in a different state isn’t she? My guess would be that her mother is avoiding the issue by saying the girl will watch, while planning to have to leave early “unexpectedly” to prep for the performance.

        • I thought the mom recently referenced that CF wasn’t really in the girl’s life, but it’s totally likely that I am wrong. The adults airing their dirty laundry on the internet make me so uncomfortable that I try to slide right past it.

        • The mum yelled at Fishsticks for suggesting that instead of him showing up to see her more often in the Facebook spat. Maybe that’s what you’re remembering?

          The daughter was also out there on her school break a couple of weeks ago, and both Fishsticks and Shantitown posted photos of the three kids.

          • Wait… so did cat ladies just win the internet? I am both too fat and too stupid to decipher the true meaning of a “closing ceremony”.

          • Could be. Could be not. Who knows with these people? Also, closing ceremony or not, that doesn’t mean Craig Filek is just quietly going to leave the place of terror he made. He might just, not unlike Ali’s other ex, stick around for a while, unless he’s already got another victim lined up to take him in. Or it’s something completely different and they are just closing the season of stupid or something rather than doing that other thing and everything stays as it was. We’ll know sooner or later.

          • Will someone kindly re-link to that convo? I am so flummoxed now & curious to see what I tots mis-read. TIA.

          • Psycho-delic Ballerina’s Dirty Tights fka Lurker says:
            May 8, 2014 at 3:03 pm

            Jeni Mulvaneyposted to‎Craig Filek
            October 30, 2013
            Just gotta get this off my chest, Craig. While you are busy posting about potential “snuggle” partners that can bump your happiness number up a notch, I’m here, holding our sobbing daughter who got ousted from her friend group for Halloween festivities tomorrow. She’s a real, hurting young being who yearns for your presence in a deep and true way. So, reality check from the ROC, fuck your snuggle puddle.
            Psycho-delic Ballerina’s Dirty Tights fka Lurker says:
            May 8, 2014 at 3:11 pm
            Wow wow

            Jeni Mulvaney Why did you delete you last post? The one about Corrina moving to Colorado as a solution to your absentee parenting? Damage control, perhaps? It’s getting hot in this kitchen.
            October 30, 2013 at 10:32pm · 1

            Jeni Mulvaney I challenge you to be honest. So many people look up to you, it’s clear. You’re in a position to affect many lives. How about being honest in this public forum about how you choose, daily, to abandon your child in favor of sensory, or self exploration? That would be interesting, because it’s real.
            October 30, 2013 at 10:36pm ·


            Ali Shanti Katheryn Marie Bixler I have two kids myself and an ex who live here in Boulder. Are you saying I should uproot my family to go live in Rochester? That makes no sense. And, no, Craig wouldn’t be satisfied with Rochester if I was there with him. He has many other relationships here in Boulder, not just me. And while Jeni didn’t make the decision to leave Rochester, she did make a decision to get pregnant and have a child with a man who never wanted to live in Rochester in the first place (and probably didn’t plan on having a child at 23 either).

            Jeni Mulvaney Ali, you are a very confused woman. I can perhaps take you more seriously when you move your ex husband out of your house. I have little respect for any woman who would open her arms to a man who is consciously choosing to leave a child behind. Tho, I’m happy you see Craig parent your own children in a way you can’t, in a way your husband can’t and in a way my daughter will never get. Happy for you.
            October 30, 2013 at 11:32pm · 1

            Jeni Mulvaney Ali, I understand that you have to buy into this bullshit. If not, you would be questioning your own existence.
            October 30, 2013 at 11:40pm · 1

  29. Whatever truth or half-truth there is to her announcement the other day re: life ins, I sure hope Alexis Neely doesn’t have Craig Filek set as the primary beneficiary …

    • Careful or you’ll make a Donkey jealous.

      I must admit to thinking the same damn thing more than once over the past few days. It’s like an even better, weirder novel unfolding in real time.

      • I really enjoy jealous Donks. And you may have heard that jealousy is Fishtick’s first or second or eighth greatest vice? I think that could be a win/win for everyone.

  30. Re-posting so it is not stuck so deep in replies. Craigsers racked up $87K in largely consumer credit card debt and released it all in 2009!

    I can’t believe these two. They are so full of shit. So according to this mess: , Alexis ran into Craig at a Dan Kennedy event they were both attending in 2007. In 2007, Alexis had hung her shingle and walked away from BigLaw. Also in 2007, Alexis and Craig first went into business together. That worked out well: Per Craig’s BK, Craig made $2600 in gross wages in the entire year of 2007. Craig and Alexis still did business together throughout 2008-2009. In 2008, Craig made $34K. In 2009, he made $12K. This is the same time period that Alexis claims she was building “million dollar businesses.”

    Per that same blog post, Alexis started doing hard drugs and invented Ali in 2009. Craig filed BK in April of that year. At the time of filing, Craig had basically no assets and no money. 5K all in with retirement, car, etc included. He had balances on eight credit cards — 8! And one business line of credit on which he owed $2K. No lawsuits. All told the cc balances and other debts totaled $87K. No interesting cards like Nordstrom’s, just B of A and Chase etc.

    Alexis’ trajectory from smart BigLaw Gtown grad to hippie grifter is beginning to make sense. She got in business with Craig Filek from 2007-2009, those businesses failed (even though she was making millz! during this time!), she started doing drugs with Craig, he released all of his credit card debt, they got together romantically a while later, her businesses began failing, she accumulated $880K of debt and just a year or so into her relationship with Craig she, too, released all of her debt.



  32. It may just be me, but if I was really trying to send an email to scare/threaten someone of whom I knew the identity, I would say “I already know who you are (insert name here), I just wanted you to sign some documents to prove it”. Craig Failek again.

  33. I tried to submit that hours ago, but my internet is about as reliable as Ali Shanti is as a parent.

  34. “Ali Shanti
    46 minutes ago 
    So, today was the day for Craig Filek and I to renew our handfast and commit to another year together. We chose not to do it. I’m heartbroken and hopeful, all at the same time. Infinitely grateful to be with my Mistressmind sisters right now and feeling well supported. Craig will post the completion ceremony at Relationship TMI later tonight, if you want to know all the details.

    Feeling a little emotionally cut off right now, so while I have a lot more to say, now is not the time. If you have a minute and could send Craig some love, I’m sure he would really appreciate it (publicly or privately) as he is alone in Rochester and I’m sure feeling a lot of devastation. I thank you in advance for your kindness. More later.”

    Well. So much for that.

      • I’m confused. Was the “ceremony” supposed to take place in Boulder? If so, what was the deal about his daughter having a recital so they had to change the time? Or was this supposed to be an online thing?

        • They knew well in advance that they would be in different places on the handfast, so they arranged from the beginning that it would be done via google share.

      • well, since he posted from SF a couple nights ago, it would appear he hightailed it back to Rochester. I guess they did the completion ceremony at opposite ends of the continent via Google Hangout. After which I suppose he drove his daughter to her recital.

        • So when did they record their latest Relationship TMI thing? It was posted just 24-hours ago.

          • not clear on that; I thought they were doing the ceremony in CA, where Ali Shanti is attending some retreat or something? With various sisters of the MistressMind? Although I may have entered the hallucinatory stage of my illness.

          • “Infinitely grateful to be with my Mistressmind sisters”? Is she 11 fucking years old and playing Game of Thrones? Yeah, I hope she kicks Filet of Fish to the curb too, but Christ I feel sorry for those kids, with or without that sponge leeching off her.

          • Mistressmind sistah Noodley is w/ her, posting
            to Shanti on fecebook from across the room.

            No sympathy from D.O.N.K. yet …

        • Oh, gross. He better not have made that little girl deal with any of the fallout from his narcissistic injury. What a disgusting excuse for a human he is.

          • Sadly, I think that is what will continue to happen for as long as he is in her life.

      • I only speak English and broken Spanish, but I think maybe? Could just be a heated growth opportunity though.

        • apparently it’s the unfolding of the lotus out of the mud of chaos and confusion. Or some such. At least that is what Craig Filek posted last on his FB.

    • I’m so confused about the logistics of all the key people …
      What were they going to, put their hands to a laptop screen?
      Or did he fly off in a snit?

      • Speaking of flying, how do they buy airfare if they both BK’d & presumably don’t have credit cards now? Fake identities, what?

      • See, they’ve roped us in. Now we’ll all be subscribing to Relationship TMI so we can parse what went down. Winning.

      • oh my god! I just got home and I am reading through all the comments and I am literally almost crying now I am laughing so hard. Their whole thing is so totally fucking nuts, and we’re even trying to figure out what the FUCK is going on…

    • If Ali kicked that dumb bastard to the curb I think I can muster some respect for her. Good for you, don’t be a doormat for some bankrupt scrub. 🙂

      • Right?? As shitty as she is, I feel like that would be a win for women everywhere. LOSE THE LOSER. You don’t need him.

        • Mmm hmm.. She still has this “MILF” thing about her, she could replace Craig (perform a Filek-tomy? Heh..) in a week or two if she turned down the crazy a couple of notches..

      • Look at this gem of a comment:

        Tricia Bloom craig- you’ll find another…she may not be ‘open,’ but she’ll be real.

        What in the actual fuck?

        • I can’t even begin to fathom how low a woman’s self-esteem has to be to become a Craig Filek groupie, like this commenter seems to be.. Has she ever read a word of the stuff he’s posted online? Damn.

    • standing up and applauding for her freeing herself of that vicious parasite

  35. Dear Craiger,

    Here is the love as requested: you are the fucking worst.

    Other commenters have already touched on these points, but I need to get the following items off my chest:

    * I don’t use this mot du jour lightly, but you are a bully. You are actually worse than a bully. You treat people terribly and yet somehow expect to be handled with kid gloves in case you get “triggered.” I know people with real, actual horrible childhoods who manage to treat other people who respect and decency. Stop looking for excuses for your own poor behavior and just acknowledge that you are an asshole.
    * The fact that your abusiveness extends to children is beyond the pale. I hope that Ali Shantitown hand jives her way out of there for the way that you treat her son alone. If you believe in karma I would be very, very scared of what is in the next life.
    * On that note, one day the cat will be in the cradle and the dubious poontang you pull now will be gone, and you will want to be more in your daughter’s life for your own selfish reasons. I hope when that day comes she kindly but firmly tells you “no thank you.” I also hope that she finds herself a deserving and equal partner who is good to her, and doesn’t allow your shittiness to her and others define what she thinks a relationship should be.
    * Your ideas are not good. You are lazy and dishonest. Coming up with half-cocked ideas on how to scam other people for money is not an actual occupation. Bitching about how your partner in crime doesn’t credit you for said ideas is ridiculous.
    * People who constantly have to tell others how amazing they are are generally not amazing at all.

    With softness,

    • JFA’ing myself to say, sorry fellow catladies. I am usually not so full of vitriol but I have been primarily lurking on Craiger-related posts and my ire at what a dick he is was bottled up. Julia somehow looks like the ballerina/philanthropist/angel investor of her dreams by comparison.

      • Consider yourself forgiven. Your comment brightened my otherwise mundane existence. 🙂

      • Ditto. In spades. These people are insane. I can’t even figure out half of what they’re talking about…

  36. This shit is killing my phone battery and I left my extra at home. Ali Shamster and Fuckface Craig are now responsible for me having no clue what’s going on in my afternoon classes because I can’t get to my electronic dictionary.

  37. You can watch their “closing ceremony” on YouTube now:

    They were in totally different places, Craiger was sitting in his car outside his daughter’s school (so, you know, a really safe, respectful place to have this thing), they had a really passive aggressive fight and ten people, who weren’t allowed to participate, watched.

    • He was a adopted? Geez, even his birth parents realized that he is a gross and useless piece of shit.

    • Just listened to this. If I didn’t know better I think she actually came to her senses. Damn.

      Also.. Craig is broadcasting from inside his car?

      • Yes. Instead of being at his daughter’s recital, or is she a captive audience in the car? No good answer there. It bothers me if he is especially distressed when he drives off w/ his kid …

  38. Softness is invoked on Facebook!

    Michelle Lee Weldon Loving you both… Loving your strength… Loving your emerging softness….

    • Had a typing failure. Sorry. Getting used to this SHARKK keyboard thing and it’s tiny as hell.

  39. I just got finished trying to explain the frauds of Alexis Neely and Craig Fliek and and bankruptcy filings and hand-fasting plus the wonders of the Catlady Investigative Agency to dudebrah. His response:

    “The catladies are like the fucking Illuminati.”

  40. So they consciously uncoupled, grifter style. I do not congratulate Ali because she dumped a loser; I think they both deserved each other and Ali is very calculating and manipulative. Ali has her Ex living with her again so daycare is taken care of. What was the purpose of Craig? Now, he has even less purpose in life. Ali at least has her legal career to fall back on; what does Craig have? He has admitted in his blog somewhere he has never wanted to work. Now he’s in Rochester–the armpit of the world–with no job and no motivation.

    At least Donk can inexplicably fake it in the career world. Craig has “zero” creds on his resume. His daughter is only going to get more expensive as she grows. Probably couldn’t even be a busboy.

    • I don’t think he is going to be living in Rochester. He has posted that he always takes a multi-week sabbatical every May and visiting his daughter I suspect is part of that sabbatical.

      Somehow I think these two will be back together soon.


    Well, we are all wrong. It’s not Craig trying to scam Jacy and JP. He wishes us nothing but the best and thanks us. You know this man always speaks from his heart and is never manipulating or scheming, so you can take it all at face value. I’m positive that he’s also not trying to demonstrate growth to get back in with Ali, when a few days ago his response to her concerns was to attack her parenting skills and imply that she’s being a coward for not facing a challenge (the challenge of living with a Craig).

    • OH MY GOD THEY ARE BOTH THE WOOOOOOOOORST. I can’t even be smirky and ironical, they are even worse than the Donkey.

    • So, his deal is that he’s so messed up because he’s adopted, right? I recall from another post him mentioning that his parents paid for his college and offered to set him up with an apartment and car after which he turned down because he’s too punk rock for that or something. So, yes, his birth mother gave him up for what were likely good intentioned, well-thought out reasons so that he could be adopted by people who raised him and loved him enough to see that he had an education and a start in the world, meanwhile he acts like he was left to die in a gutter.
      My point? Everyone has issues, Craiger. Yours wouldn’t make the top ten of hard luck stories I’ve heard. You’re pushing forty (actually, I suspect that you’re pulling behind on a tractor trailer, but that’s neither here nor there) so now would be a fine time to put on your big boy chonies and grow the hell up!

      • I know many, many adopted folk and they are fucking lovely. Their adoptions were overseas adoptions, so it’s no small matter. Many of them were illegally taken away from their birth mothers and the records of their adoptions were falsified, so that they could essentially be sold in the baby trade, which makes reuniting with their birth families and reconnecting with where they came from close to impossible. They had to grow up mostly in white suburban middle class America while sticking out like sore thumbs. Their own families couldn’t grasp the issues they struggled with on a daily basis, and often times were the source of some of those struggles. Many of them have come back to their birth country and have struggled through learning what should be their native language and culture, while being criticized for not knowing these things already from natives here who don’t understand their situations.

        That is a struggle. And I’m not saying being domestically adopted isn’t. But not one of these people has become a nasty, self-centered, entitled layabout. Not one. Quite the opposite, in fact. And most of them are under the age of thirty. So, I’m not really sure where Craig is going with this argument.

      • Craig Filek uses a circumstance of adoption (by affixing made-up, self-serving labels such as “detachment wound”) to excuse self-centered emotional immaturity & bad behavior — by contrast, a friend who spent his youth in the foster system, suffering years of real abuse, doesn’t allow an 18-year-long horrific circumstance to define him — it’s the difference between whiny pussification of an entitled woe-is-me asshat w/ 1st world white people problems vs. sacking up & making the most of the hand that life dealt ya.

    • He is re-parenting his inner-child.

      Since he apparently reads here: why don’t you try parenting your outer-child for once? That little girl you made? Have you ever ONCE put her first in your life?

      She’s like the human Lilly, except hopefully old enough and intelligent enough to realize that her scrub father ABANDONING her for his perpetual inner-infancy bears no reflection on her worth.

    • I was just on Facebook for something else and noticed he changed his profile photo to one with his daughter.

  42. Um, the? um, uptalking? why are they, um, doing this?

    These people are full-on insane and I cannot with their jargon. He is the biggest ahole I have ever heard and she is just a saddo.

  43. The boon to the world of this site is amazing. I must ask did either of them who so benefitted sign up for the $678 a month rate? Or were they gifted with a free coaching session?

  44. I’ll give Craig credit for this accurate assessment of us. It made me laugh out loud:

    “The thing that actually keyed me into this most acutely was actually a comment on a thread from a hater blog that a cadre of always anonymous, intermittently intelligent, mostly offensive and occasionally curious, compassionate and insightful individuals have been contributing to in the interest of dragging a mutual friend of ours through the mud.”

  45. Can someone please help me understand?? I feel like I missed something. Who is Ali Shanti and what does she have to do with Donkey????

  46. Can someone tell me what the fuck this means?

    “The way she’d roll me over and hold me, every so often, and spoon me… or seduce me and mount me… or just simply lead me and give me a moment to let my vigilance down and receive as a counterpoint to the rest of my week holding space for her and securing a perimeter she could relax into…”

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