[REDACTED], he of the hot Gnarls Barkley lip-dub, has shown up in our comments to tell his side of the story. Funny the details Donkey leaves out of her I Am A Victim stories. Imagine if the genders were reversed in this encounter, by the way. The cops would have wrestled male JA to the ground while female JL justifiably fled in terror.

p.s. Small side-question re: “the face did it.” How did he even recognize her based on the face alone?

I knew it was her. The face did it.

Briefly, I just wanted to add that her story glosses over a key detail: I didn’t just “run away”, I tried to walk away and she GRABBED me. I turned from her and tried to escape through the crowd, yanking my sleeve away, and she continued to regrab me and yell/demand that I interact with her. She even said something like, “Don’t you think we were MEANT to see each other?” which just terrified me because, now she thinks like that?

I only ran AFTER escaping her CLUTCHES.

I don’t understand why she can’t accept that I want nothing to do with her, I don’t see how it could be more clear. What is she trying to salvage?

Anyway, the whole experience gave me an adrenaline rush for the next hour. I haven’t had a “fight or flight” experience in over a year, but this was definitely a visceral, “run for your life” encounter. I had no idea I was so afraid of her.


    • I will fight you for him!!!! You can’t have him!!! I declared dibs on him, and if we are on Planet Donkey, then whoever declares dibs has all romantic rights to that person until he’s in the grave. Back off, bitch!

      • Nuh uh! it’s only dibs if you happen to see him first. Other times it’s free for all! In fact, I wrote him a love letter and his email appears to not work, would you mind passing it on to him?

        • Idiotbox, ur doin it rong. You have to let Jacy and Shamoolia know that there has been some overlap!

  1. This made my Monday. I’m glad he popped in and shared. When she wakes up today I expect even more cray!! *grabs popcorn*

    • He will get all sorts of “I can’t believe you’re being such a victim” messages. She might even blog that shit. I CANNOT WAIT til she wakes up.

      • Don’t kid yourself Jacy. She’s up. She probably didn’t sleep at all and has been scouring the internet for past pictures of them together, hysterically sobbing as she reads the archives of the Julia and Jake show and stabbing the vision board she made of all her exes repeatedly with a spoon because Dadsers won’t let her have any sharp objects in the house.

        Donkey Cray, it’s awake and it’s coming for you!

          • All she needed was a good night’s sleep, bunnies. Just forget about all that stuff about physically accosting an ex. That was 12 hours ago! No one cares about it anymore! Stop being such a victim!

          • Love how she says it’s a bridge from “hope to despair” and not from “despair to hope.” today is not a good day to be Donkey.

          • Fine, I’ll humor you. I would indeed judge today a shitty day in donkadelphia.

    • Yes I sense a meltdown coming on!

  2. Ha, I was wondering about how he recognized her face. I thought the crazy, stupid getup gave her away. Julia is such a fucking laughing stock. This is unbelievable. She really needs to get extreme plastic surgery and reinvent her entire identity.

    • LOL. I wish he’d said that he recognized the tonsils, cuz you know her gaping maw was unhinged.

  3. Guys, he’s clearly lying. Julia is friends with all of her exes and speaks to them three or four times daily. It’s hard to find time in between writing speeches for Obama, but she manages.

    PS So can we conclude her behavior on seeing him was MISS ADVISED? *rimshot*

    • Maybe this is just an example of a relationship columnist/blogger NOT following her own advice? So Fat if someone else said this already (AFF?) but i was been running errands on my traytable on the plane all morning and I am just catching up. This is epic

      • today was a full day of desk errands, and now i’m in a pure state of glee reading this… i’m surprised i didn’t get dinged by a bus crossing broadway reading the post on my phone!

  4. My head is spinning around on my neck, MY GOD. I’ve barely been able to check in for the past three days (work, big party out here), and today I discover ALL THIS? It’s like Christmas!

  5. Donkey may have thought seeing Redacted was like seeing a ghost. For him, the experience of seeing her was more like seeing a clutching, soulless zombie donkey more desperate than ever for brainsss and moneyyyy.

    • “Oh god, my eyes tell me that her face is in an advanced state of decomposition, and my nose tells me that her hair has putrified, too!” #Redacted’s-Visceral-Reaction-To-Zomkey

      • ZOMG! I’m laughing myself all the way beyond death and straight to zombification with this comment. I really shouldn’t snort laugh on the open floor but this was too ace. 🙂 I envisioned the Zonkey latching onto Jake’s arm nearly taking it out of socket while demanding her promised MacBook Airrrrrr.

        And I was OUTside.
        I didn’t spot either of them, but oh to have been a fly on someone’s hummus nearby! What an entertaining turn of events.

    • Brains and money: at least Donkey has identified two of the three things she needs most, even if she has chosen a completely unacceptable strategy to grasp them. Donkey: instead of man-chasing, try getting a real job and reading something more substantive than Tim Ferris. The third thing Donkey needs most? Starts with a T and ends in HERAPY.

        • Bwahahaha yes! “Jakob, don’t you think we were MEANT to see each other? I think our chakras want you to give me my MacBook Air!”

          • What does “meant to see each other” even mean???? Like he’ll dump his fiancee and get back together with a Donkey????

            Wow, Julia…. get help.

          • She lives in some weird world where she goes to ashrams and Burning Man and tells herself that “the universe gives us exactly what we need.” And so in her dumb brain, running into JL was a sign of some sort. She doesn’t deal in reality. It’s all fairytales and signs and messages from the universe and things that were meant to be or not meant to be and she is the normal, emotionally healthy Julia that she is today despite getting fired from yet another job and dumped by yet another guy, if he even existed at all. Jesus, lady, get some help.

          • steve jobs died and then julia ran into [redacted] – it is a SIGN, bunnies! MacBook Air was meant to happen!

          • Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but this whole “it was like seeing a ghost” and “but it was meant to be!!” is pretty much STRAIGHT out of SATC, season 3. (There is literally an episode called “Ghost Town”, referring to Carrie’s ex being like a ghost.) And, naturally, SATC did it first, and about a million times better than our very own (I-wish-I-was) “Carrie 2.0”.

          • Oh… it’s a sign, it is. All these ‘cosmic’ messages ARE telling her something.
            She’s interpreting the message wrong.

  6. Can’t one of you cinemagraph experts please make a gif using the above fauxto & have Donkey’s head bouncing back & forth between her clutched fists? Eyes rolling like the cherries in a slot machine would be a plus.

  7. yikes the past few days have been so depressing. i’ve done stupid shit like that (demanded an ex talk to me or stalk them at parties, etc)… i’m not proud of it but i was 18 yrs old! where is her self-respect? seriously it’s all so depressing.

    i found out last week that i am pregs with a girl kitten. i’m watching this show as a cautionary tale. honestly, though, at this point i don’t think her antics have anything to do with the way she was raised. i know you guys don’t care for the baughers (or their decor LOL,) but to me they seem like just another family who tried to do the right thing with their kids. both parents and lil’ bro are successful. there is something else going on here and i don’t pretend to know what it is. i would be mortified if my little girl turned out this way. so sad.

    • As long as she’s ambitious and knows that creativity and content are far more valuable than perception and presentation, I’m sure she’ll be nothing like Julia.

    • Congrats! I’m not sure if Convenient Fetus is a boy kitten or girl kitten just yet, but if it’s a girl, I’m absolutely using JA as a “what not to do…”

        • Between my level of snark and my catband’s, this poor kid will either be the next Tucker Max or end up with zero sense of humor.

          Oh God.

      • thanks everyone for the congrats… and convenient feminist, congrats on your fetus! hope you are feeling well.

        i just want to raise a bright, confident, independent, cool girl kitten with good values and a great sense of humor. didn’t the baughers want the same? stalker, i hear you, but i don’t think that the fact they protected her caused all this. and yes they enable her now, but it probably didn’t start off that way. they probably just encouraged her ambitions: ballet, debate, etc. all stuff that puts her at the center of attention, but still not so odd. maybe jacy is right, maybe there was a learning disability or some other thing that made them hold her closer and/or feel grateful that she was interested in ANYTHING. nothing that any good parent wouldn’t do. and really, i have a hard time going full-snark, because she’s human. just not a human that i respect. but i still go back to my initial point: HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? it’s worrisome. i was a cheerleader in high school (*ducks*) it was a completely pointless but fun activity. my mother went to all my games and cheered me on. i’m not sure how i’d feel about my daughter wanting to cheer. nor am i sure what i’m rambling on about anymore. i have a boy kitten and in the whole scheme of things, boys seem more sensible and practical and easier to raise. it’s like i told a friend (she’s an RBDer too!): it’s much easier to teach a boy to respect girls than it is to teach a girl to respect herself. somewhere along the line, something fell by the wayside with jools. and it depresses me! but i can’t stop watching the show!

        • p.s. JL is hot. that lip dub always did it for me! maybe i should watch it again. i’m as big as a house and need to find my jollies somewhere.

        • I hope you’re feeling good! I, too, often wonder how this happens. Yes, it’s obvious her parents are enabling her, but from the outside looking in, it seems like she and her brother had normal childhoods. How one child becomes a MIT PhD candidate and one becomes, well, Donk, is mind-baughling.

    • i am sorry to hear that you have not been rewarded by the cosmic plan with the privilege of raising a gay son you can dress up and exotify…

  8. You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.
    Props to Mr. L. for his willingness to round out the details on JABa’s pity post; particulary when we all know that this particular relationship — brief as it was and over years ago — is probably one of the last things young (hot) [redacted] would willingly choose to dredge up in his present life.
    Word to madam : “Nobody cares. Stop being such a victim.”

      • Desperate for relevance much, JP? [I kid, I kid.]
        The other line that years ago came to mind in regard to this creature — but certainly not lately — was: “She ain’t pretty, she just looks that way.”

      • Come on, JP; Donkey rang you a lot when she was going on about her OMG publicists. What ever happened with that? Of course, she’s ringing me every waking moment. The ringing. It never stops.

  9. I feel like Donkey is about to embark on a exes retrospective. She’s going to dredge up all the high(ish) profile people she’s dated and reminisce… from Harold Ford to Jake to Toph Eggers to John McCain…

    Wow, so much fail. So, so much fail.

    • You know how she’s been saying that the (universally panned) Anna Faris movie is so reminiscent of her life she wonders if it’s been inspired by her, tee hee haw, of course that’s silly but still it makes you think…

    • Totally, she’ll braying about those guys in a few. What I find funny is that she can lay bare totally humiliating relationship foibles yet still can’t answer why her column isn’t up!

  10. I’ve always like Jake…now I LOVE him! It’s too bad there aren’t more people in her life who are willing to turn around and run for the hills when they see her. Too much enabling going on. I hope Jake managed to get away before Donkey had a chance to steal his belt.

    • JuliaAllison What is it they say? Sometimes the best bridge between hope and despair is simply a good night’s sleep.
      about 1 hour ago

      So brave our Julia… last night she was feeling despair (WTF???? Redacted is lucky he got out alive!!!) Now she’s feeling hope, i.e. FACE SAVING. Guaranteed she’ll take that video down

      Also, she is certifiable.

      • OMG, that video… Redacted… get a restraining order… Yikes, I don’t think I’m kidding…


      • Here’s the lyrics to that song on her blergh… UM, JULIA… IT WAS 4 YEARS AGO!!!!! YOU DATED FOR A FEW MONTHS. DEAR GOD!!!!

        Now and then I think of when we were together
        Like when you said you felt so happy you could die
        Told myself that you were right for me
        But felt so lonely in your company
        But that was love and it’s an ache I still remember

        You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness
        Like resignation to the end
        Always the end
        So when we found that we could not make sense
        Well you said that we would still be friends
        But I’ll admit that I was glad that it was over

        But you didn’t have to cut me off
        Make out like it never happened
        And that we were nothing
        And I don’t even need your love
        But you treat me like a stranger
        And that feels so rough
        You didn’t have to stoop so low
        Have your friends collect your records
        And then change your number
        I guess that I don’t need that though
        Now you’re just somebody that I used to know

        Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over
        But had me believing it was always something that I’d done
        And I don’t wanna live that way
        Reading into every word you say
        You said that you could let it go
        And I wouldn’t catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know…

        But you didn’t have to cut me off
        Make out like it never happened
        And that we were nothing
        And I don’t even need your love
        But you treat me like a stranger
        And that feels so rough
        You didn’t have to stoop so low
        Have your friends collect your records
        And then change your number
        I guess that I don’t need that though
        Now you’re just somebody that I used to know

        I used to know
        That I used to know


        • OHMYFUCKINGGOD! I rarely actually look at her blog anymore. I didn’t realize there was an accompanying song that encompasses her feelings like some dumb stupid emo girl. This girl is certifiable.

          • I like the song, too. I would like it a whole lot more if I hadn’t been introduced to it in this way.

  11. PS, I love Jakob Lodwick and I am wearing black on the occasion of hearing about his engagement.

    Well done, Jakob!

  12. Two possibilities here: 1. she goes dark, with or without announcing she needs to take a break from the web.
    2. she shows up here and engages again.

  13. “JuliaAllison
    What is it they say? Sometimes the best bridge between hope and despair is simply a good night’s sleep.
    40 minutes ago”

    I’m dying to know if she’s going to MC that charity thing as a columnist for TMS.

  14. This is so sad—doesn’t Jakob have anything better to do with his time than show up on RBD, stick the knife in and twist it? Everyone’s saying he’s engaged to a tiny and cute girlfriend, why does he care so much about what Julia has to say about him, and fell this URGENT need to set the record straight???

    I totally believe the hate-fuck stories, he’s clearly as obsessed with her as she is with him, and I’m starting to wonder if our very own Jacy is actually JAKOB!!! Dun, dun, dun!! It’s all starting to come together for me now…..the genesis of this site…..Lodwick’s inability to stay quiet whenever Donkey pokes him……the fiancee that looks so much like Donkey without the braying…..

    • Wow. I can’t believe it took you all so long to figure that out. Jacy. Jakob. Get it? They both begin with JA!

      OH MY GOD

    • PS “stick a knife in and twist it” – um, no, he actually would have nothing to say if Julia had told the truth of the story or better yet KEPT HER MOUTH SHUT. Or better yet, MOVED ON WITH HER LIFE.

      PS Hi Julia!

        • I’m confused. It seems possible that this comment was made with satiric intent, but I’m not sure.

          • I am sure it’s just someone who doesn’t like JL, which

            a. I do not get because I am him


            b. I do not get because he should be my boyfriend.

            To each his/her own; he/she probably just didn’t want to comment under his/her usual name because there is such a JL-lovefest going on in here today. RIGHTFULLY SO!!!

          • But Jacy, if you both are someone and at the same time want to date them, I think we can draw another conclusion: you must be JULIA ALLISON HERSELF!!!

        • MareMare BeachHair, maybe? Long-shot, I know, but it wouldn’t be the 1st time today that she’s misused / typo’d the word “fell” ….

          “… fell this URGENT need …”
          “… fell better, live longer, lose weight …”

          • Meh. Who cares? Some people post on here with several names. For whatever reason this person doesn’t want to their opinion associated with their regular nickname, perhaps — as Jacy said — because we all tend to be of the opinion that Jakob is the bee’s knees.

            The post is supposed to be joking, surely, but it just missed the mark.

          • Based on more than two-dozen+ comments, I reckon quite a few people ‘care’ have a passing interest.

            You can’t see humor in a former BFF of Donkey’s getting outed as a regular on RBD? Try thinking about it independent of which other RBD regular MMBH is friends w/.

          • I always hate the “mehs.” It may be a “meh” to you but if I wrote it, it’s not a “meh” to me.

            Not directed at you mcakez, just something that bugs me.

          • Mary is not a fan of [redacted] either. She’s probably still pissed about the time JL named his scraggly moustache after her 🙂

          • Jacob Lodwik named his mustache after Mary Rambin? LOLWUT? Before or after he boinked Leven?

          • Oh, see, Brayella, I didn’t read it that way at all.

            I read Jacy’s comment as “Regular commenter here, doesn’t like JA, or Lodwick, and for some reason doesn’t want to use their regular commenting name.”

            Not that it was a former colleague or cohort, just one of us regular old catladies posting under a different name.

          • @cakez — I think we’re on the same page in some aspects (I read it that way too), but I perceived a different motivation for changing it up.

          • No, not one of the all-stars. Just someone who’s commented before now and again and has always been anti-JA.

          • Puh.


            And for what/s it’s worth, I do feel this was tacky behavior on Lodwick’s part. We get it, Jakey. You dislike her. It’s over. I think they have that figured out on Pluto.

            BTW, I have managed to explain China in 3 sentences. Better late than never.

            1. China is a very important nation with a 5,000-year old continuous cultural history and the place where numerous world-changing inventions were devised, including paper, gunpowder and Gneral Tso’s famous chicken.
            2. You are going prematurely bald.
            3. PROFIT!!!!!

          • One of the huscat’s songwriter friends wrote a funny song about General Tso that includes the lines “He used to order millions/Now millions order him.”

    • I think this actually a donkey in disguise!


      – Stick the knife and twist it. (Despair much?)
      – He’s “clearly” as obsessed with her as he’s obsessed with him? (admitting much?)

      Really, that’s all I have, but color me suspicious.

    • Doesn’t Julia have anything better to do than massage the truth about what was probably a 20 second entounter with an ex from over 5+ years ago?

      • i’m sorry, but BWAHAHAHA! this is JULIA we’re talking about, OF COURSE she has nothing better to do than rehash a 20-second encounter and process it in her peabrain with her 8th grade debate team vocabulary.

    • Robin is way cuter and has a beautiful, muscular, dancer’s body.
      This has got to be like vinegar going down her throat.

    • This is weak. I really get the impression [redacted] hasn’t thought about the donkey even once in since the last time she harassed him. Let it go, donkey, let it go.

    • I’m on record thinking [redacted] is an awful, douchey fucktard and that I don’t understand people’s love (or…shudder…lust) for him around here, but this has always been an opinion independent of Jukebox Abercrombie Blowfish being a cuntmaster to him like she was and apparently continues to be. Don’t give [redacted] skepticism a bad/kooky name!

  15. What the fuck is she doing??? Holy shit. You cant grab someone like that it’s assault. She’s absolutely insane. I actually expect her to show up here and lie about why went down. Then she blogs about it
    In an insane ploy for attention instead
    Of letting it die? She really has
    Absolutely no self awareness
    Or concept of reality. She’s very sick.


    It basically says stop being so mean. But let’s get some perspective here. Julia Allison belittled REDACTED their entire relationship because she thought she was more beautiful than him, basically used him as an in road to the tech community, publicly disclosed his mental illness on a highly trafficked blog post on Gawker. Relentlessly berated him because he was one of the few people in her life who called her out for the narcissistic fucked up asshole that she is. And then, AND THEN, she demanded after a break up that he buy her a $1500 computer.

    REDACTED has every right to not want anything to do with Julia, and, seriously, THAT WAS FOUR YEARS AGO. No need to be all butthurt about it, or is that the Blueprint Cleanse preparing to spew?

  17. That’s the beauty of the Donkey: she can make [REDACTED] look sane and mature by comparison!

    Everybody should carry a Donkey at all times. It will help you validate any kind of behavior, no matter how crazy.

    • amen to this. jl is a bright guy and has a quirky humor. but only jfa could make his randian ass appealing in any way…

  18. btw, this really needs to be categorized under “best of RBD”. because this is, like, the best thing ever. first Tribune’s press release and now this…the spool of lies is unwound.

    • I love the start of a crazy episode like this, because you know it’s going to go on for a while. It’s like Hanukkah– you think there’s only enough cray to last one day, but it miraculously stretches out.

      • First up, endless talking about how so so happy she is. With lots of exclamation points!!!!!!!! And more pics of having THE BEST TIME EVER!!!!!

        And I’m sure a recant of what she posted last night, now she’s had some time to “process” and realizes she’s “so blessed” to be out of that relationship and now she’s truly moved on.

        • The thing is she just didn’t have to say anything about it. Who would have known? No one. Her ego can’t take it that someone she tried to paint as crazy is actually running away from her. Literally.

      • truly, this is a serious of fantastic reblogging donk events. i made the mistake of checking in at work and the laughs could not stop.

        (my catman calls this site “the donkey report” and i was so excited to blab about jl’s rb visit once he got home!)

  19. donk throwing herself a pity party in her blergh comments:

    me too. The weirdest thing is that we actually went out about six months after we broke up – he apologized to me for hurting me so badly when we broke up – and we even slept together. That was summer of 08 … So then to go four more years and act like this? Unreal. I guess I shouldn’t care, but I do. I didn’t expect him to be my BFF, I just thought that we could at least have a civil two minute conversation.

        • Julia – try all your trickery – God, could you be more desperate? Redacted has a amazing, smart, INCREDIBLY talented tiny and cute fiancee who actually GIVES BACK TO THE WORLD. She will always be better than you so you can stop with this “overlap” bullshit because you are dealing with a woman, not an insecure girl, like yourself.

          And I can promise you dear heart, you are not even on her radar.

          • Do you guys all know JL’s fiance or something? I mean, no doubt she’s better than donkey, but I’m barely aware of her and I’ve been following this shitshow for years. It sounds like she’s Mother Teresa or something.

          • To be fair, Slutty Catbanger, Courtney Love is Mother Teresa in comparison to Donk.

            (Okay, so maybe not Courtney, but you are surely picking up what I’m putting down.)

        • hearing about JL’s engagement = Donkey goes into overlap overdrive. Could she possibly BE more predictable?

      • Holy shit what a cunt. And I never use that word. I have never seen someone so gleefully relish being the other woman. She will do ANYTHING to somehow settle a score in her addled brain – even if it paints her as the homewrecking witch.

          • sorry, but with JL’s mention of Das Racist in the comments, i couldn’t resist..

            she’s a pathetic mule, she’s a disgusting donk, she’s the combination pathetic and disgusting donk

        • WHY DO MEN STILL CHEAT?! (With me? In my imagination? When it might conveniently break him up from his fiancee?)

          This “We totally slept together” shit is SO VILE.

          She puts her slut-badge on display whenever it works for her. Just a few months ago she was playing Pollyanna on that Alexis chick’s show, clutching her pearls and scolding the idea that they might be discussing — oh mercy! — S-E-X on a show about… you know… that S word! All of a sudden she is a fuck-machine who break-up boned Jakob, coincidentally while he might have been with his current betrothed.

          I don’t much care for the virgin/whore dichotomy, but don’t be a pearl clutcher and then a break-up banger when the situation is convenient, you cruel, manipulative harpy.

          “I don’t fuck… except when it is convenient!”

          Maybe I ought to steal a line from ‘convenient feminist’ and become ‘iron-on whore’ or something.

    • Also, she was dating Charles Forman at the time. She is saying she fucked JL while dating Forman and cultivating The Eater Guy?

      And that comment does not mesh with what she said in chat:


      [17:31] JuliaA: Did you know that he didn’t mind at all about that comment on gawker, he even – and this is TMI, but fuck it, we’re there – slept with me afterwards, didn’t give a shit at all, but then allowed everyone to gang up on me because it made him and his ridiculous leven rambin banging look better?

      People weren’t “ganging up” on her in the summer of 2008. They were “ganging up” on her in the spring of 2008, when she flounced from the Internet for a month or so after the Gawker debacle. And she is suggesting he “allowed” the “ganging up” to happen to her AFTER she slept with him again, in the summer or ’08. Something does not add up, as always. We really don’t need to out her lies; she outs them herself.

      This is what she does when her exes hurt her. She does whatever she can to cause trouble in their current relationships, including suggesting they fucked her after the new relationship started. That’s what she’s doing here, the toxic cuntbag.

    • Who ARE these people who fall for her bs?

      Martha K. 2 hours ago
      That says way more about him than it does about you. Try not to let it get you down. You have come a long way since that relationship and there is no reason to let his immature action bring pain into your life.
      Like Reply

      juliaallison 39 minutes ago in reply to Martha K.
      Thank you Martha. I appreciate this.

      • They’re her multiple personalities. Any commenter with a K in their name can usually be assumed to be her.

      • It says more about him because the full context of last night was elided by JA (if JL is to be believed). It says more about him because she’s hardly (at least outwardly) given him a thought until she ran into him last night, while he wants nothing to do with her…thanks to her revealing his mental illness to an audience of thousands. It says more about him because he is the one who has come a long way since that relationship while she has stayed at best the same, but more likely regressed into disturbing, childish fantasyland crazytown.

        • “alleged” mental illness – that’s some damaging shit she said and just b/c she said it – DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE. She did it to fuck him over and it’s sad people remember this to be true.

          • It’s really me being mad at her, not you. I love all my cat ladies. Just sucks he’s forever branded because of one of her lies.

          • You make a good point, D-Y&DT’s, that it isn’t substantiated & if it came out of Julia Allison’s mouth or keyboard, it’s all the more suspect.

            Besides, being bi-polar isn’t a stigma; people who treat it as if are as big an asshole as Julia Allison.

          • yeah I think way too many people are so freaked out by any mention of any type of mental illness anyway

            half the people I know are nucking futs and they’re fabulous

    • Why is she broadcasting all of a sudden that the two of them slept together in 2008? WTF? Is wrong with her???

      • You know why… so Redacted’s finacee finds out and it stirs up some shit.

        PS, Julia, buy some dignity.

    • “and we even slept together”

      Transbraytion: “I let him put his penis in me!* That means he owes me whatever I want forever and ever!”


    • Wasn’t she also boning Eater Dude summer of 08′ or was that 09?

      And regardless, how tacky! “We slept together….” is like Julia’s “he promised me himself for life…” A fuck is just a fuck sometimes, Julia.

      • “I meant it – at the time!”
        “I was inside.”
        “We slept together.”
        “The home we shared”


      • Forman, then moved onto Eater Guy. This is all a lie anyway. She didn’t sleep with him in the summer of ’08 or at all after they broke up, from what I hear. She is making this shit up.

    • So, just to get the timeline straight: 6 months after you broke up was somewhere in May or June of 2008, which is after she sent him an email asking him to buy her a mac in March of 2008.
      Definitely didn’t happen.

      Oh, donkey. The Internet never forgets. How’s the column going, dear heart?

    • Can you imagine THAT THING trying to grab you?

      Now she’s off to visit Greasy (hasn’t he seen ENOUGH of her yet?) and OMGRandi. Why is she in SF again? To get the most of her last weeks of “freedom?”

    • JA and phoebe price aren’t the same person, are they?


      • I totally want to see the two of them have a catfight. Phoebe Price generally wins on the “Who Wore It Better” front despite being at least ten years A Donkey’s senior. Also, she put the Wonder Woman tiara on right-side up, so she wins forever at Wonder Woman.

        • Oh, I went to see how old Price was and she seems to actually have graduated high school in 1990 (which surprised me, I thought she was older) and yet somehow be 35 or 36 or 33 as of the present moment.



    • You know, out-tackying a horrible hippie van with a naked chick on it is pretty impressive, but A Donkey delivers.

    • How can I pick just one name? This outfit needs more fabric.

  20. I think you guys are being unfair to the Donk.

    It is only 4 years that the poor girl broke up with [REDACTED].

    Give it another 10 or 15 years and she is gonna start behaving normally around him.


    @MrFrancisKevin: @JuliaAllison @socialstudies Excited to read your next Social Studies piece! Will you be writing about Steve Jobs impact on tech?

    • I guess we find out tomorrow if the erased press release is true or if she found a way to get her gig back. Her profile is still up on the TMS site.

      • I’m still operating on the same theory as last week: if Donkey hasn’t bitched about writing her column then she doesn’t have a column to plagiarize write.

  22. Been on a Donk hiatus, but whoa. This fucking bitch always manages to outdo herself. Just when you start to bore of her shenanigans, she starts making things up again, plotting, and punishing those who want nothing to do with her because they’ve realized what a pathetic waste of space she is.

    I mean, you can’t be more of a detriment to the human race than Julia Allison is. But her actions are SO PREDICTABLE. What, JL is engaged? Must. Ruin. Him. because he is happy and I am not.

    • Good point. Perhaps this claim of the 2008 hookup is a jab at his recent partner/new found happiness. Anyone know how long he has been with his finance? It would not be the first time she pulled something like this!

  23. It must burn her even more that Gawker doesn’t give a shit. 2-3 (4-5) years ago, this might have been sort of a big deal. Jakob Lodwick publicly dissing Julia on her own hate site…

    But alas, no on in New York remembers, likes or otherwise gives two shits about Julia Baugher. She’s just a midwest hick with no column and no life and no soul.

  24. jakobandjulia.com. That was some crazy sheet. 4 years later Julia is still wearing inappropriate costumes.

    • The thing is that he seems to have been equally culpable for that stupid-ass stupidassery. However, he grew out of it, it appears, so kudos to him. She, on the other hand, cannot the learn button.

  25. Yay, I love this site. Just when you think it’s going to be a boring Monday, something like this happens.

    God she really makes me cringe. The thought of grabbing onto the arm of my ex-bf from 5 years ago who wants nothing to do with me…I’d rather set myself on fire first.

    • Me too! I have done an embarrassing amount of facebook stalking in the past, and I have this fear that someday the assholes at facebook will unveil a new feature that allows everyone to see who views their profile. I would die of embarrassment! I can’t imagine trying to physically force an ex to talk to me.

      Julia should really just start telling people she likes to drink a lot, even if she “never” drinks, because then at least she would have an excuse for her behavior. That’s what celebrities do!

    • How embarrassing–for him, for her, and for everyone else forced to witness that scene. If I came home dressed like that, and with the memory of chasing my ex down, grabbing him, and shrieking that we were meant to see each other, I would probably just get under the bed and never leave. I certainly would never admit such an event to another living soul forever as long as I lived while fervently hoping that nobody there recognized me and that the ex in question somehow caught amnesia. God, the flashbacks he must be having right now–those stupid giant fluffy ears bearing down on him from across the room…Poor guy.


    JuliaAllison “What is your fantasy, exactly? Does everyone look like George Clooney & all have Phds??” – @taylorgreason to me (um, yes!!)
    33 minutes ago

  27. This may be the most pathetic thing Julia has done. And that is saying a lot as you all know.

    Julia: This brief relationship was freaking four years ago. And it was a disaster. You had a number of …. failed relationships/friendships/job opportunities that you should be thinking about. This is one to let go. Try to get your shit together. Only a total nasty nut job hears about an engagement and goes off the rails like this. There was no other reason to post that you saw [Redacted] at Burning Man (which was a while ago as well) than the fact that you are consumed with jealously because he is now getting married. And to imply that he was still seeing you while with his fiance??? Just pathetic. Move on already. Envy is just such a waste of emotion.

  28. Posted by Julia as a comment on her blog in response to another comment:

    “… The weirdest thing is that we actually went out about six months after we broke up – he apologized to me for hurting me so badly when we broke up – and we even slept together. That was summer of 08 … So then to go four more years and act like this? Unreal. I guess I shouldn’t care, but I do. I didn’t expect him to be my BFF, I just thought that we could at least have a civil two minute conversation.”

    • She just can’t handle not getting attention. What did she want to talk about for two minutes? It was FOUR YEARS ago. He moved on. She should have moved on. There is nothing to talk about. I can’t believe that she doesn’t realize that this makes her look pathetic. If she is trying to get attention for her reality show, she is doing it wrong. Like someone said here: with Julia you can check out but you really can never leave. If she were a guy, women would be terrified. As for [redacted] and the other [redacted] who was also engaged, it is really not fair. They met her before all of her insanity was on the web so they really couldn’t see it coming.

    • That very comment reveals she is lying. ’08 til ’11 is three years, not four. She says they haven’t seen each other for four years. Then that would be ’07, which is when he broke up with her.

        • We all saw the blaring oversight in her latest lie, but she still hasn’t. When she does, there’ll be more spin. It’s a good thing she’s a sociopath cause otherwise, she’d die of shame that everyone sees right through the nonsense she spews.

          • “It’s a good thing she’s a sociopath cause otherwise, shed’ die of shame…”
            This line gets funnier every time I read it.

          • Well, for people who follow / believe Donkey, I’m not sure that I have sympathy for their stupidity (Hi, Lasagna!) — I just wanted to point out the discrepancy for the sake of [REDACTED’S] fiancée, not that she should give anything Donkey says even the slightest considerbraytion.

    • This is where Donkey trips over her own hooves & gets caught lying:
      we even slept together … summer of 08 … then to go four more years

      Thanks to her trusty LegsSpreadSheet, she knows in her mind that it’s been four years since they slept together … but it hasn’t been four years since the summer of ’08 (that’s eight months from now), it’s been four years (-/- two months) since they last slept together before breaking up Dec ’07.

    • “I didn’t expect him to be my BFF, I just thought that we could at least have a civil two minute conversation.”

      She acts like they were married for a million years and had kids together, when in reality, she is just one of MANY women from his past. Although, she is probably the craziest. Only Julia Allison would think he owed her anything.

      I’m shocked this exchange happened at the OMG accepting environment of Burning Man.

    • I believe the six-months-later encounter is a complete fabrication. However, if there is a dingleberry of truth in there, it’s buried under her legalese:

      we went out = I showed up on his doorstep at 2 am and begged for “closure”
      he apologized = I sobbed hysterically about how hurt I was; he said he was sorry I felt that way
      we even slept together = I cried myself to sleep on his couch and he went to bed

      Or maybe she’s played out that fantasy in her head so many times that she actually believes it.

      Nah, she’s just a lying sack of shit.

  29. I am pretty sure I would die from internal bleeding from cringing so hard if:

    1. I grabbed the arm of an ex and saw what had to have been sheer horror and fright at the sight of my face; and/or
    2. if I blogged about this occurrence without a trace of self-awareness that he was just like ever single guy I had fucked in the past five years – someone who wanted to distance himself as far as humanly possible from me and considered me a lunatic; and
    3. if I realized that, unlike every other guy I had hooked up with in the past five years, JL has an internet following and an audience, and unlike, say, Jack McCain, he could actually rebut my version of events in real time, to a wide audience.

    • I wouldn’t leave the house if I’d done just one-tenth of that. It’s a paradox that she cares so much about appearances but has no shame for the obvious lies she tells and the inexcusable manner in which she treats people. I guess you can’t respect others and their boundaries when you have none for yourself.

      • Exactly. If I took just a single horrible incident from even just the past 12 months (and there are many to choose from!), and was somehow brought to doing the same thing, I’d be doing some serious soul searching/getting help. And I would not be on the internet talking about it. With anyone.

        Her? No. Nothing phases this bitch.

      • Also, the truth doesn’t matter to Julia. Perception and presentation are all that matter to her.

  30. Seriously, I just KANT with this romcom shit. Sometimes, you break up with someone AND NEVER SPEAK TO THEM AGAIN. They disappear from your life forever. Sometimes enough damage has been done that an ex wants nothing to do with you. Not all ex’s become friends. I’m not friends with any of mine, and only really civil with one, in that we have a mutual respect for one another but are not all up in each other’s business the every few years or so we run into each other. What does Jacob owe her? Absolutely nothing, so she needs to stop being so fucking hurt by this, because you know she’s been psychotically stewing all day. JESUS, GET A FUCKING GRIP!

    • Agreed totally, but I would add she’s not just been psychotically stewing all day. She’s been psychotically stewing since DECEMBER 2007. I am even wondering if she’s been harboring some sick rom-com fantasy that years would pass, Jakob would realize the awesomeness that he’d given up, and sweep The Stable, Emotionally Healthy Julia That She Is Today right off her feet and they would ride off into the sunset of a happy ending. What else does the “don’t you think this meeting was meant to be??” supposed to mean?

      His question was succinct: What exactly is she trying to salvage? There is NOTHING THERE from his perspective.


    • Agree. The name dropping on her Twitter, “I am so awesome, so strong!” let’s one know that she’s fucked up over this.

      And yeah — not all exes need to be friends. I am friends with one of my exes because it ended so amicably in so far as we just developed into friends and we were practically babies at the time.

      The rest can go fuck themselves, for realsies.

    • That is the most sympathetic thing you have said about her in a long time. Does it have anything to do with the killing of donkeys in Texas? Get a Grip JP

    • Can I get an AMEN!!
      I had more than one embarrassing break up in my twenties (because, apparently, that’s how I rolled in college) and even did something frighteningly close to what [REDACTED] described above. But that was ten years ago! And if I ever see any of those guys again when I’m out now I keep my head down and pretend I don’t see them. The fact that they pretend they don’t know me makes me think that they’re pretty decent guys after all.
      When you’ve had a burnt-to-the-ground-salted-the-field break up the best thing to do is put it out of your mind and keep moving.

  31. This event also points to one of JA’s hidden traits — I’ve always thought it’s the worst thing about her. She is REALLY REALLY ANGRY, like a secret rage beast, and her pearls-and-headband attempt at covering it up makes her even creepier. One of the reasons she’s never been able to get within miles of a legitimate voice as a ‘writer’ is because whoever she is (and no, I don’t think there’s any possibility she knows) has to be disguised at all times. None of this is unusual with NPD’s — they are some pissed off mofos. Over the years her rage has shown itself many times, always when she’s thwarted, and Lodwick-DecomGate is a classic example. Who physically grabs a person as he’s trying to get away, grabs him repeatedly? WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS, to make the decision for himself? A furious monster who thinks she’s entitled to, that’s who.

    • The sad thing is, she wasn’t rollin’ – she is just insane.

      Not to be conspiracy theorist but now I think the whole Burning Man thing was a way to run into Lodwick, either there or this after party… I think she’s JUST that crazy.

        • I often thought that when she tried to turn her nose up at hipsters or anything artsy it was because JL was in the back of her mind. He is the one who got away.

        • I think she wants him to want her again so that she can turn him down/dump him this time.

      • THAT is what I wondered! here: http://tinyurl.com/3prv4bz
        On that note, anyone know if [Redacted] goes to Burning Man & Decom every year? Could that explain why Donkey has had a hard on for BM & blew off Billow & Paris is a blaze of pants-burning glory when she finally wheedled a chance to attend, in hopes of running into him?

        Ya know, lot’s of people have that ‘first love’ or ‘the one that got away’ who they never really forget … I can see that maybe he’s the one she’ll always carry a torch for, it’s just because she’s insane that she’s going to let it define her life & actions whereas any normal person would retain fond memories & yet MOVE. THE. FUCK. ON.

        • I think her torch for him is directly related to his internet following/micro-fame/moneybags status. Her real torch is the other redacted, who would be The One if only he were more famous/rich.

          • Runs a small software company in NYC, bought her 3 dresses to pick one for some event before, she got greedy and asked if she could keep more than one (if I remember right), and donk emailed his fiance to tell her of their “overlap” a while back (years later)..

          • That’s not Prom King, is it? He was a lawyer, right?

          • PromKing is the lawyer, about 27 yrs old. His cache for Julia purposes was his family money–his dad is a named partner in one of the biggest plaintiff’s firms in the US. He is not either of the redacted’s. The Redacted others have mentioned is an older guy, probably 40ish, who seems self made and runs his own internet company in NYC. He’s the one whose fiancee (now wife) got that nasty email from Donkey.

          • I feel like we should from here on out refer to ’em as [REDACTED GOT AWAY] & [REDACTED RAN AWAY] …

      • The minute she announced her Burning Man intentions I figured it was a Lodwick deal. How Shakespearian that it turned out the way it did at the Decompression event last night, with Donks in costume as the Rude Care Bare Mechanical and all.

    • I’m with you. Rolling has been involved in her recent spate of cray in addition to the usual cray.

      I also think she is not over JL, so there is also that.

  32. Keep seeing people getting confused.

    This happened at Decompression in San Francisco. Basically an excuse on a Sunday night to dress up like freaks, do a lot of drugs, and party in the warehouse district while everyone recognize each other as being so enlightened and self satisfied because they went to Burning Man a few weeks ago.

    • Out of curiosity, what is the “warehouse district” in SF? Is it Dogpatch? Never heard that term applied to an SF neighborhood before, but it’s been years since I lived there.

      • It was at the bottom of Potrero. Kind of Dogpatch-y. It’s warehouses and conversion lofts, so it could be considered that along with SOMA.

    • (Not trying to question your integrity, just wondering if it’s a new hood that’s popped up on behalf of those crazy Burning Man kids.)

      • I live in SOMA and consider everything east of Bryant, south of 3rd to be warehouse district since it’s so boondocky, warehousey and empty most of the time.

  33. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: She is channeling some heavy Julie Gianni. (How badly do you need to get thee to the therapist when your real life is the same as the crazy chick they parody in movies?)

    “Don’t you know that when you sleep with someone, your body makes a promise whether you do or not.”


  34. ALSO:

    Scott Smith – who is *Awesome* (he’s a very cool guy, also significantly entrenched in Chicago media) – has had some things to say about JABA after being dragged into a convo by someone trying (poorly) to pitch him via Twitter about the Microsoft event.

  35. Let’s just revisit what he said about her after their breakup:

    I try not to blog about Julia but sometimes I can’t help it. I desperately want nothing to do with her, but she

    1) calls or emails me almost every day
    2) ignores the fact that I told her she is a “psychopathic narcissist” who is “evil” and who I “don’t want to interact with”
    3) recently hired my brother to do video work for her
    4) writes about me frequently on her site
    5) publicly misrepresents her closeness to my friends
    6) visits my old office (wtf?) and stays in touch with my old co-workers
    7) has emailed at least one of my ex-girlfriends
    8. has started attacking Tumblr (on her Tumblr) and belittling the wizards who run it

    I honestly wish she would disappear, but she makes herself so there. I want, very badly, to have nothing to do with her, and have insulted and degraded her to no avail. She just will not comprehend that, to me, she has no value, long- or short-term, directly or indirectly. I am finally recovering from the blunder of dating her, and my new venture is starting to take form, but every goddamn day some new Julia-related shit pops into my life, firmly anchoring me to my embarrassing recent past.

    • 7) has emailed at least one of my ex-girlfriends
      This is most disturbing. WHO does this? Unless they are certifiably insane. And I find it hard to imagine that even an insane person would continue to do this repeatedly. Yet JABa has contacted ex and/or current girlfriends in relation to at least three — and I believe more — of her (now) exes. Most recently, Pancakes.
      Shudder. Shudder, shudder, shudder.
      Where are her supposed girlfriends to slam the brakes hard on this? Why do they continue to humor her? Why???!!! Zuckerberg? Billow? One of the upteen Kristas or Katrinas or Krystals or a few of the multi-Meghans? Read her the fucking riot act. She is still doing this to guys she dates and IT.IS.FUCKED. Is that not obvious? Jaysus.

      • I’ve always been intrigued by that mysterious photo caption from the . . . train in San Francisco? Is that right, Prof or Jacy? when Meghannaise outright said she wouldn’t “enable” Jaba.

          • It will during the time she was alleged to have been hooking up with Scoble, I think. She was in SF with Meghan and Jordacted, and she took a train somewhere one evening by herself, and the caption underneath quoted M as saying she refused to ‘enable’ Donk. If I dreamed this I am stranger than I thought.

          • haven’t found that train photo, but in my explorations i did find some more “julia being lifted” photos.
            (that is britt lifting her)




          • Poor Britt. Imagine having your sister bray, “Pick me upppp! It’ll make a cute photo!” and being kind enough to oblige her cray because after all it’s her graduation, but inwardly hoping that the ground will open and swallow you up, erasing forever all evidence of your shame.

            I love the Force Five Side-eye the guy in the blue shirt is throwing in the last picture.

      • Honestly, I do not think her ‘friends’ pay that much attention to her. Not nearly enough to put a stop to her insanity. She is this person who pops up unannounced, they tolerate and make-nice, then she disappears and they ignore her until she pops up again, like social herpes.

        To try and fix her, her ‘friends’ would first have to care enough. They’d have to read her blog/facebook/twitter or answer her calls long enough to realize she is acting like a lunatic. She is so meaningless to them, though, they simply don’t.

        It’s her own fault though, again, for glomming onto people for their name/connections, or over-representing her relationship with them. Since they don’t follow her narrative, however, they fail to realize what enablers they appear to be for allowing her insanity to go unchecked.

        • I think you’ve hit it, mcakez. Donkey’s narrative makes it seem like all of these people, even and perhaps especially Randi, are close friends, which probably is not even close to being true. If they don’t have to see her much and are too polite (or, heck, weak) to say no when she shows up on their doorstep, I’m guessing they merely tolerate her without caring.

          I am surprised that Greasy doesn’t call her out on her shit, though.

  36. Hope this works.

  37. So I’m guessing that OMGRandi is one of the “connections” Greasy puts up with Donks for. Could it possibly be worth it?

  38. Posts like this make me sad I miss out on this during the day because I’m busy running errands.

    Reading Redacted’s side of the story brought a kool aid smile to my face. I adore him. I love how she couldn’t just write this on her lame blog, she attached an emo video, and also wrote a tweet about him to her thousands of followers.

    I can’t imagine what this psychopath would do if she ever broke up with someone she dated more than 6 months. I could barely remember who I dated 4 years ago, no less picture myself chasing an ex. Who does that?!?! I know people who are going through divorce or recently divorced and have more tact than this. I will never the donkey.

      • Or something. At least into design and art. I think she even gave JABA the white table for her apartment. She seemed like a nice lady. I felt sorry for how badly JABA infiltrated the family and was publicly mean to them.

        • She’s extensively renovated a few places… 1 in NYC (she rents it out on a short term basis) and 2 or 3 in Baltimore. I don’t know if she considers herself a full time designer though.

        • She sold that table, right? During that lame “yard sale” she had before moving back to her parents’ condo.

    • I think Julia also wrote something bitchy about how old people shouldn’t blog or something and his mom rebutted her. His mom seems pretty cool.

      • Didn’t he also say at one point that he took down the other post because his grandmother, or mom, or someone, told him to take it down and put it behind him?

      • That’s right, Shamoolia. Julia, horrid bitch that she is, wrote that it’s too bad a woman the age of Lodwick’s mom didn’t have anything better to do with her time than work on her blog. (The mom’s blog was A HELL OF A LOT MORE MORE INTERESTING than Donkey’s blog.)

        • I was reading the MotherLod’s blog yesterday eve & I found it interesting.

          Donkey is very transparent when it comes to her disrespect for elders, as we saw up until & including the passing of her own maternal grandfather.

        • Oh snap. J-Lod mom for the win.

          Also, Julia is cuckoo. I wonder how often she plagiarizes people’s ideas like that?

          • So I had missed this episode and went over to the MotherLod’s tumblr, and she is an awesome blogger.

            MotherLod’s blog: Fairly decent photos of cool things she sees on her travels.

            Donkey’s blog: Shitty photos of herself licking food and being picked up by tiny nerds.

            Somebody needs to get the fuck off the internets, but it’s not MotherLod. I actually wish she and I knew each other in real life—she seems really fun and smart.

          • I agree, Albie. She seems like a great lady. I think Julia posting that Mom Lodwick was too old and boring to have a blog (and the snide, nasty way she worded it) is one of the rudest, meanest things she’s ever done. That girl is rotten to the core. Sometimes I think she might have actually been born rotten, but other times I place the blame on her parents. I’m a flip-flopper on that one…can’t really tell WHY she’s such an ugly human being, I just know that she is.

          • I’m quite honored by all the respect shown me here this last day or two – especially coming from this tough crowd.

          • It’s like, you’re 50 30. Shouldn’t you have shit figured out by now? I would NOT be amused if my Dad son or Mom daughter donkey were online being like “I had to wonder, why ____ fill in blank with random perplexed thought here ____”

            this sounds … oddly familiar.

          • I havent commented here for ages(always reading tho) but i have to say J -lod’s mom seems to be such a warm, lovely, intelligent person ! Plus people who are interested in things are interesting in themselves. Her blog is so much more than donks.
            Carry on everyone ! im just here quietly rearranging the ceramic cats, dustbusting the crisp crumbs from the bean bags…..

          • Prof, that Donkey dropping of a blog post about ‘older people blogging’ is another incident that needs to added to the poll.


            Also Team MotherLod’s Mum. Loved seeing her photo and hearing a bit about her story.

          • I was thinking this the other day while gardening*… to me, one of the most vile things Julia ever did was saying something about JL’s mom being too old to blog or something like that… I mean, wtf??????

            Oh, and to Andrea — I really enjoyed your blogging about that place you fixed up last yr in B’more. I stole some of your ideas for our house here in B’more. I’ve always assumed that place was in Hampden, near the Avenue? I debated this with my catlady one time–she thinks Rogers Forge. Whatever the case — keep blogging.

            * detail tossed in to annoy Stalker and Brayella Got Her Hoof Back

          • Thank you, Afghani. The townhouse from two years ago was a flip in Timonium. Last year’s kitchen gut rehab was my own condo in RP. Think water tower.

            I also appreciated your analysis/interpretation about Jake – it was insightful and largely accurate.

            And now I return to my lurking – a pleasure I enjoy almost every day.

          • WE HAVE ARRIVED!!!

            Seriously, though, if my ex ran from me when I clawed at his sleeve and his mother admitted she was a regular reader of my snark blog, I’d really take a long, hard look in the mirror, and not just to see if my cheeks needed more injections or if I had missed a spot with the curling iron re: the plastic sausage curls.

            She is doing life wrong.

            P.S. We love you Mrs. JLod!

          • Oh, then your condo kitchen is the inspiration for my kitchen.

            RP is just up Falls Rd from Hampden, so I was pretty close. I find all the neighborhoods in this city interesting, I feel like if you dropped me at a random street corner I’d have a pretty good idea of guessing the neighborhood within 2 minutes simply based on the homes. I’m from southeast and I envy the layout of your neighborhoods up there in northern district.

          • Constant lurker, very-rare commenter…

            I’m clocking in late, but still needed to go on record in emphasizing how INCREDIBLY FUCKING AWESOME [Redacted]’s Mom is…

            I somehow found my way to her blog just about two years ago, and it was an integral part of the sea-change that was taking place in my life during that time… I was digging out of a really tough stretch, and her blog helped in ways for which I can never thank her enough.

            Her gorgeous photos, celebratory thrifting, and gentle humor all helped to remind me of the things that are so very beautiful in our everyday world… I started to see the beauty again, started taking photos again, and started thrifting again.

            Not sure whether or not you’re still reading, Andrea… But I have to say that you’re nothing short of a heroine to me! I thank you.

          • Thank you so much for sharing that, DP. Nothing feels nicer than hearing that you’ve inspired someone.

    • If my PhD in Donkology serves me correctly, I do remember Donk writing a blog post about Redacted’s Mom. The Mom had started her blog…her son set it up for her, and Jabba made some comment that stated “when I am 50, I certainly won’t be blogging…I will be throwing dinner parties, etc”. I will try to find it. Yet another cunt move. And JL’s mom gave Donk that white tulip table. Bitch.

  39. I just want to say that I can totally commiserate with J-Lod. About two months ago I was at my local hardware store picking out paint, and I turned around to call brah over, saying, “Babe? Babe?” I spot him at the mixing counter and he is — unbeknownst to him — standing [b]right beside[/b] my NPD douche-ex and his baby mama (who live half an hour away, so I have no idea why they were in MY town’s hardware store.)

    I did what any mature adult would do and hid behind the paint samples before sneaking into another aisle and frantically hissing “DUDEBRAH!” until he came over, at which point I began shaking, explained, and ran out of the store with my head ducked.

    Four years later and I still feel sick and avoid any contact with such a vile person, who surely would have made a scene had he spotted me. Someone up-thread said it, but PTSD indeed.

  40. Totally agree with mcakez.

    An ex used to show up at my work place, yoga studio, other places he knew I’d be at, after the break up. I would seriously feel sick to my stomach and nervous and slink away – far away – even run away if I had to in order to GET. AWAY.

    He would also make up reasons to email or text me for a couple of years afterwards. It made me sick to my stomach. I empathize with JL for these reasons.

    • I have an ex whorecently emailed me and sent a msg via linked in about how his niece was interning in nyc and a bunch of bs about how her field was similar to mine so he thought of me and could I give her some advice. It’s been 13 years since we dated and he tries to get my attn at least once a year. Creepy.

    • *sigh* Yep. The douche-ex did the text thing on holidays and anniversaries (um, we broke up, remember?) for years. That slowed, but then he would periodically text for nostalgia’s sake. Then would find random reasons to contact me with a piece of inconsequential found mail, etc. I can totally see Julia doing all of those things.

      I recently deleted my ‘best friend’ from facebook, g+, twitter, and gtalk, because the ex and his wife decided they had to befriend her (even though he and my ‘bfflz’ hated each other when we were together, and his wife had never even met her until recently), and they plastered pictures of them with my ‘niece’ (who is named after me) all over facebook. It was a nail in a coffin. They had to make sure that anything that was part of my life was co-opted by theirs. Going back to that fugitivitus blog mentioned a bit in comments recently, it just reaches a point where you say “fuck it” and walk away from everything, until you find the things that really matter.

      For some reason the sociopathic/NPD assholes feel the need to keep you tied on a string, so they can tug it periodically. It is rather sick. Like everything they ever touched forever belongs to them, no matter how many restraining orders you’ve taken out.

      Ugh. Sorry for venting. Edward R. Burro, if you’re reading, heed this shit well, and stay strong!

      • I feel that. My ex (of over five years) still calls my dad periodically to chat. I understand that they have their lives and relationship independent of me, but I’m more inclined to think that, once a relationship is over, it’s best to cut ties with that person and everything about him or her so that you can move on as free of baggage as possible.

    • My crazy ex called my parents house on my birthday this year and left me a message… Because I had to change my number because he once called me 16 times in one day…and called me at 3 am when his sister had a baby. It’s been 7 years since we dated…. Not okay.

    • Dear Julia,
      “When are you going to settle down?” is not the same as “What the hell is wrong with you? Are you insane?”
      Just FYI.
      The World

    • Again, late to the party… song is over a year and a half old. Being current, you’re doing it wrong…

      • If this song is directed at a guy, he is now running for his life. Have you seen these lyrics?
        I wanna settle down
        I wanna settle down
        Baby there’s no need to run
        I’ll love you well
        I wanna settle down
        It’s time to bring you down
        On just one knee for now
        Let’s make our vows

        She’s 30, desperate & batshit insane. Well done Julesie, well done. You’ll be hitched in time.

  41. [img]http://i51.tinypic.com/vsnpmf.jpg[/img]

    So the reason every one of her relationships has failed is because she wasn’t “ready?” Yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night, Julia.

    • Yeah, it should read “Fall in love when it’s right, not when you’re lonely.”

      She is ALWAYS lonely, so it is never RIGHT. I guess, theoretically, this could work for ‘ready,’ too, as in ‘she isn’t ready to love, and be loved in return, because she doesn’t love herself.’ Which sounds like some hippie horse-shit, but it has been kind of a running theme with her recently, and for some time, honestly. She isn’t ready yet, because she is so fucking self-obsessed and empty as an individual. She won’t be ready until she takes a long hard look at herself in the mirror, realizes she has been chasing the wrong forms of fulfillment for so long, makes amends with who she is and works to establish some real sense of identity and consideration for others. At that point she can be worthy of her own love, and then the love of someone else. However, she continues to carry on this charade, hiding deeper and further from herself, and never reaches any meaningful level of acceptance and truth.

      Wait, shit, I might be drink. My point is she needs to realize she is ugly on the inside, that no amount of self-deception is going to fix that, and she can’t really hide it for long, which is why others always run away (literally!) Once she has accepted that she is ugly on the inside, she can actively try to work to repair herself, and change her wicked ways. At that point she might come into true friendship, because she will be worthy of her own esteem — for once — and that of others.

      I almost feel bad for her. If she had the slightest desire to actually change, rather than just spinning her deception into a bigger cocoon, I probably would. She doesn’t, though, and she won’t, which is why she doesn’t actually deserve my sympathy or empathy.

      Julia, because you never read here (except you do, having posted that feminist Gossling shit that was referenced by jp earlier), please do some actual soul-searching, stop lying to yourself, and maybe then you will heal.

      • Yup. What M-Cakez said.

        Girlfrand has a lotta work ahead of her before she gets the kind of love she thinks she deserves.

        Go on Julie. Give it a try. Ther-a-pee.

      • You’re right, my mistake. I should have said “Whatever helps you pass out on an unsuspecting acquaintance’s couch in the middle of the afternoon, Julia.”

  42. Man I went OFF GRID for a couple of days (aka not have to work today) and all this went down. Redacted better watch out or else Jack McCain’s lawyer might come after him! Julia has significant resources!

  43. aaaaand she’s napping in Greasy’s apartment.

    What is with this bitch passing out in other people’s homes? How much sleep does she need? I STILL can’t get over her showing up sick to someone’s home and proceeding to sleep for 14 hours, or something insane like that.

    • Is Greasy still with The Young One? Is this her pissing all over other men and marking her territory again?

      • Yes, it’s safe to say that. Men: if you choose to date Julia Allison, you are expected to marry her or never to date again for the rest of your life. That info should be the first to come up when you google Julia Allison.

  44. In case anyone needed a visual, this is what [redacted] came face to face with last night:


    In the words of the great poet, Colonel Walter E. Kurtz: “the horror…the horror”

    Also, [redacted] is super awesome for coming into the cat lady basement and sharing his side of the story.

    *hands [redacted] one of mom’s grilled cheese sammiches + a vicodin. stops and thinks about the PTSD [redacted] must experiencing. hands him a second vicodin*

    • Crap-ity crap. Just saw that @Some Girl already posted this.

      That’s what I get for reading bottom to top.

      fat, etc.

      • I know this has been mentioned before—but look at the boots—
        brand-spanking-new-clean….Q: How is that possible in a dusty lake-bed? A: Julie really did just lounge in a hammock all day.

        • Was this particular skirt seen in the previous lineup of Burning Man fauxtos? Cuz it shouldn’t be put past Donkey to buy a NEW dragstume for Decom, including more of the same hooker boots …

  45. Gaw!!! I deciede to have a “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” marathon and the shit goes DOWN!! (What? It’s a good show.)
    I’ve said in the past that I haven’t been a [REDACTED] fan. That I thought he was an ass. So on, so forth. (Also, I never thought too much about the “Gawker revelation”
    because, well, was that supposed to be a secret? Maybe it’s because I’m bipolar myself that it seemed blatantly obvious to me. I also don’t think of “bipolar” as some awful swear that you can never come back from calling someone especially when, GahDuh!) And I stand by that, BUT I do think that how he handled this situation, or rather attempted to handle it before she clawed at him like a denizen of the underworld (TM TLDR for that apt metaphor) was the very best way.
    Somethings go so bad that they’ll never be good again. JakobandJulia (dot com!) was one of those things. [REDACTED] putting his head down and pretending he didn’t know her was the kindest thing he could have done.

    • Plus plus and… why is one of her arms twice the size of the other in the picture above?

    • You know, I know I’m the only one banging on the drum on this one – but it’s great you have that attitude about being bipolar — but the point, to me is #1 a lot of people don’t feel that way #2 it’s never been conclusively said he is bipolar #3 when she revealed it – not once but twice – she meant to inflict PERSONAL HARM on him which — we are not privy to, might have hurt his career.

      We keep taking the “he’s bipolar” as gospel rather than a very cruel, low, and mean spirited thing that Julia said to hurt him and place doubt in the minds of future employers and other people close to him.

      Mental illness has affected those very close to me — sorry to say, there is a stigma and what she did is reprehensible and she knew it — or what would be the point in saying it?

      • Being somewhat open with my mental health issues in my personal life is important, and I think it’s dangerous for anyone not to have a forum where they can discuss it. I can’t imagine a situation where I would disclose it at work, though. There are so many stupid people out there who have ignorant ideas and prejudices – I don’t need a reason to be passed over for a promotion because of some dimwit.

        That’s what makes Julia’s disclosure of his alleged diagnosis so disgraceful. She did it in a public fucking forum, where he has no control of who receives the information. It’s one of the most horrendous things she’s ever done, and that’s really saying something. She is a truly awful person.

      • It was made clear at the time that what she revealed about him was true. Also, his mom said that JA “betrayed” her son’s trust. So I think it’s safe to assume that he indeed shared with her that he was bipolar.

        • If he really does have that issue, he’s handled it really well. It probably made it hard when he was younger and could explain why he is brilliant (my opinion) but didn’t finish college despite racking up ~120 credits) but then just left campus without graduating like it was no big deal (for most kids, that’s a big deal at age 21-22). It was obviously no problem for him, but he just wantd to get the hell out of there. And yet, he’s always had an interesting perspective and had success with CH and Vim. The whole Barry D blow up was probably similar to college… he needed to move on and find new things to do. We should respect him for that. Some of his Oddwick projects shed light on him owning up to being different than most people–e.g. the one where’s he’s trapped in a box and the one where he’s stuck in some office wearing a tie (I think these are still hosted online). My favorite was the season 1 finale where he is on a rooftop and talks about how he gave up a bunch of his bad habits for a month — kind of goes along with his JHS project which ties back to his idea that humans are wired like biochemical computers in many ways. We’re more programmable (stimulus/reflex) than we realize.

          TLDR version – He’s creative and who gives a fuck if he has some issues. Shame on Julia for being a dumb Donkey like usual.

          • Wow I kept flipping between tabs and should’ve edited before I wrote that. You guys get my point, though 🙂

          • There’s been a lot of work about the creativity and bipolar connection. It’s why a lot of BP folks won’t take meds bc the meds will somewhat squash that. And I don’t care what anyone says — there is a HUGE stigma with this diagnosis, and it can (and will) be used against you even by people who supposedly “understand.” Julia knew exactly what she was doing when she wrote that. What’s funny is she is a poster child for Axis 2 disorders, the stuff meds can’t even touch.

          • I wasn’t disagreeing that there is stigma. And I’d totally understand if he didn’t want to take meds. I have problems with attention span and with sleeping (insomnia) at times, but don’t want to take meds bc often the “problems” coincide with high productivity or breakthroughs in thought patterns, like accepting something so I can move on or being able to unravel/understand something very complicated that has been on my mind. He’s been really successful and just seems to have grown up–gotta give Jake the benefit of the doubt in the whole Julia thing.

  46. Did she go to this event alone? And did she know JL would be there? The strategically engineered, casual bump-into is one of her manhunting tips. In which case, she actually DOES take her own advice.

    • Is the premise that she just doesn’t follow her own advice, or is it that her advice is disastrous & shouldn’t be followed by anyone? Either way …

      Geez, the more I think about it, running like hell from Donkey is the only thing that makes sense, considering that she’s likely to have a camera crew in tow on her future orchestrated stalkings.

      Exes take note: You’re about to be surveilled & ambushed Joey Greco style.

      • Re: Joey Greco…. When my catlady and I were first dating, I didn’t have cable and we’d come home drunk on Sat nights and get stuck watching that show at 3am… Joey Greco is hilarious. It’s intentional, right? Bc his delivery is so deadpan.

  47. p.s. Small side-question re: “the face did it.”
    How did he even recognize her based on the face alone?

    I like to think that he meant: THE SIZE OF THE HORSE-FACE DID IT

  48. And another Tuesday goes by without a Social Studies piece. I guess it’s safe to assume she got shit-canned from TMS. Why not tell people?

      • But aren’t some of her upcoming “activities” predicated on the fact that she’s a social media columnist? Like the charity thing Chic Geeks or whatever and the digital nomad thing in Austin? I can’t wait for this reality TV announcement because they may clue us in to what Bravo thinks her “job” is.

        • – This has never stopped her before. She’s gotten press credentials and free admission to conferences (that cost 4-5 figures for paying attendees) in the last yr or 2… when she was not working as a journalist for any org. She still uses the TONY/Star mag/FoxNews commentator angles.

          – Bravo is all smoke and mirrors. The majority of its Real Housewives stars are living on credit, are dubiously “self employed”, and are foreclosed/bankrupt. They’ve had umpteen divorces and, recently, a suicide of a spouse who was portrayed harshly on the show and going through bankruptcy in real life.

          – Bravo is perfect for Julia. They’ll let her say she is [whatever she wants]. And they’ll turn her into a scorn object. Awesome. I hope she lets the crazy hang out.

          – Mary was in a reality show where they said she was a “fashion designer”. If Mary can say that shit w/ a straight face, why not Julia? She has even less shame.

          • If Julia does indeed become some sort of low rent version of the already low rent Bravolebrity, I can’t wait to see what kind of dirt they inevitably will dig up about her. It looks like we may actually find out about the lost Indiana years after all! She thinks RBD is bad/stalky/creepy about digging up her past? Wait until she goes on Bravo. We might finally really learn about the mysterious sources of income, why she sometimes seems cash poor, the noses, the surgeries, the aimless flying… can’t wait!

          • I can’t wait till TWOP and the obsessive reality show bloggers get a hold of Julia. She thinks we’re bad? She hasn’t seen ANYTHING yet. Just wait, JA.

          • If TWOP recaps this then I will have to return and thus I would have come full circle in my internet commenting life.

            And then it will be time to die.

      • Jabberdonkey/Social Studies is not listed as a creator or a feature.

        She was always more of a bug than a feature. ::rimshot::

        I’ll be here all week, folks. Try the Vicodin.

  49. I feel like we should do something to observe the year-anniversary of the last post from Brant Stead. It’s coming up on Oct. 11.

    His last post (titled “Cosmos for the guys – check this out!!!” is about an autograph session with weirdo retired Brazilian soccer guy Pele. At the time, the autograph session was the next day. Not a lot of time! But Brant knew how quickly his audience responded to his suggestions (god I wish we had gotten pictures of an aging Pele being showered with fresh bouquets of watercress from Brant’s legions of followers who no doubt showed up.)

    I can only assume that because he left his face photo and postings up, even after a year without a peep from him, that Brant – like me – thinks his postings deepen with time, accrue meaning. I can’t tell you how many days I’ve sat here toggling between that Pele poster and Brant’s homepage photo. Back and forth. Back and forth. Waiting for the symbolism to hit me.

    • I am pinning a sprig of watercress to my lapel RIGHT NOW.

      This is extremely hard considering that I am both wearing a T-shirt and out-of-my-mind high on prescription cough medicines, but that’s how much this means to me.

    • there is no way to improve on what flatface said, but i want to add brant’s introductory blog message so we can truly appreciate the depths from which his musings percolate:

      Welcome. You will get used to this, I have a tendency to go charging off without a lot of the social formalities—we will get back to those in a moment. Through a co-worker I was invited to Wisconsin this past weekend to go mushroom hunting. We have a shared love of food because it goes well with wine which is really where our bond is. He is also a fantastic guy—in the sense that he does guy stuff and the weekend was chock full of exactly what you expect when someone says guys weekend. The biggest difference for the typical guy weekend (copious alcohol consumption, guns, sleeping bags, more guns—uh strippers) was that we also picked fresh asparagus and watercress, found about 15 pounds of wild mushrooms, stumbled upon a new born (like so new they were still wet) pair of fawns and milked some cows and fed some calves their bottles and there were no strippers anywhere to be found in this part of Wisconsin. Stay tuned for more trip details and eventually I will get myself properly introduced.

      • Look, don’t be mean about Brant. He is new to mushroom hunting, and wasn’t quite sure which kind of gun to use for which mushroom.

      • He’s so right: that’s exactly what I think of when I think “guys'” weekend. I can’t tell you how many of my dearest bro-memories revolve aorund tiny, adorable, new born fawns. Just give us some wine, watercress and a “director’s cuit Babmbi” DVD and me and my boyz are set for the weekend.

        • When your description of your weekend with the guys sounds like an episode of “Frazier” you know something’s awry. I envision John Mahoney* waving his cane in rage.

          *I loved the subversion of them having delightfully openly homogay in real life Mahoney playing the gender-policin’ dad. Of course “How I Met Your Mother” went on to top that, but.

          • Don’t you love the part during a “guys'” weekend when you get all snuggly inside your sleeping bags and brush each other’s hair? Mmmmm. It feels so good – in a total “guy” way – especially when your belly is chock full of wine and wild mushrooms.

            Yaaaa! Guys!

    • Hey, Pele is not a weirdo!

      Ok, maybe he’s a little bit weird, but he’s Brazilian! They’re all like that.

  50. I noticed this morning that Julia has deleted her Twitter post where she said Jake “ran away.” She’s a worthless lunatic.

      • Also, she’s put up two new sock puppet commenters telling her Jakob is SO NOT WORTH THINKING ABOUT and is SO IMMATURE.

        • This comment is clearly Julia, with the “proud of you!”

          I never ever comment but I have been following you for awhile. I agree with Martha – this says a bazillion more things about him than you. You’re clearly the adult – which is amazing. Just think how much has changed since this all happened. Super proud of you for that – remember then and now girl! xo

          • Oh god. This “reader” even does Julia’s weird way of typing dashes: word space em-dash space word.

          • Julia not only doesn’t know how to type dashes, she also doesn’t know how to use them.

          • I’m confused over what is the which that is amazing in that comment. Are we supposed to be amazed that Julia was the alleged adult in this situation? Or is she an amazing adult, just, you know, in general?

          • Self centered bitch very publicly accuses JL of not showering enough and being allegedly bipolar, then wonders why he wants nothing at all to do with her and runs from her? She’s fucking insane.

          • Yes, there’s even an xoxo in her new logo (why she needs a logo the world will never know) that she posted in August.


          • xo, Julia. xo, indeed.

            Super proud of you! You’re amazeballs! Never change! The other kids just mock because they’re jealous!

          • A big tell for her fake comments is that she always claims to be a longtime admirer who has never commented before. Cuckoo!

          • Exactly Chester! Always a brand new commenter account that just happens to know years of backstory! CUCKOO!

          • Sort of like when Lasagna shows up here and pretends she is a very casual acquaintance of Donkey’s and then knows every intimate detail about the fight with Creepy Divorced Bob re: the birthday party three years ago. All righty then.

          • “never ever” is a Julia-ism, like when she claimed “except for my hate blogs, which I never ever read.”

          • This may be the opiate sentimentality talking, but I am genuinely sad for Lasagna.

            Imagine being a suckerfish on such a horrible failwhale.

          • I feel a little bad for Lasagna because she really seems so stupid, plus she must have terrible self-esteem to let Julia Allison Baugher treat her so miserably. Then I remember the mean-spirited dirty work she does for Donkey and I feel less sympathetic.

        • Always a brand new commenter account that just happens to know years of backstory! CUCKOO!

          Right? Like, never a, “I just started following you recently, but that seems like a rotten thing to do.”

          Or a, “Julia — I’ve been following your online escapades since the early Gawker days, and I have to say this is one of those situations where I think you are not being really sensitive. He probably had a right to want to avoid you — you did call him bipolar in public. Maybe time to put this one to bed, you know?”

          Nope. It’s always, “Dearest Julia, I’ve been an avid fan and admirer since your days with the Hoya, through your rise to fame with TONY, and now through your internationally syndicated social media column (anticipating your Bravo show, too! I already have the DVR cleaned out!) Having seen you through all of these momentous occasions, and through the epic lovestory that was jakobandjulia.com — when you used to hang out with all your good friends at CollegeHumor and tumblr — and the eventual demise due to his immaturity and his mental issues (not to mention hygiene!), I am not at all surprised to see he is behaving so childishly. Shame on him. Perhaps he just can’t bear to look you in the face, knowing what a great person he lost? You deserve so much better, anyway, and I know you will frolic in the flames of love again soon.

          Best wishes, Kulia Sasagne.”

  51. maybe this has already been axed but I haven’t seen it yet…was that the REAL [redacted] or a fluke??

  52. I do! I do! I was just wondering…it caught me by surprise because I’d never seen him comment before. Can we bribe him for more donkey stories please oh please oh please?!

    • He wants nothing to do with her and has moved on with his own life, which I think is very telling that he came over here to clarify. She frightens him that much and wants to make it clear that she does so. We probably won’t ever hear from him again.

  53. OT….. A girl I knew in college recently made a facebook album called “Life on my farm with the donkeys” with 43 pictures of all her donkeys and omg they are just too cute!


    • That is super cute. I usually feel that Julia’s sobriquet is really unfair to the donkeys. They’re awesome animals. Unfortunately, donkeys, you’re stuck with her being lumped in with you jacks and jennets. My sincere apologies.

      • If not for this comment, I would be taking odds on Julia soon using the word “sobriquet.”

        • Also, it is an IRONIC SOBRIQUET, given that actual donkeys are known for being hard workers, unlike A Donkey.

    • That is adorable. I too love actual donkeys. I think some of the specimens up there on the page banner are entirely too cute for their current association, but the epithet works well enough. Just remember donkeys are much smarter, cuter, and easier to deal with than Donkey. And they probably smell better depending on how long it’s been since she washed her greasy pelts.

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