Meghannaise Is Now More Successful Than A Donkey


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First it was the leather scarves. Now this! She’s doing things that don’t involve completely humiliating herself! And it seems someone’s editing her, so there are no “is if the Internet is female” moments.

How odd that Donk has not mentioned a word.



    • While the photo is stunning, it reminds me of all the instances when they tried to make Beyonce whiter.

      • Oh I could not agree more @juliaspublicist. In fact, that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the image, which annoyed me enough to de-lurk.

        Since the skin on Meghan’s shoulders, arms, and most tellingly hands, are magically *not* corpse-white, and within roughly the same depth of field. It’s likely that the blown-out face and chest were the result of some white-washing in post. It makes her look like Jacko’s ghost. Or as if her makeup artist failed in selecting her foundation. This whitening is so unnecessary for such a beautiful, if grammar-challenged, young woman. [insert rant about cultural beauty standards here].

        Congrats to her anyway. Meghannaise is “tiny” and “cute” and gets to wear high-end fashion with high-end exposure which she can leverage to sell more leather scarf yokes and donkey gets to be used to elicit hee-haws at her expense on morning chat programs.

      • I no haz idea what this girl’s natural shade is, but there are some naturally PALE Indians out there.

  1. Kudos to Meghan! But in reading her blog entry, you know someone wrote or rewrote it for her. Still, though, she’s actually accomplishing things, which is more than Donkey has ever done.

    And she looks incredible, too. More proof that leaving Donkey is good for one’s overall health and wellbeing.

    • Mary looked better when she dumped the Donkey, too. Lasagna would be well advised to do the same before it’s too late.

  2. I am not going to give Meghannaise, the most privileged out of the entire NonSociety Group, any credit for doing stupid crap like starting a leather scarf company with Daddy’s endless income stream.

    Rich girl getting linked with Barney’s? Big surprise.

    • Compared to Donkey’s recent endeavors, they’re as successful as the sum of everything Bill Gates and Carlos Slim have ever attempted.

    • I always found it weird she made leather scarves and called the line Mata Hari. Mata Hari, the wicked awesome stripper/spy, named herself that a Hindu goddess, Parvati, or whatever. And I’m preeeety sure Hindus revere cows. They don’t kill them. They don’t even poke ’em with sticks to get to move it along. They sure as hell don’t eat them, and they definitely don’t kill them, skin them, tan their hides and sell ’em in boutiques to skinny girls as scarves.

      Weird. It’s like Mata Hari is the only Indian name Meg and her partners ever heard of. I guess she was trying to evoke Mata Hari’s mysterious, sexiness or something. But, um, Mata Hari was a double agent who was executed for spying FOR the Germans (read: the bad guys) in WWI. (That’s why I didn’t name my all-american hot dog company Benedict Arnold like I wanted. Thanks a lot lawyers.).
      And she chose a Hindu name for a leather scarf company. A little dissonance, there, Moneyshot.

      What’s next? Video games aimed at the Amish? Josef Goebbels Bagels?

      • Contact my gmail address. I’d like to discuss merging our hot dog empires. Mine is called Kosher Sausages, and yesterday we hired Julia as our company hand model. (Note: Kosher is the name of the company. Our hot dogs are pork-based and are not at all kosher.)

        • I don’t want fight about Hindu gods and goddessses…
          The Hindu goddess knowns as Parvati is also known as Durga, sources tell me.

          But! There are no less than 1,000 names for this crazy kid, as cited in hindu prayers (check out Kurma Parana, homeslice!)

          Or you could just check out wikipedia.

          • Yes, you should just check out Wikipedia. Perhaps the entry for Mata Hari, where it clearly says that the name is from the Malay for “sunrise”.

            “Mata Hari” is not a name of Parvati. I don’t want to “fight” about it; you’re just wrong.

          • I see why you’re confused, though, because “Matha” (which I suppose could be transliterated as “Mata”) is a name of Parvati.

            That isn’t where Zelle got it—“matahari” means “dawn” in Malay and Bahasa Indonesia—but I see the source of the confusion now.

            In any case, I would really doubt that any Indian person would think of “Mata Hari” as related to “Matha” even if she was familiar with that name (I don’t know what Meghan’s religious background, if any, is).

          • Mata Hari is not related to Parvati/Durga at all. In fact, there are no Hindu goddesses named Mata Hari. Source: Mom is a Hindu (from Calcutta!!! Ha ha ha) and I was raised Hindu.

          • Sweet Lurker. Maybe your mom could give us all 1,000 names of the deity.
            Because that’s the point here. The point here is the root of the name mata hari. Whether it relates to a hindu goddess or not.

            The point isn’t that Indian patriot meghan named her leather scarf company after a disgraced stripper with an “indian” name, and that many indians revere cows.

            Oh, wait, Lurker and Albie. Did I read that wrong on wikipedia? Has the hindu position on cows changed? Please call your mom and double-check that – then quickly post it here!

          • Mata/Matha is just another word for “mother” in Hindi/Bengali. Hence Durga/Parvati is also called Mata or Maa. Cows are sacred as ever to Hindus. My Mom actually refused to attend my wedding when my in-laws wanted to serve steak. My Dad is not Hindu or Indian but he gave up eating meat long ago when my he and my Mom were dating.
            However, most kids of mixed race that I have met, are totally clueless about their Indian heritage and so I assume that this Megan just doesnt know what she is talking about. I actually went back to Calcutta for my high school and undergrad and studied the Indian culture up close. So yes, I myself can name at least 50 (although not all the 108) names of Goddess Durga.

        • I mean, Mata Hari the dancer and spy was shittily appropriative of Indonesian, specifically Javanese, culture, so I agree it is an odd choice, but it’s got nothing to do with Hinduism.

          • “In Javanese (Indonesian), “Mata Hari” means “Eye of Dawn,” or early sunrise. “Mata Hari” is also one of the many names of Parvati, a Hindu goddess and consort of Shiva, the god of creation, destruction, and dance. ..”

            From readordiewiki, citing numerous sources, including:
            Erika Ostrovsky, Eye of Dawn: the Rise and Fall of Mata Hari (New York: Macmillan, 1978)

            Mata Hari: Sa Veritable Histoire (Paris: Plon, 2003);

          • If “Mata Hari” is indeed a name used for Parvati in Indonesia (I think those people are all just repeating the same wrong information, but my knowledge of Hinduism in Indonesia is pretty scant, so perhaps they’re correct and you’re correct) I don’t know why you think that Meghan should know that.

            It is not a name used for Parvati in India.

          • No, my point was that it was funny. Like funny ha-ha, that Meghan, a proud Indian American would shoose 1. The name of a famous “Indian” (let’s not get started on where Maggy was actually born) traitor for her company. and 2. she would choose leather scarves as her product. Which is fundamentally offensive to many indian hindus.
            That mata hari is – ok, let’s say may – be one of the 1,000 names of a hindu goddess was just icing on the cake. I wouldn’t expect her to know that. Although come to think of it I think I would do a five minute wikiepdia search on the name i was choosing for my company. You know, so I don’t end up the proud CEO of the Little Man and Fat Boy Noodle Shop in little tokyo.

            Probably fair to say neither you nor I are Hindu scholars. But thanks for niggling.

          • I think we can agree that her appropriating culture from brown people is shitty. Only white people should be allowed to do that.

  3. Girl is gorgeous, no doubt about it.

    She would do well to further distance herself from Donkey by dropping out of NS, but I suppose she might need want to hold onto that due to $$ invested in it? NOT WORTH IT! Cut your losses altogether before Bravo viewers descend on NS.

  4. Just posted this on the last thread –

    Did anyone just see her tweets about allergies???

    This makes me so mad. I never post here (just read the hilarity) but this is ridiculous. From what I understand (from my own experience), if you’re severely allergic to something, YOU KNOW IT!!! You would be having some terrible reaction / going to the hosptal. You don’t wait to get tested and find out you’re severely allergic to it. All they can tell you is whether or not you have a reaction to something, not how severe it is. And the tests aren’t even very accurate. At least that’s been my understanding.

    What an idiot.

    • I saw that and it made me ragey. My catfriend learned about his nut allergy when he went to the emergency room several times as a child with bad reactions. If he is accidentally exposed to the allergen, he knows within seconds and we have to MOVE – and he’s one of the luckier ones who has an inflammatory rather than an anaphylactic response. It’s only happened once since I’ve been with him but it’s scary as fuck.

      If she were really “severely” allergic to milk OR eggs, she wouldn’t be able to hoover cupcakes and chocolate in such large quantities with no ill effects. I think she’s positioning herself to have a “woe is me, learning to live with adversity” character arc on the show.

      • Haha if Julia wants to show herself dealing with adversity, she could just mention that she’s a 30 year old woman with no job skills or former employers willing to write her recommendation letters.

      • Exactly! Thank you. I (thankfully) don’t have an anaphylactic response either, but I’m allergic to a lot of things and get the most extreme itchiness / burning sensation /redness all over my body and I have to down tons of allergy medicine immediately to avoid going to get a shot. And I definitely don’t count this as severe. But of course, Donk’s allergies are ‘severe.

    • (so that no one has to go hunting for the tweet)

      JuliaAllison: Just got the test results back from my doctor. I want to cry. I’m severely allergic to milk, eggs & wheat (obviously, that’s my celiac).

      Which doctor in her nationwide team of medical professionals tested her, what city did she get the testing done in, & when?

      All those times that Donkey has gone on & on about mac & cheese? Pasta made w/ wheat & egg baked w/ milk & cheese made w/ milk, yet nary a word about unfortunate reactions to it; nope, nothing more heard about it until she’s braying yet again about MOAR MAC & CHEESE … ?

      Methinks La Donke has been sniffing around GOMI & got turned onto GFG.

      • Oh I am SO SURE. Why such a liar ALL THE TIME??? Severe allergy means you have allergic reactions to eating that shit which she’s done one million times. And is this some doc in nyc? I went to my doc with a stomach complaint and he told me to stop eating dairy for a while. Which I did. no drama. Seems I’ve become intolerant but it doesn’t kill me to eat a piece of cheese, it just doesn’t make me feel great.

      • OH my sweet lord. She talks about it like she just got diagnosed with cancer or something.

        And yeah I don’t get how she wasn’t shitting her pants off if she were allergic to this stuff.

  5. From the first link: “I air on the side of classic over trendy. ”

    That’s our Megs. Is if the air is female?

  6. She’s gorgeous, but how is she going to do this—

    “I love mentoring young women in business, life and in their careers.”

    —without handing out rich daddies and good looks to all the girls? Couldn’t hack finance, her schmatte biz doesn’t seem to be gangbusters, so she goes back to modeling? She can mentor me until she goes into a sugar coma from all the desserts I’m certain she eats (snort), and modeling just isn’t a fallback option for me.

    • It’s not that she “couldn’t hack” finance. It’s that the guy who ran that hedge fund was indicted and then (recently) convicted and sentenced to the longest prison term ever for securities fraud. And she only got that job because her father is friends with the now-convicted hedge funder. Megtard was indirectly involved in history-making.

        • A grand jury was convening in 2008 when she left. But you are right, he wasn’t indicted until 2009.

          But yeah, she was clearly too dumb to really be working for a hedge fund with a very questionable background and complete lack of understanding about finance. The point was, it’s not like she was working for D.E. Shaw, she was working at a fund that depended on insider info.


          FBI had been onto Raj for a long time before the indictment. They were interviewing employees, they had several phone taps going, etc. This was well known, even publicized. Megtard’s dad, who is a personal friend of Raj, probably told her to get out of there ASAP. They all knew this was coming. They probably thought he’d get a slap on the wrist (fine, ban from the securities industry) as opposed to what likely amounts to the rest of his life in Fed prison.

          • You were partly correct–she did leave Galleon a year before he was formally indicted. However, that’s only because it took several years of interviewing people, auditing their books, etc. And Megtard’s dad got the tip-off, almost certainly, from Raj.

    • It’s really unfair to associate Meghan with that financial scandal. It’s like blaming the mail room clerk for the Bernie Madoff scandal.

      • I would wait until we hear from Albie Quirky on that. He seems to have some inside info vis-a-vis our girl Meghan. And he HATES inaccuracies!
        Maybe she was in on it. Maybe not.
        We won’t know until ALbie Quirky weighs in, though.

  7. I just saw her yesterday on w.3rd. She is pretty in person but yeah rich girl who found out she won the bloomies contest while at Paris couture!…big deal.

    • She’s also a former model, so it’s not exactly like she was some gorgeous, lucky nobody plucked off the streets to star in a marketing campaign. Arriba!

      • I’m also a former model. I did Sear catalogues until I was 9. I also have my own website so I’m a tech-startup-founder-serial-entrepreneur.

      • Isn’t she shorter than Donkey? The article makes it sound like it was a modeling emergency since the agency*immediately* sent her to Paris.

    • Yeah, seriously Talentless Rich Kid Masha Gets Break, Talentless Rich Jordumb Gets Break, Talentless Rich Donkey Gets Another Break.

      Welcome to the new world order. Let’s celebrate.

      Someone wake me up when something changes.

      • As opposed to Donkey who has had so many breaks and opportunities made for her, but fucks up every. single. one.

  8. This has got to be ruining Donk’s day. Her bunnies are surpassing her accomplishments after parting ways. I wonder if Donk was holding these poor girls back? It might not yet be too late, Lasagna. Run, Lasagna, RUN!

  9. She just posted this:

    Nov 01, 11 4:16pm
    Well … I figured out what was wrong. Everything, apparently.

    Remember how I’ve been struggling with skin/acne and digestive issues for the past few months (well, really, my entire life)?

    I knew it wasn’t topical – not a skin cream I was using or not using, not having the proper face wash or anything like that. From what I knew about how our bodies process toxins, I could tell it was an issue with my hormones, or an allergic reaction, or … something internal. SOMETHING was not right with my health.

    So I went to Dr. Pastore on the recommendation of my friend Julia Price. She had been struggling with severe dairy allergies for years, and no doctor had diagnosed it properly.

    Dr. Pastore had me undergo a battery of tests: blood, urine, saliva, as well as integrating the analysis from my gastro-intestinal specialist, who had done the intestinal biopsy to determine my celiac in the summer of 2010.

    I knew something was wrong … what I didn’t know was MANY things were wrong.

    Today, I’m sharing with you the write-up from Dr. Pastore that I just received a few hours ago, in the hopes that it may spur you to find out what’s going on with your own bodies. I have a lot of work to do to get myself healthy again, and I’m scared and frustrated, and more than a little sad (many foods I LOVE I cannot eat anymore).

    I had just gotten used to never eating gluten (I’ve been completely compliant for almost two months now). Now I have to get used to this. 🙁

    I need all the help I can get.


    Julia Allison Results

    Severe class 5 delayed reaction to egg, milk and wheat.
    Fatty acid analysis reveals elevated DHA levels and high EPA levels. While this sounds like it should be great, it is not when it comes to preventing acne. High levels of DHA and EPA in the blood are linked to an increase in acne.
    Fatty acid analysis also reveals high levels of linoleic acid (an omega 6 fatty acid) but it is not converting to the usable form GLA (gamma linolenic acid). This is typically caused by a zinc insufficiency, which is essential for the skin. The lab is recommending 30mg of zinc supplementation. This will be included in an Acne multi I’m recommending.
    Organic acid analysis reveals low vitamin B6. Such an insufficiency is linked to acne by increasing activity of the sebaceous glands. I am recommending 50mg of the biological form called P5P (pyridoxal-5-phosphate).
    Organic acid analysis reveals borderline high 8-hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine. You are one tenth of a point away from being flagged by the lab. This is a sign for an increased requirement for antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E.
    Organic acid analysis reveals borderline high homovanillate, a marker of dopamine turnover. Dopamine is a critical neurotransmitter required for mood, thought, memory and behavior. You are 1 point away from being flagged by the lab. Further a marker that measures stress neurotransmitters is quite elevated (5 tenths of a point away from being flagged by the lab) indicating that you are having a hard time converting a long lasting stress neurotransmitter (norepinephrine) into a short lasting stress neurotransmitter (epinephrine). This can cause an exaggerated stress response which may lead to acne. We need protein to manufacture these neurotransmitters normally. Please see your diet notes for more information.
    Organic acid analysis reveals borderline high sulfate. Sulfate is a marker of total hepatic phase II detoxification. Sulfate is an indicator of your liver’s efficiency in removing many drugs, steroid hormones, and toxic compounds. High sulfate indicates that this pathway is very active. Low sulfate indicates the fuel to run this pathway has been used up and the liver’s ability to remove toxic compounds is suppressed. Cysteine, taurine, and salts of sulfate are used to replenish sulfur pathways and restore and maintain the liver’s supply of sulfate. I highly recommend the acne multiple known as Akne-zyme by Enzymatic therapy (taken as directed in the action plan below) because it contains natural sulfur (along with other nutrients you are low in and that help with acne).
    Organic acid analysis reveals elevated D-arabinitol. D-Arabinitol is one of the most well researched markers for yeast overgrowth in the intestine. Many symptoms can result from yeast overgrowth, such as fatigue, sensitivity to carbohydrates or sugar, and “foggy-headedness.” Yeast overgrowth is absolutely linked to acne as well. A very low sugar diet is warranted along with targeted supplementation to normalize yeast levels (Kolorex Professional and Probiotics).
    Interestingly you had a good adrenal response with normal cortisol secretion throughout the day. The hormone DHEA which can cause acne is completely normal at 2.2 (range 2.2 to 4.6).
    Estrogen metabolites panel reveals a very low 2/16 hydroxy estrogen ratio. You are negative estrogen dominant. Your 2-OHE1 to 2-OMeE1 ratio is elevated. This is signifies poor catecholestrogen methylation.

    Action Plan
    1. Strictly avoid all egg, dairy and wheat products. Attached to this email will be information on each of these foods (gluten for wheat due to your celiac history) and a diet plan to move forward. Regarding the diet plan, I highly advice consuming animal protein sources other than fish due to the elevated DHA you have. Too much DHA equals acne. If we only obtain protein from fish you will only keep this DHA level elevated. Further, going vegan will only result in very poor health and poor skin health. I know this is tough, but it is my clinical opinion that your diet needs a major change. The following documents are attached. Egg Allergy, Dairy Allergy, Gluten List and Julia Allison Nutrition Plan. Please study these documents. Needless to say, all sugar (agave, table, honey, molasses, everything with sugar, dried fruit, soda, fruit juice, carrot juice, etc. must be avoided as it feeds yeast.
    2. Targeted supplementation – we need to solve these deficiencies quickly as many of them are effecting your skin. Do NOT take fish oil at this time. Vital Nutrients Borage Oil – 1 softgel once dailyEnzymatic therapy Akne-zyme – 2 capsules daily. Pure Encapsulations P-5-P (pyridoxyl-5-phosphate) – 50mg once daily. Kolorex – 1 softgel twice dailyDr. Ohhira’s Probiotic 12 Plus by Essential formulas – 2 softgels daily.Enzymatic Therapy Estrobalance – 1 tablet daily.
    All supplements should be taken with food EXCEPT for the probiotics. The best time is either first thing in the morning or before bed. The one I am recommending is hypoallergenic and does not require any refrigeration.
    Collectively, the supplements above solve the nutritional deficiencies and imbalances described in the summary of your test results.

  10. Surprise, surprise, Dr. Pastore is not an MD, and he has a full body glamour shot on his website. Great choice, Donkey!

      • I just love how her allergies have her so weak that she can’t hit the Learn Button — KEEP POSTING YOUR MEDICAL HISTORY cuz ins co’s love using that shit against you*.

        *Don’t believe me? Google for the case of the lady denied coverage for failing to list that acne medication she took that one time – she was deemed to have a pre-existing case of ACNE & therefore HIGH RISK.

    • his writeup is filled with jargon. “You are negative estrogen dominant. Your 2-OHE1 to 2-OMeE1 ratio is elevated. This is signifies poor catecholestrogen methylation.” is julia or any other lay person really supposed to understand that and change their diet based on this information? um, no.

  11. how fuck?! really? REALLY? I can’t believe she posts this stupid shit!!!! Bitch your face is fucked because you inject garbage into it. Ugh!!

    Excuse me I need to go to Whole Foods now and shove 6 chocolate bars into my catladyface.

    I hate her.

  12. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been fond of dear, dumb Meggie. However, I do think it’s pretty funny that in her NonEntity days Meghan would go on and on about how posing for pictures made her so uncomfortable and how she didn’t care about fashion at all because she was just a geek who only wanted to blog (about nothing because she didn’t like talking about herself and knew nothing about tech) all day.
    She grew out of that pretty quickly, no?

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