Ali Shanti and Craig Filek Tried To Scam Mommy And Daddy

1797571_709924759050201_1705379533_nYou may have noticed an influx of comments calling us trolls with small penises and other refined insults. It appears you have hit a nerve.

There have been some intriguing developments behind the scenes that coincide with this breathless commenting spree. Last week, my lover Jacy and I received an email offering us $25,000 to purchase our domain name. The offer came from a “company” called Blogging Donk, Inc. that was looking to take over our URL to clean up their Google results. I’ll admit that the offer piqued Mommy and Daddy’s interest, so we decided to bite, and the offer quickly, almost too quickly, shot up to $40,000.

Blogging Donk claimed that our URL was in violation of their pending trademark and that they preferred to purchase our site name instead of seeking “legal action.” Yeah, um, OK. This site has been in existence for over five years. They bought their URL with their stupid name last week, but whatever.

We entertained the offer, in case it was legit, but it didn’t take that long (or that much effort) to decipher that it was a complete ruse.

The site in question is According to WHOIS, the URL was purchased the day we received the initial email. The company claims it is an enterprise blogging service, whatever that is. It also appears that they created a Facebook and Twitter page yesterday which makes it legit. The site, for a company that claims to have enterprise blogging software, is a simple WordPress site that uses a premium template. The language of the site is lifted directly from Yammer, a Microsoft product for internal social networking.

Meanwhile, a search for the company on the California Secretary of State’s website comes up empty. They claim they are a subsidiary for Bayes-Mayer, which doesn’t exist.  Bayes-Mayer also comes up empty on their Google results. There are also no results for a pending trademark for Blogging Donk on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website. Also, a call to the property managers for the building where they claimed their offices were located said that they have no tenants under the name Blogging Donk, Inc. or Bayes-Mayer. That building is a multi-story office building, yet the address included in the emails failed to include a suite number in their mailing address.

When I pointed this out, and how stupid their company’s name is, “Jim Hansel,” who claims to be the COO of Blogging Donk, Inc., kicked it over to Marshall Gravelle, apparently this company’s legal counsel.

He responded, not by answering our questions, but by claiming that our site is a legal minefield for the company and that they would contact Donkey to see if she was interested in seeking an injunction. Marshall Gravelle sounds legit. He even has a LinkedIn profile and everything. (NOTE: Make sure you’re logged out of LinkedIn before clicking that link if you want to remain anonymous.) And his profile pic makes him look like a super serious, experienced attorney. Too bad his profile pic is a stock photo.

Clearly this is an ill-thought-0ut scam to out Mommy and Daddy’s identity, which only a privileged few of you know. Nice try, you scammy asshats. It’s not going to work, so please stop emailing us.

Apparently your chatter about how Ali Shanti is a scam artist and Craig Filek is a disgusting, manipulative specimen of a man has angered the woo woo set. I don’t think this is Donkey, because she’s too stupid and lazy to devise a scam that tried and failed to be this intricate. Even if it was, I’m sure her father would tell her that impersonating an attorney is frowned upon. (Ali Shanti should know this, too.) This behavior is certainly not an example of living on the enlightened plane that these people blabber incoherently on about.

Any way, nice try, Ali and Craig. Your scams might work on the stupid and desperate. But Jacy and I are neither.


    • Also, you are doing Greg’s own work in cleaning up the spilled stupid on aisle here.

  1. Okay, I give up. I can’t lurk anymore. This is too good. I love it.

    You crazy grifting madcap woo-genius lunatics! This is a joy. Thank you for this gift of yourselves.

  2. But he is “senior mature business man with mustache and gray hair in tan suit!” BTW, make sure to log out of your LinkedIn before clicking on that link in case they are trying to keep track of who viewed the profile.

  3. Also according to the CA Bar, no one named Marshall Gravelle is or ever was admitted to practice in CA. Bye, girl, bye.

    • According to the various Nancy Drewing services, nobody named Marshall Gravelle is currently alive in the US.

      There’s a kindergartener of that name in Canada, but he has red hair and is five.

        • Oh Albie, that made me laugh!

          I shall now return to my original “troll” moniker. Anything with “Ali Shanti” in it just seems so unseemly.

        • The Bogeyman should really be worried about Craig Filek replacing him as the folk figure people refer to when scaring their kids (I don’t approve of that, by the way. Still holding a grudge against one of my uncles for that shit).

    • No, it’s been highly amusing. There hasn’t been any blog drama in a long while. Not since Derpin posed as an attorney. What? Is with these people pretending like they are licensed to practice law?

      • it should be embarrassing and shameful and yet…they seem to find it “edgy” or some shit.

      • It’s the number 1 tactic of idiots who want to intimidate someone. I’m a lawyer! I’ll get a lawyer! I have a lawyer on retainer! My father is a lawyer! I’ve had the lawyer thing used against me even on random occasions, which is a funny thing to do to a lawyer, because lawyers realize that other lawyers mostly can’t get shit accomplished without a lot of meandering, and most lawyers don’t have time for nonsense and bullshit, because they are too busy trying to make money/grow a business/pay their rent. Anyhoo.

        • Shantitown & Fishdick do seem to spend the majority of their time navel gazing (TMI Relationship begins in less than nine hours and the WHOLE WIDE WORLD will be tuning in!) and/or spinning their wheels (the laughably cut-rate grift attempting to out dear Mama & Papa). Who the fuck is raising those kids?

      • Still, thanks for silencing the Craigcken after he had been released.

        What really amuses me, is that those two probably thought that this would work like a charm, that no one would make the link between the sudden surge in idiocy around here, and that you would be so blinded by the $-signs in your eyes that you lost most of your cognitive faculties. I guess that’s what happens when you’re so high on your own fumes that it doesn’t even occur to you anymore that not everyone is either greedy, desperate, stupid or all of the above.

        Less amusing is that they once again tried to play dirty – Craig Filek, Ali Shanti, if that was you, scum would be embarrassed to be seen with you.

        Final question – are they really gone now, or rather for now?

          • Sigh. How very pathetic of him and inconvenient. Seems we’ve hit the central nervous system rather than just a nerve. He also seems to be having more time on his hands than his Craig Filek, grifter at large persona suggests.

            I’m ignorant, can they effectively be blocked, even if they’re using proxy servers?

            So, I suppose we don’t engage with the spam and just step around the Craig Filek droppings, if that helps with the clean-up once they get through again.

          • There are ways to block, though I won’t elaborate. It would help if you don’t respond to the comments, because the replies get sent to the bottom of the thread and stay there when I delete the parent comment, and it jacks up the comment order.

          • If you listen to the new podcast from the magically enlightened couple, you’ll see that Ali is at least pretending to have had a come-to-Jesus meeting with herself about what a waste-of-space, abusive asshat he is, and sounds pretty close to being donezo with the whole thing. She’s blaming one comment from someone on her Facebook page for the ‘realization’, but I’m betting seeing people on this site get in line to point out what a self-centered little twat he is played a much bigger role.

            So yeah. I bet he’s pissed. Ali pays his salary, and owns the house he lives in and this RelationshipTMI shit grifted off of a combination of donkey droppings appears to be his only iron in the fire. The gravy train is in danger of coming to an abrupt halt.

          • Again, it’s not really our fault that Craig Filek behaves like a misogynist, abusive, controlling asshole in the parts of his life he chooses to share online. But you all already know that.

            It would be good for her to remove that toxic presence from her and her kids’ lives as she seems to have enough issues without him – especially being severely ethnically challenged. That’s going to take some work to overcome.

            But regardless of how much I despise her attempts to scam her way through life, no one deserves to have a Craig Filek in their life.

          • Agreed. And I hope she follows through (didn’t get to the end of the podcast because I can’t take 47 minutes of their asinine carrying on like their relationship determines the fate of the universe), but I doubt she will.

            I have a feeling based in the numerous comments made so far from Ali that she enjoys/aims to get attention from this site that she may just be playing to her new, no doubt much larger audience. The shift between, ‘Oh, yes Craig, you’re right, Craig. I need to work on me, Craig. How can I serve your needs, Craig?’ when she was playing to the love and light crowd to the new, improved, not-taking-anymore-of-Craig’s-shit model is pretty drastic and pretty fast.

            I hope she’s had a genuine wake up call, and that the perspectives expressed on this site have helped her to realize at least that this man is no good for her children, but I’m not convinced. It’s all a show to these people.

          • That’s a good point and I know from experience that it takes time to actually get to the point to, first, articulate that you need to do something about your domestic situation and, then, actually do something about it. So, I agree, unless she has been considering it for some time and the events of the past days gave her the push she needed, it might be just that.

            Especially since I would find it worrisome if comments by a bunch of strangers would force someone to seriously reconsider their relationship choices. What does that tell you about that person’s sense of self?

            Also, she’s not deluded enough to think that if she only dumped Craig Filek, we’d all subscribe to her newletter?

            Anyway, do it for your children and yourself, Scammy Shanti and stop ripping off other people and maybe take several steps back from the internet.

            I am concerned that she might actually try to reinvent herself as a newly empowered survivor of domestic abuse to scam vulnerable women out of their money and thereby make them even more vulnerable. Pretty much like the “Truth telling” lawyer, at times without a license, who defaulted on her debt to make the world a better place and told others “Look, you can be just like me. Now let me have all of your money”.

  4. What a bunch of nutters. Hopefully they found a new indentured servant to cook/clean/shop/board game
    Craig filek has a stupid ass beard too. Gross. Both of them. Poor kids.

    “Jeni Mulvaney : Ali, you are a very confused woman. I can perhaps take you more seriously when you move your ex husband out of your house. I have little respect for any woman who would open her arms to a man who is consciously choosing to leave a child behind. Tho, I’m happy you see Craig parent your own children in a way you can’t, in a way your husband can’t and in a way my daughter will never get. Happy for you.
    October 30, 2013 at 11:32pm · “

    • See, she’s crazy as hell, too, if she thinks Craig is anything but a bully to the Shantitown kids. His own social media oversharing makes that abundantly clear.

      • Maybe I’m off base, but I took it differently … I thought the key words there were: ‘you see’, meaning that she was being sarcastic about Craig Filek having pulled the wool over Alexis Neely AKA Ali Shanti’s willfully-blind eyes where her own kids are concerned …

    • On the one hand: Sick burn! On the other hand, keep this shit off the internet.

    • I’ve been listening to “You Better You Bet” a lot lately and “open arms AND OPEN LEGS” is what I keep hearing from that. And ew, I know about Ali’s “juices.”



  5. Hello! Jacy and JP, please know my request to purchase this domain is serious. I have one million US pounds to purchase your website domain, I need to secure this site for my billion-dollar-a-year company. You can contact me at £ Thank you in advance, and rewards shall be plentiful.


  6. bwahaha.

    Ali Shanti? We are not as dumb as your nonexistent attorney clients to your ostensible attorney marketing business/scam. Do you people not realize that we can google etc?

    Also, do you not realize there are TONS OF ATTORNEYS who read this site who can provide free legal advice and who are both smarter than you and NOT INSANE?

    This is amazing. So glad I have insomnia for this.

    Also if that’s what 38 looks like, I’m quitting smoking right this very instant. Dude looks 45 at best, and an old 45. God I hate these people.

      • Oh of course. So does insanity.

        I can’t wait for Lurker to weigh in on this.

        I don’t even understand what they think would have happened if you guys pulled the trigger so to speak and accepted their offer. “No, just, hand over the name…we will pay you later.”

        Also, Marshall Gravell has one interest on his linkenin profile. Golf. Also, the twitter to their company has one follower. I think the FB page has like, 3 likes or something.

        God you fucking people are losers. Of course Marshall went to Georgetown law. I’m wondering if that’s how she got him to have 50 connections, spamming other G-town grads who didn’t do any due diligence and just accepted the request.

        God, this is the best scam she can come up with? I wish ONE ATTORNEY would come out of the woodwork who has actually used her services to complain. I’m sure they would have good reason to contact the bar of CA with a complaint. But as i’ve said, Ali Shanti has no clients. So. I can’t anymore with these fucking freaks.

    • Yes, they are so dumb. The minute we said, “Sure, let me just consult my attorney,” they changed course and got more desperate. Also, the floating Facebook and Twitter icons on that site. It is to laugh.

    • Also, smoking, yes. (I so want to quit.) But this is also foregoing sunblock to have a more healthy relationship with the sun.

      • Whatever it is, Christ! I swear when I first saw his pic before I knew anything much about these people, I thought he was in his 50s. I even commented about him being a creepy old man coming onto women in bars for threesomes and stuff. I would never have said that about a 38 year old. Jesus!

        Goddamnit it I bought an e-cigarette and i know numerous ppl who quit with that including a friend who was a 20 year smoker of camel filterless, he loved the e-cog and doesn’t even miss smoking. An ex boyfriend I purchased it with quit the day we bought them. I liked it okay at first but it does NOT impede my desire for cigarettes.

        I don’t even wanna start this conversation, only to say goddamnit. Let’s stick to the insane assholes.

        Also did they think with their increasing threats you were just going to hand over the domain??? My god. These people.

        • Even if we handed over the domain we would just republish the site under a new one.

          • Exactly. It would take a little while to establish the trust and execute the sale, so you’d have plenty of time to get up and running on another domain. The regulars would have updated their bookmarks and moved on long before Punch and Judy took over the URL.

  7. I have so much admiration for you both (JP/JC) it’s ridonckulous. I wasn’t on the page during the donkey daddy making illegal “legal” demands but imagine while it was stupid it was something neither of you should have had to endure just for exposing the truth. Pathological lies, manipulation of the rights of others, their blatant lack of shame, guilt or remorse, lack of accountability, clearly not accustomed to the truth exposed now resort to threats and demean and insult (first literally with third grade taunts) and second trying to get the site owners to expose their identities. Again, their identities are irrelevant as the only thing that is relevant are the facts that paint both Ali Shanti and Craig Filek as the unethical people that they are. Ali and Craig you keep making our point for us. Keep Calm and Grift On

    • The Dadsers debacle was not fun, but it was more difficult for the readers (plus the completely random person) that they harassed, since they couldn’t expose our identity and were grasping at straws.

      • That’s the part that really makes me sick using power to make people feel hopeless and all that was done was expose the facts. He should have been brought before the bar association. I fight it every day under the 1st amendment (and a few other things) and while it feels great to tell the ‘powerful’ to go fuck themselves (without lube), it is a frustrating process. I thank you for not giving up because I’m sure there were days it would have been easier to do so; but, the resolve you’ve both shown proves to be very inspiring to me personally especially on the days that seem too big for me to fight it all alone.

    • But was he first in his class? BTW did you know Alexis Neely, who thought long and hard about declaring bankruptcy but realized the world would be a better place if she did (and she and her 65-year-old abuser could vacay in Vegas on the taxpayer’s dime) WAS first in her Georgetown Law class?!?! And look how well she’s doing now! Come to the Conscious Sexuality Seminar and find out why! Or if you’re busy that weekend, enroll in the Semi-Consciously Trying to Rip Off Your Relatives for Money confab! Busy again? Then hop, skip, and jump to Atlanta next month for the Financial Goddesses of the Congruent Planets conference!! Only $2500! (Air fare, lodging, and meals not included.)

    • The IP address is in Culver City and the domain was registered on May 7; Craig Filek was in Southern California on that date and posting snaps of Santa Monica on May 8.

  8. I still don’t get how they don’t see that we simply read what they posted and what is in the public record, and talked about it amongst ourselves.

    Sort of childish to place the blame anywhere else but squarely on themselves for being so reckless.

    • Exactly! No one is ‘exposing’ anything that they haven’t already exposed themselves. No one had to concoct an elaborate scheme to get them to reveal anything. Don’t be mad because other people are smart enough to keep their shit private.

      • Grifters hate the internet which is why they are constantly changing their names.

        • And grifters are annoying! I happened to write an article this past weekend about a local grifter of some notoriety and HIS PR REP WON’T LEAVE ME ALONE!

          • Well, if he employs someone to harass you for pointing out that he’s a scammer, I guess he must be completely legit after all. Time to publish that correction, JP!

  9. OMG that BloggingDonk page is amazing. Can you imagine how much time this bitch has on her hands to write all that stuff? It’s amazing. Just click around. She really does have a talent for writing lots of words using buzzwords that ultimately mean NOTHING.

    Seriously how much time do you have on your hand Ali Shanti? Don’t you have children and a serious marketing business to run with lawyer clients that don’t exist? No festivals to attend?

    Lay off the weed and shrooms, perhaps, and get a prozac script. Just a little advice.

    • I mean the amount of drugs they have to be on is copious, if they think anyone is going to fall for any of this. Honestly, these people scare me. They are delusional, just so clearly batshit insane, and now angry.

    • She didn’t write it. It is lifted word-for-word from another website. Just copy and paste any of the text into Google.

  10. P.S. No Marshall Gravelle listed in Also did a docket search on Bloomberg Law (b/c Pacer is only Federal), and nada, gatz, gornischt.

  11. My friend actually posted this on my FB wall tonight. Some of us on FB have a lot of fun with stock photos in various capacities.

    Also, I looked at the Blogging Donk, inc. page again and LOL. Their cover photo says “D.O.N.K. Digital Online Network Kernel” Snort fuck I’m never going back to bed. So many levels of LOLs.

    Enterprise blogging technology that allows seamless connection between multiple platforms and multiple users.

    Likes: 1

  12. Just when you thought the stupid got to a toxic level, they’ve gone full retard.

      • I’m sure it will be at her hand fisting/fasting ceremony tomorrow. But in this interview she’s playing serious bidness lady who means bidness.

        • So why does she sound like a stupid sorority girl who is pre-partying on buttery nipples?

          • She sounds like an idiotic valley girl–that whiny voice would have me running for the Dead tour, too.

            “I felt this feeling of excitement when it happened … When people are hating me, an equal number of people are loving me.”

            Sorry, Shantitown, it doesn’t work that way. Just ask Julia Allison, once voted the third most hated person on the internet and who has failed miserably at any gig she’s ever grifted. And nice plug there for Donkey–“She’d be a great interview for you.” Ah, but would she dance for Srini?

    • Correction: she actually refers to us as “this hater blog” right around the 37:15 mark. SSSF

      • Funny how these grifty types identify “hate” and completely overlook the “facts”

        • Yes, well there are no facts in Black Rock City, LLC. Or in the “new economy” for that matter. Or at the LOL firm of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe.

    • “The power of showing up with no answers”

      Julia has already mastered that one.

    • Yesus! Everyone of these woo-woo podcasts to a freaking hour or more long. These morons really have the internet listener’s attention span nailed.

  13. Just a quick heads up/security alert for those of you clicking you to Marshall Gravelle’s LinkedIn Profile: If you’re logged in to LinkedIn, you will be identified as someone who visited his profile.

    Log out of LI first if you want to keep your anonymity.

    • Also: presumably they are collecting IP addresses from, no? JP/Jacy, maybe it’s worth adding a disclaimer in the post, or a screencap? I sleepily clicked before I thought about it … I’m not quite sure what they will do with my IP address once they have it, but I don’t know what to put past them…

      • No, no they are not. The only way we see your IP on this WordPress blog is if you leave a comment.

        • You can embed code into pretty much any site to connect it to a stat tracker which will record the IPs of anyone who visits. You can also track where they are clicking in from. But the information is pretty useless.

          • Yes, but they put the site up so quickly, I doubt they thought that far.

          • Well, it wouldn’t do them any good even if they had. At best, they may be able to narrow down locations to a certain degree, but even the maps that pop up which supposedly show the location of an IP are direly off target most of the time. And it’s not like anyone’s doing anything illegal, so they can’t report the IPs. At best, if someone logs in from work and the work network has the company name in the title, they may be able to figure out where someone works, but they can’t connect that to any particular commenter and clicking a link on a website is not a crime.

  14. Laugh all you like, I am hiring Bloggingdonk for all my large company automated media presence needs!
    We offer a wide set of features to help you and your team get work done. We offer a wide set of features to help you and your team get work done. Share files online, locate popular documents with Quick Access, and do more, faster, with Donk”

  15. This is so awesomely deliciously moist. And fucked up on their part. But it’s still fucking AWESOME!! Haha

    I manage stuff for a living so if you need an off-shore managing person who can host shit through the back door, let me know. Me and my Sysadmin enjoy fucking around with stuff.

    You guys have my email addy from my posts but if you want me to contact you directly just let me know.

    • I call him my Sysadmin but really we just like sitting around on a Saturday at work, buying heinekens and pizza on the work credit card.

      • There are actual CRICKET NOISES throughout the entire podcast. Perfect for punctuating the zillions of long, painfully awkward silences.

        I cannot believe I am listening to a couple who tapes their fights and puts them out for the world to hear.

        • I’m confused, though. If they are allegedly in the midst of a potential breakup, why are they also scheming together to ‘buy’ the domain at the same time?

          Something doesn’t add up, but I have a feeling that handfast will be right on schedule. What greater way to get people to tune in than to stir up some drama in the hours leading up to the non-event?

          • This. I think she’ll go through with it because she’s afraid of him and it will just be lather, rinse, repeat.

    • I haven’t finished listening (being interrupted) but so far, I’m inclined to say: “YAY” that she’s handing Craig Filek his weasley ass. His delusional spin (in retrospect to a previous argument that he clearly lost) is delusional — he’s trying hard to make it sound like some big revelation transpired & thus he has provided an invaluable service to the masses, so she shouldn’t discount that he couldn’t walk the talk.

      • Wait till you get to the part where he starts to really panic and attacks her parenting skills as a way to shift the focus. For some reason, instead of booting him into next October, she actually allows him to continue sidestepping her issues with his behavior toward her children by arguing that… well, not sure what he’s arguing. I guess that no one is doing right by the kids, so fuck it. So enlightened.

        He’s a pig, plain and simple. And whether she’s putting on a show or not, it’s good to see someone holding his bullshit arguments up to the light. He is an absolute first class manipulator, though.

        • Was that the part where he said she chooses Facebook over her children? I wasn’t really sure what was going on because I failed to put on my hippie decoder ring.

          • It happened a few different times but the part that made me literally gasp was when he just suddenly shouted that she doesn’t meet her kids’ needs and then laughed. It was sheer desperation because she had him cornered about how to explain why he thought his needs should override those of her children.

            I would have knocked the shit out of him and I don’t even have any kids.

        • He continually invalidates the point she’s focused on (putting her kids needs before his own selfish needs) — he’s insistent that she not take one iota of attn away from meeting his “Keep-ME-Happy-24/7!” needs, but rather that she manage her time better to eliminate her wastes of time so that her kids can have whatever crumbs of time that she might manage to salvage.

          • Huh. Sounds to me like they ended it! Am I wrong, did I miss something?*

            *I know I missed something about “Jenna” (sp?) — (dang dog barking) did they threesome w/ her? I know I’m better off not knowing is why I am loathe to go back & find that part …

    • This is such a great example of how he tries to manipulate and gaslight her. If she can’t listen to this and know how toxic he is, I don’t know how many more “Kendra messages” she needs to get.

      • Also it’s really sad that it took an internet comment for her to realize that he is a massive dick to her kid. An attentive mother would’ve realized that on her own.

        • She’s clearly a narcissist on her own without this idiot, but I think these audio files show how hard he works to brainwash her. I’ve been in a controlling marriage like this, and at some point you really don’t know what to think, what’s true and what’s not, what you are feeling and what you aren’t. It’s insidious and it takes a long time to deprogram yourself when you get out of it. I left and had no idea who I really was for about a year.

          • Same here. I started to think I was actually going crazy. But then he said I had to carry his spawn to save the marriage and I knew that I wasn’t the crazy one. I left and never looked back. It took me a few years to figure myself out. Then 4 years later I met the love of my life. He gives me (and I him) the most important thing a partner can give to another–respect.

            These two chuckleheads have zero respect for each other.

        • Yeah, I wouldn’t submit her name yet as “Mother of the Year.” I think she discovered early she was no good at the mothering job as her lawyer/business/grifter mind couldn’t stop functioning and wanted to create money making ventures (scams) more than nurture an infant. She kept the ex around to do the raising of the kids and the running of the household and now she keeps Craig around to do the same thing.

          Craig has issues with the way she raises her kids; I don’t blame him. She is a non-present Mom who wants to give them liberties in that- “life is a rainbow” kind of way – and I bet they are unruly as hell. Craig feels strongly one way and she feels strongly another way. CLASH!!!

          I am not saying she should give up the business part of her life, but she should definitely make better choices in raising her children. She should find a partner who is more in tune with her values in raising her children.

          Am I alone in my defense of Craig in that it would drive me nuts too if kids chronically didn’t pick up their messes? I was raised doing chores, learning responsibilities and as I result, getting an allowance. I also learned what repercussions came from not doing assigned chores…not getting an allowance. Do kids even get allowances any more?

          • Also: Thank you Mommy & Daddy (Jacy & juliaspublicist’s rococo pile of polyester) from protecting us from the grifter monsters.

          • they get a credit card with the carrot of a trust fund dangled in front of them

            punishment = take away their phones

          • Yes, but he knew what he was getting into… It’s like the wife of an alcoholic screaming “I thought I could change him!”

          • Being annoyed by kids’ carelessness is reasonable.

            Whining on your blog about your partner’s kids’ carelessness is bullying.

          • I would say that you’re not alone when it comes to being tweaked by other people’s messes (me, I can wallow in my own shit all day long, but don’t subject me to *your* shit, eh?) but I stop short of ‘defending’ him — not his house, not his rules.

    • I love how someone inside turns on Sublime’s (Lovin’ is) What I Got. LOLOLOL! I think the kids are also singing “ding dong the wicked witch (craig) is dead”!

  16. This Craig Filek douchebag has the most punchable face I have ever seen outside of David Schwimmer. That stupid gay hat. That shitty pointy beard and faggoty scarf. I envision throwing a haymaker right into the middle of it and aiming for the back of his skull, which delivers maximum force about 5 inches in front of that point – also known as the nose. I envision him staggering away bent over with blood pouring out of his cracked schnozz. One punch is all it would take. Somebody should have smacked him a loooooong time ago. Perhaps he wouldn’t be the useless, smug, douchebag moron that he is today. Fuck you Craig.

        • Me too. i wish Beauchamp would just come in here and insult the morons instead of…what he usually does.

          Also, I am still having a hard time understanding how that guy is 38.

          • I want to know if his baby mama & Alexis Neely AKA Ali Shanti both were truly clueless about egomaniac Craig Filek’s real age (38) vs. how old he tells the internet he is is (35) … ’cause when ShantiTown posted that blurb re: Craig Filek not wanting to be a father at 23, Baby Mama didn’t correct her …

  17. Well, if I’ve learned anything these past couple days, it’s that these “enlightened” assholes are more desperate and effed in the head than I previously thought, and that trolls have very very small penis size.

  18. I can’t. I CAN’T!! I am trying so hard not to laugh and as a result am just making laugh-farts and that is not appropriate for where I am right now. I will write a more thoughtful comment when I can compose myself and have a moment to process all of this but for now this is the most batshit thing in the world ever. Fake websites fake LOLyers fake offers to purchase a URL when we would just pick up and go elsewhere OH MY! A stock photo of a fake G town LOLyer! IF YOU ARE A REAL LAWYER, THERE ARE NUMEROUS WAYS TO LOOK YOU AND YOUR CREDENTIALS UP.

    LOLyers, fucking actual CRICKETS in the audio vomit, crickets!, Greg bless you all. Except for Craig Filek who is a piece of shit.

    Is this the RHOWoo? Where there is major dramz in the penultimate episode to maximize viewing of the finale?

    I’m dead.

    And how fuck did no one pull her BK filings and check her CA bar status before this?? You folks realize that this site is the only reason she is currently licensed to practice law — and that is pretty fucked up. There is an actual article she posted somewhere on the internet titled something like “5 things to do before hiring a lawyer.” STEP ONE: DETERMINE WHETHER THE PERSON IS ENTITLED TO PRACTICE LAW. And she wrote that fucking article when she wasn’t licensed!!

    DONK is an acronym! HAHAhhahfdksj I can’t.

    I am sorry for the word salad this all has scrambled my brain.

  19. This is why I have zero problem with homosexuals raising kids – if straight people can suck at it so much and it’s their god given right, why can’t gay people who really want it at least be given the benefit of the doubt…

  20. Perhaps it has already been addressed in comments, but how did you conclude it was Ali & Craig who are responsible for this?

    • I think it is cause and effect. Nothings changed in donkland, but much has changed in Craig’s google results. I don’t think Craig and Ali are doing this. I think they paid for some service this is doing this on their behalf (rather badly). What ever. It’s funny.

      • I don’t know, I just see a whole bunch of stuff about Craig Filek and Alexis Martin Neely. How far deep into the dreck about him to I have to wade before RBD comes up?

        • Earlier today we were on page 2 of his google results, but there may be continuous scrubbing going on.

          • Just checked, and the first mention of RebloggingDonk in his search results is now on page 3..

        • It may be them, it may not be, but where is the proof that it is in fact them? I don’t see it, and I’ve now read through all the comments in this posting.

          • Currently it’s many people’s best guess that they are somehow behind this. But it could turn out that the big reveal of a hitherto unknown mystery player lies in our near future.

  21. I’m still totally SLAIN by the fact that I never knew “Donk” stand for “Digital Online Network Kernel”!!!! Srsly you guys, I literally spat onto my computer screen at that one. And I think it may be my new username.

    I can’t believe they spent SOOOOO long coming up with this catfishing scheme! Down to the ‘crusty lawyer stock photo’ and everything.

    You know, sometimes people get all ripped to shreds here and I go on their website, get interested, sometimes even buy stuff. I’m just saying, if they had ignored this a little more, it might’ve just fizzled. But this total lunacy makes me want to report a certain california lolyer for ethics breaches, etc. I’m not saying I’d poke the donk (or, in this case, the D.O.N.K), or that I’m encouraging anyone else to – I’m just saying that if they just focused on cleaning up whatever in their own lives makes them blistering mad about this, we’d probably all forget about them a lot sooner.

    • These are not the sharpest tools in the shed. And they smell of patchouli. 🙁

  22. It is to cry! Craig and Ali have decided not to handfast, and instead are holding a closure ceremony. I just received the below at the fake address I used to sign up to watch the trainwreck that is RelationshipTMI:

    Are you joining us for the Google Hangout Handfast Ceremony today?

    1.) We moved it to 4-4:15pm pst / 7-7:15pm est

    (because Craig’s daughter has a school recital at 7:30)

    2.) We aren’t planning to handfast!

    This will be a simple, 15 minute closure ceremony.

    You can catch up on the conversations that lead to this decision on after the call when we officially launch the site.

    3.) Here’s the Hangout Event:
    [Link removed in case it outs me]

    4.) But you might do better going directly to the Hangout page when the time comes…
    [Link removed in case it outs me]

    If you can’t make it live, we’ll post the replay on in a day or so.

    Hope your day is going better than ours… but remember:

    “In every adversity lies the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”
    ~Napoleon Hill


    Craig & Ali

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