Donk Now Trying To Make A Career Out Of Being A Couch-Surfing, Free-Loading, Too-Poor-to-Afford-a-Hotel Cheapskate Do-Nothing


Read about this SXSW panel she’s going to be on, heralding herself as a “digital nomad.” Digital nomad! Isn’t that a nice way of saying someone who owns an iPhone and a laptop and crashes on people’s couches so she doesn’t have to pay rent or rent a hotel room? In my day, we called that being a “loser.”



    • They’ll try to spin it that you can live so “cheaply” when you don’t have things like rent, utilities, car payment, car insurance, etc. to pay, conveniently leaving out how expensive plane tickets and temporary housing can be.

    • the expense just gets shifted to those who actually bother to have a permanent address, vehicle, and life stability; this lifestyle isn’t cheaper overall, the burden of payment just shifts from the ‘nomad’ to the responsible adult. in other words, freeloaders/the transient always cost society more, but since they’re so ‘free’ and ‘untethered’, someone else has to absorb the cost of their lifestyle. JULIA ALLISON BAUGHER: CON ARTIST, GRIFTER, AND FRAUD.

      • yeah, doesn’t she get that every time she couch-surfs, her consumption of heat, water, AC, electricity, etc., is COSTING SOMEONE? God, I want to go to that panel just to heckle.

        • That’s what being a narcissist is all about–if it didn’t happen to me, it didn’t happen.

  1. First comment from CaroBear is awesome:
    “I tried digital nomadism for a year, with a lot of research and enthusiasm and the go-ahead from my employer, and it flat-out didn’t work. It was unproductive, expensive, and filled with insurmountable roadblocks.

    I’m voting for this panel so that I can learn whether I was doing something wrong, or if I can offer some devil’s advocate questions from someone who thinks that the “digital nomadism” ideal is restricted to those with extreme privilege and will not be viable any time soon (and on a more optimistic note, point out exactly what would need to change in order for it to be viable). The phenomenon still fascinates me. “

    • I like how she tweeted Caro to thank her for voting for the panel – did she even read the entire tweet, where Caro said she was looking forward to debating her? I hope Julia gets her ass handed to her!

      • My idea for Donkey therapy is being actualized in a small way! My idea being that Donkey is forced to match wits with someone smarter than her every day.

    • I always liked Caro since I found out that she used to work at my favorite Princeton ice cream shop.

      Also, she’s smart and whatever…

    • I’ve been trying to post below but nothing is working–if you go to the panel page, the boyfriend of Meghann Dotson left a comment about how Donks was the worst house guest in the world ending with the words “Never again.”

      • Howard: “I hope you include some remarks about etiquette. Because this … person … your co-panellist … stayed in my loft in New York and proceeded to bring a male friend back to my place and have loud sex with him as my girlfriend and I tried to sleep through it. Is that part of the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle? Because it seems to me that’s a nice way of saying “taking advantage of the kindness, generosity and hospitality of friends.” Never again. ”

        two thumbs up for Howard!

        • PS. love how Howard wrote “this…person…”, as if he had to restrain himself from writing “this…DONKEY”!

          • Howard is MD’s boyfriend, the owner of the loft. Of course, this might not actually be Howard, but the details in the comment seem true enough.

          • Not convinced it’s real, a Leonard is all over those comments – isn’t that Legowig? Also if you click on Howard’s avatar, you’ll see he made a bitchy comment before when Jordan was hired.

        • I. LOVE. HOWARD!

          Seriously! Someone finally has the balls to openly call her out & there’s no way Julia Allison Baugher can chalk it up to random bullying by anonymous haters.

          He nice enough to leave Alexander Marquardt’s name out of it (uhm, er, oops?) but hey, dude fucked a donkey, it was bound to get out sooner or later!

        • I took a screen shot of the comment.
          Can we verify this was actually her boyfriend? I’m thinking it’s not real. MD doesn’t appear to have a ‘Howard’ on her facebook.
          If it’s really him. then E.P.I.C.
          Donk will freak.

  2. In my day, we called that being a “loser.”
    (See Kato Kaelin, couch surfer aficionado)

    Digital Donkey Nomad = Brayto Brayelin

    • I wonder if Peter and Robin will fall for this grift hook, line, and sinker. This is Julie doing the long con, her biggest yet, but she’s no Jim Thompson and the frame should be obvious to anyone with at least a two-digit I.Q.

      Julia Allison = a bum by any other name.

      • Wouldn’t you think it would embarrass their Nixon-speechwriter, church deballage, buy-the-house-next-door-to-tear-it-down suburban sensibilities?

        • So far the Boogers seem embarrassment free. Why else would Dad$er make an ass out of himself defending his little burro with unprofessional C&D letters? However, I would imagine that friends of Robin and Peter, in Wilmette and elsewhere, roar about Julia when in private and the Boogers, especially name droppin’ Petey, aren’t clueless enough to be unaware of that disapproval.

          • I can’t imagine they are not embarrassed. Also I bet Dadsers Esq. only did that after she whined and whined for YEARS about him taking action. He never seems to have followed up. In any case, they both should be ashamed of themselves for whatever the fuck they did to spawn that.

          • I don’t think they’re capable of being embarrassed about her actual shitty narcissistic user behavior, but about things like the Che pendant and hippie sex, yeah, because what will the neighbors (and the powerful moms at the deballage) say?

          • Of course they are not happy she burned the McCain connection. She gets her fame whoring from her parents. It’s all about your connections at the university club and their social circles. Dadsers probably LOVED being able to say she was dating an OMG McCain an now she is backing to flouncing around on the family dime. They need to just cut her off

          • Mini, I have seen Erica Rose on a Dr. Phil episode once. She is dreadful. I don’t watch Bachelor Pad but read about an episode how the guys had to pelt paint balls at whomever they thought was least attractive and they all hit her.
            I can totally imagine donkey portraying the same image as that wench.

          • She’s a zillion times more dreadful in person. She looks a lot like Julia in the over-injected, poorly attached pelts, tranny outfit way. I have never seen anyone spend so much money on designer things and look like such a hot mess. To her credit though, she’s made money out of being a buffoon whereas Julia has nothing to show but a few old party pics.

  3. Apropos of nothing, just because I came across this indie film review:

    The screenplay, Julien Donkey-Boy, concentrates on
    the schizophrenic Julien & his dysfunctional family.


    • digital innumerate nomad moron

      Fixed that for ya. Calling her digital just because she owns a lot of Apple products makes the Donkey sound grander than she is.

      • Grr. That should read:

        digital innumerate nomad moron

        Guess I’m not ready to be a digital nomad.

  4. Also given global warming and overreliance on oil, is this really something to be proud of? “Wee I fly everywhere for no reason!” Go fuck already.

    • This is revealing itself to be a big circle jerk. You don’t have to look very deep here to find references to Tim Ferris and his “4-Hour Work week”. Donkey seems to have found her crowd…

    • You know, given the number of hard-working people living in INvoluntary simplicity right now thanks to worldwide recession and crazy weather, this shit is callous and insensitive like whoa.

      Fucking Marie-Antoinette-playing-milkmaid levels of insensitivity. Never have I felt so Madame Defargey as I do right now.

  5. The Australian word for this is “bludging”. Julia is a “bludger”. Her columns are a “bludge”, indeed her entire life “bludge”. She does nothing more than bludge around all day on the internets and bludges off other people.

    Julia Allison Bludger

    “…The Macquarie Dictionary defines a bludger as “a person who lives off others; a lazy parasite who evades responsibilities.”
    Bludger began life as London criminal slang for a prostitute’s pimp. The word comes from “bludgeoner” (first recorded in 1856) – meaning someone who bludgeons (beats with a stick) troublesome clients (or just any of the prostitute’s clients in order to rob them).
    “Bludger” faded out of use in London, but made its way to the Australian colonies , where it’s recorded in 1882.
    By 1900 it was being used as a general term of abuse, especially for a lazy loafer.
    About the same time the back formation bludge arose, meaning “to evade one’s own responsibilities and impose on others”.
    And from Australia bludge has now travelled to America, where it’s been picked up by the Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary – and they say that “to bludge” means “to goof off.””

  6. This bitch cannot be serious.

    Questions Answered:
    What are the qualities of a digital nomad? (This lifestyle isn’t for everyone).
    What are the benefits and drawbacks of living “homefree”?
    Don’t I have to be rich? connected? popular? pretty? a rock star celebrity? to be a “successful” digital nomad?
    Why finding a teacher(s) is so important to the path of the digital nomad.
    What are the ten steps to becoming a digital nomad and living “homefree”?

      • “homefree.” Such a lovely way to say “homeless.” I think they should invite Mary Rambin on the panel and ask her her opinions about living homefree for a year after the Bravo deal fell through and their “epic live-work space” never materialized.

      • I’ll be giving the panel on Homefree Dogs and Culling Practices at Shelters. AFAIK, homefree Donkeys are not currently euthanized unless they have shockingly antisocial personalities.

        Gotta go now. Spending today cheering up the local vagrants by letting them know that they’re not homeless! They’re homefree!

      • Her treatment of Lilly pisses me off more than anything else. There are SO many people who could provide that poor dog a stable home, and Julia continues to use her as prop when its convenient.

    • Don’t forget she generously sold off all her juicyJuicy sweatsuits and giftcards for a 3% discount.

      What a saint, that one.

  7. In the fall of 2009, I gave away all my worldly possessions too! And joined the Army. I mean I’m sure it’s tots the sames — they are digital, I wear digital [camo].

    Oh! And I’m “homefree” too, if you count, “my ‘home’ is where you tell me it will be.”

    Huh. Odd the description doesn’t mention what said “nomad” is DOING with all that free time..

    • It seems so tiring… you can’t possibly have time to DO that much if you’re a “digital nomad” because you always have to line up your next place to crash. And if something falls through? You could be screwed. It really only would work with a lot of money to back it up. Even then, the aimlessness would make most people mentally sick over time.

      • But if you’re a Donkey, staying in Chicago makes you even more ill because it’s tantamount to an admission that you failed so hard that you had to move back in with mommy and daddy!

        • True, Donkey is stuck with a catch-22 situation. And she can’t afford to stay around any one “friend” too long, or they’ll figure her out.

  8. It’s ineffably hysterical how the talentless Donkey finds herself speaking about the strangest topics in order to claim expertise in something, anything. She has now found herself publicly admitting that her greatest achievements and expertise lie in the field of using the power outlets, wifi, and charity of randoms. And the 2032 Nobel Prize in Browsing the Internet from Other People’s Couches is awarded to Julia Allison Baugher!

    • I love this: Erica O’Grady: I’m so excited to announce that this solo talk is now a dual presentation. The lovely Julia Allison, a fellow digital nomad and social media doyenne will be joining me to discuss the “homefree” life.
      Donkey is free-loading on someone else’s panel. (And not for the first time.)

      • She has her parents downtown condo to live in, with all her possessions and a warm bed – so in essence, this whole panel is a lie.

        Erica O’Grady looks immeasurably stupid for this.

        • She’s a shoeblogger. Her “digital nomad” experience involved her driving in a Mercedes from bed-and-breakfast to bed-and-breakfast. She gives workshops about the art of mindfulness.

          In short, Erica O’Grady already looked like an utter moron before sharing the stage with A Donkey. My guess is that she is being groomed for Lasagnahood.

      • And this: Why finding a teacher(s) is so important to the path of the digital nomad.
        A: Because it provides us, the self-proclaimed experts, with a reason to fly to a new city to talk about this drivel. It helps us keep our schedules frantic so we can avoid the emptiness and fail that is our actual lives.

        • Because we digital nomads are a bunch of Johnny Nomates, so we need artificial contexts for socializing or otherwise we would just be on the couch with a tub of cream-cheese frosting and Law and Order.

        • Omg, that is so horrendously bad and cringe-inducing … I have yet to be able to watch more than the first few seconds.
          The organizers of SXSW should FORBID her from associating her name with their event ever again based on that clip alone.
          I find this and the Learning Annex videos especially effective at exposing how fraudulent this woman’s claims to be an “expert” on anything appear to be, in my opinion anyway. I sure don’t buy it.
          Is this material so hard to find online? It astounds me that any company or organization would want this stammering random mess associated with their brand after viewing these clips (or any of the usual tripe she posts online).

    • It’s been fucked up on and off for weeks. But I guess we should feel free to relax, as it’s just a hobby!

  9. I live in Austin and I have wanted to attend SXSWi for a long time*, but I have had 3 young children to attend to. They’ll all be in school this year so I’m so there. I will be hitting this panel.

    *I went to the original SXSW music festival all the time as a young ‘un.

    • Yes. I would like to know the average number of times Le Donk can hit up a new friend for a free stay before wearing out her welcome.

      • Taryn Southern – never again

        Meaghan Dotson – never again – which PS, makes me wonder who she’ll stay with when she is in NYC for fashion week? Maybe all the winky faces are so she can stay with Lewis Howes? Or perhaps she’ll crash with the intern she’s advertising for!

          • You might be right but last time Donkey went to NYC she was forced to stay in a hotel (The Hudson which was not good enough for our couch surfing donkey!)

        • I can’t believe Randi still lets her stay at her house. When my kitten was a newborn, the last thing I wanted was a houseguest, much less one that stayed up all night, slept all day, was covered in airplane germs, and showed up on my doorstep with a full suitcase of dirty laundry.

          • It appears that Randi drank the JABa kool-aid a long time ago and is now one of donkey’s major enablers. They also seem like peas in a pod — spoiled, self-aggrandizing white collar rich girls — and they feed off and support each other’s need to be front and center. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Mark was forced by his parents to give Randi a job at FB and she blew it, just as JABa would demand of her parents and fuck up just as predictably if Britt ran a successful company.

    • I go every year and I recommend it, especially film and interactive. Music has gotten a little nuts recently and I am too old to wait seven hours in the Texas sun for a chance to see some band all the young kids think is cool. Three years ago I had my real life Donkey encounter at SXSW and that led me to RBNS. Proud lurker/occasional commenter since ’08.

        • We had a short conversation about Austin and grad school at a Facebook sponsored party before she OBO’d me. At first she was very friendly and bubbly especially when my then-boyfriend was around, but after a couple of minutes she started scanning the room. Randi was there but didn’t seem to be as tight with Donkey back then. Donkey spent most of the night alone, being fauxtographed jumping in mid air and handing out Nonsociety bumper stickers to anyone who made eye contact with her.

  10. I can understand how someone with no spouse, no kids, presumably no pets, would at some point choose to chuck the bricks and mortar, opt out of paying rent or a mortgage and try a nomadic lifestyle. (In my boring analog world, we call that a gap year.) But I’m sure there are many professional salespeople/consultants in America who are doing that kind of thing and perhaps have been for decades. And this young woman seems to have a semi-legitimate backstory.
    But JABa? What’s hers? Lost the two paying jobs she had in NY, one not long after the other, failed to monetize her ego blog/hobby to no-one’s surprise, moved home to live in her father’s condo, which she still uses as her personal closet/crash pad, and spends the rest of the time trying to find somewhere else to be because there is no one important enough in Chicago (she already fucked up the one opportunity she had with Oprah) to pay attention to her and she can’t stand the echoing hollowness that is her pointless life.
    Girl needs a therapist, not another plane ticket.
    Pancakes, I salute you. Well done, young man, well done.

    • Lets be honest, as soon as Donks finds someone to put a ring on it all this nonsense about “homefree” and “digital nomad” will be long forgotten.

      • If you’re inkling to date a Donkey, and you see that she is essentially homeless and dying to get married, would you not flee in terror? It’s so obvious why she’s so desperate for a husband. She needs a place to live and for someone else to make the rent.

        • “Hey Julia, you want to go out to dinner on Thursday?”

          “Oh, I’d love to, but on Thursday I’m flying out to SF to stay at a friends’ place for a few days! How about next Monday?”

          “Oh, alright, sure.”

          “…and, do you mind if I stay at your place for a while?…”

          Yeah, that’ll fly for a guy on a first date.

        • She needs to date one of those tools from the Millionaire Matchmaker, who are all like “I’m an entrepreneur and I need a woman who can drop everything to fly with me anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.” She would be Per. Fect.

  11. Not working SXSW this year, so there’s a solid chance that I’ll be able to attend this, if it actually happens. Excellent. /rubs hands Mr Burns-style

  12. I kind of have this lifestyle, and i couldn’t do it if my family didn’t let me stay with them in between sublets. it is expensive but i don’t think it has to be unproductive at all — you have to learn how to make time for your work and you have to be ready to work from anywhere. I have a job that allows me to work from home, so I am very lucky that I can take REAL working vacations. But you have to have the discipline to focus and not spend all day at the pool or out with friends. And yes, absolutely, knowing I can always go home is nice. I pay my own way for everything, though. i enjoy this life a lot but i am bipolar and i think it taps into the bipolar part of me that always needs change. Anyway, it’s a bit pathological, but there’s ways to be responsible about it.

  13. Does anyone else think that the term “digital nomad” does not sound the way they are using it? To me it sounds like she makes a Facebook profile, deletes it a week later, creates a Google+ profile, deletes it a week later, creates a Twitter, deletes it a week later, etc. I only say this because the idea of being nomadic doesn’t inherently mean that you have to give up any forms of communication. Actually, it really doesn’t mean that you have to give up any of your “worldly” possessions; only the items that would hinder your ability to move from place to place rather easily would need to be left behind. Which, if you have a car, means that you could take a lot of shit in this day and age.

    • Thank you! I think that tacking on the word “digital” completely changes the meaning, in just the way you described. Besides, she’s not even a nomad, according to her pal, Jimbo Wales (wikipedia):

      Nomadic cultures are discussed in three categories according to economic specialization:

      -hunter-gatherers (does husband hunting count?)

      -pastoral nomads (donkeys do graze and Julia is always OBOing for greener wallets, but still)

      -peripatetic nomads (she likes to call herself peripatetic, but this type of nomad “offers the skills of a craft or trade* to those they travel among,” so, ima say NO.)

      “Itinerant” seems to be a better fit. She could spell it i-tinerant, if it makes her feel more hip. I wanted to go with e-tinerant, but that e-fad is probably so ovah.

      *if handy-jabbers count as her craft or trade, then I’ll reconsider my opinion


  14. If you’ve ever had to travel a lot for work you know that it loses its allure pretty quickly. I thought the point of working remotely was so you could work from home?
    Julie is more hitchhiker on the OBO highway than digital nomad.

    • Domestic air travel sucks, period. You’re basically riding on a crowded, expensive bus.

      It’s not like Julia’s using her freedom to blog and write from a beach in Thailand or drive solo across the U.S. She flits around shitty airports in major domestic hubs. There’s nothing glamorous about LA or Palo Alto, as much as she tries to pretend.

  15. How is it that social media expert Donkey is digitally nomadic when she stated that her reason for not going to Guam w/ FlapJack was: ‘I just signed a contract to write a syndicated column with the Tribune Media Services, so no, I won’t be moving overseas anytime soon, if ever!’ (even though TMS said that there was no condition that she be in Chicago.)

    Every time she unhinges her gaping maw, she exchanges one hoof for the other.

    • Feel free to relax, that was weeks ago. She’s been several other people since then!

  16. Is she bailing already?

    JuliaAllison Julia Allison
    Flight to Burning Man now six hours later than he said he would be originally. Awesome! I just wish I had known that back in bed.

    • Every time I see her twitter replies, those andrebean and riklan guys have said something pathetic and fawn-y. Does she even know these old guys? Why are there people who will relentlessly hang on to her every psychotic word? Pathetic and creepy.

      • that andrebean dude is some designer who has made a media kit and logo for julia, probably for free. they will probably also never see the light of day, seeing as nonsociety’s media kit has been ‘coming soon’ for three years, and julia doesn’t know the password to her own website. but it’s GREAT EXPOSURE for you, andre!
        as for riklan, he seems to be just some old fawner.

      • Rick Laney really is fucking creepy.

        He’s also exactly the kind of guy we here at RBD always picture marrying the Donkey. He’s balding, chubby, middle aged, not stylish, has a couple of kids from his 1st marriage, and lives in the same nebulous internet PR/shilling/bullshit world as Julia. His only problem is, he lives in a suburb of Knoxville, TN so she’d never give him the time of day.

          • And then she will bore the pants off her fellow PTA moms with all her talks about how she used to be an OMGCelebrity.

            CAN’T WAIT

          • Oh, I totally agree. But the guy lives like 30 min outside of Knoxville, that’s not going to cut it for Donkey. She’ll find a schlub in Chicago or California somewhere, because they’re better in Julia’s mind.

  17. OT – some of the Comic Con coverage has made its way out of the queue! Saw this tweet today, linking to some videos:

    radicalcomics Radical Publishing
    What do you think about this inside look at Comic Con with Julia Allison? There are some characters in this video…
    31 Aug

    Pathetically little of her interviews, and several other reels of another more appealing interviewer.

    And I thought things would get boring while she’s away!

  18. Julia Allison at Burning Man with no internet access (supposedly). At the same time, Pancakes McCain and his tiny and cute new girlfriend have posted cute, coupley pictures as their main Facebook profile pics.

    Interesting timing or Julia using Burning Man as an alibi for whatever batshit crazy thing she’ll do to terrorize the new girlfriend (who is no naturally gorgeous that I’m actually a jealous basement cat lady right now because).

      • Jack’s not coming up on her friends list – I went to look at the tiny and cute girlfriend – the only McCain there is Team Yimmy.

        Hmmm…. it’s been wonky before but…)

    • My money is on alibi, but I’m thinking it’s for something especially heinous — like an illicit affair with a married “boy”. But then, my nomadic mind frequently wanders into the gutter.


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