1. Welp, at least this bunny boiler didn’t spend her last couple years quite as unproductively as Julia.

  2. This is…. kinda disgusting and not cool. Even we shouldn’t compare her to this. The story is about someone who is pure evil.

  3. For real: People need to know that sociopaths like this exist, and that they can even charm their way out of prison after murdering someone.

    That said, the murderer in question actually ran the breast cancer race, rather than just getting the shoes, bailing on the Race for the Cure and wishing hard that she could steal the pink tents.

    • You do have a point here. The murdering scum, stabbing, piece of shit followed through and ran the charity race. That’s more than JAB did.

      I wonder when she reads this (and she does read here) if she’ll think about that. A lousy murdering piece of filth follows through on a charity obligation better than she does.. This says something about her character I think.


    Shit… I’m scared, somebody hold me!

    • Also: (Ratty) sausage curls! Skirt pull! British! Looks 45! Freshwater pearls (or other matronly necklace choice)!

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