A Sign of a Truly Changed, Evolved and Mature Human Being — Suddenly Tagging A Newly Engaged Ex Who Wants Nothing To Do With You In A Slew of Facebook Photos You Suddenly Made Public Despite Having a New OMG Boyfriend OMG OMG


Saturday night’s “Mother’s Day BBQ” in Coronado. I was not eating the bacon, for the record, but this photo was taken, as a joke, because Jack is pretty much obsessed with meat.


Seriously, what the FUCK? If you’re not on Facebook, go into the comments of the last post and feast your eyes on some of the shots Donkey has recently made public. She tagged that poor fucker in all of these shots. I’m not sure when she posted them; I hadn’t noticed them until Dr. Gary pointed them out.



    • Her Karma is how much she has throughly busted her face in the year and a half since these photos were taken. It’s shocking.

      • That isn’t her “karma”, it’s her stupidity and vanity and desperation.

        Well, maybe that is her karma after all.

        I do feel sad for her, having to wake up every morning as her horrible, horrible self.

      • Speaking from someone who only became familiar with her due to Miss Advised, I would never have thought this was the same person. She looks busted now. At least 15 years older if not more.

        • EXACTLY! And why would you want your new boyfriend to see how hot you used to be???? And what a Franken-donkey you’ve now become???

        • Have you been given the proper welcome yet??? Please except complimentary Franzia, Cheetos and 10 cats because clearly you’re a basement-dwelling cat lady with no life.

          No seriously, welcome. How did you find this site?

          • Thanks! I found it after the Miss Advised episode where she mentioned the site. I just googled “Julia Allison donkey” and this came up.

            I think it’s hilarious that she basically advertised this site on the show as a place to come and snark on her. So here I am.

          • After the first MissAdvised epi, I decided to google this silly girl named Julia…and this website was like #1 on the list. And I’ve been hooked ever since. Keep up the great work cat ladies! Keep educating the masses cause knowledge is power! 😉

      • She’s going to go through more of her life with this fucked up face than she did with her former pretty one. It is to laugh.

          • I was really noticing how unattractive she has become on the last episode when British Mind Architect Crone was talking to her. She really doesn’t look good. Perhaps that’s why she is dragging out all these blasts from the past.

      • So mean, really, to the fiancee, right? Just so disrespectful and essentially quite cruel. I don’t understand how she cannot see how disrespectful these invasions of privacy are. Why did she need to tag him? Why did she need to open them up to the public? Again — for selfish, self-aggrandizement purposes. She’s a fucking nightmare — poor Pancakes will never be rid of her.

        • To the fiancée and also to GoatSoap. She probably thinks that she’ll make him jealous with this. He doesn’t look like the type who will want rich exes shoved down his throat, so between this and flashing the Alex ring around I think she might already be circling the bowl.

        • I think it’s cruel to her new “love”, too. Why dredge that shit up if you’re so in love, have changed and are a better person now, etc., etc….This is a shitty thing to do to her current love (victim), to Pancake and his fiancee — all complete self-indulgence and a glimpse into her Borderline Personality Disorder.

          • So true. I have the complete opposite reaction to exes when I get into a new, happy relationship. I tend to forget all about them and if I do think of them it’s only to wish for their happiness. (The good exes, not the assholes).

            The last thing in the world I would do is facebook tag an ex in a photo when I’m with someone new. Jesus.

          • I think they’ve been up for awhile — Christine Kelly commented on some of them in 2011. I think she just recently made them public for some reason. There is a way to restrict who can see your photos on FB, but she has suddenly opened it up to “everyone” instead of just “friends” because she’s mental. So I am not sure if this is Goat Soap-related — more likely, I think, is that she did it after she and Megatits were on WWHL a night apart to prove to her “fans” that OH YES THEY WERE TOO SERIOUS AND SHE HAS THE PHOTOS TO PROVE IT.

            Because she is so healthy now.

          • Exactly. Especially when the breakup was a long time ago. Obviously, she’s not as happy as she tried to make it sound Monday night. Might want to keep Donkey under observation when Jack’s wedding actually occurs.

        • I wonder if she is trying to get back at Codename Goat Soap b/c she read here her was part of a singles Meetup until about a month ago.

          She stomped her hooves and made him take it down and now she’ll show him that HE BETTER APPRECIATE THAT SHE IS DATING AN OUT OF WORK COMPUTER PROGRAMMER B/C JUST LOOK AT THE CALIBER OF MAN SHE COULD GET!!!!! (3 faces ago)

          • yes — that’s definitely in her arsenal of “shit to pull out of my ass when I’m mad at Goat Soap or anyone else”

        • “Poor Pancakes” should’ve run like hell from her, instead of going to visit her family and allowing her to set foot (not to mention bridal magazines) in his mother’s condo. Nobody made him fuck a donkey.

      • Nearly THREE THOUSAND MEMORIES of herself. I mean, I don’t even think I have three hundred pictures of myself and I am ten years past my expiration date.

  1. There is social media name branding and what she does. What is the difference? I am not implying there are none. I am curious of how different they are.

    • Don’t ry to rationalize her. She dated, although briefly, a presidential candidate’s son and she is so very proud of that. She’ll be talking about it when she’s 90.

    • Name branding is associating your name, or personal “brand”, with your accomplishments.

      Cooking bacon with someone you dated briefly is not an accomplishment, even if that person has well-known relatives.

      • Exactly. And I think there needs to be a minimum amount of time — beyond three months — before you can really claim/blather on about any past dating relationship into perpetuity

      • “Cooking” bacon? More like setting bacon on fire.

        She should be more careful about being in the vicinity of open flames: if all the chemicals on her face catch fire it will NOT be pretty cite.

        Sorry, I can’t get over the loss of that perfectly good bacon. Hmmm… bacon…. hmmmm…..

    • The normal, healthy *deeply fulfilled* Julia she is today. Because nothing says deep fulfillment like posting albums of your ex, his family and their homes on your Facebook account for your 76000 fans in the ‘stans.

  2. This picture is inane.

    Let it be known the record does not care if you ate bacon you foisted while attempting to look like what an undersexed immature 16 yo perceive to be sexy.

    The record does not care about nobodies even if you’re munching on some kid who happened to be born to some guy so desperate to win he was willing to destroy his reputation.

    The record does not care that you’re fittering about on Facebook, an act akin to living in reality, authentically and maturely, as if playing Guitar Hero makes you equivalent of Aerosmith.

    The record has more important business to be conducted around the world.

    The record is already not in your favor.

  3. Nobody. Cares. What. You. Eat. Julie.


    Apparently, I am not enjoying my Craymas as much as I thought I would. Oh, well, Craymas is really for the kids, anyway.

    • No, but seriously, she was all “Everything will be perfect once I announce that I have a boyfriend!!!!1! And post zillions of pictures of him!!!!!”

      And then, when surprisingly enough everything didn’t become perfect, she decided that posting zillions of pictures of a previous boyfriend and his well-known family would be the answer.

      What does she do tomorrow? Collect all of the photos of her getting side-eye from famous people when she goes to Fashion Week and pretends to be a journalist?

      And then on Sunday, will she rest? Or will she start photoshopping herself into photos with famous people she hasn’t met, because photographs clearly are the answer to every spiritual malaise?*

      (* see the time she “cheered herself up” after a breakup by making one of the Meg(h)an(n)s take photos of her in her white bathing suit looking ridiculous)

    • She’s been brayinga bout being a pescetarian for years. She thinks it makes her seem very intellectual. It doesn’t.

  4. Ima guess D0nkey is about to meet the sire & dam of Goat Soap (Pygmy & Bubbles, respectively) & needs to ensure that they know what a catch their son has on his hands.

    • Oh, please, no. I kind of fell in love with them while I was researching them obsessively, and I feel like they don’t deserve that. On the other hand, they’ll always have Jesus to console them.

      • They’ll be so thrilled when they see the blow job episode of Miss Advised and ask Goat Soap what his girlfriend does for a living. Uhhhh …. nothing?

        • Aw! So cynical! They’re going to make a great “blended family.”*

          *industrial-quality Cuisinart required

      • yeah — let’s hope she doesn’t stain their lives for awhile — perhaps they’ll dodge the bullet long enough for Donkey & Goat Soap Boy to break up. I hate to see decent people screwed over this way. Even Pancake doesn’t seem like he deserves it.

        • I would so love to know the real story of why she and Pancakes broke up. We all know he totally dumped her and it had nothing at all to do with what she said happened.

          You probably have discussed this a million times, sorry for being such a newbie.

          • Much obliged Jacy, just did and now I understand. It makes perfect sense.

            I like the “Fatal Attraction” comparisons…ever see “Play Misty For Me”? It’s like that too.

          • Just read the history – WOW. I have just diagnosed her as suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. And of the 4 categories therein (Hermit, Waif, Witch, Queen), I think her dominant type is a “Queen”, with Witch tendencies when she is rejected and her insecurities hit overload. Borderlines don’t process rejection well.

  5. Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
    Maybe we (subconsciously) hold our partners back because we’re afraid they’ll leave us behind.
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    • You mean like when you talk to media outlets about how your then-boyfriend of a couple months was ambivalent about a military career? I DON’T FUCKING THINK THAT WAS SUBCONSCIOUS YOU THUNDERCUNT

      • I love you Albie. Have I mentioned that before? I believe so. Well I still do. And that makes it very serious!! Like months of serious … minus a month or so.

      • Or is she preparing us for something? Are things souring already with Goat Soap? When did the Pancakes photos go up?? How can we tell? I am almost certain they weren’t there a week or so ago — I keep an eye on her albums.

        • I’m wondering about that, too — did Goat Soap and Donkey have their first spat and Donkey of course went straight to the computer and pulled Pancake out of her ass. How pathetic — Pancake isn’t a celebrity on his own, but it’s all she’s got, so she can’t let him go! I think she HAS to be miserable right now — this latest picture tagging is a tell.

        • I mentioned upthread, I think she is getting back at Goat Soap for being part of a LA Singles Meetup that was dated about a month, 3 weeks ago – it must have embarrassed the shit out of her after she proclaimed they are so OMGinLOVE!!!!!

          That was yesterday or the day before that it was written here and she probably went ballistic after reading it and making him take it down.

          • That’s probably it! My goodness, I’ll bet she was up all night having a tasmanian devil style mental breakdown about it. Her perfect narrative — destroyed!!!

          • Also it would explain her being up posting until 4 am lately…the deep fulfillment phase must have already worn thin.

          • I told you bunnies: Labor Day is the expiration date of this greatest-love-that-mankind-has-ever-known.

    • I would love for her to go on, and tell us how she held some partner back (subconsciously, bunnies!). Like, what does that mean? Sabotaging them, badmouthing them, posting pics and info about them on the internet, obsessing and never letting go, never forgiving them because she won’t be ignored?

      Tell us more, Julia. How did you hold a partner back? Let it out, tell us. We won’t judge, I promise. I think admitting such a thing is kind of a breakthrough for you. And yes, this an admittal.

    • did she just make them public and they were tagged before, or did she just tag them too? both are crazy, but the latter would be especially so. is this to get jack to see notifications and click on her page and see the new boy?

        • So cute! Jack McCain. They broke up over a year ago but she can’t stop talking about it – he;s the big fish she forever hoped she’d land. Read about their break-up, it’s her at her most mental.

          He is engaged now.

          • Oh, sorry — I only knew him as Pancake! ha ha — if the story is in the Internet Never Forgets, I’ll go look it up now. Thanks!

          • and like he (Jack) would GIVE A SHIT about this nutball’s unemployed new boyfriend….my gosh, the EGO on that girl!

          • “Look Jack! I’m dating a gummy-smiled broke-ass codemonkey who can’t shave his mustache straight! Aren’t you jelly?”

      • That was my first thought – she tagged Jack so he would be forced to see the notifications and see she’d also posted a slew of new-boyfriend photos/change of relationship, then see her fellating something as sexy as limp pig fats and realize what he’d lost.

        • I just don’t think those are new tags. I think she put those photos up a long time ago, and tagged him then — but for some reason suddenly decided to make the album public.

          If Pancakes really wanted to fuck her up, though, he’d defriend her now — she’d flip her shit and start braying to Goat Soap, who would be all: “What the fuck? Why do you care?” Let’s see how long he manages to meet the “Must love me unconditionally” No. 1 entry on her check list.

          • Pancakes may have taken the wise facebook middle ground: to hide anything that comes from her without defriending her.

          • Or, Pancakes could just make his settings to not let others tag him in pictures/videos.

          • Pancakes can’t do that now. To her that’d be the equivalent of saying she hurt him. She’d feel WAY too powerful after that!

    • I am empathyzing with all that poor abused burnt bacon, rather than with Pancakes.

      • and who stops to take a picture when the grill is on fire? They’re lucky she didn’t burn the house down — or whatever that structure is next to the grill.

  6. I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but I also really, really enjoy imagining what it’s like when those photos are taken.

    Like, they’re sitting down at shitty restaurant to eat Persian or Chinese or whatever, and she goes, “HEY WAITRESS LADY, TAKE PICTURE?” And Pancakes is super embarrassed (I would be) and the waitress is annoyed and she just…doesn’t get it? She can’t read social cues, right?

    Also, that picture of her in the truck? Did she say, “PANCAKES TAKE A PICTURE OF ME IN YOUR STUPIDASS GAS-GUZZLING TRUCK?” And he’s like, fine, whatever? Because I can’t see him being like YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE FUN JEWELSIE, GET IN THE BACK OF MY TRUCK AND LOOK LIKE AN ASS!

    And Greg knows that truck is is the only thing big enough to contain that time-zone crossing stance of hers.

  7. OK, sorry, now reposting from the end of the other thread, because now THIS post ALSO brings up her constant weirdness/hypochondria about food: I saw (I think on Gawker?) that Mulder and Scully might be together in real life, and someone in the comments THERE mentioned it was a CDaN blind item, so I went down the celeb gossip “blind items revealed” rabbit hole and found this. With the Pancakes photo album stuff, I thought it only appropriate to share.


    “One actor who lived with the actress said that he never asked her to move in but that she just kept bringing stuff over and he never noticed and then one day he realized she was there all the time. It took him years to get away from her.”

    ” She is big photo sender. She is also a big hypochondriac. She wonders aloud about everything she eats and how it will affect her and would like your opinion too. She has very few friends because they are subject to the same type of clingy.”

    So…congratulations Julia, you are like totally like Gwyneth Paltrow!

  8. Good point, Albie, as being tagged with bacon is not much of an accomplishment.

    I get the feeling that Goat Soap is what she deserves. He may be along for the ride. I also thinks it is funny that he put up a web site page(s?) to his queen. Maybe she likes the attention but in the end she may be used as she used others – perhaps rightfully so.

    Do onto others…

    • He owns five or six domain names, my guess is he’s using her for her contacts. He doesn’t know yet she has burned every bridge.

      • Did he really cheap out on the privacy protection? It’s like $9 a year.

        I bet he also never has a 50-cent condom with him when things move to the bone zone.

  9. Girl’s Night Out | Lifecrowd
    Girls wanna do more than just have fun. Everyone knows that when a group of gal pals gets together, the possibilities are endless. Boyfriends are great, but there’s nothing like quality time with your female friends. Check out some of these No Boys Allowed activities that are more than just another …

    Devin Stetler girls are so silly.
    17 August 2011 at 14:58 · Like

    What a catch!

    • Goat Soap calls grown-ass women ‘girls’ & D0nkey calls grown-ass men ‘boys’ … I’m liking this fauxmance more & more!


    The medical establishment that doesn’t understand came in a big white van yesterday and took away my license to practice! But a few weeks at the Hollywood Upstairs School of Medicine and I can give some more Botox and Klonopin to Julia! Haha!

  11. god jack mccain has such a rat face. julia wouldn’t give him the time of day unless he was a wallet.

  12. Apologies if this has already been pointed out. But in Jack’s Winging album, he’s tagged in all the photos that don’t include Julia, but the tag has been removed in the photos of both of them together. Now the question is, who did the tag removal? Hmm….. Methinks pancakes went in and did a little tagging surgery.

    • He did the tag removal GUARANTEED. Her men ALWAYS do it. Or in Jelly D’s case, he just never approved the photos to be on his page.

      • Why don’t they all go the Jelly D route and turn on tagging? I’m a sad, unfamous catlady who has my privacy settings locked down. You can’t see anything on my Facebook unless you’ve been set to see it. Why don’t these quasi-famous people do that, especially if you’re somehow involved with Donk?

    • Thanks catpeeps! My man loves The Donkey Show too, so I know we have a great future ahead of us (just like Julia and Jack’s belt!) haha.

    • Great news!

      It’s been a long day & Ima sorta drink, but when I read: “SUCK IT, JULIA!”, what zipped through my mind (1st) was that you’ll probably have one or more bridal showers, & (2nd) what she (D0nkey) needs is a bridle & a shower.

          • I mean, I was just planning to crush up some Cheetos and mix them with a 40 for a super classy rose situation, but your suggestions sounds great too…

            In all seriousness, thanks again for the love. This ineffably amazeballz community is the only reason I follow the trials and tribulations of everyone’s least favorite burro in the first place.

            In how I met my man news, I had to go out with 30 or so guys over a 2+ year span, and it was all totally worth it. Any of you single cat peeps should definitely try OkCupid when the pickings get slim in your favorite haunts, because it’s pretty fun and attracts a decent crowd of awesome people if you know how to navigate the site/cite/sight! Love to you all; bedtime for this crazy cat lady!

            P.S. I’m actually a dog lady, and my dogman drove to NH today to bring my family dog down for the proposal. I would post a pic here, but I’m too afraid that JABA The Husbandless will hunt me down in real life. Seriously love you guys. Adios!

          • @One Fat Melman

            Awwww! That is the best story re: the family dog. So sweet.

            And ‘JABA The Husbandless’ gave me the giggles.

          • Oh, the dog being there for the proposal is beautiful. It warms the cockles of my cold cruel heart. Much joy to you all!

          • @One Fat Melman Congrats!!! The fact that he drove your dog down is hands down one of the sweetest things in the entire world. I wish you many, many years of basement dwelling with your catman.

          • Thanks!! JABA The Husbandless is my new favorite name for her; it sums up so much about her in three simple (and somewhat imaginary) words…

      • Aw, sweet. Doggy gave his consent then, which is very good because they are the best judges! If my dog didn’t like someone I was dating (back when I was dating and did have a dog) I don’t know what I would have done. I probably would dump the guy. Really.

    • Congrats, bunny! I hope you took some pictures (totally non-sarcastic, BTW, the doggy in attendance at the proposal is too sweet not to not take a photo).

    • Congrats Melman on making it out of the basement! So loved! So near legally bound to a penis owner!
      Suck it Foolia.

      • Ahaha, that’s awesome. Thank Greg I’ll look better in a wedding dress than he would.

        Translate: English to Donkey

        OMG Prof F camping!!! I WANT TO HUG THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!!! Tiaras and sparkles for all!!

  13. She probably forced Goat Lie Soap to tag McCain pics for her as she directed him from across the room, too lazy and delusional to get off the mattress anymore.

    But to hunker down and get serious– This is some serious crazy ho shit behavior right here, humiliating herself and ruining any microscopic chance she has at a respectable future, or ANY FUTURE. If she keeps getting worse, looking stranger and acting weirder, how does a donk like her avoid insanity or suicide? For real. Do NPDs have an ego-protect button to constantly prevent this? Never mind, I guess she hasn’t avoided insanity. She’s smack dab in the middle of it whistling dixie and sipping a cup of Twitter tea.

    So many questions…

    • …to which none of those questions is the answer: “Pose like Kim Kardashian next to a barbie full of hot bacon.” Get help woman.

    • They just keeping moving from person to person. Somewhere they’ll find someone who hasn’t heard about them yet, who’ll be fooled at first by their charm. The rejection never drives them insane because it’s always the other person’s fault. There’s nothing wrong with them; they just happen to live in town of 60,000 who are ALL jealous assholes.

    • I am OUTRAGED that stupid Donkey burnt all that bacon.

      I am sure the McCains buy some celestial bacon that simple mortals have no access to, and stupid Donkey goes and burns it.

      What a waste!

  14. Now that her show is over and she’s been exposed as a having nothing marketable, Donkey is figuring out that the McCain blip was her peak, and that thought terrifies her.

  15. I don’t even believe she schemed and decided to tag those old shots. She was probably nostalgically sifting through her old Pancakes albums (because anyone who is content in their new relationship spends their time reliving former relationships) at 4AM and just did it on a whim. Why else is she even looking at that shit in the first place, unless she’s actually pining for her old face?

    • I think you’re right. Looks like there are other old albums she’s just made public. Including one with pix of her and Greasy from 2011. This smacks of trying to make the new guy jealous. Her typical m.o.

      For example:



      Notice how Greasy untagged himself? Amazing how every guy does that in all the pix that include her.

      • That last photo looks like he’s a wax statue at Madam Tussauds.

        And Jesus, “You can untag but you can’t hide”? GET HELP.

        • She is such a fatal attraction psycho. Every time I think we’ve seen the worst from her, she outdoes herself yet again. How does she keep doing that?? It’s like a Bottomless Pit of Cray + Sheme Juices.

      • OMGreg!

        Look at the caulking on those windows!!

        I am feeling dizzy. I think I need to throw up.

          • My job of vetting the various props/charlatans in JaBa’s life has been outsourced to Albie and critiquing building materials is, surprisingly, not very lucrative. Remember, I need to buy cheetoes for myself and kibbles for my many cats.

        HOLD ME!
        DIP ME!
        PICK ME UP!
        * pterodactyl screech*

        Dear Jesus she is so pathetic and vile.

    • yep….and I say she’s desperately saying ‘Look, other guys wanted me!” — I think she’s not feeling it with Goat Soap Webmaster guy anymore and is living in the past.

      • I cannot believe that their magical love has gone sour. Seriously, someone pinch me because I may be dreaming.

      • I think this has less to do with Goat Soap — since he would have seen them all already because he’s on her friends list — and more to do with her believing her “fans” and/or haters needed to see that these WERE real relationships! She WAS and IS desirable!

        • If I were Goat Soap, I’d be getting the creepies by now…And if you’re old enough to remember the days when photos weren’t digital and the interweb wasn’t the normal way to share pictures, can you imagine her showing people the actual 4 x 6 pictures….would she walk around with big scrapbooks? Call people over to sit on the couch and run her mouth about the past — Big envelopes stuffed with pictures in her pink purse? She would be one of those people you run from because she’s constantly making you look at pictures.

        • This what I don’t understand. (Forgive me, I’m new.) My Facebook friends have different levels of photo sharing. The people in their early 20s have lots of photos of what they’re currently doing (e.g., Here’s every room in my new apartment! I’m excited! But the carpet’s gross- what should I do?) People with kids have some photos of school plays, soccer games, etc., and even more such photos if grandma and grandpa are on their friends list. Women usually have a photo or two where they look especially good (crossing the finish line of a race; going to a reunion.) Everyone has photos of cool buildings, funny signs, cute pets, exotic vacations, etc., that don’t even have any humans in them. We all fear looking too show-offy.

          NOBODY I know does what she does. I’m friends with people who don’t even use a real photo of themselves as their profile pic. I’ve know women for years whose boyfriends and husbands I’ve never even seen.

          If you’re my friend IRL, we’ve been to the same parties and I have the same photos and we don’t need to flaunt them to other people. If you’re an acquaintance, I don’t need to know about your sex life. If you’re a celebrity I’ve never met, you keep your personal photos private from me, and I only get to see you on tv or in the movies.

          So naive, so fat.

          • If you’re my friend IRL, we […] have the same photos

            Not true for everyone — the only FB pics I have in common w/ IRL friends are ones taken when we traveled out of the country together, & even then, only the location was the same (diff pics from diff cams at diff moments).

            we’ve been to the same parties

            Again, not everyone’s experience — don’t you know people beyond your inner circle, people in other cities / other states / other countries?

          • Hey glad you’re here. I’m pretty new too. And strange, right? She fancies herself worthy of attention and celebrity yet lacks any mystique, desirability, or modesty when she does this. Didn’t her mother (like mine) ever teach her NOT to share? No boundaries in her wonderland.

          • I would add to that the mostly early 20’s people who take the same group shots every weekend when they go out. But at least that’s with friends! They’re young, pretty, dressed up and drunk, having fun — makes sense to get silly with a camera and take a ton of photos.

            What’s so bizarre is that it’s all a giant performance and she’s the only performer on stage. So scripted, such a tightly controlled narrative through pictures, such passive aggressive scheming behind it. And they’re mostly just pictures of her! Even when there are other people in the frame, she drowns them out with her gaping maw and over-the-top Vegas showgirl performances.

            I know it’s Donkey 101, but I’ve watched it online and IRL for 4+ years now and it still bewilders me.

  16. I bet she’s starting to come down off of her *teevee star* high.

    Think about it. For the last few months, every week – there was a new episode, elle.com column, Bravo blog post, lots of interviews and tv appearances keeping her busy and in the public’s eye. Lots of new fangirls tweeting at her, FB comments, new pix to post, etc.

    But now? Poof! It’s all gone and what does she have to show for it? A new no-name, non-trust-fund-having boyfriend who DIDN’T go to an Ivy League school. Big deal. Any girl, or boy, with a pulse can get that.

    For now, she’ll focus all her energy on going home to Chicago. Then planning Burning Man. Maybe Fashion Week. But after that? She herself admitted on the twitters she didn’t really know. ‘Working on her book’. It is to laugh.

    She will probably get into a major funk, waste NGMB inheritance flying around the country trying to look busy. She’ll either get bored with Johnny Drama once she realizes he doesn’t have the connections or wallet to keep her in the style she’s accustomed to. Or, he will run off screaming into that good night, as all her boyfriends usually do.

    Since she’s burned All The Bridges in NYC, Chicago and LA, I see her finally making her move to SF or Palo Alto. Gone to chase that Big Founder Wallet in the sky. Good luck with that Julie. They know all about you up there and they are having none of it.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.


    • Who knows. Maybe she’ll luck out and once again be the Honey Boo Boo Chile of syndicated columnists.

    • Wait, I could have sworn that she swore LA was her permanent home forever, like her Elle.com column. I feel my innocence being violated when I realize this may not be true.

      Okay, Goat Soap: I don’t beieve for a moment that a reasonably attractive, reasonably young guy goes for such things as soap-making. It reminds me of Julia’s sad-ass painting date with that ew, teacher. As in, completely fake and made up. I think Julia’s new boyfriend is completely and ruthlessly on the make, but so is she (doing it badly). I like Los Angeles a lot, it gets a bad rap, there are a lot of good and cool people there, but even they will admit it is crawling with handsome opportunists who will do anything to get a leg up in show biz. And merely being “on television” has a kind of magic charm in LA, especially for actor-models at 31 like him. It’s a real thing in LA, no matter how minor your celebrity, if you’re on tv, it will get you special treatment in restaurants, get you out of speeding tickets etc. It’s weird but true.

      So I can only imagine the many. many lines of bullshit she gave to this guy Goat Soap, how good it would be for his career and visibility when the show aired, her being a “Bravolebrity” or whatever fucking thing. Of course she lied and exagerrated. It’s just, for someone like a struggling actor/model in LA at 31, maybe a fake relationship with A Donkey is a career move. Hey, we’re all aware of him now, aren’t we? I think it’s a mutually beneficial parasitic that will sour uh, any hour now. Julia probably promised him all sorts of fame and visibility and opportunities to play her “happy ending” boyfriend, but the series tanked in the ratings, nothing is happening. He’s probably kind of naive and ought to learn a skill for a proper job. I think he’s probably sort of sweetly dumb and Julia talked all sorts of nonsense into his head, promises. And that’s all fizzled. The show bombed, all America learned was how desparately horrible and mental she is, and this poor boy is back to auditions, but I’d bet he can’t even figure out how to get to them. They’re using each other, but what a ripoff. This fake relationship means more to Julia than it does to him, with the Donkey taint all over him. (Yes, that was intentionally unpleasant imagery.) They’ll break up by, oh, tomorrow, or September at latest. And she will be posting nasty things about him for the next ten years. That’s how she rolls. The circus never stops in her head. I’m not complaining, it’s entertaining as fuck from a distance.

      • a struggling actor/model

        He isn’t either of those things. He’s a struggling computer guy. He’s never acted or modeled a lick.

          • I think this is just a thing people have as a hobby now. Seriously, he’s not on any of the model sites (YES I CHECKED OKAY I AM OBSESSIVE) and has never acted in anything unless he has a hilarious stage name.

            But what do I know, I do not know. If he is trying to be a model he is doing it wrong. He could probably get paid work doing department store gigs; he’s a reasonable height and weight and musculature to do photographic modeling.

        • Also, what fuck is this?

          I don’t beieve for a moment that a reasonably attractive, reasonably young guy goes for such things as soap-making. It reminds me of Julia’s sad-ass painting date with that ew, teacher. As in, completely fake and made up.

          So you are saying he posted a fake review of an event to Lifecrowd a year ago because…why? Wouldn’t Occam’s Razor suggest that a guy in the computer industry who had signed up for Lifecrowd because he didn’t know anybody in the city he had recently moved to might choose an event like soapmaking because it was an event where one might reasonably expect lots of women to attend?

          Why would a web developer want to fake post about events to online meetup groups in the first place? I think you may need to lay off the Alex Jones for a bit or something.

          • Alex Jones is a guilty pleasure of mine. He’s right about a certain percentage of what he says (can debate that precise %) but he just goes so far with it.

            The way he speaks at times is also hilarous, when he is all worked up about something, e.g. Bilderburg.

        • I think he might be using her but she’s not aware of it. He owns a bunch of domains, he might want to get funding for an idea, he sees her as super connected. (LOL)

          Then again, the guy was DEFENDING Tony Robbins so… Good Greg, maybe she’s found her match in heaven (for six months).

          • I bet she told him that she is besties with Randi. Maybe he wants to be on the next season of Randi’s show. And Donkey plans to make appearances by being the girlfriend.

        • i dont know, i think there’s something off about him. there are too many fake photoshoots that he posted online to make me think he’s not interested in the entertainment business. the web developer think might be the way to pay the bills.

          • Well, maybe “aspiring” model, then. “Struggling” to me implies that he’s gotten paid for it at least once.

        • Even though we see “modeling” pics, we know he’s a smarty pants hard drive expertz. He never claimed to be any sort of actor/model, right?

          Meanwhile, the whole “struggling model/actor” phrase seems like it’s loose slang for anyone who posts even one pic from a low-budge photo shoot online anymore. Meanwhile, from my time in LA it represented a fat portion of young, pretty people who basically dicked around town with reams of shitty headshots in the trunks of their civics, missing half of their bi-weekly acting classes and never actually TRYING at what they set out to do except party at night and work shitty catering, temp, or part-time gigs without being disciplined or focused on any supposed modeling/actor craft. I had a roommate like this and he had friend after friend just like him. LA can be a very distracting place. So “struggling model/actor”, well, I’m not sure what that even means.

        • Dead last save two (late-night shows on kids’ channels, not huge competition).

          I bet more people were watching Classic Golf Channel.

          • Looking back at the whole series, it did get less interesting as time wore on, and went out with a thud. That date that Donkey had with Middle School Teacher (from Bravo central casting) is so boring, I have no interest in watching it again.

        • CDB, I truly apologize. I don’t recall literally calling you that personally- I don’t know you- I am horrified and ashamed and truly sorry. I’ve been having some struggle with sobriety lately, and that is no excuse whatsoever, that stupid “novel” I wrote about machine-gun kitty was stupid and overwrought, out of proportion. But honestly not personal to you, I don’t know you. I apologize without reservation though.

          Albie Quirky, you’re correct- there’s no evidence he’s an aspiring model or actor, that was my assumption. Yes, I did think the soap-making thing was fake, I’m sorry if the way I worded it was offensive, I see your many good points defending him against what I wrote. I was taken aback by the hostile tone, but I suppose CDB’s post explains it. Got it.

          And since I’ve clearly offended multiple people here over time, my apologies to each and every one of you. I accept full responsibility, and wish everyone well.

          • I was a bit confused by what you were getting at; secret fail, though, made the really good point that Goat Soap was working for Lifecrowd at that time, so it does make sense that the staff would be encouraged to pad out the numbers of event attendees.

          • Don’t go away, Norse, we all have bad days 😉 (And this place has helped me through many of them 😉 (Note: Non-psycho winky faces)

          • Heya, Norse … sit yo ass back down & don’t even think about flouncing, eh? Seriously. You’d be genuinely missed.

            Real quick, I just want to say: Sorry for your troubles & I’m sending good vibes your way in hopes that what you need comes your way.

          • Norse horse.. I am sober 41 days today . go to a meeting not waking up hung over is such a good feeling . And I did not take it personally. I was just upset because AK was directed at the Sturgeon’s wife not a comment. Good luck

          • Also, no worries. I was up at 4 a.m. with a raging headache, and I think I was by far the more crankypants in that disagreement.

            I wish you all good things and value your presenc here.

          • Thanks Helo, Malformed, EyeRoller, FLM. No, I like the people here too much, flouncing is an unbecoming thing, though for a moment I’ll admit I felt extremely bummed and guilty and regretful.

            Albie Quirky, I like you a lot, concede your points, but your jumping all over my very random speculations about Julia’s new piece, as if I should have researched the dude thoroughly and give a shit, well I suppose I’ll just say I reserve the right to speculate about Donkey’s newest fake-seeming relationship, because whole shit-show of her life is what we get together here to have a laugh about. It’s not a thesis.

            Done flogging myself. Have a great weekend everyone!

          • CDB- love to you and the 41 days, that is wonderful. And again please know, I’m very sorry that I was so fucking rude to you. That bothers me the most. Did I actually say, you, personally is an a-hole? I don’t even want to go check that, it was a regretful rant, and if I actually said that so directly, I’m appalled. No excuses.

            Albie Q, thanks, I value you too, a lot. And like you. Sorry for the tetchiness on my part too. It’s just a passing storm, static. A brief nothing, please forgive. XO

        • Wow, you go Mr CDB. May AK Kitty and his inscrutable counterpart support you in your endeavors. Seriously, good for ya!

          • Thanks everyone. I am searching the internets for non alcoholic Franzia boxes. And Norse Horse please don’t feel bad. You have already apologized too many times!

      • As someone who has actually practiced that hobby in my basement with my ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Dahmer, I think there area few possibilities.

        He could be into soap-making the way young hipsters are getting into beer making, building their own chicken coops, etc. Or he’s saying it as a joke, like you’d say you’re into underwater basket-weaving. Or there was a hot (wo)man he was after.

    • I am with you. I think she is Chicago bound ultimately because it’s only fitting that the place that threw her up should have to swallow her back down. However, I also believe she hasn’t shit on Silicon Valley yet (or has she?) so she’ll probably make a pit stop to ruin her reputation and prove her lack of credentials there first, but she’s getting a lot faster at that type of thing so probably not northern Cali for too long.

  17. I think we are missing the big picture. She documented her entire relationship with Pancakes in pictures! She staged photos at every meal, every event, and every time they were just hanging out at “home”. Without a doubt, she made him, his friends and his family take pictures while she posed! She has uploaded literally thousands of photos to Facebook. There are bound to be thousands more we haven’t seen. This habit, coupled with her chilling admission (on Miss Advised) that she “sometimes” records conversations, and I think we have an answer as to why nobody calls her out on her bullshittery with regards to her dating life: blackmail.

    • Oh, that’s right. I keep forgetting about that creepy off-hand admission re: secretly recording conversations. WHO DOES THAT? I mean seriously. That is some really, REALLY crazy shit.

        • when she showed up for the meeting with her editor and had NOTHING for him — and he asked for 4 emails at the very least. She was wearing the green dress and the pelts were puffy that day… I noticed that she ran her mouth a lot as a distraction to him NOT looking at her laptop and her “notes”, which I don’t think existed in the first place. That’s when she mentioned videotaping dates. Manipulator, straight up

        • I just watched the clip — she says “You can just take out your iPhone and press record — I haven’t done that either.” But (subjectively here) the way she slants her eyes while saying it seems to say, uh yeah I have.

          • Yeah, she does this tee hee! eyeroll thing to insinuate she most definitely HAS done that. I remember I had to rewind that moment because I was in disbelief that that was what I had just seen.


          • SO FUCKING CREEPY! And she says she keeps all her texts and emails. She is constantly living in the past. Such a psycho.

  18. Well, well. Looky here. Could there already be trouble in New Love Paradise?


    Dinner tonight with a very cute, very RICH founder (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Way)? Either she is out wallet shopping, or she used this guy to try and make Johnny Drama jealous. Methinks all the OMG! My New Boyfriend! pix and sudden public declarations of ‘love’ have sent Drama into ‘Oh, fuck. Run for the hills’ panic mode.

    He retreats. She tries to make him jealous. This would explain all the newly-public FB photo albums.

    Same story, different day.

      • Wait, now I am confused. Is she just dumb or is there really a restaurant called simply “Izakaya” in Los Angeles? The owner of that, if it exists (the Google is not helping me) has some fucking balls of ice to just call their restaurant the equivalent of “Pub” and fuck all the actual izakaya of which there are several in the city.

        There seems to be something called “Izakaya by Katsuya” which is like calling your restaurant “Pub by Diner” or something—is that what she meant? Apparently the sushi there is meh, per Yelp. I hate people.

        • Wait, I withdraw my last bit. The chef’s name is apparently Katsuya. I guess he was fated to go into the food industry!

        • Yep, there is a restaurant called Izakaya and yes, it’s sushi doesn’t really rate highly in any serious accounting of good sushi in LA.

          I’d name better spots but I don’t want them polluted by A Donkey.

          Oh no, wait. Sushi Zo. It’s really good (Michelin star even, if memory serves). But I’d love to see Donk try her thing there. Oh the laffs.

          • Is it an actual izakaya style restaurant (lots of beer varieties and small plates of delicious fried nibbly things) or just called that?

          • I haven’t been, have only heard secondhand accounts and the general take has never been too flattering. Ho-hum as a sushi spot, not particularly interesting as a Japanese spot (especially with Sawtelle and its hodgepodge of goodness nearby). The current menu posted on their site looks like the most white-bread sushi as well as some sad “Japanese” for the wannabe scenesters.

            Which is unsurprising since it’s a Katsuya restaurant.

            You can always count on JAB to have the most utterly pedestrian tastes. Jesus, she has to go by Sawtelle to get to Weho. There are three top-10 LA sushi spots on her way as well, not to mention a couple solid yakitoris.

            So to answer the question directly, I’ll go with “just called that”. I really have no intention of ever hitting it myself to find out.

    • Apparently she and Ben were only supposed to grab coffee together. Wonder why it turned into a dinner date…


    • Ben lost all his super-rich OMGfounder money a decade ago. He’s comfortable now (good investments through the tech incubator etc), like his sister — but both try a little desperately hard to squeeze every penny possible out of the stupid $16k/month “The Villa” house they rented for the Bravo show. They’ve even charged their own friends to attend house parties during the filming — to “cover the costs” of the party! And they have snack sponsors! (Popchips) Like, buy a case of wine at BevMo and pick up some chips at Trader Joes.

      Like it’s said below — definitely just a route for Julia to make nice with Randi again. Hermione has built a very strong bridge there. Julia could learn a lot from her, actually… she’s just as manipulative and a bit of a famewhore, but she does it really, really well.

      • Oh, and a route for making the new guy jealous. Agree with you on that, just not the OMGFounder. I don’t like Ben — he’s gross and smarmy. In fact, they *should* date.

  19. Not to mention the fact that Ben Way is apparently on OMGRandi’s Bravo shitshow, so it’s a twofer weasling opportunity! So blessed!

  20. I don’t even tag my bf in my photos with him. A) because he prefers me not to and I respect his wishes, as B) one reason he is discrete on FB is he had an ex he broke up with right before we started dating and she got hurt bad, so he doesn’t want to hurt her further. Also, he’s not 12 years old and doesn’t live his goddamn personal life online for all to see, like most mature fully functioning adults. Tagging people is the most obnoxious obtrusive shit ever. Sociopath.

    Who just goes through their own photos, finds photos of themselves they think are super hot, then posts them constantly, even months or years after said photos are taken? She’s absolutely mental.

    • When my bf moved in, the screensaver on my computer showed pictures of my ex once or twice and it was majorly awkward.

      I did not go as far as deleting the pictures, they are part of my history after all, but the screensaver is not allowed to go into those folders any more.

      Oh, yeah, I am boring and sane. Most of the time.

  21. Someone in an earlier post put up a pic, “I will not be ignored, Goat Soap.”
    That’s the sense I get about this. He may have dared to suggest that while all the jet-setting, living like a trust funder who just got their bank balance topped-up has been fun and all, he now needs to concentrate on earning some $$$ and can’t keep up the pace of endless trips for no real purpose, or spending 6 hours a day reassuring her with endless txt mssgs, working on her website, etc.
    Feels like a big stomping “I will not be ignored.”

  22. She is certifiable. She tagged Jack as a bacon strip. SHE WILL NOT BE IGNORED. SHE IS NOT RANDOM!!!!


    • Ha! A bacon strip being consumed by fire!

      You don’t need a PhDonk in psychology to figure out how he feels about Pancakes.

      When I saw the first picture, I thought “stupid Donkey is going to set that grill of fire” and there it was….. the grill caught fire while she was trying to get the perfect angle for her bacon-is-sexy fauxto shoot.

      What a waste of perfectly good bacon!

    • Who says a picture isn’t worth a thousand brays?
      Let’s think about the implications here …

      * Julia Allison’s dream of a pork-barrel wallet went up in smoke
      * Julia Allison’s face has gone melty since being dumped by FlapJack
      * Exes, beware the Bunny Boiler! Have Facebook, Will Stalk

  23. I thought “stalker” was the label that hurts her the most. Protip: to stop people from calling you a stalker, stop stalking your exes. Presto!

  24. Wow. Just wow. After reading Jacy’s article yesterday – which was just brilliant and spot-on – and seeing this today, I truly think she is unhinged. I think Dr. Gary is right. She’s coming off her bravo high. She has literally nothing in front of her. But this … This is just crazy.

  25. Aren’t all of these posted from spring of last year? Or did she just put them up?

    If she tagged them last Spring it might make some sense?

  26. I cannot believe how many photos she has of herself on fb. She is beyond narcisstic. It’s just abnormal but I guess if she has no job, she has all the time in the world to upload photos.

    She may even have more photos on there with her minimal Pancakes relationship than I have with my husband. Actually, I don’t even think I posted a photo all year. Cray!!!

  27. She must wake up everyday and hate herself for fucking up the McCain situation. She thought if she could ever snag someone with serious money, she’d finally fit in. I can’t imagine the self-importance that was going on during that very short window of time. And it isn’t like things just ended up not working out, they straight up REJECTED her. It was clearly the biggest thing that has ever happened to her and she never even got to go to a public event or anything with them. You just know she was calling up every designer who would take her call, braying about how she’d be needing some gowns for all the military and charity galas that she’d just have to be attending since she was basically an American princess.

    • she never, not for one second, thinks SHE fucked it up. She was Fun! Quirky! Exciting! It’s those mean old McCains, especially that Cindy b-word, who spoiled all her Fun! fun.

    • She is a bush league gold digger. If she had locked the crazy down for a bit, she could have been planning her pink princess prom-wedding with Pancakes right now.

  28. This should be a sign to Devin to GTFO. If she’s trying to rehash a previous relationship, there’s no room for your current one.

  29. Maybe it’s just me, but if I had made sure it was public record that I got dumped, I wouldn’t post photos of my ex. That would just make people think, “Oh, she went out with him, that’s right. He dumped her.” That’s where everyone’s mind goes, not “OMG! Famous politician’s son! This girl is so cool!” She has no idea how a normal thinking brain works.

  30. And for someone with such an accomplished mother, it’s unreal that she doesn’t understand that she can’t base her personal value and success solely on someone else.

  31. Wasn’t it soon after the mother’s day event
    that mama McCain escorted a donkey to the hasta la vista plane?

    • wow this is bumming me out. i was already feeling bummed and now i feel even worse whenever someone talented and young dies.

      • I was at the grocery store earlier and my daughter texted me just, “David? Oh no.” I had to take a deep breath before answering.

        He made us the most gorgeous wedding gift, many years ago. He fought this a long, long time, but a part of me believed (like an idiot) that he was so wonderful and such a genius, in his way, that he would win. But that wasn’t true for David Foster Wallace, either, so shit, what do I know.

        • I am so sorry for your loss. I had always wanted to meet him, because the personality that came through in his work seemed like someone I would love in person. I imagine his friends and family will miss him tremendously.

          • Thank you, dear. In better news, Mr. H brought me home, from the library, my first ever Edward St. Aubyn novel, MOTHER’S MILK. I can’t wait!

          • You are all so lovely. Thank you. My circle of friends is grieving so mightily today! I finally had to write them all and say I wanted to pour out a 40 for DR but didn’t have one, so instead dumped out the rest of a Coppola blanco in my refrigerator, which the chickens drank. We’ll see what THAT does to their eggs.

          • My guess is that he would have found drunken chickens a delightful tribute! I can almost hear him saying that in my head.

          • Handbag, so sorry for your loss. He was a really brilliant man.

            I just read all the Patrick Melrose novels a couple of months ago. They were difficult emotionally for me as I am an incest survivor but very well-written and so darkly funny.

    • I have just been going through the Tumblr that David Rakoff’s friends and family made to celebrate the many amazing and beautiful gifts he created for them, and I am crying all over again. Stupid goddamned cancer, why could you not spare us this brilliant and talented and loving person?

    • Hugs to you, Handbag. What an amazing human being he was, it seems like he gave and received many lifetimes worth of love. A profound loss.

  32. She tried and failed to put a pack of new dick between her and ol’ Flapjack dick, but it ain’t working. She’s gonna break her arm reaching into the past so hard. It’s no wonder more people who dislike her in real life don’t bother coming out and destroying her in the public eye or running active smear campaigns, and that’s because Donk does all the work for them! They needn’t lift a finger. They just sit back, observe, and collectively shake their heads in embarrassment for her.

    Look Donk: I’m a dumbass curmudgeonly slut but I’m no STALKER and that’s the difference between a titty teaser like me and a fucking permanent nipple clamp like you. Back the fuck offa Pancakes already or else one day real soon you’re gonna hear a slow, graceful UNpink knock on your apartment door and when you open it the first thing you’ll see is Cindy McPain removing the lock and key from her iron tight bleach blonde bun before she bitch slaps you into next week’s Facebook updates. Oh, and the last thing you’ll see sideways from the floor looking up will be beautiful Cindy walking elegantly back to her limousine, never to set eyes upon you again. Or at least until next month when you un-re-un-re-untag Pancake pics.

    • Eyeroller! So when can you and me elope to Vegas and the Say I Do Wedding Drive Thru, where we can be married by an Elvis impersonator???

      I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. “Cindy McPain.” If I wasn’t already the Gimme Pig of Love, I’d take that.

      • I usually stick with Dolly’s old school Steel Magnolias wisdom that “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion”, but tears through laughter is a close second. And if we get married by an Elvis impersonator, is it inappropriate for us to dress as Elvis impersonators?

        • You know what’s awesome? The above scenario (an Elvis impersonator marrying us whilst we’re both dressed as Elvis) is far more likely than The Donksters making it down the aisle…

          • Be sure and send her an invite….might lead to a memorable episode…We need more stuff for the Christmas Letter…2012 is more than half over, after all.

  33. You know, the thing that creeps me out about those Facebook photos is that there’s NOT ONE picture of Julia and Pancakes together in which they look like a couple. Nothing with their arms around each other, holding hands, kissing, being cute together, etc.

    The pictures that they’re in together have an air of awkwardness together. It’s like two exes posing together or something.


  34. Off topic, but I saw the final episode of Miss Advised and was most puzzled by her outfit on the date with the teacher. She had on a plum dress, fine, cute. BUT, she was wearing her Julia Roberts Pretty Woman hooker boots. In no world do those go together. It was a stunning sartorial disconnect.

    • My guess (and there were a few like this) is that the stylist would give her something cute and then she would insist on dragging some horrible standard from her closet out to wear with it and wouldn’t listen to the stylist that it was a nightmare.

      She is so fucking delusional.

      • I think it’s an old dress of hers (remember it from Fashion Week), Jaysus help me for knowing that. It was an abomination. Business on top, working gal 😉 on the bottom. I think that outfit there told me all I needed to know about her.

    • I am perplexed by many things JA-related, but her insistence on that boot style is very, very high on the list.

  35. i think some of you already said it on here but my first thought is trouble on the homefront with the bf. isn’t this what crazy women do to make a current bf jealous? bring up past bf’s and pretend they were so happy….

  36. btw who poses with bacon and thinks it’s sexy? even if pancakes does have a meat fetish, this picture is still just really weird. what’s he gonna do, frame that for his man cave? jesus get a clue.

  37. I may be completely behind on Presidential candidate-level au courant cookery, but does anybody actually grill bacon? It sounds like a great way to set the house on fire.

    Next up: cooking with Julia Allison – how to boil a steak.

  38. anyone think this picture is worse? that must be the “about to give the bacon a blow job” face, no? you don’t think? ??? :)[img]https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=771198814245&set=a.768233262235.2297545.1402715&type=3&theater[/img]

  39. A Deep Thought from Kristin Thorne. How different is our little matchmaker from her dear “sister” Julia!

    “I still get weirded [sic] out every time I step out of the news truck and people look at me. I’m always like, why are people staring at me? Oh yeah. I’m on ABC. I always walk away from the truck as quicky as I can so I can just blend in.”

    • It is to laugh. His new list has Julie’s hoof prints all over it. Tim Ferriss? Michael Ellsberg? Grifters gonna grift.

      • I can see them cozied up on the couch — her admiring gaze as he sits there and sounds out the words…

      • I can’t believe a guy like him is for real. How could these two grifters collide or is he the ultimate grifter because he is playing her so well?

        • I’ve vacillated between assing my laugh off at Goat Soap & sincerely feeling bad about doing so …

          Now, at this point, I’m basically rooting for him to be playing the BPC mud monkeys out of our D0nkey.

          But, I’m sad for him, in a limited watercress experience sort of way, if he’s hiding behind the d0nkey instead of being true to himself.

        • So they’re both changing their personalities to fit each other. SO META. What will the end results be? If he’s changing to become her, and she’s changing to be him…my tiny catlady brain kant! Will he eff up his face and scare his ex-girlfriends to Guam? Will she make goat soap? WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

    • You are fucking kidding me here. He took down all his carefully crafted reviews of Halo books and Terry Goodkind and put up this fan page to Julie’s grifter friends?

      What a spineless putz.

      • Maybe, just maybe he’s a shameless self-promoter like her…Too bad…I was ready to like the kid as another unknowing victim..

        • The new get rich quick book list is Julie’s doing. She never reads here but happened to see the links we posted, was horrified, and wanted Devs to be reading Albertson grifter classics with her ASAP. She’s in control of the skinny frat boy’s narrative and the purse strings, and she’s attempting to remake goat soap on a rope in her own image.

      • So spineless… he’s playing to us as much as she is. I respected him more when he was just being who he was.

      • What is he thinking when he gets desperate calls from Julie begging him to close his old Goodreads account and to open another one? How does that fit into her definition of a man? He’s pathetic.

        And Donkey, he’s far from brilliant and well read if he’s just claiming to read your book list, darling.

        • To be honest, his other book list has more actual intellectual content in it. Video game fanfiction at its best is miles ahead of anything four-hour-colonic Tim Ferriss or greasy sex gargoyle Michael Ellsberg could ever write.

        • Do you think they fancy themselves as some young up and coming “power couple” aligning their “strategic forces”? Or is our Donk the driving puppeteer behind this?

        • My fav is the first one on the new list:

          “The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire”

    • They’re probably in a Motel 6 “jacuzzi” right now, AKA farting in a rented dirty tub full of lukewarm water, as they whisper sweet book lists of NOTHINGS into one another’s ears. They never read the actual books, they just get off on the self-empowerment, self-enlightenment, self-improvement selfselfselfselfselfself titles.

      And is it me, or is anyone else getting a flash ad for Joel Osteen’s new “motivational” prayer book on Goat Lie Soap’s book page?

      • Can totally see it. Check him out in TJ’s video. He likes hamming it up for the camera just as much as Big Julie does:



        • Had NO IDEA Billy Goat Soap was in that horrendous video. LOOK at the sassy, sharply pointed hip tilt in the first still photo. Um, GAY, mkay?

        • Now they’re reminding me of this one “bisexual” queen I used to know who liked to dress up like a nerdy prepster and reenact Old Navy commercials with his two favorite hags around the apartment on Saturday afternoons.

          • If Julie marries him, she can have a marriage just like Momsers and Dad$ers. She will be the stay-at-home mom. He will be the closeted breadwinner, with his very own Raul tucked away in a downtown condo.

          • @Dr. Gary – at least her daughters will have the chance to be the kind of slim she wishes she was. On second thought, that may be when Canklehausen-Syndrome-by-Proxy actually becomes Munchausen-Syndrome-by-Proxy. *shudder*

          • I want to make him my granny’s special pot roast, with onions, carrots, potatoes, and lots of gravy. “Eat, Devlin, eat! You’ll never be able to throw the football to your tutu clad son looking like that!”

        • How’d Goat Soap get from the front door threshold to the beej couch in two seconds flat?

        • if this doesn’t prove the relationship is fake…. i mean does anyone really think a donk would date someone thinner than her?! he’s got a better body, better style, hell — better everything than JA!

    • They are two of a kind judging by the books. “Get rich without the effort of working hard”.

    • That sounds a tad optimistic. Producers would watch Miss Advised to size her up (“Oh, the chick who walks in circles on the beach for attention and thinks ‘stop, drop and roll’ is what you do when answering the door and not when you’re on fire?”) and for a book deal, assuming the publisher would want pics of Julia pretending to be Honey Boo Boo, I’d think they’d rather “save them for the book” and not have them be public.

  40. I don’t know. I love to think YAK SUDS, I mean Goat Soap, would get a whiff of this site and like Ricky Ricardo he’d tell Lucy she had some “splainin to do”. But instead he probably reads it after she finally falls asleep at 5 o’clock in the morning. I mean, if she tried to do preemptive damage control by forcing Goat Soap sit down on a couch with her and go through pictures of her with ex-boyfriends and random partygoers, then that’d be real proof she’s crazy and she can’t have that. So instead, since she we all know she’s NOT CRAZY AT ALL, she opens her Facebook photos hoping he’ll snoop around those when she’s not looking, secretly confirming for him her undeniable charm and popularity.

    Go-Go-Goat Soap!

  41. I was just reading about LeAnn Rimes and how she’s a relentless famewhoring self interested stalker. A seriously disturbed individual, just like Julia. The lies, even the anti bullying bullshit, self promoting tweets to make all the girls jealous of her perfect romance. Long lost Donkey sisters.[img]http://coedbc.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/leann-rimes-football-1.jpg[/img]

    • Julie would look at this photo and simply envy how gaunt Rimes looks. That is one of the sadder celebrity trainwrecks, I think.

      • Its such a shame, she has such a nice voice too. But then, this.[img]http://i.fitperez.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/leann-rimes-jumping__oPt.jpg[/img]

    • I said something akin to this comment the other day but I’m feeling it again with this one:

      I can’t figure out whether looking at this just scarred me for life or saved me $50k in therapy. Are both possible? I’m fwightened, confoozed, and about to throw up on my keyboard while laughing hysterically.

      • I feel that way every time I review her tweets, which I do way too often because I just can’t help myself. Horrifyingly funny.


    • UGH! Of the few people who I’ve absolutely detested on sight / site / cite, LeAnn Rimes is definitely right up there. ::shudder:: She skeeves me out.

  42. Uh…

    Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
    I totally forgot I had put on white zit cream ALL OVER MY FACE this morning, heard a knock at the door & answered it to find a cute boy. FML
    10:32 PM – 10 Aug 12

    • WOW, so this confirms the theory that she’s trying to make the OMGOMGBF jealous, right? HAHA so transparent!

      • By acting like a 13 year old girl?! Seriously, her twat reads like an ad in Young Miss Magazine, circa 1982. Julie, you’re 31 fucking years old, stop referring to men as “boys” and yourself as a “girl.” And stop pulling out the girl card when someone is angry at you, e.g., “I’m just a girl. Why do you hate me?” GROW THE FUCK UP!

      • Maybe Julia Allison of the Zits All Over My Face Allisons is trying to land a gig as spokes-d0nkey for this eyetalian zit cream:


    • didn’t she mean

      “A cute boy put his white cream all over my face and zitty door knockers this morning”

  43. [img]http://www.www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=815919109415&set=a.815286192785.2308427.1402715&type=3&theater[/img]

      • Professor:

        I clicked on that “wide stance” link and checked out those photos on that old post. IN ORDER, here’s what she WISHES she could’ve pulled off in each photo:

        *Britney Spears
        *Paranoid Alice in Wonderland
        *The Kate Middletonz Subway Barbie
        *No Idea
        *Finola Hughes in Stayin’ Alive
        *The Kate Middletonz Library Barbie
        *Forest Pixie Nymph
        *Slutty Solo Gretel (after Hansel has dumped her alone in the forest from Tweeting too much)
        *Melania Trump
        *Marissa Tomei
        *Lana Del Bray
        *Linda Evangelista
        *Who Cares
        *Cindy Crawford
        *The Kate Middletonz Library Barbie AGAIN. BTW WTF is she doing in an empty library in a ball gown standing on a table how very base. I wish to God she would reenact ‘Scarlet Takes a Tumble’ youtube clip off that table.

        *And finally, an innocent child. HOW DARE SHE!!!

      • Holy Greg! Those photos are hilarious, but seriously, Donkey used to be SO PRETTY.

        why did she do that to her face? why? why?

        • agreed, she looked good after the 1st nose job and chin implant. it was the 2nd nose job and the fillers/botox/restylane/juviderm that brought her to where she is today. and the lack of exercise/sleep and fucked up diet. she also looks utterly ridiculous when she’s had her hair red, which they made her do for the tv show–hopefully to accenturate the bloated face

      • Ok, I have been reading for a while know but I honest to Greg forgot that post. How is it possible it was posted at the beginning of this year??? The pictures look like they were from 3 faces ago. In the past year alone she has aged a solid 10 years. Benjamin Button, you are doing it wrong.

      • In reading the comments after that awful photo shoot, I noticed the discussion about Donkey’s declaration that she had just driven 7 hours for a date. This was in late January. Is that the driving distance to San Francisco from her apartment? But, if she drove, she wouldn’t be hailing a cab after JellyD dumped her. Perhaps that was the time she drove with Toilet Julia, then she couldn’t help herself and flew back right away (early February?) because she “thought she could fall for this guy”…..and he sensed a cling-on, so he ended it. (he was obviously irritated with her when she came to visit) She admitted he didn’t invite her on the visit that eventually became the dumping. I just found that timing interesting.

    • I know this is stating the obvious, but do you realize how batshit insane this is? She sets up her own fauxto shoots. Think about that. They aren’t for anything other than her Facebook page.

      She’s so fucking nuts.

      • I saw a segment on good morning america that said people now hire professional photographers to document their vacations…so they can post the pics on FB!

      • and since she’s SO famous and popular and connected, wouldn’t you think that actual professional photographers would be within her reach and could do a better job for her? More indication she’s a broke z-lister whose 15 minutes are up.

      • This right here was the reason I’ve crossed the line between “mhm, this chick seems kinda crazy, but I don’t get spending so much time discussing her every move” and “wait, this bitch is enormously mental in the head. Unpre-fucking-cedented.” (Then came the “I was inside” episode and I crossed the line between Stage 2 and “what an evil disgusting piece of shit.”)

        But yeah, the quantity of (usually enormously mental) fauxtos and the fact that she SETS UP FAUXTOSHOOTS FOR HERSELF was enough to convince me that she is far from a normal one (even by the most liberal definition *psychotic winky face*). When I was a teenaged jealous hater, I made some (little) money as an OMGmodel, the obsession with one’s looks isn’t a foreign concept to me, and I know my fair share of narcissists, but I never heard of anything even remotely similar to the Donk Syndrome. I don’t think I’ve posted more than 20 pictures of myself online during my entire life, and zero on Facebook because I never had an account. *rim shot*

    • I’d give you my comments, but I’m too depressed and too damn tired and have to get to bed.

      • 😉 Don’t want to start and Imminent Meltdown here re: politics. I actually *shame* don’t know much about him (Ryan). But, I would like to say regardless of party lines and as a native New Jerseyan, I apologize to all for the scourge that is Chris Christie. We should all be pleased it is not Christie – but I can’t say so much for the next election. Yikes. Let us pray to the god Cory Booker.

        • Cory Booker is pretty awesome. It would be great to have a chance to vote for him for Pres someday.
          Chris Christie seems like a jerk but I do have to give him points for generally being honest and saying what he thinks, as opposed to someone like Romney who will say absolutely anything to get elected. Christie was also a very effective prosecutor.

    • Ryan is a serious person. He made a very true statement awhile back that the government needs to fix the deficit issue or the bond market would do it for us. Maybe the election will be about real issues now, regardless of your political persuasion.

      • Obama is a serious person.

        Paul Ryan is Congress’ biggest advocate for carried interest treatment of private equity income and sucking up to big business.

        Thank Greg that Obama is going to wipe the floor with these two douches.

      • By the way, the single biggest step we could take to fix our budget would be to let the Bush Tax Cuts expire. And I say this as someone who voted for W (profoundly disappointed in this in retrospect… Medicare Part D was a terrible idea, 2 wars, a S. Ct. that thinks “corporations are people” etc etc)

        • Afghani, you seem like a smart guy. Raising taxes alone is not going to solve our financial issues. They are driven by demographics. I’m hoping the politicians running will tell us how they are going to solve it. I’m not holding my breath though.

          • Look at Simpson-Bowles. There are far too many tax loophoes–Grover Norquist considers removing tax loopholes “raising taxes” and people like Romney/Paul Ryan agree.

            It is also not some massive tax hike to say we need to go back towards taxation in the 90s — the revenue generated would help soften the cuts or adjustments that need to be made w/r/t entitlement spending.

            The other thing to keep in mind is that military spending is sacrosanct to people like Romney and Ryan. This means that a potential area with significant cuts is completely off the table for them. And that is not right. Security and military strength does not imply a need for ongoing interventions abroad, hundreds of bases around the world, or the funding of pet military projects.

          • I shouldn’t have commented Afghani. This is my home to laugh at Baugher. I don’t want to sully it with politics.

          • ib4s: Sorry, I really didn’t mean to sully it either. I just enjoy hearing what smart catladies think about things (especially both sides of politics since I’m typically exposed to only one) and I knew K_Swizz was connected to the story. Back to the bacon gifs now!

          • I don’t really want to talk politics here, either. Unless Dadster has moved on from blowing Mark Kirk to blowing Paul Ryan.

    • She was sleeping in this morning because its a Saturday and she had extra desk errands this week.

      Romney made a critical error on this part. Ryan appeals to the neo-cons, but they’re already going to vote for whatever name is next to “Republican” on the ticket. He should’ve chosen someone more moderate, because he just lost the critical independent vote. He will not win the state of Wisconsin, especially after everything that happened last year. Walker may have won the recall, but Ryan lost a shitton of support when he suggested getting rid of Medicare.

      Ryan was already in jeopardy in his congressional race. Granted, there was only a small chance of him losing his seat, but Zerban was putting up a hell of a fight and making great progress towards defeating him.

      That being said, I definitely wouldn’t kick Paul Ryan out of bed, but that whole “hot neo-con VP pick” didn’t work so well for McCain, now did it?

      • Clearly a pick Romney made for his base. The richest Presidential candidate in history, who has *secret* bank accounts in the Caymans and other non-US jurisdictions and who made a fortune partly because of moving US jobs abroad… and he picks for his VP the #1 defender of tax policies that favor the mega wealthy. What’s even sadder is, Paul Ryan is defending the mega wealthy even though he himself has very limited private sector experience. I thought that was supposed to be Romney’s criticism of Obama–that he never had a “real job”?

        • I’m definitely not a political strategist, but I just don’t get this. I mean, I get the Republicans continuing to pander to the super wealthy but how does this pick ever win Romney the election? Shouldn’t his concern be more with independents than with his own base, who will vote for him no matter what?

          • Romney and his people must really think the electorate will believe that the jobs lost from 2008-present will be blamed on Obama only, as opposed to a housing bubble and a decade of “too big to fail” policies that encouraged excessive risk taking by big banks. Lastly? He thinks voters will blame Obama for job losses rather than realizing that so many jobs have gone overseas thanks to people like Romney and Ryan.

        • You are FAR dumber than I thought.

          The U.S. does not have a revenue problem. The U.S. has a spending problem and it’s been going on a long time – aided by both parties and hugely exacerbated by your idiot hero, Obama.

          (Obama who, by the way, is just as big a piece of shit as the rest of them. I’m amazed how you cretins have the wool pulled over your eyes. Solyndra? Fast and Furious? Massive losses on GM and the LYING he does calling it a good investment! The guy is a fucking Chicago scumbag of the highest order)

          I have a set of questions for the “fair share” tax proponents and those of you shit birds who think “tax the rich!” is the answer to everything.

          Would fair share tax hikes be enough to fund US government spending?

          What if we took 100% of the profits of Walmart and Exxon Mobile?

          What if the corporate tax rate was 100% for every corporation?

          What if we confiscated 100% of the wealth of the super-wealthy including Warren Buffet and Bill Gates?

          What if we did ALL of the above? Would that balance the budget?

          To meet total spending requirements of $3.2 trillion, but not counting $117 trillion in unfunded liabilities, not only would we have to do everything in the five point list above, but we would have to take the combined salaries of all players in the NFL, Major League Baseball, the NBA, and the NHL, cut military spending by $254 billion, and tax EVERYTHING people make above $250,000 at a 100% tax rate.

          That’s what it would take to meet the 2012 budget of $3.8 trillion. It would do nothing to pay down the existing national debt of close to $16 trillion. It would not come remotely close to meeting $117 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

          The projected cumulative budget for the next 10 years is an unbelievable $46.956 trillion dollars. Government spending is projected to escalate to a whopping $5.8 trillion a year in 10 years.

          Noting the difficulty in coming up with $3.8 trillion, pray tell what kind of “fair tax” hikes would it take to meet expenses of $5.8 trillion?

          So, do we have a spending problem, or a problem of not taxing enough?

          The answer is pretty clear.

          Don’t bother yammering back and answering me. I’m right and you’re wrong and I don’t come back here to waste time reading the same stupid arguments you’ve trotted out forever. The country is fucked no matter who is in charge because liberal nitwits think there is such thing as a free lunch. There ain’t. The mathematics cannot be avoided.

          I look forward to the massive suffering of the unprepared and the idiots – like yourselves – who think socialism and big government work. It’s going to be fun to watch. I almost hope the dipshit gets re-elected so it all comes crashing down faster and he can be at the helm when we hit the iceberg, the piece of shit.

        • To be fair, Ryan’s idea for changing Medicare only applies to people under 55. Ryan’s plan would actually leave Medicare for today’s seniors intact. He’d just shred it for everyone else.

          OTOH, Obamacare would use cost containment for everyone, which would mean care would have to be at least somewhat rationed. This could mean, in part, that benefits of care would be weighed against the costs.

        • Neocons are more like Bill Kristol, Doug Feith, Dick Cheyney, etc. It really isn’t true of Palin (tea party republican) or Ryan (Koch Brothers Republican)

          • Yep. Some people just fling around the term “neocon” like it’s supposed to immediately melt the Wicked Witch of the West, without knowing what the hell it actually means.

          • To add to my former statement- my opinion is 100% based on personal interactions and not policy differences.

            But at least he sent out a really nice Christmas card last year?

          • JFA-ing myself one last time-

            Calling Ryan an neocon is a reflexive action at this point. Especially since I spent so much time being called a “filthy socialist” by his supporters. The mere mention of his name is enough to get my blood boiling.

            But he really is a class-A douche. Even Scott Walker is a genuinely nice guy, but Paul Ryan is a fucking piece of work.

  44. OT, a question for culturally literate haters: Yesterday someone (who has an OMG penis BTW, so I guess that and the fact that he addressed me practically makes him “my boy”) asked me “You’re always so calm and objective and level-headed, how do you do it? Are you a Vulcan?”

    Now here’s the thing, I never watched anything with Vulcans in it, save a for a couple of Big Bang Theory episodes, so even after a google search, I’m not sure what to make of that. Was it a compliment, or some kind of weirdo geek insult? I mean either way is cool, I’d just like a translation. Hugs and kisses!

      • And he seems to believe that you approach life through reason and logic without letting emotions get the better of you.

    • I worked for a woman once who was told the same and took it as a great compliment. She wasn’t a trekkie, but she proudly showed me that even her ears were a little pointy.

    • One of my exes used to call me “Data.” I took it as a compliment as he was always laughing when he did it.

      PS We are good friends again but don’t talk on the phone every day. I don’t post albums of photos of him on facebook. I don’t stalk his girlfriends.

      • Sorry, Barking, but that just sounds like it doesn’t count. If you don’t facebook the shit out of a relationship, you might just as well be a sad lonely obese jealous hater. Facebook or it didn’t happen!

        Thanks for your replies, everyone. I guess the guy meant it as a compliment then, which is a clear sign that I should re-route my bridal magazines to his place. We will only share the home we will share for six months (August-October), but we will forever remain in each other’s life, as people. Or, as a male human and a female pointy-eared emotionless creature. PROMMMM!!!!1!!

    • I’d take it as a compliment. We call my brother-in-law ‘Spock’ because of his life-approach – I find him to be one of the funniest people I know because of it too.

  45. Great screamgrabs to be had from these videos:

    * ‘Miss Advised’ Stars Pick the Perfect Place for a First Date
    * Who Should Pay on a First Date?
    * From Kissing to Sex: How Far Should You Go on a First Date?
    * How Long Should You Wait to Text After a Date?

    Ha! D0nkey’s reputation precedes her …
    CAPTCHA = road rage

  46. Is D0nkey modeling Lingerie By Chico’s now?

    • The white couch is a dead giveaway that she’s working for a low-class porn production company because everybody knows a donkey is fucked most properly on a chocolate brown curbside naugahyde sectional.

  47. Donkey up til 4 or 5am last night. Guess she needs to wait until Goat Soap is in a deep sleep to rifle through his phone!

  48. First time commenter here, but kind of sickly obsessed with the site. Not sure of anyone has brought this up yet, but why are so many @dumbasses quoting this trite passage from Donkey of Love:

    @Jsestan: “Every relationship comes into our lives to teach us lessons we need to grow into the people we’re meant to become”, @juliaallison

    Other than the clear cliche it represents (pretty sure I wrote something similar in my high school newspaper- at age 17), it makes NO SENSE! What did she do? Put her donkey hee-haws in an online translator?

    Donkey is a mo-ron. And so are all those desperate women seeking her approval.

    • Welcome to the basement! I think that because she doesn’t have an ongoing career development track, long-term relationship with a partner, deep friendships that span years, or a profound interest in anything other than herself, these short-term relationships are all she has to really provide change and forward motion in her life. It’s also a way of justifying what happens when a relationship goes wrong. It wasn’t me and my attitude, clinginess and general lack of desire to make any effort on anything but myself whatsoever, it was fate and this relationship was all to help me become the awesome person that of course I am continuing to become. This is the stuff girls say to each other in high school when we are all young and stupid. But like PROOOOMMMM, this is just more proof that a Donkey would like to remain in high school forever.

      • well said. I agree. I think she’s a case of Narcissistic emotional immaturity/arrested development — SO self absorbed and at the mercy of her volatile emotions — thus, her immature impulsivity…so, she acts out like a wild teenager and refuses to be introspective and learn from her mistakes. Seems to have no remorse, just explains everything away so that it bounces off her. That requires lying and manipulation. (That’s why I think Facebook and Twitter and the rest of it are her refuges — she can write whatever cliche ridden versions of the truth she wants so that she looks good) She’s extremely lazy and entitled, too. The world revolves around her.

        • Very astute. FB, Twitter, blog are all platforms for Julie to rewrite the narrative to make herself look better. She hoped that Miss Advised would serve that purpose, too. Um, er, oops.

      • Given her disturbing penchant for lusting after teenaged boys, I think she’s obsessed with going to a REAL high school prom.

    • Hey, thanks for posting. I guess I get the point that passage is trying to make, which is that Donk could be using a (hate) relationship with this blog to help her to grow as a person, but she’s too ‘tarded to glean that. Besides that, the only other thing I get from that quote is a huge laugh and a swift punch in the taint from Marianne Williamson.

      And my Dear God. My halfwit half brain can’t wrap itself halfway around the truth that there might still seriously be girls/women out there who seek approval from a fucked up overgrown brat who wears a silicone mattress pad for a face. Now excuse me while I go hide behind my futon and wait for the Mayan calendar to expire.

  49. So can anyone point me in the direction of where I might find who Donkey accused of being behind this wonderful blog?

  50. OT: saw this on cuteoverload.com the other day. Thought you cat ladies might like it.


      • I’ve been posting photos of you (and us) on facebook even though we’ve only known each other for 2 days….

        But we’re really OMGSOINLOVE and I’ve never been more fulfilled in a relationship!

  51. [IMG]http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p549/PancakesMcCaine/73e3b666.png[/IMG]

    Didn’t OMGfamousreporterOMG Kristen set them up? I guess its possible she wasn’t FB friends with Devin before the infamous Donkey set up. Or Julia made it up this back story completely.

  52. Check out this quote from Isla Fisher discussing her new movie Bachelorette:

    “There’s a Peter Pan generation of women who haven’t had to grow up, who feel like the world owes them something,” Fisher says. “They’re rich and white and spoiled, and they expect everything while doing nothing. They’re the end of civilization, these women.”

    • So basically, young women are acting like men have acted since the beginning of time. I loved the trailer for thus movie, it looks fucked up and hilarious.

    • Remind me why Isla Fisher wasn’t named Romney’s new VP selection because that bitch just wrapped it up like nobody’s business. Served and schooled with a side of Borat hubby.

  53. Well, dear readers, I converted him.

    My news is not nearly as exciting as One Fat Melman’s, but I have exciting news too!! My male best friend and I used to bicker over a Donkey. He didn’t understand why I loathed her so. I started to even suspect that he would ever the Donkey. Eww. Well after a year of indoctrinating him, he initiated HIS OWN DONKEY SNARK today, via text. Apropos of nothing – we were making fun of tony Robbins, I think. And he went after A Donk in a way that made me laugh and laugh.

    One more former fan becomes an obese cat person in a basement eating cheetos.

    An angel got her wings today.

      • Did you read the birth story of Sunny Rae? Kayla’s water broke while they were at some Rainbow Gathering event 6 miles into some national forest, with no car, 1.5 hrs from a hospital. Kayla had received no prenatal care and Sunny was born a month or so early, weighing ~4 lbs. Kayla and Checkers were homeless for nearly the first yr of their kid’s life.

        Also, did you know Kayla has a sister (named Krystal, I think?) who had “surprise twins” that were born extremely tiny. She named them Kyle Fly and Miles Trust. One died; I forget which one.

        These people act like it’s no big deal to not receive prenatal care, to hitchike around the wilderness while pregnant, and eat or smoke whatever they want. Sunny Rae was taken from Kayla & Checkers for a while by child services… K&C acted like this was an injustice but just went on living in the woods and getting high. Now excuse me, I have to go vom in the shower.

  54. Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
    It just occurred to me that there are people in this world who I have had SEX with who refuse to friend me on Facebook. That’s just wrong.

  55. Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
    It just occurred to me that there are people in this world who I have had SEX with who refuse to friend me on Facebook. That’s just wrong.
    7:03 PM – 11 Aug 12 via Echofon · Details

    11 people have retweeted this and 16 have favorited it. WTF.

    • she sounds like she’s 16 years old. I can’t believe that these feckless utterances are worthy of announcement to the world.

    • Cheezits crisp, Shannon is as bad as D0nkey. So the ever-loving fuck what if a male, BF or not, sees a female w/ grooming product on her face? Men aren’t mortified if & when women see them w/ shaving cream on their face.

      FYL, D0nkey, because you’re a braying asshat who won’t quit twirling in front of the internet as if it’s Dad$er watching you at your first dance recital.

      • 100% this. I think Julie was trying to make Devin jealous of OMGhotguy at the door (if he exists, probably not). The only way to tweet about another dude’s hotness was guising it as some oh, silly me! so self deprecating! situation. He follows her on Twitter. She knew he’d see it. So many attempts to make him jealous over the past few days, something is up.

        • If it was such a greg dam big deal to men that women not be seen w. stuff on their face, why didn’t the ever-attentive BF who’d already been there for six hours remind her before answering the door?

          Rhetorical question.

          THE REAL QUESTION: Did D0nkey Stop, Drop & Roll?


          • When she said a cute boy showed up at her door, it was probably just Yak Sudz’ boyfriend coming over to pick him up after a long night at Donk’s pad spent dyeing her back to brunette and retightening her extensions for her.

            Yes, Goat Soap is a late night “motivational hairdresser” in my mind now.

    • She’s using military speak now? Julia Allison: General Pride. I guess that makes me Private Gofuckyourself.

  56. Jesus….it just gets better. From her Twatter….

    “It just occurred to me that there are people in this world who I have had SEX with who refuse to friend me on Facebook. That’s just wrong.”

  57. Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
    I just hiked Runyon & halfway through I thought, “Would it really be so bad to secretly feed my conservative mom a pot brownie??” hehehe


    • WHAT? is D0nkey braying? Julia Allison Baugher is going to smuggle The Marijuana onto an commercial flight from Los Angeles to Chicago & feed The Marijuana brownies to Robyn Baugher? Oh well, Peter Baugher is a lawyer, he can probably keep his daughter Julia Allison Baugher from going to the big house on drug-trafficking charges, right?

      Dance, D0nkey, dance! ♪ ♫ tweet tweet twelete ♪ ♫

      • WHO THINKS ABOUT DOING THAT TO YOUR ELDERLY MOTHER?? like between mistreating her elderly dog, why must you involve your elderly mother??

        omg i just fucking cant with this. it’s not funny, it’s not quirky, it’s psychotic.

        • Donkey HAD to add the Just Hiked Runyun part so we can be like omgPERFECTgirl so cool likes pot brownies AND lives a healthy lifestyle.

          I bet Lilly didn’t go.

        • Sporty Spice is making me hate Runyon Canyon AND pot brownies. Another dead joke she’ll delete in an hour. Wonder if she ever slipped one of those slow cookers to granny…

        • Like everything else she does, this tweet undoubtedly has an ulterior motive. I’m guessing a wallet she’s chasing likes pot.

        • [img]http://a2.ec-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/149/00b90347372a445c842c9218f69a3209/l.jpg[/img][img]http://i.chzbgr.com/completestore/2010/8/3/de6db543-0aea-4484-908d-3798442ec2ce.jpg[/img]

        • Yeah man, the bohemian, free-loving, free-spirit, burning man, “artist” ultra liberal, daughter just wants mom to loosen up. Hey that’s cool, maybe momsers will FINALLY see the world as you do– just an awesome place to hang out, you know?And to just… be. You’ve always been this person. A natural beauty who dances like no one is watching.

          NOT a republican-rally-attending, over-painted, infamous gold digger.

          All this goes to her recent “he doesn’t know we’re getting a green juice yet!!! we said coffee lol ;)” thing the other day, as well.

          Aww, that’s your new girlfriend, sucker. Our Julia, flitting about just spreading green juice and weed brwnies and love and music and peace, man.

      • Probably angling for Mom$er to get the munchies & take the padlock off the 2nd fridge … that 7-gallon tub of chocolate fudge syrup isn’t going to eat itself!

        • Oh lulz.

          It is hot as fuck again today in LA. We’ve been having an insane heat wave all week. I thought today it was going to finally break. But nope. So I am sitting in the back bedroom, A/C on full blast, catching up on mah reading. Thanks to you cat ladies for making me lol.

    • I really want a pot brownie now! I just made a homemade version of butterscotch krimpets (shoutout to PA/NJ – I don’t know anywhere else you can get them?) and they are sadly sort of meh. Are there any desserts one can make with bath salts?

      • Mmmm, krimpets. I miss Tasty Kake so bad in Cali. They’re so not healthy in any way shape or form, but so tasty. Lulz. I remember reading an article about a lady who worked at the Tasty Kake factory as cake taster. She would have to taste each batch of goods all day, taking bites and spitting them out. She said she still enjoys eating Tasty Kakes on her off time, but she freezes the tandy kakes and eats them cold. That sounds so good right now.

        • Oh hell yeah. I grew up in PA and I sure do miss Tasty Kakes. I don’t understand why we can’t have them out here in CA. Not fair.

  58. OT, It is with great sadness and deep regret that I tell everyone that, for the first time ever, I just witnessed the infamous The Little Mermaid lip dub. I made it to the :43 sec mark, and you know how people with big brains (or hearts, I can’t remember which) say that nuclear radiation goes beyond killing the body and also scars the human soul? Well, I think that’s what just happened to me.

    I am not the same person anymore. Nor am I a sane person anymore. I could expound for days, but to boil the bunny down into a single tag line: Someone with NPD (that polka dotted bitch) just gave someone else (this dingbat bitch) PTSD in less than one flat minute. There’s no turning back, is there?

      • We all do stupid stuff, right? I mean, I personally have never memorized and nailed Madonna’s Truth or Dare “Holiday” routine while my drunk grandmother camcordered it in her Florida room for me to submit to the local tv news station-sponsored talent “Shining Stars of Tomorrow” contest (Ok, maybe once.) But this here is just.so.sad.to.watch when you take the much larger picture of downwardly mobile self-destruction, clear mental derangement, and odd physical metamorphesis into account up to present day. Crayball devolution.

  59. OT; pay me no mind.

    Heeerrrrrre kittykittykittykittykittykittykittykittykittykittykittykittykittykitty….
    Where’s Worrisome Pelts anyone seen Worrisome Pelts where’d she go?
    ::turns electric can opener on & starts juggling cans of Starkist::

  60. Donk should embrace the bray and wear this at Burning Man:[img]http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/IMG/jpg/Peau_d_Ane_11.jpg[/img]

  61. Looks like Donk is having a hard time stalking some of her exes.. 🙂


  62. So do we think Goat Soap is going to Burning Man with her? This is a guy who thinks Lily shouldn’t put her paws on an LA sidewalk because it’s too dirty? Seems to controlling or prissy to get into BM. Then again, so does Donks.

  63. A Look At The Dark Side Of Twitter Popularity: The Paid Follower Economy
    Let’s say twitter finally clamps down on this “gaming” of the platform that desperadoes like Miss Albertson resort to. Suddenly, her follower count declines and continues to radically drop until she’s entirely lost roughly 100,000 followers she has bought (so far) and lands back to where she started — actual even less assuming the original fake accounts are eliminated too.
    How will she dance her way out of such an incredible plummet in (fake) popularity and (fake) influence? Who gets thrown under the bus for this fraud?

  64. [img]http://i48.tinypic.com/2v199bs.jpg[/img]

    My camp?!! We’re putting on this… ?!!

    But of course she’s excited about this project!! They will make her a 3D print output of herself. Probably many many of these little miniature statues of herself, in many colors bright!!

    You go you advanced techno donkey, with all your mad techno and humanitarian skillz at your innovative techno camp!!

    Feeling particularly braygey this morning, time to step away.
    Have a good one out there today, bunnies!!! Stay safe!!

    • I was JUST about to post this, but you’ve said it perfectly. OF COURSE she’d be into this. “You and your fashionable friend strike a pose” then you’re gifted with a 3D model of yourself… hold on, have to go vomit in the shower…

    • Look at the credentials of the project team. Then look at Julie’s. Look at theirs. Look at hers again.

      Oh dear. Must be hard coming from a family of smart people. Always having to prove to the world ‘Damn it! I’m smart, too!’

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