Here is an Alexis Neely/Ali Shanti Post


You asked and basically did all the work for me. Ali Shanti is totally nutbars and in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship who with a dude who uses his hippie personality to get his dick wet.

We’ll get to that later. First, “Lurker” did some research on Ali Shanti’s financial end. From what I understand, which I don’t, because you people are digging up dirt at a lightening pace, Ali recently claimed she makes $35 thousand a month with her sham businesses where she shams people because she is a shamming con artist with feathers in her hair. Here is what Lurker uncovered:

OK, I read Alexis Neely’s bankruptcy filings, and Imma call a bitch out. Her narrative of how she was making “millions” but shed it all — and you can, too! is 100% complete bullshit unless she filed false records with the court. Pick a fucking lane.

Some highlights: from her various companies, she earned just over 150K in 2010, less than 70K in 2011 and less than 40K through Q3 2012, when she filed her BK petition. When she filed, she was also being sued by two entities: one an estate planning client (breach of contract, presumably for fucking something up for her client) and the other a bank that made her a 6 figure business loan (collections). She also had 40K in student loans that she hadn’t managed to pay off with her “millions.” Whoops too bad those aren’t dischargeable. Moving on: she had less than 40K in various retirement accounts, which she closed/cashed/unclear, 40K more of other assets, including a truck, and a home worth 300K. Total assets: about 380K. Total liabilities: 880,000. !! Eight-hundred and eighty fucking dollars in secured and unsecured claims. Holy fuck. $13,000 of that was owed to Nordstrom’s. Enlightened.

Listed on her personal property schedule are: $500 total in all checking / savings accounts and over $1000 worth of “costume jewelry.” This former millionaire didn’t pay her student loans, put $40K toward retirement in the space of over a decade and had $500 in the bank.

She claimed she received $3800 in total monthly take home income as of August 2012.

Here is the kicker. The most recent filing in her BK case was May 1, 2014 — four days ago — because she has to keep submitting her financials to the trustee. She most recently filed a document stating that she has made about $5K per month each month since the end of 2013.

I am sorry to blow up her scene, but I just can’t with the blathering about 35K per month in compensation and the numerous articles and interviews in which she talks about earning “millions” MILLIONS! Because that is all fucking lies. And anyway, WHO LIES ABOUT MAKING MILLIONS WHEN PUBLIC RECORDS PROVE OTHERWISE? I know who: grifters who want to circulate the lie that they are tho thuccessful so other people will buy their shit. It is a fucking con.

Alexis Neely is a con. That, or she is stupid enough to lie to her BK trustee and the court to the tune of a multiple of seven regarding her monthly income AND THEN POST ABOUT HER REAL INCOME ON THE INTERNET. gah.


  1. Again, Eight hundred and eighty THOUSAND in secured and unsecured claims, ss, sf. I’ll see if I can find where she made the 35K per month compensation comment.

    • I’m looking at her bankruptcy filings right now on PACER. The whole thing is a mess. Suprisingly, it looks like only a tiny fraction of her debts are student loans. A big chunk is a mortgage on a house that appears to be in some small town in CO (not where she is living).

      Other sizeable debts:

      AmEx I- 18k
      AmEx II – 32k
      BBVA line of credit – 17k
      BBVA business debt – 33k
      BBVA business debt – 47k
      Beach Business Bank SBA loan I – 99k
      Beach Business Bank SBA loan II – 59k
      [name omitted] damages – 25k
      Chase credit card – 22k
      Citi card I – 56k
      Citi card II – 36k
      Discovery card – 16k
      Frontier Airline credit card – 24k
      Home Depot – 1800
      Nordstrom – 13k
      US Dept of Ed (student loans) – 40k

      • Yup, and see downthread where I posted that she sang the praises of Beach Business Bank for giving her business loans and note that they sued her (that claim is listed among her liabilities) because she never paid them back. And a hippie with 8 credit cards?? It is indeed a mess.

      • I don’t know about $2 million, but she must have had a good income at some point in order to qualify for four separate business loans.

      • I feel so much better about my stupid debt now, the great bulk of which is student loans. Which I cannot even afford to pay off all of them so some are deferred and that really really sucks, but christ I have a JOB. And I pay my fucking bills. And I don’t charge shit at Nordstrom and I’m lucky if I buy one thing a month now at fucking Forever21. It’s called being an adult, wtf is this???

        She’s clearly borderline and LOL I know I diagnose everyone as borderline. B ut the excessive spending and abusive relationship = bingo. Also, lack of focus on career/can’t hold down job, constantly shape shifting personality.

        Get therapy.

    • Even if sunscreen wasn’t a no-no in her hippie clan, there isn’t enough of it in the world to help Shanti now.

  2. Here she is in May 2013 lying about the years in which she made “millions” and being totally transparent and really REAL about everything.

    In May 2013, her BK had just been discharged, and public filings revealed that she had $40K in retirement and $500 in all bank accounts. Excellent due diligence, Business Heroine Mag.

    • I think she’s in bed with that mag? Seem to recall the “founder” of the mag provided a recommendation on Shanty’s site about one of Shanty’s scammy business “products”?

  3. Listen to the “compensation discussion” audio, it outlines the monthly earnings. There’s even more than the 35K/month for her, there are monthly payments to the psycho and to their new CEO.

    • Yes, that is what caused me to scratch my head and dig up this bitch’s BK filings. She claims there is some potential that she pulls in MORE than 35K/month, and they discuss how they should distribute the surplus among them. BULLSHIT.

  4. Here she is singing the praises of a local small bank which had just opened up and was awesome enough to make her some business loans because her business was just growing SO FAST!!

    Too bad she never paid those loans back and the Beach Business Bank sued her to collect, which it never did, because she filed for BK. The suit was listed among her liabilities in BK.

    • Beach Business Bank backed 2 SBA loans for her. Her BK filings list 160k of debt to them (doesn’t include intrest, obviously).

    • That bitch is nothing if not prolific. There are dozens of tiresome 90 minute plus advice videos on her youtube, and she has so many business sites that I can’t keep track of them. Like this: and this:, generally, this: .

      Bear in mind that each and every time she is holding herself out as a lawyer or as someone who could provide legal advice, she is committing the unauthorized practice of law, which is a crime, because she is not licensed to practice law.

      • Did she lose her license? I thought for sure she was braying about being an attorney at one point. But I can’t keep track of her grifts.

        • She is an attorney, went to law school, passed that CA bar etc., but she allowed her license to lapse in 2o11 by not completing CLE (nothing scandalous, as I mentioned earlier). However not scandalous the reason for letting her license lapse is, the fact remains that as a result she is not eligible to practice law.

          I searched for her on the CO bar site, and unless I fucked something up she is not admitted in CO – never was.

        • And she is ALWAYS braying about being a lawyer — she states it on just about every site and in just about every video, despite not being eligible to practice, which was my point in the last thread. It is a huge no no to hold yourself out as a lawyer if you’re not eligible to practice. For instance, if you work at a firm and don’t pass the bar or otherwise can’t practice in a certain state, the firm will make you put in your sig block NOT ELIGIBLE TO PRACTICE LAW IN X or ADMITTED IN Y STATE ONLY in order to avoid the impression that you are eligible to practice law when you are not, even if you are technically a lawyer.

          • I should add that there are exceptions, for instance where an attorney is being closely supervised by another licensed attorney. And she may also by way of legalese never actually hold herself out as being able to provide “legal advice,” but it sure seems to me that she is crossing the line into unauth. practice territory.

      • She prob could not afford her bar dues. What a fucking loser. Also, yeah what does she have to lose, she’s already been/being sued for malpractice and she already has no fucking money.

        What a snake oil salesman. My god.

        • Forget being a lawyer, she’s not even a LOLyer. I checked in Florida, DC, Virginia and Illinois, and there’s no record of her being a licensed attorney. I work in the marketing department of an international law firm, and she’s breaking allll kinds of rules – rules which attorneys know about VERY well.

          For example, if Sheisty Shanti is marketing herself to potential clients in Florida, she not only has to avoid certain phrases (expert, specialize), but she has to disclose her bar admissions – or lack thereof pretty clearly. She should ALSO have a disclaimer that anything she says should not be construed as advice or evidence of a binding/client-attorney relationship…which she doesn’t do.

          Granted, she’s not advertising herself as a lawyer-lawyer, but is using her past career/education as her main credentials – which is problematic under any circumstances from a truthiness perspective.

          • LOL you thinks he knows anything about rules re: attorney advertising?

            How this bitch has avoided bar sanctions, I honestly am flabbergasted. Again, my theory is she has ZERO LAWYER CLIENTS.

            I saw on some post her lawyer services for this marketing shit are like, $1000+ a month. LOL!

    • I feel for Alexis/Ali in this respect. She is in an abusive relationship and nobody deserves that. I hope she finds her way out fast.

    • Oh, god, I couldn’t get through that. They are both supercreeps, though he is the more repulsive of the two.

    • They’re both just really gross. I seriously feel like I need to shower after watching that. Yes, let your creepy-ass boyfriend write about your sex life and put your tits on the internet… Newsflash “Shanti”: dropping your panties and playing pornstar does not make you a special snowflake. It makes you just another dumb bitch who is being used for page views.

      She’s clearly a clueless idiot and has literally made her bed and deserves to lie in it. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. It’s her kids that deserve all the compassion.

      • I can judge and blame her for everything, except for being the victim in an abusive relationship. And she is. I have nothing but contempt and cold fury for this guy because whatever his problems may be, victimising others to feel better about your sorry self is not the way, pathetic little man.

        Yes, she doesn’t leave him, but that’s quite common in these cases and the reasons for this are often complex, so I can’t hate on her for that. I sometimes wonder whether the rest of her woo woo friends are really as clueless or indifferent as they appear or if there is indeed someone trying to support her to get out of this for her and her children’s sake. You’d think that warrior for all the girls and self-proclaimed radical feminist Julia Allison Baugher would have to say something on the issue.

        It’s open season on anything else, though.

        • I also wonder if her publicly recording this relationship isn’t a subconscious cry for help. And then all any of her stupid friends do is seal clap the abuse. Who needs enemies, eh?

        • Craig Filek is definitely a steaming pile of shit, he admits as much in his own writings. He’s a minipulator at best, and deserves to have his whole life cave in on him tomorrow.

          Fuck you, Craig.

          Alexis/Ali is nuts, though. So she will probably stay with him.. allowing him to bang numerous other skanks, while supressing her own expressed desires to “be more of a slut.” I almost feel sorry for her.

        • See and I just don’t view her as an abused woman at all. In fact, I think calling her one is a major disservice to those women out there who actually are trapped in truly abusive relationships. Trust me, I’ve seen it firsthand and this is nowhere near that.

          Is he a controlling, emotionally manipulative enabler? A parasite perhaps? Definitely. But don’t forget, it’s this bitch who runs the show. It’s all an Alexis Neely / Ali Shanti production put on for our viewing pleasure (and page views).

          And who gives a crap about the price her kids will pay. What kind of example is she setting for her young daughter? What’s she going to tell her when her friends, or their parents, find this shit on the internet? Then what? “Oh honey, it’s just mommy being her free, paradigm shifting self. I’m just a juicy, well-fucked woman.”

          Trust me, she’s no victim. She only likes to play one. Scratch that, she’s a liberated victim who can show you the path to freedom (for $999/month). She’s enlightened don’t you know? And you can be too if you just sign up for her coaching/consulting/workshops on any of her many websites. Oh and don’t forget to plug in those credit card numbers.

          I think what’s going on here is just plain, old-fashioned narcissism for profit run amok. This Ali Shanti / Alexis Neely character or whatever the fuck she calls herself today, is just plain pathological. She’s all about attention-seeking and narcissistic supply, which explains her attraction to this creeper who is more than happy to fulfill that role: posting about her, writing about her, filming her, photographing her, devoting 30 minutes every morning to Shanti worship and whatnot. He’s a nobody who just hitched his wagon to another nobody who happens to be much better at pretending to be somebody.

          • For a minute I thought you were Beauchamp.

          • Well put. I wasn’t feeling the abuse trigger quite like everyone who’s voiced it, but I couldn’t begin to articulate my sense that this toad exactly suits her need for microscopically dwelling on her feels 24/7/365.

            Is she an only child? Is he? They sure do believe that the world is in the need-to-know re: their every burp, fart & giggle.

  5. is a podcast interview that Alexis Neely AKA Ali Shanti can’t go back & delete, if / when shit hit$ the fan w/ her bankruptcy trustee — to skip the intro & commercial, jump to 2:10

    If her voice makes your ears bleed to, here are some highlights:
    “… had built two million dollar businesses … had written a book and it had become a bestseller … huge, 5,300 sq ft house … the Mercedes … the companies at that point were bringing in about $2 million dollars … I began to realize: if I wasn’t free with $2 million dollars revenue coming in, I was never going to be free … I filed bankruptcy because, uh, I had to get to a place where I wasn’t making any decisions whatsoever based on money … I didn’t give up my old name either; so I still have one business, the business that trains lawyers, where I am Alexis Neely … and, I have abusiness where I’m both Alexis Neely and Ali Shanti … today the businesses are back to exactly where they were in 2009 … “

    (Meaning WHAT exactly, that they’re million dollar businesses again? Because you seem to be painting a very different picture for the BR trustee.

    “… I had to find a way to get into real truth …” ::snort::

    Fuck it, someone else pick up at 16:15, if there’s any interest in this — I can not, even w/ a gun to my head, sit it out ’til the end (58:49). Nope, no way.

    • Yes, that is her narrative now, together with the 35K/month podcast. “I’m back, bitches, making millz, just like in 2009!” Except she’s not back, financially, unless she’s lying to the trustee, and one other major change since 2009 is that she let her license lapse, so she can’t dole out legal advice without committing a crime.

      The reason I went ahead and posted her BK filing info was not to be a bitch, it was because it is clear that Alexis Neely is gearing up to try to grift money from unwitting folks who hear over and over from the internets about how fucking successful she is / was, and that is fucking fraud. The very reason that BK filings are public record is that the public has an interest in knowing whether a person they may do business with has a history of breaking contracts and defaulting on loans and otherwise not doing what they say they will do.

      • You didn’t do anything wrong. Fuck this bitch.

        She’s opening herself up to so much liability it’s insane. Then again I don’t believe she has any clients. And if they are lawyers there is no excuse for THEIR lack of due diligence and, she has no money to collect from a suit anyway.

        She’s a disgusting shitshow.

  6. Can real journalists like at the NY’er conjure some sort of article here based on unbelievable fact? Becuase I would pay NEWSTAND prices for that.

    • I think we wait until the bodies start showing up in the desert, and then it’s a Vanity Fair article.

      • Dominick Dunne would have had a field day with those bodies.


      • Setting aside all of the financial bullshit, Craig Filek is so scary that I wouldn’t be shocked if there were bodies in the desert. One thing I noticed about Alexis’ prolific posting all over the internet is that it makes it hard to find anything about her that she didn’t write/spin. Sure, there are folks out there calling her a fraud, but one has to dig for them. If this place blows up her search results, you can bet that Mr. Filek is going to storm in here raging mad. I hope I don’t wind up buried in the desert.

        • They probably already do what Derpin & D0nk started doing, which is to somehow manipulate google search results. Alexis Neely AKA Ali Shanti is, after all, following that other page in Julia Allison Baugher’s fake-it-til-you-make-it playbook, which is to purchase fake fans in the stans twitter & facebook followers.

        • ALERT Help is really really needed, Ali is getting $1 million MORE Life Insurance!!!!

          “Then, blood tests for more life insurance because I love my family, business teams and clients that much. (How much life insurance do you have? I have $1.5mm right now and adding on another $1mm.)”

          After letting some guy, CEO, in Craig foisted on her.

          and He comments about her “mood”: “Craig Filek: Gratitude & Impact are way better than mood – nice upgrade”

          Can anyone really contact someone she knows to be serious about checking in on her? There are kids involved…

          • I do not trust Alexis Neely because she is a liar, and so I doubt that she actually has a $2.5mm life insurance policy. That said, if she does, she needs to run for the hills as far away from Craig Filek as she can.

          • Seriously. this is exactly like every episode of “48 Hours” I’ve ever seen.

    • I think an article profiling this whole grifter culture would be fascinating. I’ve debated writing a serious one myself.

      • Same. One of them (not one mentioned on this site) actually came to me and has been social media stalking me for over a year, trying to get me to do a piece on her. I am tempted but Oh, Honey No, it will not be the piece she “envisions.”

      • PLEASE do this! It would be an absolutely fascinating read and I truly haven’t read this anywhere else!

        • You could shop that around – and there are so many of them!
          A bunch of lower level ones hang out at JVZoo

    • Here is a picture of a table with some shit on it.

      The shit on that table “triggered” Craig because of the “generations of frustration” he experienced in his family over stuff like messes. He wrote a post about it:

      He also stated that he was going to kick Ali’s kid’s ass.

      This is tippity tip of the iceberg.

      This post is just gross nasty:

      • He compared teaching his daughter to clean up after herself to training a golden retriever and enslaving a baby elephant.

        He thinks that having her terrified of his ‘dragon’ before she was five is an accomplishment.

        I fucking cannot.

      • “Proving to my frightened little girl that I’m a man, I tackle challenges like they’re munchkins, or face a part of myself that other kids’ fathers won’t face…”

        Like getting a job? Try facing that challenge.

        Also, who tackles munchkins? What the actual fucking FUCK with this guy? He honestly scares me.

      • “Ali would later swear (profusely) that she didn’t want to be tied in with me, but when I pulled her IUD out in the Goddess Pool under the full moon that night, her body relaxed into resonance with mine at a level I don’t believe either of us have ever experienced.”



        “Burning Man last year was significantly more strained. We fought. Physically. Somehow, despite my modest jiu jitsu skills, Ali left me with a rib that may or may not have been cracked, but certainly made it hard to breath for a month.”

        • I don’t normally advocate violence, but Alexis Neely & Ali Shanti need to go Thelma & Louise on Craig Filek’s ass.

        • Playing “Doctor” on a living adult female. Vaginal infections galore in a dirty hot tub. Physical abuse.


      • Some people deserve to be abandoned, though.
        Also: Alton Busey and his Lesbian Wife seem downright upright and wholesome in comparison with these two.

      • We all have issues. Get therapy, gregdammit, and don’t victimise others in order to feel better about your pathetic self. Fuck!

      • and he doesn’t listen to him self by threatening the kid

        “I’ve been struggling this morning with the question of how to get kids to take responsibility for their messes vs. feeling entitled and expecting privileges…

        This article shifted my whole frame of reference:

        Love Your Kids. Leave Them Alone: The Art of Radical Parenting. ~ Kristin S. Luce

        Love and leave them alone, don’t throw a tantrum!

  7. PUBLISHED IN: Southern California Rising Stars 2008 — July 2008

    ‘… When Neely thinks back to her early notions of “family wealth planning,” she says she can’t help but laugh. “There were a lot of lessons in what not to do,” she says. The Miami native explains that her father, a businessman, made a decent living, but was “a complete spendthrift.” Growing up, she recalls numerous occasions when the family’s power was shut off because they didn’t pay the bills. “We didn’t even have health insurance,” she says. In stark contrast to her father, Neely says she became a “hoarder” and started obsessively saving her money at an early age. “Fortunately I’ve acquired a much more balanced approach to money over the years.”

    While Neely didn’t pick up her father’s bad financial habits …’

    • “obsessively saving her money at an early age” hahahaahahahahahahaha so that 10 plus years into her practice in connection with which she earned millions!, she has $500 in her bank account and saved a whopping $40K in retirement funds. Oh GAWD what a LIAR!

      Of course the alternative here is that she stashed away mountains of money to hide it from her creditors, to whom she owed $880,000. Which of course is illegal. Pick a lane: lying liar or criminal?

      • You rang?! Lying liars every one; it’s the common denominator amongst them all (and hence my name.)

      • Well, since retirement accounts are pretty much out of reach of creditors in bankruptcy, Ima go with Big Fat Liar.

    • It costs real money (like, at least a few thousand) to get a shout out in SuperLawyers. I’m always shocked to see people shell out to be included.

  8. And here you can listen to him manipulate Ali to actual tears for an hour because she wanted to read her book and he wanted her to pay attention to him instead (he notes that there was a 30-60 second period of time where she was not focused on him).

    And at the 50:50 or so mark, where Ali comments “Craig has a hard on,” he explains that he is rubbing up against her “big, bloody tampon,” and he later characterizes some organic pad Ali is wearing as a “gypsy blood rag.”

  9. she went to OMG Georgetown and apparently her first job was with Martin Neely and Associates (her middle name is Martin).

    • I actually tracked down her employment history. Here it is: She got an 11th Cir. clerkship after law school. Clerked in Miami, had her first kid. Then took a job at Munger Tolles where she claims she did estate planning for folks like Warren fucking Buffet and Michael Eisner. Worked as an associate for 2-3 years, had her 2nd kid, then decided to leave the firm and hang a shingle. Within 3 years out on her own, she claims, she made 1 million per year (on other sites, she claims she was making 2 million per year at some point) by creating a new law business model. In 2007, she started teaching this new law business model to others. By all accounts I’ve read, this is about where she gets involved with grifters. In 2008, she wrote “a bestselling book on legal planning for parents,” titled Wear Clean Underwear. That same year, she began all of her talk show appearances. Heavily featured on Nancy Grace, covered the MJ trial, etc. Then, in 2009, she realized none of this was for her and so she packed it all in and committed fully to the WOO. Bought a farm outside of Boulder, started up a “community” and some businesses woo-ing, all of that failed and then she filed for BR as she had become 500K in debt somehow. I read somewhere that she paid hundreds of thousands to grifter types who ostensibly were going to assist with building her business, but they were frauds and that is how she lost it all. So, naturally, now she is in business assisting others with building their business . . . .

      • Speaking of Alexis Neely’s appearance on the Nancy Grace show, this article, NANCY GRACE: WHEN TWINKIES CLASH, drives home some the point, over & over, that Alexis Neely isn’t to be taken seriously as a “lawyer”.

        ‘One ramification of the CNN Hostess Twinkie is that real lawyers won’t appear on her show […] In the absence of real lawyers to fill the empty air time between Grace’s delusions and commercials, the show has been largely relegated to the handful of lawyers who want so desperately to be on television that they are prepared to join in the inanity of the shameless […] In one of her never-ending metacognitive moments, Alexis realized yet again that her self-serving rationalizations were nonsense, and that the tripe she purported to teach others was, at its core, a reflection of her own need for acceptance and validation […] The solution isn’t to eschew the need for validation by pretending to play a lawyer on TV.’

    • I see that did a fed clerkship and she (supposedly) worked at MTO for 3 years.

      If true, that’s really prestigious. MTO is one of the 4-5 firms based in CA, along with maybe Irell & Manella and a few of the SF/Silicon Valley firms (e.g. Fenwick & West/Keker van Nest). Charlie Munger is Warren Buffet’s longtime BFF and some kind of vice chairman of Berkshire. Their client list is obviously top notch and it’s supposedly a decent place to work, unlike typical biglaw.

      How does she go from that to this???

      There are some intermediate steps missing here. You don’t just go from that background to the woo woo stuff.

      • From what I read, she worked at MTO for about three years after her clerkship, until about 2003-2004. She then hung a shingle and got involved with Dan Kennedy and the grifter scene in 2006. She met Craig Filek in 2006 at a Dan Kennedy event. Ran into him again at another Dan Kennedy event in 2007 and started doing some business with him. She was still married to Dave at that time, but she stayed in touch with Craig until she divorced Dave. She moved to CO. Craig drove high on acid to see her in CO. Still doing business with Craig but not yet romantically involved, she went off and married that weirdo at BM. After that relationship ended, and while still doing business with Craig, she and Craig finally got together about 3 years ago. Per Craig, she started doing hard drugs in around 2009 and at that time began to “dismantle her crazy lawyer persona.” It is all chronicled in this mess:

        • I wonder how much was Fishsticks the catalyst behind her dismantling? He seems the type of dude who couldn’t handle being involved w/ a woman who’s successful in her own right, so to manipulate her out of that capacity & into still bringing in the bucks but doing so w/ him supposedly calling the shots (so that he can feed his ego instead of nursing it) sounds plausible to me — he’s very “I’m not happy, & it’s all your fault!”, so I can understand (not agree w/) his innate need to drag her down to his own impotent level.

          She needs time away from this dude … she needs to be deprogrammed, unbrainwashed, reset … she needs a get-out-of-relationship-jail free card.

          • All of this. Whatever your flaws, Ms. Shanti, you don’t deserve that loser. No one does.

          • Agreed. I can’t even bring myself to click on the links to his blog that cat ladies post here [and I barely skim over some of the copy/pasted quotes]. I am beyond disgusted by this specimen.

            Shanti and her kids are living in Hippie Hell.

      • Dude, you of all people should know it’s not rocket science to do well in law school (esp a top law school, she prob didn’t even need stellar grades to get a clerkship) and get a summer associate job leading to an offer after law school (or however it works with clerkships, don’t fucking care). I knew morons in big law, I knew type-A academic good at test morons or hot messes in law school. She could have coasted at her firm, and I don’t think clerkships are rocket science either. I’m more likely to respect her if she had hung a shingle and actually been successful. She failed.

        I’m guessing major nervous breakdown. Plus being a miserable lawyer and instead of being responsible and sticking it out or finding something else to do ($40K debt is fucking NOTHING, she could have chosen another career/gone back to school/etc), she shopped her way through her mental illness, had kids she could not afford, and basically became the fuck up she always was inside.

        Whatever. She’s a nutter. I’m not trying to devalue lawyerly accomplishments but, jesus you can be PRESIDENT OF THE USA and be a moron, hi GWB. You put too much faith in these kinda credentials sometimes.

        • I’m not putting too much faith in credentials. I realize she could’ve been weird or in-over-her-head throughout those early years. What stands out to me is that she went so quickly from MTO to grifting. I don’t mean that it’s surprising to me, because yes it happens, but it stands out as unusual. What I’m saying is, there are some important things that went on in her life and her account of things doesn’t add up.

          • In 2006-7, Craig Filek appeared on the scene and everything started to go to shit.

          • I still say nervous breakdown also. I mean I give her props for accomplishing shit but, WTF??? I mean WTF?

            She couldn’t hack being a lawyer, is the bottom line. And also, nervous breakdown. Also she’s a lazy fuck just like JA. Lawyer actually work hard.

    Throughout her six-year marriage, Alexis Martin Neely was the breadwinner … “He was going to stay home with the kids and I was going to go out and earn a living,” she said … But when the Neely’s once-happy marriage turned into an angry divorce, this mother of two agreed to pay her ex-husband $4,000 a month.

    So, is the ex living w/ her because she can no longer afford to pay his $4k monthly manimony?

    • I believe the amount of alimony owed is tied to the amount the earning spouse is earning, which obviously can change. Or else the divorce decree says something like Alexis owes X% of her salary provided that she is earning at least X dollars annually. That article was from 2008, when Alexis was actually making some money. It is unlikely that she would be ordered to pay alimony now, when she is making 5K per month for a family with kids. I also did not see alimony among the monies owed on her BK schedule (by contrast, the student debt, lawsuits, rent, food, school for kids etc were all on there, broken down as monthly expenses). So I think it is more likely that he is living with them because he can’t afford a home absent her payments to him, and she can’t make them / no longer has to make them.

      • The column for “domestic support obligations” on her BK petition has a zero in it. So no more manimony 🙁

      • I saw a different article (& now wish I’d linked it) that said she paid something like $1,200 or $2,100 manimony to him, + child support (because they split custody). W/ joint custody cases I know of among friends, child support is always a wash, but here is likely different than CA / CO, so who knows. I’ll try to find it.

        • HERE:

          For the last two years Alexis Martin Neely, a family lawyer and author of the financial planning guide “Wear Clean Underwear,” has paid her ex-husband between $1,300 and $2,000 a month in alimony — in addition to child support. During their six-year marriage, he was a stay-at-home dad. Currently he is unemployed and has custody of the children half the time.

          • She probably did have to pay him manimony and child support back in 2008, but as of the date of her 2012 BK petition, the amount she owed for “domestic support obligations,” which would cover manimony and child support, was “0.” My best guess is that when her income tanked in 2010 and 2011, she was no longer obligated to pay. The details would be in their divorce decree, which I don’t believe is public. The decree might state that she owes nothing if her income drops below a certain point.

          • I follow ya. Just wondered why the kids dad is living w/ them … considering what she’s willing to put up w/ in her current mate makes me wonder how bad the ex might possibly be …

            But, one thing for sure: if she gets a pass on child support based on low-income, she sure the fuck ain’t pulling down $35k monthly.

  11. I fucking knew it! No way was this smelly busted-faced griftbag banking anywhere near that much scratch. Great research, Lurker. JP, people love these con-artists exposed for the roaches they are, I know you’d absolutely slay it!

    PS I wonder how far behind Craigers is on his child support payments.

  12. How the fuck do these grifters afford to go to all of their various conferences? Every other sentence is about some conference or another (OneTaste, Enlightened Man, Etc.). Isn’t it kind of self-absorbed to engage in THIS MUCH introspection? I mean, wouldn’t a weekly visit to a local therapist be cheaper than all the travel expenses associated with all of these conferences? And wouldn’t some of their issues work themselves out if they got real fucking jobs and spent some time looking outside themselves?

    • 1. Probably by peddling their own grifter shit i.e. speaking on some dumb panel or promising to blog about it later (WHO DOES THIS SOUND LIKE?), all while pointing to their “resume” (many successful million dollar businesses and fancy articles featuring them) even though all of that is a sack of lies (WHO DOES THIS SOUND LIKE?)

      2. through 4. Yes.

  13. This is great advice from a woman with a pending BK proceeding. Don’t pay your bills, folks! It is pretty shady not to mention that she literally just filed for BK because she herself racked up the debt she recommends racking up, couldn’t pay it back, and just decided to eff her credit and enter BK as a solution. Where are those final steps, which she is experiencing in her real life right then, in this enlightening post? Did I miss an asterisk? Like

    *Disclaimer: I am not licensed to practice law, so this is not legal advice. Also, if you follow my tips described above, you may wind up in BK, which is where I am right now at this minute.

  14. I don’t wanna like piss on the parade cause this bitch sounds fucking god aweful scummy to me but…..

    It could be possible her businesses were GROSSING a million each. Doesn’t fuck matter cause we all know – it ain’t what you spend, it’s what your earn (net in business speak)….

    But holy god what is wrong with these people?

    • She repeatedly states on youtube videos, on her bizness sites and in interviews that she “made millions.” She was “making 2 million dollars a year.”

  15. Wait – I had that backwards – it isn’t what you earn, it’s what you spend.

  16. Gawd they’re on a women of low self esteem tour, these ‘sisters’ are.

  17. Alexis Neely is writing a book on her BK that is coming out next year! Book publishers, need any assistance with fact checking?

    From this site, read the comments. Hysterical.

    Alexis Neely static • 9 days ago
    Definitely no reason to conceal my bankruptcy; it was the right decision for me and had nothing to do with my business acumen. If you’d like to know why I did it, there will be an entire book with that content next year. In the meantime, if you’d like to be more successful in your law practice, you can study and apply what I teach lawyers. It works.

    Sam Glover static • a year ago
    You forgot marrying a shaman at Burning Man.

    Alexis has done just about everything she can to make it impossible to take her seriously. I can’t blame anyone who doesn’t. But the simple fact that she recommends something doesn’t make it a bad idea. Just as the simple fact that Scott Greenfield recommends something doesn’t make it a good idea.

    Jordan Rushie Sam Glover • a year ago
    Except that Scott Greenfield has run a bona fide criminal defense practice for like 30 years, so what he says is kinda worth listening to.

    In contrast, Alexis got a JD, went to Burning Man, and declared bankruptcy recently, the timing of which was apparently determined by an astrologist.

    It’s the difference between asking for gym advice from the fat guy behind the counter at GNC and a bodybuilder.
    • Reply•Share ›

    Alexis Neely Jordan Rushie • 9 days ago
    And, I built my law practice into a million dollar a year revenue generating business and have supported hundreds of lawyers to great success in their own lives and businesses.

        • Above The Law (, basically a tabloid blog covering the law, the legal profession and law schools. Founded by David Lat, he got his start writing as a woman at judicial gossip blog, “Underneath their Robes.”

          • Ahhh … ‘k, thx. So whoa tho’ …
            I foresee this chick spazzing out.
            Shit her BF doesn’t even seem to know.
            I really feel for her kids.

          • Underneath The Robes was a great blog Lat wrote when he was an AUSA under then-US Attorney Chris Christie in NJ. Just a fascinating look at the behind the scenes of high level federal law practice, including his comments on certain judges, etc.

            ATL started off as a good blog but now it has many sponsored posts, rando contributors, and crappy editors (e.g. Elie Mystal). Kashmir Hill was pretty good but now writes for Forbes, I think.

    • She would have to charge $500/hour and work 2000 hours and have no expenses to clear $1M as a solo. Nobody in their right mind is going to pay a 3rd year lawyer outside NY/LA/London those rates, and there’s no way she was clearing 2k+ hours in billables. It’s preposterous to anyone with the mildest of clues.

      • “It’s preposterous to anyone with the mildest of clues.” Right. And specifically, it is preposterous to lawyers, who are her target audience. Brillz.

      • Ding ding ding!

        Gawd, I’d love to see someone expose these scammers and blow up the internets HARD with all of this. Hopefully, Lurker and the other cat ladies’ fine work on here will get this started.

        • Here is the problem I am encountering with “expos[ing] these scammers and blow[ing] up the internets HARD:” I personally will not poke a dOnkey, or Ali, or Craig, so I won’t be posting links to this page in the comments on their various blogs. (Although I nave noticed that other people have done just that.)

          From what I can tell, Alexis etc. have somehow fucked with their google search results to hide this page. I know nothing about tech and have no idea how to circumvent whatever they did. Perhaps a tech person can jump in and provide insight here, but we are more or less invisible on her google searches unless you set the searches pretty specifically. So, as far as I can tell, this page hasn’t really impacted her online presence.

          If someone is aware of a workaround with respect to this situation, do tell. Because for now the only workarounds I’ve seen are poking Craig / Ali and, no to that.

          • Oh Gawd NO, I would never suggest anyone poke any of these filthy crazy beasts. I’ve never done it myself and I don’t condone it.

            I was referring to something along the lines of what JP had commented somewhere; writing a legit article for a legit site, on the whole grifty scammer scene.

      • 3rd yr billing rate at a vault 20 (DC) is a little under 500. and associate pay (including a market bonus) is at most 30% of billables (partners gotta skim, man). I’m basing that on 1800 or 1850 billable hrs which is what most firms want for market bonus.

    • BITCH? Please, tell me even ONE NAME of a SINGLE ATTORNEY who took your advice and went gangbusters.

      Just one. Waiting…

      God go fuck yourself! You can’t pay your own fucking bills! You failed as a lawyer! What fucking advice could you have? My god.

    • Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to the ORIGINAL Julia Allison Baugher!!

  18. Lurker (Psycho-delic), this is AMAZING. I hope this thread goes on for days.

    • Thanks. I know you all may think I am nuts in light of my many posts today, but in fact I have a job and a husband and, more importantly, a fever, which kept me from doing work today. So today you all were dealing with an otherwise busy person with a job who called in sick and found the Alexis Neely rabbit hole more entertaining than anything on TV. Yup, my choices on my couch were TV or Alexis’ bullshit, and I chose the latter. No regrets.

      • …And it has made all the difference.

        But in all sincerity, hope you are on the mend and what a treasure trove!

        • Oh I will live, thanks. I am actually glad I had this fever dream called Alexis Neely / Ali Shanti’s bullshit. Not sure I could have tolerated her rabbit hole if I were operating on full cylinders.

      • I”m sick too! I could not take off tho. My job has been SLOW for a month and then I get sick and it goes bonkers.

        Can I ask what your job is? I think you said you’re not a lawyer. Your research skills are excellent.

        • I’ve never commented on what my profession is or is not. I’d rather not say what my profession is if that is OK since I have put myself out on the line and Craig Filek is scary as fuck. I will say that I don’t post anything I don’t actually know about and you can draw what you will from my comments.

          • Yeah I figured you might not wanna say.

            And I know you don’t post anything you don’t know about.

            I have doubts sometimes about poking fun of Donkey, because she’s more or less harmless and just an idiot. She doesn’t have kids to torture (I hate her dog owning shit). She doesn’t pretend to have a business anymore. But the shenanigans of THIS asshole…she deserves everything she gets.

            Get off the fucking internet, you are 40 fucking years old, get a real job, take care of your kids…seriously, get a grip girlfriend. You brought children into the world. Whether or not you are a good mother, I have no clue. But it’s pretty clear you are a fraud in your business life, a mess in your romantical life, and holy fuck you need to get off the internet and reboot.

          • JFA — thanks for understanding. I also don’t want to state my profession because when I first de-lurked after reading here for fucking years because I’d HAD IT with the dOnkey (specifically, the Woo transformation and her general lying and posing) I stated that I knew the dOnkey. So I don’t want to further narrow down who I am. Cool?

          • Yeah no it’s fine. Now I’m fucking paranoid I outed myself to a cat lady the other day.

            You know who you are! Please, I don’t want to end up 6 feet under here. These people scare me legitimately.

    • There will be more, I promise. I hate this bitch. I just need to work up the courage to go down her prolific rabbit hole. If I still drank, it would be a lot easier.

      • There isn’t enough alcohol in the world for me to make that journey. I’ve tried but couldn’t stomach it. Good think you don’t drink any more because it might take you into alcohol poisoning territory.

      • All you have to do is scratch the service, love. Seriously. Scratch the surface. Don’t go too far down. It’s too disturbing.

        • Scratch the Service … made me lol, cuz it could be the name of one of their icky recordings. Just saying.

          • Service. Christ. I am so delirious. BUT I CANNOT PRY MYSELF AWAY FROM THIS SHITSHOW.

  19. So I injured my hand while achieving harmony with Zuel last week and was pretty much going back through the archives to truly experience the art that is JA. I’m on page 138 now and am I correct in recalling this critter being one of JA’s idols from waaaaay back in the day?
    I started reading during the Miss Advised days, then stopped for a while, then come back and she’s talking about giving ghosts hand jobs and other whackadoo kifflom shit. I was trying to time machine back to the moment things went all Heaven’s Gate. Sadly, I don’t think I found one exact moment that we stepped into some sort of alternate dimension where just living is creating art. I guess between the ending of Miss Advised and dating The Healing Chef? I am feeling much like any of the donk’s conquests must feel: dissatisfied and confused. Possibly a little itchy as well.

    • Yes, I believe they met in Julia’s STAR days when she and Alexis were making the pundit rounds on cable news. They have been friends for a while.

    • Also there have been seeds of this hippie bullshit for a long long time, they have just now recently fully manifested like some peace-loving She-Hulk.

  20. I am still trying to decide whether these two are worse than Tucker Max.

    I think maybe they are but I can’t quite articulate why.

    I don’t know who she’d have to associate with to go any lower.

    Maybe Jules Kirby and Loren Feldman can shit out a kid.

    • Tucker Max is initially and very obviously revolting. But with people like Neely or JA, or Neely’s creepy bf, it’s not quite as in your face. It’s pretty much in your face but Tucker Max fully capitalizes on being a horrendous douche, while these other ones try to sell people on false love and light. ??

    • She could be the filling in a Terry Richardson/Dove Charney manwich, but at least those two have jobs.

    • Tucker Max is a bit rapey, but at least seems to know how to party.

      I find Plague Fillet deeply revolting, there is something so smarmy and disgusting about him that I can’t even look at a picture of him.

      • OT, but I met Tucker Max once, circa when he was doing some reality TV show for I think MTV, which much like JA’s stint on Missed Advice featured him as being a complete tool. Before the show aired, he came to a ballgame with my group of friends and kept strangely hitting on me in the grossest way. Dude is not attractive. Then a few months later I randomly caught the reality TV show ep in which he claimed to arrange like 3 dates in one night (one woman for beers, I think he ditched that woman for a hotter woman at the bar, and then he bizarrely arranged for a third woman to pull up and pick up his dirty laundry so that she could launder it for him). I laughed my ass off watching that episode and called everyone that had been at the ballgame ordering them to somehow watch it (this was pre DVR). The ep ended with him with zero of the three women, graphically barfing in an alley on the side of the bar. True story.

    • They are worse. They are so much worse. Tucker Max is at least a full-on, in your face douchebag, doesn’t proclaim to be something else. Plus he wrote a book people actually read. He’s a total fucking disgusting dickhead but I’m not sure he’s insane. He’s just fratboy to the infinity power.

      These two. These two are secret serial killers probably. Anyone ever see that creepy show “Wicked Attraction?” I think that’s the one. It’s about couples who come together and basically start killing people and shit. They aren’t there yet, but if it happened? How many of us would be surprised?

      So wrong.

      • I seem to recall that he’s tried to give money away, so he probably saves some money & hasn’t screwed his creditors. At least his consistent (I’ll bet his law license is in effect too)

  21. Don’t read the”about” section on their ‘TMI’ FB page unless you want to punch yourself in the eyeballs.

    “2.) We have invested tens of thousands of dollars learning and practicing Relationship As A Path To Awakening. We understand that, for us, the path to Mastery involves teaching others – not that we have it all figured out, but we are willing to make our mistakes publicly, and reveal the inner workings of our relationship as a way of serving our tribe by showing… it’s messy inside a relationship, and you’re not alone. We’ll not only show you our messes, but how we work our way through cleaning them up, and becoming stronger for it..”

    All that money and research to end up in a manipulative, abusive relationship with a disgusting angry dude who references used tampons in everyday conversation and is a total skeeve. SIGN ME UP. Yes I feel bad for her but she is a moron and has dragged her kids into this clusterfuck, so.

    the “House of All Possibilities”… yeah all possibilities to not be a healthy functional adult. I wonder if they found an indentured servant yet.

    • One of the things I find confusing about her bizness plan is that she is simultaneously trying to re-launch her LOLyer training products (I am / was tho thuccessful! buy my shit!) and publicly posting on that TMI relationshit page private conversations that reveal how completely fucked up she is. Who on earth would listen to the dreck they are putting out there in the world and then be motivated to follow her guidance? She is shooting herself in the foot and doesn’t seem to be aware of that fact. And by all accounts, she was at one point a smart lady. In conclusion, DRUGS.

      • Yes, white lady with your tits out, wearing a bindhi and facepaint, please tell me how I can get into a relationship with someone so infantile they wet-hump my maxi-pad because I’m reading a book instead of fellating him. Please let me know how I can find someone who threatens to hit my kid because he left a juicebox on the kitchen table. He sounds like a real keeper. Can I join your handfast and be your third for a year?

        • This is so, so fucking gross and yet it is all true fact. Good job? VOM

      • THIS. my god.

        IN all honestly, any lawyer who hires her should be immediately disbarred.

        But I remain convinced, she has exactly ZERO lawyer clients. ZERO. This is a pyramid scheme of sorts. Pay me for my secrets to success, sign up for my newsletter….and then it leads to more of this shit, so many words saying NOTHING. I honestly have no idea how she hasn’t been sued yet. Is her business even an LLC?

    • It’s like … the worst things anyone could ever say … all in one place …

      HERE’S THE THING: It’s all true, whether you want to believe it or not.

      • We’re merely a mirror, reflecting back the horror that is you. If you don’t like it, change.

    • At least she asks him not to get involved. Interesting that when she says Julia’s reblogging people are writing about them, Craig says, “Oh good. Isn’t that what you always wanted?” Uhhhhh

      She also claims that my statement that she is filing paperwork purporting to make 5K per month is false, which, NO, check the public records, folks. Again, are you lying to the trustee or are you lying now?

      She complains that we are reblogging every negative thing she’s ever said about Craig, but lady, the key word is REblogging. YOU put it out there.

      Alexis Neely, here is a productive thing you can do in response to this page. You can read this compilation of what you and Craig have said about your own relationship and take steps to remove yourself and your children from that relationship. Please do that.

      • She’s not lying to the trustee, at least not directly. It looks to me like her attorney is handling these things. So if she’s lying, she’s involving her attorney in her scamming (seems unlikely).

        • She says in this audio file that she is not making the amount of money reflected in her filings. Implies that she is making far more. So either those filings reflect lies or she is lying now.

          • Right and what I’m saying is, she is obviously lying now. I assume she does this because “no one should believe haters” and she knows that most people aren’t going to have access to PACER to see what’s really up.

          • But but but — the very fucking people she is marketing to are LAWYERS, who are the very fucking people that DO have access to PACER!! And as a lawyer, she herself has access to PACER! So is she claiming that her own BK lawyer is a “hater”? Christ the delusion.

          • She makes to sound like she doesn’t know what her BK filings contain. Uh, HELLO! Aren’t you a lawyer? Shouldn’t you be reviewing those filing MULTIPLE times before they are submitted?
            Or, you know, whatever. It’s just your professional reputation at stake here. No reason to freak out over that.

          • I assume she doesn’t mention her BK at all when marketing her program to lawyers, right?

            I’m also thinking that the kind of person who would get suckered in by Ali/Alexis isn’t the type of person who would’ve looked up her info on PACER anyway.

          • AFF, can you cut and paste some shit from pacer? Fuck this bitch.

            HI, honey! The internet doesn’t lie. If you seriously don’t expect people to call you out on your MULTIPLE LEVELS OF INSANITY, Jesus christ you are even MORE CRAY than you seem, which is like, VOLCANIC LEVELS OF CRAY.

            And your boyfriend is rapey. Hi Craig! You’re gross! xoxoxo

          • JFA — I have pdfs of select findings saved to my computer. I am willing to send to you or JP or whoever else wants to read them. You can request at my fake email account, lurker donk at gmail dot com.

      • And if not remove yourself from the relationship, then remove the relationship from public consumption. If we can find all of this, then your prospective clients can, too. It’s deluded to think otherwise, and it’s deluded to believe that everybody is going to just be fine and dandy with your drug-taking free sex lifestyle. You are free to do what you want, you just have to be aware of the consequences of your actions and how publicly you live your lives.

      • In the podcast Ali didn’t seem to let Craig know that he’s been skewered here for being an alleged abusive creeper in several posts..

        I wonder if he’s still gonna be all “Peace/Love/Forgiveness” if he ever gets around to checking his Google alerts and reads some of it? 🙂

        • I noticed that too … was it because she’s all me, Me, ME! or because she mentally blocked all the comments about him, knowing that to acknowledge ’em would require she pick a side of the fence & agree or deny?

          Rhetorical question; she’s not going to touch that, ’cause that opens the door to why she has her kids in a volatile & toxic environment.

          She has perfected the art of side-stepping truths.

    • Boo hoo, Ali, ALL OF THIS IS PUBLIC RECORD and on the Internet. Why are you surprised that people are not impressed and enjoying the reality show train wreck?

    • She is contemplating writing about and “driving people to this website” because “people are being really mean.” Look, researching and reporting facts gleaned from public filings and then calling someone out for perpetrating a fraud is not being mean. Perpetrating a fraud is being mean.

        • Oh Christ, I’m just listening to this insanity right now. She’s talking about how to handle this site as hopefully being some sort of model for teenage girls. Are teenage girls attorneys? Or lying internet grifters? And now she seems to be blaming her epic dissembling on her friendship with Donkey.

          He’s giving me the creeps with his soft comments about hotness around her body and how the intensity doesn’t feel o.k. Huh? This is the type of guy would haul off and smack you with little provocation.

          • Most teenage girls would probably find this site boring as they probably get some of our main messages at home, just with less colourful language. Work hard, don’t cheat (neither in love, nor in business), don’t treat people like networking material, don’t OBO romantic partners, be nice to and take good care of your pet, study hard, don’t obsess about unattainable beauty standards, do NOT have poison injected into your body, don’t stalk people, don’t grift, make something of your life, don’t let men gaslight you etc. Hell, we’re like the cooler, boozy aunt of a PSA over here!

          • Haul off, smack you with little provocation, and then tell you that you made him do this, as if this was an excuse.

            Also, this people need to understand that this place would never go after young Tippie and her friends writing a silly (or smart) blog about stuff they like. Shitty people get on our radar, Ali, 40-year-old fraudsters who refuse to take responsibility for their actions or that prince of yours with his abusive streak, or Julia, well, you know Julia, so..

      • One more thing. I’d be careful with driving people here, as some of them may look at you differently afterwards.

    • I wonder if Alexis/Ali is a regular reader of this blog, or did her post just randomly come up in a Google alert?

      • Craig remarks to Ali regarding this site, “but you loooove going there!”

      • D0nkey, who reads here nevery day, most likely
        gloatingly alerted her, good frenemy that she is.

        • I’m sure she gave her some hippy BS “It hurts my heart to see you there,” meanwhile, she’s privately thinking, “Thanks for the hand, Shanti. It feels good to get off the bottom rung for a while.”

          • I just wonder how long it will take for her to get jealous of the attention diverted towards Shantitown. We know Donkey doesn’t like to share, which will ultimately be the undoing of her woo woo ambitions.

        • I dunno … when Fisticks says: “You love going there!”, I guess D0nks good friend (heh) is a regular RBD reader after all.

          • Yeah. She probably thought it was hilarious when it was about Julia.

            Laugh no more, bitch.

    • She fears that “lawyers are going to read [this page].” True fact: lawyers ARE reading this page, right now.

      Craig makes a good point, actually: “as you get bigger, more people are going to be sniffing under your skirt . . . and they’re going to find this stuff, they’re going to find your blog posts about it.” Yup. Lesson learned: don’t make it a matter of public record that you are a liar, a hypocrite and a con.

      • I think she’s actually terrified he’ll read this. He will not react well. I’m sorry—he won’t alchemize this well.

        • I agree with this. It takes her several minutes to state that the purpose of the call is to share with him that they’ve wound up here. She was very nervous about it. And she also apparently read this page, which includes several sympathetic comments telling her to get away from Craig, and she interpreted the whole thing as “she fucked up.” All on her, nothing on him. She really needs deprogramming.

        • You’re right. The recent commentary here on Craig Filek would probably not be vibrationally congruent with his current paradigms. He’d better check the alignment of his chakras before entering the basement here..

          • It’s going to take a shitload of shadow work to deal with the things being said here.

        • I also suspect that Craig may not know what her BK filings contain, and he also may not know that she is feeding him complete bullshit regarding how much money is coming in. If that is the case, I fear a bit for Alexis if / when Craig finds out the truth about the money.

        • I think he’ll masturbate to it honestly. I know, that was horrible. But I think this guy is a sadomasochist and he will eat up the attention.

      • If she is really terrified of what might happen once he received his share of the RBNS/RBD love, it may indeed be a good time to get the hell out of dodge. Ask Sparkle Wolf Baugher to put you up in SF, Ali, she’s never there anyway.

        • Seriously! If you’re ever scared of your partner, that’s a clue you shouldn’t be with them. She does sound legitimately terrified at the beginning of that recording.

    • But I DON’T feel like I really fucked up with my finances AT ALL!

      Wow. The righteous delusion is more firmly attached than one could imagine. An $880,000 bankruptcy filing (closer to a million, if unpaid interest on loans is factored in), is most definitely a financial fuck up. we know it, your shafted creditors know, so why doesn’t your brilliant graduated-at-the-top-of-the-class know it?

      Why, indeed. Because you’ve couched it in such a way that is palatable to your conscious & you’ve put that narrative on a loop until you’ve convinced yourself that you’ve merely “released” your debts, s if they’re only innocent helium balloons that you’ve set free for all to enjoy. Delusional much, Ali?

      • This is my favorite thing about her–she doesn’t think that her bankruptcy has any consequences. She doesn’t see it as actually stealing money, goods, and services, which is what it amounts to. She feels entitled to a free 800K and no harm done. Except, of course, to the people the money is owed to. Unreal.

        • Yes! She has said that running up and, subsequently, abandoning that debt are “the best thing [she’s] ever done.”

        • Actually and technically, she didn’t steal shit. A loan was freely made by morons to another moron. The lending morons felt that the interest charged was enough to offset the risk that the borrowing moron would go belly up – and it is why junk debt carries a much higher interest rate than a loan to McDonald’s.

          In a huge pool of people, the lending morons are correct and they come out ahead. Which is why Visa and Mastercard do so well.

          Now, I have never borrowed a cent in my life and I think people who borrow and stiff the lender are cunts – like basically half of America during the housing bubble of 2008….those people DID steal because the lending morons got bailed out by ME in terms of tax dollars and in terms of artificially low interest rates for the last 6 fucking years. A lot of them also LIED on their applications so as to misrepresent the ACTUAL risk to the lenders. Which makes them cunts.

          So if you want to point a finger at complete giant asshole thieves, please point it at the IRS (who robs at gunpoint to bail out those assholes) and the Fed (who robs quietly through manipulating the currency). All this Shanti moron did is enter into a contract where risks were assumed incorrectly by the lender and everyone knew the rules.

          But she is still a crazy cunt scumbag scam artist. I will not argue that…and her husband is the biggest douchbag, loser, weirdo faggot on the planet.

          • I have never borrowed a cent in my life

            You’ve never, ever applied for a single, solitary loan, a credit card or any line of credit? You travel to foreign countries w/ wads of cash?

            Yeah, I know, it’s possible to pay cash for every single lifetime expense, but it’s really hard to build enough ca$h reserve$ to pay for every. single. milestone. (like higher ed, cars, homes, etc.)


          • If that is you poking Craig on his blog site, please stop doing that. He is legit scary.

          • “her husband is the biggest douchbag, loser, weirdo faggot on the planet.”

            Don’t feel bad, Matt! You’re still a cinch for second place!

          • Brayella, I have no problem believing that Matt paid cash for the place he currently lives in. If by “paid cash” you mean “chased the tarantula out of the cardboard box.”

      • This is so true, and also when she speaks to new people about her experience declaring bankruptcy, I imagine they envision a much smaller number than 880K. I think most would be quite taken aback by that number, particularly if they saw the breakdown of creditors.

    • JP! I so hope you’re already writing your exposé!
      Alexis Neely AKA Ali Shanti will be your best PR & mktg, all at once.

    • She also confirms in this audio file that she has not maintained her license to practice law. It is unbelievable to me that she has not placed a disclaimer somewhere on her various bizness sites (which advertise her as a lawyer) stating that she is not currently eligible to practice.

      • She claims she filed paperwork to have her license reinstated. It’s unclear whether that means in CA or CO. In either case, I’m willing to bet that the bankruptcy issue will come up, as well as whatever her current businesses are doing. Obviously when you make an initial application to the bar examiners, they look at these types of issues from a character/fitness standpoint. It seems like since she allowed her license to lapse, they might look into these things again? (I don’t know anything about CO or CA so I obv can’t say for sure.)

        • She states that she filed some paperwork to reinstate her license in response to this page. Which confirms that for three years she was operating without a license. I don’t know what kind of paperwork you need to file to reinstate a license you let lapse three years ago due to not completing required CLE — seems to me you would need to show proof that you have come current on your CLE, which would mean presumably attending something like 45 hours’ worth of CLE, which is something one cannot do overnight. Perhaps she filed a letter stating her intent to bring her CLE current? Who knows. And I agree that if the CA bar (the only bar she has ever been a member of as far as I can tell) looks into her BK, that could impact her reinstatement. Although I don’t know whether the CA bar requires another character & fitness app for reinstatement. In addition to her BK, the two lawsuits filed against her would also need to be disclosed on a c&f app if indeed one is required, which would also fuck her chances of reinstatement.

          • IIRC, in AZ if your license lapses due to incomplete CLE, you complete the CLE then send the proof (completion certificates) into the state bar. I believe she would also need to have completed CLE for the years she was unlicensed as well, but there are a lot of online courses that you can get CLE credits through. If she really buckled down (HA HA) she could get a couple years worth down in a day.

          • During the eight years I sold RE, credits / hours required to take the test for a license jumped significantly, & another change was that if you didn’t complete your annual CEU w/in the allotted time-frame, you had to retest after satisfying the new amount of required hrs — that’s just for a RE license, & I would think that Law is a lot more stringent, especially in CA of all places. Are CO lae licensing requirements reciprocal to CA? Doubtful.

            But she read this site / sight / cite yesterday, & even though she didn’t have time to post the audio so she had him do it, she made time to file paperwork & voilà, she’s gonna be street legal just *snap!* like *snap!* that *snap!*

            She lies to him, herself, her audience, everyone, & says she prides herself on her honesty.

          • Aggressively: This makes sense to me. She would need to (1) complete her CLE and then (2) submit proof of completion. Which means that her statement of last night that she’d filed something to reinstate was bullshit, unless she was already sitting on hours and hours of unsubmitted, completed CLE.

            I just can’t get over that she fails to recognize that her target audience (lawyers) are the best equipped folks to see through her bullshit. I mean, don’t say you filed some bullshit to reinstate, say “I got behind on my CLE and I am going to sign up for courses and shit so I can come current.”

          • Eh, the requirement on California is 25 CLE hours every three years. In comparison, AZ requires 15 CLE hours EVERY year with three of those credits being in “professional responsibility” courses.

            To practice in CO she would have to sit for the CO bar. California is not a reciprocal admission jurisdiction with Colorado.

          • To further muddy the waters: Is she “practicing” unlicensed in every state by hawking her mktg wares over the internet, to whomever will fall for it from wherever, when she presents herself as a lawyer who’s licensed nowhere? I gathered that she’s pushing the estate planning stuff, but state laws on that vary considerably, do they not? Seems so convoluted …

      • I very highly doubt a bankruptcy would be a bar to re-upping her law license.

        I have NO DOUBT that her getting sued for legal malpractice, and her “lawyer” “consulting” business shenanigans, are pinging the radars of the character and fitness committee. Even if she doesn’t have to pass that threshold again (prove her fitness to practice etc), I’m sure she either has been investigated by them, or will be if she is ever licensed again.

        If we can’t keep people like this from being licensed to practice, WTF good is a law license at this point? Just give them out for free.

        • Maybe you’re on to something there … are license taken away from lawyers who flip out? Maybe she did already, & it’s just more of what Fishsticks doesn’t know ,,, it’s seeming more & more weird.

          • Where’s AFF? I think if she were sanctioned by the bar it would be publicly available online. I think? When NY lawyers are sanctioned I believe it’s published in the NY Law Journal.

            And i think it’s pretty difficult to be disbarred. At least in NY. Lying about her income etc. in order to lure clients to use her consulting services…not a good idea. False advertising clearly, not sure if she is holding herself out as giving legal advice. But you cannot absolutely cannot falsely advertise things like your income or make business claims that are flatly untrue in order to get clients.

            That honestly could be one reason she never re-upped her license. Besides the fact that I bet she doesn’t even have the $99 it takes to do enough CLE to make up for a single year using online courses.

          • Basically what I was saying was, unlikely she has been disbarred, not sure about sanctioned, but if she continues peddling the bullshit it’s clearly just a matter of time.

            Also, I bet a billion dollars she had no malpractice insurance when she WAS practicing law = why she owes so much in liability to that estate planning client. Really this woman is batting 1000 here. Yeah, I’d take her advice.

          • It would be on her bar record if she had been suspended for mental or ethical fitness. She hasn’t. She has a clean disciple record.

          • She has not been sanctioned by the CA bar. Not that she perhaps should have been, but that hasn’t happened. As I stated above, I don’t know what hoops must be jumped through in order to reinstate a license, but if those hoops involve looking into her BK and who has sued her, she is gonna have issues with reinstatement.

          • Yes I wasn’t implying she had been sanctioned. I know it’s public record in NY so I assume also in CA. But she’s really treading a thin line with these business claims IMO.

          • Wouldn’t her business loan lenders mandate malpractice coverage (like a lien holder requires full-coverage ins on an auto)?

            Maybe I’ve got it wrong, plus, different states & different types of practices, but I’d swear that it was required in a medical office I worked in, when big loans were taken out for equip, that our banker was alerted if & when anything lapsed (some staff had to pay E&O ins too).

          • Why would it be a personal liability listed on her bankruptcy filings if she had malpractice insurance covering her malpractice claims? Is all I’m thinking.

            I am 100% convinced she has zero attorneys as clients in her attorney marketing business.

    • INNNNNNNTERESTING! At the beginning of that recording he makes it sound like she WANTED to be written about here. Also, there’s all this vague talk about something she did to get our attention. Hmmm?

      • why the FUCK would she record and post this? I have never seen people so far up their own asses!

        • what does alchemizing something mean? Changing it? Spinning it? I can’t even with these people.

          • Unless they’re talking about turning lead into gold then that word doesn’t mean what they think it means.

    • I would fucking kill myself if I had to have these convoluted woo-woo-lingo-loaded conversations. Why are they so averse to direct statements like, “I’m angry.” “Your ability to alchemize that kind of shadow.” WHAT?

      They are officially worse than JABA the Nut.

      • Word. Anyone ever asks me to “alchemize” a situation we’re gonna definitely have a heated growth opportunity.

      • Much worse. I’m listening to the end of this nutso audio right now and they’re reciting Woo Hoo encomiums to one another, and she’s really, really, really happy that Craig doesn’t want to read here. But, according to the d-nozzle, Shanytown wanted to be on RBD. Huh?!

        • OMG. I think they are providing an incredible public service for us single cat ladies. I could sit in my apartment all day long with my dog and a bucket of fried chicken praising the Good Lord Jesus that I am single after listening to these two.

    • It appears they’ve taken the podcast down. At least, I had access to it earlier today, and now I don’t.

      • I came to find the link to confirm that, but you’ve confirmed it for me. Hmm … wonder what it is Alexis Neely AKA Ali Shanti wants to hide, & from whom … ?

        • Removing your post after less than 24 hours was very honest and transparent of you, Alexis Neely / Ali Shanti.

  22. So I guess we should be anticipating the “100 reasons I’m grateful for this reblogging site” and the 10,000 friends of hers she’ll be driving here to white-knight for her.

  23. You cannot open your life up to the public without the expectation of criticism and yes sometimes even disdain, from the masses- you are completely fucking insane if you think otherwise. There will always be a Greek chorus and no, your detractors do not owe you transparency. If you don’t like that concept, then you may as well stop right now. You are the ones who chose a public path, and it is not always a path of love, light, and acceptance. For everyone who leaves you a comment saying “Oh, what a brave and interesting thing you shared” there are scores of others who think you are fucked up but just don’t feel like telling you.

    The saddest part of this story is the fact that there are children involved who presumably have no choice about their living situation and who deserve a nurturing, stable life, which is not going to happen when the adults spend their time navel gazing and broadcasting their creepy self absorbed problems all over the internet. But whatever, as long as it makes you feel better to talk about swapping sex partners and bloody tampons, keep it up.. I mean, kids are resilient, right?

    BTW, the repeated issues being discussed in your broadcasts and on your blogs point to a woman ignoring her natural intuition. You continue to stay in a situation that is completely unhealthy when you know you should be running far away. Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.

  24. Q: “What about Gunner?”
    A: “You mean Gui-Nar? What about him?”

    I thought it was pronounced “Gordahn”, you pretentious twat.

  25. This is rich:

    Ali Shanti shared a link.
    14 hours ago
    Please sign the petition to get HomeDepot and Lowe’s to do the right thing. We’re already having a massive almond shortage. Is your favorite food next? It will be if we lose all our bees because we didn’t take action.

    Yes, sign the petition to get Home Depot to do the right thing. Home Depot, which is a place where you took out a line of credit, signed a contract in connection with doing so promising to pay Home Depot back for charges made and then broke that contract and later named Home Depot among your creditors in your BK petition. Do the right thing!

  26. And back in grifter ville:

    Ali Shanti shared a link.
    about an hour ago
    When Craig Filek and I found ourselves in romantic relationship, we were both quite surprised.

    I had never consciously thought of him as a relationship prospect. He was a guy I had coached, who had worked for me, who had worked with me, who had led a cool workshop (purpose mapping) at my house, who I enjoyed being around, but, frankly, I thought of him as a kid.

    Then, something shifted. One day, I was shooting some videos (after a breakup with the guy I married at Burning Man) and I started to cry. The way he handled it was eye-opening.

    Suddenly, I saw him in a whole different way. He was not a boy at all, but a powerful man who could hold my emotional intensity.

    Turns out, right before that, he had gone on a no-woman diet. Our friends from the authentic man project are having a call about it this Thursday. Interested? Details here:

    What is the No Woman Diet – Thursday 5/8 6:30pm MST – Powered by Infusionsoft
    Like · · Share

    I also note that folks (including one familiar name) have left a few comments on Craig Filek’s blog :

    • I started to cry … The way he handled it … a powerful man who could hold my emotional intensity …

      The crying is something I noticed in listening to just a couple of audios — she sniffled & cried at least a half dozen times, while other times, she was talking about crying.

      Know who likes, really, really likes people who cry? Emotionally abusive people who get off on making others cry, that’s who. No wonder she’s like a whipped dog who refers to her man as her “handler”. Pathetic.

      • I can confirm that. My ex loved it when he got me to cry. Of course only to tell me that I was silly for doing so. What was I thinking?

  27. This is my take on the Craig and Ali saga and this is without the benefit of having watched their videos:

    I get the sense that Ali is the brains and the breadwinner in any relationship she’s ever been in. She can’t help it; she has a lawyer’s mind and is thinking money or how to make it all the time. She has only had relationships with weaker men: 1st husband was a stay-at-home Dad with no career and Craig is little more than a houseboy who’s best paying gig was as a yoga instructor and that was back in Rochester. Perhaps she can’t handle a stronger man(?)

    From Craig’s blog, I get the strong feeling she is through with him. She really has no regard for him. He’s not a provider…and really, how can she relate to someone who is not a provider. Make him in charge of kids or cleaning or cooking –whatever nuisance she doesn’t have time for– and cut him a check for his efforts. Maybe she’ll give him the laughable title of “CEO” if it makes him happy.

    I think their relationship is doomed and it will be Ali who pulls the plug on Craig’s lazy ass.

    Maybe I’m wrong in my assessment. I’ll watch the videos tonight on my computer.

    • I don’t know. I get a something’s broken vibe from her, but I may be projecting.

  28. I think she should simplify the title of her new book “You Are Not Your Credit Score: Myths, Lies & Legends About Money, Debt and the Credit System Keeping You From Living Your Dream Life Right Now.” As it were, it sounds a little desperate.

  29. Listen – it takes being a real person to figure how much you actually need. I don’t consider myself highly conscious – or whatever bullshit new age crap serves your incestuous grifter plans – it takes a fucking budget.

    • I wonder why the Healing Cock isn’t cheffing it up for ’em …

    • Look at the prices:

      The fact that Craig Filek is away at that thing during the time that this post came out is good news for Alexis. He is far less likely to see it and this may all be nothing but a memory of a fever dream when he next meets up with Alexis on May 14 to renew their handfast.

  30. Guys. It doesn’t matter why, but I was drinking martinis in the middle of the workday. So I came back (stumbled back?) to RBD (RDD?) for some mid-work browsing, and this has really pissed me off.

    “I gave up my credit score and released $500,000 of debt (after facing a whole lot of shame, guilt and fear) so I could make a far bigger net positive contribution to the world than I would have if I had kept working a stressful, “work-like-a-mad-woman-doing-less-than-my-purpose” business model just so I could pay it off.”



    “I racked up $500,000 of debt that I could not pay off because I am a dumb rubberhead. Then — even though the bankruptcy system is really designed for people who have a catastrophic medical bill or serious personal crisis — I gave all of those people the finger, because, guess what? I’m a fucking Goddess. Incidentally, I appropriate Eastern cultures and religion with no idea what they’re actually about. But back to my point. You too can be successful by lying. That’s right: promise people you’ll pay them back; lie about it; never pay them back. Everything in the world is free!”


  31. OMG I can’t wait to read all this! late to the party!

    Lurker you are doing the lord’s work! I don’t even know where the fuck to begin!

    Seriously, I don’t know where to begin. I am embarrassed on behalf of fellow members of the bar. This chick is a sad mess. When people call me a hot mess nowadays I’m gonna be like, “google this fucking woman, case closed.” I am not rich (LOL far from it) and times are tough, but holy hell…wtf is this??? How many kids does she have?

    I sort of feel sorry for her but not really. Stop pretending to advice anyone. Also even the dumbest fucking lawyer would GOOGLE YOUR ASS before paying you for services. And then they would RUN.

    • OK this actually made me laugh. The only problem with what you say is that if you google this woman you have to fucking DIG to get to the posts calling her a fraud. And trust, there are posts dating back to 2009 calling her a fraud. But they are not immediately available in a google seaerch. Someone upthread guessed that Alexis Neely had screwed with her google results, which is something I don’t understand but sounds reasonable. I spent some time on this, bitches!

  32. I am dumbfounded by these people and I’m a former hippy, dead head, rainbow gathering atttendee who’s taken my fair share of phsycotropics. There’s a Facebook post on their TMI site that has audio (the soundcloud has been taken down) and from my experience with folks who did A LOT of LSD, mushrooms, ecstasy…that’s the problem with these two. You start talking in circles and it’s a bunch of psycho-babble that goes nowhere.

  33. Welp, looks like they found their roommate/slave:

    “Became Roommates with Kim Kaplan

    May 4
    Living in Community …

    Less than 6 months ago, my kids dad moved out and Joanne Rees Ehlinger moved in. I wrote this back then:

    I didn’t know how it would all work out. And, I was scared. But it turned out to all be perfect, even though it was hard at times.

    Todd missed us a lot and got to remember how good it is here. (He’s now back and living with us again.) Joanne and her boys got to spend the winter here with us and I got to get really clear about how to have clear communication, love and boundaries when living in community.

    Ultimately, I see this as my highest level work in the world — to learn to live, work and love in community and then help others to do the same. Our future really does depend on it.

    While Joanne was here, I had an intuitive reading with Alaya Gold to get super clear about exactly what type of person we needed here who would be most supportive for the entire household.

    We don’t NEED a roommate, but with an extra room and a desire to live in community, it feels excessive to not have someone living with us. But to make it work, whoever is living with us, has to both benefit from being here AND make a strong contribution.

    Alaya helped me to see that the ideal person would be someone who has a strong feminine energy, wants a family of her own, but doesn’t yet have kids or a partner, and who would love to spend her days in deep personal self care and supporting here around the house.

    And, you know how it is when you get crystal clear about something, right? Massive manifestation happens, fast.

    Last week, I felt ready and yesterday Kim Kaplan moved in. The craziest part of all of this is how closely she fits the bill of what Alaya helped me feel into and all I did was post my desire in one place and voila, two days later a friend of mine said — you should meet Kim, she might be perfect. She just got back from Peru where she’s building an orphanage and is looking for somewhere to land in Boulder.

    And, she is so perfect.

    She’s worked at the highest levels in the corporate world and gave it all up several years ago to pursue her higher calling. Falling into our home, on the heels of her return from Peru, where she can ground, fundraise for the orphanage and be part of our family for a while is just right.

    The best part is, not only does she have a big heart and is doing important work in the world, but she can cook! And when it comes right down to it, that’s really where we need the most support. Being well fed makes everything so much easier.

    Tonight, Todd (the kids’ dad) and I even got a walk in while she was making dinner. It was sweet to be spending relaxed time with him in that way. It’s probably been 10 years since we did that.

    She hasn’t met Craig yet because he’s gone for the next few weeks, but I suggested she listen to Relationship TMI and she’s well-practiced in NVC (plus she’s got NY blood), so I have a sense they’ll get along just fine. ”

      • Wait until she hears that psychotic podcast. I’ve done homestays and whatnot on organic farms and in communities and all of that, but if the lady of the house redirected me to that shit, I’d be gone before the sun rose on a new day.

    • CLEARLY you don’t need a roommate. What with all that discharged debt and all. You’re SO FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE! What’s another stranger in a house full of kids and freaks? (nightmares)

    • More & more, Alexis Neely AKA Ali Shanti reminds me of psycho hosebeast boss I had who never got shit done because she was so busy creating new positions for new staff, & then constantly changing the pecking order of the roster, & holding meetings to hash out how we could work smarter, all the while keeping everyone from getting through their workload because like I said, back-to-back meetings — & when it looked like things were smoothing out in spite of her obstruction, she’d create chaos where none existed (like firing key people & promoting from the bottom of the totem pole & then riding the ass of the poor sob who couldn’t possibly know the ropes yet, & eventually firing them for not doing the many things they hadn’t even applied for & had certainly never listed on their résumé as being experienced in) — I shit you not, I saw around 200 people come & go in less than a ten-year span.

      These people who thrive on the drama of not being able to wipe their own ass are completely & utterly fascinating to me, especially because what they want most is microscopically analyze their own shit, providing someone else muck it out for ’em.

  34. I hope she uses this experience to break away from the controlling abusive relationship and relaunch herself honestly. Even if she never practices law again there are many things she could do to make an honest living. Maybe this exposure here could be her wake-up call. I don’t wish her harm, I just don’t respect dishonesty and her attempts to cover up and lie about her past and monetize that lie. Own it, get healthy, put your kids in a more stable and healthy environment. Stop the drugs and the narcissism and focus on raising them to be good people.

    • Also, disengage from that toxic Burning Man “Mystic” tribe/camp, which is chock full of grifters and enablers.

    • Did you ever find out what handfasting refers to? I clicked on the link earlier in this thread and all I heard was Ali Shanti, in that unbearable voice, bemoaning the fact that her abuser was leaving to go do god knows what. I left the audio on for about three minutes before clicking it off. There were pauses of up to 20 seconds. Who in their right fucking mind would have any interest in listening to this navel-gazing slogfest?! I’ll only only ever brave that soundcloud acct. again if the McGriftersons are discussing RBD’ers or a certain donkey. (subtle hint to the 35K-per-month, Nordstrom’s lovin’ shyster)

    • On how many websites is this grifty grifter (and her abusive and equally grifty EvoLover) attempting to grift poor unfortunate souls?!

      • No shortage of ’em so far … but no effen wonder they hire people to wipe their asses, cuz they’re all over the place.


        The Voices In My Heart

        Social Media Realized
        …and I wanna get paid!

        NOTE: Craig A. Filek Revocable Trust
        Enlightened Child on FB

        The Strength of Masculine Support
        by Craig Filek on Friday, March 25, 2011

        On the last men’s leadership training, I stepped out on the carpet because a man asked for challenge.

        It was late, the room was charged, and the man was workin the edge of his shadow. We danced. I felt fear.

        He started talking shit to me. I leaned in. He said he wanted to feel my power. He just wanted to push on me and feel my strength.

        He was asking for permission. I wanted to give it. I wanted him to feel it. I wanted him to feel supported by me.

        And I knew he would topple me. So I asked for support from the men standing around us in circle. Holding space.

        Instantly, there were 10 hands on my back. I saw these men had hands on their back. I was invincible. He knew it.

        He put his hands on my shoulders. He stepped back in a loose runnners lunge. He looked me in the eye. He pushed.

        As I stood there, effortlessly supporting this man in his desire to feel my strength, I knew it was not my strength at all.

        It was the strength of the men who supported me he was feeling. I was merely holding space for his work.



          So, this ‘nursing’ not only became a daily heart-centering practice, it helped me close the loop on a wound so deep it has lived in my pre-verbal consciousness almost 36 years.

          As I sat each morning with Babyji, I see discovered another baby! So, now I have a boy and a girl, who I named Babyjiji.

          They aren’t twins. Babyji is actually a toddler, perhaps 2-3 years old now.

          He stopped nursing earlier this week, and when I ask him what he wants of me, he simply wants to play. This has been wonderfully inspiring for my Enlightened Child project, which I’m developing a 12-page mailed newsletter for. (Leave a comment if you’re interested.) And reminds me of my first real connection with Corrina – because I didn’t relate to her much as a baby.

      • She’s listed “Truth-teller” among her Twitter descriptives. Bwa ha ha!

        • Yeah, she’s The Truth Telling Lawyer on one of her websites. Except she doesn’t tell the truth and isn’t really a lawyer.

    • “…her career at the #1 AmLaw rated firm of Munger, Tolles & Olson.”

      THE FUCK?? I never even heard of this fucking firm. And I worked at a big law firm (not a brag, just an FYI).

      Is everything about this bitch a lie??

      1). This is the real list:

      2) From wiki: “In 2008, Munger, Tolles & Olson ranked as the nation’s top law firm on the American Lawyer A-List based on financial performance, pro bono practice, associate satisfaction and workplace diversity.”

      I have no idea wtf the “A-list” is but it’s NOT the same as Amlaw top 100 law firms etc. Just shut up asshole. My god. Just like JA, it’s all legalese.

      • JFA, I’m going to respectfully disagree here. MTO really is one of the best firms in the U.S. They pay market (or above market), the exit options are excellent, and their quality of life is much better than any firm atop the “gross revenues” list.

        Gross revenues produces a list that doesn’t account for quality of work. I mean, where is Wachtell on that list? Irell? Sussman? Fenwick? Keker? W&C? And look who is at the top–crappy firms like DLA Piper, Baker McKenzie, Skadden, etc. — places that do a lot of dreck work and run associates into the ground.

        MTO is known by many to be one of the best law jobs out there ( ) . It really is a powerhouse with an A+ client list.

        If I was going to look at financial measures of law firms I’d look at PPP before gross revenue. If you have 1000 lawyers in a firm, of course you will have a billion dollars in revenue, so what? It’s better to be at a firm with far few lawyers but much higher profits and much better QOL and quality of cases. Meanwhile places like Skadden do a bunch of shitty shelf registrations and make jr associates bill 2500 hrs/yr.

        • I’m just saying. They have what, two offices? I’m not saying it’s not a “good firm” But it’s not #1 Amlaw like she says. She knows what people are gonna think about when she says #1 AMLaw rated or whatever the fuck. And sorry your 2 office CA firm is not one of those.

          I don’t really give a shit. Im’ just saying. Everything out of her mouth is legalese. And big deal, she practiced there for how long? So impressed. Slow clap.

          It’s prob a great place to work. Too bad she doesn’t know anymore, because she was probably fired.

        • Also did you get my point? Is the Amlaw top 100 firms list the same as whatever the fuck list she quoted? No, it’s not. Her firm is not fucking Latham or Sadden. I work for former Skadden attorneys everyday. They are brilliant. She is not. I worked at a big law firm, hers wasn’t one of them. And she’s lying when she quotes that stat and she knows it.

          That’s my point, fuck you very much. Thanks for playing.

        • Hahah, “top crappy firms like Skadden.” RIGHHHT. Come to my fucking office. Talk to the attorneys from Skadden that I work for. They must have gotten some REALLY GOOD training at their top crappy firm somehow!

          Do I want to work at Skadden? No. Is Ali Shanti’s former fucking firm a top Biglaw firm? No.

          I’m done! You are so annoying.

    • Well, good for her for doing the right thing. Even if it took external exposure to make her do it.

    • But I thought she lives in Colorado now.. Why the CA bar?

      • Renewing a lapsed admission is much faster and probably easier than taking a whole new state bar exam.

        • Just more proof that any moron and or idiot can be a lawyer.

    • Now that’s something I can approve of. Not that you should care, Ms Neely. Although this bit – “7/1/2011 Not Eligible To Practice Law” – questionable, but at least that’s in the past now. Good for you! Gold star?

  35. I listened to an audio interview of CF last night by some woowoo male empowerment dude. At one point CF says that his parents were getting calls from friends asking them why Craig was publicly talking about all this personal sexual stuff on Facebook. His answer was to defriended anyone who he felt might be offended or was connected to his folks. Still doesn’t stop them from reading his oversharing blog, though.

    • Here is a picture of Craig’s parents. They seem like very nice wholesome folks. They recently took his dad to the top of the Hancock bldg for his birthday.

      This all reminds me of the Baughers so much I can’t believe it. And they apparently live in Elk Grove, which isn’t THAT far from Winnetka — maybe the Fileks and the Baughers could meet up in Chicago to discuss the state of their children.

      • His dad and his dad’s wife, you mean (they married five years ago, per her Facebook). They seem like indulgent grandparents to the little girl, which is nice. Cute holiday photos.

  36. From Ali Shanti’s facebook:

    And then there are the people who think I’m the victim of an abusive relationship. Fascinating how the perspectives can vary so widely.

    You can get on the list for updates (and an invite to our Handfast ceremony next week) here: or join the Facebook page to get in on the conversation.
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    3 people like this.

    Craig Filek …and then there are people who think I’m in an abusive relationship ;-p
    23 minutes ago · Like

    Ali Shanti Craig Filek I would love to hear more about that. I haven’t heard that perspective yet. Say more please …
    20 minutes ago · Like

    At least she’s publicly putting it out there that people say she is in an abusive relationship. Perhaps she is subconsciously trying to get out? Also, what do you mean you haven’t heard that perspective yet? You read this page, and then you brought it up in your original post, to which Craig responded. I don’t get whether she is pathological or high.

        • Me neither. That guy presents himself as an abusive, manipulative bully, which strongly suggests that he is one. No pity party for little Craig.

        • Unless he means, er, “self-abuse.”

          In which case, as I’ve never seen a bigger wanker…

        • Well, she’s a narcissist of the highest order (like Donkey) so it can’t be a piece of cake for anyone to be involved with her. And she has physically injured him. I am not defending him, I think he’s a scary insecure asshole with real anger issues toward women. I just don’t think it’s healthy from either direction.

  37. Someone posted a link to this page on Alexis’ twitter account:

    Scott Greenfield ‏@ScottGreenfield 3h
    Wow. Looks like @AlexisNeely really pissed someone off.
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More
    MeatWiggle ‏@MeatWiggleLife 3h
    @ScottGreenfield @AlexisNeely Don’t worry #America, plenty of other crappy business people to invest your loans in.
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More
    Alexis Neely ‏@AlexisNeely 3h
    @MeatWiggleLife @ScottGreenfield I have put FAR more into the economy than I took out. #goodinvestment

    • Scott Greenfield must have tracked-back that link I posted last night (Hi Scott; nice blog! Srsly a good, read you guys, check it out) — looks like he’s mentioned Alexis Neely AKA Ali Shanti numerous times over the years & isn’t a fan either.

    • I read that as “Stroke-Off Week” … ::shudders:: … What’s w/ all the profane names? How much does he hate women, deep down inside?

      • Right! Alexis was complaining on the soundcloud post she took down that we had called her a “slut,” which is actually something I don’t think anyone here has said about her. It is not us, it is her partner who bandies about terms like “slut” “whore” and “slave.” I’m sorry but this is just all so fucked up.

        • I heard that part differently … if I’m correct, what she was saying is that being talked about here took her back to the shameful days of being called a slut in hallways at school … & then she joked that she wishes she currently were more of a slut, so it was just a feel-bad reference to make a point (how I took it, anyway).

      • Oh, I don’t think it’s deep down inside. I think it’s pretty much right there on the surface for all the world to see.

      • What the hell is this about, and I am assuming this is something in the house they share with children? They are fucking insane.

    • Craig Filek is a weak and feeble piece of shit.

      • I wouldn’t want this hostile piece of shit anywhere near my kids.

    • Dude. That’s gross! And crass. And misogynistic. And pathetic. And you are really surprised that some people can’t stand your disgusting ass? GTFOH

    • Ok. There are children walking around this house, correct?

      I know I drop the C-bomb pretty frequently (and often say it of myself) but this is absolutely unimaginable as something a child should see/witness/internalize/whatever. And I know kids pick up bad words all by themselves, but you are what passes in your miserable, loveless, horrid, ghastly, sociopathic mind-game snake-pit quicksand pustule of a household for a parent figure, Craig.

      Vile. And the fact that the stupid co-dependent women who live with you did not take this sign and smash it over your thoroughly worthless skull is just nauseating.

      Vile, vile, VILE human beings.

      • It’s a photo taken at some OM house, not their house. Presumably the OMers created that sign. Still nasty though.

          • Yep, and that is why there are pictures of lady parts.

          • No wonder Julia is trying to OBO her way out of that crowd as fast as she can. I know, I would.

        • I don’t know what an OM house is. I am too young and innocent. Actually, I suspect I could be over 400 years old and Darth Vader’s PA and still be too young and innocent.

          Anyway, if kids weren’t involved it’s somewhat less heinous. Still gross, vulgar and would make me feel completely skeeved out.

  38. This is what drives me mad. If you put out a podcast called “Relationship TMI”, people are going to have responses to that too much information. If you blather on and on about the details of your huge debt and bankruptcy, people are going to have reactions to that. And they’re not all going to be positive.

    These woos seem to want to control the narrative entirely. They want to put all this personal stuff out there, but the minute they get a response that isn’t a pat on the back, it’s all “oh, so much negativity!” and “those people are sad” and so on.

    That’s not how it works.

    • What’s sad is that they don’t own their chosen way of life and seem to be so insecure that the slightest departure from the narrative of back patting and mutual reassurance throws them off.

      Don’t engage with the Greek Chorus if you’re convinced of your way, do your thing with what goes for aplomb in your version of life, but don’t show your insecurity to the world in addition to what, at least to me, seems to be a toxic relationship neither of you is really happy with. But I’m happy to be wrong, if that’s what fulfills you, good, or rather sad, for you. Carry on, nothing to see here, then.

      • so insecure that the slightest departure from the narrative of back patting and mutual reassurance throws them off

        YES YES YES. And this is what tells me that what they are doing is not authentic, and is, in fact, desperation. Desperate people telling themselves fairy tales.

    • Damn. I wanted the one kid’s blue tee to read: “”
      I like little dude’s skirt though.

    • did you see the pic where his ex is commenting, telling Ali her days are numbered? I wasn’t going to say anything now that I know there are creepers here but it’s public, so whatever. I’m sure it will be taken down now.

      • glad there are no hard feelings surrounding this whole lifestyle they have going on.. oh wait there’s nothing but hard feelings pouring in everywhere. open relationships between jealous navel gazers are fucking horrible ego fests where no one is ever truly happy–? who knew!!? someone, write me a check so I can spread the word.

        • Oh lol, that comes as a surprise except it doesn’t. Don’t be bitter, former Craigette, you dodged one canon ball of a bullet.

        • Wow:

          Jeni Mulvaneyposted to‎Craig Filek
          October 30, 2013
          Just gotta get this off my chest, Craig. While you are busy posting about potential “snuggle” partners that can bump your happiness number up a notch, I’m here, holding our sobbing daughter who got ousted from her friend group for Halloween festivities tomorrow. She’s a real, hurting young being who yearns for your presence in a deep and true way. So, reality check from the ROC, fuck your snuggle puddle.

          • Wow wow

            Jeni Mulvaney Why did you delete you last post? The one about Corrina moving to Colorado as a solution to your absentee parenting? Damage control, perhaps? It’s getting hot in this kitchen.
            October 30, 2013 at 10:32pm · 1

            Jeni Mulvaney I challenge you to be honest. So many people look up to you, it’s clear. You’re in a position to affect many lives. How about being honest in this public forum about how you choose, daily, to abandon your child in favor of sensory, or self exploration? That would be interesting, because it’s real.
            October 30, 2013 at 10:36pm ·


            Ali Shanti Katheryn Marie Bixler I have two kids myself and an ex who live here in Boulder. Are you saying I should uproot my family to go live in Rochester? That makes no sense. And, no, Craig wouldn’t be satisfied with Rochester if I was there with him. He has many other relationships here in Boulder, not just me. And while Jeni didn’t make the decision to leave Rochester, she did make a decision to get pregnant and have a child with a man who never wanted to live in Rochester in the first place (and probably didn’t plan on having a child at 23 either).

            Jeni Mulvaney Ali, you are a very confused woman. I can perhaps take you more seriously when you move your ex husband out of your house. I have little respect for any woman who would open her arms to a man who is consciously choosing to leave a child behind. Tho, I’m happy you see Craig parent your own children in a way you can’t, in a way your husband can’t and in a way my daughter will never get. Happy for you.
            October 30, 2013 at 11:32pm · 1

            Jeni Mulvaney Ali, I understand that you have to buy into this bullshit. If not, you would be questioning your own existence.
            October 30, 2013 at 11:40pm · 1

          • Wow. Way to Mum-shame another woman, Ali. That’s a pretty shitty thing to do and so very enlightened of you.

          • Wow, AliShitty bascially accuses the mother of trapping her precious Craig with a pregnancy. What modern thinking! Also, the daughter can read that, ya bitch.

          • Right! The daughter that is the subject of all of this tug of war can presumably see what is on her friend dad’s page! Alexis Neely is basically telling this kid that she was unwanted! And Creeper Craig jumps in to the mess to state how GLAD he is that the conversation is being held in public! What the fuck

          • Yup. Suggests that the only brood Ms Shanti-Neely-Grifter-Lolyer cares about is her own. Who cares about potentially hurting other people’s kids. I assume she would go ballistic if someone posted stuff like that to a place her kids could possibly access. And if that’s Crunt’s (sorry, to me he’s basically just a cunt by now) way of making sure that his own abandonment issues aren’t passed on to the next generation, great job, Dad of the Millennium.

          • So Alexis is placing blame for an accidental pregnancy 100% on Craig’s ex (I guess he’s far too enlightened to take any responsibility), and stating for the world, and his daughter, to see that his daughter was not wanted in the first place.

            What a completely worthless cunt.

          • Made even worse by the fact that she of all people should know that Crunt is a dedicated puller of IUDs. Imagine what his attitude to OMGcondoms will be.

          • probably didn’t plan on having a child at 23 either

            Wait, wut? The daughter is how old? I thought she was fairly young, but Fishsticks is 38, so … ?

          • I’m feeling some respect for Jeni Mulvaney. She made some bad choices in the past, but girl is telling it like it is now.
            I get that some people will think that she should have done this by private message, but maybe she did it publicly to punch some holes into Craig ‘n Ali’s image as relationship experts.

          • Good point! She punched it Eyes-Wide-Open too, good on her keeping it real.

          • His “Internet sabbatical” is his 35th birthday present to himself, per his Tumblr.

            Seems like a present to his daughter.

          • His sebbatical from the Internet will be a present to all of humanity.

          • Says he’s 35 … says he’s Greg’s gift to women … internet says he’s 38, I do believe … I’ll go back & look, but I’d bet on it, that’s how sure I am.

          • Mighta lost that bet … three places I just looked say 37, so I don’t know if I imagined or saw 38 yesterday. Still, not 35, amirite?

          • WHOA.

            Steaming pile of IN YOUR FACE, DICK. Poor woman, poor girl. Ugh. Fuck you Filet o fish.

          • If fuckface filet o fish is 35, I am a fetus. Fuck you. I seriously thought before I read that lie that he was 50. Not even remotely joking.

            And fuck you Ali Shanti, look who’s talking, a 40 year old washed up cunt who had 3 kids she clearly can’t afford. Were you married? Slow clap, guess you were better.

            God I hate these assholes. Take comfort, Jeni, that your daughter is not being raised by a sociopath.

          • Wait a minute…this guy is lying about his age? Lolololol. Such a secure man going deep

          • I just thought the child was younger than 14-15 … more like 10-ish was the impression I had.

          • She’s 12. So saying that Craig became her dad at age 23 is Ali going along with Craig’s representation of himself as 35.

          • Doubtful that she’s interested in truth about him when’s she’s so hell-bent on making her own deception be her “reality”.

            Nice job, Alexis Neely AKA Ali Shanti, moving in a man w/ your young kids, & you don’t even know his real age … fair to say that you haven’t checked his background?

      • I think she is saying their days as a couple are numbered. Not that Ali’s days are numbered (which could be interpreted as a violent threat).

        It’s still a serious dig though.

        • Fucking hippies. Always sniping at each other in the name of “openness”.

          Ordinarily I would feel bad that that little girl doesn’t see her father that often, but my guess is that the Neely kids would tell her she’s lucky.

        • right, that’s what I took it to mean, that the relationship’s days were numbered. this woman is not a fan. what a fucking clusterfuck.

      • I think the problem I have with all of these discussions is that these people aren’t savvy enough to lock their FB profiles down enough so that ONLY THEIR FRIENDS. This is all incredibly personal and I’d be mortified if it were me. I also would be a lot more careful of where I was sharing photos of my children and wouldn’t let the whole world be able to see them. Anyone can take these photos and set up a fake profile. But that’s me.

        • Alexis Neely AKA Ali Shanti has a schtick about using tech to work smarter, yet she doesn’t even have the greg-given sense to use it to parent better, as in taking this parenting spat to Skype, so as to not sully her image even further?

          Can she see past the end of her own nose for once & take into consideration that she’s forever committing her ugly disregard of Fishstick’s kid to the internet?

          What a useless hag. I swear …

          • These people disgust me, so much so that I had to change my screen name AGAIN. I was raised by hippies–yeah, yeah, you don’t want to hear this for the umpteenth time–and they spent time raising us. Not recording navel-gazing audio fests about fellatio or tampons or their relationship with a fameball. Not creating all sorts of avenues to grift the American public out of their hard earned dollars. Not posting shitty messages to ex-wives that their kids will read. Bottom line: raging narcissists should NOT have kids. You were right about that one, File Dick.

    • “Do you know how to integrate your business with your life as a man?”

      Oh, God.

      “Would you like to manage your business while relaxing on the beach?”

      Oh, God.

      “Craig Filek will be talking about his life as a serial entrepreneur and a conscious man.”


      “Men, listen to this show if you want to go deep into who you are and how to live your life.”

      Craig. You’re making this too easy for me, Craig.

      “Craig Filek runs many business and, with his partner Ali Shanti, masterminds in an unusual way with other couples.”

      I read the third word as “ruins” and see no reason to think I’m wrong.

      “He is a deal maker, connector, visionary, artist and philosopher. He travels constantly and works continuously and lives an amzing life.”

      Where you forgot to put an “a” I would suggest a “u.”

      But it’s not really all that amusing either, Craig.

      • Surely, “visionary” doesn’t count if you call yourself one. But what do I know, I’m no Crunt.

        • I’m when he’s lit up like a Christmas tree on whatever psychedelic smack he’s doing he does indeed have visions..

      • and this if cut and pasted exactly

        “Craig Filek runs many business”

        ruins or runs it is singular

    • Here is the thing (one among MANY) I don’t understand about these people. Why does everything need to be orchestrated? Doesn’t it violate their woo-woo sensibilities to constantly be plotting and analyzing and contorting? We’ve all had the experience of going through a hard time and realizing some important lessons about life. We’ve all had the experience of traveling and and taking the opportunity to self-reflect and put life into perspective. We all have relationships, experience love, process grief and struggle with negative emotions. That’s humanity. That’s life.

      But they can’t just live it. It’s the complete opposite of what they claim to be about, ‘living in the moment’. Everything is a practice, an exercise, a conference, and every last bit of it is monetized and publicly documented for exposure, fame or acknowledgement.

      • It’s all a show, a performance for the audience. They’re about as spiritual as a mega-church pastor.

      • And that must make them exhausting to be around. I remember faux hippie/spiritual/enlightened people to be among the most stressful and dogmatic people it have ever known. Oh, the irony.

    • I wonder if D0nkey is still angling for her own hoofassting at BM.

    • After the sexy party, I would guess she’s had enough handfisting for a while.

  39. Still creeping the Simple Justice cite / site / sight (& learning lots) — this particular article brings me back to an earlier question I had (about legalities of Alexis Neely AKA Ali Shanti selling across the board, to all of the internet; different laws per state, etc.) — Curious to know if lawyers here think she’s pushing it, or is that even a fair question if you haven’t seen content of what she’s hawking?


    The question of what constitutes ethical and legal Internet advertising of attorney services is back in the spotlight after local grievance panels recently found probable cause against two Connecticut attorneys who entered into business agreements with a Chicago-based company.

    Since posting about Ed Scanlon, whose screed about the brave new world of the Slackoisie workplace was possibly the most laughably ridiculous thing to come out of the Slackoisie since Alexis Neely proclaimed that “I feel this is a gift from God and to do anything less than [be a consultant] would be doing a disservice to the world.” [Side Note: Alexis thinks I’m an old meany who’s picking on her. I’m really not. It’s just that she’s set herself up as a prime example of twinkiehood by placing herself on a pedestal, thus becoming an excellent example of what’s gone so very wrong for the Slackoisie. The downside to creating a high profile for oneself is to be called on it from time to time.]

    There’s trouble ahead for that freight train, and perhaps those who have foolishly jumped on board would do well to get off before it crashes.

  40. latest danger alert, really are there no people who care about her?

    “Craig Filek …and then there are people who think I’m in an abusive relationship ;-p
    9 hours ago · Like · 2

    Ali Shanti Craig Filek I would love to hear more about that. I haven’t heard that perspective yet. Say more please …
    9 hours ago · Like · 1

    Craig Filek It was more a playful response to sharing with someone close to both of us that we had feedback you were in an abusive relationship… that it’s actually the other way around.”

    • Craig Filek is a worthless piece of shit, and admits to being an emotionally abusive mate on his blahg. I get the feeling he was a geek and unpopular in high school (as was I and half the population) and has been doing everything in his power since to impress others and convince people he’s really one of the cool kids. At some point he stumbled into this wOO wOO shit, and the followers of wOO wOO were nice to him, and encouraged him. Over time he developed into this.

      You’re still not a cool kid, Craig. You’re banging unwashed hippie chicks that smell of patchoulie oil, high as a kite, and seeking attention and validation from someone they mistakely thought was “enlightened.” You’re scum.

      • Hmm.. *mistakenly*

        The drinkness must have overcome my fingertips.. heh 🙂

  41. Here is the newsletter that she spammed her mailing list this morning:
    Hi Ali,

    Parenting just might be one of the most challenging experiences I’ve ever stepped into, without doubt.

    It’s brought me to my knees repeatedly to see all the parts of myself that I most dislike reflected back to me in the behaviors they’ve taken on, the values I didn’t even know I held, unintentionally passed on because that’s what we do.

    As an estate planning lawyer, I helped my clients pass on their money. My desire was also to help them pass on more than their money; their values, insights, stories and experience. We created a process to support our clients doing so, called Family Wealth Legacy Interviews.

    And while this process itself is valuable, what I found is that most of what the process did is bring our clients to more presence around those things we pass on without even being aware of it.

    This image of Pink and her daughter really hit home when I saw it because I’ve had a huge revelation about my own relationship with my daughter that now I want to pass on It’s not about me ~Pinkto you because EWO is not just about building business awake, aware and on your terms, but about LIFE awake, aware and on your terms too.

    A few weeks ago, my daughter was losing it. She’s 14 and it’s what teenagers do (at least it’s what I did) and I was having a really hard time staying calm in the face of her massive freak out, but I did.

    As soon as I started to get tense and to feel reactive, I walked away, calmed down, got in a fight with Craig (at some point we’ll post that one on our relationshipTMI website), which I later realized was exactly what I needed to dispel the energy of the tension with Kaia and calmed down even more.

    Then, when I went back to be with her again, I could do it from a grounded place. And it occurred to me that it’s my job as her mom to hold space for her freak outs, not take them personally, let them run through me and not try to shut her down at all.

    That if she can move the energy through her body against or toward me, that she will run it all through and not have to replicate the pattern with future lovers, partners, spouses and friends.

    It’s the greatest gift I can give her. Counter-intuitive, against the way I was raised, and so clearly right.

    I’m curious what you think.

    And, while you are considering it, you’ll definitely want to read my article on why we need you to release your money shame once and for all. It’s time for a new measure of your worth. Read on …

    Lots and lots of love,


    • At the bottom of today’s newsletter there was a link to this article encouraging people to “do the more responsible thing” and “release their debt.”

      This is literally an article in which Alexis Neely encourages entering bankruptcy.

      “Debt should be paid back, not because it’s the “responsible” thing to do or to preserve your credibility or credit-worthiness, when paying it back serves the world in a real and meaningful way. If paying the debt back won’t serve the bigger picture, let it go, release it, and do the more responsible thing.”

    • This crazy bitch and Craig “Deadbeat” Failek are the most fascinating new characters on the Donkey show in years. And by fascinating I mean revolting.

      I feel terrible for their children.

    • “… got in a fight with Craig …
      … which I later realized was exactly what I needed …
      I’m curious what you think.”

      We know you’re reading along here, Alexis Neely AKA Ali Shanti, so I’m happy to let you know what I think — *I* think you’re a barking mad, batshit insane liar of the pathological persuasion, whose exceedingly horrific advice for others to follow your example & “release your debts” (AKA file bankruptcy!) is only slightly less deranged than your relationship advice (which you also have no business giving, because your man is a controlling asshat & you are a doormat) — but most irresponsible of all is what you’re doing to your kids.

      BTW, why are you perpetuating Craig Allan Filek’s lie about his true age?

  42. Well, there may be hope for Alexis Neely yet. Apparently in one of the TMI relationshit soundcloud recordings I cannot bring myself to listen all the way through, Alexis’ kid Noah (the kid whose ass Craig stated he wanted to kick) comes in to share that he had accomplished something on his own. Rather than support and thank the kid, Craig jeers at and dismisses him and Alexis just laughs. Welp, some of Alexis’ fb friends have accepted her invitation to listen to the TMI recordings, and they did not like that segment one bit.

    Read the comments here: under the “Sometimes, I forget why Craig and I are in a relationship” post.

    In response to this negative feedback, Ali writes:

    “Yes, thank you Kendra Cunov. Reading this is painful because I remember how proud he was of himself for having completed the work himself and then how deflated he was not to be celebrated for that. I feel ashamed that I had a part in not celebrating him and it hurts my heart to relive it now. And I feel angry with myself and with Craig Filek about it. I think I handle things a lot differently when Craig is not here and after having him not in the house for a few days, I find myself wondering about whether I am making a good choice to bring him back in. (ali — feeling sad and confused)
    Like · 2 · May 8 at 11:37pm”

    This is progress, Alexis Neely! You are not making a good choice to bring him back in! Listen to your friends! Do not renew your handfast! Makes me think this whole TMI Relationshit exercise was a cry for help.

      • I can’t listen to that. It makes me sad just reading about it. I’m really glad some people had the balls to speak up.

        And can I just say, the way he throws around the “Montessori” stuff enrages me. My daughter went to a Montessori school for a while, and it is the complete opposite of everything this piece of shit represents. Stop acting like you’re smart or enlightened. I don’t care if you went to, worked at, or was a faux director at a “Montessori” school, it obviously did not rub off on you or else it was a complete sham school. The way you conduct yourself around children- the way you talk to them, encourage them to play baseball with baby dolls, vent your anger onto them, poo-poo their accomplishments, spend your lives navel-gazing rather than looking out for what is best for your KIDS first and foremost… etc. Maria Montessori is spinning in her grave right now.

        • Right. *Kid knocks on closed door behind which gross bf is making mom sob about her failures in life all before 7am*

          Kid: “mom, I woke up early and finished my homework while you and Crunt were navel gazing.”

          Crunt: “I want to punch you in the face. Get out of here so I can keep emotionally abusing your mom. I don’t give a fuck about your homework, but your mom will take a look at it when I am done with her.”

          Ali: “hahahahaha! hahaha? I should be laughing here, right, Crunt?”


          • He follows up her telling her son, “I will be right there,” with something like, “I really want to tie you up right now. This is when I like to tie you up the most, when you’re all busy and rushing and don’t have time for me.”

            The recording went on for like fifteen more minutes, but I had to run to vom in the shower.

            Her definition of ‘right there’ is clearly very different from mine. Her lovah, Cleg is clearly angry and resentful that he has to compete with her children for her attention.

            I played that part for dudebrah and he called it appallingly misogynistic, “as if he is saying that women’s “obligations” and “work” are so cute. ‘Look, how precious, Ali thinks she’s a person, doing real person things!'” Not to mention how it betrays how controlling he is.

            Ali, you need to think about what kind of man your son will become when he continues to see you give yourself over to someone who so callously disrespects you, and him. What are you teaching him about his value, and how to value women? Seriously ask yourself if you would be happy if your daughter were to begin a relationshit with someone like Cleg. Do a cleanse and a colonic and a sacred goddess fart sniffling ritual or whatever you need to do. Have a come to Jesus talk. Just do something that will enable you to get yourself and those kids away from that man, because he is a cretin.

            /steps off the soapbox

          • Wait, she says she is going to go check her kid’s homework before school and Craig says “this is when I want to tie you up the most???” WHAT THE FUCK! I didn’t even get to that part because I just can’t, but holy hell. This guy gets to fuck whoever he wants, but she can’t do the same — hell, she can’t even leave his side to do her job as a mother without him throwing a tantrum.

            This is scary as shit. She is going to wind up tied up in the basement if she doesn’t get out quick.

      • What the fuck am I listening to? Seriously, I can’t even follow along. “I feel like you bring out the worst parts of me.” Damn. She needs to leave. That is not normal. He’s an asshole and trying to wrap it up in some woo woo bullshit to make her feel stupid. The more I listen, the worse it gets.

        • This hippy bitch needs to dump him, pronto. Poor little dude has an abusive stepfather, a useless dad, and a grifter mom who cares more about the loser penises in her life than she does her own children. That’s some serious shadow work, Ali Shambolic.

        • Yet she jokes about “hehe, they say I’m being abused, isn’t that funny, Craig”..

          Newsflash- there are all kinds of abuse, lady, and your kids are right in the middle of it- does that “hurt your heart?” Pretty sad when a blog full of “haters” are the ones worried about your kids while you just blindly clomp through life with this asshole by your side.

      • I finally listened to that whole recording. There is also a part where he bitches that she got up to take her daughter to school when he wanted to be held. So fucking selfish.

        Also, I wonder what the book was that started the whole argument.

  43. Yes,the Kendra seems the only sane voice near her,so sad to hear and read,may she get help, there are kids involved,not a woohoo joking manner,that Craig is a menace,and Ali needs real friends

  44. Just when I was starting to feel really badly for Alexis Neely, I find that Craig helpfully documented the months leading up to her BK on fb, by which point she owed 880K, including 13K to Nordstroms and about 50K on two AmExs and various other sums on 5 other credit cards, and she is hopping out of limos, partying in Vegas for a weekend and eating at this place: , where the main courses cost over $50, and otherwize cavorting about. Fuck these people. It looks like she made the conscious decision to just max everything out while not paying any bills and live the high life and when there is no more credit left, just file for BK and “release the debt.” Fuck you. What was enlightened about eating at a 5 star French restaurant and popping bottles when you owed HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS to creditors? And you are not making the world a better place by doing this. YOU ARE MAKING CREDIT MORE EXPENSIVE FOR THE REST OF US, who live in the real world and not the fairytale “new economy.” UGH

  45. Folks, their shit is costing all of us money. Read these posts.

  46. Facebook, the stalker’s tool that keeps on giving. *Doublechecks the FB privacy settings*

    Fishsticks is the 5th child.

  47. lol, tis on all the posts, alas, needs more donk, or a new url

  48. I’m no troll yo, I’m no troll yo, so what’s the what’s the what’s the scenario

  49. The way to make this page get higher in the google rankings is to

    1. Always use her full name in every comment you type.

    2. Link as much as possible to content from her main blog and her facebook as those seem to be the top 2 pages in the google rank results.

    For example: Ali Shanti, Alexis Neely

    With that being said, the woman is smart, and is a good con artist.

    Good luck to Ali for choosing to run really fast, and good luck to everyone chasing.

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