The 2013 Year In Review: Donks Tells Native Americans To Stop Being Alcoholics If They Don’t Want To Be Called Alcoholics


Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 8.02.21 AMThis year for our year in review, I am going to spend a few posts highlighting stupid shit Julia Allison has said or done this year because she’s a stupid shit. For instance, remember when she was an entertainment journalist (WTF?) who went on CNN to bitch about how Native Americans shouldn’t waste time writing letters and do something about the problem of them being stereotyped as firewater-loving alcoholics? No? Then watch and remember:

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She was rightfully called a racist idiot by a Native American lobbyist because she’s a racist idiot, and she responds by being all smarmy about it. Being called a racist idiot was unnecessary because Donks has never done or said anything that would be construed as racist by our First Nations, like wearing a feather headdress for a bachelorette party.

You’d thought she would take a dose of Shut The Fuck Up (no you didn’t) and that would be the end of it, but nope! She doubled-down by saying that her inappropriately appropriating the Native American culture is not the reason Native Americans are alcoholics. Even I was flabbergasted by the tone deafness of it all, and I don’t really ever flabber my gast with this bitch anymore. She combated the racist accusations by trotting out a black kid. It was apparently Debbie’s younger foster brother according to you disturbingly good internet sleuths. Then she tried to distract everyone by making fun of Jason Calacanis’ fauxtoshoot, to which Helena cried, “AS FUCKING IF!”

Yeah, so that happened. The whole episode was crazy enough to drive a Native American to drink. Donks later claimed that she was going to be invited back to CNN at the end of March for another panel. Surprisingly, that never, ever happened.



  1. Tots forgots that embarrassment. Thanks JP!

    And the lying. Always with the lying! “I’m coming back to the panel. We’re in the market to buy a 4 BR. I make six figures. This is my real nose. My boyfriend is a chef.”

    She is insane! Seriously. Fucking. Delusional. And getting worse every year.

  2. Wow, I had forgotten all about this particular gaffe. Racist, tone-deaf Donkey is racist and tone-deaf! And not invited back to CNN!

  3. Watching the video again, I’m reminded of just how abrasive and unlikable she is on TV. Not just for her unfunny assholic comment, but just the way she speaks and kept bobbing her head for attention when other people were talking. Also? I couldn’t take my eyes off that huge Adam’s apple “she” has.

  4. I’m shocked she didn’t market her own bobble head dolls after this. The entire first part of the segment, she’s just a bobbin’ her head-first she talked about giving head on tv and then this. Parents have to be so proud of their little Barbie stealing racist.

      • Well that’s an amazing argument for asking like an asshole (mommy and daddy can’t see me, soooo…) I guess they don’t have the the internet either?

        • She said that around the time MissShapen was on the air, and that her parents seemed to have no interest in watching the shitshow. I think that fits in with their apparent pattern of sticking their heads up their asses when it comes to her abhorrent behavior. That way, they can continue to pretend that she’s a nice, normal woman with a great job and is really famous.

  5. Why is Julia Allison and no-job-having Devin Stetler not in Boston with Britt and Allie? The mind Baughles. Julia Allison isn’t even starting her LOL-Book until January 1 so what excuse does she have? Is she on the outs with Ma and Pa?

    Also, her face (shivers).

    • I am certain Allie does not want a Donkey in Boston right now. She’s ready to pop and probably in no mood to tolerate her angry, sort of sad sister-in-law and Donk’s gummy DerpDerp of a “special” friendboy. Makes me wonder if Britt asked the parents to keep her away.

      • Pregnant Bitch Queen Almost Moms get anything they want and destroy anything they don’t want

        Then the baby is born

      • It was no doubt an unspoken yet unanimous agreement that the parents-to-be need to enjoy peace & quiet before their life as they know it forever changes when that squalling baby arrives — ain’t no one got time for a squalling d0nkey & her demands to be healed w/ gluten-free blistered pescachickenarian fritada broth.

  6. I’d also like to speak with Devin Stetler, The Healing Cook, why he is tarnishing his brand with his Chicken Sausage McWut Wut. Sausage is filled with fillers (like Julia’s face), nitrates, its hella processed and the European Food Safety Authority recently found that a red food coloring in cheap sausages, called Red 2G, could cause cancer.

    Oh, I love it. “Come to The Healing Chef! We’ve got cancer between two bleached flour buns for you!”

  7. Well as a child of orphans whose mother doesn’t know what the fuck she is, I’m going to get a bottle of Jameson. Call me Chief Laughs at Donkey! but don’t call me racist. Because I don’t give a fuck what color you are.

  8. That blinking! Julia Allison slow blinks about 5-6 X in three secs, & then rapidly flutter-blinks about seven times in rapid succession, & then reverts back to the 5-6 X per three secs, all while bobbing her ginormous gourd & pursing her pucker-butt lips like a fish gasping for air — worst on-air presence ever; no wonder CNN never had her back for a fake panel.

    Too bad D0nkey burned her Tribune Media Co bridge, as they’re selling off their newspapers & just snagged another 19 TV stations — if she was half of what she boast-lies to be, she could have been positioned to transition w/ the industry changes.

  9. “Entertainment journalist”! Hah! Also, what kind of underwear is she wearing in that headdress pic? Looks like some kind of industrial Spanx/Hooters uniform combo.

    • Whatever kind of underwear, it’s a few sizes too small. Just like everything that delusional Donkey wears.

    • I also love her nonexistent kardashian booty she is always going on about. that is not a ghetto booty honey. That is flat ass. Try harder.

  10. Fix the problem. My god she is the biggest fucking idiot.

    You know, I’m super anti-pc esp when it comes to free speech, comedy bla bla. But there are certain lines even I am willing to admit to. And making fun of the tragedy of Native Americans, their history, their life experience now. I mean we massacred them and stole their land and now they live on miserable reservations with sky high rates of alcoholism and suicide. That is not fucking funny. if you are going to make racist jokes at least be funny.

    And WTF does this even mean? So no group can ever be offended by media portrayals of them, instead they should “fix the problem.” Okay then, I guess indians can only complain when they fix the problem of hundreds of years of mistreatment and institutionalized racism. Would she say the same thing about black people?

    Julia, go fuck yourself. JEsus her point didn’t even have anything to do with the conversation. Even the newscaster didn’t know how to respond to that. I wonder why she is never invited as a talking head anymore.

    You suck at it. Also nice pink lipstick you fucking dipshit. Everyone knows you should ALWAYS match your lipstick to your clothing, especially if the color is completely off.

    God I hate her ass. “Fix the problem! Write letters! So interns like I used to be (did you know I worked on the Hill as a legislative correspondent! Also I went to Georgetown!) can open the letter and ignore it. That will fix the problem!

    Ugh go fuck yourself. Dumb bitch.

    • I can think of literally 80 things more intelligent to say about this, both pro-and counter point. this is all she could think of whilst nodding her head like an idiot and blinking profusely. Not sure they taught you think but when you are on tv you are supposed to fucking sit still.

      She literally has no one good single original idea in her empty brainspace. This stupid bitch got a book deal. Ponder that. I know many ppl think it won’t get written but I REALLY hope it does because I am waiting so hard for the universal criticism and LOLS that will transpire from critics and the 12 readers who actually buy it.

      When is she going away?

  11. Also that twitter exchange with the native american dude. YOU ARE AN IDIOT. THAT’S WHY PEOPLE CALL YOU ONE. If you are going to go on tv and be offensive, suck it up, princess.

    And it’s inappropriate for him to call her an idiot or whatever, but it’s JUST FINE for her, a famous journalist, to tell him she worries about him. After responding to his argument in a way that totally deflects the real issue. How the fuck was he implying that you being a goddamn moron and wearing a native american headdress him trying to say that you being an idiot drives native americans to drink?

    You are a cuntrag. Enough rage for today. I’m going to clean my refrigerator. And use my weekend free time to do things after working all week. Something she cannot relate to, because she hasn’t had a job in years.

    • She is a cuntrag. Just imagine how awful it is waking up everyday and being her.

      PS that screenshat is fucking brutal. so uggly.

  12. The anchor gives good bitchface
    The dude with the big hair does too
    So does the other woman
    Bald dude is meh

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