Ex-Stalking Takes Priority over Internationally Syndicated Tech Column


As our roving reporter Random Snowflake has documented above, the masses in Calcutta are in dire need of a new “Social Studies” column. In solidarity with their cause, RBD has established a count-up timer in the sidebar, which will keep ticking until Julia Allison is once again allowed to freely express her thoughts on companies founded by people she is trying to suck up to. I mean, an article about the difficulties of being a single woman PALES in comparison to hard-hitting advertorials for fashion websites.

But sometimes….sometimes, when your rich, successful, engaged former boyfriend runs away at the sight of you, and your rich, successful, newly engaged other former boyfriend’s fiancee is tiny and cute and has three closets, it’s hard to put pen to paper eulogize Steve Jobs give a fuck about your job oh wait, you got fired!


  1. I just can’t with her. How is this all more important than what’s going on in the world? Especially with Occupy Wall Street?

    • Interesting, maybe? Personally relevant, certainly. But IMPORTANT?

      This is right up there with the link she posted to a story about the “increasingly pervasive problem” of women who eat a little and claim to eat a lot. PERVASIVE!


      She is just a big pelty, waxy vat of vapidity. There is nothing there.

      • Exactly. I’ve gone to Occupy Wall Street twice now and it seems incredible. And there’s such a HUGE social media aspect to it. People are ordering pizzas from California for the protesters. How is she missing this? How can you be so navel-gazingly stupid? And then add in the crazy about [redacted] and TMS. It’s just such bullshit.

        • I’ve only been able to get down once (to the Washington Square rally), and it was amazing. I do get why a lot of people are wary, but the important thing is that everyone is finally talking openly about why the economy’s so deeply fucked. The fact that Julia openly said that the spinster article is more important for her– as she continues to somehow rake in money for nothing, not unlike the worst of the Wall Street bankers– just proves how much of a donkey she really is.

          • And yes, a lot (most?) of the conversation about OWS/the economy is going on via Facebook, Twitter, even Tumblr. But just like the Arab Spring, it’s not pink enough for America’s Social Media Expert.

  2. [img]http://ring.cdandlp.com/golfdrouot73/photo_grande/114716740.jpg[/img]

    Donkey’s exes theme song.

  3. James must have a thing for brunettes who name drop, can’t get through an interview without saying “um” 18 billion times and, deliver every sentence as if it is a question and not simply a statement.

    I weep for our future. I really, really do.

    • Ha! I thought the same thing when watching the video. Can’t stand the Donk, but NPD and vindictive lashing out aside, that woman could easily be Donk 2.0.

      • If “cute and tiny” has any direct correlation to brain function, I’m firmly in the corner of all the fat and uglies out there.

        • right there with you, LickedRandisCake. “tiny and cute” is in the context of what julia idealizes. you know she wishes she could be beau dunn.

          • Aw, who am I kidding anyway, Prof? The “cute and tiny’s” have never had a chance with me.

            Love your work!

          • Every time I read “Beau Dunn” I want to drink, cuz it makes me think of students drinking on HIMYM every time Robin Sherbotzsky said: ‘but um …”

    • Yeah, she was completely annoying. Not half as annoying as Donkey, but right up there. The Valley Girl Speak, oy. Romy and Michelle called. They asked for you to stop.

    • I know! His fiancée is like the new, improved version of Julia: now with more looks and sophistication!

      • Not so sure about the sophistication. Dear lord her art is insipid. Everyone, mentally replace sophistication in the above comment with “kindness.”

        • She may also be good with the legalese. In my book, gluing a thousand Barbie legs on to a base and topping it with a piece of glass does not make one a “sculptor”.

          If she breaks out with the homemade gift bags and wishing boxes, I will die.

          • Don’t really think it’s legalese here. Girl apparently has a BFA, and the art community seems to accept things like the Barbie table as sculpture and look at it without giggling for a surprising length of time. I guess she’s a sculptor. Not necessarily a good one. Certainly not one who has ever made any money.

        • Oh, I don’t have any doubt she has credentials and degrees. And this is what our arts programs are turning out. May I say again…..I weep for our future.

          I do understand that art is subjective but, come on.

          • There are a lot of visual artists in my family. I’ve gone to a reasonable number of small-time gallery openings and studio shows, all of which invariably serve Costco veggie platters (you can see where my priorities are). I’ve only rarely seen stuff as mediocre as hers, and the stuff that is in the same ballpark is usually tacitly ignored. Methinks she wasn’t the shining star of her art department.

          • No reason forAvril Lavigne to “lust after it”. It seems fairly within reach to me. What they call attainable art.

            If she has nieces and nephews, younger cousins, neighbors who have kids, she could just buy 500 Barbies and a glue gun and have them make her one.

        • “Dear lord her art is insipid”
          Thank you. I seriously fear for our future. All these people belong under the title, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

        • 99% (see what I did there?) of my friends and relatives are artists or involved in fine arts (gallery directors, museum board members, art teachers, etc.), so my exposure is long and deep and I can confidently say that her art is shitty. The end.

  4. Relationships sometimes happen in a flash. We spend a few brief weeks together and then it is over. Please let them end with dignity and respect for personal boundaries. – Ex-boyfriends of Julia Allison the world over, as quoted by their current fiancés.

    • “This is Beth Gallagher. If you ever come near my family again I’ll kill you.”
      – the movie scene those fiancées will be reminded of sooner or later.

    • Yes, she’s quite good-looking. I’d consider having a tempestuous affair with her for however long she’s able to go without talking.

      It’s like classmate advised an attractive male friend of mine from high school who, despite his looks, is not exactly Casanova, to do if he wanted to pick up lots of girls in college: “Don’t say anything and take off your shirt.”

    • She is HOT and 6 years from expiring. Yay Beau!

      Weird because according to Julia and the three articles she posted, the economy is making men not want to marry…. huh?

  5. Peaceful grassroot demonstrations are organizing everywhere …

  6. That screenshot of her in the green tutu at Burning Man with Nick Bilton truly cracks me up every time. She looks like a deranged angry bird about to poop.

  7. I have to take a second and say that Julia should be PROUD of the quality of haters she has. I mean, look at that masterpiece up there! The single donk! to the middle left makes me giggle uncontrollably. Most other peeps’ haters are all about “Ur ugly! shut up nd show us u r tits!”

    • sing it! gardening tips, washer-dryer recommendations, downton abbey discussions, the latest blasts from tigernet…speaking of, Afghani, how are the fans in Kabul handling the social media blackout?

      • I’ve heard that without a weekly dose of guidance from Social Studies, all the social media-driven revolutions in the Middle East have collapsed and stagnated!

  8. Unrelated: Any catpeeps in Jersey City or Manhattan willing to tutor/chat about my thesis project…it’s about abstinence only sex ed programs and feminism….I will pay in cash, not gift cards…

    • “How am I not married????!!!!??!??!??!!!??!!?” followed immediately by “I made a fashion sex tape” …

      Are you absolutely sure this ISN’T our Donkey?

    • I just spent way too much time reading it. Dying laughing. I’m imagining Jules Kirby. “This avocado is bullshit.”

  9. “the most important column” she’s read in months was completely dull and unreadable.

    also the kiwi billionaires new girlfriend sucks ass. at first I thought that voice was her idea of a funny joke. how can he stand it? horrible “art” too.

  10. OT, yet surprisingly related: Work of Art 2 starts tonight! I thought you all might enjoy this work of art by season 1 winner, Peregrine Honig.


    • I’m really happy that off kilter show got renewed! bravo is at its best with the shows where thencharacters have to actually produce shit and do some creative problem solving.
      I’m thinking what Julia is aiming for with her (potential) bravo stint is Housewives level fame ass hattery but obvs she’s missed that boat since the franchise is sinking. I suspect if the show actually gets produced and aired there will be no WWH with Andy.

  11. This picture brings me so much happiness! I completely adore it as much as the fact that donkey has all of these engaged ex’s. That’s got to hurt considering they all are rich, successful and traded up. I look forward to when Pancakes gets engaged, that will truly be the straw that broke the donkey’s back.

    Also, where did she find out about James’ engagement. Facebook? Twitter? Friends? It’s fucking hysterical that she posts a congratulation to him on her blog. Makes her look real normal.

    • And the creepy posting of a video featuring his fiancee who wants nothing to do with her. The fact that she cannot see how insane that sort of behavior makes her appear is why we know she is insane.

      • That was right about the time I’d discovered RBNS & was wading through archives, so it either got lost in information overload or I simply never heard that story … I hope someone can fill in blanks!

        • Weird. The ^ above should have followed Jacy’s comment about Donkey getting busted for lying about the ‘guy’ who came to the city being Lasagna all along. #UhmErOops

    • “Makes her look real normal.” just made me laff and laff and laff and then kinda cough/choke on my own saliva, but then I was ok and then I laffed and laffed and laffed some more and now my eyes are leaking and I can’t breathe so good.

      • I had no idea tiny and cute was an actually phrase she wrote. I thought it was just a funny catlady meme.

        • No no no! All Donkey. As though “tiny and cute” is some kind of noble virtue. So. Fucked. Up.

          • I remember when Julia was falling all over herself giving compliments to Kelly Osbourne because she had lost so much weight and was now “tiny and cute.” The way Donkey was gushing and carrying on, you would have thought that Kelly had found the cure for every disease known to man, but no…it was just the “tiny and cute” thing that got Donkerina all excited.

          • Kelly Osbourne might someday achieve “tiny,” but will never get to “cute.” 🙁
            I do miss the Osbourne’s T.V. show though.

        • OMG! me too! I almost spit my coffee out when I read “tiny and cute” I had no idea she actually said this, like for reals for reals! haahahahahaha aaahhh, cannot. stop. laughing.

    • haha. i remember this era…when julia punctuated every tumblr post, tweet, and “about me” blurb with proclamations of how INCREDIBLY NICE she was!

    • Sweet lord. She was spinning so hard on that one I nearly threw up from the motion sickness. I just sincerely love how she can spend that much space writing about how nice she was. Oh, and spontaneous dinners out and presents from boys because SUCK ON THAT, Mr. Ex! This whole entry is such a badly disguised lie that I almost feel genuinely sorry for her. “Really, hysterically enthusiastic”? Yes, because that’s a totally rational and healthy reaction to have. All my emotions are totally hysterical–it’s how I know I’m completely sane! COMPLETELY. Honestly, the passive-aggressiveness on this one, it burns.

      • And a PS–I have learned so much about personality disorders from you catladies! It’s been very educational.

        Er, not implying that you catladies have the disorders, but that you’re quite good at identifying and defining them. 😉

      • Somehow — can’t remember how we did it now; someone figured out via FB postings, I think — that the guy who’d driven into the city to take her for dinner and give her a present was actually Lasagna. Which makes it even crazier than it already is.

        • I just woke up my dog because I was laughing too hard at that. Oh dear. That is seriously…I want to feel bad for her but I just can’t manage, because at the end of the day she is my age and behaves like this, and she seems perfectly fine with it. I couldn’t manage that level of delusion when I was an actual self-obsessed teenager.

        • That’s so bizarre because why not just it was a female friend? It would go along a lot better with the theme of “I am really nice to other women”, but no! Donks has to remind everyone that she’s fucking sexy, motherfuckers! She’s super nice and sexy and if you don’t like it, you can suck it!

          • This put me in mind of the time she claimed to have received flowers “from a boy” on Valentine’s Day and then posted a photo that some sharp eyed catlady noticed had been lifted from a website.

          • Donkey’s only “theme” when it comes to anything to do with the mens is “Bet you think I’m hot now, don’t you? I’m being all super nice to your girlfriend who you dumped me for and really hysterically enthusiastic that you’re moving in together. Bet you wish you had the emotionally healthy Julia I am today, huh? Well TOO BAD, loser, because I have other dudes willing to take me out to dinner and buy me presents. I am Just. That. Desirable.”

            “PS. You can totally call me later, it’s cool. I mean, I *am* ineffably impossible to forget. But I might possibly passive-aggressively mention that call (and any other relations that may or may not happen in any version of reality other than mine) for the rest of your life to any future girlfriends! XO!”

          • Too fat, sorry etc to reply to Dyspeptic below

            She did not!?
            Loooong time Jabba/RBD observer and I don’t remember this.
            However now that I have heard about it it’s already one of my top 5 Donk stories.

        • whuuuttt?! ha! that’s even funnier! you can tell she’s lying though because she didn’t name this “guy friend” of hers, usually they come with names, titles, relationship status and if they are ineffable or not…

  12. Why does she feel the need to congratulate the pair on a blog they are highly unlikely to read? Wouldn’t a nice text or email suffice? Wait, I’ve got it … they’ve both blocked her from all forms of communication – ie they’ve run away from her electronically – and this was the only way she could get her “Hi, I’m happy for you! Not freaked out about being single at all!! *waves* *grabs arm*” point across.

    I guess it doesn’t matter if they read her post or not. This is meant to make her four readers think she’s so lovely and balanced and nice. So weird that she’s single, right?

    • She can’t claim overlap on this one, so she’s pulling the “I fucked him first” card.

      You can’t hide class.

      • Oh she stayed with him a few times after he was dating this chick. I guarantee you she will suggest overlap in some way.

        • I just can’t see James or Beau caring what the hell she suggests, though. It would be annoying, sure. But Julia is so clearly unhinged plus she has plastic hair and her face looks like the Joker worked on it. Not worth responding to in any way.

    • So she can remind herself and her 4 readers that she once OMG! dated a billionaire’s son. Seriously. Well done, phony, social climbing, culturally illiterate donkey, well done. Oh, and you’re still single.

  13. Can’t comment on her fashion or sculptures… or even having 3 closets… but damn, she’s a lot better looking than Le Donk. Significantly younger as well. Julia being Julia, you just know this is killing her.

    • Who cares if she’s younger? Sorry, but who cares really. Lots of dudes don’t care whether a woman is older. Just sayin.

        • That’s cuz she’s a goddamn moron! Older women younger men are where it’s at!!! I just had the hottest date of all time w a dude 8 years my junior. Yum yum. Still recovering.

          • JFA, I clearly said it would kill DONKEY that Beau is 5 yrs younger, aka not even close to expiring. I’ve always said I find women around my own age the most attractive, not sure why my comment pissed you off. I have fond memories of being mid 20s and dating early 30s women myself, for what it’s worth. Loved it.

          • WoooooooHoooo JFA!!!! I’m tots giving you internetz paws high-fives!!!! (you know why… bcauz I iz the oldz & catband iz the youngzzzzz)

          • Thanks Dirty!!!! Wow. Let me just say…8 years younger is just right I think, in many ways. I’m into it. Bring em on. If I am going to be expired and single I am going to enjoy the ride.

      • Right – dudes might not care. But I’m sure Jules is dyyying over the fact that she’s younger…

  14. I kind of love the article she posted, and have actually read — not skimmed — the whole thing. I want to print it out and underline and annotate (and take pictures!) the whole thing, from an objective perspective, from her perspective, and from a ‘how this author strangely overlaps her perspective’ way. I could write a fucking thesis.

    I will just leave this here, for some obvious reasons, and some less than obvious reasons: “Last year, nearly twice as many single women bought homes as did single men. And yet, what are our ideas about single people? Perverted misanthropes, crazy cat ladies, dating-obsessed shoe shoppers, etc.—all of them some form of terribly lonely.”

  15. Replace “it’s” with “he’s” and you’ve got Julia Allison’s best practice approach to relationships.

    Bravo, you’ve got yourself a winner!


    • I think that the “replace ‘toddler’ with ‘donkey'” school of textual studies may revolutionize the whole field of donkology!

    • also this….

      Julia Allison
      Sometimes I like to put exclamation marks where question marks should be. Just to keep everyone on their toes.

      I just can’t with this bitch.

      (edited b/c I almost copy pasted some sexay fb chat with my boycat into this space….um, er, oops)

      • Her twitter stream reads like she just saw an episode of New Girl and now she wants to be weird! and wacky! And she’s so different than that stupid pretty young successful model/actress/sculptress because she’s quirky!

        We see right through you Donkey. Right through to the epic manic breakdown.

  16. Is it possible you guys update the site/cite/sight so i can see comments embedded properly instead of in chronological order? Or is that something i can set on my new android tablet? Please advise me basement catladies. Too fat too dumb to work this shit out. also i do actually live in a converted garage so I am very really dumb. Also? Yes it is all about me. Just call me ethel allison.

    • I had this problem with my iPad as well. You have to turn mobile view off and go back to regular view! hope that helps!

  17. She’s back to stalking the Ineffable Alexander Marquardt, folks, so I guess Greasy didn’t Stanford her Dish.

  18. Hey Y’all,

    Just wanted to share that our SECOND RBD meetup is happening tonight in Paris! Woot! This site has brought me much laughs, and now, new friends!

  19. So i just watched that closet video and wanted to come back and share how much it must suck to be donkey. Despite having an annoying valley girl voice Beau:

    1) Is beautiful. And a model. Look at that skin! Not spackeled with makeup!
    2) Has traveled all over the world (6 mos in New Zealand? jealous!)
    3) Has actually been on a television show (entourage)
    4) Has Kate Middleton hair (sausage curl free, natural looking)
    5) Actually takes care of her purses and shoes (doesn’t dump them on the ground)
    6) Is an artist (whatever, say what you will, but at least she’s making stuff, unlike Donks who can’t even cobble together a 700 word column once a week.)
    7) Comes from Hollywood stock (which Donkey would kill for) and money so probably wouldn’t steal a credit card…
    8) Is young and so tiny and cute
    9) has three closets (I weep in my tiny paris apartment where my whole apt is probably the size of her closet, lol)
    10) Has Donkey’s old ex’s. I’m sure this won’t interfere with them talking everyday.

    MODS –
    Post suggestion, i would be quite funny (to me at least) to have a post where you put that video and the video of Julia giving her tour of her NY apartment side by side. I don’t know why, it’s just would be amusing. A nice text book example of her boyfriend “marrying up.”

    • Yeah, I can’t hate on her. Her art might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but at least she’s doing something. And I totally want to steal her massive vintage sunglasses collection.

      • I still hate on her. Who needs that many pairs of sunglasses!?!?? people are starving and you have 300 sunglasses, seriously, fuck you.

        But not a special kind of “hate” that I have for Julia . With Beau, it’s just the general contempt I have for people that inherit money, do nothing but buy themselves things and act like they have accomplished something on their own and EARNED it. Honey, you won the birth lottery. But Julia, she is all the worst parts of Beau x1000.

        • Yes. The thing is that A Donkey wishes we hated her for being a sleek, pampered rich princess, instead of hating her for being a busted-ass braying narcissistic tryhard. So once again Beau is living A Donkey’s dream!

        • Thank you CanSwiss. I couldn’t word exactly what made me want to punch kittens when I watched her video. Yeah, ok, she’s ‘doing something’, I get it. It’s the utter and pervasive lack of awareness of the rest of the world. IDK, something about having a “preview closet” made me just roll my eyes and worry that by the time my kids grow up, they’ll still be living w/ us (AND their families) and their jobs will be as a shoe-shiner for people like this.

  20. Her latest tweets are a little manic/desperate/creepy:

    “”You are so weird (in a good way).” – @TaylorGreason to me, because I named his dorm room. What! Don’t all dorm rooms have names!!”
    (I’m twee! I’m quirky! I’m unique! Also, please note how incredibly stupid her “exclamation points in place of question marks” thing makes her look and sound. FAIL, donkey.)

    “@TarynSouthern – better than if I were biting them. Wait. This just got weird.”
    (Response to TS announcing she was finding it hard to sleep because her dog/cat was biting her toes. All I can say is… ew. Why does she lack such self-awareness and any sort of filter in such a huge way? As if Taryn needed MORE reason to be creeped out by her.)

    “@gracey1103 – ooh! Send it along to me! Julia@NonSociety.com!”
    (Nothing to see here, but this is in response to someone from howaboutwe saying they’re working on version 2 of the previously linked article, and she follows by asking JA if she had any ideas for content. I LOLed heartily.)

    “oh, hush … All the Good Ones Aren’t Taken! 101 Singles, 101 Dates http://www.howaboutwe.com/date-report/677-all-good-ones-arent-taken-101-singles-101-dates via @howaboutwe”
    (Except all of my exes! Men don’t want to get married #intheeconomy, that’s why I’m not engaged! PS. How much of a bet can be placed that she’s now become verrry active on this site?)

    “Sometimes I like to put exclamation marks where question marks should be. Just to keep everyone on their toes.”
    (I’m twee and quirky and do funny/strange things! I’m unique! PS. I can’t recall a time when she’s every actively done this, and we’ve been following the donkey show for awhile now.)

    “Randi and I are perfecting the art of multi-city sleepovers. New York, LA, SF, Chicago. Name a city, we’ll be eating ice cream there. :)”
    (Randi Zuckerberg is my best friendddd! We have MANY SLEEPOVERS! P.S., surely all that ice cream is sugar-free?)

    “Oh NPR, how I love thee. Some good Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell discussion going on right now on Fresh Air.”
    (I’m smart! I listen to intellectual things! Take THAT, McCains! I love the gays!)

    It seems she’s trying so hard to shift from rom-com heroine who gets the guy despite all her kooky antics to manic-pixie dream girl… who all the guys pine for and chase after despite all her kooky antics. Whoever claimed she was trying to Zooey-fy/New Girl herself is probably right on the money. She doesn’t have her shit together and she’s going crazier with every passing (minute?) day, it seems, so she’s spin, spin, spinning it to be totally intentional. It’s just who she is! If there’s anything worse than twee, it’s desperate, 30’s, forced and extremely try-hard twee. It’s not even twee, it’s just totally insane and immature. I highly doubt anyone is buying – she looks batshit as usual.

        • Oh! I thought the ice cream was a reward for being a brave donkey & managing to fly while on antibiotics.

    • I have friends who post inane stuff like this on facebook/twitter, but they’re 25 at the oldest and even at that age it seems pathetic. If they’re still doing it at age THIRTY I will presume they are mentally ill.

    • Perhaps she’s trying to work out sort of lateral arrangement with this “How About We” silliness to provide a “dating/sex advice columnist” front for the Bravo show. A quick scan of its vapid content shows it to be a likely candidate — certainly more in the ballpark than the hobby blergh or her now non-existent TMS column.

      • Julia The Lesbian is going to be the greatest storyline ever ever ever ever. Ya’ll just wait.

        • This is the most bullshit theory ever, I’m sorry. Yes, Donkey hates peen, but it’s not because she loves poon; she doesn’t respond to women’s bodies or women’s personalities in any way other than to try to set up a pecking order.

  21. OMG!!

    She is like a stremlined version of the Donkey: pounds of makeup, annoying voice, shiny plastic hair, very annoying voice, wonky eye, obsessed with fashion, incredibly annoying voice… all the donkosity you will ever need in a smaller frame!

    Oh, the irony!

    • a] In too much pain to load the dishwasher after Dad$er’s birthday cake

      b] Didn’t want to take Little Brother Britt & Cute & Tiny™ Allie to the airport

      c] Got a check from Granny Money Bag$ for the alleged root canal

      d] All of the above

    • In an interview with police, Silvey repeatedly told the officer to “read my blog, read my blog, it’s all there.”

      ^ Donkey, in < 20 years.

  22. I’m SHOCKED that Julia hasn’t claimed she has this disease too!

    Beau has a disease called Lipedema and started a foundation called “Cure Lipedema”:
    “Basically, it means you’re smaller on top and bigger on the bottom. It’s a fat disease. FORD modeling agency was doing my measurements and nothing was adding up. It’s physically where your bottom half swells. I’ve cut out carbs and sugars. My diet is completely different because I have this disease. I always thought, ‘I’m Italian, I’m curvy…it’s fine,’ but going to the gym and eating right wasn’t helping.”

    • Holy shit. So now Pears can claim they have a disease. And she’s raising money, dreaming wistfully of the day that she’s no longer pear-shaped. How brave. Being pear-shaped is such a terrible, awful disease, after all.

      Where’s the anti-pear commenter who flounced off?


      Lipedema is a real disease, and can be quite serious. Being a bit too hippy to go on go-sees is the least of the problems of 99.99999999% of the people living with it.

      You know when you’re in a store and you see an older woman who isn’t fat except for her giant legs that look like tree trunks, and it looks like every step she’s taking on her hallucinatory Lovecraftian cankles is absolutely agonizing? You’ve probably seen someone with lipedema. And every step she’s taking is absolutely agonizing, because that shit is fucked up.

      • I mean, I’m sorry she has lipedema, and she’s very lucky she caught it so soon, but Jesus fuck what a “let them eat cake” way of talking about it.

        She is just a luxury upgrade of the basic Donkey, isn’t she? I mean, this whole thing reminds me of A Donkey talking about how she was a brave pioneer in the big city with nothing but $10,000 and Craigslist.

      • Well if she actually has it she’s doing a piss poor job of explaining it. Does this require an actual diagnosis? Because she sounds like she’s justifying her own anorexia.

      • Yeah a quick google image search tells me that lipedemia can be pretty severe and is way more than just being pear-shaped. But the fact that this chick discovered she has it while being measured by a modeling agency tells me that her case is pretty damn mild!

  23. Slightly OT, but I’ve been re-re-watching my favorite show ever (tied with The Sopranos), and this struck me as relevant to everything ever:

    “That’s the thing about Narcissus. It’s not that he’s so fucking in love with himself, because he isn’t at all. He fucking hates himself. It’s that without that reflection looking back at him…he doesn’t exist. ” -Billy Chenowith, Six Feet Under

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