Oh Lasagna


A Fashion Week video I had never seen before. It is fascinating due to the presence of The Dog Walker sitting behind Donkey as she brayingly interviews her old pal (not) Shannon Elizabeth. Pretty funny. I wonder if Lasagna is thinking up her next bon mots when she gets drunk and comes into our comments to defend Princess Pelts. Or is imagining how she might do Jack McCain’s Lawyer’s voice differently next time. Tool. Bag.

(p.s. Beloved co-bloggers. I still cannot figure out how to embed Vimeos in here. Math is hard! Help!)

(FC Edit: LMGTFY! 🙂 No, in all seriousness, as you can see above, this particular video can’t be embedded. To embed, you just copy paste the URL in, no tags required! Love you Jacy! PS. Happy Halloween catladies!)


  1. All I can look at is the size of Lasagna’s boobs. Were they always that big or are they now just full of ragu and mozzarella?

  2. Two badly dressed has-beens (that never really were) with un-natural looking, greasy dark hair and too much make-up bray at each other for… well, way too long. I couldn’t finish it. No wonder they like each other (or did).

    So is that Lasagna back there? She ugly.

    • She used to be pretty good looking. The last 3 yrs have not been kind to her.

      Must be tough being CEO of the HobbyBlog.

      • Yeah, she’s not terrible or anything. But I can see her feeling like she’s hanging with the “popular girls” back in the day of TMI Weekly. Drop the dead weight already (I mean Donkey, not another looks-snark).

  3. “What was the very first thing you ever thought?….How do you think New York influences fashion?” Oh God.

    It was all worth it to see Julia’s OUTRAGE when she heard about the Alabama doggy-doo-doo statute. I wanted to hear more of Shannon Elizabeth’s 50 State Survey on out-of-date animal laws! Hopefully they can get that website back up.

  4. I remember one photo where Lasagna was in a bathing suit and looked good. Poor girl has just gotten a little frumpy in recent years. It happens..

    • She used to have a kick ass bod, esp her midsection. There’s a video of her in the Hamptons with Donk… mostly notable for Donkey’s braying, but where you can also see Lasagna’s pre-NS bod.

      • The video linked is several years old. I remember a few months ago it was posted to vimeo, but it was clearly from at least the preceding season. Lasagna still looks fine to me — in fact, I remember remarking that she looked rather cute in that video. More than I had expected from seeing the hideous shots JA posts of her, where Jules things she looks her best, everyone else be damned.

  5. I don’t know what’s worse, donkey’s hair or face. I can’t even sit through this video. They are both wanna-bes who never made it.

    • Shannon Elizabeth was in 13 Ghosts, which has been playing a lot on TV the last few days, thank you very much.

      Actually, I think SE seems nice. She has her own thing going on with her poker and whatnot. Good for her.

  6. Bringing me back to the epicness that was a Donkey crashing Shannon Elizabeth’s b-day party, braying and making everyone uncomfortable as she took photos so she could post them on her blergh and then sat there, not eating a thing. Probably didn’t want to have to chip in for the b-day girl.

    • I think only C-, or D actresses go to NY fashion week to be interviewed by
      Julia Allison.
      And, I’ve never heard that Shannon Eliz. speak before—–yikes!!!—-she
      honks and honks, and sounds annoying. 2 Fameballz surrounded by a sea of

    • I agree. It is fucking weird. And she randomly makes a lot of twitchy, vaguely psycho faces. Dear God. I have no doubt we are gazing upon Jack McCain’s Lawyer.

      • Henchwoman Lasagna is going to be Donkey’s worst enemy when she goes all psycho batshit insane on her (Lasagna on Donkey), & not just because she knows where all the bodies are buried.

        Watch Lasagna be the one who finally does Donkey in, once & for all.

        • Oh my god! You people are sick! You shouldn’t be cheering for someone to actually physically injure someone! What is WRONG with you? How dare you? I am starting to feel sorry for Julia…

          LOLZ. It’s Halloween, y’all! My costume is Lasagna this year!

          • You’re kidding, right? Nobody mentioned physical injury, much less is cheering on any such thing. I meant more of a ‘tell all’ undoing …

          • Damn, I must be good! You missed the disclaimer:
            LOLZ. It’s Halloween, y’all! My costume is Lasagna this year!

            OMG, why are you taking this cite so seriously? It’s worrisome. Where is your syndicated column?Yeah, thought so. Just because Julia has seen sights you’ll never see, and reached heights you’ll never reach. Looser.

        • You nailed it. Lasagna is going to be Cat Lady #1. Confidential to Lasagna: why make everyone wait? Spill it now, girlfriend. We’ll love you for it! 🙂

      • I confess: one too many sips and I eventually stopped counting! Now I will forgive myself. Until the next time. Wait, did that just sound like our donkey?

  7. I don’t really do the whole make up thing, so can someone explain to me why she always looks so shiny? Isn’t makeup supposed to prevent that?

    • Who, Julie or Lasagna? I think Lasagna’s shine is caused by the mozzarella grease, and Julie’s shine is Botox leakage.

        • Powder hides shine, but only for so long (sometimes, not very long at all). If you have stuff on your face that’s clogging your pores and not letting your skin “breathe” naturally, then the skin’s method of self-remedy is to panic and rebound by pumping out da oil. Like, wayyyyy more than it would otherwise. Your skin wants to be in control of regulating its own moisture levels. Putting shit all over your skin creates confusion and fucks that up.

          If Julie wants to use her “But I don’t wear that much face makeup AT ALL!” li[n]e, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t use tons of cleansing and “drying” products that are too harsh and make her skin all tingly or burning. This does the same thing re: fucking up the self-regulation of da oil levels. If you do this, your skin’s all like “I’m too dry! This is wrong! Must pump out more oil! Must heal myself!”

          It’s a tricky beast, but if you are kind and attentive, you can tame it.

          • That’s just … I dunno. My skin is dry & nothing has ever made it ‘pump’ oil. Nothing. Ever.

          • Different people have different skin types. Donk’s has always been a little oily and her response has been to cover it up with more crap (and I’m sure she doesn’t wash that shit off at night) and so her skin’s response is to try to heal itself/breathe from underneath all that stuff by producing more oil.

            Ironically, I used to break out all the time and use this really drying cream. I stopped, started eating really well, drinking lots of vegetable juices and using all natural products and voila, my skin is clearing up like you wouldn’t believe. Harsh chemicals and burying your face under loads of crap is not the answer!

          • Brayella, I should have clarified–was only talkin about people with oily skin to begin with. People with dry skin have a different thing going on.

  8. Not too many days ago someone on here said Lasagna was hot. Yeah, no. I won’t body snark because Lord knows I have the same big belly melding together with big boobs situation but what is wrong with her face? Her face is so big now that her eyes are just two dark beady slits staring at Donk longingly. Was she on the Buttjuice Cleanse too and this is the result of excessive bloat or is this Dr. Bobby’s work?

    • Holy cats! After looking at the shiny red dress pic above & being reminded of what Lasagna used to look like, are we sure this sad creature in the video is really Lasagna today? If so, she didn’t just go downhill in a few short years, she went down hill, over yonder & on the backside of beyond. ::shudder::

      • Well girlfriend has been stuck in Lawn Guyland for years now. Unemployed, surrounded by meatballs…whatcha gonna do.

      • It seems like she has just given up. She splits her time between living with her parents in Patchogue and spending time with her boyfriend, a literal guido named Joe who is in a shitty cover band. It does not appear she has found other employment since the TMI/NS times. It would be kind of sad, but then you gotta remember that she’s perhaps Julia’s biggest enabler.

        • She still says her job is representing Julie Albertson. Remember the last time, or the time before, when she came in to lecture us about how mean we were? She identified herself as the manager of a celebrity or whatever.

    • That’s no kissy face! That’s Lasagna about to go full tilt Norman Bates, pulling a knife on Mamma Julie once the camera stops rolling! The poor OMG! NBC Non-Stop cameraman had to pull the greasy, cheesy one off of Julia as she attempted to slice off those sausage curls and bake them in some manicotti.

      • JFA, what’s with the pile-on happening in the comments of the “regal” post? Are you ok? Your lack of reply had me worried maybe you had left us …

        • That mini-thread is pretty sad at this point. Don’t like another poster here? So what. Put on some big girl pants and move on with your life. Having true hate for JABa is sad, but having hate towards another poster? LOL, even sadder and more pathetic.

          I’ve always taken JFA statements to be hyperbole and, therefore, funny. Sounds like some of you guys are over-thinking things.

          • I don’t hate JFA. I do think she’s batshit fucking crazy, and makes RBD and its commenters look bad by association. She’s self-obsessed, bitter and unhinged. As with JA, I really hope JFA gets help. Maybe her parents are as negligent as Peter and Robin Baugher, maybe she’s as friendless as JA, but somebody at some point has to tell this woman how it is. She’s welcome to take it to heart or ignore it, but it needed to be said.

          • I have a feeling I know who one of those people are. Someone around these parts really likes to poke fun at me for being single/bitter/sad/a spinster. I’m over it.

          • OMG. You are such a sad freak. Just get the fuck over it. I ain’t leaving. You made your point, I’m sad. Good, can you shut the fuck up now? No one cares.

          • “She’s welcome to take it to heart or ignore it, but it needed to be said.”

            GOOD YOU SAID IT. I will take to heart a very weird manic obsessive anonymous commenter on a snark site, and get help forthwith. Now can we end this? Because I don’t give a fuck what you think of me, and it’s boring everyone.

          • Yes, we can tell from your multiple comments that you don’t care.

            Maybe don’t reveal so much about your turmoil and anguish if you don’t want it to be noticed, JFA. It’s very disturbing.

          • I know who you are sweetie. You are really transparent. “Casual observed or RBD/GOMI” my ass. For a casual observer you sure know tons about me, huh?

            I ain’t going anywhere, sorry!!!!!!

          • Because obviously I’m the one who is unhinged, yet you are making broad and ridiculous assertions about what my parents must be like.

            Keep going, it’s getting really good. What else do you know about me?

          • Oh you are back now too, hon? I’m guessing here, but did you just create a new identity to pile on here too? You people need some new hobbies.

          • JFA, I don’t stick my hand in the crazy. Do a Google search for the comments you’ve left here and on GOMI over the last few years. It’s like a soap opera when I drop in. Will JFA still be whining about being single? Will JFA still be bitching about her job? Will JFA still be railing against people who have love in their lives? Does the Pope shit in the woods?

          • Is this supposed to bother me? I am familiar with what I post. Please, bring something new to the table here.

          • Because this person has obviously googled my comments. Because this person is nuts. Because I’m pretty sure this person is a frequent commenter here who really should stick to her own advice and maybe find something better to do with some of her time.

          • But then she wouldn’t be able to take over every thread and dominate every conversation! I’ve had these kinda trollish stalkery haters before. They are just pissed anyone else gets paid any attention to. Carry on. She won’t stop either btw. Because she’s insane.

          • I’m always amazed by what details people remember and use against other posters. This person picked up on a *GOMI* thread–not even an RBD thread–where I made a joke about going to the “bone zone” with JFA. And didn’t realize it was a joke related to the Quirks… and then took it seriously and is bringing it up again. Something I said *one time* and not even on this forum.

          • I’ve never mentioned the “bone zone” and I’ve never Googled JFA’s comments. I thought she was unaware of how bitter and cunty they have been, but it looks like she knew all along. My bad!

            Quite funny that you’re pulling out the “You’re just jealous!!!!111” line now, JFA. You have more in common with JA than I suspected.

          • I’ve been really almost hoping you have something better to say so I don’t feel so sorry for how sad you are, but you keep failing. OH NOES NOW I AM BEING COMPARED TO JA!!!!!!!! Fuck…at least tell me am I right in my suspicions that you are a well know commenter here? At least have the balls to call me out under your real name, sweet cheeks.

          • I might be paranoid/self-involved (mostly I just don’t know who, if anyone, has had any tiffs with JFA), but I’m wondering if JFA suspects I am the anon.

            I assure you I am not. We had our little catfight a few weeks ago, and went right back to snarking on the person we came here to snark. Additionally, I’ve never had any qualms with using my own moniker to state my opinions.

          • Hrmf. Whatever. I just saw it. Whoever is in there sure does pay very close attention to me for someone who obviously can’t stand me. I’m not engaging anymore. I’m sick I need help I’m not a real lawyer boys don’t like me bla bla bla. Next.

          • FWIW, I’m the one they’re saying isn’t a real lawyer. LOL! To be honest, at times, I wish they were correct. I wish I could say, “you got me guys! I’m really a cellist in the Vienna Philharmonic!” But, sadly, I am a lawyer 🙁

          • I’m not even gonna touch that one. I wish I were not a lawyer most of the time, but sadly I am.

          • Correct, AFF: I don’t doubt that JFA is a lawyer. Her hundreds of comments complaining about her job, and bragging about how she worked her way through an OMG Ivy to get a law degree, make it clear that she really is a miserable lawyer.

          • BURNNNNN. Using shit against me I’ve already complained about 10,000 times. My my, you do pay very close attention to me, don’t you?

          • So we can agree that JFA is a lawyer, while I am a basement dwelling neckbearded unemployed loser. Just wanted to make sure everyone is on the same page.

          • JFA, that’s the point: You’ve complained about all this stuff 10,000 times. Either do something about your misery or keep bitching and be prepared for people to tell you it’s tiresome, disturbing and pathetic. Like I said, you have the same choice JA does: Don’t put it out there if you don’t want it to be know and commented upon.

          • You’ve commented on it. Like 20 times already. Are you done yet? Just wondering. Can we move on now? Or do you want to make another laundry list of weird things you know about me because you obviously have nothing fucking better to do than pay attention to the bullshit I post on a haterade website?

            Get a grip girlfriend.

          • I only de-lurked to cry “UNCLE!” If you’re done bitching, great. If not, at least now the seed has been planted that perhaps you should take action to make your life better. Either way, it’s out of my hands. Good luck with … well, everything.

          • Yeah okay casual observer who knows everything about me. SURE THANG. I will get help! Thanks for helping me see the light, batshit insane “casual observer” of RBD GOMI who I am pretty sure is a regular commenter here! BUH BYE!!!!!

          • creepy. fuck off, stalker(s).

            “oh noes, there are people who I don’t agree with on RBD and it’s threatening me. i know what i’ll do–i’ll follow them around the intertubes and stage an intervention!!! derrp derrrp.”

            seriously, get help.

          • Oh! And now it’s “question!” Another convenient recent commenter! Man, you know what would make me feel better about commenting on a hate site too many hours a day? Doing so just to pile on other commenters in a weird obsessive way that literally NO ONE ELSE CARES ABOUT OR WANTS TO READ.

            You guys are giving me new insight into the way normal, healthy people behave. So thanks.

          • “paranoid” would imply that I care. trust me, i don’t. i was just commenting on how pathetisad this little infighting has become.

          • AFF- Wasn’t talking to you. Though I see you’re dying for someone to reply to you. I’ll throw you a bone for now.

          • LULZ! This is some funny shit. JFA doesn’t care, and she’s gonna prove it if it takes 100 comments or more!

          • Is it bothering me? No. Am I the kinda person who cannot let it go/wants to defend myself/is kinda having fun with it? Yes.

            Jesus people, you’ve said your peace (piece?). I get it. I am bitter, angry, hateful, sad, a spinster, sad, pathetic, and need help. I dont’ fucking see what you are accomplishing through this. It’s nowhere near as fun as poking fun at JA. That much I know.

          • You’re doing a lot of projecting, JFA. ASoSA never called you a spinster or identified your lack of a relationship as something that’s wrong with you. Rather, your constant bitching and crying about this is what ASoSA pinpointed as annoying and — yes — disturbing. Do something about it or STFU. As your handle indicates, NO ONE CARES.

          • Dude I am WAY TOO FUCING LAZY to go back to the allusions to my dating life. They were made, and they’ve been made before. If you don’t fucking care, shut up about it.

            This is boring even me now, and I’m done with it, because it’s lame.

    • Julia’s face is such a mess here. SO PUFFY. Noticed more in contrast to beautiful Shannon Elizabeth.

      What the fuck, indeed.

  9. OT, but tied for best costumes tonight… one little boy was wearing shorts, a hat, a khaki shirt, and a snake around his neck… I said, “Are you Indiana Jones?” he said, “No, I’m a herpetologist.” brah and I were like, “Whhhaaa?!?!?!?!” Kid said, “It isn’t a REAL costume.” We argued, “No, it totally is!” he said, “I mean it wasn’t BOUGHT at a STORE.” It was really awesome.

    Also, this one girl showed up in a dress and a wig, and I said, “What are you?” She said: “I’m RuPaul.” Apparently, we found out, RuPaul is her idol. She got extra candy.

    • we got home so late that we only managed to give candy to two groups. sads. now (fortunately or unfortunately) we have a ton of mini snickers bars.
      we have a cool pumpkin though. it has a cat face!

      • We were warned that 50-100 ‘groups’ come through this neighborhood usually, so we bought extra candy, then brah went to the store to be safe. We got like 20 groups. Maybe. I have soooooo much candy left over, and that is after handing out four to six candies to each kid that came by. Thankfully I can ‘sell’ them in my classroom (I give out blue raffle tickets for participation [answering questions, volunteering to read, being nice to classmates, helping out, asking questions], and five tickets buys a fun-size candy, ten buys a bathroom pass or extra credit pass.) If anyone wants to donate left over candy to the “Encourage the ghetto children” fund, let me know! I have leftovers as of tonight, but I buy all these motivational tools out of pocket and my bribery drawer is getting low.

        • oh, you’re such a clever catlady to make up this story to solicit extra candy. admit it, you’re just eating those noms in your mom’s basement. (j/k!)
          i will try to bring you a bag o’ snickers if we have a meetup.

    • Even though I live in an apartment complex with lots of kids I get no trick or treaters, ever.
      I did work the door at the bar down the street from my house tonight and saw a very good Thing 1 (alone, without his Thing 2, though); a tart and vicar (they weren’t English which kind of made me wonder why they choose those costumes); a mad scientist who wore his crazy glasses all night even while he played pool; and a Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head. The award for naked-est costume would have to go the “gladiator couple”. The women was basically wearing a bikini and the guy was wearing a loin cloth and chest harness. It was a little weird because we’re not really that kind of bar, but whatever.
      There was also a lot of people wearing just hats or just a mask or ladies with a lot of cleavage and eye makeup. I gave them the free drink tickets anyway.
      In case you were wondering, I was a dinosaur and you could tell because I was wearing a shirt that said “Rawr! I’m a dinosaur!” and a dinosaur head hat which, one of the guys at the bar pointed out to me, made me look less like a dinosaur and more like someone being attacked by a dinosaur so I guess fail for me.

    • We are the crazy white couple who LIVE for Halloween every year. We totally do it UP. Decorate the house with spider webs, skeletons, flying bats, tombstones, THE WORKS. And we buy awesome candy.

      Every time someone comes to the door, we run like retarded kids (no offense to retarded kids). I just love seeing the trick or treaters all dressed up. We ask each kid what they are, tell them how cute they, insist they take extra candy.

      Tonight we had a lot of teenagers who weren’t wearing costumes. But they all had those glow stick necklace thingys, like you see at a rave. When we asked the first group what they were, they looked at each other and didn’t know what to say. I pointed to their glow sticks and said, ‘you’re going to a rave!’ They all got excited and said, ‘yeah!’ Then I said, ‘or Burning Man?’ They were even more excited about that. Although I also think they were sort of shocked that the ‘olds’ even knew about Burning Man.

      Just wrapped it up for the night. We had a great turnout this year. Best one yet. I do love me some Halloween. Hope all y’all had a great night.

    • Trick or treating was banned here because no one has power and there are trees and power lines all over the streets. Sad.com

        • Yeah our house is fine, and we’re lucky because we have a badass generator that powers the heat, water pump, fridge, etc. But more than half the state still has no electricity and they’re saying some people might not for another week. It’s a big mess.

          • I’m glad you’re safe and warm.

            Can you suggest a specific non-profit that is helping people up there? The Red Cross doesn’t have a dedicated appeal running on their front page right now. (I suppose I could ask Ashton, but rumor has it he’s…busy.)

    • Glad to hear about young kittehs aspiring to be scientist meow meows. I guarantee that Donkey never dressed as a herpetologist. That was probably Britt, while Donkey dressed as some girl from the Brady Bunch (judging from Julia’s current appearance, those were the teen idols when Julia was in elementary school).

  10. OT: Just heard on a 30 Rock rerun:
    Liz Lemon: “Oh Jack, that’s so gay-balls!”

    Donkey never watches TV; Donkey never reads here; Donkey won’t co-op that. Nahhh.

    • nope, julia has set all her vimeo videos to be non-embeddable (even on her own hobby blog). at the top of this post, i attempted to embed it show jacy how to do it (tis simple); hence, there is also a helpful linky to the video, since it can’t be embedded.

      tl;dr: donkey doesn’t like to share.

  11. Just watched that, FUCKING HELL DONKEY! Micheal Jackson’s corpse rang, he wants his face back!

    And Lasagna – sad little medicated co-dependent Lasagna – she looks like SHIT.

    I have the stabbies for these pathetic, useless girls today. Such vapid, selfish, disgusting lives they lead! I’m a single parent, 2 job working, college course studying 31 year old chick who would rather DIE than have their life!

    Sorry. I’m on my moral high horse today.

  12. Hadn’t seen this before, made me laugh. You rang?


  13. Speaking of our Meghans, here’s a quote from Moneyshot Asha about her future plans:
    “…I love mentoring young women in business, life and in their careers. One day, I hope to launch a website that helps finance and mentor woman in emerging markets around the world…”

    That’s fro, an article about how Meghan is the new face of Bergdorf Goodman’s(?). Funny Julia Allison never gave her bestie a shout-out.

  14. Cannot stand her on camera so won’t watch. Is there a braver cat lady out there who can pinpoint an exact moment of OMGDONKEY?

    Lasagna looks… no bueno.

  15. Speaking of our Meghans, here’s a quote form Moneyshot Asha about her future dreams: “…I love mentoring young women in business, life and in their careers. One day, I hope to launch a website that helps finance and mentor woman in emerging markets around the world…”

    From some web article about how she’s the new face of Bergdorf Goodman’s (?) Funny Julia didn’t give her bestie a shout-out.


    • Rage. “hard work and discipline” aka TRUST FUND. Ugh, just shut up.I hate these little assholes that come around pretending like they made it on their guts and savvy alone. Mommy and daddy bankrolled you. This is what the arts is dissolving into, an option available only with those whose parents can fund them. Forget talent or drive or vision, just hand over a cheque and call it a day.

      I hate everyone today.

      ….but…first day of #nanowrimo so there’s that!!

      • She sucks. I just read an interview with her where she talsk about loving “mentoring women in business.” Oh, go fuck yourself. What have YOU accomplished? Nothing worse than a know-it-all do-nothing rich girl.

  16. Phewww. I was starting to do that hyper-ventilating-crying thing I do? Where I’m all silently gasping and waving my little hands in front of me like useless wings?
    But then my posts appeared. As if by magic. I went outside and walked around a little bit. Breathing deeply. I always feel like taking a nap after one of those tearful jags. You know?

    I guess I was posting too fast or something?

    Long story short: emergency over.

    BTW: did you guys hear about meghan asha and bergdorf? I read that somewhere!

    • Wonder what happens to all that money they made? Do they split it, because I know they didn’t have a joint account.*

      *Mama didn’t raise no fool.

  17. Guys, remember the bad kids in Pinocchio? The ones who don’t listen to their consciences and wanna live on Pleasure Island all the time? Remember how they all turn into Donkeys?

    Not ashamed to say I totally had a real life Jabba moment at Disneyland this weekend.

  18. Did anyone just see her tweets about allergies???

    This makes me so mad. I never post here (just read the hilarity) but this is ridiculous. From what I understand (from my own experience), if you’re severely allergic to something, YOU KNOW IT!!! You would be having some terrible reaction / going to the hosptal. You don’t wait to get tested and find out you’re severely allergic to it. All they can tell you is whether or not you have a reaction to something, not how severe it is. And the tests aren’t even very accurate. At least that’s been my understanding.

    What an idiot.

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