A Trip Down Memory Lane: Bible Julia

Nathan_Martha_and_Mary and JulieToday is Good Friday, and since y’all know I’m not about to go near any fish, I thought I’d celebrate in a different way.

Way back when, when Julia was insane (to clarify, I mean 2010) we used to have these occassional Photoshop contests that were all kinds of hilarious. But when Julia cried to Daddy and had us shut down, we lost all the photos from our crucified WordPress site. And when we ressurrected as Reblogging Donk, we lost many, many examples of your genius. But today, I was rummaging through my email and found most of the Bible Julia Photoshop Contest submissions. In fact, the only ones I could not find were the ones I made, which really sucks, because mine were awesome.

So commemorate this holy day by traveling back in time to when Julia had a religious commitment to being an asshole. Remember: They’re our memories too.



  1. You know what this thread needs? More LINE COOK!

  2. JP, dude, your objectification of the male is really harshing my PC mellow. It’s creating an uncomfortable environment.

  3. OT, but, uhm … WTF

    • If I am remembering correctly, I believe Rambo told her, publicly, to run, not walk, away from those pants. It was awesome.

    • So face faces ago. Yikes!

      PS, LINE COOK!

    • Well she is looking for a live/work commune. Has she not looked into joining a harem?

      • Did you watch Mess Assviced? She couldn’t get a guy to kiss her, despite begging.

    • I always thought there was something so insane about these fitting room vanity shots. Jordo used to post them too.

      • And aren’t you suposed to look cute (or sexy) or something on the order of attractive to send that out to the world?

    • Someone made an amazing gif of some of those expressions. It was mesmerizing. I have no idea how to find it…

    • Wait– the interviewer asks “You’re going to have a website up soon called [something] Digital Nomad, right?” and she agrees. I guess that’s another one in the queue.

      Crashing with friends, with your cell phone, isn’t “being a digital nomad.” She’s such a bullshitter.

      • Also, bitch. You didn’t pay for storage. That’s a joke right? If by storage you mean downtown condo. Where you lived for free in between your manic escape from reality trips.

        • If she doesn’t want to work so badly, why doesn’t she just live in the OMGdowntown condo?

        • I believe her original story was that her stuff was in storage in LA, because she was gonna move there, but fell in love with Chicago so she stayed there.

    • [img]http://i1277.photobucket.com/albums/y488/kanyenast/WCEhT_zps036c6373.gif[/img]

    • What was the deal with his question about Julia being an attractive female and if she was concerned about safety? What is dangerous about sleeping on friends’ couches and going to Whole Foods? Don’t worry, Julia doesn’t get scared, she just doesn’t. She doesn’t know if she just takes a lot of risks in her career so she’s used to taking risks, and um she also feels like you know she’s not stupid about it, but you’re sort of as safe as you decide to be, right. Like pay attention obviously, but you’re just as likely to get, she doesn’t know maybe she’s being an idiot here but you’re just as likely to be mugged in your own city. You can’t just stay in your bedroom the whole time, and oh my god I hope nothing happens to me!

      • This is a chick who lived in midtown and probably ventured to Brooklyn five times in all of her years in NYC. So adventurous!

      • This was really strange to me. She says she went on FB and listed everyone via city and contacted them to stay at their place. She says some of the links were tenuous (ie, on FB friends, didn’t actually know them) but then says she asked them if THEy knew anyone (ie a complete stranger). And she NEVER GETS SCARED! Remember, this is the girl who claimed she was raped in college and had stalkers.

        And those insane facial expressions! She has LITERALLY no idea about screen presence, and her total lack thereof. Oh, sorry Julia. I take that back.
        You DO have screen presence…or should that be scream presence? Julia Allison + video = horror show.

        • This was in the pancakes era and she did a lot of cutesy nose-scrunching and stuff. He must have told her it was cute one time, because she did that stupid bunny nose shit constantly in that era.

          • Not only was she going to be a McCain, by Greg, she was going to look the part as well ….

            D0nkey was aping Mrs.Nutterworth!

          • No, it was in April 2012, long after Pancakes. I saw her at SXSW last year and she never washed that fucking greaseball mop.

          • Damn, really? I’m slippin’ lately. I thought for sure it was during the P-cakez era, because she kept wearing those stupid ass aviators, and part of her ‘zen digital couch sharter’ persona was enabled by her forcing the door of the Coronado condo. My mistake.

      • I just died at her reaction to that….instantly coy expression and fingers running through her hair. Gah!

    • Why the constant scratching of the head? And what is wrong with her hands? They’re a different color. Check out 3:33 where she’s scratching her head again with the arm up and you can clearly see the color difference between her hand and her wrist. It looks like she stole a pair of cadaver hands, but she grabbed the wrong skin color.

  4. That kook, Megwyn, is the only one who commented on Donk’s dumb Old Person in First Class posting:

    Megwyn White
    I love being with older beings. They are more natural in many ways. Less stuck in the social programming and more open to experiencing what they might have missed, especially in the simple intimate exchanges of the heart.
    Like · 5 hours ago

    • [img]http://i1277.photobucket.com/albums/y488/kanyenast/SjPxt_zpse627667f.gif[/img]

      • Oh, those natural older beings! That ineffable response is all sorts of condescending. Is Megwyn–what the fuck kind of name is that?!–still resentful she wasn’t allowed to train with Joda & Master Pai Mei?

      • Thank god, I figured it wasn’t just the Franzia but WHAT. THE FUCK. Not one fucking sentence makes sense. It reads like an article about alien robots run through BabelFish.

    • Lord, if she was a friend of a friend and I was subjected to her nonsense from time to time, I’d have to get rid of my friend.

      She is as incapable as Donkey of speaking without speaking nonsense.

    • I missed this the first go around, but have to say that it is so beyond tacky how Julie has to state she overheard this in “First Class.” She is such a donkey. If she truly were as sophisticated and elite as she likes to pretend she is, she would not be so blown away and impressed by such status markers. True old school, wealthy wasps do not brag about First Class. Yikes. But then, she is dating a line cook, so what can you expect?

      Also, Megwyn is super creepy and also an idiot. Nice to see what kind of friends such an intellectual powerhouse like Julie keeps.

      • She feels compelled to add “First Class” because, deep down, she knows that people don’t automatically think of First Class when they think of her.

    • I’m mortified for her son but also confused about this woman’s ideas about gender. She is class of ’77, so one of the first classes to have women in it (and probably only a handful of women out of a class of 1000ish). OMG, so embarassing. Such a feminist, like our Donkey.

      • JFA’ing myself to add… this woman’s twitter feed is… interesting.


        She tweets about how her son received a perfect score on his SATs, etc. (She actually tweeted it twice, on 2 separate days.)

        Also, she was apparently elected class president.

      • snoot and a half. how is it possible to be SO OBSESSED with where you went to college? is that life’s defining feature? most people have other accomplishments that hopefully eclipse their SAT score/GPA/alma mater. GAWD.
        also, based on the two most recent tweets, i’d say her account had been hacked. but she has a VIKING RANGE!!!!11

        • For many years, filing my application to Princeton as an emancipated minor made me feel strong and independent.

          That’s pretty commendable, her breaking into Princeton and paying her own way in the process. I don’t fault her for later putting marriage & children above all else (wouldn’t have minded a bit if my own SAHM had been college-educated), but now … now, post-divorce, she’s so lost.

          I feel sorry for her too — she seems fixated on what she must perceive as to why it all went wrong by not marrying a Princeton man … if only she’d clear the smoke & mirrors, reset her focus & get her old determination back instead of being rooted in quicksand over this whole academic pedigree business.

      • How sad for this lady that her biggest life accomplishment – getting into a college – was 35 years ago. Move on, woman!

    • Love love love how she thinks if she keeps calling him chef it will become true. Just like she calls herself a journalist, artist, or whatever the fuck the whim is this week. He has no formal training and it is insulting to those that do. Line cook is even too much credit.


    • He doesn’t have the skills and training of a line cook, but he might be able to handle an Easy-Bake Oven. (There was another brand of kiddie oven, called Suzy Homemaker. Maybe he could be Debbie Homemaker.)

  5. Somewhat OT, but I subscribe to that “daily finance email for women,” DailyWorth and today’s dispatch came from none other than Donkey’s BFF Nisha Moodley. It was all about a grifterfest she was having with 15 marks, er “strong women” and how she came to realize that in the realm of money, she had made a lot, but was always somehow “waiting to be saved” until she gave herself permission to be a “saver.”

    I was seriously offended by the whole thing. My mom and I have had our issues over the years but one thing I’ve got to hand to her is that she always modeled financial independence. The idea of “waiting to be saved” is something that has literally never occurred to me. The comments section on that article is such a barf-fest. I start looking at Nisha’s bullshit online and I can barely believe my eyes — you’re going to take advice on life, money and “freedom” from someone who’s never achieved anything and thinks like this. I kant with these people. I think I’m going to fire up an episode of “The Riches” on Netflix to cleanse my palate.

    • I fucking loved that show! So sad it only got two seasons. Netflix has really opened up my eyes to so many awesome shows that were never given a chance to take off.

      It has also opened up my eyes to how insane the SVU machine is. Jeebus.

      • I never saw an episode of SVU until Netflix got it. Then I watched a whole season in a weekend. Help me.

        • Gwurl, no, if you haven’t gotten caught up in an SVU total timesuck, you haven’t lived. In fact, you just inspired me to fall in again. 😛

  6. Why is @MuliaMallison trying to dick @SherylSandberg?
    Her brown-nosing tweets are pathetisad.

  7. You keep your dirty hooves off of Bukowski, bitch. As fucking IF she’s ever read Bukowski. I’m guessing she found a random quote on some stupid website somewhere, or one of her idiot grifter *friends* posted it on FB.


    • I’m sorry, but this dame sounds like a complete fucking lunatic. Like Julia Allison at 60 or however old she is. Jesus, lady, shut up. Not surprising that Donk is defending her on Twitter.

      • That string of tweets is one of the craziest I’ve seen from her.

      • Can’t you just imagine the “journalist” Julia getting an article published on some online pub where she laments how she should have married a McCain or that billionaire’s son from Gtown?

        • Totally.

          And by then the home they “shared in Coronado” will be a mansion in Malibu they bought and decorated together and lived in for years and it had its own helipad where he would take her for sunset helicopter rides over the beach every evening at 6, followed by a champagne dinner she cooked herself.

      • Totally lunatic.

        So her husband dumped her, and probably replaced her with a newer model, as men of a certain age and a certain net worth tend to do, and now she is all “if only I had married a Princetonian”.

        First of all, if at 60+ you are still so hung up about schools, there is something VERY wrong with you (WTF calls people by the name of the school they attended? Seriously, lady).

        Also, if you had married a “Princetonian” he would have probably dumped you even faster because you sound like an awful person who values all the wrong traits in people and, even in your sixties, you seem to be totally unaware that love just happens, independently of academic credentials.

        I can only hope she did not pass on her distorted values to her “Princetonian” kids, because if she did they are gonna be in for a rude awakening.

        • Right? She sounds like a fucking snobby asshole who’s taking not-so-veiled swipes at the husband who dumped her. A true JA. Sit down, lady.

    • FREAK.

      That said, my friend went to Harvard and made damn certain to snag a Harvard man on her last year out of there. (I remember her being freaked that she wouldn’t end up with one before graduation.) They’re married, but for how long is anyone’s guess. I think sadly many women have this idea but don’t admit it.

      • Just think: your friend could have had the pick of the litter, if only she’d had The Princeton Mom to lean into for her MRS degree …

        As freshman women, you have four classes of men to choose from. Every year, you lose the men in the senior class, and you become older than the class of incoming freshman men. So, by the time you are a senior, you basically have only the men in your own class to choose from, and frankly, they now have four classes of women to choose from. Maybe you should have been a little nicer to these guys when you were freshmen?

        Geez, Louise, it’s NGMB’$ incarnate!

        • That is so very fucked up.

          And yes she met a fellow graduating senior like two months before graduation. So just in time! lol

        • Whatta loon. No, no woman ever married a man from the college class behind her (koff! Randi Facebook! koff!)

          When I went to my 25th reunion, 75% of the people who had married their college GF/BF had gotten divorced, by my informal tally. Sad dot com.

      • So very alien to me. I just have never, ever paid any attention to where someone was educated. Nice person? Funny? Intelligent? Good in the sack? Decent? Animal-lover? Good to his mother? He’s in, and I don’t care if he never graduated high school.

        • Me neither, but maybe because I went to a (cheap) state school that anyone could get in to, so it’s not important to me where someone else went either. I went to my safety school. I got accepted to two other much better colleges but couldn’t afford to go. People have different reasons for where they went to school, I don’t see any reason to value some above others.

  8. She’s so bizarre tonight now mixing Sandberg in with Princeton mom and sing the pop to mention her parents’ pedigrees. Yuck.

  9. Uh oh.. so it looks like Devin Stetler’s interview for a line cook position with Gordon Ramsay didn’t go so well.. D’oh.


    Disclaimer: This is a parody, and not a real event.. Please cease and desist with the Cease and Decist Devin/Dad$ers/Julia..

    Note: Devin Stetler is not even qualified to be a line cook, so of course it’s a parody.. heh 🙂

  10. “My father was Princeton man and my mother was a Stanford woman…”

    Wouldn’t you think the product of a union that prestigious could do better than marrying a lowly line cook?*

    *I know it bugs her, but it’s actually insulting to working line cooks to call Devin this. He wouldn’t last 5 minutes on the line at a Chili’s on a slow night. It’s the same rage I get when she deigns to call herself a “journalist.” Maybe these two retards are made for each other…

    • As a former waiter, the first thing I learned is that you DO NOT want to disrespect the kitchen staff. They will RUIN YOUR LIFE.

      • The real power lies with the dish washer (I did that all through high school). You want clean glasses? Address me as “sir” please. You need clean plates? Fetch me a soda and I can make that happen. You need some clean sheet pans for the bacon? Sneak me a beer out of the fridge.

        I ran that fucking Hobart™ dish washing machine like a little tyrant. Ah, good times..

    • Oh good god, her endless braying about other people’s accomplishments, as though they create some reflection of her, is so pathetic. The fact that everyone in her family is accomplished makes her utter lack of achievement even more glaring.

      Yes, Julie, your father may be a “Princeton Man,” but your current soulmate went to a no-name school and is now a driftless pretend cook. Congrats.

    • So the itinerary is Paris, South of France, outside Florence and then Seville. The wedding is last. She sounds scared of traveling which makes sense as her comfort zone has always been I a room in front of a computer. I actually think she’s scared of most things–remember the tweet about how she loved that Devin Stetler Line Cook always drove? I would love to know what kinds of places they’re staying in. Two people in my office recently travelled to Paris, each for less than a week, and they both said they spent a fortune despite trying not to.

      • I shudder to think how they are paying for this – I had moments of great stress when I was in France last summer because every little thing cost so much much. And I spent much of the trip in less expensive part of France (Dordogne/Perigord area). In Paris I was grabbing sandwiches at Monoprix or getting croissants – it was all I could afford – but that’s a no go for Julia with her gluten disease. I fortunately wasn’t paying for accommodations and was treated out for a lot of meals – but the prices freaked me out and the guilt was overwhelming. That said it was an amazing time and I got as much as possible in in terms of culture. I also spent my childhood living in Paris so I had no desire to visit the usual tourist sites and actually what I enjoyed most was just walking around all over the city. I’d be curious to see if those two even leave the couch.
        I also can’t fathom how Julia and Debbie can afford their lifestyle and travel within the US. There must be serious juggling of credit cards.

        • As an afterthought, part of me thinks the Perigord region would be perfect for Julia and Debbie because it is teeming with Anglo and Dutch visitors and they’d fit in with some of the tackier elements associated with that. On the other hand, the area is so medieval and pastoral and refreshingly non glamorous the charm and history would be lost on them.
          Also, my sophisticate, hip, and street smart Parisian friends would cut them if they weren’t above giving those two time of day. Europe is lost on these two, how do was say “digital nomads”? – um, line prep and hickster grifter.

        • I can’t wait until she gets her cell phone bill after this trip after googling and updating fb and surfing the web….

      • She likes that Devin drives because it frees up her hands to continue googling herself. Trust.

    • Uh-oh! Debbie is packing the tux!

      Is he also carrying a low-cost ethically-harvested precious stone?

      Do we smell proposal in the air?

      Watch this space!

      PS: I can imagine Donks trying to choreograph the proposal and figuring out who is going to take the pictures (the proposal WILL be photographed) and how to make it look spontaneous and all I can say is that it is gonna be FUN FUN FUN in the catlady basement!

      • I don’t know…her FB post doesn’t sound like “amazeballs trip!” More like “how am I going to pack this stuff I have to bring for the wedding along with yoga pants and SHOES for all occasions!”

        She’s a ball of anxiety whenever she’s faced with a problem that needs to be solved. How did she ever handle that Peru trip?

        • Bitch over packs for a night in SF. Seriously, you should be able to live out of a large purse for a weekend in the city. Remember that giant quilted pink duffle she shlepped over to “surprise” JellyD? What the fuck is in there? Multiple faces? Her ego?

      • Let’s see how quickly she starts asking to borrow someone’s Rimowa luggage for the trip (because we know she doesn’t read here EVER). She’s just getting her grifter check list together.

        This is the best purchase I have ever made (I bought it on ebay new in box for less than suggested retail). I can pack for a week in this carry on, 3-4 suits, 2-3 dress, jeans, 4 pairs of shoes, undergarments, deceased grandmother’s night gown, etc. (I travel domestic-so internationally travels may have different thoughts).


        • I will never hardside. Seen those things come out cracked and busted, totally useless.

          I use a 20 in carry on for all my trips and nothing more, including multiweek trips to snowy European countries because fuck lost bags.

          If you’re traveling by air within Europe, their idea of carry on is the size of a small backpack so be prepared to check even your most modest suitcase…which is also the best reason to carry a lightweight totebag so you can dump out anything delicate from your “omg not so carry on-able carry on” and not panic at the le airport.

          • I love the way it opens that you can pack both sides evenly and zip it shut with one extra item in the middle. Last year I did over 50 flights and it was the only thing I brought (no checking of bags). Or my other trick (when I had to go to training for two weeks) I fed ex everything to the hotel in garment bags on hangers and send it ground. I use my carry on for the first week and the fed ex’d stuff for the second. I will never check bags again.

        • I use a carry-on hardsider for week-long business trips, domestic or international; otherwise I have a ten-year old oversized Manhattan Portage messenger bag that I fill for three days.

          For frequent traveller cat peeps, I also recommend enrolling in Global Access, Nexus or TSA Pre. Requires a background check, but well worth the saving in time either checking in or returning to the country from overseas.

          • kipling nylon shoulder bags, medium and large: squishable and fit into any overhead compartment, count as two items because the big one opens to include my laptop bag when i am in line

          • Kipling 4 Lyfe. Mine are all 15 + years old and have been everywhere with me. I luff them madly.

          • co-sign on the Global Access. I also have an admittedly excessive number of Longchamps bags (long story, on sale), but they fold up into nothing if you are planning on bringing things back. I got two tagines back from Morocco in one bag and those are fra-gheel-ay.

    • A link to download more than 15+ minutes of something?
      You’re going to have to be more specific …

      • Feel free to calm down. This is from OneLoveLA (the church that Donkey goes to) – I think it’s HILARIOUS that no matter how much Donkey tries to disassociate herself with the word DONKEY, it always shows up. This time in a sermon at her OMGILOVEITSOMUCHCULTY church.

        #life #fail #donkey #ass

        • No really, cliff notes, please. Many of us don’t read RBD on a download friendly device.

  11. It would be just like this cunt to try to upstage the bride with her own engagement.

  12. I have GOT to stop reading here before I go to bed. Had a dream Juliar and I were room mates (I know). I met The Modesto Strangler. He was actually nice. Was telling me that Easter was the end of their “romance” as per the contract he signed. I somehow got into it with her about what a narcissistic twat she is and Pointy was there, as was OMG Bears, laughing and agreeing. I think it may have even gotten physical?

    TLDR; Jaba is now encroaching on my dreams.

  13. Jesus Christ, has anyone ever read this?


    Has anyone ever in the history of the human race ever loved talking about herself more than this nobody? It is fucking insane. She just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on about herself. And she is boring as fuck.

    Also, for someone who claims she hated the way she looked in her 20s, I wonder why she posted EIGHT BILLION photos of herself to the Internet and posed in her underwear on Gawker?? Jesus, she is a dishonest donkey. Her problem wasn’t that she didn’t like the way she looked after the got the eyelift and the nose job and the chin implant or whatever else she did — her problem was that she thought she was a smoking hot goddess and wanted everyone else to agree with her. Mother of fuck.

    • What is this [air quotes] work to which Julia refers?

      P.S. Devin Stetler is a line cook?

      P.P.S. She dated someone in the military? Who knew?

    • Wait, wait. Hold on a second. Just hold the motherfucking phone. Is this a transcript of the video interview that came out a few months ago? When Juliar was sitting in her kitchen talking to some annoying love coach? I’m probably mistaken. I just feel like I’ve heard these words before (said everyone who has ever read one of juliar’s “articles” before ever)

      • Also before you start being jealuz haters, note that the interviewer, Kavita J Patel, has been a Love Coach since she was 13 years old, when she began coaching her parents through their turbulent marriage (according to her website). What the fuck were you doing at age 13? Hm?

    • Her adolescent years were “awkward at best, horrific at worst,” really? Horrific, is growing up without parents, a place to live, running water. NO JA your adulthood is horrific, your adolescent years are what most people in the world wished they’d had-she is such an asshole.

      • Yep, horrific would describe the experiences of the kids at my school who had no friends, had disfiguring acne that people made fun of to their faces everyday, who had their lockers vandalized, lunches stolen, were beaten up, would never in a million years have a date or even go to the prom, had weird/embarrassing parents, who couldn’t walk down the street without being laughed at, shoved, or spit on. These people never want to see or think about their classmates ever again.

        • My guess is that she felt ugly wearing thick glasses. I can relate, I became a different person when I got contact lenses as a teen.

          • I’d worn glasses since second grade an added braces to that mix in 4th grade and yes, I felt better when I got contact lenses and my braces came off- (we’ren’t we all made fun of in school?) Situations like that gave the rest of us an opportunity to develop character, sense of humor, etc. What’s her excuse?

    • I had dated such a wide cross-section of people …’

      Is there a shorter Patel version of this that we saw back at the time? Not only does that “people” business seems vaguely familiar, of course D0nkey would post the unedited version because how can she stand to have any of her words about herself not get the attn they deserve.

      • Tag close FAIL, but I didn’t teach myself HTML, so whatchoo gonna do? Anyhoo, Balthazar’s Finest is right (didn’t see that at first) — we’ve seen a condensed version of this already.

    • So Devin really is her surrogate Petey. Veddy interesting. Tell us more about your faver…

    • Considering the digital nomad interview upthread, whoever did the transcription of this interview was so generous. They omitted all the ums, ers, and false starts. I consider myself shitty at talking in general, and especially in interviews, but goddamn Julia! She really needs media training, but I’m not sure she would benefit. I can’t believe we as a country are supposed to take cable news seriously when an idiot like Julia is a bona fide talking head. I suck at articulating myself verbally, but no one is inviting me on CNN.

    • So many fucking gems in this.

      “I was raised in a Protestant work ethic household where you work. You’re not really encouraged to play…
      But I was putting forth this, “I must work all the time and be perfect and be powerful and strong and never let go . . .” and then I would inevitably fall apart because you cannot be like that all the time.”

      Please, Julia, tell us more about your strong work ethics and how hard you bust your ass to ‘work.’

      It must fucking infuriate her brother that she considers herself a perfectionist with a strong work ethic. Like, the Julia in my life works a secretarial job* that she got via nepotism, and she works 40 hours split between two weeks… Yet she always goes on about what a stressed-out, hardworking perfectionist she is. Bitch, please. I guess it is all about perception, though. If you’re a lazy, self-important cunt then sure, it will seem TO YOU like you’re really busting ass.

      My mom phrased it so perfectly in an adage she borrowed from my grandfather: “The lazy man works the hardest.” Amen, PopPop.

      *That is if she goes back to work when her maternity leave ends. I would bet high stakes that never happens.

      • “I was raised in a Protestant work ethic household where you work.

        Except when she’s claiming some percentage of Jewish ancestry, if she thinks it’ll help land a wallet.

    • her problem was that she thought she was a smoking hot goddess and wanted everyone else to agree with her. Mother of fuck.

      She also wanted to be famous for being famous, like a low-rent Paris Hilton or some Kardashian — even though there’s nothing remotely likable about her. In fact, she is still under the delusion that her fame should be based on all men wanting her and all women wanting to be her. Donkey craves adoration, adulation, and envy more than anyone else I’ve ever seen. And THAT is why she could never, ever embrace being the “love to hate” character.

    • “I have been to every city and I’ve dated in every city.”

      Julia’s world is so small and sad.

  14. Meow, Nancy. Meow 😉

    Julia Allison
    14 hours ago near Los Angeles, CA
    This might be a very silly question, but for all of the fashionable women out there who travel overseas, what are your secrets?

    Specifically regarding SHOES and packing light, even when you are traveling on a multi-country trip to Europe and you need to have everything from black tie formal wear to “fancy dress” (ie: costume party) to outfits to wear in the country to outfits to do yoga in to outfits to tour cities?

    Also, man will be bringing tux. Should I ship the formal wear???

    Itinerary is: Paris, Southern France, Italy (outside of Florence), Spain (Seville)

    ANY advice is welcome.
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    9 people like this.

    Nancy Eaton And…… http://bit.ly/XtdSng

    Let me google that for you
    For all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves.
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    • [img]http://www.visualphotos.com/photo/1×5884541/donkey_suitcase_01741632.jpg[/img]

    • I fucking hate questions like this. Seriously. How do people not know how to pack?

      Packing for fun trips on the light and cheap side, not Julia style- Guide for N00b ladies
      1) Check the weather for all your destinations. The only real thing you should pack special gear is for wind and super low temps. Everything else you can deal with, yes, even rain. Unless you’re backpacking but we’re not talking about backpacking and climbing shit, see Chucks at #9 for athletic pursuits.
      2) Determine how much crap you’re willing/able to carry, including return trip haul.
      3) Pack half the undergarments you need in only black or nude, you can figure out what to do from there. (ex: 10 day trip, 5 underoos)
      4) Remember that there are stores in other countries and half the fun of travelling is finding cool new brands to use.
      5) You don’t need to pack your super special hair dryer, hotels have them (also fun to figure out where they are located in Europe). But your die without iron/curler? Throw that shit in there and that should be your biggest beauty space splurge.
      6) Take only your everyday make up. You can amp up anything if you apply just more of it for the night out.
      7) Leg/jeggings, tights, plain skirt and dresses are your friend because they don’t wrinkle and make multiple outfits. So is a nice cashmere tunic/oversize sweater. (Versatile as shit. Warm as fuck. Classy.)
      8) El cheapo “pashmina”, the $10 thing from Target will be your bff. Do not fly without one, ever. This works as a blanket, pillow, face cover, air filter, bag, hide stains, umbrella, etc.
      9) Classy flats and Chucks. The whole world wears Chucks. Believe me, you will blend in with the natives on your sightseeing.
      10) Wear your bulkiest item. In fact, wear as much crap as you can on your body if you are desperately running low on space. Wear 3 pairs of undies? Who gives a fuck!
      11) Don’t take anything that you think you need for when you’ll be bored on arrival. If you’re that bored and can’t find shit to do, you’re probably doing it wrong.
      12) Don’t pack anything white besides socks. Seriously. Why the fuck.
      13) Fuck pajamas. Throw in lounge pants instead. More mileage in case of pants emergencies.
      14) Jeans are a nightmare to wash and dry. Pack jeans with some stretch, they will look less shitty and wrinkly for longer because of the spandex.
      15) Remember that you are not there to make an impression on a bunch of strangers with your amazing fashion bloggy outfits. Once you leave that desire behind, you will be amazed at how little you need to pack.
      16) Heels eat up space in your bag like no other. If you must carry heels, stuff socks/undies in the toes and cover each side in a sock, like a shoe condom. This way you can place heels anywhere in the bag and not worry about scuffs or even toss them into your handbag.

      Bonus tip- If you’re planning on doing some shopping, figure out your size in as many countries as possible ahead of time and write it down. This will save you time like a mofo.

      • Seriously.

        I spent an entire summer in Charleston, S.C. bringing only one suitcase and did just fine. You don’t have to look like a purple sparkly princess every single time you go somewhere, and if you’re spending that much time in different cities with different people you can recycle outfits.

        When I travel, I bring one tank top, one or two knit cardigans, a pair of nice jeans, a jersey dress (short or long-sleeved, depending on season), a pair of tights (if winter), a pair of flats, a pair of yoga pants, one pair of socks, underwear for every day I’ll be gone (or max of 7 pairs if I will be gone longer, and then I just wash everything after a week). On the plane, I wear the jeans, tank top, cardigan, and flats — everything else fits in the backpack. And EVERY time I travel I get complimented on how I look so “chic” so I know I’m not just a backwards slob.

        Point being: you can totally pare down what you bring to several interchangeable items and NO ONE will know that you’re re-wearing items unless you make a big stink about it. Julia’s problem (among others) is that she wants Every Outfit to be A Special Outfit, like everywhere she goes is the opera or a red carpet event. No one really cares unless you look like a complete slob or it’s your JOB to look a certain way.

        All IMHO, btw.

      • … Pile everything you want to take on your bed – EVERYTHING – include cosmetics, cash, electronics and so on.

        Go away, have lunch, then come back and halve the pile of stuff, and double the amount of cash.

      • Carry on and fed ex are the best ways to travel. Keep the first week in the carry on and second (send ground) via fed ex. Send first week home (ground) and pack your second week back in your carry on.

          • I have been doing this for two years. It costs less than the baggage fee. Just make sure you put your clothing on hangers inside a weather proof garment bag (in case it rains). Put in big box and send it on its way. I was traveling so much last year. One hotel would even unbox and hang in the closet for me.

        • When I went to Italy for two weeks years ago, I just went to a laudromat when I ran out of clothes.

      • Great list. My only quibble is re hair dryers. I’ve never had a decent one in any hotel in Europe – just those super low watt jobbies that never get anything but the wispiest hair dry – so always bring a foldable travel dryer. Flat, frizzy hair isn’t the look for me, but others with better hair might not need to worry.

        Of course, Donk never washes her goddamn pelts, so what’s there to dry?

        Another tip: If you have any older underwear that are on their way out, pack them and just throw them out in Europe after wearing. Frees up luggage space for sexy new French or British (M&S!) knickers.

      • This is the sad thing about Julia – she has to constantly pack for her ‘presentation and perception,’ without realizing that honestly, truly, not a single fuck is free to give. She packs the most bullshitty fucking bullshit for every trip – not because she needs it, but because she desperately ‘needs’ to take a million pictures in it to try and prove to the world (read: the haters) that she had an ‘awesome cool fancy wow super extra lucky number one good time!!,!1I!’

        It is truly pathetic how much of her life is centered around convincing US (her only audience) that she is SOOOO HAPPY, AY-YA!! Paradoxically, all she does with these desperate machinations is provide fodder for our mockery because we all recognize it for the sad bullshit it is.

        Girl, fer realz, pack two pairs of jeans, some comfy plain tees, and a pair of yoga pants, plus your dress for the wedding (something of the appropriate length and size), and borrow the nearest stepladder (or fireman’s ladder, really, considering) to get the fuck over yourself.

    • Jeez, I really need to get a life. Here I am fixing up my new place with my boyfriend, spending time with my dogs, seeing my fam sometimes etc…and being on a hate site. When people with real lives ask fucking twitter how to pack. 🙁 So sad, so fat. So alone.

      • I was wondering! I couldn’t imagine why Debbie would own one, but it’s probably that white thing. This is getting better and better.

  15. Julia Allison, d0nkey who N.E.V.E.R. reads here (except when she does), is once again claiming to never read here.

    Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison 1h @ioerror @alicetiara – the key is NEVER reading them 🙂 anyone who has time to comment negatively isn’t doing much with their life! 2:51 PM – 30 Mar 13

    So, when exactly was the last time that Julia Allison emailed mods here at her hate pity site, trying to get “breaking news” published? Was it when she wanted to fool people into thinking that she was dating DeStorm Power? That was also right around the time Julia Allison began buying fake Twitter followers, as if viewers of Bravo TV’s Miss Advised were adoring her (except all of those more than 100,000+ new followers were non-english-speaking Fans in the ‘Stans).

    Funny how Julia Allison is losing Fans in the ‘Stans at an alarming rate, now that Twitter is cracking down & deleting fake followers & spambots — almost 300 yesterday alone!


    Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison 1h @alicetiara – yeah, mine have serious issues. I probably have the most unhappy “first world problems” haters on the planet. <— brayed the d0nkey whose third-world followers were purchased by her.

    #Julia Allison #@JuliaAllison #Fake Twitter Followers #Bought Twitter Followers #Fake Twitter Followers Being Deleted #First-World Problems #OMG! Randi Zuckerberg! #Fake Boyfriend is a line cook #a LINE COOK for Peter Baugher's sake! #LAdreamdates #BOLD Academy #TrustFund #Sweet Potato Turds #DeStorm Power #Jelly DoNut #Save Lilly!

    • “First world problems,” says the donkey who doesn’t work and who’s puzzling over how to pack for her 3-week vacation in Europe.

      When did not liking someone become “negativity”? Donks puts BS out into the world, not positive energy. BTW, I’m a perfectly happy person (especially since I’m looking forward to my own 3-week vacation in Europe), and I have a hell of a lot more going on than a donkey does. A full-time job that I like, for example.

      I don’t understand why calling someone on their rampant BS is “negative.”

          • Please if she didn’t have haters she wouldn’t get any attention at all. What happens JA when no one cares anymore? We already know you’ll take the sound of a 1,000 haters because no one is postive about what it is you do or say. The day you go away (of your feel will, quit twitter, fb, and grifting for a living) I may actually have a shred of respect for you-but since you’re a sociopath we won’t have to hold out hope. Hey Casey Anthony is with child maybe you could be her nanny and Dev could be her line cook and you can all grift together.

      • Or “bullying.” Sometimes mockery is earned, and Donkey is the poster child for that.

        • No. # 1 thing a sociopath does is place blame on others while claiming “victim.” She is no vicitim of haters she is the creater of her haters. I cannot like her not matter what.

          • “Don’t have much going on in their lives…”
            bitch, i just spent my week off from teaching doing the following:
            -spending time with my kids and omg husband
            -seeing shows in NYC (did anyone see Passion, omg, so good)
            -working on lesson plans
            -hanging out with friends
            -planning a secret Disney trip for my kidlets with my hubby
            -preparing easter treats for kids
            -preparing to host easter for my in-laws

            and because it was a week off, it was a comparatively slow week in my life. compare that week to your bullshit existence, Julie Albertson. i check in here when i get a few minutes to laugh and catch up. this site has been more successful than anything La Donquee has EVER done.

    • More than two+ hours (2.5) & Julia Allison AKA D0nkey has lost another 130 Twitter followers …

      Well done, Julesie, well done!

      • Another more than 15+ hours later, another 181 *POOF*

        (A bass brays solo w/ apologies to Queen)
        ♭ ♭ donk donk donk ♭ ♭
        Another one bites the dust
        ♭ ♭ donk donk donk ♭ ♭
        Another one bites the dust
        And another one gone, and another one gone
        Another one bites the dust

        ♭ ♭ donk donk donk ♭ ♭

  16. alicetiara ‏@alicetiara 19h
    Just read all 400+ comments on my Wired piece. Wasn’t nearly as bad as the time @JuliaAllison’s haters got ahold of me.

    Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison 1h
    @alicetiara – yeah, mine have serious issues. I probably have the most unhappy “first world problems” haters on the planet.

    Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison 1h
    @ioerror @alicetiara – the key is NEVER reading them 🙂 anyone who has time to comment negatively isn’t doing much with their life!

    LOL, sure you NEVAH read here, you dumb wastrel, doing so much with your sadass life of failure.

    Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison 29 Mar
    Apologies if everyone already knows this but … when do the rumors insinuate the next iPhone will come out? 🙂

    Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison 29 Mar
    @Jeffcs – I hear you! I always buy one RIGHT BEFORE they issue a new one. ARGH!

    Ok, here’s something this Silicon Valley temptress/Expert Wummin in Tech is the last to know: Apple is amazingly easygoing about exchanging an iPhone you bought “RIGHT BEFORE” a new model comes out; I think the window is 6-8 weeks. Anyway, why the fuck does she need to have the absolute latest model? Oh I know, b/c she’s an asshole.
    And as someone said above, can’t wait for the phone/data bill she will rack up in Yurp.

    • She’s right. Clearly I’m not doing anything. So says the bitch who spends approximately 20 hours a day on twitter. Fuck you. I choose to make fun of you with some of my free time instead of twatting about myself and crowdsourcing every detail of my life.

      • Why does she need the new iphone? (or anyone for that matter). It’s a pavlovian response at this point isn’t it? What could she possibly need the upgrade for? Line Cooks new work schedule? Line Cook’s boys night out schedule (aka Line Cook sucks off Chef porn night)? Pretty sure the previous generations can take can of all that busy scheduling.

    • When did the catlady basement get “ahold” of alicetiara?

      Also, I read her article and what burns me about that whole incident is that it was a gentle joke and in no way a feminist slur, and in response a couple of guys got their jobs taken away. I consider myself a feminist, and “feminists” like this give us a bad name because they cry fucking wolf and overreact. Try reserving your poutrage for something that is honestly derogatory.

        • Man, I remember reading that excerpt when it came out, but I don’t remember it being so BAD. I mean it’s not just factually inaccurate, it is just simplistic and devoid of style.

          Didn’t that same girl out herself as looking for research info, or am I thinking of someone else?

        • Like, ok, I am sorry to harp on this, but… The sort of crux of this article is this idea that Julia’s success is predicated on her being so astoundingly beautiful and the whole world dropping at her feet because of it and everyone in the tech scene being a bunch of fuddy-duddy grumbling twats who seeth and twiddle their fingers maniacally behind her back while resenting her enormous ‘success.’

          Meanwhile it completely glosses over the fact that in reality no one fucking cares! It also glosses over the fact that lots of people – male/female/Hasbro/Bravo Andy – hate her. It is not a fucking coincidence that the majority of people who meet her can’t stand her. It is not a coincidence that, for years now, people who meet her stumble on this site saying, “Dis bitch.” It has zero to do with her ‘success’ and everything to do with the fact that she is ridiculously, mind-bogglingly annoying!

          It’s really pretty simple when you think about it.

          • Agreed– and what’s “feminist” about the response that “haters” must always be “jealous”? (I think they mean to use the word envious, not jealous, but whatevs.) As if women are so shallow that they’re only capable of one emotion– envy– when dealing with other women.

            Donkey is an asshole. I don’t envy anything about her. I envy Jennifer Anniston’s bikini body and Ines de la Fressange’s style, but I don’t “hate” them– I love them, I think they’re fabulous. But they don’t make me feel inferior, the way Fashion Week models make Donk feel fat or whatever she brayed, because it’s their job to be fabulous. Good for them!

      • I have no idea who @alicetiara is, and I am not aware of her name coming up in the Franzia-kitty-basement.

        And, is this about that woman who took offense at a “dongle” joke between two guys and not directed at anyone else, and the lady who photo’d them and got one fired, before being fired herself for causing that massive unpleasant and unnecessary storm of petty crap? If it’s about that, I agree with you entirely, Grifty. Gee, tech nerds can be immature Beavises and Buttheads when they are chatting with each other. Shocking! For this lady to make A Big Stinking Issue of it really does set women in tech and feminism in general back, I think. If you can’t take an immature geek joke about “dongles”, well, that’s every reason for the boys’ club in tech to be wary of hiring women. The dude wasn’t even talking to her, and she decided to be offended and climb up on a cross and expose the guy and get him fired. She deserved to be fired too. And what have we all learned from this big kerfuff? Maybe in the tech boys’ club, that women are litigious tattle-tales who will expose you and your face to the world if you make an off-color joke you don’t like.

        Anyway, I undertand if anyone has a different opinion. I really do consider myself a guy feminist, and this whole sorry incident doesn’t advance women’s interests at all. Like you say Grifty, it’s a distraction, and it really is harmful to women advancing in tech. Or, in any field. Crying wolf, such a nothing. She felt the right to damage that guy’s name and livelihood because she overheard an immature joke. No one was talking to her. She got him fired. Sorry but, that’s a nasty thing to do to a stranger who did you no harm. Feminism is about strength and equality, not someone needing a fainting couch (and Internet attention) when they overhear a sorta-randy joke. Plz.

        • I…have much more mixed feelings about it. Like, I HATE that this has become the latest Sexism in Tech! hot button issue, because Adria Richards sounds like a lunatic.

          But. I do think there is a point to be made that the tech community is often SUPER sexist, and a lot of that is made up of microaggressions like “harmless” dirty jokes. And I also think that in order for that to change, it’s going to involve very public conversations about the atmosphere of conferences, workplaces, etc, and how sometimes a harmless dongle joke isn’t actually harmless. Even if it’s made to your buddies, even if you didn’t direct it at anyone who you thought would be offended.

          I think the real damage here, aside from a few people losing their jobs who shouldn’t have, is that now whenever anyone tries to resurrect a conversation about sexism in tech there’ll be collective eyerolls and references to PyCon.

          Tl;dr version, this blogger says what I’m trying to, only way better: https://amandablumwords.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/3/

          • Lilly, I have VERY mixed feelings about the Blum piece which strikes me as a bit catty and self-serving. Another writer put her finger on why:


            I guess my thing is with Adria starts with the assumption, why are we so OK with making her actions represent every woman.

            Further, it’s worth asking yourself:

            1. What is it that she actually did & what was her intent? (Hate to break it to all of her haterz, but she personally did not get the guy fired).

            2. Why are we as women supposed to be responsible for her actions and what they say? Why do we feel the need to apologize for her?

            When you think about it that way, Blum’s piece becomes way problematic.

            Tech is kind of a complete shitshow for women (even women who throw around sexual jokes with gusto will admit that). The fact is women internalize all sorts of fucked up bullshit from being in a very inhospitable environment — not least of which is we need to apologize for everything, be accommodating and be ready to throw any woman who steps out of line under the bus, like Blum is so ready to.

          • This is just me, but I find life easier when not giving so much power to mere words …

            Meanings of words & phrases tend to evolve over time, after all, & just like expressions can have different meaning in different cultures, it makes more sense to acknowledge that you’re not on the same page & learn where a person is actually coming from …

            RE: the entire (non-issue, IMHO) ‘money shot’ “offense”? People really should work on expanding their vocabularies more & whining less … the phrase means one certain thing in the pron industry, but the phrase is hardly exclusive to the porn industry.

            People like Adria Richardson are primed to take offense at every conceivable opportunity, but that’s hardly gender-specific issue, if my fecebook feed is any indication.

          • @Brayella, I guess my question is, what of it, if she feels differently about it than you? What’s really at stake for you?

            I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash at that description, I’m not anti-porn personally, but she’s of a different opinion than me. All I’m saying is, honestly, she’s entitled to her opinion. It’s not my job to tell her what she can and can’t be offended by. If I was involved in the “Money Shot” conference, her objection might have been a chance to have a discussion about whether or not the porn reference (which was explicitly referenced in the description, more than just in the Money Shot verbiage) was bringing anything of value to the event. Not freak out, just discuss it.

            My skepticism of the knee-jerk reaction to Adria is that we can’t just have a rational discussion about things rather than this overheated, “Sit down, feminazi” baloney. That right there should tell you something.

        • Ah, my knee-jerk reaction to the Adria Richards thing was whoops she’s ruining it for all women but then I took a harder look at the response (and my own assumptions) and I now think about it completely differently.

          One of the most erroneous conclusions that people throw around is that Adria “got a guy fired.” Come on — she doesn’t have the power to do that, and surely you must realize that you making a huge, huge leap to say that could have been in her mind, or even that an employer would have immediately jumped there from what she tweeted. This is *literally* one of the dumbest things about this story.

          The second dumbest thing about this story is the OMG trauma of *imagine* a world in which men are discouraged from telling sexual jokes in a professional context. I mean, this is Murica — forget about the conference actually having a clear code of conduct. How horrible life would be if men could not tell douchey jokes while representing their companies in public. What a blow for freedom.

          What’s really harmful for women in tech is operating in an environment where a relatively minor infraction by ONE woman because a completely hysterical shitshow complete with death and rape threats and people loudly proclaiming that they will never hire another women. Yes, because ONE woman tweeted a picture of some guys who were telling jokes she didn’t like. To hear the way some people see it, women are supposed to internalize that, jump all over Adria, and bend over backwards to prove how “cool” we are with the bro.

          As a techwimmin/person, I’ve been in countless situations with sexist shitheads telling dumb jokes, sometimes of a sexual or demeaning nature, and OF COURSE I’ve said nothing. Not because it’s hilarious to be objectified and I’m super cool with it, but because to ask for an environment free of fratboy humor would immediately brand me an “uppity feminist” i.e., tech poison.

          So, yes, if I was in Adria shoes, I would have said nothing. But am I going to apologize for her? No way.

          It’s a free country.

          • Thanks for this comment, and the one above–really interesting.

            And FWIW, while I know a lot of people *are* talking about it as if she signed his pink slip herself, I don’t think Richards is responsible for getting the developer fired–I think both companies involved acted rather bafflingly stupid and overreacted in probably the least constructive ways possible.

            I don’t know, the whole thing has just made me despair a little. Last week I got into two separate arguments with coworkers (I work at a software company) about the situation; both were men who couldn’t understand why a woman might want to call out sexist behaviour in a way that wasn’t personally confrontational. (Again, not that I totally agree with what she did, but I think I understand her motivations, at least in part.) With one I even said “Look, women have to think about not just what happens in the conference hall, but what happens when she’s getting a drink in the evening, or walking back to her hotel room alone,” and he just refused to get it and was going “Oh what, is someone going to say something to her? OH NO!” Just…not enough headdesk in the world.

      • Alice Marwick’s notions regarding feminism, from what I have been exposed to, are so anti-feminist, in my opinion. She believes that all women should be treated like delicate flowers that are devoid of criticism. For me, feminist equality is achieved when you can rightfully call a woman an asshole, because, guess what? Some women are assholes! Some gays are assholes! Some minorities are assholes! Equal rights to me, as a gay homosexual Mexican who knows ladies, is about creating a level playing field. It’s not about putting any minority group on some special pedestal.

        • For me, feminist equality is achieved if ever a white woman of privilege gets the same punishment for DWI as does the uneducated, impoverished, minority male w/ only an inexperienced public defender in his corner.

          Okay, possibly that’s more specifically my pet peeve w/ our local DA’s office & their selective ‘slap-on-the-wrist’ plea bargain approach to prosecution, but hopefully you get my drift.

    • Anyone who has the time to add Boudoir photography to their Pinterest wedding wish list (and not even engaged yet) has no business judging my internet time wasting.

    • FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS, JULIE!!!! How FUCK can this woman accuse her haters of being first world problem complainers when she is literally bitching that her new i-phone is not the LATEST i-phone.

      i swear to god this is the day i’m gonna poke the beast on twitter!


    • Wait, so this Tiara chick is the one who wrote the dissertation on fameballs? And she claims we got “ahold” of her. Um from what I recall, she wrote Jacy and me, like, a year or so after that dissertation was published, requesting an interview because she was updating it for a book or something (?), and she conceded that her arguments and evidence were deeply flawed, just as we pointed out, and she wanted to talk to us to get some insight on why we wrote the blog, blah, blah, blah. We were nothing but kind to her. I believe Jacy submitted to an email interview. I was tied up with work, so I never got around to responding to her emails as the conversations went further.

      This was her initial email:

      Alice Marwick amarwick@microsoft.com via gator1336.hostgator.com

      to jacyandrussian., fcamping, me
      From: Alice Marwick
      Subject: Interview for book

      Message Body:
      Hi there,

      My name is Alice Marwick and I am a researcher who looks at internet culture. You guys posted an excerpt from my dissertation a couple of years ago that used Julia Allison as a case study. You ripped it to shreds, which was brutal. I have a book contract for the diss and am currently deep in revisions. I re-read the page and realized you and your commenters had a lot of valid criticisms. I would love to interview any of you for the book, via email, Skype, IM, or in person if anyone lives in Boston or NYC. The only rub is that this would have to take place in the next two weeks or so, and I can’t give you any compensation. Only the satisfaction that you have contributed to knowledge! (kidding).

      Anyway, let me know if you are interested. Most of my questions are going to be about your motivations for doing the site, and what it is about Julia specifically that inspires such engagement.

      The book is for Yale Press and it is a trade/academic crossover. It will probably come out in late 2013. I can guarantee pseudonymity or anonymity, whichever you prefer.

      Let me know, thanks!


      • I can’t believe that dink is writing a book.

      • RE: to jacyandrussian., fcamping, me, am I missing something? Does the CONTACT FORM direct emails to all three of you? Because otherwise, it seems that only regulars might know that “fcamping” is more than just a regular here …

  17. Remember the time she SOBBED because she couldn’t find anyone to make her a Care Bears costume for her trip to LA to stalk yet another woman’s boyfriend?

    Donkey, you are the biggest loser on the fucking planet, okay?

  18. Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison 1h
    @alicetiara – yeah, mine have serious issues. I probably have the most unhappy “first world problems” haters on the planet.

    How would you know, dipshit, since you NEVER read them? Are you just talking out of your ass because you enjoy the sound of your own verbal farts? For all you know, this place could have turned into ReallyLoving Donk.

    It takes a special kind of asshole to try and one-up someone on twitter for having the Best (Worst?) Haters. It’s always about you, isn’t it, Julsie?


  19. OT sortof, but I got a puppy on Friday.

    Every time I put her collar on to take her outside, I think “Modesto Staaaangler”. It just pops into my head and it really amuses me.

  20. I’m howling at the Filed under: Wins part …


    • On the one hoof, D0nkey seems to have exhausted all of her options for representation by anyone in the entertainment industry; one the other hoof, why doesn’t she get help from her new rep for her 3-week destination-anniversary plans? Isn’t Kirsten Texler the same chick who tried to set D0nkey & No-Ballz up w/ discounted ski equip on that never-skied ski vacation?



        • Does this mean Andre in Baltimore wasn’t getting it done for our donkey?

          In addition to the new name, Ainsley & Co. also announced two new hires: Andre Vaseghi and Sarah Gelband.

          Andre Vaseghi, Creative Director, has led award winning design & advertising campaigns for agencies from Madison Avenue to Beacon Hill. A former Yale design mentor and active rower, Andre brings with him a client portfolio ranging from New York Fashion Week clientele to star of Bravo’s reality show “Miss Advised,” Julia Allison. Andre Vaseghi carries undergraduate degrees from The Boston Architectural College and Stevenson University as well as a Graduate Degree from George Mason University.

          P.S. Devin Stetler, line cook

          • Baltimore Media Group announces new name: Ainsley & Company
            June 18, 2012

            Is if the internet is easy?

          • Julia Allison is averaging a year before her PR reps kick her to the curb?

            Julia Allison Hires Her First PR Agency
            By Joe Ciarallo on March 14, 2011 2:58 PM

            Julia Allison, the ubiquitous Web personality and columnist, has hired her first PR agency. One South By Southwest (SXSW) attendee who was present at an event with Allison at the Fast Company Grill yesterday tells PRNewser she announced a new relationship with Susan Blond‘s agency

          • They’ll get along beautifully.

            From Kristen’s FB (edited):

            March 16
            (name of her 10-year old)’s BD party coming up in mere hours….but it seems like it’s only the first of many…..now we’ve added a church party, a family party, a school party…..since when did kid’s BDs become week-long? Fun times!

    • On the one hoof, D0nkey seems to have exhausted all of her options for representation by anyone in the entertainment industry; one the other hoof, why doesn’t she get help from her new rep for her 3-week destination-anniversary plans? Isn’t Kirsten Texler the same chick who tried to set D0nkey & No-Ballz up w/ discounted ski equip on that never-skied ski vacation?



  21. Her packing is important, but the real question is whether chef d is packing his crocs and ‘cooking costume for Tweens’ or getting eBay to deliver straight to his hotel?

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