Acid Trip?



Did I have a vibrationally congruent fully actualized acid trip or did Michael Ellsberg show up in here yesterday and chide us for snarking on a ridiculous attention junkie whackaloon with a busted face?

Spawn of Ellsberg, did you actually mention your father in reference to Julia Allison? Your heroic father, who leaked the Pentagon Papers that revealed the true extent of the U.S. government’s sinister and secretive escalation of the Vietnam War, in the same breath as a braying, man-hungry lunatic on a barely-watched reality show who has proudly put her mental illness — not to mention her tits — on public display for the past eight years?

So she’s grown up? Because it seems to me the ridiculous Paris “LOOK AT US WE’RE HOT AND IN PARIS” fauxt0 shoot just proves that in fact, she hasn’t changed a bit — she’s just found a dickless prop who will play along with her madness because he, too, is a demented narcissist.

Could we ever be happy for her? I’d give her full props if she went offline entirely for a year or two and devoted herself to serious cognitive therapy with a good psychiatrist who would help her understand why she needs and craves public envy and attention, and then loses her shit completely when it isn’t positive, becomes consumed even further with her “haters” and allows the cycle of crazy to spin over and over and over again. I’d read that “book” she’s “working on” if it delved into her therapy sessions and her dedication to becoming a normal, functioning, sane member of society who cared about a single thing that wasn’t about Julia Allison.

If you’ve followed the Donkey Train Wreck at all beyond the point where you got to know her, you’d quickly see that almost all of her personal and professional failures have been a direct result of her pathological need for friends and strangers alike to pay attention to her, to envy her, to covet her life, her possessions, her men, her friends, her connections, and the scheming that has always accompanied those deranged desires. What’s changed, exactly? If anything, her insane vanity has only been kicked into overdrive by a dim bulb who enables her madness as he spews out a shitload of New Age gibberish and tells himself how smart and enlightened he is.

I mean just look at the photo accompanying this post. There she is, posing with a dickhead who made a public rape joke about her — and then PLAYING ALONG with the joke publicly — despite claiming that she herself was once raped, and once outing her own family member’s rape in order to win an Internet argument. That is all class, all sanity, right there. And her recent public proclamations that she privately chastised him for it? Complete bullshit, according to people who know him.

I could go on for screens and screens with concrete examples of what a gigantic, mentally ill asshole she is and remains, but you do the work. And thanks for dropping by. (p.s. Buzzcut — consider it).


  1. I was hoping this would get its own post. I wonder what compelled him to comment now, since admitted to reading here.

  2. hey – let’s give Michael Ellsberg credit where it’s due – he’s definitely helped society at large with his book. As we all know, what the world needs now is a generation of baby-boomer clones.

  3. Thank you so much for writing this, Jacy. I still cannot get over the fact that Daniel Ellsberg’s own son compared what his father went through because he took a risky, bold and heroic move to the Internet criticism Julia brought upon herself and continues to seek and engage with. My head exploded while writing a comment last night and I am still finding pieces of it all over my room. To me, it’s like Jackie Robinson’s son saying, “I saw how much racism my father encountered because of skin color and so now I am interested in the response people have to Tan Mom’s choice to have orange skin.” It doesn’t work. His casual way of connecting julia’s situation to his father’s is incredibly dismissive of what his father did, and just downright disrespectful. Also, I can guarantee that the death threats and what not that Daniel got were way worse than someone writing he has elephant knees on an Internet website, like what happened to Julia. I could go on and on, but I have made my point and need to stop ranting about this. Thanks again, Jacy.

    • I’m hard-pressed to pinpoint & articulate this: There’s something about the way he diminishes his dad’s death threats when comparing that to a scheming attention whore’s resultant unfavorable attention that is, to me anyway, reminiscent of how D0nkey herself tries to diminish Britt by referring to him as her “little brother” …

      Someone connect the dots for me, eh?

  4. Ellsberg is just trying to be a good friend – all her white nits are. Which is admirable, sort of, but he/they will figure it out eventually.

    Like with the JAmyL. Every time she made a new friend we’d just step back and wait, and she would burn them out like she did everyone else.

    • Premature posting. Anyway, if Ellsberg and Lala and whatever other Temple of Woo friends she accumulates never figure her out, it’s because they managed to actually stay far enough away from her to never see the true nature of who she is. So really, either way it works out.

  5. His arguments are so flawed. We don’t “hate” her because she’s in a relationship or that she’s supposedly happy. This is what those idiots think. He admits not knowing any of the social media aspect of her background, and then assumes he knows what motivates our interest in this trainwreck. She puts on a ridiculous dysfunctional show, we watch, we laugh and mock her for her ridiculous behavior. Until she stops putting on the show, we will continue watching, pointing and laughing.

    • JFA’ing myself to add that we’ll also laugh and point at mesh shirt lambada dances and new age nonsense practiced by trust fund babies and tech-savvy grifters who make money “counseling” and “coaching” weak people with personality disorders in overpriced seminars.

    • They don’t hold water. “Maybe there could be *some* good-willed dialogue here, with someone who actually knows Julia, rather than just volleys of spite going back and forth?” — Well, a lot of people here do/did know her in real life. And I really don’t think anyone “actually” knows Julia, including herself.

    • We hate her because she’s a self absorbed sociopath who has no ‘friends’ only accomplices who will eventually become her victims. Only the disillusioned could think that anyone is jealous of a sociopath like Julia and her unemployable, drug addled, line cook of a gay boyfriend. What part of that does he think we’re jealous of exactly?

  6. We don’t ridicule her because she’s a stunted person who is trying to grow. We ridicule her because she’s done HUNDREDS of horrible, disgusting and unfathomable things to other people, some of whom we know personally. That has always been the thing that keeps us here. Her “friends” never seem to understand that – or they willfully ignore it.

    • We ridicule her because she’s NOT trying to grow! Her endgame – adoration for external things like travel, name drop worthy acquaintences, fashion (snort.), THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL, et cetera – hasn’t changed at all. She’s trying to get the same meaningless attention at all costs as always, she’s just latched on to self help baloney this time. It’s not any more genuine or less sick than when she was licking Randi’s birthday cake for a camera. Wake me when she starts making apologies and living her life like a person not a brand, and then I will entertain the possibility that she wants to ~grow~.

  7. I only made it through about three second of her Paris video but it’s completely lame and here’s why…
    She is in PARIS
    yes, with a douchebag
    yes, probably staying in a crappy place
    yes, wearing horrid clothing
    but Paris nonetheless…there is so much to do and see and eat (unless you are gluten free), and instead she is trying to make a black and white, poorly shot, pretentious video, for what??? for whom??? instead of posing like two tools, go and actually enjoy Paris.

  8. OK, scratch the “friendly debate” idea.

    Part of me wants to respond to all of this invective.

    But another part of me thinks- why get involved responding to people who aren’t courageous enough to sign their own names to their words?

    To me, signing your name to your words is a basic signal that you take your words seriously enough to stand up for them and defend them and put your identity on the line for them.

    If someone is not willing to take that basic step of courage–particularly in a society with legal protections for freedom of speech–to me it shows you don’t take your words (or your thoughts) very seriously- and I feel quite comfortable ignoring both.

    • As spoken by Peter Baugher, AKA pettifogger, during a Chicago seminar that his daughter bullied him into attending.

      Does this mean you’ll just be lurking from now on, Mr. Ellsberg? Or popping in when you’ve googled yourself for the day and see a mention here? You clearly have NO interest in engaging our actual criticisms of Julia Allison, which have little to do with whether of not she’s experiencing the greatest love the world has ever known and have everything to do with the horrid behavior she’s exhibited for years and continues to exhibit.

    • Dude, seriously shut up. You’re a moron if you can’t understand that an awful attention seeking humble bragger -that courts publicity for said humble bragging- gets criticized and laughed at when life ain’t so rosy.

      You get what you put out in this world. This is what we are watching. This is the show we can’t look away from. Hate? No way. Mocking a publicity hound? Definitely. Can you not see how pretentious and fucking stupid it is to post a black and white fauxtoshoot while in Paris? And post it to your fake Twitter followers in Mumbai? It boggles the sane mind, my friend. You’re a fool to think otherwise.

    • YOU are hilarious!

      Unsolicited (unless you count your Google Alert), you jumped into an anonymous forum & tried to orchestrate a conversation about how, as of the last year & under your tutelage, Julia Allison is a changed person … problem is, she isn’t, & when confronted w/ indisputable proof, you deign to acknowledge said proof (as if ignorance is ever a valid excuse) & instead you’re going to flounce because hey, everyone here is anonymous!

      What a flimsy excuse to bail on what you started when you can’t hold your own, & if your lack of perseverance is any example of what you mentored D0nkey & Dervish in, well, that hardly bodes well for them, now does it?

      Go home ‘fro, you’re drunk.

    • Michael Ellsberg probably does not know that Julia and her parents and even Devin (who went so far to pose to be an attorney) have hunted down and gone after people who put their real names on posts critical of this idiot.

      But then again, he’s only known her since 2011 and only through the filter of what this narcissistic sociopath has chosen to reveal to him. Look up sociopath, Michael. They are charming by nature.

    • You would have to pay me a SERIOUS amount of cash money up front to attach my real name and professional reputation to Julia Baugher’s or Julia Allison’s. I’m sorry you weren’t as discerning, bless your heart.

    • /waves with both arms

      /breasts fall out of dress

      /Justin Timberlake cops feel

      /Middle America shits sofa

    • “But another part of me thinks- why get involved responding to people who aren’t courageous enough to sign their own names to their words?”

      The last words of a coward before he ducks out. So predictable. “I can’t win this argument so I’ll pull out the anonymous card.”

    • You are aware that Julia has gone onto a Facebook page we all once frequented, pick and chose names and then had her father send them letters to their work place and threatened to contact their employers to get them fired???

      That’s right, Michael – SUCH A CHANGED WOMAN!!!

      • Yes Gargoyles.
        I was the lucky recipient of a phone call from ‘Jack McCain’s attorney’ attempting to threaten my job because I liked the Facebook page that Devin Stetler’s Healing Personal Pan Pizzas is referring to. So I’m no longer anonymous. Go ask the Donkey, she knows my name. Still here. Still laughing.

      • FYI, someone also tried to ‘hack’ that page. There were repeated attempts to access it evidenced by the ‘failed login’ and ‘change password’ emails.

    • Michael, “Allison” isn’t her real last name. Also, she knows my name. And the name of my family member whom she repeatedly tried to Donk out of a job. It didn’t work. You see, Mikey, most people recognize her for the fraud she is.


      PS – Snark aside, a buzz cut could be quite flattering on you.

    • Most of us aren’t attention whores and aren’t trying to become famous. We also don’t want our good names linked inextricably in search engines with Julia Allison’s for eternity. The LAST thing just about any of wants would be for someone to ask, in a revolted voice, “YOU know Julia Allison? WHY????”

    • Maybe people do not so readily provide their real names because Julia phone the employers of those who did, trying to get them fired from their job running desk errands instead of her noble attempt to marry into fuck you money.

    • Michael, I am sad that you think unless we sign our names our message is lost. Read for content. And the fact that you think you are somehow superior by leaving your name? I would not leave my name because I do not want to be associated with Julia Allison or anyone like her. She is a sociological study in which reality shows are bringing to light more female sociopaths. She is text book. I don’t need to know Julia to know that I have known people like her. Self absorbed, lacks any self awareness, she has no ‘friends’ and views everyone as an accomplice and accomplices eventually become victims. (Insert growing list here). Now you are an accomplice and you fill a sociopathic need of hers, but when she no longer finds your ‘friendship’ useful you will be back with your tail between your leg and a made up name, may I suggest: Egg on Face.

  9. I just can’t for the life of me understand why so many normally intelligent cat peeps are responding to this loon with rational argument and logic.

    He is as big a nut job as Donkey and if its possible, he might be a bigger grifter.

    Common sense and logic hold no meaning with such a person. Like Donkey, he doesn’t see or hear things the way most of us do.

    He’s not here to be convinced of something. He’s not here for the entertainment. He’s here to make some illogical point and to support it with his nutbar and griftastic rantings. So he has said what he wants. Can we ignore it and move on.

    • You are so right.

      Everything we hate about her – he is the male version of. I’ve read some of his stuff – he’s a complete narcissist, totally in love with himself, swindling maniac.

      And he’s love of mesh shirts and dead coyote fur gives me the creeps.

  10. Jules if you read here..

    Janice Joplin who has similar shit died after abuse of alcohol and drugs as her therapy session..get offline and get help

    • Did someone put the Cheetos in the good bowl at least?

  11. I vote for “ignore it and move on.” And by the way, I couldn’t care less what anyone’s real name is, here– it means nothing to me if you’re Sara Smith or Tom Johnson, but I welcome the creative user names. It’s our little corner of the web, and I’m surprised that Donk even knows that it exists. It’s an obscure site about an obscure person who was once on a little-watched reality show. The only people who need to visit are those who share the same sense of humor, and who find some windbag’s lack of authenticity to be amusing.

    Now on to more important things, like the journey to vibrationally congruent brussels sprouts.

  12. God, I get so tired of the “you won’t give your real name so therefore your input means nothing” argument. If I was inclined to ponder Ellsbergs arguments, I am no longer willing to.

    All of us here have JOBS you moron. We aren’t dressing up in hippie vests and bathing in fairy dust then white man dancing around in a tent with he sole purpose of staring ever deeper in to the eyes of our paramours while the masses awkwardly clap for us. We don’t charge 5k for love seminars where we bang on with “duh” statements like “to love your partner you must first love yourself” and other things in which we talk a lot but actually say nothing. We don’t have the benefit of trust funds. People who actually work for a living are savvy enough to know that HR depts vet their candidates with the Google. As necessary as it is to expose snake oil salesmen and their grifty counterparts, nobody wants to have to justify it to an employer during an interview. There is no ROI for me (other than my own amusement) for attaching my name to the likes of you and your merry band of shysters.

    When your Daddy or Peter Baugher start paying my bills, then I will gladly use my real name. Until then, pound sand.

  13. Of course I did not compare my father to Julia Allison. They are, obviously, very different people. If you think I was making that comparison, you simply didn’t read my words.

    I compared the experience of caring about someone a lot of people hate publicly. And in those *experiences* of mine, there’s a lot of crossover.

    You think this is all fun and games, but words actually hurt.

    This is something most of you would never know about, because you don’t sign your names to your words. So you don’t know what it’s like to have people you care about (or yourself, for that matter) attacked publicly with such violent words.

    I’d take you all a lot more seriously if you could take as well as you dish, but your basic flaw is that you are unwilling (via anonymity) to subject yourselves to the same treatment to which you dish on others.

    There’s a word for that. It’s called cowardice.

    Here’s something I wrote on a FB post a while back about you. Seems to apply as well now as it did then:

    This is one of the things that goes along with being a public figure… Apparently, some people on a hater blog don’t like me very much, and they referred to me as:

    “you creepy mesh shirt-wearing piece of social-climbing sociopathic neo-nepotistic riff-raff.” ( )

    Not saying it doesn’t sting to read about me referred to as a “sociopath” in print- has this person ever met me? Does he/she really know a thing about me? – but I’m fairly used to this kind of thing by now:

    I answer email from my father’s website, which I maintain, whereby we get vague death threats from anonymous anti-semitic vigilante-types all the time (“Hitler should have finished your people off, you traitor scum, I’d like to see you hanging from a tree for releasing the Pentagon Papers” and that kind of thing).

    These anonymous hater site people linked above aren’t much different, minus the anti-semitism – it’s just one of the facts of being a public figure, which you can’t really fathom until you become one.

    (Even these people on the hate site linked above maintain anonymity, presumably to avoid the same sting flown right back, a kind of cowardice they haven’t really seemed to square with and aren’t even really aware of. Their bravado of calling others “sociopaths” etc is fueled 100% by their anonymity, like a frat kid in a bar whose bluster is fueled by “liquid confidence.” If they actually had to display the courage of attaching their names to their work, almost all the posts and comments on the site would vanish overnight, like frat boys/sorority sisters fleeing from a kegger the moment the beer ran dry.)

    If you want to put yourself out there publicly, with the courage to use your real name, you’re going to get this kind of stuff from Net vigilantes cowering behind the safety of their anonymity–and yes, it does sting.

    So better to know now about this stuff know, rather than be surprised by it as you build your (non-anonymous) presence online.


    I have a name for you guys now. Cowards Anonymous.

    • You are truly unbelievable. Claiming people here didn’t “read your words”, but clearly, you are not reading anyone else’s.

      Just go away. If you even had any credibility when you came in here, you’re decimating it with every deflection you make.

    • what do you think of Julia tipping off the site herself (to “dating” DeStorm) or having friends do it?

    • Just an FYI….death threats are beyond unacceptable (nobody engages in that here), I personally am not ok and have mostly refrained from body/looks snark (I will admit there is a lot of that here) though your friend Julia has engaged in quite a lot of that herself – there are people here who know/have known her to do this on the regular, and that is why many feel it’s appropriate, anti semitic remarks are abhorrent (and I believe most on here would agree).

      I have no idea of you are a sociopath but, I do have to give credit where credit is due. I do think your comments are written well. You aren’t the typical mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, white knighter who can’t construct a decent sentence.

      You are right, words do hurt. What people are saying – and what you don’t seem to be getting – is that Julia has hurt a lot of people and she has never apologized for that in a sincere way. She outs someone’s mental illness, then when she gets flak for it basically does an “I’m sorry I did that, mistakes were made. But it’s also true”. She apologizes AND gets another dig in. In my household, this is what we call the Shit Filled Twinkie.

      Julia is the Queen of the Shit Filled Twinkie.

      • @LickedRandisCake – Thanks for the props on my writing.

        I’m glad *someone* on here thinks that looks/body snark is problematic.

        I don’t put myself out as some fashion icon, so it’s actually quite shocking for me to find people who think it’s acceptable to be so vitriolic on a stranger’s looks (“gargoyle”? really?).

        I post photos of myself on FB. So do millions of other people. On FB they ban you for that kind of bullying.

        Again, it actually does hurt. That kind of looks snark is little different from high school bullying.

        I guess, when high school bullies grow up… They go to RBD?

        • We can talk about bullying, now that you mention it. You and Donkey and anyone can ignore this site. Ignore it. Don’t link your name to it; don’t give it any extra hits.

          How dare you compare childhood bullying to making fun of someone silly pink suede platform shoes? NOBODY is forcing you or anyone else to read this site. Children are FORCED to go to school with their bullies. I get chills just thinking about what some of the kids at my school endured. And I got my butt kicked PLENTY of times for trying to stick up for them.

          Yes, words can hurt. But JA isn’t an innocent child; she’s an adult who’s responsible for her actions. She *could* take the proactive step of blocking this site, or using willpower to avoid it.

          Bullying is an aggressive campaign to intimidate or coerce someone. Often, physical violence is involved. It has nothing to do with making fun of a silly Fashion Week video. JA has a zillion more resources to ignore the “haters” and live her life in peace, then a skinny kid who’s getting shoved against a locker does. Do NOT make JA into a victim of bullying.

          I have despised bullying for *decades.* No, I wasn’t a high school bully; I was a defender of weaker kids. Now the term “bullying” is used by anyone who wants to bolster their argument and create victimhood. I think you’ll find that if you go away from our site, suddenly the “bullying” has stopped! Imagine!

          • Congratulations, T, for articulating brilliantly what I have always thought. I *hate* – almost more than anything else – Julia’s “go to” complaint of bullying. You are absolutely right here!

          • Adults can still be bullies (e.g., workplace harassment) but not in this case. Apples and oranges. (Kale and cupcakes?)

        • On FB they ban you for that kind of bullying.
          FB is the ethical yardstick now? yikes.

        • You mean to tell me you’ve been reading here and have not seen a good dose of the bullying JA has engaged in? She has been at parties and openly laughed at those she considered “less than” in the physical looks/body dept. There is someone on here who was a victim of that personal attack. And do you think Julia was courageous enough to say it to this persons face? No. She was the mean girl in the corner, laughing with the other mean girls, not realizing the woman heard every word she said.

          You must understand that a number of the people on here are people that Julia has bullied in the past. Maybe tit for tat isn’t going to elevate the commenters here to some higher spiritual plane but that’s human nature.

          That said, I do have to admit that I am not perfect and I laugh every time I see greasy sex gargoyle. Not because I think really resemble a gargoyle, but just because its a funny visual and an even funnier term. If I were you, I’d laugh about it. Go home to your wife, look deeply in to her eyes and say “hey baby, wanna make it with a greasy sex gargoyle”? I tried it with my husband just last night and Yowza! I don’t know what I was waiting for. Apparently, he’s REALLY in to greasy sex gargoyles of the female persuasion.

          BTW….should anyone think I’m going soft, I’d still wear that shirt to your seminar.

        • Michael, I’m not sure if I should feel sorry for you. I mean that. If you’ve been reading here for any length of time then you HAVE to know the extent of hateful and hurtful things she has done to people. If not, click on the links in the header for a peek into the way-back machine.
          The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.
          It’s noble you think you’re protecting a friend, but there will come a day when you will regret doing so.
          On that day, you too will be here with an anonymous name with a story of how she betrayed you.

          • No, he will post as Mesh Shirt Love God of the Chicken Woman Sex Bomb.

            Because, he is.

          • Because you are the author of that brilliant comment :

            RollsRoyceRevenge says:
            October 1, 2012 at 12:16 am
            Dear Michael Ellsberg,

            About once a day people ask me “when are you going to stop drinking so much, get married and give me grandchildren, you selfish bitch?” And while I have no answer for that, you’ll be pleased to know that I am gathering a group of my favorite people together next week for a vital conference of minds involving, um, let me see, “sex, spirituality, philosophy, art, love, relationships, drugs, mental health and consciousness, sprinkled in with talk about marketing and business.” This is called “every single fucking cocktail party in New York ever” and will cost you absolutely nothing because you are not invited, you creepy mesh shirt-wearing piece of social-climbing sociopathic neo-nepotistic riff-raff.

            Hoping the cold sore clears up,


        • There’s a long history of anonymous free speech. Voting, for instance. Call-in radio. Audience reaction at live performance. Nommes de guerre. Pen names.

          It doesn’t just protect the anonymous writer from retribution. It also frees the message from the messenger. If someone says, for instance, Michael ellsberg is a charlatan, an goes on to say why they think so and then we find out that the writer is also a self-improvement pro, maybe people write ot off as competitive jealousy.

          Someone here for instance can rag on the attention-seeking industry of which JA (and ME) is an example and be free from suspicions about their motive. It’s just the words. The criticism. The snark. Call it whatever.

      • She usually doesn’t say “I’m sorry I did that” but rather “I’m sorry you feel that way” or “I’m sorry you felt hurt”, etc.

        That’s a big part of the problem.

        And yeah, the whole Peter Baugher/Jack McCain’s Lawyer thing. That was cowardice personified.

    • “you creepy mesh shirt-wearing piece of social-climbing sociopathic neo-nepotistic riff-raff.”

      Well, you did wear the mesh shirt and you are kind of creepy. The rest I don’t agree with.

      That said, I think your books and seminars are new age scams on the weak minded, and even your wife’s work is suspect because it preys on giving hope to fat women that they can just think themselves thin if they’d just follow some woo woo advice. This is all very sketchy and like I said in another place, I can’t imagine how you all can sleep at night. It’s very P.T. Barnum. It’s not surprising to me you’d be sticking up for someone as distasteful as Julia Allison. All you guys deserve each other.

      • I think he’s probably a social climber.

    • Michael,

      Please look this up: “chilling effect”.

      It is what your father experienced from the Nixon administration in 1971.

      It is what several commenters here have experienced from Julia’s father.

      I would sincerely hope that you would appreciate the need for pseudonymity in a venue where people have experienced actual verbal and legal reprisals for words that they have written.

      Pseudonymity is not cowardice. The people who write those words threatening your father, or you, for releasing the Pentagon Papers have the exact same mindset as those who would seek to shut down venues of free speech such as this one.

      • Seriously – Julia has called people’s employers before, or had friends do it. No thanks.

      • I just can’t believe he compared us here to the antisemitic hate mail and death threats that he receives at his father’s website that he maintains.

        First, we ALL here think that’s horrible. Beyond words. And sorry you have to deal with that, truly.

        BUT comparing us cat-ladies in the basement here to those sort of hateful sickos is so egregiously wrong and stupid and frankly hateful in itself, I will never ever read what you have to say seriously. That is one nasty accusation you threw at us there. I would like an apology for that, self-appointed Mr. Civility. Without an apology for comparing us to death-threat spewing bigots, you can go and fuck right off. You literally don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • You crave public attention. You demand public attention. You solicit attention. You profit from public attention. You pay your rent/mortgage because of public attention. You eat because of public attention. i.e your homepage banner

        However, you just want positive attention. Someone says something negative about your looks you cry, snivel, stamp your feet, throw a tantrum, and say that’s not fair!!! Mommy they made of fun me, make them stop.

        Then don’t put yourself in the public eye.

        Furthermore, anonymity is the bedrock of this country’s protection of freedom of speech. It dates back to the time of Benjamin Franklin and our founding fathers.

        Franklin, using a pseudonym, ran a gossip column about “stories of scandal about prominent members of society” . He gossiped, he insulted, he mocked, and he snarked.

        Silence Dogood, Harry Meanwell, Alice Addertongue, Richard Saunders, Timothy Turnstone, Caelia Shortface, Martha Careful, and Benevolus.

        These are all of Benjamin Franklin’s pseudonyms, the Anon of his day. “Franklin used this convention extensively throughout his life, sometimes to express an idea that might have been considered slanderous or even illegal by the authorities.”

        In addition to satirical writing he used them to attack “to the state of education in Massachusetts…answer some of the negative assertions made by the British press about the American colonists…stories of scandal about prominent members of society…to examine the negative way women were treated in the eyes of the law [the pseudonym] had several illegitimate children and was punished for her “crime,” while the fathers, many of whom were prominent citizens, suffered no such hardship….to get even with his former employer Samuel Keimer for stealing some of Franklin’s publishing ideas”.

        Just like you and Julia in the instanter, loyalists/socialites screamed bloody murder because they believed the serfs shouldn’t have the right to mock them from behind the cloak of anonymity. We had a war to settle that issue, too bad your argument lost and Benjamin Franklin prevailed.

    • What a load of hyperbolic horseshit.

      By this logic, any audience member who doesn’t like the show/play/movie they’re watching must identify themselves before publicly criticizing what they’ve seen.
      In your world, for example, no one would be able to go on the Bravo site and discuss the lunatic Real Housewives and all their nasty misdeeds unless they use their real names.

      Those women are to whom you should be comparing JA, by the way — not your truly brave and heroic father. Give your head a shake.

      If JA’s case, using real names means some menacing workplace harassment from fake lawyers and baseless cease-and-desist letters from her brow-beaten father. I am sure your father and your family must be big believers in stomping out freedom of speech, huh, because it might hurt the feelings of a spoiled little princess? Not.

      If JA doesn’t like the response to the online reality show she’s been staging for years, she should try not presenting herself as a crazy, self-obsessed, lazy, entitled, scheming, dishonest asshole. Many of the harshest critics among our commenters are people who had never heard of her prior to Miss Advised, by the way. She created those “fans” all by herself just by being who she is — we had nothing to do with it. We’re just the audience.

      • BRAVO

        I think it’s narcissistic, to not be able to do anything or go anywhere without taking credit for it or documenting it. I post cute pics of my cat on reddit, am I cowardly for not posting my real name and contact info and address? How about when I criticize the current education policies of my district? Should I sign my name and risk losing my job?

        Cry me a river man.

    • “You think this is all fun and games, but words actually hurt.”

      Said no libel defendant ever, but read in the voice of Michael Arrington’s attorney, that has a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you agree, D0nkey? (admit it: as the most incurious tourist in the south of France, you’re pounding the RBD refresh button w/ your vibratingly congruent hooves like there’s no tomorrow)

      • But is it ok, if I *maybe* glance at RBD once or twice when I’m in France? Like, if it pops up in my history and I’m like, Oh, hey RBD, maybe they’ve posted a cute lolcat I need to see as I wait for my nails to dry? If I promise to leave the hotel’s basement at least once a day, if only to buy more gaufrettes à fromage orange poudré?

    • I am actually the one who called you “creepy mesh shirt-wearing piece of social-climbing sociopathic neo-nepotistic riff-raff.”

      Note that the word “sociopathic” is different from the word sociopath.

      Legalize, bunny.

      If you’re going to compare the rest of it to antisemitism, which is, among other things, attacking someone for something they have no control over whatsoever, you’re even dumber than you look and you look pretty goddamn dumb.

      My next post: a picture of your mesh-clad chest and a snap of my shower drain after my grizzled uncle stays over for a fortnight. I dare anyone to tell the difference.

      • OOPs I must AK Kitty myself… But “I hope the cold sore clears up” was worth the reposting

    • hey, ellsberg! and hello catladies.

      my personal take on the existence of RBD, as someone who knows Julia from her NY media days and has both publicly stood up for her and also publicly called her out — not only is criticism something you have to be able and willing to withstand as a public figure, but Julia’s in a particularly unique position because her fame and her brand are based entirely on her byline and image (cf. Time Out column/cover, NonSociety, Miss Advised), and her initial catalyst for “microfame” was all about being controversial and somewhat polarizing (e.g. condom dress). there are similar sites for quite a few other bloggers, mostly mom and lifestyle bloggers with massive followings, and RBD is comparatively very, very civil.

      Julia and I aren’t close these days (though that has nothing to do with any drama, it’s just that I left media for a few years and she moved out of NY so we just haven’t crossed paths lately) but I like to think she’s accepted that this kind of place is going to exist if she’s going to continue to pursue the path of being a “media figure.” back when I was blogging full-time and also went through a brief phase of being young and silly and thinking that being a “media personality” would be nifty, GOMI used to call me out on stuff that I never would have thought would be worthy of snark, but in retrospect I’d realize, yep, what I’d said could easily have been interpreted as something truly obnoxious.

      unrelated, I got some great wardrobe advice from GOMI commenters. empire waists will never, ever be my friend.

      has Julia done dumb stuff? yes. has she said things that are designed and calculated to generate attention and controversy? yes. are silver hot pants weird? hell yes. do I think Julia often says things with good intentions that then get ripped apart here? yes. that’s a reality of the internet. if you say something publicly you are, in effect, consenting to every misinterpretation out there. people write their own stories.

      on that note, as somebody who has a quasi-anthropological interest in how online communities form and evolve (sorry for how pretentious that sounds!!), RBD fascinates me, and I read it regularly for that reason. from what I’ve seen, the mods seem to be very diligent about making sure that it’s about commentary, not about spreading false information or making stuff up. anyone who posts anything close to a rape threat or a death threat gets immediately called out and is not welcome. the mods also openly discourage commenters from doing anything that would amount to harassing Julia or anyone else in her life. moreover, no one here is trying to hack her Twitter account or deny her the right to an opinion and personality.

      I personally think there’s only one thing in this forum that ever truly “crosses a line,” and (as LickedRandisCake said above) that’s the bodysnark. Julia is NOT fat, I think some of the speculation about plastic surgery goes pretty far into left field, and the amount of damaging content on the internet about body image makes bodysnark anywhere pretty difficult to stomach (awful pun 100% intended). the occasional speculation that certain men in Julia’s life are gay can get a little weird too, since the justifications are often based in stereotypes of what’s “manly” and what isn’t. but i digress.

      re: anonymity, there’s a lot of literature out there about how being able to use your real name online is a privilege, not a right. it’s pretty interesting stuff in general — Danah Boyd has really led and shaped the conversation. worth checking out.

      happy tuesday everybody.

      • Next up: Emily Gould pops in with a cupcake recipe, Devorah Rose swings by to discuss nail tips for summer and I lock the door and set fire to the building! Stay tuned!

      • But, Caro, even you are dancing around the key point here, which is that Julia very often behaves very badly very publicly. It really goes beyond “do I think Julia often says things with good intentions that then get ripped apart here? yes.” You seem to be saying that if Julia chooses to live a public life, she has to accept a certain amount of criticism, with which of course I completely agree. But at the same time you imply that she’s an OK person and that the commenting is mostly about misinterpreting something she says or does. I’d love to see you address the nastier side of Julia. I mean, did you not have a view on her recent very public comments (TV and Twitter) about Native Americans?

        • yeah, that was not ok. I thought it was more ignorant than malicious, but still. the real problem IMHO was that she didn’t swallow her pride and backtrack on whatever she said (I did not see the TV segment in question, but it sounds like it got pretty ugly).

          • You just described the main reason why I dislike here – she has never, in the entire time I’ve been following this shitshow, “swallowed her pride and backtracked.” She, like most narcissists, is NEVER wrong, and we, her haters, are a convenient excuse for her failure to be taken seriously, because we point that stuff out.

            My name is CaptainGary, and I approved this meddage.

          • Not to mention the fact that she actively courts fame but will only ever brook complete love and devotion. Whenever someone asks her a serious question, she goes into bitchy attack mode (see Chesca’s comments yesterday), huffing about “how dare we” and “don’t you have anything better to do” and all that. She’s never really comprehended or accepted her role in this whole thing, and we’ll probably exist until she does. I won’t hold my breath, though.

          • making excuses for sociopathic behavior makes one an enabler. If Caro were truly looking at this site as many of us do a sociological study of sorts she can’t keep excusing bad behavior. Fact based evidence over time has proven many things on this page and it’s when JA will offend not if.

          • If Caro were truly looking at this site as many of us do a sociological study of sorts

            LOL, wut? RBD isn’t homework, you know …

            Sorry, I just can’t get behind ragging on Caro simply because she hasn’t declared D0nkey Public Enemy #1 … some people are quite capable of being tolerant of all types of personalities w/out compromising their ethics (the two best mgrs I’ve ever had fit that description) … I don’t really know how best to make my point, but Caro’s fine by me.

      • You lost me at “her fame and her brand” – of which she has neither. She is not Jay Z nor is she Pepsi – in fact, she does not have a job and rents out her apartment to strangers on the internet to make ends meet.

        PS – unaware that Jay Z has ever had to buy 110k Twitter followers so he could sell Kraft Cheesy Skillets but I will look into it.

      • OMG BEARS!

        Yes, the silver microshorts are “weird” but, what do you think about them with the addition of the gimp mask? I think that was just the right item to perfectly accessorize them. And a genius artistic moment by one of our own.

        Also, my husband would vehemently argue the manliness of the guy who thought wearing silver lame, let alone videoing it, was a good idea.

        And this again should maybe give Ellsberg pause and the people with jobs vs. people without and internet anonymity. What you do in your personal life is personal, and private. Far be it for me to deny someone his right to dance around in his silver panties. However, hiring someone who would have such bad judgment (and at his advanced age), is an entirely different matter altogether. He is darn lucky we provided him with the gimp mask to cover his face. At least, I think we did.

        • Ugh, butchered that response…

          *pause to think about his argument regarding internet anonymity and people with jobs vs. people without.

          *hiring someone who would have such bad judgment as to post that video to the internet for all to see

        • you are correct. the chromebook keyboard and i are not friends. keep trying to hit shift and hitting that search button instead. I know, I know, first world problems, but don’t even get me started on how the over-responsive trackpad button keeps making me close my browser tabs.

      • potato knees and bowlegs: why would anyone look like that prance around in miniskirts, asking to be recognized as hot, when the reality is the opposite of hot?

      • Hey Caroline, why don’t you fuck off and go post yet another picture of a rustic bathtub with a glass of read wine next to it on your cloying blog.

    • (sorry so long. I took the opportunity to examine my interest in Julia)

      Hi Michael.
      I read often and comment occasionally. Like many others, I found this site after coming in professional contact with Julia (by email) and a business partner of hers (in person). The details aren’t particularly interesting, but their words and behavior left me flabbergasted.

      To break down why I post here anonymously: I am a writer. I do not want my name associated with Julia’s. Yes, I would also be embarrassed to be known as a commenter here, but only in the fleeting way I am embarrassed to admit that, once in a while, I watch really bad romantic comedies, or eat candy for dinner. It’s indulgent entertainment. I have talked about this site with people who know me, personally and professionally. It’s not a deep secret, just an indulgence.

      As a writer, I do think about the topic of managing my identity, and sometimes play with the idea of using a pen name for some of the lighter, more commercial writing I do. A lot of people on this site work in media. I think it is reasonable to “manage” my online identity, and for me, that includes sometimes posting anonymously. If I had a health concern and asked a question on a message board, I would probably not use my full name. And I use an anonymous email address to manage spam.

      While we are on the topic, Julia posts here anonymously at times. No, I don’t mean she posts under another name in an attempt to defend herself from unfair abuse. I mean she attempts to “tip” the editors from anonymous email addresses, and comments under different names, or has “interns” do the same, in order to share information about who she is dating. In hopes that we will write about it and word will spread.

      Same with gossip sites like Gawker. Julia is well-known in New York for frequently sending “tips” to Gawker, this site, The New York Post, etc., about her personal life and the personal life of her friends. Often, she follows up tips with a visit to the comment section to complain that her personal life has been invaded, and then she writes a blog post about how she can’t believe Gawker is still writing about her, why oh why won’t they leave her alone.

      Michael, I know this sounds nutty. These aren’t theories I have. If you want, you can look through the archives, and find multiple examples of the above, with proof that the anonymous tips came from Julia’s very own home, computer, assistant, etc.

      You mentioned somewhere that you are not very familiar with Julia’s social media activities. Please understand that any public image Julia has was built entirely on social media, and that she very much markets herself as an expert on building a personal brand with social media. So, I do think it is fair for us to comment on, and to judge her by what she put out through those channels. I am appalled when tabloids exploit actors and especially their young children. The argument there that all entertainers put themselves out there, doesn’t quite fly with me. Acting, for example, is actual work, and may get you a public image, but that shouldn’t translate to the public tearing the actor apart. I think we are free to criticize the work, and shouldn’t feel as free to criticize the person. The difference with Julia, is that as far as any of us can see, her only “work” is to strive for attention. There is no work behind the promotion. When given a byline on Elle magazine’s web site, (only in conjunction with her reality show, but still an opportunity she claimed to cherish as a writer), she pouted about writing, and instead demanded a photo shoot of herself in various tutus. When given the chance to present actual work, she chooses, always to substitute trite, repetitive images of herself in pink dresses, sometimes with comments about her dating life. Her reality show was her crying about the lack of boyfriend. Her columns and blogs are only about herself and her relationships. She begs gossip sites to write about her. We are criticizing her “work.” Oh, I forgot, sometimes Julia does work as a TV talking head, gossiping about celebrities. She also takes time out to so enlightened stuff like tweet that Rachel Zoe seems “retarded” on her reality show, and to tweet about her famous neighbors having a personal argument. You know her much better than I do, but please, don’t buy her innocent bunny act about how she is just a nice, nice person who doesn’t understand why anyone would ever be mean.

      I think it’s nice that you’ve come to defend your friend. I would do the same. I am not surprised your impressions of her are so positive. Maybe she is growing and changing. I believe people can and do. But I caution you that your friend is widely known for pursuing, flattering, charming and kissing up to people she views as successful or powerful in ways that can advance her obvious goals of getting more attention. You have impressive bylines and a well-known family. I am sure Julia has been very nice to you. She has been very, very nice to many people with impressive bylines, money, family names, and connections. She has also publicly and appallingly turned on these same people when it better suited her needs.

      A few months ago, things seemed to have settled down. Her and her new boyfriend looked happy. She didn’t appear to be dating him for his money or name, as she has infamously done in the past. So has she changed?
      Well, her recent behavior has been some of the most shocking. She told a Gawker reporter personal details about someone she says is a dear friend, and added that this friend absolutely would not want her to do so. Then she lied about ever doing it. That happened, and it was appalling. Same old, but maybe even worse. And as far as the whole thing about her admitting to you that she never would have been capable of the kind of relationship she is in now, even two years ago? Well, we’ve seen it all before. Every boyfriend is finally, at long last, The One. Ever year she is now a new Julia, healthy and capable of love in a way she never was before.

      I used to actively wish Julia well. I thought she seemed ambitious, tone deaf but endearingly tenacious, and rather sweet. Very soon, my opinions changed. I still wish her well in a vague way.

      She begs, relentlessly, for attention, and reveals herself time after time to be, to many minds, an extraordinarily self-involved, vindictive, dishonest narcissist. It is fascinating and entertaining. I don’t see any big mystery. Most people enjoy stories of characters with dark flaws. Take a look at any bestselling list of fiction, films or television. Murder, lies, betrayal, revenge (Revenge), unbridled ambition gone awry. “Hate-watching,” didn’t start with reality shows. We hate-watch Julia, and even now, she begs for more.

      • Don’t forget another leakage from the rafass that is Julia Allison, IE: when she made public a Vimeo of Prop King, then came to RBNS & linked it, then falsified rage at having her personal life “intruded upon” by claiming that the RBNS mods had hacked her Vimeo acct …

        The telltale clue in that incident being contrived by Julia herself is when @Vimeo was tweeted to alert them that their site’s security had been compromised, according to the social media expert @JuliaAllison, because then is when she backpedaled the sequoias in record fashion & said nevermind!, a close friend w/ her password had accidentally made that video public.

        Did she ever “out” that friend & did that “friend” ever claim to have done the deed?

        Rhetorical question, hairshirt, you know the answer is NO.

    • You seem to assume that, like yourself and Donkey, we want a presence online. That we want to build our online brand/identity. Why? Equating anonymity with cowardice because many of choose to maintain a small online footprint is a really weak argument.

      Also, this argument, anonymity, is tired, boring and old, and is not what this blog is about. Go get your attention-seeking thrills elsewhere. You’re so incredibly similar to Julia, I can’t imagine your “therapy” has done her any favours.

  14. Oh and JFA’ing myself (love you girl) to say that I saw a t-white in Vegas that I would like to wear when attending one of your seminars. It said “Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck.”

  15. Oh dear. M.E. said, “. . . you don’t take your words (or your thoughts) very seriously- and I feel quite comfortable ignoring both” but he’s NOT ignoring us. Then he mentioned Hitler, thus Godwin-ing himself, and STILL won’t leave.

    If you don’t like the bad vibes here, then leave. It’s easy. If we’ve bummed your high, then ignore us, and tell your friends to, also. Have a good day. Bye.

    Hitler invoked; discussion over.

  16. When someone calls you a coward, and then you respond by saying “Waaaah, but if I did the courageous thing [i.e., stand behind my viewpoint with my name] I’d suffer negative consequences…”

    … you have not actually responded to the charge of cowardice, you’ve merely confirmed it.

    • And you have not responded to the multiple charges regarding JA either. You are glossing over and ignoring them all, claiming you can’t speak to them. You can only speak to the epic love story of Julia and Dervin. Seems quite a convenient strategy for engaging, no? We may be cowards, but at least we are addressing all of your arguments.

      • This. If you’ve been on this site before, Mr. Ellsberg, and you claim that you have, then you must know some of the reasons for this site’s existence. You must be acquainted with a few of the genuinely horrible things that Julia Allison has done over the years, most recently the appalling Arrington Gawker BS. And yet you refuse to address any of her behavior, other than she loves Devvy, and instead scream “cowards” at us for not using our names. And yet you know that Julia Allison has tried to get people fired just for liking RBD on FB! Fuck off, you slimy con!

        • My all-time favorite “Julia Allison tried to get someone else fired” story is when she tweeted @AstrologyZone that they needed to fire their IT guy (Tom, was it?) because she could not get her online whore-0-scope that very instant on a Sunday morning holiday weekend when a server somewhere went down momentarily.


          P.S. Ellsberg, you’re just here trying to gin up page hits to your site after seeing how many hits D0nkey’s EPIC (snap*) LOVE (snap*) STORY (snap*) video got from RBD, amirite?

          P.P.S. D0nkey!

      • Yeah I really dislike when people let facts get in the way of a good argument. (also see-but you didn’t sign your name-someone get this baby a pacifier already).

    • yet you still never answered my question above? and ignored Jacy completely? you’re either avoiding it or need some help with reading comprehension.

    • I will immediately join Cowards Anonymous and get help. Thank God you showed up. Please, make this your cause, and go on every satirical website you can find and brand every commenter who has anything negative to say about a public figure a snivelling coward. Hopefully legions of anonymous commenters will join me in CA, and we will see the error of our ways in calling narcissistic attention junkies narcissistic attention junkies. What crimes against humanity we are committing!

      • Holy Shit! I was drinking iced-tea when I read this. And now I’m wiping it off my computer screen. LOL

        • If your husband’s name really is Greg, than I applaud your courage in posting it. Unlike the rest of us cowards, you show true bravery!

          • YOU’RE RIGHT!!! My husband’s name IS Greg.
            I am BraveGreg’sWife and I am not a coward!

      • LOL… JP.

        Hey where’s the signup sheet for our Cowards Anonymous meetings? I need to know if I should bring cheetos, Franzia or OMG PEARS!

    • Hey guys, I’m really leaving this time! No really, I’m leaving! You can’t talk me out of it, you anonymous cowards! No, I’m serious, I’m leaving because your cowardly arguments are not worth addressing (except when they are, repeatedly)!


    • @Michael Ellsberg – I’m confused, perhaps confounded. Is your definition of cowardice exclusive to just online anonymity? To me, a coward would be someone who refuses to take accountability, sincerely apologize, and recognize that their actions have consequences. A coward would also be someone who when confronted with her actions immediately blames “those anonymous haters” on the internet.

      Michael, I hope you understand something. Julia relies on this site just as the site relies on Julia. Clearly, as evidenced by the last news segment she was a part of as well as mentions in her largest vehicle, Miss Advised, she is now “rebranding” herself as some internet advocate against “hate” sites and anonymous “bullying”. As a part of that rebranding, which you seem to have a clear interest in, I wonder if she had to compensate your for your messages on this particular “hate” site.

      Even further, Julia clearly reads this site and responds to the site through her social media. What would happen to Julia if this site went away? Who would she have to blame for her poor judgement? Who would she be able to turn to and divert any personal criticism or blame because of her, in some cases, horrific, in some cases, merely entertaining, actions.

      Michael (really more to Julia, because I know you are here) – this site is your audience. We are the ones you are performing for. You have purchased fans to give you some sort of ego but, Julia, they are purchased. And likely robots. The people who follow you are people who are trying to get something from you – hey, there’s this girl with her very own hate site – just like Angelina Jolie or something! If we go away, all of those clicks on your vimeo for your Paris photoshoot are all gone also. You will only have your circle of grifter friends, who, although I don’t agree with Michael Ellsberg on his stance here, communicated somewhat effectively and with proper punctuation so will have the iota of intelligence to slowly back the fuck away from you.

      Oh, and I am a big fat loser and am super jealous. Just saying.

      • A coward would also be someone who when confronted with her actions immediately blames “those anonymous haters” on the internet.

        A coward also blames “hackers” and “crazy hacker fans” when things show up online that shouldn’t.

    • Please go away. You’ve answered no questions. You’ve only made excuses for someone who is the female version of yourself. I am guessing that’s why you are so passionately defending her because in turn you are trying to justify yourself.

      You’re boring. Time to put on a too tight shirt and fingerless gloves and dance, dance away.

      • Time to put on a too tight shirt and fingerless gloves and dance, dance away.

        1983/84 Madonna?

    • How convenient to ignore that many of those “negative consequences” have been enacted by Julia herself. So, according to your moral compass, it’s never okay to post anonymously on THIS ONE WEBSITE, not even for the many valid reasons that have been articulated in the comments on this post. But it’s completely acceptable–nay, it’s practically a moral imperative!–to go well beyond the tiny internet footprint of this site to contact commenters’ employers, threaten them with legal action, and try to hack their Facebook accounts. Come on.

      Hell, even Julia didn’t use her real name when she harassed RBD commenters.

  17. I still don’t get why saying, “Yes, I, Susannah von Bunnykins, find clip-in hair extensions to be unattractive, and I will defend my position to the death!” is an act of courage. I mean, what we’re talking about isn’t even that important. I doubt anyone here would even recognize my name. But would I want my sweet neighbor who works at a hair salon that does bad extensions, to see my name attached to that sentiment? No, I would not.

    Dude, we’re not the Klan. Let it go. You’re harshing your own mellow. PS I don’t have a neighbor who’s a hair stylist. I made that up. FULL DISCLOSURE, people.

  18. Yes, Julia’s grown and changed so much in the past year… getting out of her car and shrieking at a mom with a minivan full of kids because mom held Julie up momentarily while waiting for a parking spot at Trader Joe’s, then hunting mom down inside the store to harangue her some more, again in front of the kids.

    And what of her telling off those Native Americans, “Hey, Navajos, quit with the alcoholism already!” So loving, so actualized, our Julie. It’s clear that all that work with the life coaches is really paying off. She’s in love and deliriously happy. The joy *literally* radiates off of her. Sorry, there’s not enough ayahuasca in the world to make Julia seem like a decent person.

  19. For the record, I have a career that is not grifting. If I weren’t here on this website and instead I spewed Michael “creeper” Ellsberg’s bullshit, I’d be gooddam certain to do so anonymously because it would be a professional suicide, for someone who’s career is NOT in grifting.

    It doesn’t pay as well, but boy is not-grifting ever satisfying, you fucking grifter.

    • it should be whose, but grifters enrage me.

      But by Michael “creeper” Ellsberg’s policy, I should have no right to share my views online, because I do so anonymously.

  20. The views these grifter circles have of online anonymity are strikingly similar to Aaron Sorkin’s, as seen in “The Newsroom.” Sort of this shadowy, malevolent world where anonymity equals cowardice and it’s the most corrosive thing ever. But you know what the real common thread is? Neither Sorkin nor these grifters can EVER fathom that they’re wrong, or that people disagree with them – and, in both cases, go after with a vengeance those who DO disagree with them.

    Which is funny, since several of these grifters have noms de guerre themselves – unless his name really IS Eben Pagan or whatever the fuck.

    • Hell, Julia Allison isn’t even her real name. Well, not her real last name, anyway.

      • I believe strongly in internet anonymity and reject the claim that using an online handle is an act of cowardice. People can inhabit different roles in different contexts and that is to a certain extent healthy. The internet and the real world aren’t the same place, so why would you use your real-world name on the internet? The parties who assert that there’s something inherently awful in having an online anonymous identity are mainly corporations like Facebook that profit directly or indirectly from commodifying data like a person’s real name. I can’t stand this “anonymity is cowardice” debate.

        I also hated this “but ‘Allison’ isn’t her real last name” argument the first couple of times I read this thread, because I was thinking, well, so what? We know who “Julia Allison” is and connect the actions of “Julia Allison” back to Julia Allison (I like scare quotes) regardless of whether she dropped 1/3 of her name at some point or not. So for a few minutes I was sitting here thinking, well, that’s not a very fair argument. Julia doesn’t seem to be protecting her identity, I mean, she lives a relatively unguarded life. I know where her parents live in two different locations, for example, because Julia Allison wants her readers to know. It’s not like she’s hiding her identity in order to make decisions and comments she wouldn’t otherwise make as Julia Baugher.

        But I think you can take this argument all the way around — internet identities are a form of identity. It is not anonymity. Just because I don’t know who any given commenter is off the internet doesn’t mean he or she isn’t a fully formed person in my head. When you know someone for several years everything they’ve said and all the comments they’ve written stack up to a fully fleshed-out person. So what if you only know them by an internet handle? Or that you don’t know everything about them? You can’t know about everyone you know off the internet, either. And why should you? But sometimes with the pretense of real life/the baggage of a real-world identity removed, you can actually get to know the substance of a person better on the internet anyway, because while personalities are to a certain extent constructions, a lot of what’s said here is relatively unfiltered, for good or bad.

        So forget Julia Allison for a second — I’m calling bullshit on this ‘anonymity is cowardice’ thing. It’s arguable that selling oneself as an actualized construction as a career choice is a form of cowardice, too.

        • Well thought out statement and I agree with most of it but, if the rumored reason for the Julia Allison name change is to be believed, it is because she was trying to hide who she was. She says it was to protect the privacy of her family, which she obviously then turned around and outed over and over again (so, bad execution on her part).

          Others who know her say it was more about getting away from negative information regarding her behavior and professional reputation (which she didn’t change one iota after changing her name so, again, not well executed).

          I know that’s not your point but, just thought I should mention it. Ellsberg says we are cowards for hiding our names while defending someone who changed her name to hide who she was.

          • You mean the Julia Allison Baugher Georgetown University Sex on the Hilltop/iVillage plagiarism scandal where Julia Allison Baugher, Georgetown University student and Sex on the Hilltop Columnist for The Hoya was caught plagiarizing the most inane thing ever from for her Sex on the Hilltop column printed in The Hoya, the student newspaper for Georgetown University where Julia Allison was known as Julia Allison Baugher, vapid, gold-digging whore?

        • Was the $8.00 Grapefruit Scandal under Baugher or Allison? I can’t remember when, exactly, the name changed.

          • She was known as Julia Allison Baugher, Sex on the Hilltop columnist for The Hoya, Georgetown University’s student newspaper when Julia Allison lied about being a Washington Post reporter to a hotel employee while attempting to get out of paying $8 for a grapefruit. She was not a Washington Post reporter, however. She was Julia Allison Baugher, Sex on the Hilltop columnist for The Hoya, Georgetown University’s student newspaper.

        • “Selling oneself as an actualized construction as a career choice is a form of cowardice, too.”

          Would you say that of a drag queen? Lypsinka ain’t her real name. I don’t think she’s a coward.

          Just about the only thing about Eve Harrington that didn’t seem slippery was her name change. That just seemed pragmatic. Nobody was going to be handing over good money in 195wheneverthefuck to watch Gertrude Slovinsky do jack shit.

          • Hmm. I actually love Lypsinka and would never say that about her. Or, having done drag myself, any drag queen. Good point.

          • Thanks. A fictional persona is a valid form of art. I don’t bang on Julia for going as “Julia Allison.” It’s actually a pretty name, much better than “Julia Baugher” for the purposes of pop media. (Yes, there’s the whole “she’s trying to duck out of past offenses” business, but really, she had tallied up far more offenses under the fake name than she has the real one).

          • I’d go a step further and say that a “fictional” identity releases people into a world where they can express themselves minus the baggage of their “personal” identity. Drag is the most visible form of this, but I think it is very true of the creative arts across the board.

            I am obviously not “RollsRoyceRevenge” in real life. In real life I am kind and sweet and considerate of others and patient to a fault. In real life…no, actually, I am RollsRoyceRevenge in real life.

            Sorry, nun I punched in the subway.

          • I more or less meant that it was possible to argue that what Julia Allison is doing is a form of cowardice, in that she has attempted to construct a public self that emphasizes certain aspects of her personality/life while deliberately concealing or falsifying others which would be objectively considered less positive. Everyone does this to an extent, but she does it to a seemingly absurd degree that skews people’s perceptions — not about Julia Allison, but about certain cities, industries, lifestyle choices, etc. I don’t know that I would agree with this view, but as with attacks against online anonymity, you can basically argue the point both ways. I don’t mean to get into an analysis of drag here, but I definitely wasn’t even thinking about it in the context of this discussion.

        • Well fucking said. The farther I get down this thread the more annoyed I get with this anonymity = coward bullshit.

          If they actually had to display the courage of attaching their names to their work, almost all the posts and comments on the site would vanish overnight,

          Oh, and why is that exactly? Because you would sue them for defamation? You would come to their house and beat them up demanding they don’t post anymore? WHAT THE FUCK difference does it make if I use my real name or a fake one when posting my opinion? My opinion is valid regardless of the name attached to it. What difference does it make? What you will do with that information is the reason WHY people don’t post their real name you stupid fuck. Get it through your hairy peabrain. If you can’t understand why people would take precautions about posting their real name here, you really need to do your fucking research you dumb fuck.

          Do you use your real name when you sign up for porno sites? Oh, you don’t download porn? Yeah. Sure.

          If you aren’t a coward, I dare you to leave your laptop unattended in a room with Julia and the password to your email account on a post-it note.

  21. All I will say at this point is that if I wanted to read this many words from Michael Ellsberg, I would’ve bought his book.

  22. @Ellsberg: “Of course I did not compare my father to Julia Allison. They are, obviously, very different people. If you think I was making that comparison, you simply didn’t read my words. I compared the experience of caring about someone a lot of people hate publicly. And in those *experiences* of mine, there’s a lot of crossover.”

    So…you feel there are many similarities between your experience as a child of witnessing your father receiving anonymous serious death threats, and your experience of hearing from your new friend Julia Allison that there’s a snark site on the internet that writes that she’s too fat.

    Seriously, Michael? SERIOUSLY?

    • He must be the laughing stock at Ellsberg family reunions, the grifter-y goofball running around in a mesh shirt and dancing the hula and screaming various buzzwords–“branding!”–while everyone just shakes his or her head and tries to look away.

      P.S. My real name is Richard Milhous Nixon.

    • Well, Michael’s father’s psychiatric records were stolen and made public, while Julia Allison repeatedly outs people for allegedly being bipolar and refusing to take meds.

    • Thanks, that was what I was trying to say both above and in the last post. You articulated it much better. I find it so off base that it is offensive. But I don’t think he gets this point. He didn’t address many points that I would love to hear some of her friends take on (such as the Native American comments, the bipolar stuff, rape stuff, stealing Jordan’s tiara, etc). Whatever, I wish him no ill and am certain he will eventually experience Julia’s user/bitchy side , unfortunately. I hope for him he isn’t hurt by her too badly.

  23. Michael, go fuck yourself. This was cute for a second because it’s Tuesday and I’m bored, but it’s time to for you to go home now. I knew Julia, she was as big of a cunt to me as she was with anyone else. You didn’t know her in 2009, so just shut the fuck up. Go away. I’m allowed to say whatever the fuck I want about her. Fuck you.

  24. If I used my real name, you’d know?
    Real people, real names, real places …

    Dat Ho || Rex, GA
    Dawn Kielbalsa || Glen Cove, NY
    Bea Russells-Proutt || Longmont, CO
    Lyon Cooke || Columbus, OH
    Don Key || Caledonia, MS
    Fa Qui || San Francisco, CA

  25. Whew! I don’t know about my fellow catladies, but this ineffable coward needs a break from a certain grifter-y gargoyle’s white nitting, a gargoyle who refuses to address the horrific behavior his dear friend has engaged in over the years and continues to engage in. I better stop now or I’ll be JFAing myself into a heart attack.

    Anyway, Kristin Thorne had a Deep Thought this morning and I had to share:

    “I know summer isn’t even here yet but ABC has just released its fall TV lineup. Who doesn’t love fall TV sitcoms?!”

  26. Anytime you want to respond to Michael Ellsberg, remember who you’re dealing with…

      • So Fosse! Let’s see those jazz hands, you sex-ay gargoyle! Not just every wannabe trading on his parent’s name gets into the chorus of PIPPIN.

    • I see he is a no-nonsense manly straight man, just like Debbie.

    • Is that a nipple shield/modesty cloth around his neck? What in the ever loving fuck is he wearing?

    • I will never condone mesh shirts as a fashion choice, BUT… it seems like that’s who he is, and he owns it. He wears mesh shirts because he thinks they’re cool (Greg knows why), whereas Donkey wears costumes because she doesn’t know how to be authentic. Easter Sunday? Wear an “Easter Kinderwhore” costume. New Age wedding? Wear a “Free Spirit in a Tutu” costume. Ceremony at the Naval Academy? Wear a “Military Wife” costume. Visiting San Francisco? Change out of your pink cocktail dress and giant clompy suede platforms and into what you think is a “Silicon Valley Geek” costume, with jeans and post-ironic hipster glasses.

      It’s like the kid in high school who listened to punk rock, but looked totally generic, versus the kid who couldn’t name one band, but wore a Sex Pistols t-shirt and a clip-on safety pin in his ear.

  27. Late to the party, as usual.

    Who the fuck is Michael Ellsberg and why are we feeding this troll?

    • the desk errands leave me no time and for the past month i’ve totally stopped following jordacted. has she managed to lock her kid in the basement yet?

  28. Dear God Catladies, I’ve just watched the future of the greatest love that ever was. I just saw the finale of Gordan Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares which featured a couple that were essentially JA & Debbie 2.0. A DELUSIONAL wife/princess who gets her wish of having a restaurant to call her own. The only problem is she’s not a good cook and can’t deal with any criticism, she also claims to have a legion of online “haters” (AKA anyone, including Ramsay, who criticizes her is a GRADE A HATER), a husband who shields her from reality, and he is just as crazy/delusional as she is. You couldn’t make this stuff up!

    • I saw this episode too, and the whole time all I could think about was how similar her complaints were to Donkey’s. Also, the excessive make-up is awfully familiar.
      The only differences I can see between the two, are that this woman landed a wallet and she seems to actually want to work for a living.

      • I think the biggest parallel is how she literally sits and obsesses over every little negative comment. The big fall out she talks about from a couple of years ago started when she started making nasty personal attacks on anyone who left a remotely negative comment on her restaurant’s Yelp page. Yet she totally excuses her vindictive overreactions since she has a “right to defend herself” against online bullies. What a psycho.

      • “Waaah, online bullies”: check
        Crazy bad make-up: check
        “Soul mates” after 5 months: check
        Soul mate sent from beyond by a higher power: check
        People who don’t share your taste are “idiots” and “morons”: check
        Other people’s incompetence holds me back: check
        My man is a god and I am blessed: check
        Hair-trigger temper: check

    • I’m only slightly more than six+ minutes in, & already, Dônkéjà vu!

          • “Amy’s Obviously our Facebook, YELP, Twitter and Website have been hacked. We are working with the local authorities as well as the FBI computer crimes unit to ensure this does not happen again. We did not post those horrible things. Thank You Amy &Samy.”

            FBI computer crimes unit?

        • LOL! Not one word defending the *quality* of their food, just defending their God-given right to sell dreck.

          As Gordon himself says, if you didn’t cook it yourself, you’re not a chef. If you didn’t bake it, you’re not a baker.

          *dying* That’s D0nkey’s line!!!

          Looks like you missed this great one:
          “We like to call them the “Camel Toe Mafia” just a bunch Pussies hiding behind a computer screen. Or working for YELP”

        • If she had told local Native nations to stop drinking and go pay some bills or something, I would have sworn Julie had a clown.

          Fuck, I meant “clone” but I am letting it stand.

    • Michael Ellsberg to the rescue! Obviously this woman is just a victim of haters.

    • Ha, the latest update on that Facebook page gives them another JA bingo square:

      “Obviously our Facebook, YELP, Twitter and Website have been hacked. We are working with the local authorities as well as the FBI computer crimes unit to ensure this does not happen again. We did not post those horrible things. Thank You Amy &Samy”

    • What a fucking pair of dipsticks.

      I also hate hate hate hate hate Gordon and laughed and danced and sang when his New York debut fell on its over-stuffed English a(r)s/s(e).

      I understand that food services is a tough business, I love eating out and I love fine cooking, but if every televised twat with a waffle iron in one paw and a bullhorn in the other fucked off in a cloud of blood-orange praline sourgrass foam forever I’d be just as glad.

  29. Don’t actors use eye-gazing as a warm up technique so that they can fake intimacy on stage/screen and act like they’re in love with each other? Is that what Ellsberg is teaching Julia?

    • Dervish is the one who needs het relationship coaching to pull this sham off.

  30. I don’t feel any animus towards Michael, and to me it’s fine that people come here with positive views of Julia, however misguided, partial, self-interested, or even sincere they may be. I may think that new age woo is old snake oil in new bottles, and that it offers easy pickings to con men, but I do believe that Michael is sincere in his beliefs and that he takes comfort from them. I have no interest in trying to change Michael’s mind about Julia, and his criticisms of RBD, while no doubt new and exciting to him, are just old hat. To me, Julia is samo-samo, expecting the world to applaud her views of herself and to forget inconvenient facts. She is attempting a brand transformation, with a view to monetizing the greatness she feels within herself. Delusions of grandeur with mediocre abilities is a hard way to go through life, but it’s her life and her choice. She’s both the circus barker and the freak show inside the tent, but again, her choice.

    Julia has made a career out of trying to silence people who find her vile and ridiculous, and I think that’s a more than adequate defense to anonymous publication (a tradition as old as the printing press).

  31. Hey, Ellsberg. I commenter here under my own name and guess what happened? I started getting threatening emails from Julia Allison, warning me to “lawyer up.” These emails specifically mentioned the humanitarian NGO for which I was then working, name checking board members and threatening my employment. (I shared this with my boss, with whom I was in Africa at the time on a maternal and child mortality project, and she laughed at the idea that these losers would try to interfere with my employment. She assured me my job was safe – and indeed it was.)

    Peter Baugher sent me a ludicrous cease and desist, erroneously believing me to be the author of this site. Except he sent me a C & D with another innocent person’s name on it – a C & D he had faxed to this individual’s place of employment.

    And you call US “bullies”?

    Julia attempted to make nice with me via email. I told her and her father in no uncertain terms that their efforts at intimidating innocent people would be better directed at getting psychological help for a clearly damaged, harmful woman-child. I also told them that if they wanted to get legal, they could bring their best to my doorstep and live to regret it. Funnily enough, the legal threats stopped but the harassment from Julia continued.

    So this is what happens when people comment here under their own name. Are you still so comfortable insisting that only those who do so are lacking cowardice? Maybe we just don’t want to be bullied by a litigious sociopath and her father.

    • PS Julia claimed that the harassing emails were from Jack McCain’s LOLyer on her behalf. Not exactly the poor, isolated victim you imagine her to be, eh?

      • So that’s twice now that Julia Allison Baugher has thrown Jack McCain’s LOLyer under the bus? Take note, Ellsberg … whether you do her dirty work on not, you may end up w/ tread marks in between the lines of mesh on your back.

    • in case Ellsberg is still reading: I know the above commenter (hello, friend!) and am willing to vouch for this person’s credibility. yes, there are examples out there of false rumors about Julia that were placed by angry or mischievous haters. this is not one of them.

      if she has really grown, is at peace, is happy in her relationship (which by all accounts she seems to be, and good for her, i hope they’re having a great time in europe), this is something for which a lot of people who were formerly in her life would like to see her apologize. there are folks in the tech/media world who have done much, much worse lately, and many people she knows would commend Julia if she came clean about this in particular.

      • And, not that ‘Bullied’ needs it, but we met (via Skype, while she was still working in Africa) because I was being harassed by Julia at the same time.

        The only difference between our experiences is that I had never once commented on this site, I was only a passive reader/observer. I made the mistake of liking the RBD facebook page under my real name (obvsly), got googled and then phoned at work with threats to ‘out’ me to my employer. During our call, my company president was named, my office address was identified and I was told that they (McCain’s lawyers) would be sending transcripts of my comments on this site to the powers that be (of which there were none because, well, never commented).

        These are real, concrete examples of Julia’s role as a bully and horrible person. The person you’re here to defend. Congrats.

        • I thought what she did to you was particularly heinous. Calling your place of work, claiming to be Jack McCain’s lawyer, and demanding to speak to the CEO? On what planet can this be explained away as reasonable behavior or a mere lapse in judgement? It’s the malicious act of a calculating, devious individual.

          I was fortunate that I was particularly close to my boss in that role, and that any attempts at smearing my name with that employer would have been laughed off. If you work in a different set-up and don’t have that kind of friendship with your boss, it could be much more harmful — which is exactly what Julia and Peter Baugher were counting on. They are bullies, end of story.

          • Impersonating an attorney, while name-dropping a famous political family seems more serious than expressing mirth and frustration about the antics of a career-attention whore, under a silly name.

      • Thanks, Caro. I’ll add here that I have no desire for an apology from Julia Baugher. It would never be sincere, unless it came after several months of intense psychotherapy. She could make amends by getting help and proceeding to make amends to the dozens upon dozens of people she has harmed in recent years. I’m not holding my breath.

      • Michael Ellsberg (this should set off your google alert, right?)

        I don’t know much about you. Except that you have long curly hair, enjoy wearing mesh shirts, your father is a badass, you’ve published a book, and are part of what we like to call ’round these parts a ‘grifter’ posse.

        So, prove us wrong. Prove that YOU are not a coward and respond to this comment. Or any of the other comments that address Julia’s nasty sociopathic (illegal?) bullying behavior.

        I dare you. I double dog dare you.

        p.s. We might be haters, but we’re not animals. So it’s only right that I offer you my standard New Cat Lady welcome gift: time spent relaxing in the basement whilst enjoying some of mom’s delicious sandwiches (PBJ or grilled cheese, your choice!), wine coolers, watching Star Wars or Star Trek (once again, you choose!) and a percocet or 2.

    • She’s just so fucking vile, she works her ass off to hide or deflect evidence like this. Sociopath.

      • She’s just so fucking vile, she works her ass off to hide or deflect evidence like this. Sociopath.

        “works her ass off to hide or deflect evidence like this.”

        work harder

    • I saw today a list of “8 Signs by Which to Recognize a Toxic Person” by Dr. Phil. I would have linked to it here, but as the first sign was not “Their name is Dr. Phil,” I had the sense it was incomplete.

      • So I’m sitting in a car dealership assisting the husband through the delicate negotiations of purchasing a new vehicle (can you guess who is playing the role of bad cop?) and this caused me to lose it. My stone faced, steely eyed facade gone. Thank Greg I read this after the deal was struck and before the sales staff realized I do, in actual fact, have a sense of humor.

  32. Michael – it was nice chatting today on the Bowery. As I felt bad for you and you seemed really shell-shocked that someone would recognize you from RBD and ONLY from RBD and NOWHERE ELSE, I’d like to just reiterate what I said in person:

    you have a friendship with JA. that’s between the two of you. none of anyone’s business, doesn’t belong on a public platform, the people on here have nothing but time on their hands and consider this a good way to blow off steam and shit on a shitty person. they don’t regard self-help books and self-marketing bullshit with much value and they dislike this cultural movement which is famous-for-nothing twerps. they clearly have attracted a VERY DIVERSE GROUP based on their popularity, and a VERY INTELLECTUAL GROUP based on the intelligent snark that goes on here. get over it. if you want to be famous for nothing and call it a career, these people can spend their time making fun of you. me, I’m hard at work becoming a millionaire the old fashioned way – head down, hard work, honest effort – getting it out cheap and fast, swindling and self-aggrandizement for no reason is bullshit. I didn’t read your book but believe you have a good heart from meeting you today and suggest you forget you ever found RBD. enjoy your friendship with JA – it’s really between the two of you. adios

      • The realization that this is what happens when you hitch your wagon to a Donkey, perhaps?

    • I would like to French kiss you hard on the mouth.

    • Hmm, why do I feel like we just got high fived AND a kick to the ass in the same comment?

      For the record, today was a slow work day. So sue me.

      • Think he was shocked at the reaction on here, and shocked even more when I said that not for nothing JA is a POS. We chatted about what we do, what he’s doing next, and that was it. Seemed like a nice guy. Maybe a little clueless.

        • A lot clueless. He comes onto RBD to defend this person without knowing her (very easily researched) background? He’s a moron.

          Nice but dim? Maybe, but he hasn’t been especially nice here.

    • You, dear sir, I would find incredibly sexy in silver micro-shorts and a ski-mask.
      Awesome story.

      • It’s nice being a private person. You people have taught me, and I’m sure a lot of other people, how wonderful our rights really are as private citizens. Keep fighting the donkey-man!

    • A GIFT FROM GREG! Thanks for sharing. The last 24hrs has been pretty damn great. So. Blessed.

    • [img][/img]

  33. It takes some real balls (or stupidity) to come in here and white knight for this monster while admitting you haven’t looked into her history of harassing and bullying people.

    Do your fucking research before you lecture us, Gargoyle.

  34. Mystery time! Who gave this quote to the NY Post (July 13, 2008)?

    “I’ve been on the ­receiving end of more Internet vitriol than I care to remember, and the more I fought against it, the more negativity I got. There is no justice on the Web, and it’s futile to seek it within the traditional confines of a brick-and-mortar court of law—not because it’s morally acceptable for people to defame you but because it’s a waste of time. The legal system is just no match for the ’Net: You’ll lose. And then your Google cache will be reloaded with the same defamatory comments that got you to court in the first place! The only answer is to flood the Web with good stuff. Or at least, other bad stuff. You know, better bad stuff. The most effective response? Treat the haters like small, belligerent children: Ignore them, and go play with someone else. Or just laugh at it, like George Clooney, who, when confronted with sites branding him ‘Gay, gay, gay,’ quipped, ‘No, I’m gay, gay. The third gay—that’s pushing it.'”

    But wait! Before you guess, who gave this quote to Valleywag 6 months later? (Feb 17, 2009):

    “I haven’t asked David to take down any sites in a long time, so I don’t know where the impetus for this particular purge came from, but I’m thrilled that he has. I am absolutely in favor of ridding the Tumblr community – and the internet in general – of what one of my readers once called “mind cancer.” That sort of nastiness is insidious and it will rot communities unless someone says, “This simply isn’t an acceptable way to treat other human beings.”

    There is no reason the internet should remain in its current Hobbesian state of nature. Someone needs to begin the long process of setting basic standards of decency online, and I’m proud of David – as a businessman, but also as a friend – that he and his company have the balls to do so.”

    • Agreed! This is exactly what we needed to tide us over during the vacation lull.

      As an aside, one of my pet internet time wasters is perusing the photo albums of all these Woo Weddings. A part of me loves them in a totally sincere way and part of me wants to know where they got the balls toput their friends and families through such utter ridiculousness.

      • I love Annie Lalala. Every time her name comes up I can’t hide my love. I loved her on that one show and I love her costumes and damn if her baby isn’t a work of art.

        And the Woo Weddings! I would peruse every one. Bless all y’all’s woo!

        p.s. Michael E., I signed my real legal name to eight commercially published books, with two more on the way. Your dad was an American hero and mine was an ex-con, so suck it. Don’t tell me, from your privileged position, who is a coward and who isn’t.

        • Oh I love Lalla completely. Some of the Woo Weddings are on Facebook — I don’t want to call out specific people, but it seems like a lot of them share the same photographer. If you start here you’ll pretty quickly know the two couples you want to go in search of through the photographer’s Facebook page.

          • Oh my god, thank you for this. The wine is open, I got too much sun today, and all is right with the world.

        • Love Being is adorable. I am not so much one for the bbs, but she is a cute bb for sure.

          I definitely have a soft spot for La Lalla. She was the only person (other than that snarky blonde lady who told her to throw away the prom dresses) to speak truth to Julie on the shitshow.

          • And speaking of adorable, HANDBAG YOU ARE THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS. And the handbag beneath my bingo wings.

          • I was telling Mr. Handbag just last night about the time I urged women here to sleep naked (I forget the context) in order to “air out the change purse,” and how afterward someone commented about how I would know, as a handbag. He laughed and said, “Was it Albie?” Put that together with Suit Weasel and you and I have something interesting men.

          • Today was a banner day. I made popcorn and sat for a few hours laughing my ass off. I remember the air out your change purse exchange. I caught that one live too….. [img][/img]

          • CBD, you came up in conversation, too! I wanted to ask you something about Mexico, but this is probably not the place to do so, but I will.

            To make a long story short, Mr. Handbag apprenticed there as a potter, in Cuernavaca, and a new friend of mine (who is 72, I think) used to work in the Yucatan — in Merida — and she said it would be my favorite city in America, if I were to visit it, and I was wondering if you knew it? Should we visit it before going back to Cuernavaca?

          • Dearest Handbag
            Merida is a wonderful place. In the 1800s it was easier to go to Europe than Mexico City from Merida. It was the hennequin ( hemp) capital of the world known as green gold. So there are there wonderful mansions in the city with French influence and marble etc. there are Hennequin (?) haciendas in the countryside that have been converted to boutique hotels great restaurants and art galleries. It is the safest town in Mexico. Cuernavaca on the other hand has had some problems with crime and drug dealers so it has fallen on harder times ask Jacy for my email

          • CBD, that’s exactly what my new friend told me! Exactly.

            She and I are having lunch on Friday — she let me choose a place with the best tater tots in the region — so I’ll tell her I think that’s where we should go. I’ll write to Jacy, and be in touch when I hear back. Thank you.

        • I like her, too. She seems to genuinely like Julia, and while I obviously think that will get her nowhere in the end, that’s also kind of why I like her. She’s been nothing but kind to her from what I’ve observed, and I hope it’s been reciprocated.

          I can dream, right? 😉

  35. Well I stand corrected. It was worthwhile for so many of you to respond to this nut job. Not because I think he might be persuaded by any of what any of you said, but because it led to some very funny, and some very intelligent commentary. And of course it led to the appearance by OMGBears.

    We come here for the entertainment and it was provided in droves today.

    • we need some kind of “I love RBD” badge that can be posted periodically when the comments get especially busy and lulzy.
      apparently there was some mexican band called RBD?
      so fat not sorry:


  36. Oh, so sorry if this is off-topic, but what’s one of the core strengths of Alcoholics Anonymous? Do they bring their passports to meetings? More importantly, is it a bunch of cowards?

    • Well, I’ll tell you. You go to a small room where a bunch of people sit in a circle in uncomfortable plastic chairs the color of fake fruit. Then you stand up and say “My name is RollsRoyceRevenge” and someone says “No it isn’t, that’s absurd,” and then you say “For the purposes of today’s session, pretend it is,” and then they all roll their eyes and say “Hello RollsRoyceRevenge” and then you say “It has been fifteen minutes since my last drink” and then you realize Cafe Lucien is still open so you leave to go have a kir royale, and as you do so they start fighting about putting a lock on the door.

      That’s my understanding of it anyway.

      • Yes and then they end with the Serenity prayer which the Donk should say every morning when she wakes up and at night before she sleeps. It might sink in

  37. See the thing is, when you’re a narcissistic sociopath who covets the attention of anonymous strangers you could care less about, you have to deal with the fact that they will, in fact, remain anonymous when and if they choose to dislike your ass. I don’t owe her anything; it doesn’t matter what my real name is. My real name means as much as ‘Jane Doe’ since I’m not the fucking attention whore putting myself on a pedestal on the Facebook ‘public’ setting or on TV telling the world about my blowjob stipulations. I love these self-enlightened asses who put their every detail out to the world and then cry and blog and need vindication and encouragement and revenge and lawsuits when the world doesn’t embrace their every ridiculous move.

  38. Fellow catladies, I must sincerely thank you. Some days, the internet is so boring that I read the whole thing and then I have nothing to do but knit cat hair socks and contemplate who gets what in my will. And then there are days like today, glorious sunshiny days when you bring the LULZ and angels sing and I get inspired and whip up a little something something.


    (Why yes, the background IS the inside of my colon! What better backdrop for these tools than ass cancer?)

      • I love you. I want to marry you. I want to have children with you. And most importantly, I want you to imagine all these comments in Miss Piggy’s voice.

          • I was sitting here guffawing at this until BF asked me to explain so I showed him the vagina pic and he sez that now I’m not getting sex later because I have traumatized him that severely.

    • This is marvellous, CUNTbunnies, choc-full of malignancies! Also, I’ve been thinking of you. Sending you much love and best wishes x

      I think poor old Michael has been butt-hurt since RRR’s creepy meshed riff raff comment and he just couldn’t contain it any longer, hence his visit. I really don’t believe it had anything to do with Donkey at all, but just that. Just my cowardly anonymous take on it. It’s certainly been very entertaining.

    • Besos, CUNTBunnies!

      I know I always say this, but the best part of days like today is that all the cat ladies are up in the hizzy.

    • Girl, are you from Panama? Cause a Colón like that deserves to be the Eighth Wonder of the World.

  39. Told you so, Michael.

    Just leaving that here for future me to link to when Donkey burns the Ellsberg bridge.

    As you were.

  40. Coincidence or not? Ellsberg just announced on his facebook page this past Sunday that he and his wife are launching a new workshop together having to do with couples intimacy. It’s called “What is Wife Worship?” (I know…)

    This should give an idea of the kind of “mentoring” he’s been providing to Donk and Chef GurlRDee.

    What do you bet the two of them will be listed and included as a “success story”?

    • *cough*devin*cough*

      You chose her. You chose a woman. You could have been with a guy, and you didn’t choose a guy. You chose a woman.

      (funded & underwritten by the NGMB’$ Anti-Spinsterhood Coalition)

      • “You chose her. You chose a woman. You could have been with a guy, and you didn’t choose a guy. You chose a woman.”

        What. In the fuck sort of sexual confusion is that? What sort of implication does that have, that.. gay people choose to be gay? Maybe I’m misreading or not getting it, but damn, that is one weird bit there.


      • I love the part where he talks about women being useless but colorful and pretty like butterflies. It is to vom.

        ” The butterfly floats around here and there. She’s feminine. She doesn’t have any particular mission or purpose. She’s not specifically accomplishing anything. But wow, isn’t she inspirational?”

        And then there is this section where he says women are stupid and fickle, but you just have to put up with that.

        “The worship of the feminine—the worship of your woman—starts when you start to climb into this world where there can be many different shades and paradoxes. It’s like the weather. You wouldn’t say to the weather, “Damn it, you were sunny yesterday! And you’re rainy today. What’s wrong with you?!

        Michael Ellsberg is one of the greatest minds of the 16th century.

        • actually if it was 95 degrees yesterday and 30 degrees today, i would ask the weather what was wrong with it

    • The first sentences of that page:

      “Today, May 12th, is my 36th birthday. Today marks the beginning of a new journey for me and my wife. It’s the beginning of our career teaching together.”

      And that right there is a great example of why I hate these self-obsessed grifters:

      1) He starts with the fact that it is his birthday. Is he 5? No, apparently he is 36. So who gives a flying fuck that its his birthday???

      2) He is writing about a new venture and describes it as “the beginning of our career”. But a career is what you build up over years! How fucking arrogant and inappropriately self-confident to talk about a “career” doing this or that when you have taken only the first teensiest step in that direction.

      Ugh. I hate them….

      • Oh and even worse: from the transcript—”MICHAEL: There’s one more thought that I want to add here, in honor of Annie Lalla. There’s a phrase that Annie loves to use, “the evolution of love.” Jena and I have been together four years, and married for two years, which is a solid amount of time. But my parents have been married for 40 years. So sometimes I think, “What do I have to offer on this? What do we, in this room, who are relatively young, have to teach on this subject?” Yet, knowing couples like Annie and Eben, Bryan and Jennifer, Nathan and Amber, I’ve really come to believe that we are actually evolving love.”

        Bipolar II, anyone?

        • Two years into a marriage—you don’t know jack about holding a relationship together. Talk to me after you’ve experienced deaths of people you love, economic hardships, and at least one scary-as-shit moment. Trust-funded grifters have so few outside stress-factors that WTF kind of useful information could they possibly have for actual sane, working, human beings?

          • think about how impossible it would be for them to function in the world if they are this wholly dysfunctional as humans and all their basic needs are taken care of without them having to lift a finger

            they fail at life

          • Oh but they answered to that concern by explaining that they and their friends are “evolving love.”

            Now you get it, right…?

        • all about worshipping the goddess. it made me want to go back and watch the first season of true blood.

        • These people all deserve one another. Now if one of them could use their powers of grift to get an island with no internet access that would be ideal.

        • Could you repeat that? It was kind of hard to make out over the sound of my own retching.

        • He is evolving love? While taking photos with woman-hater Tucker Max? Excuse me, my eyeballs have rolled so far back in my head I can no longer see.

      • I think the gargoyle’s plan was to show up on RBD in the hopes of grifting catladies. “See how in love with Devin is Julia! Isn’t it delicious?! If you feel unloved and are tired of eating Cheetos and inhaling dust in the basement, I can help mentor you towards a love that will give rise to endless fauxto shoots! What? Address the real reasons for this site? No, I’m only here to talk of my marvelous mentoring and Julia’s vibrationally congruent growth. Click on my link!”

        Did this cheap con receive any sort of legit schooling/training in counseling? When I posed that question, crickets. “Look, Mommy! Today my friend Devin is playing chef and I’m a relationship guru!”

        • Watch his YouTube videos and read some of his articles, particularly the Forbes article where he talks about his Bipolar II. He seems to think his current lifestyle has cured him of the worst of this mental disorder, when in fact this delusion of some spiritual guru who has all the answers apparently (to me, anyway) is just the latest manifestation of manic grandiosity.

          Michael is well spoken and well-read and can be very convincing as a result, but he admits his Bipolar II is untreated. I don’t think he’s a mentally healthy individual. I also don’t think hallucinogens do people with his kind of issues any good and I find it unconscionable that he is introducing the idea of hallucinogenic experiences (e.g. the Peru trip) to others like Donkey and Debbie who also don’t seem to be mentally or emotionally stable.

          • Yes, thank you! I really don’t care about his involvement in this latest greatest love of all. Whatever makes those people happy.

            But publishing about how you cured your Bipolar II with diet and then offering any kind of counseling, even just couples counseling makes the hairs on my back stand up. Not cool, dude!

          • adrenal fatigue supplements by the bagful instead of treatment by a doctor put my cousin in the hospital, where she was finally treated for depression

            that conman nearly killed her

          • “The thing about being a celebrity is that you’re permanently giving a gift. A true celebrity (of the Madonna variety) gives their gift by walking into a Beverly Hills starbucks…. they’re literally lighting up the lives of the people who see them there. They’re never NOT giving their gift.”

            This is what that nitwit’s “shrink” told him! And he found it profound enough to repeat. I’m sure that’s what Julie Albertson believes too. The narcissism is off the charts. And out of the DSM V too, apparently.

          • LOL

            Why no one really lasts in the consulting business

            No one actually benefits from receiving high priced instructions

            Most coaches fail so bad at doing this, they never manage to sell to strangers. They have no choice but to sign up their own social community, creating an endless circle jerk of mastermind pyramid groups.

          • I loved this comment from that article: “Let’s cut the b.s.: this is a business designed to take advantage of vulnerable people. Feigning interest in their plights, offering expensive advice, and taking zero accountability. Doesn’t matter how diploma’d/credentialed you are — a self-help guru has all the integrity of a psychic.”

          • Do I want to subject myself to anymore Ellsberg? Because of all the guest appearances on RBD yesterday I didn’t finish finish working until 2 a.m. Far from what the catlady who met Ellsberg on the Bowery claimed, I don’t have all the time in the world. I am, however, lucky enough to have a job that lets me check in here when I want. Maybe I’ll give a look later at the Forbes piece . The Bipolar cure claim seems wildly irresponsible. I hope Ellsberg isn’t “mentoring” folks who’d be better helped seeing a licensed psychiatrist.

            As I’ve been writing this post, I’ve been listening to 30 seconds of Ellsberg’s charismatic monotone:

          • @Brayella

            Yeah, that hits the nail on the head. That’s why the same roster of clowns shows up for these “Opening the Kimono” type seminars. Maybe they’ll get one lone schmuck to pay $5000 to attend – hey that’s $5000 they didn’t have before – but at least the lone schmuck doesn’t know he’s the lone schmuck. He’s gonna assume everyone else paid, too. I can see how it might pull in a little scratch, but it’s really diabolical.

          • @Wonkeye : ““The thing about being a celebrity is that you’re permanently giving a gift. A true celebrity (of the Madonna variety) gives their gift by walking into a Beverly Hills starbucks…. they’re literally lighting up the lives of the people who see them there. They’re never NOT giving their gift.”

            This.. this is so bizarre and delusional. Worshipping fame like that. That celebrities are “giving their gift” in Beverly Hills for appearing among mere mortals. Strikingly peculiar thing to write.

            And Madonna wouldn’t be caught dead in a BH Starbucks. Bishplz.

        • Wow, that is really disturbing. This all makes me feel so icky. I wish she was still pretending to be a republican housewife or tech founder. This latest personality of hers, along with the group of people it comes with, has a seediness that makes me uncomfortable.

          • This is that slope that gets dangerous. Tiaras and tutus are one thing, but people trying to influence others with no training will result in real damage or death.

    • “Around the same time another teacher said to me, ‘Jena, a man can have all the wealth, fame and riches in the world. Unless he has a woman to share his life with, it’s empty. It’s meaningless. He’ll be miserable.'”

      Do you want to tell Anderson Cooper or shall I?

  41. I allllmmmmoooooosssst feel bad for JuLIAR and Debbie that this went down while she’s in Paris. You know she is 100% consumed by this right now, probably spending hours in an Internet cafe at a time, manically reading every single fucking word being here (HI JULIA!).

    Then I remember she’s a disgustingly cruel, greedy and selfish asshole who is getting what she deserves. And Michael Ellseberg is a creepy sex gargoyle.

    • Surprised that Julia Allison doesn’t have Jack McCain’s LOLyer tasked to come here & do her dirty work for her, or did that strategic relationship fall prey to one bus hit too many?

    • It was our one year anniversary gift to her. Congrats on the evolving love.

    • BEE is such a fucking freak. But not boring, and not always wrong. Though sometimes, yeah. Interesting guy.

    • Huh. I could have sworn Bret Easton Ellis was another one of those “don’t call me gay, labels are for canned corn” guys like Chuck Palahniuk. Color me corrected.

      • Albie, you are not wrong. It’s only recently that BEE actually calls himself gay, that he has a boyfriend. Or rather someone he coldly calls, “the 22 year old” or something. For years and years, he barely hinted that oh, maybe he was bisexual. Really coy.

        And when AIDS was ravaging the gay community in the 80’s and 90’s, and the gay community came together to Act Up and fight, he was nowhere to be seen. He’s a snob at his icy heart. He sneered at the idea of a gay community. Our current climate of national acceptance of gay people and their relationships came about because of millions of ordinary people coming out to their families and friends, being honest as to who they were. Which took bravery in each and every instance. And this climate of acceptance- a truly wonderful thing- was done without any help from the likes of Bret Easton Ellis, who stayed closeted as long as it suited him.

        So when he Tweets things like, “Watching Glee is like stepping into a puddle of AIDS”, it reminds me how hew was nowhere in the fight for gay rights or against the disease. Now he feels free to write such things, and casually critique other gay people, when he never had the balls to come out when it mattered.

        I think he’s an interesting, curmudgeonly jerk. But still a jerk, I don’t forget the past. He took the easy route of silence and the closet, he had and has contempt for other gay people. The poor unfamous ones who fought so now he can be openly gay. Oh, and still criticizing other gays. I find him drastically hypocritical there.

  42. Nick Denton got engaged. Literally everyone is getting engaged and married and our little Donk is still waiting for her ring.

    • Amber Rae just got engaged too. Check her twitter account (@heyamberrae).

      • You will be asked to pay $6000 to attend her wedding, where you will pick up dog shit.

        • Amber, who is much younger than Julia, and her now-fiance have been together for well under a year (though they had been friends before that or something). Last summer, before she moved into Marina Del Rey with Donks, she was Instagramming nonstop about some other boyfriend.

          If Donks hasn’t gotten a ring yet on her OMGANNIVERSARY trip, she is going to be steaming mad over this.

  43. OT SHOUT-OUT TO WORRISOME PELTS: Checking on ya, weather-wise, hope all is well where you are / fatalities in Glen Rose & Granbury 🙁 & now Cleburne has been hit but too soon to know about casualties there … check in, eh girl?

    • I’m here! I was at a party last night and didn’t know anything had happened until it was all over.

      • Ah, good! And so everything is okay w/ you & yours, all the way around? I can’t even get a handle on how many people I know in Granbury, I keep thinking of more & more …

  44. I’m waiting to hear about a friend’s folks in Mineral Wells, but so far everyone has had minor-moderate property damage. Houses and sheds can be repaired.

    How are you? It sounds like things got scary south of Ciudad de la Vaca.

    • Yeah, I admit, I was chatting up Greg last night, lemme tell ya. There was only one time out of three when camped out in the bathroom that I managed to get all the animals in there at once. My entire To-Do List has suddenly shifted to getting a survival kit put in place, I really can’t believe how ill-prepared I am.

      • Thanks, Albie … I remain in awe of nature, but man, serious heartache for the devastation so many have suffered.

        Interesting side note: I’ve posted links to all the establishments providing free meals to victims & responders (hats off to all of ’em who do that, right?) … lots of people making a point to “like” the Chik-fil-a link in particular, but no “likes” for the other places. Uh. This bothers me, & I’m sensing a FB rant coming on …

        • Brayella and Pelts, glad you are safe, it sounds terrifying to go through that. Love to the people affected in Texas by this, awful.

  45. That fact that Amber Rae just got engaged to someone she met less than a year ago is awesome in its potential to bug La Donk.

      • He’s a founder of something in SF, right? Steady paycheck is debatable. But heterosexual, yes. I think he’s hot.

        • Fair enough — let’s draw the line between: Making enough $$ to have to file an income tax return versus Your parents are entitled to claim you as their financial dependent

          P.S. D0nkey!

    • I hope Ambray didn’t get a diamond ring. We all know Donk despises such things.

      I think Debbie will eventually tell her he’s just not the [woman] marrying type. We’ll know if/when he does because she’ll suddenly start braying about how stupid it is to need a “piece of paper” to certify one’s love. Then she’ll blather on about the superior meaning and beauty of commitment ceremonies.

      Donk *will* have her day!

      • From her twitter posting, it does, indeed, look like a diamond. She was proposed to in Cabo.

        • They’re in Costa Rica … my favorite place in the whole world 🙂 Her ring’s beautiful & they look amazingly happy w/ each other, a vibe you just do. not. get. from the staged J&D fauxtoshoot.

      • It is a BIG diamond with a million little diamonds around the center stone and all around the band!!

        • That seems to be very fashionable right now, the diamond with a diamond halo. It’s a pretty look, I think.

          It’s funny how time-specific wedding and engagement ring styles can be. 20 years from now, that halo style will be so “of the 2010s” and people will be wearing laser robot Mars rocks or something. (My own wedding set is from the 1930s and very of its era, so I don’t have the bezel-set 2000 fashion, which I do like a lot, but which is certainly of its era.)

          • I have donkey’s pwetty pwincess dream ring, a fat rock surrounded by pink diamonds in pink gold with another round of white diamonds. If she ever moves to SF she might try to push me into traffic for it. You know she’d cut a bitch for an iced out ring from her teenie peeny boyf.

            The whole halo popularity and it being dated did cross my mind but was less worried about the style than the color seeing as colored diamonds are the rage, it confuses guys into thinking you’re not actually engaged (ha!).

          • Oh, yours sounds absolutely gorgeous. I don’t think of wedding rings as ever getting “dated”—I think their being of particular eras is a feature rather than a bug.

        • Sounds lovely! I know she’s Princess Grifter of Griftopia, but I give her a little bit of a pass right now. She’s young enough for it to be a silly phase that she’ll eventually be embarrassed by. If she’s still doing it in 3-5 years, I’ll unleash the dogs of snark.

        • Puleese…she will NOT be conducting BOLD academy circle jerk sleep over parties after she has a little bumpkin. She’s going to marry a wallet and for sure be a stay at home mom. For my engagement ring, I went for a yellow gold band and a solitaire diamond. For my wedding band…I am thinking a bunch of little diamonds or rubies in a row…donno yet!

    • That page is funny, but it’s pretty clearly set up by a third party. That Amy lady is without-a-doubt crazy, but I’m pretty sure not even she would post a picture of Chef Boyardee ravioli and call it her own homemade stuff. Meanwhile, the original FB page for AMC posted a faux-press release saying they’re having a “Grand Re-Opening on Tuesday night, May 21, following unflattering portrayals on national television.” That sounds more like them.

      • Yeah, she posts about letting her cats out of their cage for 15 minutes every other day? Sounds spoofy to me.

      • They have a PR firm now helping them (I sure hope that was after the FBI fb post and not before). I’m sure it is a spoof (I read it quickly and then ran out for the day). At any rate, I got a good laugh (hope you all did too). That place is down the street from me and I ususally avoid things like this but for some reason it’s very entertaining to me.

  46. RUH-ROH!!! Look what happened in just two days ….
    When the D0nkey’s away, the Fans in the ‘Stans stray!

    • That’s what happens when you forget to update your credit card expiration date before leaving on The Most Important Three Week European Vacation Ever Taken By A Vapid American And Her Tacky Gay Escort(TM).

    • Yep, D0nkey’s fake Twitter count is once again on a downhill slide …

          (kidding. as of this moment, it’s 112,366)

          • SJS, they say the same thing …

          • (seems like you are subconsciously adding a sixth digit to her “tweets” number, as if she’s at more than 114k+)

          • I don’t know how to convince you that I don’t see that number. I know exactly what I’m looking at. I just took a screenshot, but I don’t know how to add it here. Maybe it shows a certain number for certain people?

          • Weird! Maybe it’s a cache issue? To save & post a screenshot, you can open / crop / save in Paint (or any photo editor & then upload to tinypic then post the URL between the [IMG] [/IMG] brackets (but “img” must be lower case!) — HTH 🙂

          • Huh. Yeah, def weird.

            I found this; maybe it’ll help

            General troubleshooting
            If you’re having trouble with, please try the following steps:

            * Try clearing your cache and cookies for your device’s mobile browser. You can clear cache and cookies from the settings menu for your mobile browser.
            * Check to make sure that javascript is enabled on your device.
            * Turn your phone off for 5 minutes to reset the connection.

          • It’s weird that this just started happening. Never a problem before. Oh well…carry on! At least I know how to upload an image now!

    • An aside, but: “A curious girl in a curious world.”

      Doesn’t, “A curious girl” sound like one of those British understatements? Where “curious” is not a compliment?
      “Oh her, yes. Curious girl, hmph.” (Arched eyebrow, meaningful glance.) As in, “Daft nutter, that bird.”

      Also, hardly a girl anymore, innit?

      • Yes, I agree…or a curiously strong mint…hey you know I don’t even think those taste that good. Too minty!

  47. Just looking at the picture for this post. Wow, there is a lot of chin happening.

    • Architect John Hagenah designed the salt-box style house for the Baughers blah blah blah The home blah blah blah for the Baughers, who have lived in it 30 years.

      Does ANYONE in that family tell the truth? D0nkey & Co were in the apartment when she was what, nine? Because the house was being built or remodeled, right? That minor detail seems to negate the architect somewhat …

    • “Several years back, our son, Britt (now an MIT physics graduate student) invited blah blah blah The occasion was an outdoor concert called “Brittstock” and featured his son’s ska band.

      Had to look up “Ska Band” — Wikipedias says it’s popular w/ skinheads.
      Little Brother Britt, you rascally scamp.

      • And it doesn’t make him a skinhead. It makes him a kid who wore Vans and skateboarded in 1997.

        • Goose. In no way did I think he was.
          But, Wikipedia really does say that …

        • My husband was in a ska band! Earlier in the 90s, though. They opened for Bim Skala Bim and other Boston-area ska bands of the era.

          And he’s certainly not a skinhead, what with the being Jewish and all.

        • It’s true and strange that a lot of UK skinheads adopted it as a sound, since nonwhite immigration there was the thing they were resenting. But, it’s simply Jamaican music, there’s nothing political about it. And the UK skinheads were just nothing.

          Ska was adapted and popular in a lot of early 80’s UK pop that got exported here, from all sorts of bands. And I’d say revived in the 90’s with No Doubt with Gwen Stefani, remembering the early 80’s there.

          Ska is just a pleasant musical style. It was def. adapted by US hardcore/punk bands, but any real racist meaning to it was pretty stripped out, if it really existed at all.

      • The Skinheads started in the 60s in UK and were originally the Mods (middle class hippies) and Rudeboys (Jamaican immigrants). Sadly, this movement was ‘invaded’ by the extreme right in the mid-late ’70s which defiled the previous 15 years of the skinhead movement.

        I do love me some ska.

    • O0ops, almost missed the name that dropped w/ a thud …

      Sen. Mark Kirk has addressed guests at fundraisers at the home. The Baughers’ daughter, media star Julia Allison Baugher, once worked for Mr. Kirk.

      Pettifogger, sit down. D0nkey was a glorified envelope-licker who may or may not have since licked more than a dozen+ taints in her in her rise to media *star* …

  48. listen I’m sure harpies have harped on this before but – holy shit is that weird wife worship lecture WEIRD! It’s like performance art for the insane. It’s absolute Freudian mouth watering insanity.

    Ellsberg – You could also have chosen NO ONE. Many real live human beings maintain their independence and individuality to the end without declaring a life mate, be it man, woman or DONKEY. You clearly lack the intellect to understand this basic point.

    Ellsberg – if your woman is an abusive person it’s not emotions, it’s “time to get the fuck out of there”. Your subservience to feminity is very 1990’s – it’s tired and trite and VERY weak – women out-earn, out-politic, out-fuck modern American men at every turn these days in any liberal modern city. It’s equality! They fought for it! It’s here!

    PS You’re a fucking idiot.

    • I tried to read it. And wow, it is long. And I just started gagging, because it was so bullshit-filled I couldn’t take it. What a bizarre article.

      I think misogyny is a horror, and casual misogyny the worst thing in the world. I can’t and don’t stand it. (I’m a gay dude). But this weird wife-as -a-goddess thing (replete with, “you could have chosen a guy” wtf wtf) is so far the other way, I wonder if it’s the flip-side of the same coin.

      How about treating women as equals, a people, as partners, as human beings? Not as wife-goddesses, or the opposite. Straight men can be really weird.

      • As you bring up some, ironically some of these types are actually the biggest closet misogynists around. The whole wife as goddess thing paints women with a very broad brush and god forbid you want to fart on occasion and sometimes act like an asshole instead of a nurturing sexy wife goddess thingy.

        I’m also exhausted by the mere prospect of how much time these people must spend sitting around talking about themselves and their relationships and actualizing and whatnot. I have a high school friend who is a very kind and earnest person, but she and her husband have been in therapy for the bulk of their 10+ year relationship, mostly because I think she likes to talk about the minutiae of their relationship until it’s ground into a fine paste (she’ll also bring up personal details about him/them in totally awkward social dinner conversations). After hanging out with them I usually a) feel like I need a nap, and b) am grateful for the fact that my husband and I tend to work out our issues by yelling and then apologizing.

        • I was struck by how deeply they seem to believe that they are on some kind of higher, brand-new philosophical love ground.

          Art, from paintings to romantic comedies, have been made throughout history, celebrating/acknowledging/exaggerating the differences in the sexes.

          I am having trouble even articulating this but it is much like Julia inventing “lifecasting.” (Someone once joked that yoga is, “an ancient form of PR, invented by Madonna”)

          It’s like they think they are making a breakthrough by illustrating the breakthrough of their relationship by doing Salsa. Actually, Salsa is a much older, nuanced, and artful expression of much of what they said. Humans are QUITE aware of gender differences.

          • [img][/img]

      • Yeah, I found that shit to be pretty misogynistic. A woman is a creative butterfly who shouldn’t have to “do” or “accomplish” anything, but inspire and radiate creativity and love into the world. Um, yeah, sure,that’d be cool, I guess, but I actually like to work and use my admittedly logical brain, plus, this mortgage ain’t gonna pay itself.

      • This.

        Silly me, for all these years I thought mutual respect, reciprocity, and not expecting people to be superhuman had something to do with success in relationships. Guess I wasn’t lucky enough to have my mind blown by psychodrama about power relationships and gender role idealizations.

      • To paraphrase Tracy Lord, I don’t want to be treated like a goddess; I want to be treated like a human being.

      • If I had seen this “connector” nonsense or read that ludicrous “woman on a pedestal” neo-platonic claptrap prior to Ellsberg sneaking into the basement, I wouldn’t even have bothered to engage any of his posts. This is the guy one should run to for help with an “up and down”–heterosexual only, please, because you coulda been gay but you’re not!–relationship?

        • That’s sort of what i was getting at. People were engaging this guy in actual conversation and trying to speak to him with logic and sanity about Donkey. Ellsburg is as big a loon Donkey. Waste of time to try to talk logic to someone like that. And we all should know that.

          But it did provide some real entertainment.

          • Indeed, although it was of the sandbox variety, i.e., you all are (anonymous) meanies and I’m taking my marbles and going home to my mommy.

      • This was the $1000 per head NYC conference where Donkey was one of the OMGspeakers and that we never heard anything about afterward. It was held right after hurricane Sandy hit so who even knows how few people were there to get their minds blown.

      • He is frightening! I thought he was just a wearer of funny shirts and shiller of stupid philosophies, but he’s kind of Dexter-esque.

  49. Julia Allison
    Tuesday near Saint-Chinian, Languedoc-Roussillon
    View from our bedroom window in the South of France. Devin keeps threatening to move here I can’t blame him!!

    A. To where? That patch of grass beneath the power lines?
    B. Without you? But why would he want t.. oh, nope – that sounds about right.

    • I think Debbie and she should move there. (“Threatened”, hm interesting word choice.). I’m sure these lovebirds would have a great gluten-free life braying American at the locals year-round.

    • “These French are so funny! They call Devin a tante, which means aunt (I looked it up!), and they say I’m ‘con’ even though I’m in favor of everything! We love how they are always kidding around!”

    • I guess they could not work there as well as they could not work here… or wherever it is they “live” these days.

  50. OT but you catladies are always such great help. My OMGboyfriend and I are moving to Chicago in September and don’t know anything about real estate there. He has been there for work and will be transferred full time but I have never been to Chicago and we don’t even know neighborhoods etc. to start looking for an apartment. Are there any Chicago catladies in the house?

    We would like at least a 1 bedroom, but 2 bedrooms would be nice to have a home office if possible. I don’t have a job there yet, so we would like to try and stay under $1800 rent in case I don’t get one right away, is that possible in Chicago? We would also like to be close to some restaurants and activities etc., not out in the suburbs since we don’t know anyone there and would like to be able to get out a lot to meet people. We’re both in our late ’20s, so an area that is not all families and more people our age might be good too. So what neighborhoods should we be looking at?

    And can you get around easily without a car? I am looking to sell mine before we move because it seems like it would be a hassle to have in a city.

    Any advice would be so great! I’m excited but a little nervous about this new adventure, I’m not much of a city cat.

    • $1800 will get you very nice places in Logan Square or Lakeview, or hell, a high rise in the West Loop. Check out for apartment listings. It’s easy to get around without a car and zipcars and the like are readily available. Welcome! You’re gonna love it!

      • Thank you! OK I’m jotting this down. BTW my boyfriend’s job is in an area I think called Cicero if that helps. But he doesn’t care about living close to work because he is keeping his car, so wherever is the right place for us will work. I would like to get rid of my car, but I don’t have a job yet so I’ll look for something close to wherever we end up.

        • Cicero is an inner burb…. He will probably care more about being close to work after dealing with traffic daily. Uki village may be a great suggestion for you, also maybe Bridgeport. Do you have time to visit and walk around the neighborhoods you want to check out? That’s really the only way to do it…

          • Yes, we’re taking our vacation there next month so we can walk around and maybe even find an apartment. I’m trying to do as much research as possible before we go. So Uki Village is Ukraine Village?

          • Yeah, we really want to live in the city and experience that because we never have before. When/if we have kittens we could move out to the suburbs.

        • what if your field? your work could be more or less likely to be downtown or in a burb, depending

          • I work in sales for a large food company. I’m looking in food & beverage first, but sales skills are adaptable, so I may have to move into a different industry. A lot of the food and beverage jobs are out in the sticks because that’s where the factories are.

        • Cicero is accessible from the Forest Park blue line, so Logan, Hermosa, Avondale would be good bets. Oak Park and Forest Park are nice, nearby inner ring suburbs on the blue line that are close to Cicero.

        • So, if his job is in Cicero, which is southwest of the city, Logan Square or Uki Village would be an easier drive for him then the Northern Eastern parts of the city. (Lakeview or Uptown) Look at for rentals, you can do a map search to see what is available, Zillow has good rental options as well. I just gave my students a project to research finding an apartment in the city, I was amazed at how many good places they found. Your OMG boyfriends boss using $2000 as a yardstick seems to be referring to ritzy areas by the lake which quite frankly are a fucking hassle to live in because the traffic is so congested and if you do not have guaranteed parking you are screwed. Consider Western as a street you want to live somewhere near, pretty good travel street, plenty of access to public tran.

      • I am surprised at what I’m seeing on Craigslist. I’m sure there are a lot of scams but in general, the prices aren’t as high as expected. His employer told him to expect to pay $2k for a decent apartment. We may be able to do fine even if I just get a part time job at a store or whatever.

      • OK I just read all about the loop on wiki, thanks! God I feel like I have so much to learn. Starting to freak out a little. 🙂

        Is Chicago a pretty safe city? All I keep hearing when we tell people we’re moving there is about how “clean” it is.

    • uptown, wrigleyville, wicker park rogers park — all good

      occasional steals in lincoln park

      think express bus, trains

        • chicago is awesome. climate change has helped with the winters. think straightest line from work to where you want to live. trains are awesome so are buses.

          people who want houses can live in various suburbs w another train system but it’s far and expensive unless u have kids and are leery of chicago public schools which still mostly suck

    • There are so many awesome neighborhoods in Chicago. My saddest day was when I have to move back to NYC due to a job. I lived in Lakeview. We had an a HUGE 2 bedroom with awesome built-in woodwork for $1650. Lakeview was the perfect neighborhood for a new comer (ease of mass transport, very mellow, felt down right suburban to me). I moved there without knowing anything about Chicago. That said, if you are looking for a more hip hood–You can look at Urkranian Village and Wicker Park. Also nice is Andersonville. In general, you can’t go wrong.

      • Thank you! I am nervous and excited at the same time. Sorry you had to leave!

  51. I am partial to Lincoln Square, Ravenswood and Andersonville. The huscat and I have a great place in LS for $1600/month. Public trans is easy. You don’t need a car. Welcome!!!

    • I lived in Andersonville for 7 years back when there were basically tumbleweeds blowing down that part of Clark Street. Boy, has that neighborhood changed. It might be too pricey for what she’s looking for now, but I’m not sure. Also, it’s way North and the bf is commuting to a South suburb. Gorgeous neighborhood, though.

      On another note: I have a ton of friends who live in Chicago and they all have cars. I never found the El to be that convenient–it was a five block walk from my apartment and then you had to stand on a platform outside in the freezing cold in winter. I eventually got a car. Sold it when I moved to nyc.

      • the el is all about where you live and where you’re going

        lived in lincoln park and took the express bus downtown; lived in uptown and walked to the train

      • A lot of people do have cars. I was able to go almost 3 years without one but I did live and work right off the Red line.

    • Oh I didn’t see these replies! Thank you for all the feedback. The only things I know about Chicago are from “Ferris Bueller” and movies like that. 🙂 We are keeping one car (his) so he can drive it to work and so we can travel on weekends or whatever, but I am almost certain I am going to sell mine because it doesn’t seem like it will be fun dealing with parking and insurance in a city. And I’m nervous about driving in the city.

      • One car is likely to be all you need, unless you’re each commuting to different suburbs.

      • My friend lived in Ukranian Village and looooved it! And I really enjoyed visiting her when she lived in Chicago 🙂

      • I have friends that live downtown. At least I was friends with this person when I was 4 and keep in touch via facebook. They had their bikes stolen. But I’d say they are not the most street-wise folks who ever lived in Chicago!

        • Yes! I’ve been looking at ads online all day and Logan has some great prices, but so far those are the most interesting places too. (Not so cookie-cutter square-box shapes.) My current roommate and I rent a really cute cape cod-style house with lots of built-ins and cute archways and I’ve been sad to think I’ll have to give that up to get a shoebox-shaped apartment. The bf and I still might have to get a shoebox depending on what’s available in September (everything I saw today was for June), but I’m feeling more hopeful. When his new boss told him to look for $2k+ apartments, my heart sank because we couldn’t spend that much and still have money to go out to dinners, etc. But it looks like we may not even have to spend $1800. Yay! I’m loving Chicago already!

  52. just popping in to say if i were julie, my vacation vibrational congruence would become seriously misaligned with the news that yahoo may be buying tumblr for north of $1 billion. meanwhile, healing chef girl-r-dee has an omg sexy loft, no job, and no trust fund. to think, if only the sideways scrolling empire had taken off, and lilly hadn’t taken a shit in the tumblr office, donks could be marissa mayer!

    • She has a photo of their laundry drying on a line outside their “chateau” in Southern France on FB.

      • The photo of her laundry from France says it was posted from Spain yet she just posted they are in Italy now…

        AND SHE IS CROWD SOURCING FOR CHARMING PLACES TO STAY IN FLORENCE OR PISA. Did they really just fly to Europe with no plans whatsoever?

  53. Oh dear:

    “A month before I met Farhad, I visualized him…I envisioned what he’d look like. This part gives me chills to think about now. “He’s 6’1 and 185 lbs. Dark hair and 31 years old.” I told my friend. And that, he is exactly.

    I met Farhad one month after setting this intention and visualizing him. It very quickly became clear we were put on this earth to love each other. A month in, we decided we’d spend the rest of our lives together. Two months in, we moved in together. Five months in, we decided to be bi-coastal. Six and a half months in, we’re engaged.

    If you want something, visualize it. Fully embrace and experience wherever you are now, taking the gifts that the moment holds for you. Imagine what your future feels like and looks like. Envision how it works and why. Picture it in as much detail as possible.

    Your future is waiting for you and you hold the keys inside.”


    • And let me guess – for the low, low price of $5,000 for a week, she can tell YOU how to do just this!

    • “A month before I met Farhad, I visualized him…I envisioned what he’d look like. This part gives me chills to think about now. “He’s 6’1 and 185 lbs. Dark hair and 31 years old.” I told my friend. And that, he is exactly.”

      So she is shallow. Got it.

    • If you are attracted to tall, dark men around your own age, then that’s the type of person you’ll seek out…. presto, they appear! It’s magic!

    • What does “decided to be bi-coastal” mean?

      I’m being serious. I don’t understand.

  54. Holy fuckin shit. Tucker Max’s chin is insane. For some reason “Mack the Knife” plays in my head when I see that pic.

  55. Bump’d.

    Granny thinks it stinks says:
    March 24, 2013 at 8:12 am

    Ellsberg spied the stumpy-legged brunette from across the room. He knew that if he didn’t act quickly, that walking chin Tucker Max would saddle up and ride her home.

    With urgency now, he strode as quickly over to her as his leatherish outfit would allow. As he reached her from behind, he grabbed her shoulders and leaned into her ear. The smell of a sullied litterbox filled his nostrils. Here goes, he thought.

    “I’m in the mood for Greek…and I’m not talking about gyros. Care to join me?”

  56. What a week it’s been, Glad this one is over. Thanks to all you catpeeps for keeping me entertained.

    I can’t be bothered scrolling back to reply in the right place, but did anyone else thing “He’s just not that into her” when Donkey wrote “Devin keeps threatening to move here”?

    Not “Devin thinks we should move here”?

    Based on this, I guess he didn’t put a ring on it.

    • Aww, how sweet. Has Donkey come in to tell us this herself, or have I not been paying attention and Bray is a regular commenter?

    • AWESOME!!!! So are they staying awake for the next 48 hours, high on espresso from Italy’s most famed cafe, Starbucks, to put a video of the proposal together? I imagine they’ll have to use some blur tools to hide that a donkey is getting a giant CZ from Devin Stetler, aspiring, yet unemployed line cook. Or a flawed diamond the size of a poppy seed.

      I really hope you’re right, I can’t wait for the wedding cray to begin!!!! Will Michael Ellsberg do a fertility woo woo dance in a mesh shirt??? What kind of feather cap will he wear? I hope a leather arm band, AT LEAST!!!!

      So blessed, so cowardly!

  57. Sorry I was only joking. I’m sure she’ll post it on every possible Social Media outlet the moment it happens.

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