Photoshop Poll Winner!


Cuntbunnies here! The photoshop contest poll has ended, and I didn’t write this follow-up post for DAYS because I am so sorry and so fat. I would like to blame it on outside influences, like my hectic desk errand and bill paying schedule, or the snow drifts piling up outside my basement, but let’s go with “I was exploring the lazy Donkey side of my personality” and move on.

We received seven entries, and 322 votes later, the catladies have spoken! Congratulations to Kash Money for the entry “Bray Gardens” which won with 100 votes! Falling just two votes short was mcakez, with 98 votes; and in third place with 47 votes was “JabberDonkey” by Donkey of Perdition.

Kash Money wins a personal CUNTBunnies! photoshop job done to order. KM, I’ll be emailing you to get the deets. Thank you to all who entered, and thanks to all who voted.
[Ed. note: Thanks to Cuntbunnies! for hosting, and we hope to have more photoshop contests in the future!]


  1. This is the greatest thing to happen to me this week…so BLESSED. Thanks to Jenny who introduced me to this site!

  2. Congratulations! One day I’ll win that picture and with it my dream of having a picture of a dinkey eating pancakes eating pancakes eating pancakes.

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