Stare Into The Deepest Depths of Donkey’s Black Soul

1554447_10100666542654985_4158691335473381166_nAnd then answer this question for me: Is Donkey wearing a diaper?



      • She also looks exhausted in the photo with him… but taking a close up with the sun blasting out the bags under her eyes was a wise choice.

  1. The caption to the first photo on Donk’s FB contains “fractal artwork by (insert woo-woo hippy here)”.

    Dear Donkey, it’s not a fucking fractal if it doesn’t fucking repeat to infinity.

    • Dan Shalmon What fractal is that?
      It just looks like a pattern, which is the super-set to which self-similar, scale-invariant pattern belong. All fractals are patterns but not all patterns are fractal.
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        • If Donkey were on fire, Dan’s wife couldn’t be bothered to pee on her. I love them both.

          • We have still never seen any DonkeyLeaked photos of their wedding. Wife of Dan is amazing. She shut that shit DOWN.

          • Okay, I just Nancy Drewed a bit, and it seems like Dan met his wife when they were both coaching university debate teams AND her teams regularly beat his. Apparently she is legendary among university debate coaches.

            There is something just so adorably nerdy about the whole thing that I could die.

          • Is THAT why D0nkey continually refers to HS Debate team, does she somehow think that she’s putting herself on the wife’s level?

          • Donkey was in debate, too! She just didn’t win because she didn’t care about winning, OK?!?

          • So, you’re saying she got the talking part right, it’s the Making Sense part she needed help with…

          • Probably. I just remember she posted that on her blergh once. I’m sure that the other kids in debate club, who did actually want to win, really appreciated having her around.

          • Oh, she’s posted that she was in the debate club like 75,000 times. Because she’s the only person post high school that still uses high school to prove how smart she is(n’t).

        • I have been known to say this to clients when they complain that real data does not jibe with their perception of reality or something they’re pretty sure Oprah might have said once.

          • Albie, you don’t know how close that is to some of my conversations. The people most in need of a PR and image advice are the ones least likely to take it.

            I trot this story out few times a year around here, but I have used Donkey’s public videos and posts as an introductory what-not-to-do and had people refuse to believe that she isn’t an actress I am paying to do those things. Nobody wants to believe that she could be an organic example of horrid public behavior.

    • Anyone catch the ‘driving home to LA part?

      Did Julia Allison abandon her SF lease like she abandoned @LillyDog, or get evicted for illegally subletting that place via AirBNB? That’s a pelt-scratcher, since it’s not like D0nkey’s new overlapped-w/-the-last-boyfriend-uhm-er-oops boyfriend has an address where she could have already forwarded the bridle magazine scrips …

    • So tiny ‘n’ cute. I just twitter stalked them out of curiosity and omg Mrs. Yack’s dog is soooo adorable. As is Mrs. Yack. Their Labor Day picture in uniform together is sweet.

        • Even I was taken to take a peek at those twitter pics, and yes, they’re an adorable couple. The real Mrs. Pancakes, unlike the wannabe, is smart, lovely, and clearly serious about her career.

      • Did she finally get her italian greyhound?

        I recall her pinning a bunch of ig related items on her Pinterest that somebody posted quite awhile back. Excellent taste, I have one myself (well, he’s a mix) and he is SO hilarious. Great dogs.

        • They have two dogs, one definitely looks like an Italian greyhound, the other one is an Azawakh.

  2. Nice lip filler, ass hole. She probably went to LA to grift some injectables. Fake poser bitch os just going through another dress up phase.

  3. Donkey, look at your shoulders in the mirror. You are pale. Going without sunscreen is a bad idea. The freckles may not bug you, but the melanoma will.

  4. It’s just so weird to see the big capped teeth and injected joker mouth at an outdoor hippie-trippy festival. Donkey trying to be “natural” is so awkward.

    • No sausage curls though! Have they been left behind with Republican housewife era?

      • She can’t afford the extensions that made them possible and nobody will comp them for her anymore.

    • Thanks for making me go back and look. He just looks skinny fat strung out me but I am refusing to zoom so I’ll take your word for it.

      • I hate his reptilian body, especially topped with his particular avian face. He’s like a creepy missing link.

        Also, I hate her face ((tm) JP. ) And when did wrinkly (was supposed to be crinkly, but auto-correct knows best) black lidliner look good on anyone ever?

        • She has clearly had her upper lip injected. I wonder if this was part of her “dental surgery.” The decorations on either side of her eyes look like sparkly crows feet. And that blotchy eyelid mess and miscalculated eye liner wing look horrid

          • The lip was courtesy of homeless guy who slapped her in the face. She looks him up when she’s in LA.

  5. Still hiding her hips in photos, after all these years. Such enlightenment. Namast-onky.

  6. Here is an interesting review of Lunacy 2014: , and here is an excerpt (a formerly grifted opens his eyes to grifters griftering grifters!):

    “I think I have had my last Lucidity experience.
    I fully expect this posting, like my other reviews of Lucidity to be deleted. I suspect, given the current trend at Lucidity, there will be vendors vending to vendors, under-age frat boys sucking and hacking whatever is the latest ingestible just to avoid getting high in Mom basement for 3 days, forced enlistment in a Theme Camp, pay stages and special wristband access only areas.”

    Photos of the opening ceremony:


    Wasn’t readily able to spot a Donkey, did spot a lot of dust.

    • Lurker, I know the WP avatars are randomly assigned, but between your name and your image you’re someone from her inner circle, like Britt – except we all know he’s too busy being awesome to comment on his sister.

      • Hasn’t Lurker also been here forever? I misread, & your comment at first & it me think of Brit Morin …

      • Hahaha! BAD EDITING on my part. I meant to say “I like to imagine.” I am not suggesting that Lurker is someone Donkey knows, only that the name and the winky pick made me think it would be hilarious if they were.

        I’ll be seated now.

        • I know the Donkey, or rather I KNEW the Donkey in light of this whole hippie mess. Screen name is just evidence of so lazy so fat on my part and, as you said, avatar is randomly generated. I witnessed some clomping around the omg club in Chicago a good long while ago and, more recently but still years ago, the Cornell Club in NYC (Georgetown is an affiliate school). Good times. Can’t wrap my brain around how we got here.

          • I don’t think one can ever fully recover from that. Given all of her post-Pancakes antics, I’m not sure what she or I would do if we ever saw each other in person again. Mine is a face that would remind her of what could have been, and I’d frankly be surprised if she didn’t just duck and run pretending not to have seen me. I can’t imagine that she would try to engage me using her new woo woo vocabulary. But she is a bridge too far, so who knows.

            I have a story I haven’t seen told here before, and it’s been long enough and she’s subsequently apparently taken enough drugs that I doubt she’d be able to ID me if I told it. So the Cornell Club in NYC is just a small hotel that offers really cheap room rates in a centrally located area of town, and because it is so cheap compared to real hotels in NYC, I and others try to book there when traveling to NYC. It has one tiny bar on the main floor with one tiny TV and seats for maybe 30 people. It is sure as hell not a place one would go to hang out or pick people up (think families with children and solos on business), although I suppose if you are mental and want to situate yourself in some place where the bargoers are strictly graduates of Cornell, Gtown, Duke, and other affiliated schools, you might plop yourself awkwardly in the bar hoping to pick up someone relatively successful (I know what that sounds like and so preemptive hahaha). While traveling on business and staying at the Cornell Club a while back, I ran into the Donkey, who I hadn’t seen in a long time, sitting at the tiny bar talking up the bartender. The bar was pretty much empty. She claimed she was meeting someone there and had apparently talked the bartender into serving her despite not having a member number in anticipation of her guest, who as far as I saw never arrived. I left 100% certain she was just trolling the bar for a wallet and wondering how she paid for her drinks. Oh Donkey.

          • Brilliant and I’m sure she’s done that more than once so you’re safe from the wrath of the donkey.

          • Suppose that’s what she does to get off the couch she’s surfing while pretending to her hosts that she has a very important me-eating to attend?

            Pathetisad D0nkey is just so pathetisad …

          • No Jobs: I left with the feeling that she had for certain made a practice of hanging out at the club looking for a wallet. No one checks your ID or anything upon arrival — you can just walk right in. Only time they need a member number is if you try to order something or book a room. When I ran into her, she gently suggested that might I put my member number down as a place holder in the interim while she waited for her guest (NO). Wonder how many times she tried that, although with so few bartenders in the tiny bar I bet she hit a wall with respect to that grift pretty fast.

          • so awesome to have the low rent failed prostitution whore scenarios confirmed

          • Those of us who knew her at that time and she continues to name drop — and bear in mind this is way pre whatever the fuck she is doing right now — are categorically embarrassed by her.

            She tried to say she knew me at the Cornell Club years ago when she wanted my member number, and I was embarrassed about that whole situation even when she was a reasonably good looking and preppy dressed Donkey who didn’t use woo woo speech.

            That was years ago. The embarrassment of being friends with Donk is so off the charts right now, which is why I don’t think she’d actually engage with me or the other folks in that certain circle after this point. Unless I’m one of the folks identified in connection with whatever 12 step plan she embarks upon in the future.

          • Reminiscent of donk’s Madame fauxtoshoot pose w/ the clam dungeon on display … was that hotel The Grammercy? She was sporting the mangy fishnets w/ snags tied back together, I think …

          • That’s some fine donkey dirt, though can’t say I’m surprised. Thanks for stopping by, Kristin, er, Lurker.

            Seriously, I wonder if we know each other.


    “The Cat’s Pajamas” is the new experimental Psychadelic Minimalist Shamanic House/funk/techno/whatever project from composer/producer David Block. David’s other project “The Human Experience” explores cinematic sensual downtempo broken beats with fat bass

    Nice spelling & punctuation, dufus. Maybe writer-d0nkey Mulia Mallison, who represents your “brand”, can lend you a hoof & make that shit right?

        • Or The Pajama Game. Wait, that’s been done. Apologies to Bob Fosse for my heartless suggestion.

          • Or Zappa:

            Some people’s hot
            Some people’s cold
            Some people’s not very
            Swift to behold
            Some people do it
            Some see right through it
            Some wear pyjamas
            If only they knew it

            The pyjama people are boring me to pieces
            Feel like I am wasting my time
            They all got flannel up ‘n down ’em
            A little trap-door back aroun’ ’em
            An’ some cozy little footies on their mind

            Po-jama people!
            Po-jama people, people!
            They sure do make you sleepy
            With the things they might say
            Po-jama people!
            Po-jama people, people!
            Mother Mary ‘n Jozuf, I wish they’d all go away!

          • Now I want to refer to Avocado as Po-jama and his muse as Po-depends.

          • I know all there is to know
            Of the Pajama Game

            I’ve had my share
            Of the Pajama Game

            First there are nightgowns…
            Then lingerie…
            Then before you cavorts
            A gimp in gimp shorts
            Of silver lamé…

            Don’t want no more…of the Pajama Game…

            /pictures of Boy George and homeless people for some reason

  8. Jesus H. Body language tells all, they are so not into each other.

    Dude, please don’t show…that much of your torso. Please. We are getting into very scary territory there. I don’t need to imagine your ball sack. Pull up your fucking pants. That is not a good look. On any guy.

    Her makeup.

    I predict a bad tattoo very, very soon into her future. Just watch and wait.

    Speaking of which, his ink makes me want to barf.

  9. Her head is gigantic. My god. Also he’s like that kinda built that creeps me out. Generally I’m not into super muscle-y anyway. But def not when a guy is that skinny. When a guy is that skinny and is muscle-y it looks wrong. Maybe that’s just me. I like skinny just a tad muscle-y guys. I don’t know. Am I weird?

    • It all makes sense to me now. Her ginormous head in recent photos has to do with her weight loss…great for figure, not so great for huge noggin.

    • She seems to be attracted to the kind of guy who could be featured on “Alien Autopsy.”

    • JFA, I know what you mean. I’m not into super-lanky or wiry as a rule but if she isn’t wearing those giant moonboots then he is a wee little man too.

      I also have an irrational hatred for pear-shaped or hippy men. Because, you know, I’m so goddamn perfect.

      Ugh, sorry, therapy tonight. Feel mah heals!

      • I had a crush on a guy until I pointed him out to one of my friends, who said, “Him? He’s kind of. . . hippy.” Crush over!

    • The girl who shot our engagement photos told me that even if you have your arm wrapped around the other person, your hand should never be visible on their shoulder or at their waist because it will inevitably look like a claw. Given how many world-renowned Instagram users Julia has been fauxtographed by, you’d think she would know this.

      • This is so true. I have very bony hands, and after a few unfortunate photos, my asshole friends now refer to me as Skeleton Hands. I keep that shit hidden in photos now.

      • I mean the right hand! The one hanging down. Always with the Barbie fingers. Tho changed.

    • The posed hand was also in the group pic from…Envision? It’s like she’s saying “he’s miiiine! Hands off bitches!”

  10. Something that is weirding me out:

    Their hip bones, nipples, and shoulders are at the same height as each other. But is her neck so short or his neck so long or both that their heads don’t line up? All the other parts line up. What is the body weirdness that’s going on here?

  11. Princess tries too hard with her new unwashed Ken doll. Her parents have to be so so proud.

  12. Julie’s hair is looking like yarn.. Has she decided to fully embrace her inner hippie and grow dreads?

  13. The pants have broken me. I am dead.

    Also, they seriously look like relatives as far as body language. I would never assume those two were together from that photo.

    • They are brother and sister under the skin: dim, entitled users whose upper-middle-class parents make their useless, parasitic lifestyles possible. The delusions of adequacy are powerful here.

  14. Ugh, the clam dungeon had to be extra rancid in those hideous Lycra pants. She really has no sense of style.

  15. Oh my. Posted after the picture of the two of them:

    David Block
    1st festival together. Passed the test with flying colors
    8 mins · Like

    • I don’t get it. Aren’t you supposed to TRY and make your ex feel jealous after he dumbs you? It’s like, I don’t even know who she is anymore.

    • What they had tea with her parents under an Alice in Wonderland mushroom? And he shouldn’t feel too special we make fun of idiots all the time-feel special if we actually like you. And he needs to take a shower.

    • Oh wait…his mother was going to be there. I wonder if the test was whether his mother liked her. If so, little does she know…and will soon find out more than she wants to.

    • Yes….the well-know, festival test. God you are fucking vapid the both of you. How do you NOT pass a festival test? Get too high and paranoid and freak everyone out? Wear deodorant? Not pretend to like the shitty music? Refuse a threesome?

      • To be fair, if my boyfriend had invited me to this festival early on in the relationship, I doubt we would have ‘overcome’ that particular situation. Hell, three years in now and if he suggested we go tomorrow, we might have to seek couples’ therapy.

    • It is almost impossible to sleep during these idiotfests. And they got there early to set up. She probably hadn’t sleep in at least 3 days when this was taken.

  16. I would pay PAY any amount of $$$$ ANY to watch Peter and Robin Baugher log on to Facebook right now.


    • I notice that Allie Baugher liked the pic of Donkey and Avocado. Heh heh.

      • Can you imagine? Whenever I see a picture of my husband’s loony sister on social media doing something utterly dumb or cringe-worthy, I laugh in anticipation of knowing what my husband will do when I call him over. Or better yet, I LOVE when I can just text him the picture when he’s not expecting it, like, when he’s at work. I KNOW his internal reaction and it’s hysterical. (There is a possibility my MIL’s side of the family has Native American in her lineage. No one knows for sure so whacky SIL went out and had a portrait painted of herself as a Native American. It was ridicululous. I saved the pic and just texted it to my husband. What I wouldn’t give to have been standing there when he opened it)
        I bet when Allie sees these pictures she quietly laughs and savors those few moments between when she calls Brit over and anticipating Brit’s reaction. Which is to probably just look at the picture and walk away; with no emotion. Although, Brit really has lots of emotions but training has taught him to just shut up. Then Allie laughs and laughs and hits *like* and yells across the house that she *liked* the picture and wonders out loud if she should send it to his parents. Or if she should maybe print it out and frame it for their house.
        BTW – thank you to one of you cats for coining Auntie Batshit. It has become the moniker we use.

        • Julia is very likely getting a ton of mileage out of “It’s all for my book.”

        • I LOLed at the Native American portrait. That’s seriously one of the best things I’ve ever heard.

          • For heaven’s sake, your SIL is on a level with sister and mother of my ex. That NA portrait is killing me in a most entertaining way. And I’m convinced that dodged SiL from hell would have done something similar if the opportunity had presented itself.

          • THAT was a fun treat! Tell me you asked her for a hard-print copy. I’d have to frame & display it somewhere to be seen daily, precisely for the lulz.

  17. Speculation… She might be using all her personages for her book, ala Eat Pray, love. Boy does she have many personages.

  18. Is it judgy of me to say that she moved on from THIS MAN reallllllly fast? Like Derples basically still had his finger on her clit in their velour dungeon when she decided to date this liberal arts college burnout cliche.

    I just bray

    • I’m more and more convinced she was never into him. That’s what the sources said – she dated him so she could say “Ha!” to America after she came off looking like a man crazed lunatic on Miss Advised.

      I think she thought she could OBO Debbie and it never came to pass. So she thought he’d make a base model first husband or something.

    • She can’t be alone. Like, ever. Which is awesome when you are “writing a book lol.” So much disorder there.

    • I feel like her old face–the old, old original one–is trying to reclaim its place, but in a really weird way like the drunk Native American spirits in Poltergeist wanting those people out of that house. (I hope this is somewhat the plot; it’s been awhile).

      What’s up with her widow’s peak? Not sure if she has one but that same area–where the ink meets her hairline mid-forehead? It’s weirding me out, like a sinkhole of not-hair/not-ink/not-skin that needs some kind of infomercial product to cure it. Just. . . wow. What she CHOOSES to put out there. Way to brand!

    • I’ve said over the years—-
      She’s looking more and more like Momserssss,
      esp in the facial zone.

      And that dude…geez.
      Way to go, Julie. New low

  19. Totally apropos of NOTHING, I have one (1) ticket to Rufus Wainwright tomorrow night at Town Hall in NYC at 8pm, that I just don’t think I am going to get to. If anyone wants it, the ticket is free to you. I am pretty much the polar opposite of a grifter. I bought this ticket months ago and I’m totally rethinking it.

    He is an amazing performer; I’m just not sure I can deal tomorrow night. Email me at phancypants / hotmail if you would like it. It’s a balcony seat, not a great ticket or anything, but there really aren’t any bad seats at Town Hall, so.

    • Very cool that you’re offering the ticket to a cat lady. Hope someone takes you up on the offer.

  20. Elton John called. He said, “You know what? On second thought, just keep the glasses, darling.”

  21. You just know Robin Baugher is framing this one for the mantle.
    I suspect Julia is wearing some type of Spanx pantie under those white monstrosities.

  22. My Greg, she looks stoned! I zoomed in on the photo of her fractured, oops, fractal face and what is going on with her eyes? They are worse than her usual soulless deadness.
    Has she still got full veneerth? Not sure if it’s the lighting in the photo, but it looks like her top 2 front teef are smaller than they used to be? They don’t seem to come down to her bottom teef as much as they used to. Don’t know. What do you catpeeps think?

    Avocado is awful! I agree with someone up thread(too lazy, sorry!) about him needing to pull his pants up. They are disgustingly low and made me need to bleach my eyes and brain.

    And Donkey? Thanx for the Spanx. I needed a good laugh.
    P.s. My spellcheck knows how to spell veneerth!

    • I’d noticed it too … fauxto-chopped the easter bunny off her mug, maybe? Or it’s her extreme tongue trying to protrude, covering the bottom half of top teeth?

      • Exactly. Who did that makeup. My god. She’s been troweling that shit on since birth, this is the best she can do? That eyeliners looks horrid. What look is she going for…and you know that is like, her 4th attempt at sexy selfie.

        Also wanna drown out the light much? She has instagram set to blast all facial features away. Ugh.


    This tatted up piece of white trash makes Debbie Seltzer look like friggin’ JFK Jr.

    The limbo phase of Juliar’s life is such a spectacle. HOW LOW CAN SHE GO?

      • Older, balder, married men … met when hanging out in the bars of motels on the fringes of airports (while waiting for a “friend” who, to no one’s actualized surprise, never materializes) …

      • This comment seriously needs to be the new byline of the site. “ReDiscovering Donk: What is left after fucking a homeless carny?”

    • If I had to guess I’d say that Debbie’s probably from more humble origins than The Avocado Experience. And Debbie’s no stereotypical trailer park material either. To me, this guy seems more like your average upper middle class kid who’s drifting because he can. I doubt that real “white trash” would be able to afford the “artsy” couch surfing lifestyle or any of the equipment he uses. He also seems to have had musical training. Also, these guys usually tend to either make a real “creative” career for themselves or suddenly become “respectable” in their 30s. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a stable job arranged by Daddy awaiting in his nearer future. PB tried the same for Donks, but she was too far gone at the time.
      Finally, yikes! She looks so scary now!

      • Interesting that the other DJ donkey “danced for” this weekend came from Greenwich CT, went to private schools there, and graduated from Brown. There are trustafarians galore sprinkled among the unwashed.

        • In terms of Walletpalooza 2014 she may actually be moving among people from money, however, none of those are ready to settle down and once they are, it will not be with someone like our favourite ego demon.
          I think Avocado Experience is just there to tide her over until she finds a better target. Because although he’s not white trash he’s nowhere the kind of guy she hallucinates she deserves.

      • @OMGPearskank

        You are right.

        Avocado’s FB page says he’s from Calabasas and went to Calabasas High School. It’s a very wealthy and VERY white community north of Los Angeles, about 20 minutes from Malibu. Demographics similar to Julie’s hometown.

        • His dad’s house in Calabasas is big and has a beautiful pool. His mum’s place in Hawaii looks gorgeous in her
          Facebook photos (she is also super into the woo and seems to have been married four times, and is engaged again).

          It is not so bad being homeless if you have two comfortable parental homes to go to.

          • Watch how easily Donkey will take to hanging at his parents’ homes as opposed to visiting the humble lower middle class Easter Island Sr. estate in Modesto.

        • my grandma always said, water finds its level

          two dumb hopeless offspring of successful parents, together at last

          • Just wait for Smellsberg to post about these 2 crazy kids with successful parents getting together and it’s sure to last forever. This time, he might be right.

          • Jack, this is unlike Way Gay Dev’s agreement to be portrayed as D0nk’s heterosexual BF, so I don’t see D0nk consulting w/ smEllsberg on this one … or ever again.

            BTW, Julia Allison is now an internationally-renowned “branding expert” in more than 100+ delusion, & Guac Jock is just a “client” availing himself to her ::cough:: clam dungeon ::cough:: “services” …

          • Oh, I’m just teasing. We all know her real mark.^^ Does Smellsberg even confer with Donkey anymore, or has he run for the hills along with everyone else she’s ever known?

          • LaPhlegm liked this pic of them so they are probably still somewhere in the picture. Especially now that Donkey now fancies herself a professional spiritual dancer.

          • Tho profethional, tho thpirtihal. Where the fuck does she go from here? Trust me, if her dad has any inkling of this woo hoo bullshit, he’s horrified. Nothing spells Phony Name Dropper like pettifogger.

        • This is the shit that pisses me off. Trust me, If I didn’t have to work for a living (which I actually enjoy most of the time but I’m crazy like that), I could be an “artist” a “musician” a “filmmaker” a “novelist” too. These people are all about seal clapping themselves. YOU DON’T NEED TO EARN MONEY. ALL YOU HAVE IS TIME TO CREATE YOUR GARBAGE. Ugh. don’t get me started.

          But yes, this is cute-ish in your 20s, lame in your 30s, and just downright disturbing in your 40s. You kids have fun there.

          And of course he has a hippy dippy mom encouraging this. She’s like the Dina Lohan of hippie moms. I’m sure she smokes pot with him too. Way to set a good example for your kids, married four times mom.

          I wanna call my parents right now and thank them for so many things. Including the age-old advice to “get a fucking job” and “do something with your life.”

          • To be fair to his mum, she was widowed once, according to her FB. She posted a genuinely sweet remembrance of her late husband.

          • I get the feeling that his mum would be one of the first people to see Julia for the fraud she is. Hippie dippy or not, she seems to be fond and potentially protective of her sons.

          • OMG Pear – I think the same thing. She seems like a real down to earth lady who would give a poser looking for $5,000 trailers for Burning Man some major side eye.

          • Oh great, now I gotta go check out his mom. Down the rabbit hole we go.

          • I don’t know the woman. I am just not the biggest fan of encouraging children to basically couch surf for a living. I mean that is what he does right? He admitted it.

          • Both the sons are having Wanderjahren. At least Baby Brother Britt is an actual responsible member of society with a real job, so score one point for the Bogglers.

          • Looks like Donkey’s already friended the mom. Mom looks good for 61. Tiny, tiny waist and tig old bitties, not sure if real. Dotes on Avocado, who turns 30 on June 17 and seems to love his mama. Jewish family, younger bro who lives in Thailand. I can’t figure out which person is his father.

          • Dad isn’t on FB as far as I can tell. His first name is the same as the last name of songstress Joni.

            Now I sound like a crossword puzzle.

      • yes exactly. actual poor people can’t do this shit. broke dependent grifting of middle class parents couch surfing between remittances do this shit.

        • That’s why those people piss me off to no end. They think “bum” is a lifestyle choice. Real homeless people/poor would vehemently disagree.

          • This is just me, but I don’t really give much of a rat’s ass if the lazy & entitled asshats who don’t *need* the money aren’t taking the jobs that *pay* the money — leaves more of those jobs to go around, amirite?

          • Thing is, eventually most of this crowd do and they usually just swoop in and pass by people who may actually have made an effort to get to where they are.
            Most of these guys know that the game is rigged in their favour and therefore they don’t worry about taking time out to explore and experiment, including all expenses paid trips to India, which I think is the case where Avocado is concerned. Once they decide it’s time to get serious, there usually is a way back in for them that is not available to your avarage slacker and that’s why I despise this lot. They know they are operating with multiple safety nets. There are no true believers there. It’s all just something they can talk about when hosting soccer committee BBQs in their 40s to make themselves seem more interesting.

          • Brayella, I hear that! I live in a pretty hippy town and work in non-profits, so I’ve known a trustifarian or two in my day. My feeling is: whatever. Go out into the wilderness with nothing but a back pack and a homemade teepee (the rich ones are always the ones who have to prove how hard core, “back to nature” they are), have a vision quest, be a musician/filmmaker/drum circle leader. Just stay out of my way.


    • I was watching Hoarders re-runs and someone in the credits was named Bray Poor. I chuckled.

    • جوليا أليسون هو العضو التناسلي النسوي (from the LOLfirm of Chesly, Manly, Bottomy, and Gorham)

      Oooo! Interesting theory. He could be, but she is too stupid and clueless to sell. Plus, it’s work, and she can’t do anything that’s like a job.

      Julie getting arrested for selling ecstasy to a cop would be a step up from fucking a homeless carny. Wait.

    • I still would be surprised if this bitch smokes pot considering she’s the most uptight emotional basketcase in existence. She would be the WORST to be stoned around. She would never shut up. She already thinks she knows so much, imagine her stoned megalomaniac mental meanderings? God I hope she writes this book high.

  25. She’s the thinnest she’s ever been. She must be thinking she’s won.

    LOOK at yourself Donkey. You have a nut sack drawn on the top of your face and a homeless person at your side.

    This is why you do drugs in college, like a normal person. When you do it at your age, it’s just sad–and ugly.

    Not that anything I’ve said mattered. YOU’RE THIN!!! Who knew drugs could do that??

    • It’s her arrested development coming out again. She’s doing the things normal people did in college. Slow Julia is slow.

      Also, in a weird way I think she is very satisfied by this whole thing. She’s always desperately wanted to be accepted by the ‘hipsters’ and this is a branch of that crowd. She finally feels like she is part of something ‘cool’ and ‘exclusive’ in being in the counterculture.

      The whole thing goes back to Redacted. She wanted to go to burning man to be down with him and his crew. Possibly TK as well. All resulting cray goes back to her need to prove to those two that she is cool.

      I’m kind of bored with it, and wish she would put on the pearls again, but that’s just me. I have to admit I have a lot of friends who easily resemble this crowd, though, so maybe I’m just defensive. Perhaps it’s also self-preservation: her circle is overlapping mine for the first time and I don’t like it.

      • Yes, I agree, re: this being pointed at Redacted, “See how cool I am? See what you missed out on?”

        She is so mental.

      • Now you know how I feel about the pearl-wearing Junior Leaguer cracks, Cakez. Nobody likes it when she poops on their turf. The good news is that she doesn’t actually have any deeply held beliefs, so she’ll move on to annoy someone else shortly.

        • Heh. You know that thought actually occurred to me as I was driving home. “Oh. I’m basically feeling what everyone else feels at every other iteration of hers. That makes sense. Also, don’t internalize the snark.”

          Wait, you’re a pearl-wearing Junior Leaguer? Eww! (Just kidding. I come from some solid poor white trash stock; I have no idea what a junior leaguer is.)

      • Not sure what kinda hipsters exist other places but the Williamsburg/NYC variety that included Redacted would give these assholes the biggest side eye. When these kinda hippie trustafarian assholes started moving to williamsburg that’s when I knew it was REALLY over. I mean it’s been over a while but. I prefer the indie/punk genre of hipster over whatever the fuck these tards are. At least they listen to good music when you have to share a juke box with them in a bar. No, they are not hipsters, above. Even I cannot snark on hipsters to the extent that I call these people hipsters. They are the drum circle pathchouli smelling dweebs in college everyone ignored. They are sadly recreating every aspect of 1960s counterculture that was inherently annoying. Sorry, I can’t stand neauveau (sp?) hippies. /rant

        If she thinks these are the cool kids, LOL!

        • It’s a very SF hipster thing. Many of them have more of an indie/folk bent than the rave stuff, but the burning man driven hippie stuff is very Bay Area hipster. Like, I almost started a blog: “Homeless or Hipster?” I don’t actually live in SF, though, so it was mostly a grand idea.

          Also, of course, notice I said “branch.” These are the “Folk yeah!” type. Is that a big thing in Brooklyn, too, or is it more the Bay influence?

          Also, I’m kind of lightweight nouveau hippie. I think we’d still get along over drinks, though.

  26. I wish I had some pithy cultural reference for Julia’s get-up but I’m at a loss. (It just seems to me all her merry band of grifters toss their dirty cirque du sol eil rags in a communal pile and help themselves blindly)
    I hope the strange markings are permanent tattoos. Now that would be a commitment.

    * also, OT, but have any of you literate cat people read Rachel Kushner’s The Flame Throwers? I am loving it and it’s right up my alley: biker chick, 70s downtown art world, and Italy. Apologies if this has been discussed already. I’m getting a new iPad this week (my other ancient two can’t handle to Donkey load and crash out of the screen), it’s hard to follow RBD on my iPhone, and I’m trying keep my Mac for work/grad school only. So I’m a little re re with the Julia business lately. I’m in the Outer Banks at the beach house this week and catching up on reading…

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