1. Well, she showed me. I could’ve sworn she didn’t actually go.

    Then again, when she gets back she’ll have no job, no money, and no 4 bedroom in San Fran. So there’s that.

    • I didn’t think they actually went either but are they really there really – like this fauxto video is a real Parisian experience? Also, hats off to them, the video reminds of Lydia Lunch & Glyn Styler’s cover art for for their amazing cover of Jacques Brel’s The Desperate Ones.[img]http://www.google.com/search?q=lydia+lunch+glyn+styler+desperate+ones&client=safari&hl=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=6wSQUeH8KMWs4APO94CoDA&ved=0CAoQ_AUoAA&biw=1024&bih=672#biv=i%7C0%3Bd%7C6NThC7W0EQusYM%3A[/img]

  2. Speechless. And yet…I didn’t think Julia could shock me anymore with her foolishness, but this…this…well, it ascends to new heights of foolishness. I cannot believe she wore the platform clodhoppers to climb around steep flights of stone stairs in the hopes it would make her legs look longer and thinner.

  3. Lol..nice song choice. Rough translation:

    I don’t want to work
    I don’t want to eat lunch
    I just want to forget
    and then i smoke.

    Another choice line:

    A single flower in my presence makes me sick.


  4. Comment from Michael Ellsberg –

    Happy anniversary you lovebirds!!! It’s been so special watching your love develop into a true epic love story over the last year.

    Reply from Julia who has to be smoking something –

    We were thinking of you, Michael, as this seemed like a fitting birthday tribute to you 🙂 thank you for your guidance and mentorship this past year. We love you!!!

    If anyone other then my children gave me a video of them looking like total douches stomping around Paris as a “birthday tribute”, I’d ask for a receipt. She is such a pretentious hack.

    • so their birthday present to greasy sex gargoyle was photos of them?? who does that?!

    • Who the hell needs “mentorship” for a romantic relationship???

          • @juliaspublicist – As their friend, I’ve observed quite a lot of their love develop over the last year, from early dates to lots of ups and downs to what occurs to me as a very solid, meaningful love.

            I’d be glad to share my observations of the quality of their love.

            But first, I want to know, is there any part of you that would be happy if she actually did find true love, in a real, lasting relationship?

          • @Michael Ellsberg

            Welcome to the basement. I love finding out that Julie’s IRL friends are secret cat ladies.

            And I’d say we’re realists, not cynics.

          • Yep, we’re all fat, lonely, jealous cynics here, who could all do with a good eye-gazing quite frankly. You sure got us pegged.

          • Sorry, but dislike of a person’s behavior (fabrications, grandiosity, callous self-interest, exhibitionism, etc.) has nothing to do with cynicism. What would be cynical is to think that everyone is like that, but the point of this site is just the opposite.

          • If she did find true, real, lasting love, I guess I would be pleased, because it meant that she found the help from a real mental health professional that could help her overcome the obvious sociopathy and narcissism that is her ultimate barrier to finding the true and real love she desperately seeks. I don’t know if “happy” would be an accurate description. More like “no longer amused and fascinated by her abject narcissism and inability to function as an intelligent, sane adult.” I wouldn’t bemoan it or make jokes about it if it seemed at all real.

            You people throw around these phrases like “meaningful love” or “revealed new depths about our relationship and ourselves” and pat yourselves on the back without explaining how it’s meaningful or what depths experiences like taking a staged picture with a camera revealed. Take a whiff. That’s what bullshit smells like. Call me a cynic if you want. I’m just happy I’m not constantly living in a state of delusional inauthenticity.

          • As I noted in the comments of the last post, I am 100% behind this union. They are perfect for each other.

            Also, it means lulz forever for us.

            Meanwhile, based on your vague and cliche description, it appears that thei relationship developed as most other do so, I guess, yay? Congratulations, you managed to accomplish something most functioning adults do every day?

            Do I think she deserves happiness? Based on her behavior toward humankind- including friends, family, and professional associates- for 33 years, I’m mostly mystified how anyone can take to a Donkey, much less put up with her for a solid year. But, you know, their coupling doesn’t detract from my own happiness – I just come here for the laughs.

          • Lone wolf here, but I like Annie Lalla, quite frankly. Doesn’t matter; point is, you’re trying to apply her quote to an environment that’s out of context w/ her intent — I’m only vaguely aware of her love coach angle & yet I get it, but you, her close friend, as a writer, you don’t understand how & where her words apply?

            Do RBD regs believe that Julia Allison’s life agenda is fueled primarily by self-interest? Yep, that is the cynicism that binds, in addition to a prevailing attitude of realism which finds antics of a narcissist’s ideals about love to be thoroughly entertaining.

          • I’m wondering why anyone at RBD needs to justify ourselves to a group of snake oil salesmen who make their living by the PT Barnum-like fleecing of weak and gullible people with emotional and personal disorders by posing as gurus and coaches and ‘personal branding’ experts. That you all can sleep at night is beyond my understanding.

            Julia has willfully and purposefully put on a show for the past seven years and she’s still putting on that same show, she has not changed a bit in the past year. As she’s said, it’s all about perception and presentation, and in her case, it’s increasingly sad and desperate and laughable. But bottom line, to us she is no more than a pitiable sitcom character come to life, we are just consumers of the ongoing sitcom.

            Once she decides to stop with the bullshit, including the posing and pretension and bragging and trumping up her “achievements” and lying and faking it and engaging in purely obnoxious and sometimes harmful interactions with others, then maybe RBD will cease to exist because the Julia show will go away. But apparently she can’t seem to help herself. This Paris fauxtoshoot is a perfect exhibition of The Julia Show in all its pretentiousness and famewhoring. They very easily could have just made this video private for a select audience, but they WANTED us to see it. Are you starting to understand?

            Does anyone here care if she’s found true love? No, what is interesting to us now is that she’s somehow just found a pathetic carbon copy of herself, and those two making fools out of themselves will keep us entertained as long as it lasts. Good for her, good for him, good for us.

            RBD isn’t forcing opinions on anyone else. This is an open site but it could be a closed one just as easily and the opinions would still be the same. We are not haters, we are just snarkily entertained viewers of The Julia Show until it somehow (if ever) goes away.

          • But first, I want to know, is there any part of you that would be happy if she actually did find true love, in a real, lasting relationship?

            To quote Grumpy Cat, a philosopher whose insights I find more interesting and profound than those of Annie Lallalalalala: “No.”

            I don’t wish her ill, but I don’t wish well for her either. Not everyone deserves good wishes.

          • So, the snake oil salesman extraordinaire is a cat lady, if only when he’s googling himself a la “Jules” and can’t resist making a trip to the basement. Understand, Mr. Ellsberg, that most folks in happy relationships, like myself, don’t feel the need to broadcast it to the world, nor do we have the time. Of course, I’m speaking of those who actually work for a living and aren’t trying to fleece others and/or are being bankrolled by our parents while we loll about. A trip to Paris to take pictures of themselves?! They needed a vacation from their vacation?

          • It’s so cute that you think it’s real and stuff. Aww. Should I put on a Disney movie after this? How about a juice box?

          • As someone stated above, this quote is from George Carlin. I would L.O.V.E. to hear what George Carlin would have said about this group.

          • … first, I want to know, is there any part of you that would be happy if she actually did find true love …


            After all, that is how you promoted her on your money-making (or did it?) BLOW YOUR MIND 2012 CONFERENCE when you featured her as a “Genius Mind in Business & Marketing” …

            Her audience consists of three demographics: the snark site regs; the bought-&-paid-for Fans in the ‘Stans; you & your ilk who make $$ off her back … how fkn genius is that?

          • Whenever one of my friends has a relationship which is described as having “lots of ups and downs”, especially within the first year, I advise them to close up shop and move on. Any love coach worth their golem, would do the same.

            Which isn’t to say people don’t stay together forever and ever working on it and working on it but, those just tend to be long, miserable relationships instead of short ones. I see no honor in that, to be quite honest.

            Of course, Michael Ellsberg, you and I may just have to agree to disagree on this. Though, I’ll warn you, the Heated Growth Opportunities? Eh, they ain’t what their cracked up to be.

          • “But first, I want to know, is there any part of you that would be happy if she actually did find true love, in a real, lasting relationship?”



            What, you mean she hasn’t?

            This is why no one cares what you think, BTW.

          • I love that Michael Ellsberg, greasy sex gargoyle, is quoting Annie Lalalallalalalala quoting George Carlin.

            I die of embarrassment for him and all these grifters. Fun to watch tho!

          • @juliaspublicist – “If she did find true, real, lasting love, I guess I would be pleased, because it meant that she found the help from a real mental health professional that could help her overcome the obvious sociopathy and narcissism that is her ultimate barrier to finding the true and real love she desperately seeks.”

            I’m happy you would be pleased if something good happened in her life- at least it’s not pure schadenfreude then here.

            I think you’re going to find that this part of you will be pleased. Will it be 3 years before you admit that it’s lasting? 5 years? I don’t know.

            And, it may not look like what *you* would want for a relationship. But I think at some point you’re just going to have to admit she’s found lasting love. As sure as I can predict anything, I think they’re going to last.

            When I first met her, in 2011, I saw how much she wanted a relationship, and I saw a lot of blocks within her to having that relationship.

            I figured I could be of help, as someone who had gone from being very blocked and miserable around relationships myself, to finding the love and relationship I had been looking for. I believed she could get what she was seeking.

            I’ve spent a lot of time with them as a couple since they first got together. And now–with a lot of bumps along the way–she’s in what I think is a very loving, reciprocal, committed relationship.

            You keep saying she needs to seek a therapist. But not all personal growth and learning happens in a therapist office. Sometimes people learn just by being in the right relationship, and I believe that’s what has happened. They both want this really badly, they’ve worked *hard* for it.

            You all can “meow” and “screech” all you want against this view (cat ladies! lol 😉 you can question the value of their relationship, etc., – but I’ve spent a lot of time with them, and I remain convinced of: their commitment to each other and the relationship; their willingness to look into themselves and grow in ways that make the relationship work (yes, this applies to Julia as much as to Devin); and their deep and palpable love and care for each other.

            “I wouldn’t bemoan it or make jokes about it if it seemed at all real.”

            But they’ve been together for a year now. They’re in love. What exactly would have to happen for you to admit its real? On their wedding day will you’ll be saying “This isn’t real”? On their anniversaries, etc.? “This isn’t real.”

            They post some photos of themselves on Facebook- so do hundreds of millions of couples around the world. Why are you so convinced this isn’t a real relationship?

            It seems, from reading some of your posts and comments, that you all *want* them to break up, just to confirm your view of Julia as someone incapable of being in love for a lasting time and having that love reciprocated.

            Seeing that they haven’t broken up, and aren’t going to any time soon, you turn to putting down Devin- he must be a wimp, he must be gay and in denial, he must be whatever… But actually, it’s impossible to meet him in person and *not* think “What a great guy”- he’s kind hearted, funny, intelligent, deeply caring, and deeply committed.

            But rather than put down Devin and disbelieve Julia could be in a stable relationship with a great guy, perhaps it’s time to add more subtlety and nuance into your view of Julia?

            She’s actually not a caricature, in person, as a friend. Maybe she was when she was younger, I don’t know. You all seem to think she was. But she just isn’t now.

            You can always look at anyone with jaundiced eyes. What’s harder is seeing the nuance within people.

            I’m drawn to people who are growing from their past. I had a pretty messed up 20s too, and I can spot when people are making changes in their lives. That’s when I like to reach out.

            Lately, I’ve been trying as I hard as I can to see the 3D contradictions within people (of which I have many), which are changing and evolving, rather than seeing everything as 2D, black-and-white, unchanging character flaws.

            You all have contradictions too. I have contradictions- oh yeah, plenty of them. Julia has contradictions

            Maybe there could be *some* good-willed dialogue here, with someone who actually knows Julia, rather than just volleys of spite going back and forth?

            Call me idealistic. But I’m open to that, if anyone else is. I hope you all will consider. Maybe the character you write about is more nuanced–and has more resources within her– than you’re giving her credit for…

          • @MichaelsEllberg – you say “You keep saying she needs to seek a therapist. But not all personal growth and learning happens in a therapist office. Sometimes people learn just by being in the right relationship…” and that you are “drawn to people who are growing from their past.”

            Six years ago, Julia outted and ex who she said had Bipolar on Gawker, not once but twice. Not a month ago, she outted Michael Arrington to a reporter saying he is Bipolar too (nevermind accused him of abuse and pushed the woman he allegedly abused out into the spotlight against her will) Michael, as someone who has talked about having Bipolar – knows of its stigma and shame – can you define what in the hell personal growth means to you?

            I’m glad they are deeply in love – I actually believe it. You win. But she is still a horrible person with not an iota of growth.

          • @Michael Ellsworth. You haven’t been around Julia long enough to see her patterns. Many people are charmed by Julia when the first meet her then they start to see who she really is. Ever wondered why Julia’s closest friends have only really known her for about 2 or 3 years? Where are the ones from 4 years ago? 5? Longer? They no longer wish to associate with her as closely or as intimately as they once did.

            It’s great you think she’s changing but her behavior – and actions speak louder than feel-good emotionally congruent words – indicates she’s still the same old Julia.

          • @ (formerly Malf) – I don’t really follow the whole public side of Julia, aside from reading here every once in a while.

            Honestly, I read here because I think it’s fascinating. As someone who grew up with a father whom a lot of people hate very publicly–in fact, as someone who has personally opened death threats against him–I find the wide divergence between people’s hatred of someone I know and care about as a human being, and my personal experience of them, fascinating.

            We live in this bizarre world now in which *everyone* (more or less) is a public celebrity now. (Unless they blog anonymously 😉

            Yes, it’s a strange world, and there are starting to be train wrecks from it.

            One of the strange things is that–like all celebrities since the age of mass media–the life of a micro-celebrity in person is very different fromt he images that get formed in the public.

            I’m a non-fiction writer. The first lie of non-fiction is that it’s non. I’m not talking here in the James Frey sense, but in the sense that ANY time you select parts of yourself to show, which is necessary for writing intended for an audience (vs. journaling, which is its own form of character-creating), you’re basically creating a character.

            Then people understandably interact with that character as if it is the same as the person. But the person in real life is much more multidimensional and rich than *any* character could portray–even when that character is self-portrayed.

            As for how can I see growth? Even you admit she’s in a real relationship now. She couldn’t have done that when I met her 2 years ago- and she admitted that openly.

            That change, from not capable to relationship, to being in a real one, didn’t come about randomly. She sought out that growth, very intentionally and determinedly. Maybe not in the psychotherapy way you all want, but still, it’s very noticeable growth I’ve seen with my own eyes.

            I’m not here to defend her actions on the social media sphere- you’d probably just find that boring and predictable anyway, and it would be. I don’t even follow them, don’t intend to.

            In bipolar in general (not re Arrington or that guy in the past), though- personally I don’t find it a stigma or something to be ashamed about. Not saying people should be “outed”–again, I don’t know what happened in the cases you mentioned– but I find the whole terminology of “outing” strange. Would we talk about “outing” someone with cancer? (I’m also a cancer survivor, BTW- testicular cancer, another one people seem to be ashamed about.)

            Like cancer, it’s very destructive if not dealt with– but I just don’t see any shame in it.

            If you wipe out all the art, music, writing and companies that have been created by bipolar people, you’d have a much smaller economy with a lot less art and music and writing.

          • You forget, Mr. Ellsberg, that many of us here know Julia and have been subjected to her BS up close. I don’t doubt that these two are in love. Julia has manged to find someone dimmer than herself, equally culturally illiterate and narcissistic and also apparently leery of gainful employment. I’m sure they’ll have all the time in the world to pursue the greatest love the world has ever known … with pictures. Oh, and nice indirect shill for yourself. Click on your link and we can buy your book on eye contact or give you 5K to help us nurture our relationships. Interesting that Julia got herself together when hanging around the “life coach” grifter gang, or at least she has according to your psychological assessment. Where did you go to receive training in relationship counseling? I would be interested in knowing.

          • @Michael Ellsberg
            I learned about Julia through gawker (in ’07, maybe?) then the original baugher reblog (’08 or ’09?) and thought of both as harmless entertainment.
            Then, I found this site and now visit it on the daily for some of the funniest commentary and tightly knit community on the interwebs. These may seem trivial things, but I lead a busy life and see no shame in admitting when I need some guidance – you just cannot beat this crew for great book recommendations, travel tips and brilliant off handed advice about make up, restaurants and TV shows. I’m here for the LOLs and the intelligence.

            A funny thing happened to me back in 2011 and continuing until late last year. I started coming across people in my personal and professional life who had associated with (either on their own accord or because of a job) then disassociated with Julia. Every story was similar – No work ethic. No ethics period. A user. A grifter. Ignores rules and deadlines. Shows no interest in others. Cannot maintain a real friendship. Cannot keep a job. Has inflated sense of self importance. Does not follow through on plans and promises.

            Seeing how her selfishness, folly and carelessness impacted my friends and colleagues really stunned me. This idiotic female is not just a time killer on my morning commute or a point and laugh kind of annoyance. She is a truly horrible human who has created a lot of strife and stress for people in their jobs and relationships. She has taken advantage of the kindness and open hearts/minds of some wonderful people.

            You say she has grown and changed, but, to someone watching since 2007 and having trusted people in my life confide in me about who she really is, it’s all wash, rinse and repeat. Same old same old up until, last I heard, Christmas last year. Even with your mentoring.

            She’s a liar and an idiot and everyone knows it.

          • Being “in love” doesn’t wipe out her personality defects or asshole behavior. I don’t know what the issue is that you feel the need to correct here.

          • This is such a useless conversation. Michael, that’s great that you don’t feel stigma about your biploar – but I kind of got that from your infinity article in Forbes. But other people DO find it deeply shameful and full of stigma and a close family member of mine lost their job because someone like Julia decided to gossip about it.

            I meant “outted” as in a secret the person doesn’t want people to know. In one of these cases it’s been made clear by one person she “outted” not once but twice for being Bipolar and his mother that what Julia Allison did was very, very painful for them.

            It’s great your so evolved, LOL. I wouldn’t think someone that fakes as many credentials as Julia and is as gainfully employed (Ha!) would care if people know about his bipolarness or anyone else’s.

            The point is she did it with very malicious intent. Both times, both people. (Never mind what she did to her “sister” Megan Asha just a month ago). And if you read here, you see the malicious things she’s done and the people she’s hurt, a very good friend of mine included (which brought me here) – are in the not so distant past.

            You can say you don’t keep up with her “social media” antics. How can that be true if you read here? You say you’re the best of friends? Because I can’t think of a time where I’ve been told a friend (like Julia is to you) just leaked incriminating information about supposed best friend and her abuse at the hand to a boyfriend while AT THE SAME TIME insisting she was being harassed by the press and has said nothing to them MEANWHILE was texting said friend and acting oh so innocent, “What should I do???”

            See, I try and stay away from psychos like that. If you want to associate them and give them seal clasps for falling in love, then it’s all on you that you choose to be ignorant that they are rotten to their very core./ END RANT

          • Uh oh, I do believe someone just got Kwai Chang Caine’d.

            The grifter has become the grifted.

          • Dude, we don’t have to be cynical to spot bullshit when we see it. I, for one, expect better from people than the endless daisy-chain of navel-gazing self-importance that you and your crowd engage in. That’s the opposite of cynicism: that’s idealism, to believe that humanity is better than a bunch of overprivileged wankers logrolling each others’ bullshit projects constantly.

            You’ve got a fucking nerve calling any of us cynical after you wrote a public mash note to Tucker Max.

          • In bipolar … personally I don’t find it a stigma or something to be ashamed about.

            It’s intent that we’re talking about — your close & personal friend Julia Allison Baugher resorts to “He’s bi-polar & he won’t take his meds!” as a weapon meant to insult someone & damage their reputation.

            Hey, Ellsberg? Play your cards right, maybe Dad$er will put you in front of a jury as a character witness on D0nkey’s behalf if/when Michael Arrington sues her for libel & defamation — surely you will (snap*) blow. (snap*) their. (snap*) mind. when relaying your experience to that which has never happened to you.

        • So sorry I missed this.

          “You keep saying she needs to seek a therapist. But not all personal growth and learning happens in a therapist office. Sometimes people learn just by being in the right relationship, and I believe that’s what has happened. They both want this really badly, they’ve worked *hard* for it.”

          Are you seriously considering your work on helping them, or her finding a relationship, to the real work she would and should be doing in a therapists office? Like, someone who a PhD who does this for a living? Um. Sociopaths never change, I’m convinced she is one. And even if she were NOT, so, you’re saying that finding a relationship just cured all of her well-documented, terrible behavior caused by an obvious mood or personality disorder?

          Okay, just checking. Keep doing whatever the fuck it is you do, that no one cares about. I really love your father. Must be hard living up to that. But you’re doing your thang, it’s all good. Just don’t judge my ass for being here because I’m far from a cynic.

          • NO relationship does that. Real work on oneself does that. You can find “the one” and you are still the same person with an obvious personality disorder or mood disorder or just plain shitty personality, at least one of which she has. So whatever, go fuck.

          • Lastly, people who feel the need to take videos of themselves doing some sexy “lambada” type belly dance as couple then posting it for all to see creep me out. You creep me out. You’re choice of friends creeps me out.

    • She’s got Michael McDonald on retainer. Retainer = a half-eaten saucisse sec and a couple bags of Lay’s Poulet Rôti et Thym potato chips.

    • it doesn’t matter who took them, what matter is that they were taken on an Olympus Pen Mini ! #ad

    • ugh, a moron is me. J is of course donkey. I thought he was thanking someone else named “J” for helping with the slideshow.

    • I love it how he goes from “Julia” to “Jules” in the text

      He is quickly becoming French, get it?

      PS: The stripper shoes in Montmartre kill me. Really, Donkey?? Climbing those stairs on 12″ heels???

    • the one of him holding the starbucks cup (classy) is NO WAY raw. it looks like a painting, for christ’s sake.

      • I totally agree. He also looks skeletal in it — Julia must have accidentally applied the ‘tiny and cute’ filter while taking it.

  5. My huscat’s comments:

    “Huh. She doesn’t look so horrible in these. He looks like a weasel in a suit.”


    “Jesus, that’s a lot of pictures for one vacation.”

    When I told them they were all from one day, two days max, he was o_O.

    • Your husband nailed it! A weasel in a suit! LOL. That is exactly what he looks like. He gives me the creepy shivers.

  6. THIS IS AMAZING. These pictures are killing me. They each tucked up one leg on the shot on the steps to make a heart! TO MAKE A HEART. Barf barf barf oh my god I can’t stop laughing. I would be so embarrassed to share this, or if any of my friends shared this. It’s like… have they not been living in the world for the past 30 years?

    • If I ever asked my husband to bend his leg to make a heart shape for a picture he would promptly have me hospitalized. And I wouldn’t blame him. These whackaloons are in their 30s and doing this! So embarrassing. They are utterly perfect for each other.

    • Yeah, I don’t even see a heart there.
      Then again, I don’t see two lovebirds either.

  7. What jumped out at me:

    * In so many of the photos, she is gazing at him adoringly while he ignores her and looks at the camera.

    * In the kissing photo, she’s very into it and he’s staring blankly over her head.

    * They took time out of a VACATION IN PARIS to do a photo shoot and compile a video slideshow. Shouldn’t these “madly in love” assholes be too busy fucking to hang out on the computer?

    It’s been said before, but Donk has really met her match. Dervin is in love with himself and thinks he’s using her as a stepping stone to bigger things than being an aspiring line cook.

    • “They took time out of a vacation in Paris” = this IS the vacation for them. Seriously, the main activity is getting their picture taken. These are all from one day, maybe a day and a half.

      This is their trip to Paris. Endless photo sessions. For no reason. Not vacation photos like most people do them, a few pictures snapped to remember a fun activity. The pictures are the fun activity as far as Julie and Derwood are concerned.

      They have found their soullessmates in each other. Pray to Greg they don’t procreate.

    • i was thinking the exact same thing — she truly has met her match. that one of him crouching on the steps with the camera, blue-steeling off into space in his “serious photographer artiste” pose? barf.

      i also can’t believe they stayed up so late just to put this together. most normal people would wait until they got HOME to make any sort of photo album or slideshow to share with family. but nooo, these douchetards HAD TO DO IT RIGHT AWAY. what the fuck? this is what your trip is consisting of? taking a million photos of each of each other and then huddling around a laptop? i am both disgusted and not at all surprised all at the same time.

      • My thoughts too, that this fauxtoshow took some time to put together. You’re in damned Paris, for just a few days, you should be out there exploring that amazing city and ready to drop from exhaustion when you get back to your hotel room. But, they stayed up hours compiling this. Baughling, these two.

  8. GOD. Delurking from forever ago to AGAIN comment on her choice of footwear. What in the actual fuck.

    • Yes as she casually clomps around in 5 inch platform devin’s never gonna fuck me pumps.

    • Totally.

      She is gonna fall down those steps, the stupid Donkey!

      PS: Bingo times infinity!

      • Y’all are tots overlooking the lace-up flats D0nkey is sportin’ in some of those fauxtos — she carried a bag of props, including a 2nd camera for Dervish to pose w/ (every fauxto was captured on the Olympus mini pen or w/e the eff they’re shilling for, so they say bray)

        • Reminds me of this whore I know on Facebook who has posted several pics of herself holding and looking at her iPhone…and the pics are posted from her iPhone. Either she has 2 iPhones (which I doubt) or she was holding someone else’s and posed, to try to look like she was captured in a candid.

          • Nope. It was shot from the side, the phone wasn’t facing forward and she seemed to be looking intently at the phone in her hand while smiling her best “I’m soooooooooo sexy!!!” evil Joker-like grin.

      • Y’all are tots overlooking the lace-up flats D0nkey is sportin’ in some of those fauxtos — she carried a bag of props, including a 2nd camera for Dervish to pose w/ (every fauxto was captured on the Olympus mini pen or w/e the eff they’re shilling for, so they say bray)

        • While you’re at it, tots overlook my double posting, eh? RBD is sooooo challenging! I just may book some internat’l travel to celebrate my time here, ya know?

        • I was wondering if she bought those shoes halfway through what must have been an incredibly painful day walking around in those ridiculous heels. Or perhaps those shoes were never meant to be photographed, and she actually wore them to walk around in, only changing into the heels for the photos?

      • I guess they couldn’t find a Houstons?

      • No better way to soak up the local culture better than to track down the nearest American chain coffee shop franchise.. Maybe they’ll check out what the local Parisian 7-11’s look like next?

    • All those pics…and a grand total of 3 had neither one of their grifter mugs in it.

      Enjoy it Julia. When you run out of money and can’t take him anywhere anymore, your ass is headed back to Stables de Baugher.

  9. What on earth is she wearing? It looks like she stole a “Sandy” costume from a community theater production of Grease.

    Also, is she trying to inhale a macaron through her nostril in that one picture? I guess the gluten doesn’t count that way.

    • Macarons don’t have gluten; the flour in the shells is almond flour.

      Bet she doesn’t know that, though.

      • But powdered sugar is cut with flour or cornstarch, to make it more powdery or something– at least the stuff sold in the US is that way. I have made and scarfed many a macaron, and the sugar will make your teeth hurt (and give them little fuzzy jackets).

        • Not in France; the confectioner’s sugar there has silica added to keep it powdery. Cornstarch doesn’t have gluten in any case.

          So sorry, so fat, so obsessive about the glutens, so prone to droning on about them.

          • So if you have friends who really can’t eat gluten, you can order the Laduree macarons for them with confidence!

          • I’d love to bring back some French confectioner’s sugar… but I’m guessing I couldn’t travel with a big bag of white powder.

          • Tingolayo, you definitely can travel with white powder. I recently brought my family in the States a bag of tapioca starch from here in Brazil, which could come off as pretty damn sketchy, but I had no problems. Just be sure it has some sort of label, and you should be okay.

  10. I can’t believe. That this guy actually exists. On Earth. How the ever loving fuck

    • My husband said, in the middle of our delicious dinner, “What is the story with Horrible Woman’s suit-weasel boyfriend, anyway?” and I was all “You’ve been brooding about this for hours?”

      “Not brooding,” he said. “Flabbergasted.”

        • I burst out laughing this morning and he wanted to know why. So I told him I was looking at Horrible Woman’s* vacation photos and he wanted to see.

          It was still traumatizing him hours later.

          * This is her name in our house after husband witnessed the floor-oinking on “Miss Advised”.

          • Oh, sorry, you said “how” not “why”. I told him about Derwood becoming a Healing Chef and he was :no words: .

          • wooo hooo whore-bull woman,
            see how high D0nkey flies
            woo hoo whore-bull woman
            she got the money in her wonkeye

            (I hate that fkn Eagles song)

  11. Yikes. D0nkey is pulling a pelvic thrust at around 1:39 …

  12. “Look at these dildos” wins the Internet all by itself. Succinct. Dead on. “Eneffable”. I can’t stop laughing…

    • Donkey’s whole life is a tribute to NGMB! Didn’t you know that NGMB willed Debbie into Donk’s life at the moment of dear old meemaw’s death? Any reference to the Awe-Inspiring Love of Donkey and Debbie is a reference to NGMB.*

      * Inspired by Brassai.

  13. “I took Jules there to take photos and create art … the process revealed new depths of our relationship to ourselves … ” What heterosexual male talks like this?! Better yet, does anyone outside of their Southern California grifter/”life coach”/sucker circuit NOT laugh their asses off when reading such empurpled, narcissistic drivel?

    • What got me even harder was that it revealed their new depth of vapidity to their community of supporters.

      They feel no hesitation in assuming that their incredibly cliched, repetitive, boring, zero-note vacation photos will be studied and pondered by their “friends,” who will come away with a deeper sense of how much these tools love themselves?

    • This sounds like the plot of a delusional, stalker-type movie.

  14. I just…I just….Fuck, I just don’t even know!! HOW FUCK, indeed.

    I think Debbie is emotionally stunted at high-school also, just like our Donk.
    I would have said ‘intellectually’ stunted too, but ‘intellect’ has no place in a sentence about these two, period.

    I simply cannot imagine putting together this “art”dreck and the drivel from Dervin that accompanied it. And what exactly did you discover about yourselves and each other at 4am compiling this slideshow? That you both love a camera more than anything; that you’d rather indulge your complete narcissism doing these fauxto’s than actually seeing or experiencing Paris; and worse yet, that on the 1yr anniversary of your EPIC love story, in Paris, the city of love, the most romantic thing you can think to do of with each other in your hotel room is put this crap together and dedicate it to the Greasy Sex Gargoyle rather than oh, I don’t know, having “delicious” thexay times with each other?

    Also, why are they still on LA time after 3 days in Paris??! And what have they done? Walked the streets doing such culturally diverse things as drinking coffee in a Starbucks and spending what looks like hours on their fauxto shoot, plus further hours making it into a slideshow? Have they visited any museums? Oh, silly me. The Louvre will be calling THEM after seeing their masterful “artwork”.

    Ugh, these two tools deserve each other.

    • This convinces me they will get married. They are creepy perfect for each other. He believes a vacation photo shoot is an artistic, spiritual contribution to the world. They’d rather stage photos of life than just live. Sad.

      However, the lulz, they do not stop, so all I ask of them for my entertainment is moar cray, plz.

      • what happens when people with the intellects of a convenience store clerk and a mall macrame kiosk meet but one has the entitlement of a smarter richer person

  15. Delurking due to a severe case of brayge (or is it Canklehausen?) brought on by those ‘candids’ of them coming out of the subway. How many tries do you think it took for each of them to get an acceptable shot? And moreover, how many people trying to get in/out of the subway were inconvenienced by two yahoos taking up half the staircase? As a non-car owner who has relied on the subway to get to and from work and class at various times in my life–I know I’m definitely not alone here–I just feel…ugh…

    Also, SMDH at Dervin’s liberal use of the term ‘art.’

    • YES!!! I noticed the Metro photos also. If you look at the people behind them walking up the stairs, one lady is giving serious side-eye, and others appear to have to have moved to the other side of the stairs to be able to get past them. Seems they just stood there, one foot posed on step as if they were walking up the stairs. I believe they were just standing there posing.
      Either way, it was so inauthentic and staged. Donk holds up traffic while posing on Metro steps, then swaps places with Debbie doing the same. So, obviously not ‘candid’ shots. Just like the one with Debbie walking across the pedestrian crossing with the Moulin Rouge in the background. How many times did he parade back and forth over the pedestrian crossing until Donkey deemed it a good shot? Ugh, Brayge AND Cankleshausen.

      • They should’ve gone for a long exposure in the Metro while they were at it, since it was so obviously staged anyway. They already think they’re the only people of recognizable import ever; they passed up the opportunity to SHOW that by rendering themselves the only individuals in clear focus.

        Also, the picture of Debbie crouching on the stairs holding his camera pretending to take a photo. Who photographs the photographers? It is to laugh!

  16. So many posed solo shots. So little candid joy.

    I feel sorry for them. I truly have a sad.

  17. Watched with mancat at dinner. His only comment was “did her boyfriend just duckface?”

  18. –What did you do in Paris?
    –We took pictures of each other!
    –What else did you do?
    –We made a slideshow! Look on my Vimeo!
    –You made the slideshow while you were on vacation in Paris?
    –It’s so artistic, it looks just like Vanity Fair! We’ll use it for the opening of our TV show!
    –You haven’t told me about the TV show.
    –Well it isn’t final yet, but we’re shopping the idea!
    –Well, good luck with that Julia. Call again sometime.
    –Thanks mom!

    • You just know they really DID think of this slideshow as the opener to their TV show. That is the depth of their folie à deux. “When Andy sees this, he’ll know how right we are for Bravo! I just know he will.”

    • Ahh no pictures at the wedding? From Devin’s mini update it seems that already went? I have a feeling that their trip has been abbreviated due to, you know, lack of jobs. They arrived much later than she originally stated or we would have seen mini slide much much sooner.

      • I think the wedding in Spain is at the end of May. They were supposedly going to Italy after Gay Paree, and then on to Spain.

        • The wedding is on the 25th. I know this because the sappy happy couple have like five websites with all their wedding information up for all to see. Embarrassed for you, Meagan and Conrad!

  19. Called it! I haven’t double checked yet, but I’m pretty sure all the bingo photos (except Pont des Arts & the padlocks) were included in this vanity shoot.

    If they love ” art” so much, why didn’t they go to some galleries or museums? Oh, that’s right. Because its only art of they’re mugging in front of the camera. I can’t believe Donkey found someone as in love with their own image as she is. Hats off to you Herp Derpin, you’re a bigger tool than I thought. (Just not where it counts, apparently.)

  20. If this guy hasn’t had cocks up his ass, then I am the Queen of England.

    My circle of friends will call you a fag if you get bananas with your pancakes. If this tool had any guy friends, he would be ridiculed well into the next decade for the stupid whipped-cream-on-the-nose photo alone….let alone posing like a woman on the stairs and typing shit like “the depth of our relationship” – straight males do not say that. Ever. Christ.

    Wake up Julia. He. Is. Gay.

  21. I have to admit I was starting to wonder if I should quit my compulsive RebloggingDonk.com habit – you know, she’s happy, she’s found love, why can’t everyone just leave well enough alone, etc.… and then this goes and shows me that not only was my tongue in my cheek, it was way up my ass, if you’ll pardon the expression. WHO GIES ON VACATION AND THEN STAYS UP ALL NIGHT MAKING A FACEBOOK SLIDESHOW AND CALLS IT ‘ART’? Oh, I kind of love her entertainment value. This shit is just going to keep on giving and giving…

    I think I love their choice of song best of all. I kind of wonder if they thought they were choosing some Edith Piaf ‘la vie en rose’ kind of song, without realizing that the Apollinaire poem the song is largely based on roughly translates as:

    My room’s shaped like a cage the sun
    Put his arm right through the window
    But I who wish to smoke and dream
    Use it to light my cigarette
    I don’t want to work I want to smoke

    Yeah, well, maybe they did know 😉


      God, they are so dumb and brainless and in love with each other and themselves! It doesn’t get any better than this!!!!

      • my neighbors are the hideously unattractive idiot son of a political hotshot and his equally hideous rude and imbecilic wife. they have social position power and income that are wholly unearned. people give them fealty but despise them.

    • You and me, both! Move over and make some room for me in that handbasket.

    • No, I want full on engagement and wedding cray. It’s the divorce post six months later that I am eager for, 2015-ish.

      • That is so precious that you’re giving them 6 months, I say less than 3 months.

    • Challenge was too challenging (like everything else in their lives they will eventually quit one another).

      • I’m thinking the whole groom dumps bride at the altar for best man thing. Best scenario ever. I hope he prances gaily down the aisle hand-on-hand with the other gay. I mean, guy.

  22. You’ve got to hand it to her for:

    a) Wearing those clompers on those stairs and not falling and breaking her neck, and

    b) Finding someone just like her father, like she always wanted. A homosexual.

    • OMG PEARS!

      The resemblance to our donkey is uncanny.

    • As you can see from this GIS, Debbie’s pictures are pure Brassai:


      PS: Why does he need to name drop a famous photographer? These are the most run-of-the-mill Kodak snapshots of Paris I’ve seen in a long time.

      PPS: Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!

      • Oh my, these jokes are writin’ themselves


        (Brassai was a cat fancier)

        • Yes, I can smell the inspiration! And Dervin’s ever so Brassi-esque iPhone fauxtos will surely be featured in fine coffee table books everywhere long after you and I are dead and gone, o dear Brayella.

      • & now you know why they were thinking of Ellsberg

      • BrASSi d0nkey?
        Or a PicASSo, I never can tell …

    • Brassai is the one-man refutation of the idea that “French women don’t get fat”. I can’t figure if he was a chaser or if he just thought fat ladies were great photo subjects.

  23. I’m so glad I went to Sevilla a few short weeks before she could get her grubby little hooves all over it. Let’s hope she never casually uses “vale”.

    • I don’t think her Spanish will ever progress beyond “Cinco de Mayo” or “Yo soy famosa. Sabes quien soy?”

    • I’m hoping that the donkey merde will have dried up and blown away (like testicle dust in the wind!) by the time I get to France. However, they might be turning away all Americans at the border at this point.

  24. I love this. But I also hate this. How are these two imbeciles able to afford being layabouts in Europe for a month!?!?!

    They are so getting married. They are two idiot peas in a pod.

    • Judging from the slideshow, they couldn’t afford to do anything once they got to Paris but walk the streets, like the cheap whores they are.

      • This this this this this.

        Karma has turned Julia A. Baugher into what she fears most…A RANDOM POOR.

        • true…but do you think she is happy? maybe she is so in lurve that she doesn’t mind being a poor? or will this all implode when a wallet shows a bit of interest in her?

          • No, she’s not happy. Yes she minds being a poor. No chance she’d ever snag a wallet, but Derpin would get thrown over in less than a heartbeat at the mere whiff of interest from money. She believes she deserves this. That’s what makes the Donkey show addictive.

          • I don’t know if she’s happy, but I do think she always needs something, anything, to brag about, and for the moment, the ‘greatest luv ever told’ is it. Never mind that nothing is more ordinary than people falling in love; in her head, it’s something grand that others should envy. Without this story, what does she have? Her alternative to living in a shitty apartment in downtown LA is to move home and pick her toes while dreaming of writing a book she will probably never finish, and what’s enviable about that at 32? So yeah, JulIAR Allison is right: she’s OBO him in a second if she had the opportunity, or race back to NYC if she could get a slot on a reality show there.

          • Given a chance to OBO him, first she’d out him in a hoofbeat, so as not to look like the thundercunt she is …

            “He’s gay-polar & he won’t take his meds!”

          • More than being poor, Dervin’s lack of status bothers here even more.

            Of all things said here on RBD, she supposedly gets most upset when we call Dervin a line cook.

            It’s a looooong drop down the garbage chute from dating a McCain and pretending she had a shot at marrying into that prominent family to shacking up with Debbie Seltzer of the Easter Island Stetlers (I refuse to believe that he’s really related to the seemingly nice family in Modesto.) in his small apartment in a sketchy part of town.

          • If you go on a radio show and tell the world (aka perhaps 200 cat ladies) that you got the “base model” of your boyfriend and then describe your relationship as being the most challenging of your life one year in on Facebook then no, you’re not happy. She wanted and believes she deserves so much more than this dude. She’s hoping she can change him and he’ll become the OMG HOT TECH FOUNDER she believes she’s entitled to, but oh honey. It is to laugh. He’s a dim bulb who appears to be every bit the dumb, lazy narcissist that she is. At least one person in a couple has to have some drive and smarts and, you know, A FUCKING WORK ETHIC, to have a successful and happy marriage/life together. Um.

          • She wanted and believes she deserves so much more than this dude.

            It wasn’t THAT long ago when she thought Prom King was beneath her, and that she deluded herself into believing that she was too, too hot for Jakob to dump.

        • Imagine how much time La Donks spent preening for the photo shoot on the shared bathroom of the youth hostel. That would have wasted 1/2 to 3/4 of a day.

  25. Fuck and Off-this process (of over exposing ourselves) has brought new depths to our relationship? They are 1 dimensional and flat, seriously ‘depths’ is stretch for a couple of card board cut outs more worried about a slide show than enjoying an ‘epic’ trip. Again, Fuck and Off.

  26. Jesus. They are such fucking tools. Who takes so many photos of THEMSELVES in FUCKING PARIS? You fucking tools are missing the point of PARIS.

    And I am seriously getting a serial killer vibe from Debbie in a lot of these photos. Like Craigslist Killer vibe or something.

    • Something is so off about this guy (other than the obvious dating JA). His eyes are dead, which I think is drugs or he really did sell his soul to the devil to meet his souless soul mate.

    • I’ve long said that he gives off an “America’s Most Wanted” vibe.

    • Which one do you guess will make it on 48 Hours, 20/20, Dateline, etc., first? I was thinking about this earlier … we need a SCANDAL BINGO CARD !!

      • Excellent question. I can see it going either way. If she’s the last one standing, I hope they don’t edit out the Julia demanding they film her in her bedroom surrounded by pink toys, in a tutu to show she is just an innocent little girl.

      • One or both will wind up on one of those true crime shows. I still can’t shake the feeling this is going to end badly. And not hoovering-chocolate-in-Whole-Foods-while-dressed-in-costume bad.

  27. My head is exploding. I can’t stop commenting. Like more than I have in years.

    It’s pretty benign, this photo album. Certainly it is nothing compared to texting gossip reporters about the personal details of your omg sister’s life and then lying about it all over town, right? Right…. ?

    But it is this photo album that has my jaw dropping. Oh, it’s not a blog, it’s a lifecast! It’s not a reality show, it’s a documentary series! It’s not unimaginative vacation photos, it’s high art and consider yourselves deeply moved, you’re welcome!

    This is the epitome of the tone deaf, narcissistic, self-involved, shallow, I can’t-find-a-word-strong-enough bullshit that inspires the loathing.

    I would not be surprised if they put pictures of their own poop on facebook like misguided parents celebrating toilet training.

    God yes, this first incredible unique year of their miraculous love certainly, truly does look, “challenging.”

  28. Guess they didn’t have the money for a real photographer and OHMYGOD PHOTOSHOOT! Looks like it was all instagram selfies for the happy and broke couple!

  29. Oh my Greg, y’all. They’re in Paris and looking lame! Let’s all be jealous! It’s super-cool to take photos of each other with stupid looking faces, derp! It’s WAY better to have cliched photos than to actually enjoy an experience. I guess us haters can go ahead an shut our Cheeto-dust crusted mouths about their totally unique romantic vacation. They have Eiffel Tower photos!

    Ugh. She’s the worst kind of tourist. Free Lilly and so on.

      • Yeah, I was going to say, take a left at Lyon?

        They should go to Devin’s Island in the Assinara Nat’l Park, home of the Albino D0nkey …


  30. I think it’s only Dervin’s lack of status, money, and prospects that will truly be worrying her parents. If she pulled this insane photoshoot with a wallet, they would think it was adorable. Somehow, I have a feeling that is not their reaction to this crime scene.

  31. long time lurker, couldn’t hold myself in this time.

    what a bag of dicks these two are. 80% of these pictures could have been taken in any city on the planet that has stairs and a park. just so weird and sad. watching this made me feel equal parts angry and embarrassed.

    • I had the same thought. Paris was simply a pretty backdrop for them. I expect we’ll see more of this as they clomp through the rest of their trip. It just as easily could have been green-screened.

    • This is why the French hate American tourists. Donkey & Debbie ruining it for all of us!

  32. A narcissist isn’t truly happy unless she has someone to worship her and feed her ego at all times. That’s why she and Debbin like each other. Is it a genuine, unselfish love? No way.

    A trashy, tacky Donkey wedding would be loads of fun, but I’ll be serious for a moment: it’s scary to me to see those two imbeciles get any closer to spawning. No child deserves to have the narcissistic, morally bankrupt, grasping, lying, emotionally stunted Donkey as a parent. Although I really don’t think Donks has any interest in parenting– she can’t make long-range plans; she couldn’t focus on anything for 9 months; and she’s still a child herself.

  33. So juvenile and pedestrian! I would expect this from a 20 year old girl studying abroad…Micro-dick is a total embarrassment. They are just… sad.

    • How dare you?

      Didn’t you read they “created art together”?

      It was “another masterpiece” (i.e. just another in the long series of masterpieces they have produced together).

  34. I am so embarrassed for these two. I couldn’t even watch the whole slideshow. Just embarrassing.

    • No ring. Held a cheap gummy grifter down for a year and couldn’t even score a CZ.

      Don’t know why I’m surprised, though, she’s been expired for 2 years now…

      • I think they are both narcissistic enough to get engaged at the wedding they are going to. it could still happen, catladies!

  35. Wait a second…how in the hell does this “process” of making a slideshow reveal new depths of their relationship to themselves and the supporting community? Who in the hell talks like that. Most people experience new depths by, I dont know, actually experiencing things together, rather than just appearing to via photo documentation. Forgive me for wanting to have more depth in my relationship than faux-to shoots and a subsequent slideshow “masterpiece.” Omg vom vom vom.

    • PROCESS = fauxto-chopping D0nkey’s thighs > DEPTHS = the lows they sank to while fighting about how many D0nkey fauxtos hit the cutting room floor > COMMUNITY = adjacent hotel room occupants & the front desk staff who handled the complaints of 4:00 a.m. sobbing & braying

    • The situations in which I can imagine thinking about the depths of love in a friend’s relationship are things like partners supporting each other through serious illness, going through difficult childbirth, maybe carrying each other out of burning buildings.

      No, I take it back. Mutual friends probably are doubly amazed they can put up with each other for an OMGyear.

    • Serge Gainsbourg wrote that! (I’m a Gainsbourg scholar). And I will gag if Julia and Debbie pose in front of his house on Rue de Verneuil. Oh look at the funky graffiti on this gate! So boho!

    • Why does her caption sound like it was written in Chinese, translated into Sankrit and THEN into English? “Ventured to Paris for their year anniversary this May 9, 2013.”

      Ohhhh, THIS May 9, 2013. As opposed to LAST May 9, 2013. Got it.

      • Not altered! Not even color-corrected!

        I don’t know about you catladies, but I don’t photoshop my vacation photos.

        • I once tried to do red-eye reduction on a few photos, and I was just like, fuck it, this is taking too long.

          • Word. The most I’d do is white balance if they look all yellow from weird lighting.. No vertical stretching though.

      • Reads like it was written by a 3rd party, eh?
        But no, he’s an artist & a d0nkey is his muse.
        Were it the truth, would it kill ’em to tell it?

    • they werent altered by *photoshop* but they sure as hell were altered by something else.

    • Who the hell writes something like that about their vacation photos? That they aren’t photoshopped in any way? Who is looking at these boring, below average vacation photos that look like they were taken with an early 2000s cameraphone and thinking “Wow, these two look so hot, MUST BE PHOTOSHOP!”. I guess that was written purely for us, which according to the lack of “likes” are likely the only ones watching.

    • I am mad at myself for being 1 of the 1,851 people that watched. How sad the other 1,849 are from here. She has no friends.

      Still pissed at the demand to watch it in HD (really it sucked in any D)

  36. “a photographer called Brassei” is so annoying, like it implies “a photographer called Brassei — you wouldn’t have heard of him; he’s little-known outside the art-making elite.”

    • oops, Brassai. I am kicked out of the art-making elite 🙁

      P.S.: That black leotard-like outfit. Does she think she is Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face?

      P.P.S.: Donkey!

      • a band called The Rolling Stones
        a writer called J. D. Salinger
        a president called Abraham Lincoln

        • But here again, the two tools show how disturbingly similar they are. Remember how in March Julie tweeted something about “the poet Bukowski,” again assuming people never heard of him or his novels. The such idiots. The harder they try to sound smart, the stupider they get.

    • $50 says the only Brassai photograph Devin was “inspired by” was this one, which everybody on earth has seen at least a million times.

      (Not throwing shade on Brassai– I hadn’t seen anything else of his before googling to make sure he was indeed the Escaliers de Montmartre photographer, and his other stuff is great. But this photograph is about as obscure as that Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster every college girl has on her dorm room wall).

      • Yes, so very hackneyed and banal (Not Brassai, just Donkey & Debbums). I’m surprised they didn’t (re)create “art” from “a photographer called Robert Doisneau”- again, very “high art” that only someone as artistic as Debbums would know about it.


        • I’m not sure, but I think that someone named Nigel Dickinson took that photo.

          Also, the thing that makes the Doisneau photo great is the angry prim man in the beret.

  37. I would love to be a fly on the wall when people at the wedding ask these two what they do for a living. Debbie’s healing chef/aspiring line cook reminds me of a money-obsessed woman I knew once who would describe her boyfriend’s job as, ‘”he’s an executive with the Kresge corporation.” (He was a manager at a K-Mart, at the time owned by Kresge.)

    Is Donkey still calling herself an ‘angel investor’ or has she dropped that from her list of lies?

    • haha, yes, that would be VERY interesting! Donkey might be trotting out “TV host” and saying she’s working on/deciding between projects right now, blah blah blah, or of course, AN AUTHOR working on a book and “don’t you know who I am?!!!” Either way it will be drowning in grifter speak/legalese.

      Among the rich and possibly actual OMG Founder/entrepreneur types, she might be inwardly seething with jealousy and list her entire bio in a bid to make herself appear as if she actually had any real accomplishments. Her bio being, naturally, completely factual and not at all exaggerated/completely full of BS.

      And Debbie will not only be a healing chef, he’ll have realised his photographic artistic talent and be in talks to mount his own show in SF. ‘Mounting’ having nothing to do with mounting Donkey.

      Will Debbie break out his silver short-shorts and a cape as part of his bull-fighter costume for the pre-wedding party? Seeing him micropeen-thrusting would be enough to make anything, even a rampaging bull, run in the opposite direction. Ugh, I just made myself sick. vom vom vom

    • I can’t imagine what lie Julia Allison will tell people about her income …
      Oh wait, yes I can …
      CAPTCHA hint = writing desk = she’s writing a book!
      When she’s not flashing a purloined NBC mic, that is …

  38. MEOW. Devin is getting feisty on Donks FB:

    Franchesca Ramsey why don’t you use yelp?
    Like · Saturday at 9:46am

    Devin Stetler … an obvious suggestion Franchesca, but since we have friends familiar with the area, we opted for a more personal approach rather than reading through dozens of reviews and taking a gamble. Hope this answers your question!

    Only thing missing is him telling her to go pay some bills. They truly are soulmates.

    • He’s probably just bummed because Puspito Vito Ooo Nugroho didn’t like his fauxtoshoot.

    • “Hope this answers your question!” is only missing a 🙂 or an xoxo or a “bunnies” or “dear.”

    • Yes, Dervin, blasting the plea for suggestions out to all 100K followers and Fans in the Stans is a MUCH more personal approach. How dare the Franchescas of the world be so annoyingly obvious when you and Julia are on the case!

    • His condescension and pretense is almost eclipsing donkeys. almost.

    • So he wrote that at, what, 2pm local time? And then went back and edited it. Fun times.

      • They must be having so much fun in Europe! What with all their slideshow making and FB bickering! Why, it’s exactly how most couples spend romantic vacations.

    • Ha! Sounds more like Donks hacked into the suit weasel’s FB account and wrote that response herself. It’s McCain-gate all over again!

      • It does sound like a textbook Julia reply, from her insinuation that they have sophisticate European friends to her snippy pass aggressive ending. I 100% believe she wrote it while logged in as him, or sat over his shoulder and dictated what he should type. The are both sad and gross. Dudes, enjoy Europe! Why on Earth are they wasting their time over there bitching at people on Facebook? They are such miserable people.

        • You know that dickless pansy handed over all his passwords.. She didn’t even have to hack his accounts.

      • By the way, can’t believe Michael Ellsberg or whatever his name is was in here white-knighting! Or is he just a catlady? Whatever the situation, it’s hilarious.

        • I just got caught up reading this thread. **Drops the phone.** I cannot believe it. Michael compared his father Daniel getting death threats because he took the heroic and patriotic action of releasing the Pentagon Papers to people being mean to Julia Fucking Allison on the internet because she has done nothing with her life but act like an entitled bitch, demand attention for nothing and hurt others? Are you fucking kidding me?!?! You CANNOT compare the two situations! Absolutely not. No, no, no. I am outraged. Beyond outraged. Julia Allison cannot be compared to Daniel Ellsberg. Can we make that an internet rule? What a fucking douchebag. Have some goddamn perspective and respect.

          Beyond that, though, I loved how he glossed over the very good questions about her bipolar reveals, saying he didn’t have the details. Same with the question about why she can’t keep friends – all ignored. How convenient. What a grifter response. Its all just specious reasoning that he is throwing out here, all couched in language like he is truly interested in a dialogue. How vile.

          Further, I would hate if anyone close to me described my relationship of just a year as full of ups and downs, but that I was desperate to make it work and so hung in there. That sounds horrible. Like two awful twits realizing that no one else will have them so they are stuck with each other. Like it or not, better make it work.

          Finally, I kind of like Annie Lalla. Her baby is over-the-top cute. And I am kind of happy that Julia found some one as awful as she is and they are making it work, because at least they aren’t on the loose to hurt other people. And also Devin brings me almost as many laughs as Julia does. But I see no change in her. At all, end of story. And I bet 5 years or so down the line, Michael will be singing a different tune about her, just like everyone else who has ever met her.

          Sorry to be so long and rant-y. But for the ever loving love of fuck, I cannot stand grifter shit like this. Although, I would love to know, should Michael grace us with his knowledgeable presence again, has he ever eaten Devin’s Brussels Sprouts a la terre? I hear they are delicious.

    • Nothing like commenting on facebook while you’re on vacation. They must really be enjoying themselves. Setting the haters straight really is a full-time job.

    • i know we’re not supposed to poke, but i didn’t think my question was rude at all. but i honestly don’t understand why she crowd sources EVERYTHING

      • I thought it was a totally legitimate questions, given how often she asks these types of questions. Like, truly, has she not heard of Yelp? I mean, I think she is pretty slow, so maybe she hasn’t. The reply Devin (or Julia pretending to be Devin) gave you made no sense. If they were really “opting for a more personal approach” wouldn’t they just email the supposed friends they have who are familiar with the area? Why do a public FB post to all her fans in the Stans? What losers.

        • Because then they couldn’t publicly boast about the thexy, thexy time they are having in vermin-occupied Paris.

      • Julia needs to brag, about everything.. and she’s incapable of typing anything into the Google search box other than “Julia Allison.”


    Hey guys! Or should I bray Bonjour! It’s me, one half of the epic and sexual conflagration better known as J & D! A whole new world is opening up for me here in Paree, as my man and I venture entire blocks from our alley-view room in search of amazing new backdrops for the continuing illusion of a storybook romance! Is it working? I think it’s working! I thought Marina del Ray had great spots for poseuring! But Paris! Layers upon layers of history for me to clomp on with my bag the size of a Fiat for costume changes. Magnifique!

    I know I had you worried down to your pelts when I was uncharacteristically quiet there for a while before departure. But that was because I was so busy trying on outfits, painting my nails Moulin Rouge, and watching 80 straight hours of ANTM so I could model Head. to. Toe. all over Paris. Never let them tell you hard work doesn’t pay. We have been trying a million new poses, such as walking up stairs, walking up subway stairs, drooling at macaroons, and standing on stairs. I think you’ll agree, the results have been magical.

    My man and I had agreed not to post photos whilst experiencing the magic of Europe. But I convinced D we could not be so selfish. How could we not share with our friends and family the beauty that is us, our love, my beauty, his closed-mouth smile, and for good measure, a degree of photographic artistry that belongs in the Louvre? We’re not that kind of people, I told my man, D, the love of my life. And because we are like one, in heart, body, and thousand yard stare, he agreed. So we stayed up all night in our alley view room in Paris, pondering the words of a famous French philosopher whose name escapes me, but who undoubtedly said, “I photoshop, therefore I am.” As our vibrations congrued over the romantic glow of a MacBook, we created a masterpiece that will forever define upward, or downward, depending on your perspective, the meaning of the word inauthentic. And ate Doritos from a warmed bowl, that, in honor of Paris, my man lovingly topped with a sprig of tarragon.

    Ah, paris. How lucky can one girl get? Just wait for Italy.

    xoxo Julia

    • I want to take you out on the staircases of Montmartre and photograph you SO HARD for this.

    • Delicious, Desperate Tutu! If you come over, I’ll show you my award winning watercress.

      • Jack, I don’t come on here much anymore, but I have to say that I crack myself up on the regular thinking about you and Flatface and Brant’s limited watercress experience. Ah, but those were the golden days.

        I find the fact that Mesh Shirt was on here to be sexually delicious. What does this now make the count of “friends” who have defended her on here over the past four years? 2? Although the other one isn’t coming to me. Didn’t Loren Feldman white knight her during one of his various mental breaks?

        Also (writing this quickly – sorry) I agree with whoever above said that they have a soft spot for Annie Lalala. She is woo-woo, but she seems genuine in her woo-woo, and her baby is beautiful.

        • Thanks, FG! I actually liked the awesome coat Annie wore on Miss Advised and give her props for speaking truth to Julia Allison re: RBD.

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