Donk, At The “Ashram,” Finally Gets Busted For Fraudulently Misrepresenting Herself as an NBC Employee At The “Ashram”


Oh honey. Still pulling this shit? As you’re creating a “different life” for yourself? It’s hammer time, and the New York Daily News just brought down the hammer!

So evolved.




  1. PS, My favorite Julia Allison With A Fake Microphone at Fashion Week Moment was last year when she was interviewing someone with her fake NBC microphone and someone in the background with a real NBC mike flag (with the new updated logo) was interviewing someone in the background.

    LO fucking L.

    PS, those shoes look so dirty and if you don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb at fashion week – don’t wear a trend that was hot 8 years ago.

  2. I couldn’t love this more. Some journalist is waking up to a storm of angry emails!

    WTF was she thinking with these outfits? These are bad even by her standards.

    • I guess carrying a microphone is the only way she could get in the front door (it’s certainly not because of her celebrity or fashion sense) and going to fashion week is the only way to get her picture taken at events.

      So pathetic.

      • I’m shocked she didn’t just spew bullshit and lies – unless they came right out and said, “Can you comment on the fact that you are running around Fashion Week with and outdated NBC mike and NBC has confirmed you do not work for them in any way?”

        Yeah, I can see why she would not return that call.

        Um, er, oops.

        • I doubt a reporter would start out with such a confrontational question, esp. when not face-to-face. Unless he or she already knows Donkey.

  3. Odds of the ‘working journalist who was fed up w/ Allison’s antics’ being Kirsten Fleming? I really do hope so, cuz that girl’s other articles speak for themselves & she shouldn’t have had to share a byline w/ Julia Allison Baugher, Fraud Extraordinaire. I still think she must have lost a bet, for that to go down.

    Well done, Mulesie, well done!
    What’s the plan now, Mulia?

    P.S. D0nkey!

    • Indeed! What the fuck is the plan now? Her parents couldn’t even afford to pay a cameraman to shoot coverage that probably wouldn’t even appear on her Vimeo channel? So changed! So evolved! Paging Michael Ellsberg!

    • Ha is right! When I saw that, I had to look back & double-check, because my subconscious automatically processed it as “clomping”.

  4. Oh my goodness. This is just the kind of thing I was waiting for. Cats, I think this means we are officially back! Shenanigans!!!!

  5. I love the part at the end. She was last on a canceled reality show that ran for 3 months in 2012.

  6. This is better than birthcray.

    Those who thought she’d changed and we should pack up shop may now make ceremonial offerings of Cheetos and Franzia to atone for their sins. Dr. Gary has offered her basement as the collection point.

    • Ceremonial offerings to be served at celebratory induction of MARIANNE GARVEY, BRIAN NIEMIETZ & LACHLAN CARTWRIGHT, intrepid NY Daily News reporters, into the RBD basement as honorary cat lady & gents.


    I have it on good authority from a dear friend (from real life, not internet fantasy, for over 20 years) who works at nbc, specifically new york nonstop, that miss julia did not in any way report for NBC at fashion week, just used the mic as the con artist she is. friend feels sad for anyone she tricked into giving interviews thinking they were going to be on, bc, it is all a big sham. they could seek legal action, but truly she is too pathetic of a sad sack to release the legal eagles on.

    this is fact.




  8. There’s a comment affirming her. fraudulent ways by a Justin25. Wonder if it’s Prom King…
    (Probably. not; he strikes me as too over it to make the effort.)

    • Where is it? What is it? And yeah, Prom King is rich and important and I doubt has ever looked back at a donkey.

  9. It’s amazing when people other than RBDers call her out. It smells less like pelt-singe and more like justice.

    • lordy, how Miss Julia must be seething today. She’ll have to actually GO to the ashram to cool down. Imagine the angry emails and phone messages and threats to have daddy moneybags sue.

      • It’s times like this I think “Man, it’s a good thing Julie never reads here..” 🙂

  10. Hehe, just imagining how this worked – “Can I interview you?” “Sure, but dear don’t you need to wait for your video camera guy?” “Oh no, I am recording it with this special nano camera built into my NBC mic!” The Joker Face is back anyway.

    • Doesn’t that make ya wonder where Jim Zunt is in all this?

      Was he also deceived by Julia Allison during her prethentathun & perthepthun scam as an NBC correspondent, or was he complicit as well?

      I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt & wager that she owes him money …

      • “Jim, yes, you’re going to work for free now but I’m obviously AMAZE-BALLS and will have this cut into a HYSTERICAL pilot and sell it for FUCK-YOU $$$$$. So do you want to be rich or not???? Oh, by the way, do you know any editors that will work for free? Jim?…..JIM?????? DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM??????”

    • She wrote a story about people trying to use fake credentials for FW but fake tv microphones are totally acceptable. Hilarious.

  11. filed this post under “delusion, desperate, fail, fashion week, lies, no donkeys allowed, she’s not a celebrity, she’s not a journalist, unemployable”

  12. Ha, this has probably already been caught in a previous post, but is she wearing Derpin’s ring on her ring finger… still? Hmm…

    • I doubt this was ever Derpderp’s ring. Julia probably bought it herself on the vacation for which her parents almost certainly paid. He’s unlikely to care what she does with jewelry he didn’t give her. Most of the time, we’re the only people keeping score.

  13. guys this is all she had left, and it’s been taken away. i don’t know where it’s going, this is uncharted territory

    • Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s going the same place it always does. She’ll pretend this never happened and screech, “ZOMG! Jealous haters hacked the NYDN!,” if anyone mentions it.

      I really wish someone who actually knows her and is known to her parents would quietly pass this along to them. Unfortunately, she doesn’t appear to have any real friends, so this is unlikely.

        • You are comparing Julia to a normal person capable of feeling shame and learning from mistakes. There was never any soap. There will never be a Learn Button. (Thanks, Our Girl Teej!)

          She will plow ahead as she always does and gamble that we were the only people who gave more than a minute’s thought to this blurb. NY media types already know what she is, and nobody else has ever heard of her or cares.

          • I dunno. She never takes media slights lightly, throws hissy fits over coverage she doesn’t like, even when it’s relatively harmless and accurate, like describing her as a “sex columnist.” This blurb, in a highly read gossip section, really hits home. I am betting her rage is incandescent.

          • hmm, but you are right about the plowing ahead part. She always does, always will. She counts on people forgetting. “But that was months ago!”

      • I thought that too but after looking at the photo for far too long while laughing about this marvelous coverage I think it might be a belt or piece of fabric from her jumpsuit covering that one nail.

  14. So effing embarrassing and enraging. Even if she clomps her way into having access into FW under false pretenses, why not use that access wisely & produce content that is cool, interesting, or could HELP land her a productive, paying gig later? Then, I’d call it chutzpah and be happy to applause. Still seems like the wasted opportunity & jerky entitled attitude thing that’s always irked me about her the most. It’s delusional and baffling how she cannot turn this ship around time after time after time. Kick her the fuck out. Shit or get off the pot already. You’re taking up a seat that you did not earn & do not deserve any longer.

    /end rant

    • As I said above, I now believe she goes to all of this ridiculous effort (not mention expense – sorry Dadsers!) *just* to get her picture taken. It’s the only opportunity for her to feel like a celebrity.


      • This reminds me of the time her pal Courtney Friel had her 30th birthday party, complete with a step and repeat, hired “paparazzi” who took pics of everyone on the red carpet, and other props. I’m pretty sure she also wore a tiara.

    • I agree, for the most part. She, however, lacks any semblance of work ethic. If it’s quick and easy (conning the door man) she’s all in, but following through and expending energy and effort for any length of time to make the most of an undeserved opportunity? No way.

      Any of you remember the Fonz, and what he went through trying to get the word “wrong” out of his mouth? It’s like that with the word “work” with Julie.


      • She’s completely resistant to doing what’s expected of her, & she somehow sees it as a “win” when she manages to sabotage any & everything she might have had going for her at any given time because, by Greg … she. did. it. her. way.

        How fascinating is it that she’ll put massive amounts of energy into grifting a $200 child’s costume to stuff her miserable little dog into for a fauxto opp strictly for the benefit of purchased twitter followers, but she does. not. care. that real people in her SOI thinks that she’s a total waste of skin because she’s too busy otherwise dragging her hooves to wipe her own ass?

  15. There can’t be anyone left, save Mom$er, Dad$er & Julia Allison’s purchased Fans in the ‘Stans, who believes anything this tranny wreck claims to have accomplished, & I can’t help but wonder if Michael Arrington’s lawyers are taking notes.


    Were it that an internationally syndicated columnist walked stomped amongst us, & is if the hairy rimes were familial, one could alert the Calcutta Courier & enlighten her bought-&-paid-for Fans in the ‘Stans … as it is, they’re dropping off anyway, so uhm, er, oops, D0nkey? Just one fail after another.

  16. REMINDER: Devin Stetler, “Healing Chef” … as big a fraud as Julia Allison






    • Which begs the question: Does Julia Allison have an arsenal of fake NBC flag mics, or is the same one she’s used in those many fake NBC interviews while scamming designers into thinking that they were receiving legit coverage?

      For shame, D0nkey!

    • These people are fashion designers? No wonder everything looks like shit.

      Regarding Debbie’s duds, ol’ Unabashedly Crap is probably wondering where his funeral outfit disappeared to.

      • Those people in particular? Doubtful.

        I was referring to the others known to be designers who, of which there have been a few, that I couldn’t begin to name if my life depended on it.

        Seems like this one might have been followed up w/ the one where Mulia Mallison quizzed attendees on their opinion(s) re: tiaras &/or the color pink … you know, groundbreaking chit.

      • Yes, he was embarrassed by that look, so he stripped down to his silver-lame short-shorts and gyrated his micropeen around until he felt better.


    • YES! Sounds like Desperate D0nkey to me!

      FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2013
      Blind Item #3
      This former C+ list reality star was on a short running show on Bravo. She has been making the rounds at parties in NYC this week hitting on guys who are obviously rich and basically begging them to take her out. Her approach is pretty funny considering her line of work away from television. She might want to think about getting the right dosage on her meds too.


        • And yet … ‘getting the right dosage on her meds’ is such an understatement …


      • The only catch is “considering her line of work away from television.” which as we all know, is non-existent.

        Makes me think it’s Amy, the “relationship expert.”

        • True, dat.

          Unless the writer is referring to Mulia Mallison’s “career” as a dating columnist …

          • Ohhh. Yes, I do think that is exactly what the writer meant. At first I thought they were implying she was a prostitute (as has been implied about one of her costars), but actually dating “expert” would make a lot more sense.

        • I got the impression that the object of scorn doesn’t live in NY and is just here for a little while.

  17. It always seems surreal to realize that somehow people other than the ones who post here have any idea of the crazy crap she gets up to.

    If I were her I would be hiding in a cardboard box marked “EMPTY – DO NOT OPEN – AND IGNORE SOUNDS OF WEEPING” for the next ten years.

  18. Ohhhhhh, sh*t!

    Spectacular. Must admit the NBC mic flag has been one of those things I wasn’t sure about. But ad ALWAYS, when I think something is too crazy, even for her, it turns out to less crazy than what she is really up to.

    I agree the tip probably came from the writer forced to step in and make Julsie’s giving-back-to-the-little-security-people legible. I imagine that writer, enraged, finding this site and deciding to make a few calls to NBC.

    Oh what a normal healthy Julia of today!

    • “Must admit the NBC mic flag has been one of those things I wasn’t sure about”

      Me too! I wondered if maybe there was something to it. That it wasn’t as outrageous as “she just walks around with a fake mic”.

      But there isn’t!!!!!!!! I honestly almost feel bad for her because this really is so humiliating. But then I think of the horror show that was “Miss Advised” and it makes me realize she is simply incapable of feeling shame.

      • I am right there with you. When somebody is frequently so outlandish it just doesn’t seem possible for it all to be real. I also felt a weensy bit bad for this particular jig being so publicly up, but then I remembered that a) she feels no shame and b) she will probably continue to do it regardless.

        I have to say, I have been down in the dumps for the past couple of days so this was just delightful timing. Thanks, Julia, for coming out of isolation to engage in more of your shenanigans.

  19. Maybe this particular fake interview by Julia Allison w/ her fake NBC mic was a trial run for when her fake boyfriend, “Healing Chef” Devin Stetler, posted his fake review of her Marina yel Bray condo on AirBNB


    Damn, D0nkey! How proud Dad$er must be right about now, seeing how you’ve wasted his money on your pretend-job shenanigans, not to mention all that money spent buying your never-used college degree. Whew!


    • They are so out of touch it’s like they think Bimbo Barbie and Gay Ken are actual jobs. Dress up and pretend are for 3 year olds not 30+ year olds. Seek help.


    (I know, I too am deeply confused about my inexplicable joy over this latest development, but I have literally been laughing for more than an hour+)

  21. This makes me so happy I cannot even say how happy it makes me. I could write a book about happiness, that’s how happy I am.

    • You could just ghostwrite one for LaLa or Ellsburg — just fling cliches all over the place without it hurting your reputation or you having to do the book tour to Dubuque, Iowa on a bleak Tuesday in February.

    • I seem to recall, not so long ago, an “author,” asking what makes us truly happy. From what I remember, she was working on a very important book, and was genuinely curious. Now, I am ready to answer:

      This. This makes me truly happy.

  22. Right when I thought I was out, she pulls me back in!

    Seriously, she is NEVER GOING TO CHANGE! If I had any doubts about continuing to mock her since she’s been lower key, those doubts are dead and buried because she’s clearly the same old famewhoring douche bag!

  23. This, ladies and gentleman, is really severe mental illness. She talks to people – WITH AN NBC MIC – WITHOUT EVEN A GUY WITH A MINI DIGI CAM – that’s really putting the circus of NYFW into uncharted territory. It’s one of the most insane things I’ve ever heard of. Honest to donkness.

    • I agree. WTF was she thinking? Did she want people to really believe she’s working for NBC and this will air when there’s no camera guy around?

      • I wonder if the camera guy bailed on her at the last minute and that was why the long face earlier this week?


    Can these dots be connected?
    * Blind item: If it stomps like a d0nkey & brays like a d0nkey, it’s probably D0nkey
    * Unearned byline: Accomplished NY Post columnist inexplicably shares byline w/ D0nkey
    * Fraudulent fraud is a fraud: “Julia Allison” … ’nuff said

    Suppose for a minute that she who brags about blowing for shoes met some dude at a NYC party this week, say … some dude who’s in a position to tell a certain someone else to share her byline? … & suppose that this certain someone else, rightfully so, took umbrage / uhm, brayge (Hi, MMBH! Having fun yet?) at having to do the work & share the credit w/ a lazy d0nkey who couldn’t write her way out of a wet paper bag? … & so, unlike many a sponsor, she did the slightest of due diligence & immediately discovered that a lying d0nkey lies, so she tipped off a couple of people in the biz?

    If that gal was forced to deal w/ a d0nkey, I hope it was something like that …

  25. Not that I had much respect or Devin before but some of the recent tips kinda made me feel sorry for him. Watching him play make believe with JA in NY is a new all time low, even for them. Now the countdown begins to see which one of these grifters will end up in jail first. Not a matter of ‘if’ it’s ‘when’

  26. Everything I feel has been said above. I just want to add something o/t…am I the only one who gets stabby when I see those fucking clod hoppers EVERY SINGLE OUTING?? She has them in about eleventy colors, has been wearing them to death since at least 2009, and they were ugly THEN. NO, they do not make you look tall, no, you cannot possibly walk gracefully in those…and lay off the teeth whitening, my god her horse teeth are day glow by now. In closing, nice genie pants.

    • No literally, she has those tired platform heels in 30,000 colors. And then she finally gets rid of those horrid sausage curls and we have…that. My god get your hair cut already…or get a decent blowout at least. She never changes, her pathetic ways or her deathly style. I can’t.

    • Thank you and yes. I am tall (6’1″) so I never have been a heels girl but even if I was tiny & cute I wouldn’t get the appeal of those fucking platform hooves. I’m not trendy but even I know that shit is ovah.

      Also, is Aldo a status symbol now? I mean the moldy gucci briefcase and freshwater pearls I guess, but $90 fake suede shoes from the mall?

      Eh, I’m giving her a pass on the shoes though. I am just so happy she and all of you are back in the swing of things that I forgive. (St) Clomp on Donk!

      • I had a pair of platform heels NOT like that they were black and the platform was covered and they were suedette and they are NOT comfortable or easy to walk in. I give her credit though. I hate that outfit but, it’s way better than the prom dresses she usually wears. It’s black, it’s not super dressy, I’m sure she didn’t stick out as much as usual, but if she had just gone with a black pump and been done with it, this wasn’t a terrible look clothes wise.

    • I hate them. They’re so trashy and stupid and outdated and cheap and not fooling anyone. Your hindlegs are stubby, and NOBODY is fooled by the hideous Herman Munster clompers strapped to your hooves.

      There are so many cute shoes in the world, why choose these over and over and over?

      I wish one of her marks (e.g., Padma Lakshmi) would look her up and down and say “So what’s YOUR interest in Fashion Week, anyway? “

  27. I will leave all the witty comments to you wonderful catladies. All I have to say is: HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Anyway, OT, but Brayella posted a vimeo link up above and I did some scrolling through the rest of the videos. Has this Ballgowns&Bling video been discussed before? The smugness! So in love with herself!

    • wasn’t that pretty much the end of the string, when the money to pay for these travesties ran out?

      the grimness of the crew is palpable

      your assignment today is to act professionally when engaged by a crazy person pretending to need your professional services

    • I’ve never seen that before! Just started on it, heard “Maria Maio” & lol’d at the chick who sucks up to D0nkey sooooo hard!

      And Julia Allison was claiming, just to years ago, to be “from” NBC NY? As if that was her job to schedule a video shoot & NBC was paying her for that? More lulz.

    • Shit! I got things I need to be doing, but these are the lulz:

      “Maria is unbelievably talented. I’ve worked with her on a wide variety of shoots – both for TV and print – and she blows my mind with her ability to use the face as a palate. She is a true artist. I would trust her to make me look gorgeous in any situation – from most important TV interview to the most important day of your life – your wedding.”
      – Julia Allison, Star of Bravo’s Miss Advised

      • Yes, that’s right — the wedding is everything. Most important day of your life. Bigger than the birth of your children, landing a job you’d tried to land for years, the passing of a parent, you playing an integral role in some sort of decision that might have vastly improved the lives of others — just the big party that you got sucked into spending tens of thousands of dollars upon so you could walk down an aisle in a white pouffy dress and be the center of attention for a day. JESUS.

      • “palate”?

        1. she means palette
        2. she actually means canvas


        3. maybe she does mean palette after all

      • Poor Julia just looks so puffy and sounds so much like a hoarse truck-stop waitress compared to the other ladies. She just can’t pull off effortlessly beautiful. Love how they make fun of her for troweling on the whore makeup.

        • Think of all the gaping maw fauxtos … more often than not, all one sees is the roof of her mouth where her face should be …


      I had never seen that before. What an artist! She’s creating art, people!

      She is a nobody, yet this is what she truly believes she should be doing and getting paid for. Dressing up in pretty things and having people take her photo while she mugs like a brain-dead Barbie Doll for the camera and pretends to be a superstar.

      She is completely mental.

      • Some guy “liked” it a year ago, I see, but I wonder … suppose Zunt has had it locked down for all but a second, & just recently made it public again?

        Cuz it sure would look like sweet, sweet karma if so, considering how ridiculous she is, & that pointing out just how ridiculous Julia Allison is seems to be trending right now.

        Heck, this might go down as the week that ham-fisted Julia Allison has surfed her last NYC couch …

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