Donk Gets Called A “Racist Idiot” On Twitter, Responds In Exactly The Snotty Way You’d Expect She Would



They’re objecting to her meandering, pointless reply on this CNN panel today about the tasteless joke about “drunk Indians” on the show Mike and Molly. She starts yammering something stupid about how they should stop writing letters and fix the problem. Yes, stupid Indians! Stop writing letters and whining! Just go fix centuries of systemic racism! Jesus! DO something, says the lazy jobless Donkey who does nothing and who honestly could not be a dumber human being and p.s. nice fucking hair.

Speaking of drunk, do any of her answers on this CNN thing make the slightest bit of sense? What the hell is she talking about? Even the host and her fellow guests look confused. Also, not enough nodding. Is she, in fact, fucking wasted? Jesus.



Also!! Dear God, NOOOOOOOOOO

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  1. It would be great if someone could find and post the photo from that recent 80’s themed wedding in Florida, where Julie and the girls are dressed in Indian costumes.. But, WordPress search functionality sucks Donkey™ balls. And Google image search didn’t help much either, but I remember it wasn’t that long ago.. Bleh.

  2. I also object to her dressing up in a headdress. Nothing sticks in my craw as much as cultural appropriation but ignorant white assholes.

    OT: wrires, if any of you are interested in joining an rbd writing group, email me at gimmepigoflove[at]yahoo[dot]come with your rbd handle and we’ll get something going!

  3. That joke was super offensive btw. If you are gonna be racist at least be fucking funny. There was nothing funny about that, at all. She is a clown.

    Holy shit I just watched it. She’s a cunt. This is a great moment and I’m glad she got called out. Way to be offensive to advocates for Native Americans you dump dipshit.

    • WTF does that even mean? Go fix the problem? So until alcoholism in native communities is fixed, everyone can feel free to make crass jokes about it without retribution? My god she’s an idiot.

      • Honestly, it is far less offensive to say, as the others did, “lighten up, the character is supposed to be a racist,” then it was to say “stop whining and go fix the problem,” right? She is just so profoundly stupid.

      • Another thing is that there is just as much alcoholism in all other communities/races, too. It’s not an “Indian” thing, just a human thing.

        Having said that.. I’m having a nice bourbon on the rocks with a splash of club soda right now, mMmm..

        • While alcohol is present in all communities and races, it is a very real problem in the Native American community. But it’s not like “oh indians, what a bunch of drunks”. It’s a symptom of centuries of mistreatment and oppression. The things that that community has been put through by our country breaks my heart.

      • As usual, Julia brays on about a subject she knows NOTHING about. Even a middle school graduate has some knowledge of the history of Native American mistreatment, discrimination, widespread alcoholism. And this cunt blithers on about “fixing the problem,’ as though it’s up to Native Americans to just turn a switch. What problem might that be, you brain dead bitch? Fuck her and the Debbie she rode in on.

    • Agree if you’re comments are going to offend at least make sure they’re funny. The New Normal is always getting people hot because of wildly inappropriate comments or politically incorrect comments, but they are funny. It’s not popular but there is usually a kernel of truth to every stereotype or rumor.

  4. wait. are people surprised by this? honestly? didn’t she pose with a girlfriend wearing a headdress?

      • sorry, that came off bitchier than intended. People being blatantly racist on the internet or tv has become so commonplace that i’m genuinely not surprised by it anymore, to the point that i’ve become almost bitter about it.

        • I hear you. If you really want to blow your brains out, read any of the comments after any Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman story. I seriously want to open a vein when I read them. Or track people down and beat on them.

          • or…i could just read the comments on my videos.

            i tweeted a lot about the Trayvon case last year and have tried to keep updates on my blog and the racist crazies always come out for that one. George Zimmerman is their hero. They literally troll the #Trayvon tag on twitter looking for people to call the N word.

    • JFA ing myself here, it’s interesting to me that they did a segment on this but didn’t think to include a Native American. I feel like they threw in the black guy to say “see! he’s a minority and he’s not offended!”

      • The three segments were on a surrogate who refused an abortion, a racist joke and an NFL contract, and Julia was on the panel for all three, clearly CNN is not concerned about providing informed perspectives.

      • Yay, chesca.

        Julie is the grossest. Doubling down on her TV ignorance by being a patronizing cock to a spokesperson for the Navajo Nation on social media? Way to be a social media expert, you fucking fuck.

      • While we’re at it, let’s don’t forget D0nkey’s cultural appropriation of a Bindi for her Burning Man dragstumes …


    • Chesca, you could tweet out the one I added to the post too. To me, it’s even more offensive. She could argue that the other photo is just her in stupid Burning Man gear and it’s Megan/Meghan/Meeghannn/Meganh who is the bigger offender.

      But in that other one, she’s gone full-on native donkey princess, like the asshole she is.

  5. Although Julia does find the Indians, and some of them havin an affinity for the “fire water” (Note: She didn’t say “fire water,” but I’ll bet she was thinking it.. heh) “funny” and like to laugh about it, she admonished them for not fixing the problem.

    Had she not been blinking/nodding and fidgeting neurotically she might not have been called on by the host, and therefore wouldn’t have had to pull some nonsensical statement straight off the pelt-covered dome without having had time to think about it.

    Anything for camera time though.. You’re about as sharp as a bowling ball, Julie.

    • Seriously! The hand shrugging, NODDING, fake chuckling and ending an already ridiculous sentence with “thats where you are” . Saying that means, I began speaking with no point, but then there you are???CNN must’ve been desperate to call her in @ all.

      • She will never be called back. You could tell the host thought she was useless and nonsensical.

      • She was so obnoxious in her little box. The head nodding and laughing. Like, just sit the fuck still and let other people talk. She is so uncomfortable with the attention NOT on her she physically can’t handle it. And then when she gets called on she BARKS. Her voice was so loud. She’s a caricature of herself at this point.

    • PMG, I’m just taking in details, his matchstick lady legs and lack of dick!!!

      • Why does he even have those shorts!? They wouldn’t be able to fit on any other person there, so they must be his!!!?

        • Seriously, Debbie actually packed those silver lame gay dive bar back shorts for the trip. The ski mask would actually make sense but it doesn’t seem like they did much skiing, mostly posing. That video is a nightmare and will haunt me. They clearly had access to chemicals.

      • Isn’t the camera supposed to add ten pounds? One can only imagine what Pencildonk looks like in person.

    • I’m genuinely curious: why is devin Stetler always grinding air? Why is Donkey wearing busting out of Devin Stetler’s baby boy briefs?

    • Of course Donkey would be involved in an annoying internet meme. And of course be one of the many people in said meme who have no fucking clue what the Harlem Shake is.

    • Ack! Just posted below because I hadn’t refreshed my browser, should have known cat brethren would have found this simultaneously.


      PS Micro peen.

      • It’s micro but he still manages to flap it around enough to make me vomit all over my desk.

      • [img][/img]
        Screamgrab of Devin Stetler’s raging hard-non for a dude down on all fours on a coffee table, before that video gets taken down.

    • Looks like Donk is “showing her ass” (both literally and metaphorically) again.. And what’s with Devin thrusting his tiny peen at that man on the coffee table?


    • My God he has no dick. None.

      I guess this was the night where she Tweeted about being unable to have fun. I guess so, loser.

      Also. She is 32. He’s the same age, I believe. Their parents must be so proud.

    • Who are these other people? Why would anyone try to jump on this expired meme wagon at this point? Why? How fuck?

    • [img][/img]

    • #1. What in the actual FUCK?

      #2. Where is the eye bleach?

      #3. Where is the Cankleshausen ointment?

    • What the holy fuck is that???

      1. They found some friends to hang with? Who are these people?
      2. Your boyfriend packed silver short shorts for a trip to Tahoe.
      3. She’s wearing boy’s underwear stretched across her raft ass.
      4. The real Harlem Shake is an actual dance that you have to have skill to do.
      5. Diet Seltzer is repulsive.

      • I don’t normally body snark, but if you are that damn skinny, get some muscle tone. He looks like Gwyneth Paltrow pre-Tracy Anderson.

    • To answer a question a certain donkey recently posed on twitter (what makes you feel like a “grownup”?), the answer is obviously posting a video on your public Facebook page of you dancing in your underwear with your sparkly-pantsed boyfriend on the same day you appeared on CNN as some sort of ostensibly professional commentator. Said no one ever.

  6. Why is her go to always trying to get someone fired? You just know she is looking up this dude’s CEO’s email.

    • I’ll bet she is. I guess if you don’t have a job yourself, it’s easier to screech about people deserving to be fired. The cunt.

    • Yeah, the Navajo Nation is going to fire someone for calling out a racist thundercunt on her racism? Seriously, Julie?

    • Someone should preemptively send the guy’s boss a link to this post to provide some context so the poor bastards doesn’t get into trouble.

      • Devie and Donk can fuck off, the guy was outraged for a reason.

        Julia basically said that people make jokes about dunken Indians because they’re a bunch of drunken alcoholics.

        The fact is that most alcoholics aren’t Native American, and alcoholism is a trait present in ALL races. Julia herself, and probably Devin too, partake of the fire water on occasion.

        She was simply regurgitating previous stereotypes she thought were relevant to the TV segment she was on.

        She’s a fucking idiot.

    • But you know, it’s how you treat others that really matters. She told us so herself just today.

    • I cannot believe it’s been up there for so long. There can be only one explanation: she thinks her leg looks skinny.

      • Dumbass doesn’t realize that a little thick is plenty okay, if it’s shaped right and you’re not an asshole.. I can’t get past her miserable and despicable personality long enough to even tell if her physical attributes have any redeeming qualities.. And her mouth and face creep me out anyway.

  7. Julia seems perenially concerned with who has a right to speak and what they should say. She’s never gotten past the stage of playing with dolls.

    But she fits right in with the idiot host and the other morons on the panel. I hope CNN hires her; she’s right at the current level of that brand. Oh, and I hope her boyfriend fixes whatever is giving him that sickly pallor and those dark rings around his eyes.

    • “Julia seems perenially concerned with who has a right to speak and what they should say.” This is so on point. I think it’s part of her entitlement complex: anyone saying anything Julia Allison doesn’t like should be silenced. Julia Allison, however, is allowed to speak and required to be taken seriously regarding anything and everything.

      • Sacred sbooks, crazytrain, so much this. When I came to the phrase “Julia seems perenially concerned with who has a right to speak and what they should say,” I actually yelped in agreement. Like one of my dogs. Er, cats. It’s so bizarre for someone who so frequently misspeaks or is wildly off-tone. But…kind of perfect.

    • Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D Chef D

      • In response to this comment..


        (Be nice (or at least merciful) J.P.)

          • The Swedish Chef is the man (BORK BORK BORK).. but Devin pretending to be a chef inspired this.

            I didn’t notice until after I had created it, and someone commented in the last thread, that the lobsters were wearing sombreros. Not sure why Henson opted for that, but it seemed like a good setting for the Modesto Strangler face Devin to play chef.

            The image is officially retired.

          • Sometimes I wander around saying “Popcorn Poppin in yer face in 3D” over and over again to myself. No wonder they think I’m mentally ill.

    • Oh. My. Greg.

      Debbie does it again: just when you thought he could not get any gayer, he puts on the shiny speedo and shows off his perfectly waxed body contorting to banging music.

  8. I’m almost sad this Tahoe Harlem Shake video just emerged right as the awful awful CNN segment clip/casual racism flap got posted. They both deserve the full 300+ comment treatment.

    On the CNN clip: wasn’t she good on TV at one point? Like, keep looking at the camera weirdo! Pundit 101. She’s so awful to watch, it’s like a media coaching “don’t do this” example.

    • How the hell did a donkey get on any panel of any type? “Entertainment journalist.” When?

      She looks insane.

    • It’s kind of the perfect storm, methinks … when Jared King aka @JRODDC
      Communications Director at the #Navajo Nation Washington Office @nnwodc & @CNN drop by for a gander, this one post alone will show them everything they need to know about fuckwit @JuliaAllison.


    • D.R.U.G.S

      This looks like a SoFla rave I did x at and danced the night away with Lady Miss Kier. The actual Miss Kier. If that didn’t date it, I’ll do it for you: 1993 or 1994. I’m only a few years older than the Donk.

      This is a bowl of WTF. Amb out…

      • Fuck yeah. I wouldn’t dance for another. That was one of my favorite songs in college and I don’t dance.

      • I partied with Lady Miss Kirby Kier last year at an event she was djing that friend organized. She was very sober. I was not. She’s a good sport and a class act.

  10. It’s nights like these, too rare lately on Planet Donkey, when I really resent having to go to bed because I know it’s going to be a hilarious dance party of commenting in here, with everyone showing off their dicklessness in silver short shorts or flaunting their asses and lady peens in their boyfriend’s boxer briefs and being all racist too.

    Goodnight, glorious type-A haters and shitheads.

    • Despite the fact that I’m going to have to do a late night run to Costco for more eye bleach, today has really been the gift that keeps on giving in Donkeyland. Good night Jacy, may more foil-wrapped mini dogs await us tomorrow.

  11. Can we talk about her pantyline situation in those orange leggings? I mean if you’re going to wear godawful orange leggings (vomit vomit vomit) wouldn’t you go pantyless?

    • Noticed that too…like she picked out the granniest panies to wear with metallic orange! Wonder if they came with the night gowns?!

      • They were probably a hand-me-down from NGMB. She died so that Julia could find true love, you know!

  12. So this morning Julie woke up at the crack of noon, thought she would have a great day (she was gonna be on T.V., y’all!!!), then shot the segment..

    And all hell broke loose.. heh.

    I can now see why most days Julie stays in bed until 3pm. After today, If I were her I really wouldn’t want to get of bed either. 🙂

  13. Julia, instead of sending all those cease and desist letters to innocent people, FIX THE FUCKING PROBLEM and stop being such a goddamn cunt!

      • Love x infinity! I can see FIX THE PROBLEM living on for years and years and finding a home with other stupid Donk quotes of the ages. SO. BLESSED.

        And that harlem shake video has traumatised me.

    • The sex these two must make has to be the most disgusting coitus since Henry VIII sat on Anne Boleyn’s face.

    • Judging from the cap, I’m guessing Debbie’s a firm 2 1/2 inches when fully erect. Look out, Porn Valley!

      Oh, and I just threw up in my mouth.

    • Ah, I just figured out what this brings to mind: the little foil swans they wrap your leftovers in at chain Italian restaurants. Always be cheffin’ Devin!

  14. The saddest donk I ever seen
    Dances with a micropeen

    With sparkly shorts that shine and gleam
    Avert your eyes, suppress your screams

    She holds herself in high esteem
    The Canklehausen is extreme

    But wait! There is a karmic theme:
    The donk is the expired meme

  15. Julia always tends to threaten those who oppose her lunacy. And I hope this guy that called her out on Twitter sticks to his guns and tells her to fuck off.

    She pursues these people that talk smack about her with great vigor. But what if they don’t give a shit? What if their employer doesn’t give a shit? (Talking shit about the Donkey won’t cause any harm in almost every company) Julia has no “pull,” and she has no influence, on anyone.

    If Julia ever found out who I was, and publicized it, it would only increase my public ridicule of her lunacy. This is all protected under the 1st Amendment, Peter Baugher. Your daughter holds herself out to be a “public personality.” As such, she is subject to such ridicule, whether she likes it or not. We are all legally able to voice our opinions and make comments on her comments/appearances/etc.. These comments do not have to positive.

    God bless America.

    • Also, Mr. Baugher.. If you want people to stop talking shit about your daugher, you should talk some sense into her and convince her that her attempts at being famous are bullshit. She just doesn’t have the “It” factor, or looks, to become a big Hollywood star. I know it’s hard to swallow, but she just doesn’t have it. It just isn’t gonna happen.

      And nobody is gonna pay Julia to just “be Julia.” She really needs a real job. An honest to goodness job, like the rest of us work.

      You work a real job, Pete.. Why wouldn’t you require your daughter does, too?

  16. That bitch is high as a kite. Jordache, I know you don’t buy it, but if she isn’t high I will eat one of her Turkey Day baked zombie feet.

    • See my comment above. They def have access to chemicals and I think it might be Molly.

      • Let me do a cursory analysis… If they were doing blow or weed there would be evidence, because Julia is sloppy, and they’d more likely be sitting back, grinning. Ditto for evidence with crack, but i think thats too “street” for that crowd. I have no experience with meth other than what I see around me every day in Baltimore, but if they were doing it they’d probably be fighting with each other. If they were doing K, which I haven’t seen around the clubs in a long, long time, they’d be slumpy or in a hole.
        Given the way that group is rolling and jerking around I’m inclined to conjecture that they are doing Molly. Most people snort it, but its not like coke where one does rails and rails of the stuff, it’s more of a bumpy thing. It also comes in pill form but its considered less social. Ben prior to those stoopid YouTube videos (ha, Julia thinks she’s so edgy and current), the DJs would roll out that annoying Harlem Shake song when the crowd is peaking on Molly at after hours clubs – it’s usually around 5 am when they cut off access the smoking area out back and other areas in the club and pen in everyone on the dance floor.

        • Oh and the massage couple are also tell tale. And Julia’s booty shake- is she wearing Debbie’s panties?

          • lost a grandmother but gained a boyfriend (fucktard fashion failure (testicle dust that dissipated into the wind (Queen Neferteeri)))

            No. His ass is much smaller than hers.

  17. Donkey’s on point as usual.


  18. I mean, look at the panelist line up…not exactly 2nd tier journalist quality.

    Awww, it’s okay, wonky donkey. You’ll be a star someday. In your dreams. In another life. In another universe.

    • I would pay 5 million dollars to see her as a panelist on Bill Maher. She would be a deer in the headlights over the world topics she can’t understand and he would take her down so hard. OMG I want to see this.

  19. Hello, God? It’s me, RollsRoyceRevenge.

    It’s been kind of a shitty day today, God. My parents are like, divorced and stuff. This guy I was having sex with killed himself right afterward and was found out to be buggering the quarterback. I’m totally failing math. Heather #3 told everyone about me. Asprin has a child-proof cap. Plus CNN is evidently yanking completely random people off the street to discuss alcoholism in Native American communities and there is something called the “Harlem shake” that, when witnessed, gives one the impulse to suck down a glass of multi-purpose drainer and swan dive through a coffee table.

    I trust you’ll have shit back on track tomorrow, God. Would hate to lose my faith and start reading existentialistic philosophy.

    Failed French too, you know.



  20. Nothing says serious CNN commentator like uploading a video of yourself dancing in your underwear with your gimp-masked boyfriend.

    Sirius journalist … is nekkid.

  21. I’m relatively new (maybe on/off past 9 months or so) to RBD and have to admit sometimes I previously thought everyone was a bit extreme in their hate. But the last what? 2 or 3 weeks – man, she really is such a vile excuse for a human being. Ugh.

    • She kinda grows on you, like moss (or mold, in this case().. After a while of taking note of her the feelings usually turn to disgust.

      • That’s so true. It accumulates and just one day it just hits you (me) how she is truly an awful person

    • Every time I start to feel sorry for her because I have feelings unlike her because she is a sociopath, something like this happens and then I realize what a waste of life she is.

  22. Is this a whole new group of people she’s hanging out with? Who are these people?

    Notice no-one from previous birthcrays have opted to suffer through another. She can’t even keep the same group of friends from year to year.

    • Probably met and picked them up at the motel bar. I’m getting a swinger-y vibe from that crew.

      • I’m wondering if this is what the two tweets below were all about, both March 4:

        Do you ever get the sense that everyone is better at having fun than you? Or is that just me?

        Oh what a night 😉

        • This is right out of Investigate Discovery territory, yo. Debbois and Donkey scammed and screwed in Nevada by swinger strangers with redneck names and left to become buzzard breakfast in the desert.

  23. Team Jared King all the way.

    Irrelevant, but he looks like he might be hot, too.

  24. She’s such a fucking hypocrite. “Just laugh about it! Don’t write letters! Unless you’re laughing about me, in which case i will write lots of letters from my lawyers, john mccain’s lawyers and the idiot representing Devin Stetler or whatever the fuck the physical manifestation of my rock bottom is called.”

    Why is she even an expert on this panel? Guinea pig of love? Most hated person on the internet? Botox Sloppy Horror Show? WHO IS BOOKING THESE PEOPLE?!

    In other news, I just submitted my manuscript (woo! Real job!) to our editor, publication next year bitches!!

    • @JRODDC putting the smack down. I approve.

      If that dumbass thought she was gonna try to get him fired for slandering a special snowflake, she’s crazier than we thought. #TeamJared

    • The Cankleshausen; it burns. I’m mortified on her behalf.

      It seems you’re playing with the big boys here, Donk, a world away from Devin-limp-dick.

      I love it. RBD’s been rocking it lately.

    • I genuinely wonder what her mindset is on this.
      Pretend for a moment that she’s a real, rational human being (I know, I KNOW, just try). When some like is happens does she she go “oh no” and her stomach starts twisting in knots, or is it immediately “YES! Someone noticed me again!!”?

      • I hear ya, JR. If I was called out on twitter as a RACIST IDIOT I would be beside myself for days, and probably physically ill with the knotty stomach thing. Omigod, the shame. This chick must have the hide of a crocodile.

        If Donk had any grace she’d own up to being an ill-informed twat and apologise.

      • Here’s what an adult possessing a soul would have done upon seeing that Tweet.

        “Hey, I really didn’t express myself very well on that show. What I said was stupid and ill-informed. I apologize.”

        But no. Because she is still trapped at 14, and an inner cunt still thrives beneath her bullshit pretensions of being a changed person, she absolutely cannot deal when anyone calls her out on her bullshit. Her kneejerk, childish reaction is to be stupidly defensive and/or to declare a jihad, either publicly or privately.

        I am sure her stomach was in knots only because this dude dared to call her out. How fucking dare he.

      • Our Donkey really stepped in it, again.. The “They only makes jokes about you because you’re a nation of drunken slobs” thing didn’t go over as well as she had planned on national T.V.

        • I am trying to figure out exactly what she meant. Is it worse than I assumed? Is she not just saying: “Stop writing letters and complaining about racism and do something to combat the racism?” Is she actually saying: “Stop writing letters and complaining about racism and instead stop being drunken Indians?”

          • I actually thought she had just been nodding trance-like because that’s what you do when you’re on TV, bunnies, plus blinking!!, hadn’t even heard precisely what the question was, and then just started rambling wildly. The way it ended so abruptly, with some stupid catchphrase that made no sense — “this is where we are” — even seemed to startle the host.

          • She’s very simple, and I mean that as in “simpleton.”

            She meant that until the Native American community solves their issues with the fire water they should be totally okay with jokes about “drunken Indians.”

            She’s just that despicable.

          • I took it the second way:

            “Stop, like, complaining when, like, people make racist jokes about people of your race on national television, and instead, like, stop being such alcoholics.

            Keep those sips in the air, babe!”


  25. This should be used as a textbook case of white privilege. Her immediate response to being called out for being racist is to evaluate the accusers “status” and decide that she doesn’t have to care about what they say – and that they are being “unprofessional” for disrespecting her. This is like plantation style shit.

    • Julia is mad at the uppity Native Americans for calling her out on her racism and despising people with what she perceives to be lower status markers.

      • Funny how the world works. I look at Jared’s twitter, see his job title and employer, his tweets and I think, ” this dude sounds smart, interesting and attractive”. I look at Donk’s tweets and think, “you ignorant, nasty piece of trash.”

        There’s some status markers right there.

        Everything I hate about her is up the top there in that tweet.

    • Julia learned from Grandma Marilyn “Money Bags”.

      Never forget: “Multiculturalism stifles free expression.”

    • Agree. Also, she is so dumb and wrong that she cannot respond to the substance of his criticism and so goes after its form. It is the textbook type of retort of narscissistic dumbasses everywhere because they think it allows them to skirt the real issue while playing victim at the same time. Julia IS a racist, and has made that clear over and over. (Also, the irony of the Queen of Lazy and Shortcuts telling other people to do something is not lost on me).

  26. I don’t have anything funny to add because I’m too pissed. WHAT AN ENTITLED BRATTY CUNT. Every time I start to think she’s just crazy, I remember what an awful stupid brat she is. She is the poster child for white privilege.

    “Fix the problem!” If I was on that panel I would have fucking lost it at her. What an ignorant fucking bitch. I work at a nonprofit that deals with social justice in education –

    I’ll tell this to my students – “Don’t try to address longstanding inequalities – listen to Miss Wilmette and just fix the problem with Daddy’s money and support!”



    • Donkey’s solution is really quite simple. Just stop being drunken Indians. Why didn’t anyone ever think of this before? Thank Greg that Julia went on CNN national T.V. to set us all straight.

    • Isn’t writing letters and complaining trying to “fix the problem”? I honestly don’t know what she was trying to say.

      • I don’t think she did either. She looked panicked when she was called upon. Not excusing her at all — because, hello, how many times have you done this? Try to follow along and try not to say anything offensive!!

        • The only thing going on in her brain was a cheesy Disney tune until she heard the word “Julia.” Only then did she switch `On’. Anything else spoken, before the word “Julia” was lost on her..

          • YEP, 1 OF 2 POSSIBILITIES …

            [1] While Disney’s “Colors of the Wind” was on a loop in her inexplicably-empty-but-otherwise-huge gourd of a head, D0nkey was mentally fapping to an image of herself dressed as Slutty Pocahontas.

            [2] :: Arizona? Did someone say Arizona? That’s where my rich & famous almost-inlaws live when they’re not staying at the home Jack & I shared! Don’t they know who I am? How can I work this into conversation?::

          • Julia Allison does have a large cabeza (and culo)..


      • I just hate her telling a group who has faced so many obstacles and challenges to just “fix the problem”, yet her life is a fucking mess and she is lazy as hell. I am completely reminded why I come to this site.

        It’s like when she said “if you don’t like your job, just transition out!” Thankfully I like my work, but guess what Julesie – rent on my hovel is due on the 1st regardless of my satisfaction level, as are my OMG FEDERAL STUDENT LOAN PAYMENTS THE POORS GET and my utilities, etc. Such a fucking princess brat.

        • She has no concept of reality. It so enraging, then, when she tries to tell others who are hard-working and accomplished what to do. As if she had any clue at all. Her parents should be so ashamed about the level of entitlement they allowed her to develop.

    • She’s the type of person who tried to fluff her way into the McCain family just 2 years removed from talking about how much she loved Obama and how she voted for him.

      Her dad is also a big supporter of Mark Kirk, a closeted Republican Senator who had a sham marriage and voted against ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. (Karma is a bitch, because both Donkey and Mark Kirk now have strokeface.)

  27. This is why I lurve the Donkey. Just when she had a lull in the insanity she comes back with a couple of cringe-worthy episodes to spark the discussion again.

    The depths of her insanity have yet to be discovered.

  28. It was funny to watch the reaction of the other panelists and the host after she speaks. One of them slightly nods. The other ones just have a blank expression. Her problem is a) she sucks on camera and is obviously nervous and b) she has absolutely nothing of import or intelligence to say about anything, ever. CNN should be ashamed of itself for putting her dumb ass on tv.

    I don’t know why I’m always surprised when she sinks even lower than I could have imagined.

  29. For me, the “joke” was quite possibly a double entendre … ‘furnace full of [insert ANY ethnicity here] ‘ is what really turned my stomach, as it reeks of decimation & ruin of an entire caste of humanity … all of which makes me wonder: anyone else consider that the writer(s) of the joke were actually trying to get in a subliminal dig at how Native American Indians were victimized on so many levels?


      • I am twitter averse…I checked her twitter stream but didn’t see it. I never will figure out how twitter works.

        Related: Literally about 40% of her tweets now are bragging about “her man.” Get a fucking life, sadsack.

          • I don’t know how she is not embarrassed. Whenever I mention having a bf on FB I somehow feel like a big dickhead.

            She is at her most manic and crazed when she has a boyfriend and think she’s “won.”

        • “her man” is now immortalized on a youtube video displaying his really creepy, really awkward dancing followed by a very clear lack of ween (and MORE awkward dancing) in some spandex gold short shorts that are probably hers. And she follows suit in the latter, shaking her “oh, honey no” ass just as awkwardly, if not worse. HASHTAG NEVERTHIS.

          • I can’t decide which is more cringeworthy, Chef D’s slow, unrythmic, skeevy gyrating at the beginning or the skeletor sparkle-pants micro peen flopping in the second half. Who does this?! So much canklehausen right now. Excuse me, I have to go pop my eyeballs out of my skull and soak them in a glass of rubbing alcohol.

          • He’s so gross also. There is ample evidence now that he is just as much of a desperate immature attention whore as she is. I can’t imagine being at a party with these two, sucking the air dry with their attempts to be the center of attention. God, put your sad little peen away and put on some clothes, shrinky dink. What a buffoon. They really are perfect together. It’s like an explosion of wrong.

          • Seriously, it was just a whole shitshow of sadness. I am all for ass (possessing one, and all) but donkey’s is literally like “yeah, don’t shake that anywhere, ever, for the love of God” and I really don’t need to see Debbie-go-balless in anything tight, EVER. Ew. It just gives all sorts of implications to how the sexytimes go and OMFG MORE EW. I just kant.

          • And “an explosion of wrong”, which is an expression I am going to use alot from now on. Thanks, JFA!

    • No; click “all” on her twitter. It’s right there where she says “unprofesh” and “unnecessary”. You know, exactly as she is. “I’m surprised someone would act this way”. Just as everyone else is surprised a donkey would don a damn headdress and then seriously go on some news show claiming people should calm down, not take it so seriously, and just fix the problem. So um, donkey can stop complaining about RBD as of years ago.

  30. Not too surprised as all Donkey’s knowledge of Native Americans was gleaned from repeated viewings of Disney’s Pocahontas.
    That John Smith…ohhh so dreaaaaaaaamy.
    And Pocahontas is a Disney Princess so she’s achieved the pinnacle of female achievement.

  31. It’s amazing how consistent she is at sucking at everything.


    No theme, random, not funny, gross to look at.

    Though the screen caps of Donkey’s raft ass and Devin’s micro machine swinging around are some of the funniest things ever to appear on this beautiful website.

    • Seriously. Bad enough in the first place that it’s so late. To be THAT LATE to some trendy nonsense you’d better deliver haaaardcore. Yet she was doing the absolute most (I can’t even speak on what Debbie was doing because I can’t even articulate that and, frankly, WORST person for HShake viral lead-in EVER) and it failed really hard. And seriously, I cannot with this “Some of the best people came together with love and inspiration to bring you the Tahoe Shake! Enjoy.” That’s odd because I’m pretty sure I saw plenty of “Tahoe Shake” videos in the “related” and all of those people probably suck a lot less, came with less love and inspiration, and brought it. Through times two.

    • Raft ass aside, I am always surprised when I see her half-naked by how not-fat she is. Not that she has a fantastic body or anything, but it’s certainly not *terrible*. However, based on how she dresses and her swollen fucked-up face, I consistently think she’s a solid thirty pounds heavier than she actually is. She is just that bad at dressing for her body type.

        • Seconded. I hate to give her any positive feedback, but I too was surprised by how much better her body looked in the video compared to all the pictures she posts. It weird, she clearly practices posing and contorting, so why can’t she figure out how to dress in a flattering manner?

  32. There is absolutely no room for interpretation here. Donkey very clearly meant “if you don’t like it, stop being a bunch of drunk Indians.” I don’t say that as a hater (though lordy lord I do hate), I say it because its just the facts.

    Tough Love from a Donkey.

    Sadly, this is probably one example where her dad actually would be proud of her. You tell those minorities what’s what honey bear. No no, I didn’t mean you Raoul. Never you my snookems.

  33. Congratulations, Georgetown, quite the thinker you’ve produced there. Seriously, if they could, they should ask for the degree back (if German politicians can be stripped of their PhDs for plagiarism, there has to be a way to strip donkey of hers).

    This incident is precisely why I sincerely wish Julia would finally get over the pretension that she has anything of substance to say about anything and stick to colours (bright) and rainbows and maybe could return to taking pictures of hot beverages as a form of expression because otherwise, oh boy.

      • Oops, my bad and communication fail.
        By “hers” I meant bachelor’s degree. SS,SF and going back to how to communicate clearly school.

        Julia does NOT have a PhD and the closest she ever came to getting a doctor was when she was stalking med students to date at the library (that’s what she did, isn’t it?).

        • All is forgiven, I knew what ya meant. I just wanted to make it clear to anyone browsing the site here that our Donkey does not in fact have a Ph.D 🙂

          • Still, I would hate the thought to have inadvertently added another faux accomplishment to that padded resume of hers. In human terms that resume would be morbidly obese. Do something for all the resumes!

    • It really is an embarrassment to that school that she is a very vocal graduate. But every fancy school has no-good undeserving rich kids whose parents buy their way in. Just a shame she gets to use it forever as a fuck you credential, as if she didn’t barely graduate and wasn’t a laughstock while there.

  34. Jesus.


    On the plus side, she’s awake in the actual morning?

      • You’ve got it all wrong. This is a generous helping of tough love from the straight talking, knowledgeable maw of infinite wisdom, not blaming the victim or any other ugly thing. Better sober up pronto, you pesky NA drunks, the Donkey hath spoketh.

        • Yes, the Donk is only trying to help people for Christ’s sake. Love and light, and all that shit.. Get sober, all you native americans!

    • This is jawdropping, even for this moron. Doesn’t she even know anyone smart enough to tell her to take this down? Kiss CNN bye-bye, Julie Albertson. NFW will they have you back on.

    • This dumb, dumb chick. Keep trotting out Georgetown credentials, sweetheart, I’m sure they feel LUCKY to call you alumna.

    • Julia, the point, you missed it. Go and stuff some more food in your maw, although I doubt that would shut you up. I picture you as a chewing/spewing food spattering talker, i.e. the worst.

      And I guess this confirms SchadenfreudianSlip’s astute Donkey reading above:
      “There is absolutely no room for interpretation here. Donkey very clearly meant “if you don’t like it, stop being a bunch of drunk Indians.” I don’t say that as a hater (though lordy lord I do hate), I say it because its just the facts.”

    • She’s awake in the morning because she hasn’t been to bed yet. Her name isn’t gonna Google itselfm ya know?

      But yeah.. She still thinks he’s wrong. Her comment that the only reason people make jokes about drunk Indians is because they’re all drunk still stands.

    • I’m surprised that a “professional” “journalist” would say “. . . me wearing feathers,” and not “. . . my wearing feathers.” Um, err, oops?

    • Anyone who pulls out the condescending “I worry about you” or “I feel sorry for you” brings out the ragies in me.

  35. Does he really have a boner? Sometimes fabric bows out a bit where there’s a seam… but that usually happens with thicker fabric, not spandex.

    If we have actually seen Devin Stetler’s lil’ boner, then THANK YOU, DONKEY. You just keep handing it to us on a a silver platter, don’t you?

  36. I just find it so funny that she appears older than both of the other women in that panel COMBINED

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