Watch What Happens When Meghan McCain Throws Julia Allison Under A Bus on Live Television

On the eve of Julia Allison’s inevitably disastrous appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Meghan McCain took the opportunity during her guest appearance on the same show to comment on her family’s role as a ploy for sympathy on Miss Advised, starring closely monitored security threat Julia Allison.

Some background to make what follows all the more schadenfreude-tastic: Years ago, Julia Allison up and decided she wanted Meghan McCain as a strategic friend and started stalking her on Twitter. Inexplicably, the stalking worked enough to get Julia an invite to Meghan’s birthday party. At the party, Julia found an opportunity to ingratiate herself further with the McCain family by pussy hounding Meghan’s brother Jack. They went on a few dates, got pancakes, visited each other in their respective cities a couple of times. It was lovely.

Then one day, Julia Allison decided that she was going to move in with Jack. But instead of having a discussion with Jack about co-habitating, she kind of just went over for a visit and never left. Jack thought she was harmless enough and let her loaf about. But Jack was unaware of just how insane his live-in girlfriend is. Apparently, when you meet Sarah Palin enough times, you let your guard down, because how in the hell can anyone top that level of crazy? But poor Jack. How he underestimated our donkey. Long story short, Julia would ply Jack with alcohol to get him to pass out so she could go through his text and email to monitor his communications with other women with whom he had platonic relationships. She would even text or email these women to ward them off, pretending that she was Jack. When Jack discovered that his unemployed roommate was bat shit insane, he broke things off and asked Julia to leave. And she did. . . eventually, a week later under the supervision of Jack’s ice-queen mother Cindy McCain.

Since then, Julia has taken every opportunity to misrepresent her relationship with Jack McCain. She sent out a press release announcing their break-up and her vacancy of the “home they shared in Coronado,” saying that she sacrificed her one opportunity for true love to pursue her career as a person who uses Twitter. And recently on, Bravo’s Miss Advised, Julia claimed that her relationship with Jack was a storied love affair. She shamelessly lied that they discussed the possibility of marriage and goes on to say that she had to break off the relationship and sacrifice her one opportunity to find a husband to go on a reality show where she endlessly whines about not having a husband. No mention about being escorted to the airport because she refused to vacate his home, mind you. She also claims that she respects the McCain family’s privacy, so much so that she brings up the fact that she dated Jack McCain on national television at every opportunity. She even used her grossly misrepresented their relationship as a plot device meant to garner sympathy for herself.

Are we caught up to speed?

Well, this evening, while Meghan McCain was on Andy Cohen’s talk show to promote whatever the hell it is that she does, someone posed this question to her on Twitter:

Andy wanted to know about Meghan’s reaction to Julia discussing the McCain family on her reality show. The political progeny’s response was decidedly political. I’ll let Records Custodian explain:

It was a very telling moment – the way Meghan responded.

She pointedly said that her brother was really happy, that it was awkward (and she felt bad) that Jack and his fiancee were having to deal with having an “old relationship” rehashed, and that she (Meghan) was very discreet, and didn’t relate to Julia’s talking about it at all.

As noted above, she said (in response to Andy’s question about whether her family was supportive of the relationship, which was a very telling question on his part) “at the time, but since…..” and she kind of continued, but was cut off. She did say that she (Julia) “knows how I feel about it.”

Not once did she say “Julia Allison is a close friend” or “I set them up” or anything even remotely in support of Julia. Nothing. Her entire response was one of distance and disgust.

She also looked amazing, and she came across very well.

In other words, “You take care, you gold-digging, fame-whoring fucked face!” Ah, Meghan, your mother taught you how to throw shade well. Elegance is learned, my friends.

Meanwhile, Julia, who still claims to be super besties with Meghan, was unaware that she was being sold out in glorious fashion since she was on a flight to New York at the time. But when she touched down and got word, she unleashed a flurry desperate damage controlling tweets.

Pete Dodge ‏@Classic_Pete
@BravoAndy Please ask Meghan if she got to know @JuliaAllison when she dated Jack and if she is as whacky in life as she appears on tv #wwhl

58s Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
@Classic_Pete @BravoAndy – lol, Pete, Meghan and I have been friends for years & she’s the reason I dated Jack – she set me up with him!!

Oh, Julia, a “friend” wouldn’t have set you up to be humiliated like that. It was fascinating to watch the realization unfold that Meghan dissed her on the very program on which she is due to appear.

Alyssa McCann ‏@Alyssa_McCann
Apparently Meghan McCain doesn’t understand that your real life goes on a reality tv show @JuliaAllison #missadvised

9s Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
@Alyssa_McCann – do I even want to know what Megs said? Sigh.

KT ‏@KtSci
@BravoAndy she was trying to be PC???? She just dissed Bravo and my girl @juliaallison #willneverbuythatbook #somad #teamjulia

Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
@KtSci – oh no … I didn’t see that!! What did she say???

FancyflyDiva ‏@miaday25
@JuliaAllison how do you feel about what Meghan McCain said about you tonight on #WWHL to Andy Cohen??

2m Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
@miaday25 – oh shit I was on a plane and didn’t see. Crap what did she say???

That, my friends, is sheer panic setting in one tweet at a time. And it is wonderful. And then she unleashes the rage beast.

Amanda Youngblood ‏@alarmingAMANDA
@JuliaAllison Megan is on #WWHL ..Did you see it?

Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
@alarmingAMANDA – ahhhh no!!!! Boooo! I’m going to text her now!

I can only imagine that flurry of ignored angry text messages. But, need I remind you, Julia is the victim here.

Jess Kelley ‏@JessKelleyRadio
@McCainBlogette Don’t worry @JuliaAllison doesn’t talk about your family… #socatty

2m Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
@JessKelleyRadio – I don’t know what she said, but this already makes me sad. She’s the one who set me up with Jack! Oy.

All of this has since been tweleted, mind you, and replaced with the following official statement:

Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
For anyone who watched @BravoAndy’s #WWHL, @McCainBlogette is a good friend & her family wants to keep their privacy. That’s understandable!

You’d think she would have understood that when the cameras were rolling.

aleciabella ‏@aleciabella
@JuliaAllison @BravoAndy @McCainBlogette I think she thinks you’re crazy though. BTW they chose the public life by going into politics.

17s Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
@aleciabella – lol I am a bit crazy but not usually in a way that hurts people! I also ADORED her brother, just loved the shit out of him.

Oh, that’s right, Julia is harmless. That’s why we have been repeatedly been told by multiple people with close ties to the McCain family — ties so close that it would greatly embarrass Julia if word ever got out — that Jack has repeatedly said that he is “frightened” of Julia Allison. Yes, “frightened.”

Oh, Meghan McCain! You may be a talentless asshat, but today you have shown the world how to humiliate a famewhoring narcissist. And believe me, Julia is indeed humiliated, and there will be retribution.

On a related note: Julia’s Publicist is joining Twitter! And my first follow will be one @BravoAndy. And I have questions. So many, many questions!


  1. I wish everyone would tweet tons of questions for Amy and Emily so Donkey sits there being ignored and looking like a dunce as per usual.

    • Wouldn’t work. The first question to Amy and she’d respond “WHY ARE YOU OVERANALYZING ME?!?!?!” and storm off the set.

  2. OK, longtime reader here so don’t shoot, but it is like for real, for real that she read his e-mails and e-mailed his friends?
    At any rate, her batshit responses on twitter regarding her “friend” are insane. First, trust your “friend”. Second, take that shit offline, as in private.

      • That shit cray and I say this as someone who has read the emails of a beau…but that’s as far as it went…(not making excuses). Sigh.

        • Donkey used her internationally syndicated column to exonerate herself, because only people who have done something wrong need to make excuses. 😉

        • Yes, not only did we hear from people who were on the receiving end of the madness, but her syndicated column excusing/defending anyone who hacks into their significant other’s email was further proof. She is so stupidly transparent every time she does something psycho.

    • Remember that episode of Miss Advised, when Julia’s wrangler told her that she should have let him handle the Page Six-Pancakes situation, instead of making a fool of herself? Julia doesn’t .

        • She was clutching her iPhone and bellowing (with fake crying, but no tears) about Page Six wanting to know if she stalked Pancakes.

          • Oh right, yes, that part. When he was all: Why are you even talking to them? That’s what I’m supposed to be doing.

  3. Holy fuck, I’ve never *really* looked at that pic of Pancakes…. but that’s a lot of pancakes! Like a lot. And what’s with all the butter?! I can’t wait WWHL tomorrow.

    Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
    I’m wearing my late Grandmother’s nightgown for luck in the press tour tomorrow, but I still can’t fall asleep. Must be up in 3 hours. 🙁

    Also — gross.

    • Looks like the afterglow from her life-changing firewalk has already burnt out. Is it possible that Tony Robbin’ is full of shit?

      • It means she should order the books and dvds pronto and sign up for the next “life changing” event at a special discount!

    • So not only will she not have slept, but she will have been bawling her eyes out all night. She’s going to look awesome.

  4. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    Mega may have poked Donkey, but la Donks still gets the last word on WWHL. Can’t wait to see the spin in action.

  5. OMG, complete mental breakdown playing out on Twitter, before our very eyes. So sorry I missed this.

    “Loved the shit out of him” — God I hate when she says that. It’s so crass and course and vulgar and gross. That’s how you express your love for someone? Ewww. Right up there with granny’s nightgown.

  6. p.s. This post was so beautiful in every way that I had to read it three times. Loving my lover this morning.

    • YES! I am smitten as well. I will be “following the shit out of him” on twitter.

  7. p.p.s. JP, I cannot BELIEVE you made this post political by dissing Sarah Palin! I AM OUT OF HERE.

  8. Marvellous post JP, wish I could see that WWHL episode. Although I believe Julia would have absolutely freaked out, she is so used to obfuscating and rewriting history that I’m sure she’s comfortably settled on a story by now to explain it all away.

  9. Also, I love how she throws up red herrings when she gets called out for being psycho.


    So fucking what? Even if true — and by “set up,” I am sure she means “introduced me to him at her birthday party” — does that mean Meghan is then not allowed to take issue with how Donkey conducted herself during and after the relationship? Because she “set them up,” she should be constantly Team Julia instead of being protective of her own brother? How does that make any sense, and why is it relevant to Donkey airing private shit about the McCain family on national television months later?

    JP, if you Tweet Andy tonight, ask him to ask her why it’s relevant that Meghan set them up. What does that have to do with how Julia behaved after the initial set-up?


    • why is it relevant to Donkey airing private shit about the McCain family on national television months later?

      Months later? Isn’t it more like a year later?

    • Didn’t she claim something similar with Greasy? OMGBears set us up! And then Bears was all, well, they were in the same room together and I might have mentioned his name. (I exaggerate but something like that?)


    • i think her demented mind hits a pause regarding relationships at the last moment a person liked her. anything “downhill” after that won’t register. see: “still friends with all my ex’s”.

    • Meghan actually did set them up and tweeted to that effect after Jules asked her to clarify to her haterz. Something like “Just to be clear, I set them up and I think they are an ADORABLE couple!”

      Also, whatever became of that weird video site with TP and JA that you had to pay $$ to get dating advice from?

  10. I don’t think what Meghan said was that revelatory or bad honestly. It’s the response that makes her batshit insane.

    Also she can go out the classy way and say “Okay, if it bothers Jack I won’t discuss it anymore.” Say it on twitter and then IGNORE PEOPLE. LOL like that’ll happen.

    Also I still hate Megatits.

  11. I love that she thinks she’s crazy but usually not in a way that hurts people. Honey, you are never not hurting people.

      • Those hooves were made for walkin’!

        She keeps brayin’ where she shouldn’t be brayin’ …
        and she keeps thinkin’ that she´ll never get burnt …

        Ha! MegaTits just found a brand new box of matches yeah
        and what she know D0nkey ain’t pushed the button to learn.

  12. Will she be called on #WWHL for: “5978 people got firewalking RIGHT!!” “Rachel Zoe makes herself look like a literal retard on her Bravo show!” “I hope I have a gay son so he can wear my tutus!” “Tucker Max paid 1700 to rape me, not 1600, fools!”

    Some moron appeared this morning on F & F (surprise!) and stated, like Donk, she didn’t get burned as she followed OMG Tony Slobbins rules, which were walk naturally, chant some mantra and harness their power within.

    Get off my teevees.

  13. just watching it now: ugh megatits is the worst, those two were really a match made in heaven – and yes, you could definitely tell she’s is no longer a fan of the donkey, but she got cut off at the end of her answer!

    the beginning was great though:
    “you know my brother just recently got engaged, and he’s very happy, and I sort of feel bad that he and his fiancé get to relive his old relationship on your network, no offense, and…um… I don’t know man, I don’t know, it’s not… I’m very discreet with my dating life so I can relate to exposing it like that”

    “did your family approve of their relationship?”

    “uh, at the time, but, um… since, obviously it’s quite embarrassing to have your family and you know your brother’s relationship exposed on television, and she knows this we’ve had a…” CAROLINE MANZO CUTS HER OFF WITH “Welcome to our world baby”

    and then it ends… stupid Caroline Manzo, but you could tell Tits is no longer a fan! She definitely didn’t say “you know, we’re friends, and I was so sad that they didn’t work out, but we’re so proud of her for moving on blah blah blah” or anything like that. She was definitely WAY OVER the donks. LOVE that she threw in that Jack’s now engaged.

  14. wow…just as i was getting bored with la Donque, some batshit crazy stuff happens! yay!

  15. Just wondering, is there a way to watch this show after the taping? I live in another country and don’t have access to Bravo (that I know of!) and would love to see tonight’s episode.

  16. I would love to hear Megatits’ opinion on that claim that “she’s the one who set me up with Jack “.

    Maybe Megatits was in the same room as Donks’ when she met Jack, but that is like a million miles away from being set up.

    • I think the best part is that Meghan hasn’t responded to or acknowledged Donk at all on Twitter.

  17. i always found it funny the way that her anger is busting at the seams but she tries to say things like “oh crap!” or “lol!” knowing full well she has probably screamed at every person in some kind of service related job from the time she got off the plane to the time she went to bed.

    anyway, i thought meghan actually sounded pretty decent about what she said if only because she finally mentioned an alternative point of view about the situation, her brother’s, that finally frames julia’s behavior as abnormal given he has a fiance and has moved on with life.

  18. JP what is your JP twitter handle? i just searched for juliaspublicist on twitter and got NADA (that’s ZILCH).

  19. Is it sad that I feel a little like a kid on Christmas morning? Waiting to unwrap the crazy all day long.

  20. It wasn’t so bad. She tries so hard to be quirky and it’s unfortunate but she looks so strange. The other two look normal.

  21. You know when put on an old coat or pants you haven’t worn in a while and stick your hand in the pocket and find a twenty dollar bill?

    Yeah, this post is like that for me.

  22. I’m salivating.

    Andy Cohen ‏@BravoAndy
    Hands off my tiaras! “@JuliaAllison: We just filmed in @BravoAndy’s office. Spoiler: tiaras were involved. Cc @BravoTv #MissAdvised”

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