Desperately Ill Cupcake-Hoovering Yo-Yo Dieting Donkey Finally Has “Hope”


Just saw a new doctor here in New York about my celiac disease – and for the first in years, I actually have hope that I can get better.

First time she’s had hope she can beat this terrible affliction in YEARS, she says. Huh. And yet didn’t she only get “diagnosed” with “celiac disease” last year after years spent documenting her love affair for cupcakes, cookies, tuna melts, veggie burgers and Swiss Chard juice? So what is she talking about?


  1. So does she or does she not have health insurance? And how do you just show up as a new patient in offices in every city you visit? Is she paying out of pocket for these visits?

    • Apparently no. But she seems to have thousands of dollars to drop going to the damn doctor more than anyone else I know. Very curious!!!

      Also the way I read it is she hasn’t felt well in years, not she knows she has had celiacs for years. But I went off about it in the previous post. So brave, so courageous, living with this life threatening condition that has obviously very limited her lifestyle.

      Bitch please.

    • I surmised that when she joined AFTRA it was for the health insurance. Presumably the NY doc was her doc from Pink Palace days?

      • Yes but with AFTRA you don’t automatically get insurance – you have to put in a certain amount of hours on AFTRA projects (or bank a certain amount of money) in order to get insurance. With her reality show, if she’s in AFTRA, and BRAVO is a signatory, then she’ll get health insurance.

  2. I hate her so much.


    • Oh I know. I was raging in the previous post in the comments. My sis in law has this. Felt sick for years. Finally got diagnosed. Stopped eating wheat. Is literally fine now. Shut the fuck up, dipshit. You aren’t dying and no one cares anyway.

      Also she’s so very sick yet that doesn’t stop her from traveling constantly. Can you imagine if she had to deal with a real illness?

      • Well, here is the other thing. I am sure her digestion is a million kinds of fucked up, partly from (if she really has celiac) her insistence on eating wheat, and partly from her motherfucking laxative abuse.

        What do you want to bet she didn’t tell the doctor about her little Butt Print Cleanse addiction?

    • Also, there are still french fries. I used to be all “meh” about fries, but now they are pretty much the pinnacle of “treat” food in a restaurant for me (because there is no way I’m going to get into making them at home, thanks to my aversion to deep frying anything!)


      • There’s a ton of stuff you can eat. Chex cereal, corn chips, those kinda things for when you the carbs craving. Also if money is no object, and it’s obviously not for Princess Trust Fund, just buy the various “real food” substitutes at specialty stores and STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Corn chips save my life, I am telling you that.

          Also, there are really good gluten-free frozen bagels now.

          Still, I cannot deny that I am sad that I will probably never have a real croissant again. But on the scale of things this is hardly a big whopping deal!

          • I had some really delicious gluten free pizza at my brother’s house. I could barely tell the difference. I know my sis in law buys those fake bread roll thingies. They do bitch about the price of such things though, but it’s not like assface needs to worry about that.

            I get that it would suck to have this (not sure how I would manage it as I am a huge carbs freak), but I don’t believe that JA has it anyway, so there’s that.

          • A friend’s daughter has celiac’s and she made the most AWESOME gluten-free chocolate cake for her birthday. So good, I’m buying it just because it’s one of the best box-cake I’ve ever had.

      • Not many people who don’t have it know about the biopsy being needed for a definitive diagnosis. Although it seems bizarre to think that she really does have it and then just goes around eating wheat all the time. I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THE DONKEY MIND.

        • Except didn’t she write that she had had the biopsy after it was pointed out here that it was necessary for the diagnosis?

          • Well, I suppose that might explain it. I just can’t imagine her using the Google correctly even for something simple.

            The point of this lie, if it is a lie, still eludes me, though. On the one hand, you have someone saying they have an annoying and unglamorous medical condition—why? On the other hand, you have someone who actually has an annoying and unglamorous medical condition refusing to take the basic steps necessary not to trigger a flare-up of same—why?

          • Oh I agree with you! And I may be mistaken. I just thought she wrote she was diagnosed only. Then when called out here that the diagnosis would involve some pretty intrusive tests, she changed her claim to have had the biopsy. But I’m not sure, and not really interested in delving through the bowels of her blog.

        • I dunno, Albie. Even a lazy donkey who pretends to be incapable of goggling would find it in the 1st page of “Celiac Diagnosis” results w/ little or no effort.

          • She’s so horrible at Googling, though.

            Also, why would anyone pretend to have celiac? OH I HAVE SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY INTESTINE THAT GIVES ME HORRIBLE DIARRHEA IF I EAT WHEAT isn’t exactly glamorous.

            Seriously, I am confused by this. It’s like pretending to be allergic to peanuts—not going to earn you glamour points or bravery points, just limiting your food options boringly.

          • I sadly have friends/kmow people who pretend or exaggerate their gluten intolerance/celiac. It’s a pain in the ass at dinner parties and restaurants and they tend to go on and on about it. Im convinced theybare doing it for the attention. With one friend, its a running joke amongst us – guys find her very hot and if we are at a show or bar always want to meet her – we always warn that she won’t shut up about gluten and celiac – like she starts talking about it right away. Invariably, the folks I know who feign this condition “cheat” if there’s an especially
            appetizing pasta or dessert being served. also, if they feel like having a beer. and quiche (pie crust) if I’m hosting brunch.
            I always stock rice noodles at my house – to guve them a choice and so they’ll shut up – because I tend to throw a lot of impromptu dinners and pasta is the easiest thing to throw together.

            That said, I also know people with very real gluten issues and cellars and it’s no joking matter. like having to go to the hospital serious. A couple of the people I know with celiac are much older – friends of my parents – and I seem to recall celiac wasn’t recognized or was often misdiagnosed until relatively recently. so they’ve had a hard time of it for a long time.
            Another tidbit, the other week when those Jackie O tapes were aired some commentator said that celiac was rampant in the Kennedy family.

          • See, that’s bizarre to me. I can’t imagine talking about my illnesses or allergies unless asked about them directly, because there is nothing more boring. Doesn’t your friend realize how much of a bonerkill it is to go on and on about her INTESTINES like she’s somebody’s crazy grandmother?

            I am probably way too much the other way, but I just can’t imagine telling your friends or strangers about the foods that give you the runs and/or the barfs as if they would care.

          • Münchausen syndrome: feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma to draw attention or sympathy to themselves.

            Münchausen by proxy syndrome: care-givers deliberately exaggerate, fabricate, and/or induce physical, psychological, behavioral, and/or mental health problems in others.

            Cankleshausen Syndrome by Proxy: Extreme embarrassment experienced by proxy due to Julia’s highly inappropriate and/or embarrassing actions, tweets, IMs, blog posts, interviews, lipdubs, TMI Weekly segments, TV appearances (e.g. Alexa Chung), Gawker comments, etc. Coined by commenter Dr. Gary DDS. cf. Munchausen syndrome by proxy.
            [taken from RBD and Wiki]

            It all makes sense now.

          • IBS became a fashionable disease du jour when it was learned that one of the drugs prescribed to treat it caused weight loss. I think celiac may have a similar allure in that people who go gluten free seem to lose weight as a result.
            I imagine though, that it is a fairly common affliction of differing severity, maybe like lactose intolerance. (I think we are ALL lactose intolerant, some just more so than others.)

          • @Albie, Jordache: ugh, I still cringe at the memory of having to sit through a dinner (on a trip abroad) during which my travel companion (no longer a friend) droned on about her recent MRI that found A HOLE IN HER HEAD (an enlarged ventricle, big deal). She kept passing around the MRI scans on her iPod Touch. Not only that, but she also has Lyme disease, so she had to open up about the whole story behind that too. The entire dinner was her monologue about her condition. I must have rolled my eyes a million times that night.

          • I’ve found it really common – I seriously know several people from different social groups and cities who pull this shit. I kind of liken it to the people who go on about carbs, but by feigning gluten intolerance/celiac it gives it extra drama. Like I said, they always “cheat” when theopportunity arises and make a big deal out of it in front of every one.
            It’s super annoying and disingenuous but I’m pretty diplomatic. I find the song and dance about “breaking the rules,” “the doctor says I shouldntbdo this but…” and the caving in ridiculous but expected at this point. Especially when hosting people, feeding them and giving them beer, I get the usual “I’m blowing my diet/health by coming to Jordache’s house” person. that’s why I keep the Rice noodles and crackers – if you want homemade pesto or vongole, theres always the choice of slimy rice noodles. The rest of us will have fettucine.
            Fortunately most of my friends are easy going and appreciative eaters.

          • Hey, J&tP’s … last time I checked, there are more than half a dozen+ G-F beers on the mkt … just buy a sixer of Red Bridge & shove one in their hand/hoof/muzzle next time before they even get started. 🙂

          • @brayella
            I’m a poor MFA graduate student, so the only beer I tend to keep in stock is Natty Boh (which I actually kind of prefer because it’s weak but refreshing)

            I subscribe to your theory. This phenomena is only something I’ve experienced in the last ten years. Id certainly never heard of gluten intolerance or celiac until then. remeber, ten years ago folk were all into the Atkins – i think this is related. And I think we are all a little lactose and gluten intolerant, I certainly get stomach issues from time to time. But I don’t need to give up cheese or pasta at this point thank god!

          • Also, I should add that there are amazing tasty, affordable, healthy and gluten free alternatives/choices for everything these days. Celliac or choosing a gluten free lifestyle does not need to be crippling in this day and age. With the range of products in grocery stores, the amount of information and awareness out there, and the choices at restaurants its not even that inconvenient. Julia needs to shut up and stop eating fucking cupcakes if she is so disabled.

          • stop bullying this disabled girl, can’t you see she suffered mental retardation from being called a donkey and liar? she really DOES have loose movements!

    • Seriously. There is no ‘hope’ of curing Celiac’s – at least not at this time – there’s just not eating gluten. But… that’s the cure for the symptoms.

      I might have Celiac’s — blood test results were inconclusive and both my mom and grandmother have it, so I have to see a GI for the next step. But seriously, not that big a deal. My mom has A LOT of other help problems that Celiac’s has compounded; I’m grateful to have the chance to catch it in my twenties. Even though I will be disappointed to give up ready access to my favorite carbs (What will I do without subs?) if I get a positive diagnosis, at least I get the chance to cope with it early rather than wracking up more damage… and all I have to do is skip the carbs! Look at that! Hope for a healthier future!

      I will never the donkey.

      • I’ve been waiting all dsay for someone to comment on the fact there is no “hope” or “cure” or hope for a cure. Sick of her insulting real sufferers with her callous translation of “eating disorder” into “celiacs”

  3. Ashton, how can we have hope that ALL THE GIRLS can be cured of this terrible affliction while not having health insurance?

  4. I mean can someone point to ONE WAY having this obviously very serious life threatening condition has affected her or limited her lifestyle in any discernible way? You’d think having a bestie with cancer would clue her in to how lucky she is. I mean has she ever ONCE bitched about having to miss a very important meeting or a very important trip across county to pretend to have a meeting because she was sick? This, the chick who LITERALLY NEVER GETS SICK???? Yet somehow suddenly she has so much hope that her serious illness can be managed?

    • Due to falling down the stairs of the subway that she never takes following the diagnostic test for Celiac Disease, Julia Allison Baugher was too fragile to endure a 3-day clomp for Susan G. Komen, & you know she’d have been there if she could! — she expressed a sincere desire to participate in one for the sheer purpose of stealing a pink tent.

      • Hahaha. Good memory! Thank god her terrible illness doesn’t prevent her from couch hopping across the country! Her career and dates with lawyers with 8 packs depend on it!!!!!

        • Well, she’s never bitched about missing something important due to illness because she goes anyway (hello, HS reunion).

    • haha, JFA you brought back Donk memories! I forgot how she claims she “never gets sick,” then when there’s an opportunity she wants to back out of she all of a sudden has a life-or-death illness, and is then better two days later for the event she really wants to go to.

      See: 10 year high school reunion when she felt ugly/fat/unmarried- she then went even though she was laying on her parent’s couch eating pescatarian chicken broth and claiming that death was imminent a few hours before.

      See also: Paris trip of 2011, in which her LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Tuscon, and Wasilla doctors told her she was on the verge of death… one day later she was at Burning Man.

    • Also, maybe she and Cancer Dan can get together and commiserate about what it’s like to have a life-threatening illness with godawful treatments and side effects, etc….. oh wait…….

    • She is truly the Queen of Melodrama.

      I had a friend like this. She was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. My God, you would have thought they’d told her she had brain cancer and had three weeks to live. Beginning of the end of the friendship.

      • To be fair, always be sympathetic to anyone who does have any chronic health problems, because you can’t understand the impact unless you’ve been through anything similar. But when a donkey suffers from a chronic lying mentalist condition, a sufferer of celiac who takes great pride in posting photos of themselves eating all the wheaty cakes, she can go suck an eight pack of wheaty donkey dicks.

        • Yeah I dunno, there’s being sympathetic and then there’s being bamboozeled when it’s someone with a new malady every week all too eager to use you as their own medical file folder if you let them.

          A few years ago I worked with a girl who had a litany of health problems that she absolutely relished telling us about. In the span of a year or two we had to hear about a heart condition, a sprained foot, countless bad colds and bouts of the flu, dental drama, and even a miscarriage, and while obviously nobody wishes those things on anyone, it became very apparent that as long as she knew she could get sympathy from our higher management, she wouldn’t hesitate to force arm pats from those of us who were uncomfortable knowing such intimate info. This woman (legitimately) had something that looked like BPD, and physical sickness was just another method of manipulating the people around her.

  5. This is unreal. I’ve never seen someone who uses every sneeze, cough and episode of diarrhea as a reason to Tweet. Seriously, is nothing this chick does private?

    Oh, wait, if she kept things that were inappropriate to herself, she’d have nothing to discuss. My bad. I forgot I was dealing with the donkey.

    On an unrelated note, I’m actually looking forward to her show. I wonder if it will be a popped balloon like her column or if it will be epically terrible like the Sony commercials.

  6. What we have here is a failya ta communicate. These doctors aren’t saying “celiac”, they’re saying schizo-phren-ia!

  7. PS. she is always burning bridges. isn’t this tweet basically a big “fuck you” to her old doctor that she’s been seeing since she was 23, and with whom she just had an appointment yesterday?!

  8. Do we know that the picture is really her giving a fake lecture? Because wow, that’s insanity on so many different levels I don’t know where to begin.

    • yes. the “event” was actually just an informal talk to some student club where they served pizza. she didn’t give a talk from a podium, she just posed for these pictures afterwards. and she calls this “speaking at MIT”. it is to laugh!

      • here:
        MITiClub MIT Innovation Club: @juliaallison speaks to the MITiClub on April 27 at noon (e51-335) about #new media entrepreneurship – be there.

        MIT Innovation Club hasn’t tweeted in 1.5 years, and their website is down…

        • Also the Innovation sounds even worse than the Peace Club, which I was president of in HS thank you very much!!! Jesus, can you imagine the tools in the MIT Innovation club? What a serious important business lady speech she must have given to the 4 social retards in attendance.

          • INNOVATION CLUB I meant dammit. I’m sick and tired today…someone give me hope I might one day feel better. Where’s daddy’s AMEX?

        • MIT Innovation Club hasn’t tweeted in 1.5 years, and their website is down…

          Following their untowardly exposure to equinus assinitus, consequences were never the same.

    • Yes. It is perhaps the most craziest of the cray pics I’ve ever seen of her. In my opinion. I mean, the HAND GESTURES.

  9. I love how she’s padding out this desperate date trip with doctor’s visits. I can’t wait for tomorrow night’s super exclusive book launch/speed dating event for wannabe entrepreneur millionaires. I’m sure she told Mr. Abs that she had to be in nyc anyway for all the other nonsense to make it seem like she didn’t just fly out here for a date.

  10. I smell bulldonkeyshit, as in the lie detector is spiking.

    I don’t care who you are, you don’t just breeze into numerous towns & readily get appointments w/ doctors, & especially not w/ specialists — busy, in-demand specialists require patients be referred by other physicians , not by patients themselves who are doctor-seeking.

    Why doesn’t she still see internal medicine guy, Dr. Michael Eng, gastroenterologist? Did he disengage her because she continued slurping BPC Butt Juice, thus being deemed non-compliant, malingering & fake?

    My hunch: Donkey was an all-out asshole at the dinner party in regards to the menu & is now trying to spin her asshattery as victimhood. Or this is her way of getting the new 8-ball dude to take her for sushi *SNAP* Every *SNAP* Single *SNAP* Time.

    • If you watched the dinner party video, the host presented the menu. Technically, and I say technically because she’s a lying liar, status-seeking, pity-party-throwing hypochondriac, she couldn’t eat any of it.

      • I personally got a kick out of Meagan’s (Megan’s? Meaghannn’s?) attempts at the perfect accent when saying such exotic words as “tortilla” and “chorizo.”

        People like that DESERVE have the Donks glom onto them.

  11. I’m surprised I’m the first person to call this one:

    Of all her lies, celiac is the most easily disprovable. it was very stupid of her to claim celiac (not a gluten sensitivity, but celiac). I specifically asked her to confirm the “celiac” diagnosis in chat, and she did.

    this is her trying to forehsadow the disease going into “remission” so she doesn’t have to maintain the labor-intensive lie.

    • How is it “labor-intensive” for her? She’s constantly being photographed eating wheat.

      There’s no such thing as a remission from celiac. Either she never had it (and lied about the intestinal biopsy), or she has it now and is managing it poorly.

      • this was way back in the day, maybe a year ago? I had been on the fence before between stupid/crazy and pathological liar and this was sent me firmly into the liar camp. Granted, I still think she’s also v stupid and v crazy…

    • Ummm…errr…oops


      • Oh for fuck’s sake. Can it with the mugging, dipshit.

        OT: just Googled “Julia Allison” and this website shows up on the first page. At the bottom, but still. We’re back!

        • Meanwhile, they’re with somebody in a Cosby sweater. Even in New York City that shit ain’t hip, even ironically.

          (Sorry for my language. I’m hangry right now.)

        • You raaaaaang! HA! Also every time I see her with her hands up like that I count her fingers…..thanks CuntBunn!!

        • A disgraceful manicure for sure! I know you must be suffering from Canklehousen…..Can I offer you a long island ice tea?


      • Is that guy her new piece?

        HOW does she get dates?!

        • I don’t fucking understand it either. Is that him? First of all, he’s cute so WTF???? S econdly, you are already posting pics of the guy you went out with 3 times? Goddamnit just when I think she is at the maximal level of desperation it gets worse. Who are these guys?????

          • I also like how he’s super casual and she’s wearing a dress and blindingly terrible hooker jewelry. I can see why that’s very attractive. If there’s one thing men love, it’s high maintenance.

      • Dude is cute. Trying to decide who it is that he reminds me of … a little bit Dave Annable, but that’s not quite it either…

      • Who took this picture, and why/how? Did she seriously hand her camera off like “Can you snap a picture of me doing a holla face at the food? Thanks.”

        • I just…if this IS the guy she is dating. Wow. I go on dates a lot (not a brag, just a priority in my life to have fun and maybe find a man), and no guy wants to be photographed on a third date, let alone put on a FB wall. He’s a desperado.

          • I mean seriously does it not scream “LOON” when some chick pulls out a camera on a THIRD FUCKING DATE? What universe does she live in? Who needs this many fucking pictures??? She took a picture of herself reacting to a BOWL.

          • Seems like a match has been made: another picture of the two of them has her making one of her fake “oh so shocking” face poses (why? just why?) and him mugging for the camera while using the ladle from the serving bowl as his personal spoon. Cake licking, male version.

        • He’s not my type really but he is definitely cute and most certainly too cute for an old donkey hag! And whatever over the blow jobs and up the ass – there are how many millions of women in New York; a decent looking guy with a decent job is bound to find one who looks her age, has a normal job, isn’t twittering about your third date and has friends who aren’t rolling their eyes behind her back at dinner parties (which I’m sure happened all night).

          Not to mention, actually LIVES in the same in the same tri-state area.

          She is repulsive and insane. And there is no way she’s one of those crazy chicks who are good in bed. She has way too many hang ups.

        • Is this really a date? Because it looks like a group of people going out to dinner together (at least 3 on one side, so probably 3 more on the other). Trust Donks to make sure she gets a fauxto to support her fauxdate.

          • No, this photo is from the dinner party at some Meagan’s apartment. The dude next to her is not necessarily the 3rd Date Loser.

          • Yeah, we don’t know that’s him. Although I find the fact that she’s posted several photos of her yukking it up with the dude without tagging him quite suspicious given she is the Inappropriate Tagging Queen.

          • You can only tag someone who is your facebook friend, right? Maybe the guy has wisely chosen not to associate himself with this donkey.

        • The underside of her left hoof looks so … indented!
          Then it hit me ..

  12. Is there a term for a lie told to get out of a lie? I’m thinking there is but I’m too brain dead today to remember. Anyway, that’s what this is. Suddenly, amazingly, conveniently, Donkey will be cured of Ceiling Cats and never have to mention it again.

    • At what point was her column ever carried by “about a dozen” papers?
      Unless by “a dozen” she means 3.

      • When she says “about a dozen,” she takes quite a while trying to explain why she won’t say the real number.


        • Don’t columnists get paid based on the number of papers that run the column? Meaning, she knows exactly how many papers run her drivel.

    • She’s still really terrible on camera—-head is always bouncing,
      touching the schnoze, the pelts, crazy-eyes. Doesn’t she know yet
      that the head is supposed to remain still so the viewer doesn’t get

    • Julia Allison looks 45 here, easy. From this, I conclude that one of these possibilities must have occurred:

      A) All of humanity except Julia was cryogenically frozen for 15 years but does not remember this occurring, so she looks much older than the rest of her age cohort.

      B) The Earth spent some time accelerating away from Julia at relativistic speeds and then returning, causing time to pass more slowly for the rest of the world relative to Julia.

      C) Julia is a psycho who doesn’t take care of her face or body, and flipped out so much when she saw a wrinkle that she went to a cut-rate plastic surgeon and asked for the full Wildenstein.

      Say what you will, but I’m inclined towards explanation B. Why? Because everyone accelerating away from Julia at relativistic speeds is something we at RBD have observed many times.


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        / \
        / \
        / \
        /| || |\
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        / | |___||___| | \
        | | ‘._||_.’ | |
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        | | .’ || ‘. | |
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        / / /__||__\ \ \
        / / || \ \
        /.’ || ‘.\
        // || \\
        __//_ __||__ _\\__
        ‘=====’ ‘======’ ‘=====’


        / \ (Julia Allison repels respectable
        / \ men at near light speeds)
        | |
        | |
        | |


        /\ /\
        ( \\ // )
        \ \\ // /
        \/ _ _ \
        \/ | |
        ___________________\/ \ /
        // // |____|
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        “” \ /_________| |_/
        / /\ / | ||
        / / / / \ ||
        | | | | | ||
        | | | | | ||
        |_| |_| |_||
        \_\ \_\ \_\\

  13. Unfortunately, I’ve known people just like the Donkey- have an unfortunate, but not life-threatening, medical condition and explode it for the attention.
    Can’t sleep sometimes? “INSOMNIA. Give me special attention! I get out of college classes and tests because I can’t sleep!” No, bitch. You hoover Adderall like it’s your fucking job, that’s why you can’t sleep.
    Your doctor said you may have mild gluten insensitivity? “CELIAC DISEASE! Let me talk about it ad nauseum and ruin every outing talking about my CELIAC!”

    I’m a vegan, and I shut the fuck up about it. Most of my friends don’t even know, because when we go out I order something off the menu that I can eat, don’t proselytize, and aren’t like, “DIDJA KNOW I’M A VEGAN? OMG ANIMAL CRUELTY.” I knew a girl in college who was a vegetarian solely for the attention. She would rudely demand special attention from the dining hall people (Was that pan used to cook meat? I want to see you wash it off!) and waiters (Those vegetables better have been cooked on a stove where meat is not cooked! Make it separate for me! I will not tip you if you don’t do this for me!). This was the same psycho bitch who was an Adderall addict but tried to get special accommodations (i.e. skip class whenever the fuck she wanted) because of her “insomnia.” Come to think of it, I think she and Jules would get along swell.

    • I never mention being vegan and I hate when someone brings it up as a discussion topic when eating. Because the reasons for being vegan are not really acceptable table conversation to most people, so I defer on explaining why I do it.

      The fact Julia talks about it so goddamn much is what makes people think vegans/vegetarians are weirdos. Most of us make a personal choice, talk about it when appropriate, and just enjoy some of the private benefits of being vegan.


      • I talk about it constantly… on here. I’m kind of the resident rageaholic when it comes to her animal consumption/uses. It’s exactly BECAUSE people like her are part of the reasons why vegetarians/vegans get labeled as crazy and — worse — hypocrites (how many times have I been asked ‘Oh yeah, then what are your shoes made of?’)

        Just like the real journalists, celingcats, tech geeks, fashonistas, bulimics, etc. around here get pissed seeing her misrepresent something very dear to them, her ignorance and dishonesty about her use of animal byproducts is my rage-button issue.

      • Whenever I’m out to eat or at a family function and someone offers me something non-vegan, the conversation goes like this:

        Person: Here, have some mac&cheese/chicken!
        Me: No thank you! I’m good with this salad/pasta/whatever.

        If they ask me why I’m not eating meat or something, I just simply tell them I’m vegan. If they push, I say for health and ethical reasons. If they start to get obnoxious, i.e. “It’s just a cow! Fish don’t have feelings!” I smile and firmly say that it’s my decision, thank you very much. If people are genuinely curious about it at the dinner table, I tell them something like, “It might gross everyone out and ruin dinner if I talk about the nasty stuff that goes on in slaughterhouses and on dairy farms, but I can email you some info if you’re interested.” The self-righteous vegans who use it to get attention for themselves drive me crazy because they give the rest of us a bad name.

        • Julia gives the most superficial reasons for being vegan. For someone to really explain further than you mention, it gets kind of gross–feed lots, antibiotics, disgusting living conditions, nasty slaughterhouses, yada yada. If someone really wants to know more, I could recommend a good book or two or discuss it later, but even if the person pushes for more, I’m not ruining their meal (or other people at the table’s meal) with the graphic details

          • I don’t think JABA claims to be vegan… her schtick is “pescatarian,” even though she eats chicken broth and probably hoovers down other meat products too. (Back when she was bragging about going to momofuku ko a few years ago, a commenter pointed out that they explicitly do not serve vegetarian or pescatarian food).

            I’m glad she hasn’t jumped on the vegan bandwagon because she would be the woooorrrrrsttttt.

          • I know there are those militant types of vegans out there (there are militant types for everything; I’m def not calling out vegans or anything!) but most normal people who happen to be vegan don’t seem to go into much more than the basic “health and/or ethical reasons” when asked why they don’t eat meat and dairy.

            Julia is just so anxious to be a special snowflake that she has to be a “pescatarian,” but won’t eat this and will eat that, etc etc. Why can’t she simply just not like something, or just simply not eat something? “I’m pescatarian! Except when I’m not tee hee haw!” You don’t need a special name for everything you do!

          • @powerful mom — environmental and political reasons, too. producing meat is trophically inefficient from an energy flow perspective. and production of meat in most western countries is heavily subsidized and involves/requires a huge beaurocracy which causes misallocation of resources.

            these are probably less popular reasons than animal cruelty/ethics or health reasons, but they exist and are important for people to realize.

        • I only have one friend that I eat with frequently who is vegetarian and she’s one of the easiest people regarding food. She simply orders whatever she can in a restaurant and eats whatever is meatless at someone’s house.

          She doesn’t like mushrooms, especially portobellos, but she’s been to bbqs of friends who know she doesn’t eat meat, so they’ve actually gotten portobellos to grill so she can have a “burger” as well. Because she’s not insane and thinks it’s really nice that people go out of there way for her, she accepts it graciously and has a few bites.

          • My in laws always get mushrooms or tofu for me. I discourage it, but they always insist, so I’m thankful obviously. They’re Greek so they always have a lot of pasta and grilled vegetables around and I’d be more than fine with that.

          • I always try to do this. I find people make a bigger deal out of it than I do, saying “Is there something you can eat here? Can you eat this? ect.,” Which is nice, yes, but sometimes its like, dude I’m fine eating a salad/pasta/ect.,

          • I hear you, JPA. I went on a family vacay this summer, and my kind relatives were very concerned about getting me vegan food. I swore to them up and down that I was okay with grilled veggies and pasta, yum! Delicious healthy food! But they were concerned and went out and bought me alllll sorts of gross vegan food. (Tofurkey slices, anyone?) Instead of being a bitch, I downed the Tofurkey slices with a smile and thanked them for being considerate of my food choices… Can’t see JABA doing this.

          • Yeah, if I am going to a bbq or meal I try to bring something all veggie as a contribution, and also as ‘just in case.’ Fortunately I run in veggie-friendly circles, but rather than throw a fit I make sure to provide for myself/brah just in case.

            brah’s family is also ridiculously accommodating and always insist on making options I can consume. Generally, crazy fucks they are, an exact dish to replace just about everything else on the table. It is sweet.

            However, JA is offensive specifically for the fact that she not only gloats about her pescafakitarianism, but also that she is completely ignorant to how things like marshmallows, leather, fur are perceived in such a community. Uninformed as per usual.

        • Meow, I’m a strict vegetarian ( not even marshmallows) and I’ve cut out eggs and milk, but goddamn I can’t stop with the cheese! How did you do it? Also, are there any good vegan mayos out there that don’t taste like Miracle Whip??

          • Whitley, I was such a cheese lover too. I pretty much went vegan overnight… I had wanted to do it for a long time but was clinging so desperately to my cheese that I couldn’t, until one day I just said, “Fuck it I’m starting tomorrow.”
            Feta cheese was my fave, and there are a bunch of recipes where you can imitate it with tofu and greek spices/salad dressing. Whole Foods has a bunch of different almond/soy/rice cheeses to try. Their vegan cheddar is so good!
            I never really use vegan mayo that much, except for in some dips here and there. I never eat it by itself. Vegan sour cream and mayo aren’t as good as the real thing by themselves but you can’t tell the difference when you mix it with other stuff for dips and other recipes.

      • I agree completely. My veganism is a personal choice, and if anyone wants more details, the dinner table is not the place for it.

  14. There are 25.8 million people in the United States, or 8.3% of the population, who have diabetes.

    60% of the world is lactose intolerant, including 100% of Native Americans, 95% of Asians, 75% of African and Caribbean people, 50% of Mediterraneans and 10% of Northern Europeans.

    .75% or 1/133 people in the United States has Celiac Disease.

    I suffer from a fast food allergy; if I eat fast food I get fat, so I don’t.

    Stop crying like a little child JabberDonkey. People who whine incessantly about @GLUTEN are unbelievable. Um… IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT or CAN’T UNDERSTAND IT, DON’T USE IT!

    • Donkey having celiac at all is such bullshit. She has–at most–slight gluten intolerance. If she had full-blown celiac, you know what would happen if she ate 10 cupcakes in a sitting, as she has claimed to have done? Homedonkey would be D-E-D, DEAD.

  15. OMG the Sloan gift bag!!!! Trying to make it look like it’s; some sort of placard next to the podium…. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  16. Genuine celiac sufferers take their diet v seriously, cheating with a cupcake could land them in hospital etc. Bogger is just attention whoring it up. No doubt she gets a little gassy or bloated after eating bread and instead of moderating her intake has jumped straight to the disease du jour diagnosis.

    • Those look good! Cheer up donk donk.[img][/img]

    • She actually got a box of that from Britt last Christmas! It seems likely that she still has it, actually, since she never mentioned making it and it seems like the kind of thing she’d make a big deal of if she did.

      • She can’t even work a dishwasher,
        you think she can operate an oven?

        Oh crap. I didn’t pay any attention when I loaded the dishwasher last night and …. Yeah. Oops? Dishwashing soap does not = dishwasher detergent. Any suggestions on how to clear the mess before my parents come home from Boston tonight? I feel like I’m in high school and I’m about to get in trouble again.

        You can either comment below or email me … either way. Ugh. I’m such an idiot.

          • Yeah, real economical to run a DW when only half full. THAT is why Donkey dons the fwethwatuh pearlth & doth ditheth by hoof.

          • I love this photo so much. She posted this when she was trying to seduce Pancakes, and show him what a lady-like, Republican housewife she was. It is to laugh.

          • Hahaha! What a fucking nutjob! AND somebody was forced to take that ididotic picture! What an embarrassment for all involved.

          • I still can’t get past the notion that Dad$er & Donkey staged a Snag-A-Man fauxtoshoot.

            “… after my mom hosted the monthly church ladies supper. My dad took this shot! They all thought it was funny to be washing dishes in a dress & pearls, but I didn’t have anything else to wear!”

            Not ‘FUNNY, HAHA FUNNY’, Donkey …
            ‘Funny’ as in: ‘Pssst, Mabel! Robin’s old girl just ain’t right.’ touched-in-the-head kinda ‘funny’.

        • That’s a really shitty dishwasher for a (likely) million dollar house. I guess it goes along with those crappy tiles that look like they’re from a middle school bathroom.

          Of course the Baughers have bad taste, I shouldn’t even be surprised.

          • I seriously can’t get over how g-d ugly the Baugher house is. Keep in mind, they bought the lot with a house on it, then bought the adjacent lot, then knocked the existing house down to build a new house (this is when they were living in that apartment in Evanston… the one where Julia “was inside”). So, they have the house built from scratch… and that’s what it looks like now? When it’s; worth 1M+ and they have money to send their Donkey all over Creation? And pay for her health care and conspicuous consumption? Sorry, but that’s embarassing.

          • [img][/img]

          • The outside of the house doesn’t look that bad but I REALLY don’t get their interiors. The restaurant kitchen tile, the dated 90s furniture, the cheap torchiere lamps straight out of a college dorm room. It’s like they spent all the money on the property and didn’t have anything left over for finishing the interiors.

        • She crowdsourced for suggestions on how to clean up a few soap bubbles?? I’m back in the “she qualifies for the Special Olympics” camp.

          • She probably wanted to know if she could just run the dishes through again, or if the soap that’s still in there would cause it to bubble over again. As usual, she just sucks at stating things clearly. Probably a by product of her whole “business” being bullshit legalese.

  17. OT but a few things worth mentioning… as I was looking her up for the new dinnar partay photos, a FB page link popped up with “Julia Allison, Author”. LOL WUT?! The page has her revised wikipedia page complete with that 2006 photo she loves so much despite the fact that there are definitely about oh, I don’t know, A MILLION far more recent shots that could be used to represent her?! Wild.

    Page ratings:
    Trustworthy: 1.6, 14 ratings
    Objective: 1.4, 16 ratings
    Complete: 1.7, 16 ratings
    Well-written: 2.3, 14 ratings

    Moar lulz from the Discussion page:


    This page is out-of-date for Julia Allison. Could the opening sentence please read:

    Julia Allison (born February 28, 1981) is an internationally syndicated tech and social media columnist (through Tribune Media Service), American journalist, television commentator, and co-creator of lifecasting portal

    In the writing and media appearances, please start with.

    Allison currently writes an internationally syndicated tech and social media column, Social Studies, through Tribune Media Service. Her columns have been featured in papers across the world, from South Florida Sun-Sentinel to the Calcutta Telegraph to the Chicago Tribune.

    These links below can be linked to the appropriate newspaper outlets just mentioned and included in the “references” section:
    [blahblah links]

    — Preceding unsigned comment added by Cprgibson623 (who is this?) (talk • contribs) 15:08, 20 July 2011 (UTC)

    X Not done

    I’m sure there’s more on the discussion page, but it’s waaay too much to C&P here.

    • You mean this?:

      JuliaAllison Julia Allison
      It’s Indian summer in New York city. These are the days that seduce you into forking over half your paycheck to live here.
      27 Sep

      Also? No. The weather yesterday was at best mediocre. We’ve been in this terrible tropical humid rainy pattern and maybe yesterday was a little bit brighter than it’s been but I’d hardly classify it a warm golden Indian summer day. Imo.

      • Amen. The humid is killing me. I have to LITERALLY kick my front door in because they have swelled up so much. HATE it.

        • Arrrgh, I know! Also, can we talk about my hair? Actually, I don’t want to talk about it.

        • Same thing here–I’ve been kicking in my backdoor for 5 or 6 weeks now. The neighbors are probably going to think someone’s breaking into my house.

          • The weatherman says it will all change by the weekend. Until then, though:[img][/img]

        • My basement door is rotting and also has to be kicked open. My house has been a soupy swamp all month – it used to be bone dry. I’m also looking at $12500 worth of repairs because of the damage (roof leaking, bathroom walls and ceiling melting, flooding in basement all around the hvac system) Its a 200 plus year old house and this year has done it in. Its been a terrible month. The insurer came on Monday and hopefully they will cut me a check. Also, had no idea dehumidifiers were so freaking expensive.

          • Drowning in b’more here, too. Sorry about your house. Kicking in my doors, too, but I’m at least lucky that my landlord has to foot the bill. Good luck.

          • Sorry Jordache. That blows. I feel bad about complaining about my hair now. Fingers crossed that the insurer will do the right thing and be generous.

          • You can get a 60 pt dehumidifer for like $200. That should take care of your basement, J&Ps. You can even get ones that will drain into a nearby sink or into your sump pump. I live down by the inner harbor, its humid and we flooded too–I think we’re going to be getting a good check though? Our sump pump died after running for like 20 days straight after Hurricane Irene and the rainy weeks that followed. After that, we had about a foot of water in the basement–gross.

            Your house sounds cool, I’m assuming you’re right near Peabody and the Walters up there? You should be able to fix it nicely and flip it to some aspiring hipsters if/when you leave town.

          • @afghani
            Yeah, I got a $200 dehumidifier (thats a lot of money for me!!!) and its doing the trick.
            My house is otherwise in great shape – architect owner renovated thoutfully and appropriately in the 90s – it’s been featured in The Sun and tours and whatnot, and I have no desire or need to flip it. It’s just this year has taken it’s toll on the place. It’s an idiosyncratic house on an idiosyncratic street in mt Vernon and I do love the place.
            Sorry about your flooding – a foot sounds rough!!! A lot of my homeowner friends have had serious problems in that area. Part of my situation was that I was away for both Irene and that rainy week early September – I certainly didn’t get a foot of water in my basement and the water was confined to one area but the water was sitting for a long time. My big problem is the water coming through and filling up in some hole between my house and the neighboring row house. Anyways, good luck with your situation. Also, it turns out to be very nice out this afternoon, hallelujah…

          • Our basement took 3-4 days to drain, now needs to be completely refinished. We werne’t planning to tackle the basement until next spring, but it needs to happen pretty soon. Good news is that, in theory, money from insurance should cover the damage, some of which would’ve been replaced next yr anyway.

            I don’t want you to out yourself, but the Sun features houses in your area a couple times a yr… so I really can’t guess which is your house.

            For some reason I always thought you were going to move after you finished your MFA which is why I mentioned the possibility of flipping to hipsters. Or to me, bc I would love to live in that area but my catwoman vetoed looking at places up there

          • @afghani yikes! Your basement sounds like a nightmare. My water situation has just been happening within the last year and it’s certainly not as bad but frightening nonetheless.
            the Sun profile was about 3 1/2 years ago in that dopey Dream Home section and they’ve pulled it from the online archives. I live on Tyson street which has a colorful history – hiuse was built in the 1780s for Irish immigrant mill workers, underground railroad, saved by progressives from destruction in the forties, it was kind of like Carnaby Street in the 60s,70s…. I’ve been working hard towards a Renaissance.
            Like you, I’m hoping insurance will cover things I already wanted to do anyways. Good luck on your place!

      • Haha! Forking over half your paycheck. We know you never paid your own rent or had a paycheck, silly. Half of nothing is nothing.


        Matty hates Julia because past wife = JA in his life = his take on all women because his take on all women prior to past wife getting divorce and running off with half his loot = whore.

    • Oh wow. Matty Beau, I’ve defended you in the respect that people should leave the shit on your blog to be criticized on your blog… but when you shit outside your own litterbox?

      You should be relieved you didn’t get elected to public office, because you’d have been assassinated by now. Since we were not so fortunate, may you slip and break your neck in a puddle of AIDs, you unhinged, good for nothing windbag.

      • Ever since he blogged about cockfighting and dogfighting, I’ve stopped defending him. Sure, I don’t want his speech censored, but defending it is different. And I think he has a point about ppl abusing the Celiac Disease thing for attention, too bad he goes overboard.

          • I think laughing at such statements is actually a better (and more cost effective) deterent than jailing people for saying stupid shit. Unless they are “fighting words” that lead to real, imminent danger, that is.

            US perspective different than in the rest of the world, for sure. Makes 1st Amendment cases fun to read–arguments for/against the state stepping into regulate speech. Maybe Peter Baugher should take his case against free internet speech to The Hague?

          • Although I may fully not agree with statements like this, I would never want legislation enacted to prevent it.

            Too often people wish for legislation to keep them from being offended. None of us has any God-given right to never be offended.

          • I guess there are two issues here: using extreme and cheap rhetoric to make a point and actually and publicly denying the holocaust. The first just makes you a vile asshole, the second is punishable by law in my country and i am very much ok with that.

          • I’m fairly certain Fatty Matty is aware the holocaust existed.

            He’s just being a shit-gulping cunt.

            Per usual.

          • I am not okay with that. Having an opinion, even on the holocaust, is his right. His opinion does not have to match yours, or anyone elses.

            There should never be legal consequences for expressing an opinion or idea. Without this you do not live in a truly free society.

            Be careful with giving up your freedoms, whatever they are, because once you give them up you won’t usually ever get them back.

            (In this case the comment is posted on a privately owned blog, so the moderators could just delete it if they wanted.)

          • Are you serious? Jesus. There are already limits on speech. You can’t threaten someone’s life, you can’t harass someone, you can’t defame someone, you can’t incite violence. Once you start going down the road of really legislating the CONTENT of speech…who gets to decide what is offensive? Fuck that. I love this about my country. We are allowed to be offensive. I think the free flow of ideas is always best. Let morons like this out themselves, rather than hide in basements. I wish morons would take about race more too.

          • Burro, I have discussed this with American friends before and while I can see your point, I just can’t agree in this case. And I am sorry I brought of freedom of speech so flippantly.

            (And I am in chat often if you want to discuss this further.)

  18. You know how you get better from celiac disease? Not with hope, not with special New York doctors, and not with “in years.” You simply STOP EATING GLUTEN.

    I kant with this bitch.

  19. I bet this new “doctor” “prescribed” holistic treatment. Julia will be chewing every bite of food 100 times, and making a huge show of dosing herself with little vials of liver detoxifying tinctures at every meal. I can’t wait for her to start tweeting about the shortcomings of Western medicine and posting photos of underlined passages in her new “doctor’s” book on curing Celiac through the power of positive thinking.

    Note: I’m not knocking the holistic approach! But I know Julia, and she could only be interested in the most scammy, quack-endorsed, magical-thinking nonsense.

    • Mule on Rouge! WTF! You are supposed to say “SPOILER ALERT!” before revealing upcoming story lines in the Donkey Show!

      After this tweet I was curious how far down the Stupid Hole she was going to go but you seem to have advance knowledge!

      JuliaAllison: Have you ever been in the @WholeFoods supplement aisle? I just got lost there for 25 minutes. They solve problems I didn’t even know I had

  20. While things are a little slow here: anyone have thoughts on Quebec City over Thanksgiving? Cold? Not much going on? Or good idea? Not seeing family over the holiday, thinking of alternatives.

    • American Thanksgiving — it will probably be brutally cold, and the trees will be bare. Canadian Thanksgiving, month earlier — lovely.

    • I went to Quebec in junior high school on a class trip. It was during winter and horrendously cold, but it sorta made it fun (AHAHA there is 5 feet of snow on teh ground and we are BLOWING AWAY it’s so windy!). We also got busted for smoking ciggies in the hotel and I got suspended for the only time ever but that is neither here nor there. I wanted to recommend people check out whatever Winter festival they have there. I dont’ remember the name, I haven’t looked it up since, but it was super fun, they have this parade where basically EVERYONE is drinking out of these long horn shaped thingies that maybe have some significance…just pretty much a parade of drunken people being drunk, and they have these people from all over the world come make these elaborate ice sculptures and other stuff i can’t remember because it was 100 years ago. I always wanted to go back to it now that I’m not 15 and I can actually have some booze.

    • Speaking of which, my family (cat-husband and kittens) and I are also going to be in Canada around that time: Toronto the week before Thanksgiving and then Montreal the week of Thanksgiving. Everyone here is always so service-y with travel tips – any suggestions of what we should do there? I’m not sure what’s good especially considering the little ones…

      • go to Quebec City and do the night carriage ride around the castle
        dog sledding
        eat maple syrup candy they make in the snow

      • Depending on how old your little ones are in Toronto I’d consider the following as options:
        CN Tower, Ontario Science Centre, Royal Ontario Museum (the ROM), Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). Hockey Hall of Fame is good for any sports nuts and has some fun interactive exhibits. Neat areas to walk around include the Annex, Queen St W, Bloor West Village, High Park and the Beach (esp. the waterfront boardwalk). If you feel the insane need to shop try the Eaton Centre downtown. I’d also consider checking out the Distillery District as well.
        Metro Toronto Zoo is an option but I prefer visiting Riverdale Farm and they often have seasonal events on.
        If you have any specific interests/likes ask away and I’ll see what I can come up with.

        • Thanks! These are great suggestions, though I wonder what will be feasible considering the time frame (mid- to late-November). I have a lot to think about… Thanks again~

          • For that time of year, the ROM, AGO, Science Centre, Eaton Centre and Tower would all be great choices. The subway in Toronto is easy to use and in non peak hours a great way to get around. Also much of the core downtown is connected by something called the PATH. These are underground walkways with stores, restaurants etc.

      • For Toronto:
        Walk down Yonge Street and play Trip Over the Hooker
        Fun drinking game! Full swig every time you see the words “world class”
        Punish your eyeballs for any past transgressions by pointing them at Dundas Square
        Apologize on behalf of the US for Denver dropping their art museum on the ROM
        Go to the Opera House and try to buy a car

        • You are dating yourself, Sir/Ma’am. Toronto was all about “world class” around the time that June Rowlands(what is with Toronto and awful mayors?) was trying to ban Barenaked Ladies from playing at Nathan Phillips Square. It’s gotten a little more chill since then.
          My recommendation? A Leafs game.

        • Yonge Street’s long ago ceased to be hooker central.
          Try Jarvis/Sherbourne area and for real fun visit the “Hooker Harvey’s”
          And Dundas Square is the biggest joke out there. But it’s a great catchment zone to corral the truly clueless tourist/PMSer.

          • Glad to hear it re: the hookers. When I was last there (some time ago) you actually had to step over them, as they sat on the sidewalks and chain-smoked.

            I think I had a bad experience in part because my Toronto cousins insisted the entire time that Toronto was cleaner, better-designed and more attractive than New York, which, guess what, it wasn’t. And if Google street maps is anything to go by, it still ain’t.

            Also my cousins fucking suck festering sores. “Visit it with someone you hate” = travel don’t.

        • Yeah, Dundas Square doesn’t even truly exist anymore and Yonge Street has been pretty much hooker-free for years. When were you there, 1978?

  21. Tots OT: Setting up new laptop & I know IE blows, but unsure if I want to stick w/ slutty Firefox or try something new … feedback on Google Chrome? Anyone? Bueller?

    • Firefox has been pissing me off lately. Too many new releases that keep getting shittier than earlier versions.

      I actually just switched to Chrome and performance is nearly perfect. It appears to be less of a memory hog, and you can still get Adblock and all those fun things. I recommend it.

    • Just switched from Firefox to Chrome and am very satisfied. Performs much better. I just have to find Adblock again and get used to the way bookmarks are handled, but those are my only complaints and they are more about me being lazy.

    • There is an open-source version of Chrome called SRWare Iron that basically strips all the Google bullshit out of Chrome for you privacy enthusiasts. It uses the same codebase (Chromium) and doesn’t have quite all the plugins and stuff but at least you aren’t giving Google all your stats. It helps if you know some german since that seems to be where the developers live.

      Also, don’t forget about Opera. That is a totally full featured (almost too many features now) browser that everyone forgets about (includuing me). If you fully drink the kool-aid and commit you can sync up your smartphone. It’s quite fast and I hope it doesn’t die crushed by it’s own feature bloat.

  22. chrome ftw. smooth like buttah. but i’m not hugely tech savvy, so take this with a grain of salt. and gluten.*

    *unless you are completely hopeless in the face of ceilingcatsdisease. in which case i recommend saying something on twitter and/or crowdsourcing for something completely obvious.

    p.s. my cat and i are on staycation vaca… and are drink already! so apologies for befuddlement commentary that may or may not occur today… god, i have to go update my sip spreadsheet AGAIN.

    • ha. and a failed reply. today is pretty awesome. especially because i am NOT julia allison. *pets real pelts*

  23. OT, but I need some very smart catlady help. I have an internet stalker / harrasser. Very long and weird (and gross) story, I’m 99.9999% sure I know who it is (not JA, but jesus christ would these two have a heyday in hell), and I’m wondering if it’s possible to see someone’s IP address from gmail or AOL/ichat (without direct connecting). Any help would be appreciated. Meow.

    • You can get the full headers, which contain the IP addresses of the sender and mail servers involved, by clicking on “Show Original” under the “Reply” menu.


      The headers will look something like this..


    • short answer, not really. gmail webmail strips out the senders ip, but if they were using something like Outlook Express and gmails servers you might get in luck. just do “View all headers” and look at the ips at the very beginning.

      long answer: what are you going to do with an IP? if you resolve it to what good will that do you? that could be anyone on verizons network. Same for comcast. you could get bl; and whoo. youve narrowed it down to california. I guess you could run a geolocater on the ip but that’s not 100%. My point is, if you are going to involve the police, you can get their IP from google’s logs with a subpeona. That’s not hard. It sounds like you want to confirm a suspicion and.. send the wolves after them?

      You are better off socially enticing this person to click on something that you can monitor. for instance, a lot of those url shorteners like let you see all the IPs that click on them. you could post somewhere “HEY CHECK OUT MY TITS!” and of course the person will click it and then blammo you has ip. A shortcut to that would be to self-host a picture using a tiny web server like HFS. Just get something set up where you can view the IP logs and enticcceeee.

      • I get the actual sender IP when I look at the headers.


        The sender lives in the southwest, and uses Qwest DSL for Internet service. Doing a `whois’ shows that Qwest owns this senders IP address.


        But, yes.. It would require a legal subpoena to get any closer to the actual senders identity.

      • Thanks already for the help!! After years of harassment, I FINALLY feel like I have hope! Ha.

        The short story is that a person in my real life is posing as a fake person who befriended me online (via interviewing me about these art projects I was doing). I want to look at the IPs of both real person and fake person (for both email and AIM if possible) to see if they match. Then I can confirm (even though I already pretty much know) that fake person = real person. Obviously they could be switching between using an iPhone and different computers, but I just want to see if I can see. And then I’ll call Peter Baugher, attorney at law. Just kidding. I wouldn’t call a shitty lawyer.

        • AIM isn’t going to help because you connect to aim’s servers and that hides the ip of the person you are talking to. however, you could as you said, directly connect to them (to send some artwork or other files) and that bypasses the AIM servers. You’d want something like CurrPorts or SysExplorer to monitor just who you are sending to.

          Unless they are super extra careful, everyone fucks up at some point. Especially if this has been going on awhile.

          Here’s a page that has a small form that you can use to paste in alll those headers and it will extract out what it thinks is the originating ip. Simplifies things when you can be overwhelmed by 100s of email headers.

          Just paste the headers and specify the email type (yahoo, gmail, etc).

      • when you click “show original” from an email in gmail you can locate this line:

        X-Originating-IP: [x.x.x.x]

        I know this has always been possible, but double-checked on an email a cousin sent from her phone and, predictably, it resolves to the appropriate wireless carrier.

  24. [img]donkey.jpg[/img]

    Saw this huge schnozzed stuffed donkey today and had to take a pic. It was like Pinnocchio had mated with a mule – which is hilarious since that’s exactly what our donkey is, a stubborn little liar with strong back legs.

  25. So sorry for the wildly oversized images, but I have no idea how to shrink it on this imgur site. Yeah, yeah, LMGTFY, I know.

  26. Occasional lurker here, but just had to share this disgustingness with you hilarious cat ladies and dudes:

    NewYorkObserver NewYorkObserver
    “1600 is a totally reasonable price for a good raping.” -@TuckerMax on winning @juliaallison at @michaelellsberg auction.


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