Attention Cat Ladies: Julie Albertson Will Be On The Today Show TODAY


That’s right. At 10:10 a.m. EST, Donk is making an appearance on the Today show. No clue what it’s about. But let’s watch together in the comments!

She is not random!!! She’s going to be on a talk show on NBC!



    • I need to get mine out of the house so I can cackle freely. I may need to throw some catnip out the window or open a can of tuna.

      It’s like my secret crack habit!

      • Jesus, we are all in the same boat. Mine thinks she’s dreadful but would draw the line at actually watching her on live TV. I think. I just don’t know. I’ll find out when I turn the TV on, I guess!

          • Oh my god, SO secret shame. I thought boyfcat may have dismissed it as he does dlisted, but sometimes I’m checking on RBD comments on my phone and am all “oh um, reading dlisted”. I JUST DON’T KNOW! I think I’ll brazenly check out RBD on his comp today and be all “oh you know, following my favorite soon-to-be reality show”.

          • Mine came in and watched it with me. He couldn’t get over her voice. “She is really loud,” he said, then left the room.

  1. That’s Hoda and Crazy Kathie Lee hour. I wonder what stunt she’s going to do? And they are notorious for drinking during the opening segment! It’s part of the show now and all guests/hosts during that opening 20ish minutes usually drink with the hosts. WHAT WILL SHE DO? SHE DOESN’T DRINK!

  2. You guys! So blessed! Stuck in the air without any jet blue live tv and no steak! But will refresh mightily for updates! What. Could. She. Be. Talking. About.

    Ten bucks and a can of whiskas it’s dating. Commence re re (and I do mean rere) intro of Julia the Carrie 4.0. Any betting types want tp wager?

    • The little commercial tease a second ago said coming up with Hoda and KL was “relationship advice.”

      Yes, we all need relationship advice from that loon. Also, how much do we wanna bet she’s still a columnist for one of the papers who has fired her! Time Out? Star? TMS? I’m going with the most recent, TMS.

      after which she’ll say, “giggle, giggle! I totes updated my bio and they somehow got the wrong info!”

      • Wait til you see her cast bio for Miss Advised, sent to us overnight. Filled with lies, including her being a columnist at TONY and an internationally syndicated social media columnist.

  3. How can she talk about dating? She has nothing to back it up. No column. No job. This is going to be weird.

    • She’s definitely going to be giving relationship advice. They just teased the segment. I can’t wait to hear how the advice she gives directly contradicts things she herself has done over and over again!

    • It’s all so g.d. fake. She’s whatever she calls herself. Does she have a degree in psychology? Does she run a marriage counselling practice? A dating site/matchmaking service? Does she write about relationships (aside from her own serial fails) on her blog? Twitter? FB? Anywhere? No. Nothing even close. And she was fired from a job writing about dating for a local freebie paper at least 3 years, 1 failed business, 1 failed “show” (TMI) and 1 more firing ago. All so fake, fake, fake. I will never get why decision makers consciously associate themselves with this creature.

  4. Is she going to rock the “columnist”chiron?

    The interaction between her and Kathy Lee will be PRICELESS, and by priceless I mean unwatchable on television.

    • Oh, I wish I could watch this. Totally not available in my market. But maybe I’m being spared.
      Looking forward to RBD’s updates!

    • I think Kathie, given time, would sense the weasel within in and eviscerate her. Too bad it’s not a longer interview.

  5. Who fucking watches this drivel? This show is horribly unwatchable BEFORE Julia Baugher comes into the picture.

    • I am watching it now for the first time and couldn’t agree more. Although Kathie Lee is more likeable now than she was with Regis, I’ll give her that. She seems like a bit of a horny old drunk, which makes her actually kind of funny.

      • I used to hate it, and now I totally love it. Kind of how I feel about Rachel Zoe too. There’s genuine love between the two women and they’re actually in on the joke (about themselves) if you watch closely enough. It’s subtle.

    • This is like Donkmas come early. I love how as Hoda and Kathee Lee were teeing up the segment, Hoda kept looking over to the side at the “ladies” who presumably are coming on to join the show. I could almost swear that was a look of fear in her eyes.

    • We’re the only people who actually give a fuck. At all. At all at all.

      Also, she’s doing the “relationship expert?” thing again? Is it 2007? What used to be a fucking sad act is now just a fucking sad and fucking tired act.

  6. Yesssssss. I’m a lurker generally, but had to come out of the shadows. I randomly took a day off today to get some things done around the house, SO I CAN WATCH THIS SHIT LIVE. It’s like fate!

  7. OK. What a surprise! She’s just one of a handful of “relationship experts” on the show, apparently. She might barely get a word in edgewise.

    By the way, Kathie Lee just made me laugh. Said something very sarcastic along the lines of as if SHE needs relationship advice because she’s so blissfully happy. You know she’s secretly despised that old man ever since he fucked around on her, and hasn’t let him forget it.

    • Are we looking at the cast right now!!! Who is that chick in the middle? Julia is so out of her league, she doesn’t sound at all intelligent next to the others.

      • Yes. Nice work, NBC/Bravo. It’s not like I didn’t already know how fake reality shows are, but so this clip will appear on the show as though these three women are reputable, in-demand relationship experts. Even though it’s all a sham meant to promote the show and WITHOUT the show, they would have never been invited to appear.

        Also chick in the middle looks like a complete sour-faced beeyotch and is going to HATE Donkey. This is going to be soooo good.

  8. None of these tarts are married! Why would you ask them for advice on how to talk to your husband?

  9. “Asking a ton of questions makes guys really uncomfortable.”

    So does reading their private texts/E-mails.

  10. AHHH I hate I’m missing this!! Please tell me someone will screen cap so those of us running errands at our desk will be able to see!!!

  11. The hair isn’t as bad as I thought it might be. But Emily Morse is seemingly sane, Donk trotting out all the old stupid “rules” when she can get a word in edgewise.

    • Aside from the ratty too-long styling, I thought the hair color looked okay too. Not bright orange this time but more chestnut as she had said she was going for.

      • You better hope it looks good – she just had it done. The great thing about it is how dilapidated it’s going to get in the coming weeks.

  12. “There are times in my life when I have been so busy with my career, that guys have actually said to me, ‘I don’t think you have time for a relationship!'”


  13. Painful. She tried to make an impact and came off looking fucking crazy.
    -Men are threatened by strong women!
    -I always dress my men! YOUR TIE IS HIDEOUS! WEAR MORE PINK!!!!!
    -The rules work! They’re there for a reason!
    -Never ever (ever, ever, ever) call a man! Men are hunters, let them hunt!

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Head explosion!

  14. She wore the boots because she didn’t want her thunder thigh tree trunk legs contrasted with those other two tinier, cuter and (1000% more watchable on television) women she was with.

    WOW she hates women, unless they’re a tool for her like Facebook’s sister.

    • I am ashamed to say I didn’t hate the boots. They were low wedges, for one thing, which is a departure from her usual high hooves.

      • head spin! good for her for actually taking some styling advice (left to her own devices i have no doubt she’d be wearing ‘YSL tribunes’ or somesuch). did she still look like an asshole, or did her personality take care of that bit?

  15. Does she just have a lot of Restylane or similar all injected in her cheeks? Is that what’s accounting for the mask-like facies? Experts – weigh in. It’s driving me nuts. Nose job, for sure. I just have to focus on her crazy look so I don’t listen to what she’s saying.

    • Her face looks so puffy and weird. Maybe she had 30 sips last night? Restalyne everywhere? She’s definitely the fugger of the three.

    • it wouldn’t stream for me either. i am dying listening to the comment recap! can’t wait to see a screencap of the red headed hooker regalia.

  16. I had to watch it on mute in my office (the BRAYING would have been so disruptive), but WOW, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO HER FACE?! Julia, LAY OFF THE GEE DEE FILLERS! Your face should NOT look like a giant pillow with eyes that look like pissholes in the snow!

  17. Ugh I couldn’t get it to stream either. Can’t wait for the video.
    So these 3 are definitely our ‘Miss Advised’ girls?

        • It wouldn’t be unusual for three women in their twenties not to be in relationships. The point of the show is that these ladies are relationship experts who can’t make their own relationships happen, which isn’t such a big deal when you’re under 30.

  18. She doesn’t look like she’s kept her Burning Man bod.

    Was that Amy chick the same Amy who is supposedly going to be her roomie on the Bravo show? The hostility there could make for fun, trashy television.

  19. It’ll prob be online tomorrow. Today is pretty good at uploading their segments quickly. Unless it gets stuck in the queue.

  20. For the catladies who had to miss it:

    The segment featured the three ladies -presumably the cast of Miss Advised- seated on stools across from Hoda/Kathie Lee. Emily Morse & Amy Lawrence, most definitely tiny and cute, had the now-standard longish big wavy curl look, while Donk had a maroon-ish half-up-half-down thing – a variation on the bobby pin mullet but without any part, just a bump on the top of her head. The other two women looked pretty, made-up-for-TV. I feel like Donk had a lot more makeup on.

    Julia kept jumping in, and kept pointing a lot – her finger points would wind up covering up Amy’s face in the shot. At one point, Julia tried to make a point about “well what if you have a stalker” or something, and Emily kind of gives a “bish plz” look and gives her a verbal brush off. Julia tried to make a point that men tell her they think she’s too busy for a relationship (“Amy, I think I mentioned this to you earlier”) or something like that to tee it up – meanwhile it appears very clear Amy is not a fan of the Jules.

    Then they went to the crowd of people watching the Today show taping from across the street and asked a woman from Wisconsin to ask a question. I forget what it was but Julia responded that she “always dresses her men” and thinks it’s totally normal for a girl to want to “coordinate” with her guy when they go out.

    I can. not. wait. for. this. show.

  21. WOW WOW WOW. Now we *finally* know why she’s been so afraid… because the producers said “Fuck You!” to her request to have her sit far left and she was finally forced to have her “bad side” on camera. LOLZ

  22. I love how Bravo made her dye her hair so the 3 of them would all look like slightly different “characters” in the upcoming show.

    • That’s exactly what I thought – they couldn’t have two brunettes! That would just be ridiculous! But forget that at least one of them has fake credentials and is a total loser.

  23. That’s right! The entire shot is of the dark side of the moon!

    No wonder she looked especially busted today.

  24. Did anyone catch the incredibly awkward moment when Kathie Lee told JA (in reference to dressing your man) ‘He’s not your son!’ KL nailed the mother-boy Pancakes meme and JA was visibly annoyed, but she never reads here.

    • Is there something wrong with me that I don’t give a shit what my huscat wears? Are we supposed to match? Do I need to go out and purchase a wardrobe of falling apart jeans and obscure band t-shirts?

      • Absolutely not. Her development is stunted, and for some reason she thinks that’s cutesy. Her everything is so… average. Hick and pedestrian.

      • Ha! My wife absolutely refuses to wear my Wolves in the Throne Room, or Watain t-shirts! Even though she’d look so cute in them!

        • I wear the obscure band t-shirts to the gym sometimes, just as a bit of anti-Lulu Lemon protest. But I refrain from borrowing the “Jorge Posada Is a Little Bitch” shirt.

          • OT but is your huscat a red sox fan?? i personally have the “jeter swings both ways” shirt (probs my favorite) but i know many a dude who have the posada one.

          • Let’s just say that he is in a deep depression over John fucking Lackey. What is the one thing worse than Lackey in the rotation? Lackey sucking up payroll sitting on his fat ass eating Popeyes with Dice-K. Ugh.

      • I buy some of my man’s clothes, usually shirts for work in a nice-casual agency office. It’s mostly because he’s tall and so therefore hard to fit and he gets very frustrated very quickly when trying to find clothes. He’d wear his clothes until they are threadbare if he could. He appreciates me taking the time to find and buy things for him.

        We do not coordinate and I do not force him into any sort of style that reflects some warped vision in my head of who he should be. Because, gross. I would leave me if I was that kind of woman.

      • My man would never abide my having a say in his wardrobe choices, as he is convinced his sense of aesthetics is far more developed than my own. This also includes home decor. I am surprised if ever he heeds my advice. This is ironic as i am the family member who makes their living in the field of ‘knowing about aesthetics’.

      • The only time I care is when he leaves the house in my yoga pants to do yard work because he can’t be arsed to go and get his sweats out of the dryer. And they are tight and too short and it’s hilarious. And the neighbors notice. And I laugh and point and laugh and point.

      • I kindly ask that my catboy not wear his jeans from 1993 if we are going somewhere nice. But other than that I do not give one fuck.

      • brah sometimes wears a shirt emblazoned with Kenny G on it, and another one that is a skeleton wearing bling (like, the foil kind!) and holding a stack of bills. Do I approve of these shirts? Not really. I think they are ‘ironic’ in that way that isn’t really ironic but somehow erroneously got labeled as ironic years ago and now we all say it anyway because when you say ‘ironic trucker hat’ everyone knows exactly what you mean, even if it isn’t semantically accurate.

        Anyway, I had a point: He wears that crap IN PUBLIC. Do I say a damn word? Yes! Err. I mean, I say, at home, “Oh god! Not Kenny G. again!” and he laughs and wiggles his butt and dances around the living room and we leave. What I do NOT say is, “Take that off, put this on.” Why? Because he is a grown ass man paying his own damn bills and buying his own clothes so he can wear whatever he wants.

        Seriously, I want to see one of her men ‘dress’ her. “Take out those smelly pelts. Invest in jeans — ones that fit. Remove about seven layers of that crap you’ve smothered on your face. Pop the turkey slabs out of your shirt, and put on a sweater while you’re at it. You know what? Eff this. I don’t want to date Raggedy Anne meets Sybil. Peace out.”

        Of course, she changes her style according to whoever she is stalking anyway, so with enough time to lapse (say a week and a half) they’d barely have to dress her anyway.

    • Particularly loved when Kathy zinged JA (who ALWAYS dresses her man)…”Sounds more like he’s your trophy than your treasure”…Kathy got JA’s number pretty damn quick!

        • You are so right, Jacy! Kathy Lee pinned the tail on that donkey in a segment that wasn’t even 5 minutes long!

      • When Jabberdonkey said Spanish interrogation, did you see everyone’s face? EM had a “did you just say that, god you really are dumb” face, KLG stared off and started playing with her hair, and Hoda looked down in shame. The hosts had to hide their Canklehausen by Proxy.

    • She’s still not over getting dumped by Dan before the big dance, is she?

      Twice in my life have I cared about coordinating my outfit to that of my date’s — high school prom and my wedding day. But then, I didn’t approach every date as a portrait sitting for my future sacred scrapbooks (ring ring!)


  25. Angry haters, I need help. One of the bios is ginormously long and came to us via email with one word per line. It is taking me forever to manually format it, and I have errands to run at my desk. Is there a program that will do that for me? Word??

      • These dating services are a license to print money, especially the so-called exclusive, millionaire match maker scams. They advertise in local papers for screenings. Charge the women who show up a fairly significant “application” fee, and then can claim they didn’t make the cut, or aren’t suitable for the current stable of stallions, etc, pocket that fee, and no returns, no recourse. The service might not even be representing any eligible males in that market, and they don’t have to prove anything. That information is “confidential”. Then they charge whatever guys they rope into signing on exorbitant amounts to meet the very special women who passed their rigorous screening techniques (ya, right), and of course, no guarantees there either. It’s a perfect scam.

  26. So sad I couldn’t watch this. But reading the comments was like reading a live blog. Did anyone record it and YouTube it?

    Why didn’t she promote the hell out of this on her blog? Even she is not posting to NonSociety anymore!

    It’s strange that she has gone quiet. I wonder if Bravo set some strict limits on what she can post about.

    • im thinking this is some kind of bravo thing. i bet the hair change was filmed and thats why the big reveal is going to happen on the show and not 40 pictures on her blog.

      • How is she going to be able to read this site without Bravo’s camera’s knowing about it? It must be killing her.

    • I’ve never really bought into the “those who can’t do, teach” cliche but it seems really appropriate for these three.

    • Good god! The make-up! The overbite! The “here’s the thing!” The White-out nails! The “Spanish Interrogation!”

      The other women look so natural, and act so normal, in comparison with A Donkey.

  27. Oh my God. Her FACE. How does she not cry herself to sleep knowing this is what she did to her FACE?


    • Just think of how much money she (Dadster, really) spent to get her to look that awful and unnatural!

  28. Delurking just to claim this as my name if I’m not too late and say WTF! HER FACE!

    • You’re going to have to comment if you want to keep the name!

      :just kidding::

      • But I’m shy and stuff. Okay, fine, I will start commenting. Whatever it takes to be a full-fledged cat lady!

  29. Uh oh.. I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed the Double “Bitch Please” before! This was just after Julia “respectfully disagreed” with something Emily had just said..


  30. I just want to say that I’m so glad we’ve stuck together – there were some lean times, sure (granted, they didn’t last very long), but our hater-y patience has paid off. And big time, at that. USA! USA!

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