A Gift From An Unknown Fan

This little information sheet about Miss Advised just showed up in our inbox. I didn’t edit it; feast your eyes.

“Begins shooting on 10/24.” That’s today, bitches. Hi Donkey!

•       SHOW INFO: See attached one sheets on the show and network performance
o       Viewership TBD as it is a new series
o       From Ashley Tisdale’s production company, Blondie Girl Productions
o       Topline: Follows three single relationship experts – all of whom make a living dispensing advice – on and off the job.  In each episode, viewers will watch these women juggle their work and personal lives as they maneuver through the dating world and discover whether or not they practice what they preach.
•       EPISODE PREMISE: Julia Allison is a columnist/blogger who writes about relationships and dating.  She’s a single, 30-year-old who is in the midst of relocating from Chicago to Los Angeles.  As part of the move, she’d like to transition from her former ultra-girlie, full of pink, post college pad to a more sophisticated and adult home.
•       PREMIERE DATE: TBD- likely Summer 2012
•       OPPORTUNITY: Trade-out opportunity focusing on dressing a 2-bedroom apartment
•       EXPOSURE:
o       1 in store shopping trip
o       1 establishing shot of storefront signage
o       Minimum 1 incremental logo via shopping bag shot
•       TIMING:
o       Commit by EOD Friday, October 21st
o       Begins shooting on 10/24/11
o       Location shoot & merchandise pulls in mid-November (week of 11/14)


  1. Wait…the omg downtown condo is not pink! Lies!!
    There’s going to be so many of these julileaks I cannot wait

    • Wasn’t she trying to sucker an up-and-coming decorator into working for free a while back? Maybe she staged a girlie bedroom for the show. Seeing photos of her NYC pad wouldn’t make interesting television.

  2. Her whole life has been spent in preparation for this! It was her plan all along, bunnies! Fail so hard that she can get a reality show that helps her become the sane, healthy Julia she is– erm, will be!

    • The pinnacle of her success! She doesn’t even need to grift for herself! She now has handlers to grift for her! Which lucky interns will get to return her grifted schwag for her?

  3. As part of the move, she’d like to transition from her former ultra-girlie, full of pink, post college pad to a more sophisticated and adult home.

    college ended seven years ago Donkey!
    also, wasn’t she already stabling in an adult assisted living facility??

    • So this is going to be THE BIG CONFLICT – that she has to give up pink???? That’s the best angle they can come up with???

      Also, where is this relationship blog? L. to the fucking O, to the fucking L – Christmas in October, bunnies!

    • The waxy-domed she-goblin that shrieked ghoulishly during the Taylor Swift concert would beg to differ that Donks truly wants “to transition” away from pink. Shudder.

  4. I have a friend who was still in a post-college phase at 30. He has a PhD and just bought a house. Anyway…

    lol, this is going to be awesome! I can’t wait until summer 2012! I live in Europe so one of you helpful catladies must upload to the torrentverse as that’s how I get all my programming (and no one other than a catlady will care/watch enough to upload this show).

    Also, how is she spinning the fact she is no longer a blogger or a columnist?

  5. “EPISODE PREMISE: Julia Allison is a columnist/blogger who writes about relationships and dating.”

    That premise is false! Julia Allison is no “columnist.” Peter Baugher should file a class-action lawsuit against Ashley Tisdale for this blatant misrepresentation.

    • This HAS to have something to do with the fact that TMS will not respond to queries from CBS and other news organizations about what happened to her column, right? Somehow she has pleaded with them to keep it quiet and they’ve agreed for whatever misguided reason, despite our ticking time clock. HELLO BRAVO! HELLL-OOOOOO!!! She got fired!! SHE’S NOT A COLUMNIST!

      • AGREE!!! What’s in it for them to keep quiet – yes, I know the speculation is they don’t want to be nagged by Peter Baugher but REALLY???

        Don’t they have enough egg on their face from publishing Peter Baugher’s manifesto about cyber bullying without knowing about his conflict of interest????

        • Maybe Dad$er threatened TMS w/ undue negative exposure, if they don’t ordinarily announce every columnist who gets dropped. #GraspingAtStraws

          • Something is more amiss here then where the fuck is Lodwick’s crack?

            PS, I love me some Redacted.

      • Here is what continues to stun me about Julia Allison.

        She isn’t a relationship columnist. She hasn’t been a relationship columnist in years. She got canned from every writing and speaking gig she has ever had, and that fact is all over the internet.

        But I guarantee you that she absolutely hasn’t told anyone at Ashley Tisdale’s production company or Bravo that she got fired again – that she is not a columnist at all, and hasn’t been a relationship columnist in years.

        And when she gets canned from this gig – as absolutely will happen – she will forever style herself as a reality television star. And in her mind, it will be as true as her being a relationship columnist.

        • I just– how can she get away with it unless the production company — ASHLEY TISDALE — is in on the con????

          From what I hear about these shows, they do extensive background checks, even psychological (LOL)… so I have to believe the production company is just going to make up a fake column for her.

          • The psychological eval results will have to be faked as well, but I guess that it will get stuck in the queue, right after they fix the typo(s) in it?

          • I’d bet anything that the production company has no idea. NONE. And in Julia Allison’s world, they will never know – as Dan said, she is doesn’t remember anything that is inconsistent with whatever image she is trying to sell today, and getting fired is light years behind her now.

            Until the production company finds out, and she is canned. And the cycle of Julia Allison’s life continues.

          • I just know what she’s thinking. She can’t honestly think that average people are going to love her on T.V.? She’s so sensitive about what’s said on this website.. but it’s going to be insignificant compared to the scorn and ridicule she receives once (if) her show hits the airwaves..

          • How did they not even fucking Google her???
            That’s all the “psych test” they need!

          • Snowflake: I would believe this about the scorn, if I thought more than a few hundred people would tune in for this, blink a few times, and change the channel. I can’t imagine this will last more than a few episodes if it even airs.

        • I disagree, they are quite aware of her current situation. In the end, these shows are about ratings and with ratings come advertisers with their fuck you money. My guess is that the producers are depending/hoping that Julia’s relationship with TMS will be brought to light, that her true personality will shine through, and that the audience will hate Julia. Every story has a villain and in this case its a donkey.

          What makes me sadz is that Julia Baugher would rather be famous and a villain than a good hearted nobody.

          • It also kinda sucks that all the people she tweeted about, her managers etc., are simply cashing in on this shitshow. In her addled mind they are on her side; but in reality, they are nothing but parasites feeding off her downward spiral.

            Empathy, sometimes I haz It.

          • I agree. I think they know she is a shit-show and that’s why they cast her. That’s what Oprah’s people wanted too. Only I guess Julia wasn’t desperate enough then to sign the contract.

          • I feel like this could be the angle. I mean, what better than to have a “Miss Advised” character who proclaims to be a relationship expert but remains single at 30 AND has been canned from her previous gig writing about relationships? It’s the ultimate fail.

          • Alternatively, maybe Bravo, or the production company, is the one hoping to cover up with fact that they made a mistake with Donkey. Maybe they are the ones who quieted the TMS firing. Because if this show airs and the audience finds out that Julia was a sham, will it look bad for the production company and/or the network?

            I don’t know. I don’t watch enough reality television or know anyone in the business to know how this works.

          • And would they really care if she had a current writing gig? She produced a huge amount of idiotic writing both on the web and in print. If the show is about pointing out the gap between written advice and actual behavior, there is plenty material for pointed and humiliating quotes to let this show go into season 29.

          • Her having been fired from her “dating/relationship” posts fit more into the Miss Advised premise than anything she’s even done recently. I’m pretty sure she’s been cast as the villain/idiot whether she knows it or not, and it seems like she’s been trying to play to that “single girl with bad luck when it comes to love” role recently and all her tweets seem very show-related.

            Tweetcap (first two totally unrelated but gave me lulz):

            @[redacted] – I didn’t even bother to bring workout clothes. 🙁 that’s how bad I’ve been lately. Ugh. I am in a health rut.
            What happened to PIERCE THE TRAINER?

            EVERY WOMAN I KNOW NEEDS TO READ THIS. Thanks, B! RT @brit: 10 Rules for Brilliant Women (I love these)
            She definitely knows some pretty dumb women and she is far from brilliant, so I don’t know…

            I need a “rejected by” field! RT @MichaelEllsberg: Zuckerberg could use it! RT @igotkat: Facebook needs to have a “dropped out of” field.

            I wish I had a photo of every guest bed, couch, air mattress, and hammock I’ve slept in over the last year. Would make quite a montage. 😉

            RT @marwilliamson: The way of the miracle-worker is to see all human behavior as one two things: either love, or a call for love.

            I have the worst insomnia ever tonight … And for the past two weeks. Ughhhh.
            double LOL at this response: maybe a few drinks would help.

  6. Wow, so she’s going to pretend the last few years didn’t happen, right? Because this show is about TONY column-writing, NYC-dwelling Julia. No wonder all her old shit is starting to resurface.

    • Yes, it must be connected somehow. Was she posting that shit, or was TONY? I can’t figure that out. Did she ask them to do it?

      • TONY was posting some stuff up in the Summer. IDK that it’s so much to help Julia; it may be for the purpose of driving search engine traffic. The referring posts themselves appear to have specific keywords tossed in so such videos can come up in a general search. If anyone called asking to verify her current employment or inquire about her, I’m sure they’d be more than happy to say she doesn’t work there anymore and hasn’t in years. Oh, also, this…


        • Donk “generated the most reader letters—pro or con—of any TONY writer”.

          Translation: she was the most hated columnist in TONY’s history.

          Oh, our Donk, what an endless source of mirth…

          • I love that she thinks she was hired to “shake things up”. Because her content is so cutting edge and controversial and thought-provoking.


  7. Don’t you just LOVE that it’s the 1st day of filming and the leaks are already coming in?? Good Lord it’s wonderful!

    • What I don’t get is that on the first day of filming, she’s flying out of the city that it’s supposedly being filmed in & back to Mom$er & Dad$er’s decidedly-not-pink condo. Is it a good thing that there’s no mention of Lilly, will she be spared the credit of ‘best dog’?

      • Well you see, despite having spent like, 5 minutes in that condo in the past couple of months, she has to pretend she actually LIVED there – if only for the cameras. It wouldn’t surprise me if she tried to make it look more “lived in” and less sterile, maybe she has most of her stuff boxed up for the “Time for the big move, I’ll miss this place!” shot. Assisted living facility doesn’t even appear to have anything pink or girly about it. She has to set it up.

        • Cameras are accompanying her. Really? Well, I sure hope they don’t overlook the sleeping arrangement in the OMG! Downtown Condo!, cuz what says successful relationship expert better than two OMG! So Sexxxay! twin beds pushed together?

    • Yes! Cheers to the magnificent anon who blessed us with this latest intel, and to all the beautiful lurking tipsters!


  8. This is amazing annnnnd her latest tweets are so manic and ridiculous :

    * I have the best manager in the world: I’m getting business emails from @Steven_Grossman 30,000 feet in the air. Now THAT’s dedication.

    * Unanticipated benefit of being single: no one to stop you from BLASTING AS MUCH PETER CETERA AS YOU WANT, DAMNIT!

    * I’m going to make myself a teeshirt that reads: “Third Wheel 4 Life! WHAT!” well. I’m on the fence about the “What!”

    • First, the people that keep allowing this jackass to play “third wheel” should discuss some clear boundaries, ignore her calls/texts/emails/tweets/smoke signals, and/or come up with an excuses list like that way old Seinfeld episode instead of pity-inviting her to what is clearly date night if she’s feeling like a third wheel. Second, she needs to stop inviting herself to things that are just couple and her single ass self. Third, who is PROUD of this kind of thing? It sounds like she’s that annoying idiot you suffer just so you don’t have to deal with them after the fact, and she sounds like an asshole. As usual.

    • Business emails LOL!!!! So funny. Anyone in the know about this crap can wager what those emails are like? “How do you feel about featuring Buttprint cleanse on your counter episode one pls advise”

      • It’s her “I’m 30, I’m single, ummm can you sign this release form and pretend to date me? You can be on TV!” shtick. From now on JA will be dancing for Bravo IN ADDITION to RBD. If you thought it was exhausting to be her before, just wait for her trying to spin lies and positives out of her negatives for a camera when she still can’t control the editing room (or herself, for that matter) anyway. This is going to be a gigantic shitshow.

        • I’m convinced that’s why she came to LA – more chances to dupe actor wanna-bes to go on fake dates with her. She knows it.

          • This-to-Cali-fratty-this-this-ex-poon-all-hee-this-this.

            (Or thistocalifrattythisthisexpoonallheethisthis.)

        • It is going to be awesome. Awesome, I say. Exhaustingly, inexorably awesome. Cameras are rolling, bunnies, and so is that great karmic wheel.

      • Albie, it’s all a plant for her show – so was the post about her being “predator or prey” in a relationship – she wants everyone to be thinking she’s really working on herself to make this shit show more interesting.

      • JuliaAllison: Omg THIS IS PERFECT! RT @gimmegrits: @JuliaAllison “3rd Wheel 4 Life. Roll hard.”

        Why does she want to RT someone who misspells ‘rode’ as ‘roll’?

        #3rd_Wheel_4_Life___ Rode_hard_&_Put_Up_Braying

      • Am I imagining this or was JA on that dating show “5th Wheel?”

        Perhaps some lost footage will surface?

  9. UGH. This show won’t be that complicated to edit. Why do we have to wait until summer?! It’s not going to happen if they give themselves that much of a window. No one can tolerate her that long. The network will scrap her.

          • Summer is for the shitty B-list shows. September is when they roll out the real shows, summer is just filler or testing the waters.

          • BUT BF, I don’t think they anticipated Burn Notice having the success that it did. It actually shocked me a bit too, but it’s a great show.

          • Usually stuff picked up for summer has a shorter initial buy–6 or 8 episodes instead of a full season of shows like you’ll see for the other Bravo reality shows. Sometimes things work out–they’re not buying shows they think have 0% chance of success. But in summer theyre not under as much pressure to make big ratings numbers, so they can try things out.

            I have to believe Bravo knows that the only chance people watch Julia (et al) is for the Danielle Staub factor. Their audience will hate her, they must know this. And that’s their chance to have some success with the show. And the film will be in the can months before shows air, so it doesn’t matter if Julia can’t handle being shown badly… there will be LITERALLY (!) nothing she can do about it, if it ever makes it onto TV.

  10. Who cast this? She was a “relationship blogger” briefly, maybe 6 years ago. They couldn’t find ONE dumbass, single 22 y/o Carrie Bradshaw wannabe for this tv show? Really?

  11. FOR FUCK’S SAKE, TIPSTER, TELL US WHO THE THIRD CAST MEMBER IS. We already know that Julie Albertson is lying up a storm and trying to turn back the clock (though it is hilarious to see how vigorously she’s doing it) but who is Bachelorette Number Three?


    • Yes… and what kind of filming is going on in NYC? Is she trying to get Tony or TimeOut to say she’s currently “working” for them because the coverage will be good for them????


    • this looks like an RFP for advertising/exposure of some store to be on the show. Tipster doesn’t necessarily have all info if they’re just getting RFPs for one episode with donkey.

  12. This is going to be an EPIC failure. More like a whimpering failure but EPIC for us catladies. It’s going to be SO BAD.

    This was the biggest contract of her life? Oh, wait a sad miserable failure. Way to go Baugher parents.

    • The premise is boring as hell. Any shitshow will only be of interest to catladies waiting for Julia to fall on her ass yet again after the umpteenth undeserved opportunity. I’m calling it here: this crap never airs. I don’t care how persuasive Julia’s mangerly manger and Dad$er can be.

      • I KNOW IT”S SO BORING. Who on earth would watch this?? With all the ridiculous and insane reality show shenanigans going on now…who fuck cares about three vapid twats who give relationship advice? WHY???? God why????

        • Plus, she’s too long in the tooth for the role of college kid adjusts to real world. I’m absolutely floored by that information sheet! At age fucking 30 we’re supposed to buy the St. Elmo’s Fire premise?!

          • totally this–she’s incredibly bad at everything, but the most shocking thing is… the production company couldnt find anyone younger/better?

            unless they’re planning to make julia into a danielle staub type of character. she’s perfect for that.

    • Donkey has just grifted a moving co, right? So what are they ‘moving’ that she couldn’t have shipped? She shipped her summer clothes to the beach house in Coronado that she shared w/ that senator’s son. *ouch, I’m LMAO* She’s really going to have stored pink furniture unpacked from storage & moved across the country to an apartment that’s about to be furnished w/ all newly grifted un-piunk things?


      • Maybe as a time-killer. She doesn’t actually blog or have a column so they’re making an episode about her (unnecessary) transition to LA. What else would they film?

        • Hi ineffably jelly! So glad you’re still kicking around the litter box. Hope you’ll stay for a while. 🙂

  13. She’s a blogger? Have they even SEEN her blog? If “reblogging glitter guide” counts, then sure, she is a ‘blogger.’ Other than that the only ‘advice’ she ever blogs is she advice she fails to take.


    • She’ll have a fake relationship blog up before the premiere. It’s all lies. Just lie Julia.

      • I predict she starts a Q&A just like her old Social Studies columns (pour a 40 out!) on her blahhg. She made up the questions anyway so no need to solicit anything.

        • This. The only thing is, it would have been soooooo much more believable had she started this months ago when the cat (LOL) wasn’t out of the bag on the reason behind it.

    • Bobby Trendy wouldn’t stoop that low 🙂

      What sad store would want to be associated with Julia Allison?

  14. Heh, seems like jobs are relationships for Julia — not over until she says they’re over, and even then!

    I’m waiting for that wonderful moment when the producers want her to read something from her relationship column.

  15. SXSW really sucks… I mean, come on… did they even review the lame panel a Donkey did last year???

    JuliaAllison SO excited to be speaking with @ericaogrady at #SXSW 2012!! Come hear us talk about how innovation has created a geo-agnostic generation!!

    “geo-agnostic” oh, really?

    • But the panel is listed as solo? And she is no longer a digital nomad.


      • I SO CALLED IT. (Can I first that? Please?) The panel’s on my list, hope I can make it this year and not get sidetracked by errand running.

        Happy birthday, JP!

      • Has anybody anywhere at any time ever asked her for advice?
        The only thing she is “expert” at is MASSIVE FAIL.

  16. Won’t the new roomie mind Donkey assaulting her eardrums with Disney tunes, teen pop and maudlin oldies?

    A hundred bucks says she has “Wishing You Were Here” and “Alone for the Holidays” replaying on an endless loop.

    • uh… my comment was in reference to this tweet that LEFOOLIEH posted above:

      * Unanticipated benefit of being single: no one to stop you from BLASTING AS MUCH PETER CETERA AS YOU WANT, DAMNIT!

    • Roomies won’t mind because they’ll be totally into it just like she is (NOT) and they aren’t romantic interests!

  17. I’ll just leave this right here….

    A huge congratulations to Jordan (@RamshackleGlam) & Kendrick on the birth of their first child, a beautiful baby boy! [link removed]

    • Maybe I’m overly cynical, but upon seeing this tweet my instant interpretation is that madam is laying the excuses groundwork for sleeping until 2 in the afternoon and arriving hours late for daytime appointments, while protecting her late-night sessions to google herself, purge/rewrite history, and add new material to the unrelenting Jsunami of all things JABa. She’s prepping the new crew for the new normal. “Oh, so sorry I’m late (again)! I suffer terribly from insomnia. All my followers are aware of this. And I think I might have had a bad reaction to some hidden gluten in that peppermint patty I took a tiny bite of yesterday after hiking Runyon Canyon. What?!”

      • Beat me to it! Like, really… bad insomnia recently? Hasn’t that always been an issue with her? Didn’t she go for a damn sleep study to determine whether or not she had apnea or any other sleep disorder? Stop googling yourself and reading RBD at 4AM, Julie. Hope that helped, you can pay on the way out. Also, Icray, JSUNAMI is amazing.

        • You’d have trouble sleeping too if you were haunted by the ghost of Brant Stead, the star blogger who could have been.

          • [img]http://alresfordsalads.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/book.jpg[/img]

            Don’t be sad, flatface. He’s just published his autobiography.

        • why doesn’t she simply embrace her nocturnal beasthood? Sheeee-it, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, just go w/ it, own it already. It’ll be good for ratings; zombies are IN right now.

          • She honestly wants SO BADLY to be America’s Sweetheart (loved, adored, admired) when she’s America’s Next Top Cunt in reality. She CAN’T embrace her inner bitch because she’s trying to hide it for the things she really wants. A rich and powerful husband! A ridiculously unnecessary huge white wedding with all the accouterments! Julia needs these things. So she will continue to be SO. NICE. (with shades of her actual bitchy personality coming out when she can’t control it) until she gets those things.

      • Um, hasn’t she had “insomnia” aka “I have no job and thus sleep all day/stay up all night” since like forever? JUST TAKE AMBIEN AND STFU ALREADY.

    • Uggggh. Brayge. Back OFF the ramshakalka baybay, Donkey. I would be so creeped out if I were Jordan and Kendrick.

      • I get that since they were formerly friends it MIGHT be nice for her to extend congrats, but she was so heinous during the ending of that friendship that maybe it would probably be better for her to keep quiet. Plus, you have to question if she’s doing this for reality tv fodder (after never having read here – Brayella). In some ways I feel like this is her “apology” to Jordan “look, I’m getting you back into the TV scene that you loved so much!” but she is also exploiting a non-friendship for her own gain. She is being NICE, again.

  18. Szish’s nonsociety page is just like TJ’s now: broken.

    TJ i can understand. He’s probably done blogging. Or talking even. I mean, it’s fun the first time someone comes of the closet (yaa! that was brave!). But, shit, how many times can you tweet/blog/video “I’m gay”? The 900th time someone let’s you know they’re gay! gets irritating. Message received TJ: you like guys. You may sign off now.

    Szieeetsch, though? Is this in solidarity with Brant Stead? Maybe she wants to steer clear of the realtiy show? I mean, of all the NS’ers she’s the one closest to having a real job (what does she do? Like, freelance for GMA or whatever?)

    • FF – Brant checked out and Sheesh went with. She has already used NS’ minimal usefulness (to promote her other site) to the fullest and really, she wants none of this reality show business. She is too klassy for that. She actually works, and stuff! I think she freelances for GMA and other programs now but she was an InStyle contrib for a long time. I knew of her before she got on the Failship Nonsociety, having seen her name in print, so there’s that. It actually shocked me that she joined at all, but then I saw her M.O. quite clearly.


        Maybe she can shed some pelts light on it all …

      • At least nonsociety still has Arax. Not every group blog can have a contributor whose name sounds like a mythical Greek warrior and a hunter-killer robot. Plus, her feel-good, self-help book excerpts are the best. She avoids all the usual cheesiness that those soar-with-the-eagle tracts usually have.

        “…We all deserve to be happy, healthy and loved.

        You always have a choice.

        So choose it fully, and choose it well.

        In love, in light, in the clouds…

        Won’t you join me? ”

        Oh, Arax, fleet-footed sword carrier of the gods, I will join you.

    • I think maybe they are all eager to get their names disassociated with the donkey in advance of the onslaught of the negative attention that will inevitably accompany the reality show. And they are smart to do so.

    • I hear Brant’s landed some modeling contracts.


    • the Szish and TJ links have been messed up since they deleted Lisa. the coders put “http” twice in the link. their actual nonsociety pages are still there if you go directrly.

        • But even Lasagna can’t mess with Arax’s page. Her programmers/creators must have used 5-g (or even 6-g!) technology to ensure she was safe.

  19. Hey! It’s Tuesday, time for a new Social Studies column from Julia Allison! YAY!!!

    Oh, wait … Julia Allison’s contract renewal w/ Tribune Media Services was declined …

  20. If they wanted a real relationship/advice columnist who is a bitch and would make “the villain” character work they could have gotten amy alkon, except she’s in a relationship

    I can’t stand Amy (well, I hate her advice – most of the time – so by default I assume I would hate her) but it’d be awesome to see her and Julia Allison Baugher in the same show together. Amy would take about 12 seconds of her shit and put up the *stop* hand. http://www.advicegoddess.com

    • If they wanted a really good show they’d make Julia Allison live with Greek hunter-killer cyborg Arax-Rae Van Buren (the “rae” is short for “death ray”).

      Neither one of them needs sleep. Or a paycheck. And they both love technology. It computes!

  21. Note how she’s cast herself as perennially “unlucky” in love (when she’s really just terminally unlikable).

    • Unlucky in love, in work, in health, in home, in friendship, in eating, in fashion, in makeup, in exercise, in thinking, in networking …

      She’s more cursed than the Hope Diamond.

    • Nonono. Nothing to do with her behavior. People would ADORE her if only her nose were slightly differently shaped and her cheeks were fuller. Everything will be different after the next ashram trip!!!

    • Also, a cunt. Dumps guys after OBO’ing, cheats on people, etc. That’s not called “unlucky” that’s called “You are an amoral dickhead.”

  22. Who would want to place their brand on Donkey’s show? Who wants their brand identified with a classless, unpleasant, pretentious, immature, prematurely aging, amoral golddigger? On the other hand, The Donkey Show could make some fuck you money from companies paying for their competitors’ brands to be tied as closely as possible to Donkey.

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