Donk Doling Out Bravo Details, Finally Wearing Ass-Appropriate Clothing


So we have heard from a sea of tipsters today. Basically, if you were at that party, you read RBD. Stunning!

Anyway, someone sent us the photo above. And you know what? I say good on a donkey. That’s your ass? It’s not Kim Kardashian — give your head a shake — but it’s quite a nice arse, so stop obsessing about it and trying to hide it under pouffy skirts. Own. It.

And then this chockfull of goodness. I am not even sure where it came from, the party or something else. But in any event, it’s informative:

Bravo made her go red. They sent someone to help supervise the color selection.

Ryan thinks she is pretty but looks rough right now. He told her to get a xanax prescription or something and she texted back a few days later saying she did.

She was talking about HOW NICE she is and how she was telling the bravo people that she isn’t going to fight with girls on TV because she never does that. But she said she would cry over being single. She was going ON and ON about how she wanted to get married and have a family and such. And how she doesn’t know why she is alone. Oh, and she said that she wakes up to tweets about how ugly and single she is. Apparently they have been putting her through the ringer with the contracts and such and thats why she hasn’t been sleeping.

Oh and this was funny – she can’t understand why her friends are being so slow to send in the signed waivers to be on tv. Apparently no one wants to be on camera with her and she is getting fed up with waiting. Said she wished they would just say no or send it to her. I think no one wants to be associated with her on tv.

The Bravo lady made it seem like the show was about how they don’t follow their advice and they are train wrecks. But then she told the girls that they were going to look fabulous.

Without make up she looks totally rough right now. Very strange. And she is pretty big. I had thought she might have lost weight for the show but she was in jeans and had the huge thighs going on.


  1. A sea of tipsters? Will the tips be rolling in throughout the week?

    The RBD show is one I will forever watch, though I will never the Donkey-on-Bravo.

  2. Who is “Ryan”?

    Also, I don’t love the skirt, but agree that it works better than the stupid cheerleader/skater thing she usually tries. It doesn’t seem properly tailored for her, though.

    If she bought half the new clothes she does, and spent the rest of the money on getting her clothes tailored to suit her physique, she’d look a zillion times better. Of course that’s beyond A Donkey’s capabilities, because it would require a) planning ahead, and b) acknowledging what her physique actually is.

      • Two Ryan’s. But more & more, this sounds like the stylist. I just for some reason initially ruled him out because talking about her looks seemed more like something that would be coming from the het Ryan.

      • I kind of assumed it was hairdresser Ryan, Teej’s ex-boss from the “A-List”. Having been through the (shit) reality-show thing, advising Xanax while tinting her hair seems not improbable. But whudda I know.

    • It was a dress from what I saw. Her bod looked good, better than expected. Her pursed lips were the most annoying thing of the night. But, then again, I stayed away from her as that felt too stalkerish.

      She must have a severe case of body-dysmorphia or self-hate issues, given her awful tweets about dressing rooms of doom and panic from viewing herself in the mirror. She, like anyone else, just needs to buy her size. It’s not brain surgery.

      Her bod is good, yes she looks larger next to Amy and Emily, but honestly, anyone over a size 4 would. They are just very petite. One of my best friends is about 4 inches shorter and 40 pounds lighter than I am, it is no biggie. All bodies are different. I have a friend how endlessly talks about her weight…it’s absolutely horrible. We all have our shallow pursuits, but hearing a woman talk about that all the time gives me the rages…be happy w/ the body you have, if not, change what you can naturally, and move the eff on. Life is too damn short to be so self-involved.

      No man is not w/ her because of the (imagined) circumference of her thighs….it’s just her personality and behavior that might be off-putting.

      • Yes, she’s a perfectly reasonable looking person. Only someone who worked in TV and had their Overton window fucked up by that would describe her as “big”!

        If she had some kind of inner peace about her looks, she’d be so much more attractive to everyone. Imagine A Donkey with a flattering hairstyle and clothes that fit her properly and makeup that made her look like a cute 30-year-old instead of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard…even with all the damage she’s done to her face, she’d probably be appealing.

        Until she opened her mouth and the craybray came out, of course.

        • It’s like the overriding question in HIGH FIDELITY, “Did we listen to pop music because we were sad, or were we sad because we listened to pop music?” Totally paraphrasing.

        • No really, though, her thighs are huge. Look at her primary facebook picture (her in tutu and a figure skating pose at Decom) — them is some trunks. The problem is, she refuses to dress to her shape, and when she does try and cover it up it is with the worst possible choices. I firmly believe she wears those stupid poof skirts just so she can claim to be the size she is in the waist area. “I’m totally a size 4!” Size four with size eight thighs. Get over it, honey.

          Which, whatever, I have a beer gut. The point is, I don’t wear belly shirts, empire waists, or extra-super-low cut jeans to pretend like I don’t.

      • Did the dress being bunched around her waist look as weird in person as it does in fauxtos?

      • Her bod is good, yes she looks larger next to Amy and Emily, but honestly, anyone over a size 4 would.

        So she’s NOT the cute-n-tiny size 4 that she and some people here insist that she is?

        • Sizes are so meaningless. Every woman in the US probably has five or six different sizes in her closet at any given time.

          My eyeball guess is that the Donkey probably wears a size 8 in most manufacturers’ dresses if they’re fitted through the hips. (That’s probably why she loves the dumbass cheerleader-style skirts—with that kind of style, she can wear a smaller size, since her top half is smaller than her bottom half!)

          • Shit! You had totally already said what I just said. I need to remember to read before commenting.

          • Five or six different sizes??? I have many clothes, but nearly all are in the same size. A very few are 1 size up and even fewer are 1 size down. And I buy from a variety of stores (or should I say shoppes) – from department stores to discount stores to LES & Nolita boutiques to Lands End, but my size is fairly consistent.

          • I just bought three pieces of clothing (two dresses and one pair of pants) from Banana Republic today, and they’re each a different size.

          • Well, you’re lucky, I guess, Bonercide. Not only do I have boatloads of different-sized clothing, I have the same skirt from Ralph Lauren in two different sizes which fit exactly the same, because the blue one and the gray one were made in different factories in different countries. I just basically try everything on now because I have no idea what the fuck size any manufacturer thinks I am.

          • Also, maybe your bust and hips are proportional, Bonercide. Mine are soooooo not, but I have the opposite problem from A Donkey; my shoulders are way wider than my hips, and I am busty and short-waisted, so buying clothes is generally an utter crapshoot for me in terms of what fits.

          • Yes, my bust and hips are fairly proportional. But if it helps, there are certain styles and cuts I cannot wear! 😉

        • Maybe a 6…it’s so arbitrary as sizes vary. I’m like a J Crew 6 and Banana Republic 8….whatevs. I don’t like camel toe or screaming seams, so I size accordingly. I also don’t have body dysmorphia and am not invested in being tiny and cute!

          • Varying between 6 and 8 is nothing. Having 5 different sizes that supposedly fit is odd.

  3. she said that she wakes up to tweets about how ugly and single she is

    She probably could have gotten the Xanax Rx w/out BS’g the doc, but I guess she’s so used to relying on the rape claim to get her out of homework that she relies on the ol’ tried & true? One ‘ugly’ tweet wouldn’t have constituted ‘bullying’?

    You can search @juliaallison using the refined search (eliminate tweets w/ words: ‘tresemm’ & ‘tresemme’ / narrow down to any tweets w/ words: ‘ugly’ or ‘single’) & here’s the ONLY tweet that comes up:

    RossCA11 Ross CA
    @JuliaAllison Some guy friends of mine just asked, “When did Julia Allison get so fucking ugly?” What should I tell them?

    Interestingly enough, that tweet is the one & only by that person, & just in time for appointment to get an Rx (apologies, Boomerang!)

  4. I wonder if they Brit and Meghan signed off to appear on camera?


      • It could not possibly be any more centrally IN the Village. What the fuck is she on about? I hope it’s her customarily lame “humor”, and not the pills.

        • 🙂 (Seriously, it’s on Waverly Place, and the Village Vanguard is a block away. Gawrd.)

          • It’s also right around the corner from 66 Perry Street, where Sadshaw lived on SATC. I bet JAB pays tribute with the other hick and foreign tourists every time she’s nearby (but doesn’t leave a dollar in the animal charity donation box).

      • and which Meghannn is this? Cause homeslice Asha lives in Soho and two “n’s” sex-on-couch lives in Tribeca….

    • Brit being in from SF … does it mean that she’s in for the MASSIVE Slutoween Party & therefore it’s possible that she’d also be (the only?) one who signs the waiver to be on the show? I’m betting Meghannaise is a solid NO.

      Who else would sign? The Pelt Master? OMG! Randi! & Lasagna? Anyone suppose her tweet to MegaTits has to do w/ begging her to sign?

      Maybe Donkey should have held off relocating to Marina yel Bray until she’d locked down some actual ‘friends’ …

      • But if she did that she couldn’t use the convenient “I just moved” excuse to explain why she doesn’t have any. If she had tried to ‘lock down’ friends, she would still be homeless in Chicago.

      • Brit returned to her rich huscat in CA today. “So bummed to have just missed the first NYC snow of 2011. I jumped on a plane at 8am to get back to SF :(“

  5. Here’s what I don’t understand about the premise of this show (and JABa’s entire “personal brand” b.s. that goes along with it).
    If wanting to be in a committed, loving relationship is one of your goals (i.e., I’m not suggesting it’s their entire focus in life, but addressing whatever part of them, like many of us, desire that) — but the condition of involvement is that your personal life is broadcast across the internet, radio waves, and now also on a reality show — how do they not get that the fail of this approach is built right in?
    The only potential partners who would agree to that kind of ongoing indiscretion, not to mention having a camera constantly shoved in their face for eventual editing and broadcast of “the relationship” are enablers, users, and/or fellow narcissists. Where’s the future in that?
    And if it’s more important to these women to follow this path of public exhibitionism than it is to actually foster and build a shared life for themselves with a mutually respectful, loving partner, then the premise of the show is bogus from the get go. Amiright?
    So how fuck.

    • It’s a reality show, it attracts fameballs with dollar signs in their eyes. Emily likes fame like Julia, Amy thinks it will give her business free advertising and Julia is, well, Julia. ME ME ME ME OMG TV FAME ME ME ME.

      They want these ladies to fail on TV.

    • I think the premise of the show is fairly simple Dunning-Kruger Ambush Theater (as my reality-tv producing friend says): we’re just supposed to point and laugh at the supposed “experts” whose own lives are a mess.

      • That is the only explanation that makes sense to me. Don’t reality shows do a fair amount of due diligence on the participants? Any half-assed Google search shows what a vile loon Donkey is. So my assumption is that the only reason she’s on this show is because she’s so heinous that they expect a huge love-to-hate movement and that people will watch just to see if she can her asshole behavior from the week before.

  6. Apparently they have been putting her through the ringer with the contracts and such and thats why she hasn’t been sleeping.

    Damn Bravo! If you didn’t try to wrap up loose ends in the daylight hours that the rest of the business world keeps, you wouldn’t be interrupting Donkey’s beauty sleep! And another thing: next time you leave a voice mail to call back, say what it’s about first!

    • “Putting her through the wringer” is Donkey-ese for “actually having to do some work like a normal person for a change.”

      • “You have no job!”
        “You don’t have a place to live!”
        “We can’t just film you alone in your borrowed apartment Googling yourself while ignoring your dog (Lily who?)!”

        Those Bravo producers are being to DEMANDING!

  7. I think I speak for all the fellow catladies when I say that Julia’s being single have NOTHING to do with her looks and EVERYTHING to do with her soul.

    She is nowhere close to being “ugly”, let alone “undateably hideous”.


    Notice that the only tweets she registers are about the things she is insecure about, i.e., size and being single. There are many many more comments about her being stupid, nasty and evil and it’s like she doesn’t even perceive them because the idea that those things are true is simply beyond her. WELL, IT IS TRUE.

    • I think she knows that all those bad things about her are probably true but she doesn’t care. She’s been trashed for years (and rightfully so) for being brainless, deceitful, a shitty friend, manipulative, a liar, loud and obnoxious, a liar, a liar, and a liar, a mooch, unbearable to be around, a liar, lazy as hell, a liar, and every other insult you can think of. The ONLY thing that gets to her is when someone criticizes the way she looks. Call her a dishonest, spoiled brat, user, worthless piece of shit, and she won’t care. Just don’t call her ugly. She places no value on what decent people consider to be admirable traits. Her only concern is what she looks like.

      • To be fair, that is the only thing she had in her arsenal. She IS all those aforementioned things, but it didn’t matter to her because she could coast by on her slightly-above-average looks. Now that she is getting as ugly on the outside as she has always been on the inside she is panicking because she has literally NOTHING left going for her.

    • She’s ugly as can be on the inside. A mean, jealous nasty bitch.

      That’s it.

  8. The show title itself is a HUGE indicator of the premise. It’s implying that these ladies don’t know what they are doing.

    Julia’s doomed because the closer she gets to what she pursues the unhappier she’ll be. She wants fame, a reality show and a high status rich man.

    The reality of this is, the men she wants don’t want her so she’ll get either played around with, cheated on, or rejected. Because a powerbroker or rich start-up guy that is shallow enough to want a trophy-wife, can do far better than Julia. A nice, decent, well-adjusted, accomplished man will want someone is isn’t a crazy famewhore and run as far away as fast as possible ala Redacted.

    The fame and reality show will just shine more light on her narcissism and crazy bringing on the general population of “haterz” which will make her want to die. If this website of people that generally call her out on her lies and fameballing drives her nuts, just wait until she get the jizz photoshop with the headline “CRAZY, AWFUL, BITCH” on Perez Hilton.

    We all think she’s awful and we get 90% of our opinion from HER FILTER. Can you imagine if it’s unfiltered? Or, what reality shows do and actually go out of their way to edit it to make it look worse?

    I think Jacy, JP and most of the commenters on here are quite fair in our parody, mocking and criticism. We don’t actually HATE her, so much as we hate her terrible, terrible actions. If she cleaned up her act, apologized for all the awful things she’s done and stopped fameballing and lying, this site would go away. We don’t go out of our way to make her look bad – Bravo will.

    But it will make good TV and I sure as hell will be watching!

    • We all think she’s awful and we get 90% of our opinion from HER FILTER. Can you imagine if it’s unfiltered? Or, what reality shows do and actually go out of their way to edit it to make it look worse?
      It reminds me of what another basement dweller said, as in, if all her jobs and relationships end by mutual agreement, what exactly has “the internet” ever had to do with it, beyond the Julia-driven multi-platform deluge she herself is responsible for?
      She has determination and a talent for getting what she aspires to (and daddy’s bankroll sure comes in handy). But because her goals are so superficial, the slightest pressure to follow thru with substance causes the balloon to pop, and there ain’t nothing left but stale air and the brief background hiss of another opportunity squandered.
      There are so many examples of this it’s alarming.

    • Mmmmm I don’t truly “hate”anyone except psychopathic dictator types (obvis) but as much as I can truly and honestly detest someone for their personality and behavior I pretty much “hate” her. I never feel sorry for her -ever – because every goddamned problem she’s ever had has been directly caused by her own actions. She’s been given every opportunity in life and then some yet she’s still a colossal bitch to everyone she deems beneath her and an embarassing kiss ass to those she feels are better than she is. Seriously, tell me one thing anyone (with a soul and some sense of empathy) could genuinely like about this idiot? She’s a vile human being. Not Hiltler/Pol pot vile but vile nonetheless.

  9. Okay some of that email is just mean. The thighs thing – shut up whomever wrote that. She’s not HUGE. I body snark obviously sometimes but…that just made me feel bad for her.

    Also, I feel for her about the single thing. I do. I know what it’s like to want that, and it blows. I was at a party last night where seemingly EVERYONE came with their dates all dressed up similarly for Halloween and jesus fuck it blows sometimes to be the token single person seeing all my friends coupling up in great realtionships etc. Granted, she is a hose beast, and acts atrociously, but I’m not going to say I don’t sometimes feel for her. I can’t help it!!!! But I know, she fucks up her relationships every time so I come back around to just thinking she’s an asshole. i’m conflicted!!!

    That said, this reality show idea is the absolute worst idea for her, I was thinking. She’s already SO MANIC and having a camera crew in her face 24/7 (?) is going to make it SO MUCH WORSE. She is going to be even more obsessed with her appearance and I can’t imagine she will give herself even a minute’s rest worrying about how she looks on camera.

    I think she needs help and I don’t know why her parents haven’t stopped her from doing this.

    • You and JAB want totally different things. I assume you want a healthy, mature, loving relationship of give and take. She wants a trophy from whom she can take.

    • I wonder what her parents think of this reality show. Are they famewhore wanna-bes like her, and so are all for it? Or are they worried about their daughter going down that road?

      • I’m just guessing from what I’ve observed by reading RBNS/RBD, but I think her dad is definitely a famewhore wannabe. He just seems like such a gigantic asshole. And Momsers is maybe less of an asshole but extremely flaky. I think if they were going to be worried about their wreck of a daughter, they would have been worried a long time ago and stopped enabling her self-indulgent, totally fucked-up lifestyle. I bet Petey is salivating at the very thought of Bravo putting him on camera. I hope they do!

      • Her parents are the root if the problem. Her father is worse than she is. Peter and Robin Baugher should be ashamed of the absolutely atrocious job they did raising this little brat.

        • Happy she ‘can’ but something tells me she won’t. I imagine everything she earns will go right back into clothes shopping, and mommy and daddy will just sigh and accept it. She is a selfish, greedy person who has never had to be responsible with her money — why would she start now?

    • I agree with you about the last line of that email. Donk’s deplorable behavior is snark worthy enough. Whomever that tipster is should have just hit send before getting to that last part that essentially read “she’s fat!”

      And maybe I’m alone in this, but I find that picture of her ass in this post to be a bit much. Complimentary or not, it’s just plain creepy to take a picture like that without the person’s knowledge and post it online.

        • That was stuff she posted on her blergh and she was heavily criticized here for it. So how is posting a picture taken without her knowledge or consent any different?

          • It’s tit-for-tat except that it’s not because those people she posted aren’t living their lives online & this is exactly the stuff Donkey lives & breathes, having her ass seen by an adoring public so that she can tell everyone to kiss it.

            Perhaps you’ve heard? She has a reality show …

            Perhaps your indignation is looking for Jezebel?

          • Don’t get me started on all the people who get posted on her blog WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT when they just happen to be at a party/dinner party/club/restaurant with her. She does not care about people’s privacy or consent and quite frankly, she gave ALL OF THAT UP when she signed up for a reality TV show.

        • Putting an underwear seeing crotch shot of Meghan Marks on Facebook for all to see and calling it her fav. picture of Fashion Week.

      • it’s just plain creepy to take a picture like that without the person’s knowledge and post it online.

        I know! Such an invasion of privacy of the one who snoops through BF’s emails when she’s not posting her own fauxtos of her own ass & tits ass online for the 60,000 bought & paid for Afghani Fecebook friends.

          • Julia’s only objection to the picture Jacy posted would be that it’s a clothed ass and not a bare ass with red lips on it.

          • How is this stooping to her level – Jacy was full on complementing her. “Anyway, someone sent us the photo above. And you know what? I say good on a donkey. That’s your ass? It’s not Kim Kardashian — give your head a shake — but it’s quite a nice arse, so stop obsessing about it and trying to hide it under pouffy skirts. Own. It.”

      • I think it’s a bit creepy but I honestly don’t have a problem with it because you can’t technically tell it’s her.

    • More than just being a hosebeast, she has gone out of her way to try to ruin other people’s relationships. Like the time she emailed her ex’s fiancee and just happened to mention that he was overlapping with them.

      Her misery at being alone is what most of us would call well earned.

  10. Bitchy tone in this whole e-mail, but it was still oddly fascinating. I still can’t believe the “fameball has-been” Julia Allison was cast on a reality show in which she appears alongside such tiny little typically “television-ready” looking women though. Obviously she was cast based on her potential for unleashing the crazy, but certainly not her looks.
    She was okay alongside the likes of Mary and Meghan because she was still hot back in ’07 and was then considered the most successful, or the “star” of that trio. But this trio? You know it’s got to hurt her a bit that she’s some lowly blogger alongside the two of these far more attractive and accomplished women.

    I honestly don’t think she ever will get married with a family though if she keeps going on about it the way she does. Men can smell manic desperation a mile away, and she somehow exudes it. She’s unhappy with herself yet she seems to think that being some pampered housewife will automatically will make her life better.

    She needs to grow the fuck up and quit chasing these childish fame fantasies of hers though. Or find herself a fellow shallow famewhore a’la Spencer or Courtney Stoddard’s crusty hubby, but the saddest part is that she’s so shallow that she still likely thinks she can rate better than guys like that.
    She’s like George Costanza: thinks she can land a ’10’ despite being a totally neurotic shlub bringing nothing to the table but issues. If she could lower her ridiculously high standards and just appreciate a man for his heart/personality/compatability versus his wallet/looks/status, she might actually find a good man. Of course, most good men would go running for the hills after doing a cursory Google search on her. Or after reading her blog. Or her various “relationship/sex” columns. Or her twitter. Or her Facebook. Or likely watching this trainwreck of a reality show.

    Really, she does herself no favors in the dating department. It’s her own idiotic/narcissistic fault that she’s always single.

    • I’ll bet my F.U. Money on this happening:
      Emily – star of the trio, perhaps best “Miss Advised” – wait for successes
      Amy – the straightwoman, hard as nails – wait for the melting of her hard exterior
      Julia – a one-Donk 3-ring emotional circus – wait for the meltdown

    • Or find herself a fellow shallow famewhore a’la Spencer or Courtney Stoddard’s crusty hubby,

      I always felt like perhaps she was trying to get Greasy to play that role with her, but he sensibly declined, he’s not that way. Famewhore Tucker Max too, clearly declined. Finding a fellow famewhore must be harder than it looks, kitteh!

    • She won’t do any of that.

      She’ll eventually marry an old man for his money, Anna Nicole Smith style.

      MARK. MY. WORDS.

    • Actually, it’s cause she’s bow-legged.

      I’m bow-legged too and for some reason it’s really comfortable to stand that way.

      • I’m neither bow-legged nor female and I find that pose kind of really comfortable especially if I’ve been standing for quite some time anyway.

        Maybe it’s more of a “gay gay” pose than a “pee pee” one.

    • I think this is it. She’s doing that common step-and-repeat “pee pee” pose (which some starlets and socialites actually drop into intentionally in a lot of non-S&R pics – see: Tins in her formerly patented pee-pee stance, but even she appears to have dropped it officially) to appear thinner. I say this because I can’t imagine how just casually standing like that would be comfortable at all, especially in those hoove covers, and I’m pretty sure she’s anxious about how she looks in comparison to tinyncute Emily and Amy. All eyes are on her if she’s one of the supposed “stars” of this show, and I’m sure the contorting will be craycray off the charts from now on.

  11. that picture makes me sad.
    i’m starting to feel sorry for her.
    am i a weenie if i say that i hope this bravo thing is everything she wants it to be? i mean, even assholes deserve redemption, no?

    • I hope it’s everything she wants it to be AND everything we want it to be. No reason it has to be a zero sum game.

    • If this Bravo show succeeds she is going to become more unbearable than ever.. It would validate all of her actions, the end would have justified the means.

    • For an asshole to deserve redemption, they kind of have to admit they’re assholes and want to change. Have you ever seen any evidence of her taking any personal responsibility for any of the nasty shit she’s pulled? Short answer, no. For a refresher, remember the poll.

      The day she acknowledges all her myriad nasty deeds and shows real remorse for them is the day that I will start cheering for her. Won’t happen.

  12. Jacy, you’re psychic.
    Now those tweets that should’ve been texts make total sense. Greasy, you’re so important to me, and you totally look like Mark Ruffalo = sign the damn waiver already!

  13. Not exactly OT, but latest donks:


    HA YES!! RT @AdrienField: @JuliaAllison I’m in a tutu room. For real. Is this like a Malkovitch portal into your mind? [link removed]

    Curled up again on Krystal’s couch (my favorite spot), reading @NYMag & wondering how I’m going to rally for Halloween in the snow tonight.

    Transbraytion: Adrien and Krystal probably signed on the dotted line (or agreed to), she wants an NYM feature on the show, and it isn’t her fault if she looks like hell tonight because she has to “rally”.

    Link this TAT post
    with “Story of my life.”

    a) no husband b) overanalyzing everything a POTENTIAL boyfriend says and does (because not much can be said for all her most recent actual short-term ones and dates/codenames that ended up nowhere, so she was just plain nutso there every single time) speaks for itself c) discuss, because.. what! She might want to try a real therapist rather than an e-therapist, though I’m sure that this isn’t much more that reality show nonsense.

    • See, it’s just the opposite in my household. My huscat is all about the feelings and shit, and I am usually thinking of something like whether Wonder Woman could beat Skeletor in a fight.

      • Same, oh my god. I’m also the queen of non sequiturs. We can be talking serious and then I switch topics because something pops into my head.

    • Julia has always been obsessed with saying that she’s “curled up” on a couch/bed or “snuggled up” on a couch/bed. She is NEVER just on a couch or on a bed…she’s curled or snuggled. So tiny and cute!

    • Update (again, chat La_Donk bot is perfect for updates without having to give a visit, aside from blergh links):

      ” I RALLIED!! Who’s up for a snowy New York Halloween ?????!?”

      We were all waiting with bated breath to see if Julie would avoid “rallying” for HER OWN party that she not only promoted recently, but for which she arranged to receive a free costume. All while she’s filming a reality show that’s supposed to hide what a do-nothing she actually is in general. No, seriously!

      • Based on her latest blog, she didn’t throw a party — of course. She hit a ‘few’ spots before going to a diner with Lewish (who must have signed the waiver — non shocker.)

        The party thing is super sad, and very typical of her. “What if you threw a party and nobody came…” indeed. You can’t even bribe your famejockeying friends with the promise of being on TV, Donks! How sad is that, that you are considered bad for OTHER PEOPLE’S careers?

  14. Now I’m spoiled- I want Cat Agents of Mystery at the Queef of Heartbreak Halloween party, liveblogging and surrepitously documenting with stealthy style and aplomb. Last night was fun thanks to Peacock and Inside. Gossip Girl in real life.

  15. The ads for the new season of Top Chef — which are all over New York — have Padma in a donktastic denim dress, complete with clam dungeon airing wide stance. I snort every time I see them. Anyone else noticed this?

  16. “Apparently they have been putting her through the ringer with the contracts and such and thats why she hasn’t been sleeping.”

    Meaning she’s trying to shape how she’s presented and the producers point to her contract and laugh and laugh and laugh. I sort of feel bad for her there; she’s living the supposed Chinese curse of getting what she’s wished for.

    It will be fun to see what guys Bravo hires to play boyfriends to these women. Because every guy would love to have a tv production crew along for a first date, right?

    • Between this and “she doesn’t know why she’s alone” is why I’ll never the donkey. Why would she put herself through this experience?

      I know she’s and asshole who has done hideous things and who lacks a shred of self awareness and consideration toward others, but I am starting to feel sorry for her, too. Not in a why-is-she-being-treated-so-badly way (never!) but in a how-much-lower-can-she-actually-go way. She had a potentially plush gig writing an internationally-syndicated column that could have brought her credibility and speaking/tv gigs if she took it seriously (though even with a ramp up in work ethic, I wonder if her lack of smarts still would’ve gotten in the way…)

      I think this is going to end really badly for her. At that point she may get therapy but I hate to see anyone have to hit rock bottom before they finally get help.

  17. OT: #OccupyDenver. Sorry fellow catladies, can’t help it, just watched Fred Roper being arrested and I am conflicted, he pushed the motorcycle of a cop who was driving into a crowd. Cop jumped off the bike and a bunch of cops joined in and he was shot with a rubber bullet. While I in no way think they used reasonable force [obviously excessive] I then read the NYT which reported he knocked the cop off his bike [completely untrue].


    Sorry Julia Albertson, I had thought about joining in the ‘feelings’ thread, cuz I started to feel a little sorry for you but this seems so much more important.

    • Hmm. Pushing anyone who’s riding something two-wheeled is pretty ass-holish, & I’m not sure why anyone would think that doing it when that someone is a cop would end well …

      NYT got the story wrong? Big surprise there; every outlet is in such a hurry to break a story that the simple little matter of fact-checking has become extinct.

      MORE important? Same story, different channel when what you’re talking about is two assholes trying to get their 15 minutes of face time.

    • Ha. “The ‘feelings’ thread.” I am baffled by where all of these “feelings” for Julia Allison are coming from. She’s the same doucherag she’s always been and always will be. The only thing that’s changed is that now she has a Bravo show. She’s still a conniving bitch who cares nothing for anyone but herself.

      • Seriously, she is still an asshole who needs to smoke a few bowls of meth to lose the water weight. And Bravo will not edit her in a positive light. This will not end well and it would all be avoidable we’re she not a busted faced famewhore.

      • She’s single because she’s an asshole who horrifyingly violates the privacy of every fucking dude she’s with, even after she’s no longer with them. She is self-involved and inconsiderate when she does manage to land one for more than a couple of dates. And the inner insanity does not stay concealed for long — hello Pancakes McCain’s cellphone.

        I am assuming the same situation doesn’t apply to normal, emotionally healthy people who manage to develop and sustain relationships. I find “being sane” usually goes a long way.

      • We have feelings because we can relate to feelings of insecurity and the like. We arent the donkey so empathy isn’t too hard to come by. Doesn’t change the fact that she sucks.

      • What’s awesome is – where she can always rewrite history or delete posts from her blergh or get Rep. Def. on the case – this Bravo thing – once it’s out there is TOTALLY OUT OF HER CONTROL. She will be judged on it for years to come and it will hurt her dating life even more.

        Also, she is crazy.

  18. Catladies, this all makes me go soft already (feeling a bit like all the men who finally get some on date #12, i guess): i’m seriously starting to worry about the Donk. While this show will be all great entertainment for us, she’s in no way skilled to deal with the shit that will hit her fan:
    *her ‘friends’ are obviously not signing their waivers and telling her how awful this reality show thing is, which probably makes her (rightfully) question whether ‘having a reality show’ was such a great thing to want;
    *any sane man who thinks she’s tiny’n’cute will run when he hears about the show (can you imagine that any intelligent man would agree to
    have a date filmed for a Bravo show?)
    *she seems to have just realised that she won’t be able to control how she’s portrayed on the show, and it (again, rightfully) scares her shitless.

    ….and then i remember: she brought this unto herself, and deserves all the awfulness that comes from it.

    • She hasn’t the hide to deal with reasonable and well reasoned criticism from her peers (nor the random “U a fakk ugly I hop3 u singel till u die” from Twitter trolls). As her blergh comments and @mentions are currently minimal–IDK if she thinks RepDef is going to play cleanup on the Bravo site. She’s in no way prepared for the shitstorm of comments if the show picks up.

      Especially as I see these last months as evidence of hoofing as fast as she could to secure her place on a Bravo shew.
      Look! Producers? I column! I know PEOPLE! I travel! To Burning Man! To couches of NYC/SF/LA and beyond! To the guest rooms of Facebook’s Sister! I’m not random, relevant! I’m kind of like the other two chicks because I’ve had sex and matchmaking appointments but I have, umm, err, FLAWS? I will admit them publicly! I will let you film endless hours of seemingly boring footage then edit it to your liking! I am your clay?!?

      I am wild and unabashed — I will do anything!?! I will wear a chicken suit from and a platinum chicken foot charm from with gently-weathered meerskin boots and promote a gluten-free Houston’s kiosk while interviewing people about relationships at the water station on Runyon Canyon with a Kind Bar and Green Juice. I am a proven multitasker and seasoned journalist. Please put me on the TV!

      • nice product placement, So Blessed. Can I interest you in a shilling deal? My clients are interested in partnering with influential blog commenters and are prepared to discuss rates-per-mention via private e-mail.

      • She won’t need RepDef on the Bravo site- sadly, they are known for censoring negative comments pretty thoroughly there.

  19. Emily is indeed as big a famewhore as Julia. Did anyone watch that reality show pilot on her Vimeo account she did back when Donk posted it on her blerg maybe about a year ago? It was called “Finding Emily” and was all about her radio show and her dating life? I watched because I’m a Bravo reality show whore and it had that same sort of Bravo-style vibe. It sucked ass, btw.

    Pretty telling that she and Donk both have unaired reality show pilots under their belts already though. Some people chase those 15 minutes way too desperately.

    • I think you have to be mentally ill to want to be on a reality show (unless it’s one where you can win millions of dollars, in which case I guess your chances are better than Lotto). Your narcissism has to be off the charts to want this for your life. I feel no pity for her and look forward to her becoming even more of a mega-cunt.

  20. I’m not so sure that Bravo won’t be able to find dicks to date Donkey. I keep seeing some show that runs late at night called EXCUSED & they have plenty of tools willing to date the camera … a slew of guys get narrowed down to four, then two, then one, then the tables reverse (& the opposite w/ girls when guys are choosing) … it’s tough out there dating-wise & economy-wise … guys will do it. Hilarious part is that Donkey will have to play along w/ what they throw her way.

    • they already found her a plant. it’s this dude:


        • I can tell from looking at him that his parents are DIVORCED — it will never work out (though she thinks he’s a really sweet person, as a friend …)

      • Horrible muppet face and masculine vibe coming off there. And that Lewis guy always looks like such a schmuck.

      • i think she looks terrible. her face just looks really awful and hard to me. i know someone said this before and definitely more eloquently than i can, but the botox in her cheeks has aged her by making her eyes smaller.

      • ZOMG, that costume is terrible. And I will never understand how she manages to apply that much makeup. It’s a talent, really.

      • Douchebag is looking a little smug for being with an expired hag on a reality TV show. He’s probably a real winner.

      • She complains about the cold weather yet is bare-legged. Hint, donkey, black tights are warm and slimming.

      • Was this really the best picture of the eleventy billion she surely took that she chose to post the one where she is making fucking Exorcist eyes?


      • It’s a miraculous union of shallow shillbags. Maybe they can get their wedding sponsored by VitaminWater!

        Boy, does her costume look shitty. Yandy, you suck.

        I do like the hair color on her, though. It’s not too red, unlike the earlier Orange Fury.

        • I liked her hair color for one day, but I have to take it all back, cuz there’s distinct difference between it & the dog awful sausage pelt curls.

          And WTF is on his left hand? A decoder ring w/ a GPS bug, in case he tries to flee?

          She looks like shit. All bets are off.

          • Oh, agree that the pelts don’t work with the new hair color. It’s still so much better than Orange Fury or the Morticia Addams black, though.

            I think the thing on his hand is a tab and snap from the coat that’s slung over his arm.

          • 🙂 I was just kidding about the decoder ring but let’s talk about that breastplate necklace she’s wearing (or is it a glittery yoke?) – is that from the collection she always wears at FW & who did she blow for that gift of paste & plastic?

  21. To all the catladies who are feeling feelings deeply:
    This show will last five minutes and when (not if, when) it crashes and burns Donkey will move on like it never happened just like every other failure. The Donkey will persevere because that’s what she does.

    • Yeah, I agree. There’s no need for all this concern and hand-wringing over how poor Julia will ever be able to deal with the intense criticism coming her way. She doesn’t care. She’s bothered for maybe five minutes when there are negative comments made about her looks, but she quickly moves on. The only thing that matters to her is getting humongous amounts of attention, good or bad, and that’s something she can count on in her role as an OMG BRAVO REALITY TV STAR. The more attention she gets the more giddy, smug, arrogant, and nasty she becomes. I would never worry about Julia Allison or her feelings; I’m more inclined to worry about people who have the misfortune of getting anywhere near this overbearing, control freak, narcissistic loon.

      • This. Seriously fuck her. After taking years of criticism, she chooses to go on a much larger platform that will open her up to harsher criticism. Press the fucking learn button, stupid!

        • Agreed. Julia Albertson is like a cockroach…every time we pronounce her “done” she gets another gig–like this reality show, the Tribune column, or the Sony ad with Timberlake. I am wasting no time worrying for her future…she has reached her nirvana: attention from millions of tv-watchers! even if she comes off worse than danielle staub, she will get another gig because of it, and she will be smug again.

          • And this is the exact script she has written for herself so she hardly needs our sympathy when she’s getting precisely what she’s been striving for. Congratulations would be more appropriate!
            There’s no need for her to hit the learn button, this is what she wants. (Don’t think she doesn’t love this site. It validates her, that’s good enough. Content? What does she care?)

          • No, the script she has written for herself is that she is worshipped by men and envied by women. Being seen as a deranged, delusional major league cunt is NOT what she wants.

      • yes, this site (+ gawker +mediabistro) proves that her Q-score for hate-ability is very strong

        they also had probably seen the pilot for “IT Girls” before they greenlighted this crap. there’s no way they haven’t seen that pilot.

    • Oh I’ve def thought that. If she were smart she’d exploit this somehow for sympathy/interest on the show…I’ve always thought that. But she can’t handle real criticism so she tries pretending we don’t exist.

    • We’re the best (READ: ‘only’) thing she has going.

      I keep hoping that Bravo will make Jacy & JP a lucrative offer to buy RBD — that there would be the consummate TEE HEE HAW FUCK YOU MONEY, Donkey.

      • The Bravo people seem to know we exist from the all tips coming our way. I would not be surprised that on episode 3, some date they planted asks her ON CAMERA, “Julia, what is Reblogging Donk?”.

        That will be the moment, when I pee myself laughing.

    • Well, not just us, but a sort of ‘infamy’ with a decent sized group of people. She has some degree of name recognition among some people, more-so than your average joe, at least, and that recognition comes with a great deal of antipathy. Casting someone who is already widely hated for something like this saves the trouble to generating interest by getting people to hate her, and — in their minds — might even be enough to launch the show successfully. Built-in hate buzz.

  22. I think she actually WILL use the show to garner sympathy. I can see it now: actIng all sugar sweet in a late night confessional, tears streaming, talking about how lonely and misunderstood she is, how much love she has to give. It’s gonna be barftastic. Just watch: she’s going to be on her best behavior. But there’s no way bravo doesn’t know about RBD and they are not going to paint her in a good light. Why would they? It only makes for boring tv.

    • No way in hell she’ll be on her best behaviour. She’ll think she is, and then they will capture footage of her being her real true self and it will all come to light.

    • They have to know because someone with access to all the press material has been leaking it to us. None of that shit has shown up anywhere yet.

      • Dear Bravo,
        I am happy to sign a waiver for inclusion in your new show about two career woman and a self-involved mannequin on the condition that my comments are filmed on the right side only!
        Yours truly, ICAALL

  23. Y’all- I just saw Emily Morse stomping down Broome Street chatting on her phone. She is definitely quite good looking for her age and also SUPER tiny.

    This post brought to you by catladies in the wild.

    • How tall is she? Is she even five feet tall?

      I mean, A Donkey looms over her, and she’s, what, 5’4″? 5’5″?

      • There is no way she is 5’5”. I am 5’4” and wearing fat boots and felt like I was much bigger than she was. Maybe it’s an optical illusion though since she’s tiny and cute and I’m just a fat (wo)man in a little coat…

        • We were saying that A Donkey is 5’5″, not Emily. I would be surprised if Emily was more than 4’11”.

          • I don’t get it, 5’5″ is pretty short, no? I mean, she may not be tiny && cute, but she’s definitely shorter if she’s 5’5″.

            I don’t know if it’s the hooves she wears or what, but her pictures make her look to be 5’8″-ish.

          • Brayella — I had to google because I assumed it was closer to 5’7″. Nope. You were right. For caucasian women it is 5’5″.

            I’m 5’10” and just realized I am in, like, the 99th percentile. For probably the only time in my life, “I am the 1%” — har har.

            No, seriously, though, last night I was wearing boots with heels and slight lift/platform, and I had to bend at the waist to hug most of my friends. How have I never noticed this until now?

          • BJK, that’s why she always wears the giant hooves (that and the disproportionately short legs). But yeah, she’s average height. Which she cannot bear.

            mcakez, I feel you on that. I’m 5’9″ and I think I’m average height except that all of my female friends are way shorter. Every now and then I see another woman in the store or on the subway or wherever, and I think WOW SHE’S TALL and then I get up next to her and we’re the same height.

          • So sorry, so fat!

            I have actually randomly been on Donkey’s same flight back to Chicago before too, and she is shorter than I am as well. I would peg her at 5’3”. It’s the massive heels that throw off that particular perspective.

            Come to think of it, I have also run into Emily of Emphasis Added before, also in Chicago. And Katrina, in a store in Soho. And Casey Culture, walking on Spring with a gaggle of fauz fashionistas.

            Now If I could just need run into Mare Mare Beach Hare, my sad little life would be truly complete.

          • fat man in a little coat, you are the Ace of Spies! It’s like you have an all-access pass to the legends in their own minds of our age. Hurray!

      • Did you watch her earlier TV show pilot? She doesn’t come off as very appealing in that.

        I think she’s cute in a Courtney Cox kind of way for sure (and definitely looks fabulous for 41), but her voice is a bit wearing.

  24. RIght, Brayniac… That’s kind of what I meant to say. It will be her version of good behavior, but the real jools will shine through and bravo will pounce on it.

  25. Another thing: the reason this show is causing her such anxiety is that she knows damn well she’s not going to be edited to look well. So a big part of her knows this is a mistake.
    But the other, bigger part of her is attention-seeking. Hence, inner turmoil.

    Among all her many other horrid qualities, we forget this woman is completely rehearsed and a control freak. (see: sips of wine app.) The fact that they’re going to present her AS THEY SEE FIT takes the control out of her hands and makes her flip her shit even more.

    THIRD, as a narcissist she believes that everyone watches what she watches and has the same interests as her. so when “everyone” sees her out to be a fool on TV, she will feel completely violated and exposed.


    • I certainly hope that the fiancee* of the Dan FKAC has the ovarian fortitude to ban cameras from her wedding. Because fuck, nothing would ruin a wedding more than A Donkey cavorting in her tuxedo jacket and fishnets for the cameras.

      *Because we know that the Dan FKAC caves to the “You broke up with me right before PROOOOOM!” blackmail every single time.


      If someone doesn’t take this as a user name I will!!!

      Also, interesting insight, re: her saying in front of the Bravo woman that she will not fight with the other girls because she’s not like that – I think the anxiety is that she doesn’t not want to be portrayed in a bad light so she is stressed out from all the energy it’s going to take to pretend to be nice during this filming.

      • well, i think she realizes that no matter how nice she acts they still have a show to do. that’s why she volunteered to cry on camera–she knows the drama has to come from SOMEWHERE and is still in her control-freak way trying to frame what that drama will be in a way that is sympathetic to her.

        • Right, “I’ll give you crying if you don’t put me in situations where I look bad.” The thing is, she doesn’t even know who she is – so I think she’s going to get caught being a bitch because to her that’s “being so nice!”

          • my gut tells me she’s going to look more “crazy” than a “bitch”. she’s going to control the cuntitude when she’s on-camera, but the kookoo there is no controlling since she thinks it doesn’t exist.

      • Right, because at her core she’s mean as a snake. This will be tough for her.

      • Bing…ooooo. Donks is going to expend so much psychic energy not interacting negatively with the 2 other “girls” (ha!) that she won’t have the wherewithal to keep from acting crazy with respect to everything else. It’s gonna be epic.

  26. So can we guess she never threw her own Halloween party because no one would come? Sounds like she just ran around to a lot of rando parties instead. With cameras in tow?

    • Judging by FB, she met up with some guys in an almost empty apartment (breaking the rule that the gentlemen should always fetch the young lady!!), and then to a sparsely attended lifeless looking party put on by a nobody cares Hampton’s social mag. Then fries in a diner with the LinkedIn guy and that’s it. No massive party with all her NYC friends (cough), no film crew. It’s as if the hairy times are familial; like she’s ruined Halloween’s past for anyone who knows her and the isolation and desperation gets sadder every year.

      • It’d be great if camera were in tow to capture the no party party. But instead of Julia being real, “No one wants to sign releases and be on camera with me” we get, “I stayed up til 8am talking and really didn’t want to go out anyway.”

  27. One observation to all those feeling sorry for Julia.
    It’s great to feel empathy for people and it does credit to some of the posters on here that they can feel sorry for Donks in spite of the overwhelming evidence of her inner ugliness and lack of remorse for any or her actions.
    Unfortunately my experience in dealing with Julia types is that they use people feeling sorry for them. It allows they to gloss over their activities, garners them sympathy, gets them favours/alibis/opportunities/excuses from those who pity them and allows them to further their own agenda. They appreciate people feeling sorry for them solely to the extent that it enables them to continue with their behaviour with gloss of sympathetic support. In the worst case scenarios, those who show this kind of sympathy are seen as suckers by the objects of their sympathy and used and discarded.

    • Thisitty this this this thisicle.

      I was trimming my yews (not a euphemism) earlier and I was thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if A Donkey was on the show ‘H8R’? Because whatever catpeople were representing would totally invert the paradigm, because we all have good and well documented reasons for our scorn and impatience with her. I can see us converting Mario Lopez to Team Anti-Donkey, fairly easily.

      • yews are so much easier to deal with than privet. do you have a whole hedge of them? if so, i am kind of jealous, i needed to grow a hedge fast so i had to go with privet.

        • I’m just curious if ya’ll are talking about Japanese yews? People trim those? BTW, Afg: red tip photinia is fast as hell for privacy hedge (but I don’t know if they’re suitable for your zone).

          • what cultivar of yew? ive never heard of yew growing that quirkly. i thought they were more like holly.

            also, what side of your house/yard? how much shade? and do you fertilize them? the yew usually won’t take hollytone or other evergreen fertilizer

          • It appears that you’re directing the yew questions to me but I assume that you meant them for Albie? (I have even less experience w/ a single Japanese yew than Brant has w/ all that watercress).

          • Q was for albie.

            also, i meant “quickly” not “quirkly”. i type “quirk” too much these days… damn Messica and Neckbeard.

          • I don’t know what cultivar they are, because they were here when I got here, but they’re some kind of English yew (as opposed to Japanese yew). I do absolutely nothing to them except trimming them and they just grow like mad (they usually do three rounds of new growth every year, as opposed to the usual two). They are on the sunny side of the house, which may be why.

            We also have amazing rhododendrons to which we do nothing, and roses galore. I think our lawn is magic somehow.

        • We have six bushes near the house, typical suburban New England style.

          Yews are so forgiving; you can just hack the shit out of them and they grow back twice as lush. I <3 my yews.

          • i have a few yews as accent plants alongside the foundation–easily trimmed into pyrimidal shape. and they grow back very dense.

            i needed a formal hedge, not really a privacy hedge. i didn’t feel like spending for hemlock and the soil is too acidic and prone to compaction for yews. yews like alkaline. yews also don’t like full sun–at least not around here (maryland). dries them out in winter (winds) and causes a lot of die back in summer. i had too many other projects to spend all summer amending the soil and tending to yews.

            now my project is to get some rhododendron and azalea to catch on on the north side of the house where light is scarce.

          • the other problem is this is a hedge within 3-4 feet of the city street, so everytime it gets plowed in winter, all the slush and salt will end up in the hedge soil. i’m still jealous you have yew–probably only need 2 trimmings a year, 3 or 4 if you’re OCD.

          • I go away for awhile to eat, drink and be merry. I come back and my catpeeps are discussing yew cultivars. This is why I love RBD.

      • Because if she’s been misunderstood, in her mind she can get away with all the awful stuff she did, it’s erased from her “Awful Person” ledger.

    • I think some people are having a sort of subconscious defensiveness for Donkey. Kind of like, “I can talk shit about my little brother, but you can’t” thing. We KNOW her. She is our pet-hate. They’re going to hate her, but not with the quality and nuance that we do. Which is why so many people are pissy about the last line — as if we haven’t called her fat a million times. We can say it, but coming from someone with no name attached it feels underhanded to some people (not to me, personally, but I think she is very unfortunately proportioned, and don’t give a shit who says it.)

      Going back to what you said: she isn’t “our little brother.” She is that cunty neighbor girl who lives down the street who told people you had sex with the whole basketball team, secretly tries to steal your boyfriend, doesn’t invite you to her parties unless you bring your hot older brother, hacked your facebook and changed your status to “I’m a fugly dyke slut” and wrote her own phone number on the boy’s bathroom wall, bragged about all the dates she got out of it, then cried and tried to pin it on you when the principal found out. She is a mean, nasty, lying, self-serving, hooker-heels-in-the-back social-climbing, nasty skank bitch. Do not trust her!

    • I get it. Really. Totally get it. Still doesn’t change the fact that it may be difficult to watch her fall on her ass with this new farce. Don’t need a lecture on how evil she is. We know. No one has had a change of heart here. Not sure why everyone freaked out about some of our reactions. Speaking for myself, the tipster email seemed almost as cruel as Julia. That’s what I was mostly reacting to.

      • Because we are better than her, yeah? Isn’t that why we’re here? I refuse to applaud people who sink to her level.

        • Ugh I realize that may sound totally hypocritical since I’ve railed on her shitloads so uh… maybe ignore me. :-/

          • I took the photo and I am totally ambivalent about it…This is not my MO, not even on, yeah, for whatever that’s worth.

  28. Guys! We will get to see the two-thousand pictures per pose/person in action! How awesome is this!? Either she will have to cut back on her bajillion pics fetish, or her obsession with her own picture is going to be blasted right open. Yay!

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