Geriatric Jim Carrey And Albino Marie Antoinette Celebrate For The Glory Of Satan






Also two ladies are seeking investment for something.

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  1. FFS how disrespectful to the whole concept of “Invest in Women” to have yourself thrown over your partners’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes. She has enraged me out of lurkdom.

    • Those are the OMG YSL’S! Some supposed fan bought her. She’s been wearing them ever since. And there is no way in hell she can walk in them. And they are ugly to boot.

      God I hate her boyfriend so fucking much. He just oozes obnoxious. Them together must be just an explosion of nasty and annoying.

  2. Also that kissing photo in the costumes is so fake looking. Eyes closed so we can see how into it they are. Repulsive all around. At least he’s drinking a beer.

    • Their “kisses” consist of the outer-left side of his closed mouth barely touching the outer-left side of her closed mouth, but then again, what more would you expect from relationship frauds who paid someone to teach them to make vibraytionally congruent eye contact?

    • Oh, I thought her ‘white face’ was coke and he just snorted it off her all night. He always look off his face.

    • Based on the application it looks like Donkey got to the jar of “Whiteface” first, leaving Debbie to salvage what he could from the inside of the lid.

  3. Nice blowjob faces in the pic on the bottom right. Speaking of bottoms, Derpin should never consider modeling.

  4. The INVEST IN WOMEN sign really chaps my ass.

    Hey JA, I actually work for an organization dedicated to electing more women into government and we’re doing a massive fundraising kick right now. I would be OH SO HAPPY to send you a link to our contribution page so you can “invest in women.”

    Until you send us a check, you can go get bent.

    • Because genitalia are the best indicator of how well you’d do in DC as a parasite? If so, then Pelosi is doing a grand job. As is Olympia Snowe.

      That is sarcasm. They both suck. I’m guessing you aren’t into electing libertarian women. Just more socialists? So maybe it isn’t about women so much as women who will push an agenda of tyranny and confiscation of wealth?

      Hillary? Wasserman-Cunt? Rosa Delauro? Oh wait. Rosa is a man. My bad.

      • As opposed to the neo-nazi Christian taliban also known as the Republican party? You know, the assholes who rally for less government in the economy, but can’t seem to keep their noses out of other people’s bedrooms or uteri that don’t belong to them? Have SEVERAL seats, stupid.

        My best friend’s younger brother is a Libertarian, and the last time I saw him I had to threaten to rip out his tongue with my bare hands to get the insufferable prick to shut his mouth. And this is someone I’ve known for years, and despite his lapse in judgement/sanity, still consider a friend. How many times have people had to tell you the same thing before you got the hint that NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR IRRELEVANT OPINION?

        Liberal =/= socialist. You have yet to prove to me that the conservative right or the radicals you call “Libertarian” aren’t heartless, bloodthirsty elitists. Why are you even here? You mouth/fingertips are spewing the same kind of festering excrement I’d expect to erupt from a Donkey’s.

        • There are sane Libertarians who believe in Sufficientarism, the need for a centralized Federal government with the power to perform certain necessary services (e.g., FDA), and fair taxation. Unfortunately their voices are drowned out by the screaming of the Ayn Rand wackos and Neo Fascists who have hijacked the party. True Story.

        • It’s really sad that the original–and damned good ideas–are being hijacked by a bunch of idiots who can’t seem to understand that in order to attain wisdom, one must listen more and talk less.

        • I have this thing about women who trumpet on about women’s rights and feminism, but allow people to get away with making rape jokes about them, and are Republicans. There’s a word for it, and it’s right on the tip of my tongue…what is it again…oh! Right. HYPOCRITE.

          Is it possible to be a Republican and a feminist? Considering that they are pretty much completely against any freedom a woman has over her own body and what grows inside it?

          • JFA-ing, this was supposed to be its own standalone comment. I have no idea what happened, Oops!

          • “Is it possible to be a Republican and feminist?” If you’re delusional, I guess. I can’t imagine being a member of a political party with a platform that is hostile towards basic freedom and equality for members of my gender. Why? Because I’m fiscally conservative or something? Sorry. When we’re living under American Fundamentalist Sharia law will the fact that the Patriarchs that decide what we’re allowed to do with our bodies voted for tax breaks or to cut spending (not military spending of course) honestly have any meaning?

        • Wow, what? When did Libertarians become the bad guys? My understanding of the party is let people do what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt their fellow man. Maybe I’m mistaken but given the choice between Republican (rich asshole who only cares about saving a few points on taxes at the expense of their fellow man) or Democrat (well intentioned but totally dysfunctional clusterfuck who can’t get shit done), I’d certainly choose Libertarian. Then again, if I could actually choose the system I’d burn it all down and start over with 50 separate states. I like choice!

          • They became the bad guys when they became a bunch of crackpots who slavishly follow every conspiracy theory and try to couch their bigotry behind “the free market will take care of it” and “we don’t wanna take sides.”

            There is a massive difference between individual libertarians who believe in certain values and principles, and Libertarian Party people who are kooks, bigots, and loons.

            Ron Paul is a big-L Libertarian, and that’s all I need to know to steer very clear of them.

          • And calling NancySMASH! Pelosi a socialist is pretty laughable. She’s a very wealthy woman from a very wealthy family who married a very wealthy man. Which gave her the freedom to go do good things politically, I don’t begrudge her being rich at all. Because of her efforts in getting ACA passed, I have health insurance now. Thanks Nancy, thanks Obama!

            (Just saw an old pic of NancySMASH with JFK at a WH ball or party in 1962 or so; she’s 21, adorable looking, long gloves, very Audrey Hepburn, and you could tell JFK would so hit that. Awesome pic.)

          • I hope Nancy, being rich and all, is going to pay for my company sponsored insurance, which is being increased from $3oo a month for family coverage to $1200. Oh, and my parents, who are losing theirs altogether because their doctor will not take Medicare patients anymore. And my friends whose have a child with leukemia and whose policy is not only more expensive but covers way less than it did previously. They will most likely lose everything they own.

            It really bums me out when the threads here get political because everybody seems to be a bit on the fanatical side of whichever side they are on. The fact is, there are huge problems with ALL the parties. I don’t even like to weight in normally because I know that one side or the other is going to slam me.

            Healthcare should be available to all, I truly believe that and I’m truly happy that those who didn’t have it have a chance to get it. But I’m not sure what is coming is quite the answer either. I don’t think “affordable” is an accurate description based on what I’m seeing so far.

          • LRC-I agree. I think healthcare needs to be changed but I’m not sure what we’re working towards is the answer either. I’ve worked in medicine for the last 15 years (out the last two). The insurance companies are as much to blame and we’re not addressing those problems with the current ACA. The part that people are missing is that it’s a tiered system and if you want to be seen quickly or have a newer procedure you either have to pay more or wait. I used to sell a device for a new procedure, and the wait list in Canada was so long that 15-20% of my business in the US came from there. Maybe those aren’t significant numbers. I don’t have the answers, but I think Republicans (of which I am one), not trying to help fix the system, whether they wanted it or not, is a symptom of the bigger problem. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about fixing the system and taking accountability. And neither side of the aisle seems to be doing better than the other. Catistrophic health insurance is an option with cash for out of pocket with cash pay sites making services more competitive might be the way to go. The Today show had something on about bidding on surgery (sort of ebay style) and a site called md save seem like interesting options.

          • Thanks BBB, I’m glad I’m not the only one.

            I have often thought we need to start, quite honestly, with the amount of profit companies, hospitals, and educational institutions should be allowed to make. I know that is diametrically opposed to the whole free enterprise idea but, heck, can you imagine how much better off we might be if new doctors didn’t have 300K in student loans to pay off? Or if pharmaceutical companies couldn’t trademark a drug and then make the masses pay truly outrageous amounts for them?

            And I also have been saying for years that the gov’t sponsored healthcare some of these other countries brag about is not nearly all it’s cracked up to be. As an example, I had two gallbladder attack in fairly quick succession and two weeks later my gallbladder was out and I was on the road to recovery. My Canadian friend? Had attack after attack and was on the waiting list for over 2 years before she got hers out. If you’ve ever had a gallbladder attack, it is not something you want to have more than once.

            It seems to me that we had a system where some people had good healthcare, some had ok healthcare and some had nothing. Not ideal. I get that. But now, we are going to a system where everybody has shitty healthcare and I’m at a loss as to why it’s being called affordable. In my world $1200 a month is not affordable. I’m guessing there are cheaper plans out there and everyone can feel better and tell themselves there are affordable plans if I don’t like the one my company offers but affordable at what cost to my actual health? If I pay only $200 a month, but nothing is covered, then what the hell is the point?

          • I am also in the medical field and very much agree with what you both are saying. A system where insurance companies still hold all the chips will never be affordable for the majority of its patrons. I currently don’t have insurance since I’m a business owner. I’d rather not pay for insurance with an obscene deductible that I will not meet in a year. I know I’m pressing my luck but dealing with insurance companies day in and day out I know they aren’t the ones hurting. Wanna fix healthcare? Take away their power. It would be awesome if everyone had insurance, would make my job so much easier but seems like a far fetched fantasy right now.

          • Lizzie, I’m in a similar situation as I’ve started my own Company. I’m looking into catistrophic (super high ded) and currently do cash pay for everything else (I write off on my taxes). The average deductible is now close to $3,400 and only 3% nationally reach their deductible annually. I’m also very nervous about rolling the dice, I’ve had open heart in the past and this is the first time I’ve ever been without insurance.

          • Lizzie, I’m in a similar situation as I’ve started my own Company. I’m looking into catistrophic (super high ded) and currently do cash pay for everything else (I write off on my taxes). The average deductible is now close to $3,400 and only 3% nationally reach their deductible annually. I’m also very nervous about rolling the dice, I’ve had open heart in the past and this is the first time I’ve ever been without insurance.

            Do NOT go without insurance, BBB! One hospital stay with surgery can wipe you out financially. I’ve gone the catastrophic coverage-only route and am happy with it. The two most important things to me are that I won’t go bankrupt in case of something major and I have freedom of choice with doctors, radiology facilities, labs, etc.

          • Or if pharmaceutical companies couldn’t trademark a drug and then make the masses pay truly outrageous amounts for them?

            Maybe the pharmaceutical companies will take far fewer risks and not put a whole lot of time, money, and effort into developing new drugs. Yeah, that’ll really teach them!

            And while we’re at it, I think books are too expensive and poor people should be able to buy books without having to pay a lot of money. Therefore, book stores and publishers should not be allowed to make much, if any, of a profit.

            Restaurants and food stores? We all need to eat and good food can be expensive. How dare they want to make money!

          • Queen, I agree, I should not be without insurance and for the first time in 41 years, am. I working to rectify the situatuion. It is my problem to fix.

            I know you are being facetious about pharma companies, but understanding the market is necessary and yes, these companies are part of the problem. In this case listed below: 31 children died while taking this drug, (11 of which was off label use) and 14 y.o. boys grew breasts. The off lable use was nothing more than the Company’s greed. CEO of subsidiary was not made to testify only to be named President of World Wide Company, and is not in jail. There a lot of problems with healthcare and just to address one angle is not going to solve the problem.


          • I’m not a fan of the ACA, but I AM a fan of NHC. Do systems on the UK or Canadian model have their flaws? Sure. Would top tier health care take a hit and/or be waaay more expensive under a NHC system? Definitely. We do have the best top tier medical care that money can buy. Unfortunately most Americans can’t afford the price tag. It’s a perk of the priviliged (1) few.

            Our infant mortality rates are a disgrace for a first world nation. That’s reality. Would NHC change that? Yes. Will ACA? I have huuuge doubts. I think it was a big mistake and the wrong way to go. Last thing we needed was to give the insurance companies more power. Watch for the proliferation of cut rate health insurance concerns on the Safe Auto model. We keep you legal for less.

            As far as politics? I’m not a Dem or a Rep.. I think the two party system is a corrupt, diseased machine that serves no one but itself and ultra rich corporations. I’m Green party. It doesn’t bother me to be called a Socialist. Or a Marxist. Marxism is a beautiful ideal. Is it probably impractical? Probably. But so is world peace and that’s a beautiful ideal too. I’d settle for Sufficientarianism. Because, YES, I do think everyone deserves the basic necessities of life and that human life and dignity SHOULD come before profits and making money.

            Does that make me a Commie Pink Leftist fanatic? Okay, yeah. But I’m cool with that. Peace and Love to all the RBDers of all political persuasions. < 3

            1. (Because footnotes (and parentheses) are so hip. Thanks, Julia.) This is one of the reasons Julia resonates with me. She's a priviliged bitch who thinks the world should hand her everything she wants because Daddy's rich. She's never had to live in the real world and is incapable of empathizing with those who do. She's never done or worked or accomplished anything for herself but has had it easy her whole life based on the lucky accident of having been born into an upper middle class family.

          • Queen, there is no reason to be a dick about it.

            That’s why I said I rarely get involved in these discussions and I also specifically said I knew that some of the things I said clashed with the whole free enterprise thing.

            I am not poor and I am lucky enough to be able to afford insurance. And, quite honestly, I get annoyed at the many people in this country who can afford insurance and don’t get it because others will pay for it for them. When I was much younger, and a single mother, I was offered a job where I could make $6 an hour with insurance, or $8 an hour without. I chose the $6 an hour job because it was the responsible thing to do. I could have really used that extra $2 an hour in my pocket. I ate a lot of ramen and didn’t buy myself anything – not a pair of damn socks – for at least three years. But, my son and I had insurance. I believe there are many people who don’t make the right choices.

            That said, this issue is affecting ALL of us, not just the poor. And to use books and restaurants to prop up your argument is just ignorant. First off, there are these things called libraries. You can actually go in to them and read books and other shit – like magazines – for free! It’s amazing. And, oh yeah, you don’t have to go out to a restaurant to eat. People can actually go to stores and buy food and prepare it themselves. I mean, who’d a thunk it?

            Also, my government is not forcing me to buy the latest bestseller or eat at the trendiest restaurant. It IS forcing me to have healthcare coverage.

            These companies aren’t making a tiny profit. They aren’t even making a healthy profit. They are making money hand over fist, billions of dollars. If we are being forced to have healthcare, then there should truly be affordable options. And that isn’t going to happen as long as prices are as inflated as they are.

          • There’s no reason for you to be an obnoxious and ignorant cunt, Licked. You have a total lack of knowledge about even the basics of economics, because you fail to realize that your way would put industries out of business. There are better and more efficient ways to lower the costs without sacrificing quality. One is to take medical malpractice out of the litigation system and into a workers comp type of situation. You have no idea how many billions of dollars are wasted every year on defensive medicine. Another is to open up markets for buying insurance, especially across state lines.

            In the meantime, I wish you lots of luck in finding the right doctor to remove that stick from your ass.

          • Maybe the pharmaceutical companies will take far fewer risks …

            By “risks” do you perchance mean maybe they will lighten up on their aggressive marketing tactics of pushing their meds for unapproved, “off-label” uses, thus putting profits ahead of patients?

            They won’t. J&J’s $2.2 billion fine yesterday for all of the above is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the more than $17+ billion cash they have on hand & this is just a bump in the road for them.

          • Sorry that I wasn’t clear. I meant risks, as in investing in early stage testing for drugs that may or may not be viable, and could get dropped at any stage in the development and approval process.

          • I believe you were obnoxious first, no?

            And I actually do know how many billions of dollars are wasted on defensive medicine. I also work in healthcare. I see ALL the money that is wasted. Malpractice is a huge issue. It is not the only issue.

            You obviously have no idea what “profit” means. It is the money you make over and above what you invest. It is possible to do the research, keep the high quality and still make a nice profit for your shareholders. It may not be possible to do the research, keep the high quality and make an obscene profit for your shareholders.

            And I don’t have a “way” you fucking moron. If you really think my being so bold as to suggest the the cost of education be more reasonable, that the cost of drugs be more reasonable, that the hospital not charge me $150 for a damn band aid makes me ignorant, then so be it. Clutch your pearls and make way to your fainting couch ASAP. I hardly think that line of thought is going to bring down the American economy and big business as we know it.

            We bought a car a month ago and the dealer took a whole 2K off the price. You had me worried so I just checked. You’ll be happy to know that the Ford Motor Company is still in business. How do they do it?!!??

            Holy fuck.

          • Everyone knew what you meant — fact is, whether paying huge fines for their criminal misconduct or investing in R&D, both of those are just the cost of doing business, & both are a pittance compared to the massive revenues that pharmaceutical co’s rake in.

            Big Pharma is anything but an injured party — between submitting manipulated, industry-funded trial results & w/holding safety data, they do just fine at getting drugs pushed thru the FDA approval process.

          • That is part of the process that needs to change. In the Pfizer case where they paid out $3.5 billion it was only one quarter of what the drug grossed the year it was on the market. They still made $10 billion in profit. Again, I worked in part of this industry and know the only way to fix it is to start sending these CEO’s and Board Members to jail. There are two problems: 1. people don’t think there’s anything they can do 2. the numbers these companies pay go unnoticed by the media where hazing in the NFL is taking priority. The financial industry has a face for it’s crimes, Bernie Madoff, and this industry needs one as well.
            Sorry this is my own personal frustration.

            This coupled with insurance companies needs to be fixed. Physicans have three choices today: retire/find a new line of work, become a hospital employee or insulate their practices by bringing in products that will reaching a greater patient population regardless of insurance. Cash pay services will make the market more competitive, actually increase patient care, and slowly (very slowly) finally impact the insurance companies negatively.

          • That is part of the process that needs to change.

            Ever read Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone mag? He wrote an illuminating article back in ’09 (I’m pretty sure that it’s titled: “SICK & WRONG”) that you can pay .99¢ to access RS archives & read — dude called it way back when on what was going wrong from the get-go.

          • Well, Licked, if you want to get into who started what first, try to remember that you were the first one to start slinging the namecalling, and called me a dick. If you can’t take, don’t dish it, you hypocritical asshole.

          • Let me break this down for you. I did not engage you. You jumped in to a thread with a condescending comment aimed at me and I responded in kind. Why go at me like that? If you didn’t agree, then be respectful about it and state why. It’s a sensitive subject and I tried on my end to be respectful with my initial comments.

            If calling you on that makes me a cunt, then I’m a cunt. Awesome, because I was so getting tired of being called a twat.

            I fail to see where any of this makes me a hypocrite or unable to take what you are dishing out.

            I mean, you could go back and read the exchange. Or is your reading comprehension as bad as your ability to define words like profit and hypocrite?

            Here is a hypocrite. Someone who says she realized her friend might be a sociopath because she talked about “strategic friendships” and then goes on to say the only reason she was friends with her and didn’t ditch her to begin with is because she needed something from her. Oh, not for herself, of course, but for another friend. As if that makes it ok. As if that isn’t the definition of a strategic friendship.

            So your former friend is potentially a sociopath for doing the exact same thing to other people that you did to her? I’m not sure if that makes you a sociopath, but it damn sure does make you a hypocrite.

            You’d do well to avail yourself of a Merriam Webster’s before you start flinging around all these big people words.

          • You really ARE quite the dumbass. I never said that I became friends with her because of what she could do, nor that I realized she’s a sociopath until after the “friendship” ended. Nor did I seek her out for any favors. But keep ranting and raving, my eyes are just glazing over at your nonsense. It is just tl;dr.

          • And if you don’t want to be called a cunt, then don’t call other people dicks.

            Too bad you’re as ignorant about sociopaths as you are about, well, most everything. Otherwise, you’d know that people like my former friend purposely try to manipulate people’s lives and ruin them for the fun of it. But there’s no point in trying to discuss or explain anything to you, because one never knows when you’ll go off your rocker and flip out again.

          • Ok, it’s official. You really don’t read the shit you write:

            Queen Neferteeri Is Chortling Derisively! says:

            I realized (thanks to RBD getting me thinking about it and doing research) that my former “best friend” is a full-blown sociopath.

            I long knew something was very off about her and started keeping her at a bit of a distance. Why didn’t I totally break off? I didn’t realize just how fucked up she is. And, I wanted something from her — not for me, but for someone close to me. If not for wanting her to do a favor (that she kept dangling and then forgetting), I probably would’ve ditched her way back.

            Sadly, I see that I was correct in my assessment of your reading comprehension. I called you a hypocrite, not a sociopath.

            You remained in a friendship and one of the reasons why was so you could get something out of it. That IS a “strategic relationship”. Not only is that hypocritical but it’s especially bad that you would rag on people who remain friends with JA for that reason when you have done the exact same thing. Surely if anyone can understand how such a thing happens, it would be someone who has done it herself, right?

            I’m could argue the rest of your comments (where did I say I cared about your name calling – I don’t, why would you wax on about not being able to discuss or explain to me what a sociopath is when that has fuck all to do with the point I made, where did I “flip out”, why you keep going on about my calling you a dick but don’t address the shitty comment you made to me that started all this, etc.) but, as your eyes glaze over when you read my comments, the only thing that comes in to my mind when I read yours is “duh” and “U MAD, BRO”? And I’m sure the rest of the community is getting bored with it just as much as we are.

            It is always comforting, though, to know at the end of an interaction like this that my gut instinct was right. Fucking moron was a generous estimation on my part.

      • More men are sociopaths, and if you look at either side of the aisle over the last 50 years, well there’s the point. Men, left alone to collude, will allow crimes to continue whereas, women will step in and solve, fix or report a problem . Do you really think Jerry Sandusky would have gotten away with what he did for as long as he did, if women were involved in the organization at that level? No. So yes, genetalia are a good indication, or in your case the lack of, indicates most of us on here have more balls than you do.

    • K_Swizz can you please point me in the direction of all these Socialist politicians with vaginas and platforms based around the redistribution of wealth that you are into electing? I’d like to vote for them.

  5. Is that Ramma-damma-etc. jewelry I spot in the Marie Antoinette costume (farce)? It’s amazing how she manages to even overaccessorize that rococo pile of polyester.

  6. at least she’s covered up this year – because she’s taken and modest now. Did you know she has a Very Serious Boyfriend? Wasn’t sure if you’d heard.

    What is Greasy’s costume? And did his masculine girlfriend come straight from the lawfirm and say “fuck it, I’m not dressing up this year”? Or do they somehow go together?

    Where is Dave Moron, and his crafty wife? And Randi OMG Zuckerberg?

    • Oh I would *love* to see what BritBrit dressed up as. I’ve going to guess, a used tampon made out of .. used.. tampons..

        • Oh boy. I guess if you own the “company” you get to be the model. For some reason I thought Brit was one of those teeny tiny dancer size zero types.

        • Hippie Holloweenie every body! It’s me, Trollsunderthebridge with some (9) grate idea for DUI Howlweener costumes!!!

          1. Put a band-aid on your face and go as some one who just cunt themselves shaving!!!
          2. Put a piece of gum in your mouth and chew it: Presto you are a gum-chewing person! Bubble make me laugh.
          3. Make an angry face and say go eff yourself to everybody. Then you are either Dick Cheny or that mean lady next door whan I trickortreated her juts now
          4. Talk in an Australian accent to tell people there is no bridge to New Zealand! Bingo! You’re a Canadian!
          5. Put an ice cube in your pocket and then put your hand in the ice cube pocket and then shake hands with someone and when they say “your hands are cold” say “YES I am the undead.” This is really creepy especially if you try to bite them after you say it.
          6. Just start breaking stuff in the house of the party that you go to when they say stop it say you are Breaking Bad!!
          7. Or wear a wire maybe
          8. Eat a lot of candy and then tell someone maybe your boyfreidn to hit you with a stick and then throw up because youa re a pinata
          9. Go to Brit & Co. And print out a picture of Brit and make it into a Brit mask. Now you are a woman with 7 million in start up who has a glue gun and some paper pags!!!

          • I have sometimes thought– because I am a sad adult– how fun it would be to have an RBD meetup in costumes that make sense only to us, or to wear a single piece of flair (a pink bow, chef Crocs, a pink sparkly dog leash with no dog, Warby Parkers, etc.) to identify ourselves.

        • “A person waiting in line for a cronut.”

          7 Million in start-up money, ladies and gentlemen, so this witless failwhale can suggest that you hold a cardboard box full of pastry crumbs as your fucking Halloween costume.

    • Roger Clinton, er, the multi-talented OMG! Randi Suckerberg–serious bidness lady, Broadway diva, cutting edge author–is out promoting her amazing TWO, count ’em, TWO books on how to navigate our dot complicated lives and has no time to eat cake. Miss Manners weighs in:

      “Dot Complicated” is written in what may be called Facebook style — every idea and opportunity is “awesome,” “amazing” or “incredible”; it all blows her mind or blows her away, and we hear a great deal about how much she loves her husband and how adorable their baby is.

      Like the unpictured mother of “Dot.,” Zuckerberg regards living mostly online as normal — indeed, she warns those whom she calls “Facebook refuseniks” that they are courting social isolation — but recommends getting out every once in a while. To carve out time to pay attention to actual people, she suggests checking e-mail less frequently and accepting that “just because we have a megaphone doesn’t mean we need to shout from it all the time.” Also: “Just because you can document your every waking moment doesn’t mean you should.”

      Nevertheless, she admits to flooding her co-workers with pictures of her baby, even after she was politely asked to stop. She didn’t stop. “I was being true to where I was in my life,” she writes. “I was being completely authentic online.”

      That question of identity is one of the themes of the book, her position being that one must be the same personally, professionally and in an obligatory projection of oneself online. She considers her colleagues to be “family,” which is confusing when she mentions their murmurs about nepotism after her brother hired her, and when she makes the case for paying more attention to family, meaning one that is composed of relatives.

      So in addition to urging all that sharing of details about your “authentic self” on Facebook, she advises teaching children to “think before you post revealing pictures,” “be careful with personal information” and “if you’re going to put something in writing, make sure you would be comfortable if it was reprinted in a ­newspaper.”

      Let us hope youngsters will tear themselves away from their compulsion to read newspapers long enough to ask, “Well, which is it?”

  7. Why are there weird strings on Greasy’s shirt? Was he in a straitjacket costume of some sort? Nice chinos, though, dude.

    • That is a cord around Greasy’s neck & attached to the whatever in front of him, no? What’s the costume joke, did he go as a “framed man”? Or is it an albatross? He’s surely got all the wit of a d0nkey & the creativity of brit kit, so this could take awhile … & it will still suck, whatever it was.

          • THEY???

            LOL — cue AFF for a breakdown of Greasy’s financial status when he was coming up. Or his financials now, for that matter. 😉

          • So he’s a horse.. or just the stake in the ground? or .. dirt??? WTF!

            And his girlfriend needs Kate Middleton lessons on Doing White Rich Folks Right 101.

          • @bitchface: Perhaps he’s not so subtly indicating he’s hung like one.

        • Do you know how unwieldy that thing must have been at the party? And how many times he had to explain what it was?

          GUEST: Ow.

          GREASY: It’s a jumper fence!

          GUEST: …

          (This goes on for four hours)

          • the fence could have been half an idea if it had been done to a scale that would make it possible to fit thru doorways

            there’s some ingenuity in building it

            but it’s outside size, not inside size

          • @Brayella: Are you implying Greasy is a poseur? SHOCKING. I think his gf is one too. Dressing up like an equestrian is not something actual equestrians do. My sister-in-law does show jumping, she don’t dress up in her riding clothes for Halloween.

          • @maze

            Too true. “Equestrian” is no more a costume than any other sport that involves a costume. I guess it makes sense in that it’s the pendant to her idiot boyfriend’s costume. It would have been cute if she’d gone as a horse. Otherwise, yes, Unabashedly Crap-levels of fake upper class fail.

          • LOL, Maze … I think Greasy is a bona fide goon, no posing required. His GF on the other hoof … cuz yeah, my relatives who traveled to Kentucky this weekend to compete in the Alltech / ASPCA Maclay National spend enough time in those get-ups spilling blood, sweat & tears … can’t really see them wearing the same to parties, as costumes.

          • Keep the GF out of it! She’s very nice and super smart and when I saw her in a picture with those assholes my heart cried and I barfed.

          • It would have been funny if they had a slave following behind, clapping two coconut shell halves together.

  8. Debbie needs to wash his hands after/before fingerbanging his woman. In that beer kiss photo it looks like he has gangrene between the knuckles.

    those costumes suuuuuuuuuuuck. why even spend money if you are just going to look like a more-spackled version of yourself?

  9. Yeah, she’s so up for women’s rights that she’s A-okay with Tucker Max making jokes about raping her, and pimping out Tim Sykes’ Miss Pennystock contest.

    What. A. Cunt.

  10. Okay…

    1. I give her kudos for choosing the 18th Century costume only because I absolutely love that era and thought it was the least unappealing of her original three choices.

    2. She still managed to fail at it though. The mid-period Boucher powder-puff complexion is extremely difficult to manage, even at the level of Satirical Zombie. Overdo the paint and it looks like you faceplanted in a horse glue martini. (See above picture of Julia Allison for reference.)

    3. Dare I say it, the lower lefthand of the second set of photos looks borderline hot in a 1987 farcical semi-rapey-themed Spy Magazine Valentino perfume ad kinda way. Too bad it’s for a women’s empowerment group.

    • I, of course, went as an overpriced English car with shit steering systems and criminally lousy gas milage.

    • *applies haresfoot* She looks like she put on her maquillage with a wet sponge. Those streaks. Girl, no. She think she look Mayfair, but she don’t even rate Covent Garden. Yo.

    • Dare I say it, the lower lefthand of the second set of photos looks borderline hot in a 1987 farcical semi-rapey-themed Spy Magazine Valentino perfume ad kinda way.

      Greg! I love you for this sentence alone. xo

    • She does look better when the make up gun is turned down a couple notches from Whore.

  11. Wonder if Julie and Meghan Asha are still “sisters”. MA gets coverage in this Vanity Fair story on Arrington:

    According to Gawker, the alleged Asha incident occurred on September 12, 2009. Asha had flown from New York City, where she lived, to San Francisco. As Gawker reported it, “This coincided with the start of the TechCrunch50, a Bay Area tech conference that Arrington organized with his former business partner Jason Calacanis.” Gawker reported the allegation that Arrington attacked Asha on the last night of the conference, throwing her against the wall in a hotel room.

    The day after that report, on April 6, Asha not only issued a blanket denial of everything Chen had reported but also gave her statement to Arrington’s former home team of TechCrunch:

    None of the claims made on my behalf over the past week are accurate. I’m not inclined to comment on my personal life, Mike and I remain friends. I’m focused on business and my career. I hope we can all get back to the business of building innovative companies in the spirit of what makes this industry great. I wish everyone well who is involved. I have no further comment on the matter.

    • Jenn Allen pops up in my FB feed, & chica has posted some weird shit of late (but that seems the norm), also — just announced being in a new relationship (dude seems pretty fucking weird too).

  12. Shoot me but I think this is one of Julia’s more evolved Halloween ensembles. If anything the irony is rich. Also I was “slutty” sriracha this year as a private nod to Julia’s previous get ups and only I was in the on joke and also because I just don’t care and it was easy to throw together and I’m way past my expiration date. Julia and Debbie are foul and they depress me.

    • Remember when she came stomping in here (or in email to Jacy & JP, not entirely sure) to tell us to calm down, that Greasy was her best friend but Pancakes was her boyfriend?

  13. Does he annoy the ever living shit out of everyone else? Why is he always making faces in every fucking photograph? My god. I used to feel semi-sorry for him, now I just think he eats up the attention, and if the only way you are getting attention in life is by dating Julia Allison, you are too sad to feel sorry for even. He reminds me of an obnoxious 10 year old who won’t stop bombing all the christmas photos. Grow the fuck up, dickhead.

    They are both just so unappealing in every way.

    • All you ever need to know is that anyone who willingly spends time (on more than one occasion) with Donkey is as big an asshole as she is. Nobody decent is going to keep hanging out with her. And that goes for the ones who eventually break away, including the inexplicably revered (by some) Jordan.

      • Julia is very very very manipulative and calculating, and she has fooled some smart and otherwise good people with her antics for MUCH longer than I would have thought. I don’t think everyone on RBD always is aware of the fact that she can basically put people under a spell, sniffing out their insecurities so she can exploit them. So I wouldn’t be so quick to instantly discount the moral fiber of anyone who has ever been a friend of Donk’s.

        • I only have a soft spot for her frenemies who become RBD sources and commenters. Greasy is neither, and he’s still dumb enough to be photographed with her when he should know better (he’s friends with @caro, after all). So I’ll keep judging away on this one.

        • That is the gift of a sociopath. And many a smart persons have been manipulated sociopaths, and this seems to be julie’s only real ‘talent.’

        • Yet how many here (not counting former frenemies) saw right through her from the start? Watched her look over our shoulders, for someone more powerful/rich/influential, as soon as she met us and somehow determined that we’re not going to be able to do something for her? I still believe that most people with at least a double-digit IQ who choose to spend time with her do so because they think they can get more out of her than she can get from them.

          • I have a close friend (being intentionally vague here so I don’t out this person) who became close with Donks and since has disavowed her, though not publicly for professional reasons. Said friend initially thought Donks was a complete idiot. Donks targeted Friend as a Tech Influencer, worked her way into becoming close to Friend, and convinced Friend that all the haters were full of it. I think at the time Julia was going around implying that she knew who was behind the hate sites and that there was a vengeful stalker involved.

            Anyway, Friend eventually saw the light and returned to Team RBD. But we’re not talking about a gullible idiot here. Julia is a sociopath and she knows how to manipulate people.

            I think Greasy is EXTREMELY naive and that’s why he still buys into her snake oil.

          • How did Donkey convince your friend that all of her public quotes, blog posts, underwear pics, condom-fairy-sticking-her-ass-at-the-camera pics, Gawker antics, etc., were the work of an eeeeevil stalker?

            I know I cannot be the only person who realized very quickly — within minutes of observing (even before meeting) her — that there is something really off about her. And I still believe that most “smart” people who don’t shun and avoid her soon after meeting her want something from her and aren’t innocent victims.

          • Greg’s Wife-No Problem. I don’t have my research jump drive with me so it will be later this week (some fun weekend reading for you).

        • The article and fact based evidence over time is the best predictor of the future of a sociopath. Also, feel free to do a little research on your own and you’ll be shocked that all the characteristics point to (ahem) people you may know. When you apply those characterisitcs to real life situations (over and over-never hits the ‘learn’ button, blames others (never takes responsibility), you start to see a pattern in people.) Any information is good informtion, it’s what one chooses to do with it. I’m not a psychologist, but an intelligent person who can apply knowledge. The decision is yours to make on this topic. Some people are incapable of ‘learn’ button for themselves. And the sooner that we learn that we cannot want for someone what they do not want for themselves, the better. (fingers crossed-you can read all about someday in my book)
          This article may help you come to some conclusions on your own.

          • my previous boyfriend was nothing short of a sociopath and knew how to be charming and manipulative at times, but there was always red flag after red flag i would choose to ignore. i can’t entirely believe these people don’t know what she’s really like and capable of, as it seems they are just more comfortable pretending they don’t. even ramshackles.

          • Thank you for the link — I’m always interested in learning more about sociopathy. I actually became quite interested in it earlier this year, when I realized (thanks to RBD getting me thinking about it and doing research) that my former “best friend” is a full-blown sociopath.

            I long knew something was very off about her and started keeping her at a bit of a distance. Why didn’t I totally break off? I didn’t realize just how fucked up she is. And, I wanted something from her — not for me, but for someone close to me. If not for wanting her to do a favor (that she kept dangling and then forgetting), I probably would’ve ditched her way back.

            But back in the late winter or early spring, people here were talking about how fucked up it is when Donkey talks about “strategic friendships” and how sociopathic it is, and it reminded me how the cunt I knew was always on the hunt to make “strategic relationships” out of every possible contact. That’s when I started reading and reading. Not just websites, but books. From “Confessions of a Sociopath” to an abnormal psych text.

            Thankfully, I never knew Donkey well enough to know how well she fits the criteria. But from my limited observations, I don’t think she’s all that clever in her manipulations. She’s one of those people whose conniving isn’t subtle. She also can’t sustain a charming facade for very long.

            And I think Donkey is a fail on this one: “Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking.”

            But thank you for the link, as I’m always trying to educate myself about sociopaths after getting burned by one.

          • And I think Donkey is a fail on this one: “Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking.”

            I think that is a misprint in the article as delusions of grandeur and lack of life path are often characteristics. I have much better article and links to support but I don’t have my jump drive with all my research with me, but if you want I can email you some links later. bjxbravo at g m ail dot com

            I became fascinated with the topic when I made some personal observations about my own personal life and business life. Patterns.

          • I think that, by delusions, they mean psychotic episodes such as auditory hallucinations (just guessing.)

          • @ Blowjobs By Bravo – Would it be ok if I emailed you too? I genuinely believe my SIL is a sociopath and her elderly parents are in her cross-hairs. They have no idea.

  14. It’s really amazing how every kissing pic of them looks like they are pushing eachother away. Here are two people with zero chemistry trying so hard to show the world how connected they are. Sad.

  15. So…I’m hoping some generous and service-y catladies might be able to help me out with a question. Myself and two friends are planning to go to Chicago (without our partners) for New Year’s Eve…does anyone have recommendations for something fun to do that isn’t insanely expensive or ridiculously crowded and overly trendy? My friends and I are all well past our expiration dates (we’re all around 35), so hoping someone might have some advice? anything is appreciated!!

  16. To be honest, this is what I would do if I weren’t working on New Year’s Eve.

    Or if you’re looking for something quieter, consider ringing in the new year at a jazz bar or speakeasy-type place.

  17. OT, but Happiness seems to be a thing…

    For the sake of happiness, Venezuelan President Nicolas MaduroMaduro declared an early beginning to the Christmas season. “Today, on this first day of November, we decided to declare the arrival of Christmas, because we want happiness for all people.”

    “The announcement came a week after the creation of the new cabinet post of Deputy Minister of Supreme Happiness…”

  18. How mad is Donkey today, now that former intern Fatty Kate’s boyfriend is now founder of a PUBLICLY TRADED company? Probably mad as fuckkkkkk.

    Hey Donks: Enjoy Debbie.

  19. Hmm … Julia Allison tweeleted her shills for yandy dragstumes …

    Now there’s this:

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