Donkey Finally Has A Home After More Than A Year Except For Those Homes She Occupied in Chicago and Coronado

Oh Donkey.

It’s official: I move to Marina Del Rey on November 7th. After 14 months of couches & airports, I have a home again!! I’m really happy. 🙂

But what about the condo in Chicago you’ve been living in for more than a year? You know, the one your parents own? That home?

And dear Lord, lady, how could you forget THIS!!! You shared a home with the son of a famous senator!! Have you forgotten? I find it strange given you sent out a news release not even six months ago to announce you were moving out of the home you’d spent, what, four days in? And that you pretty much got kicked out of after you dumped your dog on Pancakes for weeks on end and then started snooping through his phone and email? How could you have forgotten about the home to which you redirected your magazine subscriptions and sent all your summer clothes and then got hurled out of??!!??? HOW??!?


    • No. She’s had a home in Chicago for more than a year, with a bed, not a couch, and she’s chosen to fly all over the country for parties and “meetings” and crash on people’s couches anyway. So she’s not been homeless at all.

      However, she does seem to be admitting on her blog that she’s a stalker. So on that front, she’s being honest.

      • Maybe I’m a cynical bitch (check), but I don’t think she’s admitting to being a stalker. She’s admitting to LOVING TOO MUCH! She just FEELS more than other people do, Jacy, and she pursues men with such passion and vigor because she has so much JOY and wants so, so much to share her enlightenment with a monied gentleman. She has to learn to temper herself because she is a special snowflakey soul, and the rest of us just can’t handle it.

        • I think, actually, my take on her identification as a “Predator” is that Predators (in that piece) are characterized as falling hard and pursuing what they want and then getting bored (“chasing for the sake of the chase”) because they are IN SUCH DEMAND/HAVE SO MANY OPTIONS, which is what A Donkey wants everyone to believe (“They didn’t reject me; I just wasn’t ‘open’ to love, too in love with the chase, bunnies!”). Sorry, Donk, we know you are desperate.

          • So much this. She can OBO (or actually, used to be able to) but she isn’t a Predator. At the end of the day everything she does is for the purpose of having someone say “you are everything I want, you are everything I need. I must have you. MARRY ME!”, which would imply they would do everything she orders them to do. That ship has long since saaaaailed away… unless, of course, she “settles for him”. I personally think she’s dismayed that that may soon be her only option, all while she obviously believes she’s better than that.

      • I agree with Fashion Girl. She’s “admitting” to “being” a femme fatale who just can’t help being the kind of woman who toys with men and then discards them when she’s bored and moves on to her next victim.

        Which is of course the opposite of what she is!

    • I know. It’s going to be great. Also — 30 years old and need a roommate. Nice comedown. I suppose it could all be for the reality show and the roommate is a castmate or is for dramatic purposes, but if not, kind of loser-ish. I’d get it if she was in NYC, but in L.A., where you can find affordable places to live? Not so much.

        • Her roommate will be the next cat lady. As soon as she comes home from running desk errands and walks in on Julie Albertson loudly boning Alexander Marquandt on the coffee table in their freshly painted, pepto-pink apartment.

      • God sometimes I just feel so bad for her. Imagine having her life at her age. It scares the shit out of me.


      Can’t wait for the inevitable bitchslap coming Donkey’s way
      * endless side-stepping of dog shit? CHECK
      * dog-yapping, crying sexcapades? CHECK
      * smell of burning pelts & BPC farts? CHECK
      * pink tutus adorning every wall? CHECK

    • She couldn’t even handle a roommate in her Georgetown days – didn’t she have a single dorm? What makes her think a roommate at FREAKING 30 YEARS OLD is going to work?

    • so the roommate is going to be the new CEO of Nonsociety, right? Paging Danish Mary!

  1. I predict roommate = Julia Price Musak. She has been swinging off Julier’s nuts something fierce, and I suspect she is hoping this will make her music more high profile.

  2. The “months on couches” was a nod to RBD calling her out on her consistent crashing instead of staying in a damn hotel like a normal adult, and wtf is she talking about with airports? Didn’t she recently claim to love them and isn’t all her time spent in them ENTIRELY HER FAULT because she CHOOSES to go from city to city and everywhere else running away from herself with no reason to actually BE there beyond those she has scheme-juiced herself? iKant.

  3. Donkey’s moving van:

    Donkey’s pack saddle:

    Donkey ain’t sharin’ no stinkin’ bathroom!

    Donkey’s Marina yel Bray BF replaces FlapJack:

  4. A little OT but I am leaving my desk to run errands in Beverly Hills next week. The person I am going to see for my errand running is taking me to lunch at Villa Blanca and mentioned that it is featured on the RHBH. That is one of my many guilty pleasures so when I got off the phone I screamed with silly excitement. I later found out it is fave of Kim Kardashian and I was saying to my huscat how far my mind would be blown if I see KK there. He said yeah, and maybe you’ll see Donk. I cannot stop laughing at him for actually following this shitshow behind my back and knowing she will be in the general vacinity.

    I will have a Tuesday afternoon and evening free. Any recs on where to get an amazing expense account meal where I won’t feel too fat cat lady when eating alone?

  5. Amazeballs!! She learned how to spell “Rey”.

    Give it a couple of years and she will learn what it means.

    Mi burro es muy inteligente!!

    • A few snippets from reviews of a lounge in MdR:
      1. This place is pretentious, overpriced, and while it’s atmosphere is mostly nice, it’s just not that cool. I mean, this is Marina del Rey … old yuppy people chain restaurants. There are about a billion places way more worth it in Los Angeles.
      2. The crowd that night happened to be older, I say 50. And they looked like they were visiting LA from the mid west. Lost of glitter, big boobs and big hair.
      3. I can only describe the people I observed that night as people who were all glammed up, but not cool enough to get into the hot Hollywood clubs. Lots of wannabe reality TV types.

      Willing to bet this will be JABa’s favorite hang-out. (Not mentioning it by name on purpose.)

  6. BF, SC, and SS/SF, I just reread earlier thread and I will have you know that Chris Noth is a (TV role-playing) officer and a gentleman. We did the twist at the launch party for when he signed on to CSI and he’s extremely gracious, very sweet.

    • OMG the parallels are uncanny – just like Julia Allison Baugher’s pink peripatetic romcom life! She is just waiting for HER Mr. Big! awwww……

      • I was actually very nonchalant, dancing to whatever the DJ was playing and he just came over to me. Maybe because I looked like I was enjoying myself (which I was), but I have no clue. I wasn’t really going to be like “omg chris noth! mr. big!”. I think due to exposure to celebs I’m very “whatever meh” around them, so I just danced along. He was fun and a nice guy.

        • This is a filthy lie. You are obese, you never leave the basement, you are an angry, jealous hater and you have eight cats!!!

          • Chris Noth as Det Mike Logan in the original Law and Order was about the best thing ever. I miss the original Law and Order. Also, I think I am the only one who watched and enjoyed LA? Though axing the original Law and Order to make room for LA was criminal. And I haven’t watched SVU since Stabler left.

          • Cragen was my fav Captain, although Anita van Buren was good too (although lately – hating on her hair)

            I liked LA although I couldn’t help but think of babbbby wipes

          • OMG, Solidarity Cat! Your L&O opinions make you seem even more T&C! I love all the L&Os with Jerry Orbach. Loved Michael Moriarty as the pre-Sam Waterston lolyer, too. Not such a fan of the spinoffs. SVU is well done, but the righteous moral indignation turns me off, and the other spinoffs (excluding LA, which I haven’t seen) are just shitty.

            PS: how many gift cards would Donkey give to look as young and hot as Angie Harmon, who is a decade older than her?

          • Jerry Orbach was a national treasure. What an amazing career he had. I was so sad when he died. Anyway, you should join bitchface and me for our fireside chats about the glories of police procedural dramas.
            Angie Harmon= smokin. A donk wishes.
            Oh, and worst lady ADA? Let’s say it together now:
            Elizabeth Rohm.
            One last thing, I thought Law and Order was getting so good again right before they cancelled it. I mean, Jeremy Sisto!
            Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Sorry for the tangent.

          • I am obsessed with L&O and had the most ridic ladyboner for Stabler, esp. when he’d GO ROGUE (so to speak) on the child molesters and rapists. Chris Meloni, unf. Also… Jeremy Sisto UNF (I can’t find my Cranberries CD! I gotta go to the quad before anyone snags it.) Now WHY hasn’t anyone mentioned Goren and Eames? Criminal Intent is fun too… come on! D’Onofrio!

          • love me some Goren and his psychological games, but if Eames had gotten as fat as he did, she would have been fired

            I hope he finds a new home on a great show.

          • This somehow seemed appropriate here:

          • Just going to second the lady boner for Stabler. It was beyond my control. The worse and over-wrought the acting the better. Also, I totally dug on criminal intent. The best episodes were like mini-movies. My favorite episode was the one about the Irish travellers. That was some good tv.

      • Love him too. A decade ago, when I was a young, hotter single kitten, I saw him at Nobu and he looked into my eyes, smiled sexily and said “hi.” I had JUST been dumped and was heartbroken, so this tiny non-event improved my state of mind so much, even for just that one evening. will always love him for this, and yeah, i loved Big in the SATC series (not the movies though…didn’t like what they did to his character).

      • do you watch The Good Wife? He’s good on it, too. Esp the scene in the elevator where he finally snaps back at his wife for being the “hurt” party

  7. Oh god, she’s now discovered Nicki Minaj. UGGGHH. Stop ruining everything, Donk. Also she characterized Nicki’s advice to a young fan to “stay in school” and to put school first, singing second, as “decidedly retro.” Telling a child not to pin all her hopes on a singing career and develop other skills is “retro,” is it? Donkey is just so fucking hostile toward any kind of “traditional” career path because hers is so untraditional (in that it doesn’t exist). Yes, there are some innovators who dropped out of school but people like Zuck and Bill Gates dropped out of HARVARD, which means they were intelligent enough to score entrance there in the first place. Most people who were successful without completing formal schooling would probably have been just as successful if they had. They weren’t successful because they were dropouts, Donk; they were successful in spite of it.

      • Not to mention that this is completely silly for someone who not only LOVES to mention where she went to school, but has done so for pretty much everyone she goes comes into contact with – unless it isn’t impressive enough by her standards… so, not an Ivy or Georgetown. She is not an innovator, she is not too intelligent for the restraints of a school nor a society, and she’s not tech. Just because she kisses up to these people doesn’t mean she’s anything like them, and I think much of that is how she operates. Being among the intellects makes her intellectual, the popular, the pretty, the well-liked, the nice; they’re all included in the BS. She thinks their traits will rub off on her complete emptiness when she remains an asshole at the end of the day.

        • I think it’s a misuse of the term “drop out” when school gets in the way of your metastasizing corporation.

          • I have to agree. “Leaving/left” are probably better terms, and the most successful of those types have clearly always done so for a reason. Even with that, I wouldn’t encourage young people to completely blow off a college education. Most of them will need it to get some jobs, not that donkey shame would know anything about that. She has a degree and look what she’s doing with her life. SO aspirational, except not at all.

          • Well, exactly.

            That little girl isn’t deciding between a busy corporation and finishing a degree at Harvard; she’s 8 years old and yeah, should finish elementary school and high school before she makes plans to sing professionally.


    • It really blows my mind. Someone else said it best in the last thread that having such a snobby attitude towards education reeks of privilege. It reminds me of a high school basketball coach a friend of mine married who once posted that it’s silly that kids have graduation-from-high-school parties because isn’t it just “normal and expected” to graduate?

      I just kant with this bitch. Education is about more than making money, you goddamn asshole.

      • She is anti-education because she got a degree, barely, and it did nothing for her. And she’s anti-job because she can’t be arsed to get one. Just like the Internet ruined her life, she’ll take no responsibility for anything. She did nothing with her degree because she wanted to be famous instead; she won’t work a real job because she’s lazy and feels they’re beneath her. So it’s SOCIETY’S FAULT that she was expected to use her degree to forge a career for herself. SOCIETY really needs to rethink this obsession with jobs and education!!!!

        • Didn’t she recently mention desperately wanting to see “Race to Nowhere”? She — who barely managed to graduate college because she was too vapid and lazy — wants to watch a documentary about the unnecessary burden put on primary/secondary ed students…

          She is such a clueless dolt, for real.

        • Exactly. She thinks poo pooing on having an actual traditional career makes her look more impressive for not having one, like she does it on purpose and isn’t just lazy/inept. Try harder you stupid bitch.

          • Exactly. It’s not that I’m an unemployable dumb lazy asshat! I CHOSE THIS LIFESTYLE! Lay off, Dadsers!

      • Yeah, I just finished 3 years with Teach for America…and… I just can’t.

        My students had no. other. option. than to stay in school. 50% of them dropped out by 10th grade. Those who graduated still ready at an 8th grade level. DROPPING OUT OF SCHOOL IS NOT AN OPTION if your parents WORK AT A JOB ALL DAY. Where does she expect these kids to go?

        Rage stroke.

        • I don’t want to restart your rage stroke but I’m pretty sure donk once mentioned she’d tried for TFA.


          I googled as I was typing this to be sure… AND THIS BISH:
          March 16, 2008
          “When I was a senior in college, I applied to Teach for America.

          I didn’t get in.

          I wish I had. “

    • She thinks everyone else lives in white suburbanite upper-middle-class la-la land, where dropping out of school is seen as rebellious and eccentric, rather than loserish.

      • Also, the girl in question is 8. It’s hardly controversial or “retro” to tell an 8 year old to focus on school.

      • Exactly. Rich suburban white girl making fun of Nicki’s message to stay in school. Bitch please. Julia is borderline racist in her offensively flippant take on the “stay in school” thing.

        • Especially if she knew ANYTHING about the graduation statistics for African Americans — specifically male.

          Wait, didn’t that lengthy article about marriage she posted cover the education disparity between African American men and women? Why yes, yes it did.

          She probably skipped those paragraphs, though, because who cares about the browns?

          • Well, to be fair, the girl that Nicki Minaj told to stay in school was an 8-year-old white English girl.

            But yeah, Nicki Minaj’s experience of what happens to people who drop out of school is likely to be a lot different and more realistic than A Donkey’s.

            A Donkey is so fucking racist. I still cannot get over her taking photos of all the black and Asian strangers at the vodka party and posting them on her Facebook.

          • I say this because I know that Nicki Minaj grew up in a tough neighborhood in Queens, not because I assume everyone who is black and South Asian grew up in a tough neighborhood.

          • I also think that in spite of this girl being a huge fan, Nicki was attempting to do some good because she knows in her heart that the LAST thing this little girl should be doing is emulating her and what she talks about in her music. Her music isn’t even remotely kid-friendly and coming face-to-face with a young fan, she has to maneuver around that. She so very clearly writes/raps/sings for an older audience.

          • Oops, Albie. I knew I wasn’t being clear. I was referring more to — as you mentioned — the reality Nicki would have been exposed to rather than the little girl in particular. Also in general that it is completely irresponsible to preach dropping out in a culture where so many young people (especially non-Caucasian) are doing just that in record numbers.

          • Albie, if Donks had only photographed the white people at the Barbie Vodka party, that would have been objectionable. (Although we wouldn’t have had any way of knowing who was snubbed.) But she seemed to be taking pictures of everyone who was dressed on theme, not just the people of color.

            The Veev/Mattel branding at that party was so overt and obnoxious, just tacky as all fuck. If I want to see a corporate logo slapped on cups and stickers and signage I’ll go to Taco Bell.

      • Exactly. For some of us whose parents didn’t go to college, actually doing so ourselves was a huge accomplishment.

        She can kiss my fat Ivy educated ass. I worked for it, Daddy didn’t get me there. What a spoiled dipshit she is.

    • Also, donkey would think it’s adorable that an eight year ol is mimicking a music video with profanity and sexually suggestive lyrics and dancing. Tool.

  8. Why is she so PROUD of herself for, uh, finding shelter for herself? This reminds me of the Chris Rock routine of people boasting about having a job (because that’s something everyone’s supposed to have anyway).

    • Sorry, not to get all pedantic, but it’s bragging about (a) taking care of your kids and (b) not going to jail, not bragging about having a job:

      “N—-s always want credit for something they suppose to do. For some shit a normal man just does. A n—- would say some shit like, ‘I take care of my kid.’ You suppose to, you dumb motherfucker! ‘I ain’t never been to jail.’ Whatchu want, a cookie?!”

      • I like this version of that monologue better:

        They’ll brag about stuff a normal man just does. They’ll say something like, “Yeah, well I take care of my kids.” You’re supposed to, you dumb motherfucker. “I ain’t never been to jail.” Whaddya want? A cookie? You’re not supposed to go to jail, you low-expectation-having motherfucker!

        because “low-expectation-having motherfucker” is so brilliant.

  9. Just looked at her LA pictures. Wow. Even ugly LA wannabes are 10X better looking than our little donk. I feel like LA is going to be very, very hard on her.

    • And did you notice how young everyone is? Everyone is either in college or a recent grad. Doesn’t she feel out of place…? (silly question)

  10. Now she needs a car to get into the city to pretend she’s a blogger. What is the filming sked like?

    10am – she finally wakes up
    12pm – she’s still googling herself
    1pm – she writes a tweet and won’t stop talking about it
    1:30pm – she tries to google hangout with randi
    2:30pm – she can’t figure out her computer. Tweets about it.
    4pm – she leaves the house for “meetings” and won’t let us film
    7pm – she comes home and reads this website about donkeys
    10pm – she tweets again
    12am – she starts makeup
    2am – she thinks every camera is a confessional and proceeds to cry about how tough it is being her
    4am – falls asleep, occasionally jolts up from hearing herself

    • You bring up something interesting: How is she going to avoid this website? If cameras are on all the time, then she’ll never be able to read here without giving us away. Or does she get her own private Julia time?

      • Not all reality shows film 24/7. I think The Hills only had a 3x/week filming schedule. I’m not sure if the “stars” had a say in the matter because the show was popular or if this common in the genre.

        • It’s common for shows that aren’t residential (like Big Brother or The Real World) to have scheduled taping sessions, rather than non-stop coverage. It’s a lot cheaper, for one thing.

    • 7pm – she comes home and reads this website about donkeys


  11. Hey! Maybe you guys already talked about it: but Brant’s nonsociety listing is gone. Gone! No more sounds-like-it-was-translated-from-swedish bio about being a human jack knife or switchblade or whatever! NO more watercress! No more Pele!

  12. It’s very hard to hide your crazy from a roommate, and even WE don’t know what kind of fucked up shit goes on during the wee hours of Julie Baugher’s psychotic life.

    Too bad literally no one besides us gives a fuck. Certainly not anyone who’s ever dated this stumpy little brat.

  13. Has she congratulated and expressed her deep pride that Jordan has a sprog or does she only suck up to Zuckerbabies?

    • It would be incredibly tacky on Julia’s part if she didn’t send a card, flowers, or some sort of congratulations to her ex-business partner.

      • Um, obviously you don’t watch Jerseylicious. You send a bottle of Vodka. (totally teamAlexa on that one)

        • Is it wrong that I love Jerseylicious (#TeamOlivia all day) and also wish that Filippo would come to New York and try his “game” out on the women here because it would end up 100x more laughable than when he’s playing around in his home state? If so, I don’t want to be right.

          • I don’t hate Tracy, but dudes, Mikey is disgusting. Picturing those two doing it gives me the heebie jeevies

        • Exactly. If she so much as issues a congratulatory tweet it would give me the chills on Jordan’s behalf. And may I just say? I am happy for her and Kendrick. *ducks*

          • At first I thought the photos were kind of TMI…even though I like her and she’s on my Google Reader. BUT, then my bitter heart melted. The photo of Kendrick looking so teary and happy was something I’ve not really seen as an adult and it was buckets of sweetness. And yes, the baby and his full lips was Jadorably adorable.

          • I am inclined to find such intimate photos shared on a blog inappropriate but the photo essay of the birth was really moving. I also teared up.

          • I wasn’t on board with the vapidity of the photo essay (WHO was taking all of these photos and HOW did she touch up her makeup continually??) but the photos were nice. Then once I realized she hadn’t even left the hospital when they were posted, I got irritated again.

          • The photo of Kendrick was unbelievable. So much emotion in his eyes. Oh God, I am tearing up again.

          • CDB: I am a big softy when it comes to babies and love and new motherhood/parenthood. I can’t help it!

      • I think that considering the circumstances, it’s perfectly acceptable for Frankendonk to not congratulate Jordan. She’s not a part of their lives and she has no reason to butt in and comment on Jordan’s baby — that’d be creepy, tacky, and fake, IMO. If someone I hated congratulated me on getting married or giving birth, I would definitely not appreciate it. I’m not a famewhore, but still.

        • You are correct of course, but it just fits in with her MO of being cloyingly “so proud” of tangential people’s achievements that are completely unrelated to her.

    • Hey everyone,

      Serious question here–and I am sure there are many among you who understand this better than I do…
      regarding blogs like Jordan’s and Mary’s–and the countless others out there–do they make a living off this or is it more of a hobby?

      I am truly curious…


    • She’s a control freak re: her image and I am guessing it was the lack of control when she drank that bugged her more than anything. Photos taken of her left side while drunk did not please her, I’m sure. And that would be what her aversion to drinking is all about more than anything else, I guarantee it.

      • Sociopaths often do not drink – or strictly limit themselves. The effects are too unpredictable. They tend to love prescription drugs, though, because they can control the effects by taking uppers and downers as needed. (This was told to me outright by one of the world’s leading experts in NPD and sociopathy.)

        • I’m always on the lookout for more evidence I’m not a sociopath. I never say “umm” in interviews, and I drink like a sailor on shore leave. THAT’S ENOUGH FOR ME.

          • You have to read The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson, because it’s hilarious and also Ronson talks about the endless self-diagnosis spirals he gets into while reading the stuff.

    • The weirdest thing about her “those photos are why I don’t drink anymore” comment is that it’s dated OVER A YEAR after the article was published (article pub 11/06, JA comments 1/08). God what a weirdo.

      • She’s always looking at her old photos. She is like the curator of a Museum of Herself, attendance 1.

        • not to mention that she’s re-writing her version of her history as badly as “The History of North Korea, the Greatest Country in the Universe in Perpetuity” as penned by Kim Jong-il

    • The “I don’t drink” began after whole bunch college humor guys stopped drinking. She joined in, and I’m pretty sure Ricky Van Veen called her out on claiming to not drink when he’s seen her drink, and hey, isn’t it funny that whole bunch of CH guys stopped drinking also?

      My fucking brain. I remember pretty much nothing of gestalt therapy but this shit sticks. Someone fuck me.

        • They just played this really loud at my desk errand place. I had no idea this song existed, but I feel that we are all better for it:

          • What? You did not know of this song? It’s a classic. So is Cracker’s “Happy Birthday To Me.” Very funny.


      • I noticed she wasn’t mentioned! It wouldn’t be too shocking if she decided to “surprise” Erica by making an appearance as a “celebrity” “digital nomad.”


    • God, I hate that fucking fuck fuck fuck woman.

      Also, she didn’t give the family all her possessions—she kept her expensive wardrobe and her computer and her Mercedes. FUCKING ENTITLED FUCK WHO WAS BORN ON THIRD BASE AND THOUGHT SHE HIT A TRIPLE.

  14. O/t, but Mark Zito is asking her to come on his radio show on facebook while she’s in NYC this week. Please say she does!!! It was so much fun the last time!!

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